The Fake News And The Damage Done: Google AdSense, Facebook, Twitter And The Cancer Of Sharing

For the ‘new yellow journalists,’ these two lowlife shitstains opportunities comes in clicks and bucks

Fake News: How a Partying Macedonian Bag Of Dicks Earns Thousands Publishing Lies

You can’t change the world
But you can change the facts
And when you change the facts
You change points of view
If you change points of view
You may change a vote
And when you change a vote
You may change the world

                                                       Depeche Mode

This really can’t be. But as you can see from the above links I posted, it wasn’t that hard to accomplish. I don’t personally know those young men in those articles who have found a niche making a living without ever leaving their room or changing their underwear or having a soul or a conscience, but I do know that they would be better off being bums or underachieving in school than profiting off of ignorance and misinformation. For something as simple and stupid should not even exist.

Is this what people are reading on their computers and tablets? Is this what that dumbass about to walk into me or off the train platform is distracted with on his/her phone? No one can treat these stories defecated by opportunist untalented scumbags with the same cynicism as they had with the mainstream media they initially rejected?

There is no doubt that the president-elect won because of his populist engineered yet disturbing rally turnouts and his opponent’s terrible and arrogant campaigning, but because of these horrible revelations coming after the election (great intrepid and prophetic reporting mainstream media), it’s now apparent that the nation, as described by that Macedonian teenage asshole, will believe anything conveniently put in front of them and are lazier than ever. Our nation has come a long way from FOX NOISE and MSDNC.

It’s surreal that Trump and his campaigners did not have to spend a fucking penny to persuade the majority to vote for him, all they had to do was click the links and send them out through Twitter, even if they wind up discredited and delete them. But Hillary and the DNC spent infinite amounts to smear him and Sanders to all those wealthy newscaster superstars in the major papers and networks.

The fact that these lowlife former habitual losers are making huge profits from this and the channels they took to get their filthy lucre, through those mega-billion dollar tech dealers Google and Facebook made such deplorable acts possible. And to this day are still paying them for their distribution of fucking lies. 10 large a month to steal graphics from newssites and copy headlines then backspace and print bullshit. This isn’t just yellow, it’s racketeering journalism. And you can’t stop it or regulate it. Because there is a market for it, just like cigarettes, heroin, painkillers and deep fried everything. And we all know that if there’s a market it doesn’t matter how grotesquely unhealthy or potentially hazardous that product is as long as it’s bought.

So now all these motherfucking billionaire genius idiots are kind of taking some responsibility and the pathetic democrat establishment and sad sack Obama are denouncing it and are now offering suggestions on how to defend yourself from it (Here is one way, don’t look at it and don’t click it). They should all be embarrassed that a bunch of lower class dolts managed to grift the voting public, the journalism industry and exploit their way too user-friendly apps like google adsense to make an easy living, but they will never admit or even show it. Besides they are very comfortable the lot of them, from the elected officials to the companies themselves.

They really don’t give a shit.

Who knows how many more of these parasites are out there spreading misinformation and partying and spending lavishly and buying properties (holy shit) or renting out rooms on AirBNB (a criminal enterprise), from the unmerited, immoral income they accrue, and the inevitable havoc that will ensue especially in light of that imbecile who went sleuthing at some pizza joint trying to bust a child porn racket funded by Hillary (You think Comey would have saw that first, if he was competent). There has got to be a proactive and ethical response to this soon though before some hack pundit decides to start a liberal version of bullshit media and tries to profit similarly from it.


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