Open Letter To A Twitter Algorhitm


Dear Twitter Algorhitm,

Why did you do it?

Why did you suspend my account? How can you determine that what I wrote was directed as a threat to a newspaper? How is it possible that you cannot distinguish between a sardonic joke and an actual threat? 

Most of all, how can you determine that I made a direct threat at a corporate news website when they were the ones that printed the actual threat and repress my only social media account when they were the ones who actually tweeted the inflammatory threat in whole first. Clearly to get clicks and RT’s. Why do I get censored for quoting their tweet, making a rhetorical situation out of it with the victim’s responding to the maniac who made the actual threat?

And I don’t get why the email informing me of my irrational and unjustified suspension makes it look like I directly threatened the Daily News when my tweet didn’t even @ them.



Even though I’m not surprised by this unreasonable ban on my rights to publish opinions on your platform, you did do it to the NY Post, which your boss and owner cited as a grievous mistake even though he still claims he didn’t know how it happened in two congressional testimonies. The same obviously happened here but what I find interesting is that the tweet you cited as proof in my email is utterly different than the actual tweet I made. Mr or Mrs. Algorithm, don’t you also have a zero tolerance policy regarding tweets that are not based in fact? Because this shows you are clearly in error.

Twitter Algorithm, I assure you I do not misuse my account with your platform to troll or to intimidate people or organizations or even for various genres of disgusting fetish porn, but to inform myself, my followers and passerby viewers in topics and news regarding politics, government affairs and events, various genres and forms of culture, mostly music and entertainment and also of updates to my blog post on Impunity City.

This arbitrary censorship of my account as well as the accusation of being a violent account is what’s really offensive and threatening and I demand it be restored.



P.S. Notice I didn’t even bring up the fact that this happened shortly after I published and tweeted my post on Andrew Yang. who has a quite a vociferously dedicated massive cult on your platform running protection for him. I would be remiss if you did the same for Yang like you did banning reports on Joe Biden’s never-do-well son so he would win the primary…


Here’s the first comment regarding my still suspended twitter account. But unlike twitter, I believe all voices and words should be published. Especially when a threat is legitimate and condones oppression of voices and words buttressed by baseless accusations.


10 thoughts on “Open Letter To A Twitter Algorhitm

  1. Here is your major mistake–thinking that Twitter is a legitimate platform to express views. It’s nothing more than a commercial enterprise that is making money off yours and everyone else’s tweets and private data. To put it another way, Twitter users and their tweets are pure product, which advertisers and investors use to gauge how much money Jack Dorsey and all the other douchebags at the company get to earn each year.

    So, in answer to your question, you were suspended because like all Silicon Valley platforms pretending to its investors that its doing something about its bad actor problem, it put out a lazily slapped together algorithm that haphazardly flags accounts regardless of content. It doesn’t matter how right or wrong the flagging was; the point is for investors and VC capitalists to be given the false impression that Twitter is being proactive about its bad actor problem.


    • While it may not look it, I was aware that Twitter’s public forum concept is illegitimate, which is why I didn’t get an account for years. The reason I finally decided to get an account because it was the only platform.

      It’s obviously clear that a bunch of six figure earning spazzes are just sitting on their skinny or fat asses most of the time letting a broken ass bot do their work for them. And it’s going to get worse thanks to more of these privileged coders working remote

      Sure I’m being self-centered but this cannot continue any longer. Especially how it’s become to go to platform for politicians and journalists and now has a bigger influence shaping stories and elections.

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      • The bot is broken by design, not by incompetence. Like I said in my previous response, the point of the bot isn’t to legitimately remove bad content but to indiscriminately suspend accounts so that every few weeks, the Ferengi running these platforms can issue a press release and statement to investors along the likes of, “Twitter is committed to combating disinformation, racism, etc. See, we removed X amount of bad actors last week!”

        I know that it’s broken by design because this is how bots on all troubled platforms like Twitter work (which includes Reddit, YouTube, etc.), as opposed to platforms that are serious about removing bad actors. These platforms thrive on incendiary content, because this content creates engagement, which generates more money. So, what they do with these bots is have their cake and eat it, too. They’ll design bots that take out accounts that seems incendiary but then will allow the incendiary/money-making content to remain.

        As for your last statement, all of this will continue as long as billions of brainwashed idiots continue to suck off Big Tech no matter what it does. Unfortunately, the dystopia is no longer a thing of fiction but of modern day reality, thanks to these Big Tech platforms. 😐

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      • This is a very good theory and it’s really telling that when Dorsey was called to testify last time, no one in congress ever thought to bring that up. The U.S. Capitol really needs to be purged of these old hacks and replaced with people who actually have a clue about how these tech platforms work and manipulate.

        So it appears that I am a victim of circumstance or collateral damage for their feigned policy to fight bigotry and misinformation.

        I recently viewed my account and I noticed that I can still see my record of tweets yet I no longer have followers (which was at 500 and growing rapidly) or who I followed (about 720). And being a non-money making account, I don’t like the looks of this as I wait for my appeal.

        In the last few weeks, I was tweeting about the astroturf style social media influenced campaign of Andrew Yang, the mayor’s office editing covid questions from de Blasio’s press briefings and countering the insane rambling narratives of urbanists promoting the need for unaffordable housing towers and bike lobbies and zealots cheering for open streets and congestion pricing. It makes me think this is more than just a random bot accident.


      • The old hacks?

        The people you malign as “old” are the ones questioning and trying to regulate Big Tech because they’re the only demographic with enough of a moral compass and dedication to the Common Good to see it for the evil that it is and want to do something about it.

        If the “old hacks” have blind spots in terms of how to fix it, it’s not because they’re old; it’s because we’re living in a cultural climate that makes it harder and harder to analyze and solve problems as they arise. The reasons are due to several factors: 1) lack of public figures 2) lack of respect for authority 3) lack of whistleblowers.

        To put it in perspective: once upon a time, if you saw something was wrong within an industry or sector, you didn’t just try to fix it on your own, you would turn to experts, pundits, etc. to help you out. This was not a problem because in the past, there were no shortage of these experts and pundits to pick from. In fact, there used to be an entire cadre of people like this in the public sphere who you could also count on as That Guy or That Girl to act as some kind of advisor on particular issues (Gloria Steinem, Ralph Nader, Carl Sagan, etc.).

        We also used to have what were called whistleblowers. These were individuals who worked in a morally bankrupt sector, saw what was happening and then came out exposing everything in full detail.

        Whistleblowers, advocates and pundits were an essential key in getting things fixed in this country. To use an example, say a certain car model kept getting into higher fatal accidents than normal (the Corsair). You’re a politician that sees this and wants to call the company out but you don’t know how. No problem, because back in the day, there was a guy like Ralph Nader, who’d write an exceedingly detailed, well-researched book about this phenomenon (Corsairs being accident-prone) with carefully delineated bullet points and everything. You, as a politician would go, “A ha! Let’s check out this Ralph Nader, see what he has to say about all this.” You’d read his book cover to cover, and you would even invite him to testify in Washington in a hearing deciding on a new set of car regulations.

        Today, there’s practically no one like a Ralph Nader to inform politicians about Big Tech. At all. A large part of the reason why there’s no “Ralph Nader of Big Tech” is Big Tech itself. Silicon Valley has done such a good job controlling both traditional and online media that no burgeoning Nader-figure has been allowed to rise in the ranks.

        Why? What happens is that anyone who has even the remotest insight into all of their bullshit just becomes one of many “voices” with an opinion in a post-truth world. Others are just silenced by way of cyber bullying and mockery in online forums and comments section. That’s IF a platform is even willing to publish that person’s comments in the first place.

        Big Tech’s hegemony is also why we don’t have whistleblowers. You malign the politicians who don’t “get it” as old hacks, ironically not seeing that the reason why they don’t get it is that there’s no young person deeply entrenched in Big Tech willing to shed any light on what’s going on there–i.e., the type that could help give “old hacks” the type of insight that could help them make any real headway.

        Right now as we speak, there are hundreds of thousands of potential Big Tech employees who could blow the whistle and create a movement on the level of #metoo. The very programmers who created these crappy algorithm bots that we’re talking about could all come out and say. “Yeah, it’s just for show.” But they won’t.
        That’s because Big Tech has successfully nurtured a culture of sociopathy and cult-like devotion among its millennial and GenY workforce, who see absolutely nothing wrong with anything that Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are doing and are just turning a blind eye to the whole thing.

        On top of that, many of those employees are H1Bs. H1Bs could give two fucks about whatever project they’re working on that could wreak havoc in American society. Why would they? They’re from far flung places around the world. They have no real stake in calling out Google, Twitter, etc. because it’s just a career opportunity to them, in a country they have no personal affinity with or interest in.

        All of this is why I had to kind of take pause over your comments about purging the government of old hacks. If you think younger people are the solution, I’m sorry, but you are kidding yourself. They believe wholeheartedly in Big Tech and everything that it stands for, even in spite of all the damage it is doing. They comprise of the generation that grew up eating, drinking and breathing Ayn Rand, South Park (a bully pulpit of libertarianism and Ayn Randism aka Objectivism) and the current generation of comic book movies (which preach nihilism and Objectivism).

        So, they are not the saviors that you seek. Not by a long shot. in fact, it’s these generations that are the reason why Big Tech has been allowed to become as big as it has.


      • I assure you that I’m not being ageist. I’m pointing out the ones that are passing as representatives and senators right now don’t have much morality either and they basically enabled Big Tech to get bigger.

        I also assure you I’m aware of the young hacks that are complicit in this Borg society they have willingly and gleefully cultivated.


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