Fuck The MTA, The Worst Transit System In The Universe

There’s your fucking signal problem.

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, N.Y., U.S.A.

Tuesday morning, an earlier incident involving a southbound A train between the 135th st. and 125th st. stations in Harlem, jumped off the rails, collided with the wall and knocked over a few signal posts after running over an unsecured rail improperly placed on the tracks, which subsequently produced a smoke condition, a fire from the errant trash left in the tunnel. Which led to the evacuation of thousands of commuters and 30 injured.

This incident led to the shutting down of service because of the power cut off for the evacuation and also to suspension of the C line in both directions, which also cut off and rerouted service on the B and D lines in Manhattan.

That’s it. This cannot be remedied. Fuck the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe.

Fuck with their falsehood announcements like “train traffic ahead”, “signal and switch problems”, “sick passenger”, and of course “earlier incident” and “smoke condition”, for these are now banal cliches that have outlive their usefulness and have no credibility.

Fuck their advice, as commuters are now blowing off by risking their lives by exiting stalled trains by climbing out and walking in the tracks in the dark tunnels to get to the next station and daylight and freedom.

But mostly, fuck all those responsible and a certain couple of elected worthless hacks who refuse to take responsibility. Meaning the MTA board of dunces and Mayor Bill De Faustio and the clown prince of Albany, Governor “Mario’s Son” Cuomo.

Fuck this MTA board, who are suppose to be independent and actually in charge of it’s operations and machinations, have been utterly non-existent even with two new members appointed by the governor. In spite of public meetings opened to rightly disgruntled and angered citizenry, they blow off any suggestions put forth by them.

And all they have done in their alleged independent positions, is approve anything Gov. Andy tells them to improve. And it’s all cosmetic bullshit. You see, Mario’s arrogant, entitled, fortunate son thinks that everything should be a destination sight, including the decrepit hourly malfunctioning subway, overlooking it’s true purpose of taking commuters to destinations. Which is why he rushed to open the 2nd avenue subway for his new year’s eve party which contains art installations. Which is why there is a preposterous designer food court at the Columbus Circle station called the “Turnstyle”. Which is why there is commissioned art all over main stops and tony areas. Fuck them all.

Apparently, another reason that Andy has forced this, what he proudly quotes as if he trademarked it “the summer of hell” on our destroyed transit system, is his focus on the cashless tolling booths and the construction of the new Kociusko Bridge and cheesy light shows, of which he just did 3 times in the last month.

Fuck Cuomo, who has now denied being in charge of this clusterfuck shitshow of a transit system after taking the reins, then denied them, and then proclaimed leadership and then refused it again and kinda took command so he can rehire failed mayoral candidate and failed former MTA boss, Joe Lotha to run the system again, whose return was christened with the A train derailment. This guy is blatantly fucking with his constituency. It looks like his quest for the highest office can no longer be rumor as he is exhibiting the same attitude as the current holder Figurehead Trump with his use of Twitter for his tone-deaf announcements, feigned concerns and self-promotion. To quote your thousands of bitter followers “Fix the subway, idiot“. Fuck your million dollar search for “geniuses” to solve this century old crisis, idiot. You thought yourself as such a genius when you ran for governor and attorney general and accepted a position at HUD, you fucking moron.

It’s only been a few days but fuck Joe Lotha, whose reaction to the train wreck was to announce that confidence must be rebuilt in the MTA. That is what must be rebuilt? There are thousands of things that must be rebuilt on the transit lines and it’s certainly not confidence. Fix the fucking subway. Fuck confidence.

Fuck this corrupt Mayor Bill “The Big Slow” De “Faustio” Blasio, who appointed other members on the useless MTA board. This stupid fucking idiot who prefers, with good reason, to go on 3 hour road trips from Uptown to Park Slope to City Hall via escort SUV police motorcade and when confronted about his blatant hypocrisy about changing personal habits to reduce the extreme effects of climate change, claimed it would be “cheap symbolism” to take the train. And who subsequently had to go on an obligatory photo op train ride when challenged by mayoral primary opponent Sal Albanese and had to suffer the hysterical irony of letting two trains go by because of overcrowding. After that learned experience, he suddenly had the inspiration to consider bringing back control of the subways to the city. You got fucking board members you appointed on the board and you couldn’t persuade them before? And when questioned various times by the press and citizens before about subway improvements and fare discounts for the poor, you blew them off and shirked your duties to your commuter constituents to Cuomo who you conveniently claimed is in charge and refused to take proactive measures while you devoted your taxpayer funded time to the failed under-supplied ferry line and the stupid BQX trolley proposal by your developer donor overlords. Fuck you.

019Last night on the A gone local, but it could be any train, anytime.

Fuck the MTA board again, since they are in charge, for delaying the repairs for the Canarsie Tunnel on the L line, in an obvious kneel to The Gentrification Industrial Complex of REBNY, city hall and the legislative offices in Albany, so the transformation and economic inequity of west and shore front Brooklyn would continue unabated. And fuck the G.I.C. because all the hyper-development on the west side of the boroughs has caused critical massive overcrowding on the few stops at the end of Manhattan and at the start of Brooklyn and Queens that it makes it impossible for commuters to board that have to go further east to said boroughs.

For the abandonment of necessary critical infrastructure of rail fixes, modernizing the signals and switches for the 21st century, replacing 40 to 50 year old cars. For cutting costs by removing token clerks and the horrendously flawed metrocard system. For raising fares to crippling economic effect to middle class and working poor people.

Fuck paying fares for that matter, for there is more effort to bust people avoiding to pay for shitty service than to properly place rails and keep the trains running on schedule.

Fuck the wifi, which is goddamn weak and only works in the brief moment at the station, which was only provided to keep the social media addicted mollified and have the commuters act as useful idiots to promote the MTA itself and garner advertising dollars, which is either being hoarded or wasted on future bullshit proposals and projects.

Fuck the commuters too, whose contemptible habits like obliviousness, lack of etiquette and obnoxious antics have got exceedingly worse. Not moving to the middle of the car, blocking doors, tourists with their giant mountain backpacks and rolling luggage, “showtime” dancers, well dressed buskers, improv performance hipshits and the stinkiest of homeless dwellers and mentally ill. And now there is a spate of people using the worst fucking transit system in the universe as a venue to kill themselves, as there have been close to 10 suicides, attempted and successful in the past few months.

Fuck the 100 year old signal system, its modernization which our exalted experts on the board think will be completed by 2045. 2045? Fuck you. Forget it, this is already fucked.

This transit system is not going to be improved ever. Never ever. For this city is too overcrowded and there are too many lazy rich idiots who are too pampered in charge. There is officially no hope and no way out of this unacceptable mess these people have created.

Fuck the MTA, and fuck this city. It’s become unlivable and unmanageable, and the worst is yet to come as the grotesque cabal of wealthy pigs and Figurehead Trump’s plutocabinet will not give one penny of aid to this state, no matter how much that wuss Senator Chucklenuts Schumer begs.

The fuck with begging for funding and the hell fuck with adjusting and the fatalistic bullshit that this is NYC and this shit is expected. All the pretty little things like street festivals and green spaces for glass towers and everything else that’s being catered to transients and tourists has to stop, stat. And fuck the automated car tests. Most of all, fuck this taxpayer funded subway music performer shit, especially that obnoxious pummeling drummer duo that’s been playing during the afternoon and evening rush hours at the 14th street station on 8th avenue the past month. The subway’s infrastructure is the #1 priority now. Nothing else.

MTA, get busy or get lost. Oh fuck it, just get lost. You don’t listen to experts in the transportation field, why should you listen to a blogger who’s tired of 30 years of your incompetence and cursing you to holy hell.

From the looks of it this morning, with 12 lines experiencing delays and service changes again, it’s obvious the MTA has adjusted to inflammatory insults for a while now.

Fuck the MTA.


This made the rounds on the most popular social networking medium, a few days after the horrifying derailment of the A train uptown and part-time interim commissioner Joe Lotha’s determined goal to rebuild confidence in the worst fucking transit system in the universe. The MTA is using zip-ties to keep their rusty train parts together

Motherfucker. Great job MsJaya_B

So this is the gift the MTA gave the 7 train for 100 years in service. It’s absolutely distressing that the worst fucking transit system in the universe has to go to Home Depot or more likely for their proclivity to cut costs, Dollar Tree or Jack’s 99 cent store to get replacement parts. What’s next? Yarn? Stale gum under public school desks and on the sidewalks? Fuck this.

And another big Fuck Governor Snowflake Cuomo for his program to piss away a million dollars to court “geniuses” to solve what he has finally now acknowledged as a state of emergency (this idiot really thinks he’s president). Hey shithead, who do you think those people you and your rival shithead at city hall appointed on the MTA board are? Those motherfuckers are suppose to be the geniuses to make the transit system function efficiently. Why did you run for Governor anyway, aren’t you supposed to be a genius, going to college and inheriting your Dad’s genes and legacy and all that good shit?

So the idea, presumably from Andy and the useless and coddled MTA board, is to piss away money to build new pages on the MTA website and then squander a million to let someone else do it.

These elected and appointed people are friggin’ retards. Fuck them all.

It’s too late baby, fuck the MTA.




Marginal Victims Unit: Two Bike Commuters Killed By Tourist Charter Buses During The Same Week In The Same Vicinity.

https://i0.wp.com/images.wisegeek.com/white-coach-bus-on-white-background.jpgExhibit A (dramatization)

Chelsea, Manhattan, New York

The Villager: Bus kills cyclist in Chelsea in Citi Bike’s first fatality

BY JACKSON CHEN | A Brooklyn resident was killed on Mon., June 12, when the Citi Bike he was riding collided with a bus on W. 26th St., between Seventh and Eighth Aves., police said.

Dan Hanegby, a 36-year-old investment banker, was on his way to work at Credit Suisse when he was struck by a charter bus at around 8:15 a.m., according to police. Police said the cyclist swerved to get around a parked van, fell off the bike, collided with a bus that was traveling the same direction, and was run over by its rear tires. Hanegby is the first fatality since Citi Bike’s start four years ago, according to a Citi Bike spokesperson.

Police said Hanegby was brought to Bellevue Hospital Center where he was pronounced dead shortly after. Police said the bus driver stayed on the scene and was not charged. The Daily News identified the Coach USA operator, who passed sobriety tests following the incident, as 52-year-old Dave Lewis from Poughkeepsie.

Christine Berthet, Transportation Planning Committee co-chairperson of Community Board 4, said that W. 26th St. between Seventh and Eighth Aves. — which does not have a bike lane — is often congested with vehicles, adding that buses shouldn’t even be allowed down that street.

“This bus should have never been on that street because this is not a truck route,” Berthet said. “Buses go everywhere and trying to control them and get them on the right track is very difficult.”

Chelsea Now: Two Deaths in Under a Week — and Calls for Charter Bus Changes in Chelsea

BY JACKSON CHEN | Another cyclist died after being struck by a charter bus in Chelsea on Sat., June 17, less than a week following a similar incident a few streets south.

At around 1:30 p.m., Michael Mamoukakis, an 80-year-old Chelsea resident, was traveling south on Seventh Ave. when he was struck by a charter bus making a right turn onto W. 29th St., according to police.

Police added that responding officers found Mamoukakis on the ground with “severe body trauma” before he was transported to Bellevue Hospital and declared dead. According to police, the driver remained on the scene and the NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad was handling the ongoing investigation.

The death of Mamoukakis follows a Mon., June 12 incident where a Brooklyn resident riding a Citi Bike was also killed by a charter bus. Dan Hanegby, a 36-year-old investment banker from Brooklyn Heights, was swerving to avoid a parked van when he collided with a charter bus and was run over by the rear tires, according to police. Hanegby was Citi Bike’s first fatality since its start four years ago.

With similar cases happening just days apart, Councilmember Corey Johnson is rallying for more attention to the issues. On the same day as Mamoukakis’ death, the councilmember released a statement calling for an emergency meeting to include the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT), the NYPD, elected officials, Community Board 4 (CB4), and representatives from charter bus companies operating in Chelsea and West Midtown. According to the councilmember’s chief of staff, Erik Bottcher, the meeting is tentatively scheduled for Mon., June 26.

This is a quite a disturbing coincidence. Yet both drivers of those massive buses were found not at fault.

The first casualty got a lot of notice more for his use of the rideshare provider CitiBike than his horrific and preventable death. But the initial report sounded so minor and trivial and purely put blame on the victim. Apparently, Hanegby was riding east down 26th street when he noticed the obstruction, the illegally double parked van, and naturally swerved around it and a second later wound up crushed by the buses back wheels. Reportedly his decision to look the other way for some reason, like he was distracted by something compelling, cost him his life. The official police report has changed since the initial one and the investigation is fortunately ongoing.

The second casualty, an 80 year old man was heading south towards 29th street when the bus careened into him as it was turning west at the intersection, killing him instantly. The block is also restricted against trucks.

As a career cyclist with some expertise on road usage and etiquette, these buses were driving fast to beat these riders to get ahead of them to avoid being inconvenienced, and were probably breaking the speed limit to do it. The bus driver surely saw Hanegby in his sight because he was already at the middle of the block before he got crushed and certainly Mamokaukis, being 80, could not have been riding that fast at all and the bus driver at 7th avenue must have been making quite a wide turn to get to 29th street, which has a big hotel at the end of the block. It’s possible that because of the difficult turning maneuver steering a giant bus, he did not see him at all, but he surely drove fast enough to run the victim over.

The thing is that because of the humongous amount of tourism in the past decade, which the city in the recent past and present bragged that it is around 5 billion, which makes it a billion short of the total population of Earth, that these buses are given a huge amount of leeway that these two bikers are just considered unfortunate deaths but more like collateral damage for the over-saturation of hotels built in the 5 to 6 block radius from 26th to 30th streets to 6th to 8th avenues. And that area has seen such an influx of massive buses that the city granted the charter industry with their own bus depots on the same spot as the public blue lines. The tourist industry has become a big revenue generator for the city and state economy and it seems too big to fail and to big to regulate safety provisions to curb their recklessness.

Hopefully I am and will be wrong, but the way this city and our current and last administration as willfully and continues to kneel to real estate, and with the gruesome death of a woman cyclist in the East Village a month ago in the bike lane, it doesn’t look that encouraging. The only way justice might be meted out is if one of these charters gets hijacked and is used for a terrorist attack and hits a group of tourists riding rentals or mows down a herd jaywalking in the street heading for Penn Station.

It’s harsh and far-fetched, but the only time action is taken is when someone has to get killed. Which is truly why the deaths of these 2 bike riders and the way it was marginally reported so baffling and distressing.

And also how the charter bus industry glides under the radar of Vision Zero and is not bound by traffic restrictions or violations at all.



New Bad Days 23: Cell Phone Thefts Grow In Queens With The Victims Mostly Kids, Kinky Hookups With Terrible And Fatal Results, And More Shootings And Stabbings Dispersed Through The Boroughs

033Look, subway graffiti is coming back…


In downtown Brooklyn by the Barclays Center around 2:15 p.m., a man pulled out a gun and starting firing wildly around the terminal, wounding a 50 year old man.

In Park Slope, a man was chased, beaten with bats and stabbed to death by a group of 3 men, after he attempted to record a sexual tryst involving another man and woman, induced by the woman’s claim to her boyfriend that she was raped. This bloody murder happened in a apt. building blocks away from Mayor De Faustio’s house, you know, where his roots are.

In Bed-Stuy, a man riding his bike home from work got punched in the face by a man fucking cunt and fell off hitting the ground and fracturing his skull, leaving him in a coma.

In Coney Island, a male teenager beat his sixteen month old daughter and then assaulted his girlfriend and mother of the child after chasing her from the apartment. The baby died from her injuries a few days later.

In Brownsville, a mother let her 10 year old son play on the building’s roof barefoot on a hot sunny day.

In Coney Island, 2 men were shot at, one in the ass, on the street around 2:00 a.m.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, an argument led to 4 men getting shot by a gang of 4 wearing black sweaters around 10:30 p.m.

In Crown Heights, a man was shot dead by his car around 2 p.m. as he was pumping gas at a gas station.

Also in Crown Heights, a man killed himself in the subway jumping between cars as it was moving.

In Cypress Hills, 3 men assaulted and robbed a male teenager for his cellphone, metrocard and $30.

In Bay Ridge, a MTA cop in his patrol vehicle hit a pedestrian when he was in the crosswalk. After he aided him and put him in his car, he drove over the Verazzano Bridge to Staten Island and ditched him on a service road.

In East Flatbush, a construction worker fell 3 stories to his death from a scaffold at a building site.

Also in East Flatbush, a woman hit her mother with a bottle and beat her profusely, causing her to go into cardiac arrest and died over an argument about a cat that the victim did not want around because she was allergic to them and asthmatic.

In Brownsville, a man broke into a house looking to collect a debt, fired his gun and shot a dalmatian in a cage.

In East New York around 8 p.m., a woman at a playground was shot at from a passing vehicle.

In Kensington, a man brandishing a Taser threatened to kill a Muslim man and berated his religion in front of mosque

At a luxury tower in DUMBO, a financier was found dead from asphyxiation in his bedroom with a wet towel gag in his mouth and a pillow over his head during a sexual encounter arranged by another man and woman.

In Flatbush, a 17 year old girl and her friends were beaten and robbed at a McDonalds as people and employees of the fast food chain just watched and even filmed it on their phones. The gang later chased the girls on the street as they tried to flee them.

At the Jay St./Metrotech station, a person got killed by the approaching F train at 2:30 p.m.


In Hell’s Kitchen, an out of control SUV clipped a livery car then crashed into a parked van on 9th Ave and 37th st., causing injuries to 6 passengers and 2 pedestrians.

At the Marriot Marquis hotel in Times Square at 3:45 p.m., a man in his late 20’s climbed   the glass exposed elevator shaft and leapt 8 floors to his death in an apparent suicide.

In Harlem, a woman walking home from a grocery store around 7 p.m. got burned when she passed by a bottle of Sprite left on the ground by three kids that exploded and emitted a blue liquid.

In the Upper West Side, a woman fought with two other women, pull out a piece of glass, stabbing one 3 times and punching another then stealing a cellphone

In Lenox Hill, an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease killed one and sickened 6 others. The city’s health dept. waited 11 days to announce the outbreak. This comes one week after the disease was found in a police station in East Harlem, resulting in two cops contracting the disease.

In Union Square, a man exiting the train station was slashed in his back from behind around 11:40 a.m.

At the CUNY School for Public Health in Harlem, a fight broke out after a commencement speech by activist Linda Sarsour between attendees and alt-right protesters which included high profile pundits and officials outside of the building, which resulted in a young woman getting assaulted by a group of protesters chanting “Make America Great Again”

In Times Square, a teenage male grabbed the ass of a woman in a Wonder Woman costume after he took a picture with her.

In Soho, a man mugged two women in a week on the Spring Street station by knifepoint and placing a cloth over their mouths to prevent them from screaming. His mom turned him in.

Also in Soho, a man broke into a luxury handbag store, breaking the window and stole $25,000 worth of merchandise.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Fulton Street Hub downtown, a woman beat another woman with an umbrella following an argument. Nearby on Park Place by Tribeca, a thief stole $1,500 worth of iphones off a display case and another thief stole 50 boxes of Mucinex from a pharmacy.

A man napping on the 1 train platform at Chambers st. had his bag and belongings robbed by 3 crooks.

At the 125th station in Harlem, a man killed himself jumping in front of the arriving 1 train.

In the East Village, a man who arranged a hookup for a massage on a website wound up getting beat up and robbed his Iphone.


A cellphone crime spree has occurred on Hillside Avenue in Jamaica by a gang of teenagers during the afternoon hours. The culprits would rob other kids by just asking what time it is.

In Hollis, a speeding vehicle crashed into a tree and a fire hydrant, killing the driver and his passenger and injuring another one.

Also in Hollis, a man shot another man 3 times after a fight in a social club game room over a bet.

At the Hammel Houses in Rockaway Beach, 2 homicides from stabbings occurred in a span of a week two blocks apart. These are the first reported murders in the area’s precinct this year.

In Corona, a man and woman were shot in a drive-by as they were leaving a baby shower.

In Astoria, a crane dropped a heavy load on the roof of building under renovation, causing the concrete and materials to collapse resulting in the injuries of 3 men working inside.

In Jackson Heights, a man killed himself by leaping off the 82nd street platform at 8 a.m. One stop east on the 7 at the Broadway/Roosevelt station, a man was stalked beaten and robbed by 3 crooks inside a restroom for $50 and his debit and metro card.

In Long Island City, a man stole a tip jar from a bagel shop from the counter and punched an employee who tried to stop him.

In Flushing, 2 cars collided with each other injuring 4 children in both vehicles.

In Ozone Park, a boy crossing South Conduit Ave. was confronted by 4 men who surrounded him and stole his cellphone.

In Kew Gardens, a man is wanted for a rash of jewelry robberies in the Lefferts Blvd. areas.

At the Sutphin Blvd. E train station in Jamaica, a couple got into an argument with a man by the booth at 4:30 a.m. and proceeded to attack him with a shoe.

In Ozone Park, a man got his legs crushed by a driver who was trying to parallel park.

In Forest Hills, a robbery spree of airbags are being stripped from parked vehicles on a service road by the Grand Central Parkway.


Staten Island

In Prince’s Bay, a 10 year old was shot in his house when a bullet went through the ceiling above a room where a woman was showing a man a 9mm handgun that went off went he held it.


In Parkchester, 6 buildings went on fire in the middle of the afternoon destroying 2 all of them . Bronx is burning again.  The cause of the blaze was set by 3 fucking idiots in their 20’s playing with fireworks as if they were at war with each other. Send these clowns to Syria to experience the real thing.

In Belmont, a man was jumped at a street corner by a gang of 4 men and beaten into a coma.

In Morris Heights, a man walking on the street at 11:30 at night was randomly attacked and stabbed twice.

It’s getting kinda hectic…




I Received A Newsletter From Councilman Ruben Wills, Oh Boy.


This came in the mail a short while ago and I was equally perturbed and repulsed. This newsletter is from the councilman of District 28, Ruben Wills, who is up for re-election. It was a 3 page fold out brochure of all of his purported concerns and photo-ops and it was the size of the NY Times.

During his brief term after being elected in 2010, he has been non-existent at council meetings and has used the majority of his term pilfering around $33,000 from public funds for bogus campaign and charity non-profits and filing false documents for his luxurious tastes in designer clothing, preferably Louis Vuitton, and fancy dinners.

A chunk of the money he stole went to some company, Micro-Targeting, that specializes in campaign literature and distribution, which immediately gave me the impression that this is how this waste of paper and ink conveying Wills fauxgressive propaganda got produced and mass mailed to his constituency.

For some ludicrous reason, he still has not resigned (nor has his official peers ask for him to step down) and has maintained his elected position despite being in the midst of his court procession. In fact, he has gone out of his way to avoid facing the judge’s sentencing by coming up with lame excuses to not even show up.

And this career hustler and hack wants to tout his dubious achievements and superficial concerns to persuade voters by filling up mailboxes with this shit.

Well, it looks like decisive and appropriate action had to be taken.


Fuck off, Ruben. Stop sending your shit to me and everyone else. Your absentee ass is not wanted here you fraud. Primary this chump, citizens.

Update: Another one hot off the press from the councilman


What the fuck did I just say about mailing this tripe? Despite the contents, which shows more funding going to strengthen the safety net, it doesn’t change the fact that Ruben was exploiting his position to enrich himself.

Well, it looks like there is a need for stronger symbolism. So I decided to dispose it in a place where the councilman would surely feel comfortable.

But I couldn’t find a pile of filthy money in a pig pen, but this receptacle might do the trick.

017This damaged vegetation area is brought to you by Royal Waste.


There, councilman. Now you are amongst friends.




Wrath Of The Scumlords: Pine Management’s Imbecilic Effort To Force Senior Citizens To Use Fire Escape For Egress And A Volatile Super Installs Pointy Spikes On A Entrance Path Ledge Seating

At a building on 165 West 83rd st., a walk up apartment building undergoing renovation attempted to force their tenants, the majority of them rent-stabilized and senior citizens, to use a fire escape for a week as they finish replacing the stairs.

The developer and owner, Pine Management, has quite a record of tormenting their tenants and is currently under investigation by the A.G. Eric Schniederman, stemming from an incident in December when Pine attempted to evict a 94 year old man from his apartment so they can convert it into two market rate apartments. The notorious company has a terrible rating in tenant review poll websites.

So it’s no surprise at all that they would try something as morally bankrupt as this. One would assume that a developer with hundreds of properties in the richest borough would at least arrange to have them stay at hotels while still collecting the legal rent as they finish repairs, but no, it’s easier to make peoples lives difficult. Especially the aged people, who mostly don’t have the stamina or even the training to achieve such athletic feats like jumping for that ladder to slide it down. And walking down that staircase with all that exposure from the grating of the ground below can be quite intimidating.

,Even though the DOB did react fast after this was exposed on the local news and streaming video, which is the only occasion they do, to put an immediate stop work order on the site, Pine Mgmt. apparently still feels secure that they can get away with such egregious and sadistic treatment of their tenants and denying their basic civil and human rights to even issue complaints without fear of reprisal.

What is not even addressed is the sheer stupidity of their zeal to discourage and disenfranchise their tenants. That if the only way to enter and exit is through fire escape, surely the ladder will be down for easy access most of time which will certainly encourage criminals to either burglarize their apts. or even rape the women there all hours of the day.

Despite the halting of the “renovation” and even ensuing litigation against Pine Mgmt., they seem to be secure in the fact that they will not see any punishment or strict punitive charges for their actions, which is why they can place sadistic orders like this like some kind of cartoon villain tethering his fingers.

Meanwhile, in Kew Gardens, Queens; A superintendent for an apartment building at 118th st. and 84th ave. under orders by the landlord, Perrone Calogero , to implement a nasty and menacing looking row of spike strips onto concrete ledges designed for seating on the path to the building’s entrance. These strips are commonly used by parking lots to discourage delinquent customers from skipping payment and punk rockers and death metal bands to make their attire look mean.

As per the usual process of creative renovations and modernizations of these properties, the spikes were placed there without notification and the input of the tenants of the building. Leading to inevitable and justified indignation about the unsightly dangerous new additions, and overwhelming concern of children frolicking up and down the path. In the video you can see a little girl about to place her hand on the ledge like out of habit.

Needless to say, as CBSNewYork tried to get some valid reasons from the super about the strips, they got muscled off as the thug attacked the cameraman with the grace of a club bouncer.

The reasons supplied by the management for this medieval ornamentation is discourage skateboarders and raccoons, but according to tenants there have been no such witnessing of these things. And in the age of uploading videos on myriad platforms, there certainly would have been footage of these alleged rogue trespassers.

As these diabolical attempts to stress out tenants of modest and poor status, Pine Mgmt. and Perrone obviously feel secure that they will not be punished or perhaps don’t care if they are.

And why not, there has been too much corruption in the past 3 years under Mayor De Faustio involving the Gentrification Industrial Complex’s developers and their goons and flunkies like that syphillic pussy that attacked the reporter, trying to force people out and bring in a new young sucker demographic to pay the fabricated market rates, that they will go to even more sadistic and demonic means to coax poorer people to move. This has become standard procedure and it’s actually encouraged by p.r. adviser groups.

And there are so so many of them, it’s a shock they actually got those lowlife Israel brothers and Steve Croman, the latter who only got busted because he tried to cheat the banks. Jared Kushner was doing the same shit for years in the East Village and was lucky enough that his poppop-in-law became predisent. The construction as harassment tactics employed by Kushner is the model clearly being used by Pine Mgmt. displayed above.

So these two property runners, despite government intervention and T.V. exposure, will probably continue their stupid demonic ways. For the rental market continues to rise, young people, national and foreign, are coming to New York in droves, which makes speculation easy to exploit and fabricate and the scumlords will find even more creative and destructive methods for their quest for personal monetary gains.

We’re going to need a bigger, better and badder enforcer to stop these property pimps.



Falling Down 2017


Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A.

The attack on the baseball field by James T. Hodgkinson was designed to turn Congress upside down. It was a terrorist attack to force abrupt change in government process and weaken the sadistic policies favoring the oligarchs and their next of kin. Hodgkinson was easily able to execute this attack being that he was a licensed gun owner and he did not fit the general profile of a terrorist attacker. Even though he was parked by the ball field conspicuously in a heavily window draped van he was living in and actually asked an elected official there which political party all those practicing on the field were. The one he hit, Steve Scalise, Republican, was one of the highest members of Congress being the House Majority Deputy Whip. He is vehemently against gay marriage and illegal immigration, the latter most recently becoming a major mission in DC that is having difficulty trying to enforce because of the tactics and manpower being used.

In the last months of his life, he embraced what’s considered to be leftist beliefs and causes. He volunteered to campaign for Bernie Sanders. He railed against Donald Trump on social media as did everyone else from the grass roots to the celebrities. He was very active in his participation to bring fairness and accountability to DC. He was disturbed, like millions of citizens, of the widening disparity of personal wealth.

He drove hundreds of miles to dwell in that town for months. He practiced shooting cans by homes in the woods back in March and the cop just gave him a warning.

He was a building inspector who lost his license and his career. He had nothing left to live for and clearly nothing to lose.

In his misguided and deranged mind, he was looking for the ultimate justice and figured that the only way to staunch the chaos getting worse every day in the short 5 months of Figurehead Trump’s presidency, is to take as many elected Republican representatives out at once. And he could have, if it wasn’t for 2 officers stationed there in Scalise’s security detail, when after getting hit and wounded themselves, shot him dead and thwarting what could have been the biggest assassination in American history.

James T. Hodgkinson’s ordeal and demise immediately brought to mind a very overlooked film of misplaced rage and vigilantism from almost 25 years ago, “Falling Down”. It followed the day of the protagonist known as D-Fens, a defense contractor, who while stuck in traffic, has a break down and abandons his vehicle and roams around Los Angeles and has various encounters with people and annoying customs that have had a deleterious effect on his life (and surely everyone else), gangs, the economy, personal freedoms, and what initially set him off, road construction. Along the way he winds up with automatic weapons and a bazooka and uses them to mete out justice in the last hours of his life, which ends when Robert Duvall playing a retiring cop, shoots him dead in what looks like a mercy killing.

Notable scenes in that film are when after D-Fens procures those weapons from that gang, he gets hassled by a derelict who’s begging him for cash and gives him his briefcase. The bum opens it and finds it empty except for a sandwich. The other one was when an African-American is protesting in front of a bank that refused to give him a loan for his lack of “economic viability”. It ends with D-fens making eye contact with the protester and nodding with approval.

Hodgkinson’s own frustrations from his perceptions and his comparable empathy for the dying middle class, poor and disenfranchised and even the reproductive rights for women and civil rights for gays, that millions of this country share, manifested and exploded that day on that baseball field. On the supposition to foment a change in attitude in the halls of congress and in the nation itself.

But the only changes that happened was more security and protection for the officials. As they decided to play the game anyway as patrons became suspects, were patted down and went through metal detectors. It did bring a moment of solidarity in congress as the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan rightly denounced this attack by a disgruntled pyschopath. Even Trump went on his lame ass social networking account to denounce it and call for unity and bipartisanship to seize the day. Alas, for one day, since Trump reverted to “normal” and went on his tax-payer funded trolling feed again. And the Republican dominated House and Senate are still trying to destroy and bankrupt the nation with terrible legislation involving healthcare and distribution of taxes.

It’s been a week since the shooting, and nothing’s changed. So Hodgkinson’s stupid attempt to upend the system failed immensely as it should. But this might be only the beginning and his idea to rub out an entire hall of Congress is out there now. Ready to be employed by another maniac with a warped sense of administering swift justice. This proves again that terror is not a weapon or a standing military, but an idea. Hodgkinson had a very shitty and deadly idea that he could force progress and progressive policies.

This isn’t Isis, this is us.




Predisent Donald Trump, American Gangster


Washington D.C., U.S.A.

The impeachment and maybe indictment process has begun. James Comey, FBI director unceremoniously and cowardly terminated by Predisent Trump, went to the House of Senate to testify for 3 hours of his dismissal and his awkward confrontations and meetings in thorough detail. This hearing may be the equivalent of a filing to a human resources complaint dept. in any corporation.

What Predisent Trump did to and how he treated Comey was basically the equivalent of making a pass at a comely female executive or bombshell secretary, but more likely the way a mafia crime boss would make certain demands during a payoff or a threat to some spineless elected or appointed official at one of their “social clubs”. The problem, the big problem is that it was the FBI director,the United States’ primary federal law enforcement agency, and is responsible for its day-to-day operations, he was trying to coax into easing up on his disastrous and erroneous pick for NSA advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn., a man who was an essential and loyal piece for Trump’s victory lap to the White House but, as with many other advisors and in his former/current business dealings especially those related to the predisent, had dealings and meetings involving money and promises with top Russian officials and purposely did not mention it to secure positions in government.

Trumpie must have assumed, as he declared to Lesley Stahl in that first 60 minutes interview and to the NY Times editorial board back in January that since as president he has absolutely can’t have a conflict of interest, that it applied to his browbeating and demands of abject loyalty of the deposed Comey, as it applies to his refusal to release his current tax returns and his defiant disobeying of the emoluments clause and the running of his businesses. How in spite of Comey’s comforting reassurances that the predisent was not involved in the probe of Russian breaches of the election, Trump still pressed him to back off, like some cartoon parody of Al Capone.

And in defiant spite of the fact that you don’t fire the person who you think is investigating you.

Comey’s public and televised employer complaint forum showed the nation a lot of what is already and obviously known. The predisent is a confirmed and validated fucking liar instead of a just a reputed, notorious one.

James Comey did an interesting and what should be inspiring thing that every employee going through hardship, stress and intimidation in the workplace, and that is that he took notes of every interaction and conversation with Predisent Trump, being that you can’t believe a word out of his halitosis emitting mouth and he cannot be trusted. Apparently, it’s more efficient and less risky to write everything down instead of filming video and audio recording.

Speaking of audio recording, Comey and the nation certainly are wondering and are awaiting these alleged tapes produced by the predisent/Godfather of America. Comey brought new heft to his usage of the word “lordy” by outright challenging Trump to release them.


Following Comey’s damning exposure of the wretched executive in chief, Trump’s hillbilly consigliere and Comey’s former immediate supervisor AG Jefferson Sessions took the stand the other day and refused to answer reasonable questions and remember or recall anything at all about his illicit involvement of Comey’s dismissal and his bosses attempt to obstruct an investigation. Basically, what this goober has historically done at the pleasure of the predisent is preemptive executive privilege.

“Stonewall” Sessions behaved like a petulant little brat as he yelled how offended he was as a long time public servant/establishment political hack with self-righteous indignation then proceeded to blow off every question with seething contempt, especially to Senator Kamala Harris of California, who properly persisted to his swaggering obfuscations and bullshit only to be interrupted by Sen. McCain demanding the AG weasel have a chance to respond even though he refused during the whole hearing. The look on Sessions face was scuzzy with vile glee after that order from the flesh and blood version of Grandpa Simpson.

Jefferson couldn’t be more like Frank Cantangeli in the Godfather II when he abruptly developed amnesia during Michael’s trial.

What the predisent has done, quite unsophisticated and ineptly has integrated government and organized crime.

It has even upended his very cabinet, for the day before Sessions performance, the Predisent gathered some all of his plutocabinet members at a table for a press release, with each member verbally demonstrating their loyalty privilege to serve under Trump.

In a way, it is quite amusing to see people of such worth and stature reduced to undignified groveling. Good thing no one went rogue and dissented, because this could have been a recreation of Al Capone’s baseball analogy in The Untouchables.

Aside from the easy movie classic references, this is deranged. These are college educated, wealthy adults and former business leaders here acting as subjected yes men and women. It seems the only thing that was built during infrastructure week is the massive bubble built around the white house, encasing the predisent when he walks around in public and his golf resorts and hotels with his dumb name on it.

And if these disgraceful acts by our predisent isn’t lousy enough, Trump has decided to let his capo  General Mattis take over the reigns and make future decisions of troop deployments in future missions in Afghanistan to go along with fighting ISIS and other splinter terror groups. So if things go wrong, he will not be responsible so he assumes. (But mostly because he thinks he is a big shot but he is a another lazy deadbeat with a government job.) And his dimwit son and nepotism beauty expert Eric got caught diverting funds from his cancer patient charity golf tournaments to his poppop’s foundation, possibly/certainly to get much needed funding to Trump’s then struggling campaign that he allegedly funded himself.

This cannot end soon enough, but clearly this is going to take a while. A long while. Enough time to rewrite the budget and legislation that will benefit all those ghouls fortunes at that table, corporate monopolies as well as the international gangsters who financed Trump for the past decade and a half.

Justice is practically in standstill and languishing in purgatory, but with these hearings it still faintly exists. Even if it’s a dreadful imitation of it and in a state of disarray.

Better hope it doesn’t befell the fate of normal…


For now, everyone willing to be in and profit from the DC bubble, bow down and kiss the ring of Don Worthless.




New Bad Days 22: A Gat In The Tank Is Worth Three In The Can, Noise Annoys All Over New Fun City, Another Pregnant Woman Stabbed On The Subway Over Personal Space, A Homophobic Gang Beatdown In Hot Bushwick, And A Distressing And Not At All Winning Amount Of Recent Shootings



In South Ozone Park, 3 men were arrested for firearms possesion and forged credit cards after the driver blew a stop sign. The idiots hid one of the guns sitting pretty on the cap of the fuel tank compartment.

In Far Rockaway, a mother and her two sons were hit by a speeding vehicle by an unlicensed driver that jumped the curb onto the sidewalk.

In St. Albans, a man got shot in the chest and died and another was shot in the stomach and shoulder following an argument.

In Jamaica, a woman was shot in the back in a drive by on Guy R. Brewer Blvd.

In Laurelton, a man was shot in the spine during a house party following a fight. He is now paralyzed.

In Ozone Park, a 15 year old kid injured himself when he broke into an abandoned MTA substation and fell 10 ft. through a hole

In Jackson Heights, a burglar broke into an electronics and tech store and stole $15,000 in cash and a total of 90 iphones, galaxies, and laptops.


On a 2 train stopping at the Prospect Ave. station in the early evening, a man stabbed two women, one of them 4 months pregnant, because one of them touched him.

At the 167th st station around 9:45 p.m., a man was attacked by 4 men, 2 holding knives and wound up getting stabbed in the stomach.

In Mott Haven, a man was killed trying to cross the street as he was hit by a livery cab driver and then hit by the vehicle behind it from the initial impact. The livery cab driver who fled the scene has not turned up.

Also in Mott Haven, a mosque has for months been sporadically shot at from a sniper shooting a BB gun, most recently last Thursday and Friday.

In West Farms around 10:20 p.m., a man was shot to death in front of a beauty salon from a drive-by.

In Concourse Village, a man walked up to an 18 year old male on a corner around 10:25 p.m. and engaged in small talk, then shot the teenager in the chest.

Also on the Concourse in the South Bronx (The South South Bronx), 2 blocks from Yankee Stadium, a deli worker had his jaw broken when he was pelted with avocados and bananas from two customers when he messed up their order and had trouble communicating with them.

Get Aaron Judge to work that counter next time.


A man who regularly hangs out at the Wren Hotel, an allegedly hip hotel on the Bowery, preyed on tourists and patrons by partying with them till they were soused, then bringing them to his apartment on Eastern Parkway in Weeksville as he gave them crack to smoke and stole their clothes, shoes, cellphones and debit cards and withdrew their cash while they were wasted.

In Bushwick, where you can get a burger and fries cooked and prepared by some Michelen rated chef and wash it down with a Mario’s Son approved craft beer for 40 dollars, 2 male teenagers were shot at, one fatally, in front of a deli around 2 a.m.. Reportedly over a girl and instigated by a feud on Facebook. The teenage killer is still at large and has prior arrests for a stabbing and a rape.

Also in Bushwick, 2 transgender DJ’s leaving a liquor store were confronted by a gang of 10 men and women that yelled racial slurs at them and proceeded to attack and pummeled one of them to the ground and slicing the other one with a box cutter

In East New York, a neighborhood experiencing sudden fabricated market rental rate interest because of Mayor De Faustio’s affordable housing zoning scheme, an elderly woman was robbed of $100,000 she won in an Atlantic City casino by two robbers posing as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In Cypress Hills, a man stabbed another man in the chest with a steak knife in full view of NYPD cops on patrol in the neighborhood. One officer shot the attacker to prevent further damage.

In Bedford-Stuyvesant at the Interfaith Medical Center, a security guard assaulted and strangled a mentally ill patient.

Also in Bed-Stuy around midnight, two men were shot on Madison St.


In an residential building in Chelsea at a party arranged in an apartment used for an airbnb, a couple and friends were disallowed entry because of their race, as the people already inside assailed them with racial epithets and led to the man getting hit with a bottle to his head by the hostess.

At the Grand Central Station in Midtown east, a woman tossed hot coffee on a man on the platform and then chased him up the stairs as he tried to run away from her.

In East Harlem, a man on parole sucker-punched another man in broad daylight and attempted to steal his wallet as the victim was on the ground , but was thwarted by eyewitnesses.

Also in East Harlem, a robbery spree of 4 disparate incidents occurred as a man was mugged by a gang on 125th and 1st. Another man was stabbed in the neck for his cell phone 4 blocks west on Park Avenue. Another man was attacked and beaten by a gang of 8 who robbed him of $400 cash 8 blocks south on 116th st. and another man was mugged by a man and woman at 7 in the morning, as he was going to work on 123rd st and 1st avenue. Robberies are up 55% in that district.

At Waterside Park by the Hudson River in Chelsea, a man was found bloodied, face down and dead on the grass around 5:30 a.m.

At the Central Park Conservatory pond near 74th street on the Upper East Side, a man was found dead floating in the water by a passerby who pulled the body out trying to save him.

On the Lower East Side, a man sexually molested an 8 year old girl on a courtyard in Seward Park.

On the First Avenue station platform in the East Village, a woman sprayed mace at a man who coughed in her vicinity.

In Harlem, 2 men were shot on a street corner on 139th st.

In Midtown east on Park Avenue across the street from the 432 tower on Billionaire’s row on 57th street, I witnessed a homeless man looking for recyclables in a garbage can when he reached down and dug up a half-filled glass of green tea and proceeded to drink it. (No photo or video available, for the sake of dignity for the unacknowledged destitute residents of this city)

Staten Island

In Tottenville, a man was killed instantly crossing the street by a hit and run driver.

Some Recent Obligatory Studies

In the Lower East Side at a area referred to (recently?) as Hell Square, which consists of a plethora of bars and a boisterous clientele roaming the town’s streets till the sun goes up, a study arranged by the LES dwellers group and Hunter College results shows that various crimes has gone up, particularly felony assaults and rape with the proliferation and over-saturation of said drinking establishments and shows that the city’s decision rubber stamp liquor licenses to rely on nightlife debauchery and decadence to stimulate the economy and more importantly, real estate values, has had detrimental effects on the community.

Beyond the LES, noise complaints have grown immensely about the entire city’s bars and restaurants, or more apt-barstaurants. A study published by the state comptroller shows reported complaints in the past 5 years went up from 38,000 to 93,000. General noise complaints; some examples from house parties, construction from hyper development or big rig trucks on local streets, went up 50 %. Enforcement has been practically nil.

Subway sex crimes are up 52% over the past 3 years with reportedly hardly any arrests resulting from deviant perverted behavior.

Are we winning yet, Eric? Is this vibrancy in action, Bill?

One week til Summertime. Brace yourselves.


Governor Mario’s Son Andy’s Deranged Designer Proposal For Staten Island-Another Prick With A Wall

Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks to the press on the FDR Boardwalk behind The Vanderbilt Tuesday after announcing a plan to widen the promenade atop a buried seawall. (Staten Island Advance/Rachel Shapiro)Governor Andrew Cuomo speculatively measuring his plans coming to fruition.

The East Shore, Staten Island, N.Y.

To protect the shores of the beachfront to defend against future hurricanes certain to come and threatening rising sea levels, the State of New York and the Federal government has granted the coast lines of Fort Wadsworth to Oakwood Beach with a  buried seawall and levee to be constructed, with a boardwalk for pedestrian and possibly bicycle usage on top. The project will start construction in 2018 and set to be completed in 3 years (better hurry up.)

Although it’s supposed to function as a security apparatus, our visionary artiste and event planner governor deems it unsatisfactory and not ostentatious. Oh, no, for it to be truly worth the costs it has to have the usual superfluous additions and attract travelers yearning for new destinations.

Lo and behold!

Why don’t we really think about this as an attraction rather than just as a functional device,” said Cuomo. “Let’s build something that enhances the island and enhances all the homes that are looking at the promenade.”

“We don’t want just a walkway for seven miles that frankly is going to be a wasted opportunity,” said Cuomo.

DNA info

You see, it can’t be just a regular boardwalk. So in spite of the drab and dull plans of the Army Core Of Engineers, Andy wants to widen the boardwalk beyond the original plan so it could hold events, marathons and those overpriced food concession stands this generation raves about and takes photos of. And stands to sell those rancid craft brews Mario’s son loves so much.

When the Advance asked Cuomo, who gave few details in his presentation at The Vanderbilt, how his proposal would differ from what the plan already includes, he said, “We don’t think it’s enough, I think it’s too narrow. We’re talking about a 30 or 40 foot promenade, we’re talking about amenities along the promenade. A promenade is a tourism destination, it has amenities, there are food kiosks, there are benches, there are lookouts. There’s all sorts of ideas that you can do.”

He added, “It could be a tour of all the different cuisine that New York has to offer, it could be a tour of all the craft beers that New York has to offer. It could be a walking museum. It could be a lot of things. We don’t want just a walkway for 7 miles, that frankly, is going to be a wasted opportunity.”

A spokeswoman later told the Advance the multi-use promenade “can support a range of recreational activities, including outdoor concerts, beer and food tastings, cultural festivals, nature walks, seaside carnivals, bike races, marathons and other running competitions, environmental education, and other events and community gatherings.”

The cost of the project, expected to be completed in late 2022 — originally 2021 — has steadily increased from an estimated $579 million to the most recent $615 million estimate, making the federal government’s share about $400 million; the state’s share about $154 million; and the city’s share about $62 million.

SI Live

Of course such inspired lunacy leads to sacrifices, like the amount of state taxes extracted from your paycheck. And because of Andy’s proclivity for wasting money that’s not his own, the project already is behind schedule. Which totally goes against protecting the homes and citizenry from the next Sandy like devastation.

Which makes the following proclamation from Andy Andy’s mouth so perplexing

“This isn’t just a wall,” Cuomo said. “We should think of it more as a promenade with a boardwalk and concessions. Let’s build something that enhances the island. Let’s increase real estate values and improve quality of life.”

NY Daily News

It shows once again that people elected to wield great power and responsibility still are too dumb and easily forget past history when they are overwhelmed with blind ambition and even unsatiated greed. The latter that can cynically refer more to the interests of REBNY than the homeowners on the borough, who will certainly lose everything if a massive category 3 storm comes in a year’s or maybe a month’s time.

Most importantly, Andy exposes himself for the brazen ignorant hypocrite he is by putting superficiality and frivolity first with his irresponsible grand redesign of the seawall in spite of his grandstanding of his belief in the extreme effects of climate change after chastising Figurehead Trump for pulling out of the Paris Accord.

No wonder this jerk thinks he can be president.








Fare Beaten: Mayor Big Slow De Blasio’s Big Ass Budget Denies Discount Metrocards For Poor And Rent Burdened Commuters

IMG_20160921_191503488This station is very far away from the city and it’s location lacks hip cache and luxury towers.

The mayor and city council’s recently approved and bloated $85 billion dollar budget couldn’t spare 50 mil for discounted fares for the poor, which in the face of city wide prosperity, still exists. Mayor De Faustio nevertheless stated repeatedly to the remaining stunned bloc of betrayed voters and the press that he would not allocate funding to the needy he once pandered to, and deferred responsibility to his archrival Mario’s son Governor Andy and also to a rare declaration of fiscal restraint. This would have some credence if he actually show restraint in doling out gunny sacks of plums to the preferred interest groups of the mayor and his lady ogre speaker that received millions of dollars.

Interesting as he was saying he was going to deny much needed aid to the citizens barely getting by with the growth in property taxes, energy and cellphone bills, and rapidly rising inflation in the cost of food who also have to deal with the lousy service of the worst fucking transit system in the universe, which can now add threats to employment on the list as innocent commuters have to explain daily of their tardiness. For he has still not given up on his and his REBNY donor overlord’s demented plan to build the absurd BQX light rail line, despite a strict feasibility report stating it’s impossibilities, from obvious expenses and overhauling critical infrastructure, and also the fact that the rail will travel in a level one hurricane flood zone.

But a month after the report, the Queens Courier’s The Sun paper edition published a sponsored 10 page pullout on the BQX with various adverts and cheesy photo manipulations of the tram on the streets. Yet again, facts, common sense and general safety get thrown in the garbage when it comes to the unrealistic wants of the Gentrification Industrial Complex. And obviously, the plans to build this idiotic trolley unwanted by the citizenry and the small businesses is still a go.

Now what’s truly absurd and offensive about this hoarding of tax dollars is that the city agreed to allocate 2.5 billion to improve the subway in a state accord with the state a few years ago. The kicker is that the BQX initial cost happens to be 2.5 billion dollars. It’s a possibility that Mayor De Faustio is denying the poor people he once deigned to and feigned to be concerned about is shelving the money that could have easily went to serve the poorer communities.

It kind of evokes wonder if the city’s share in investing the subway is even being used at all. Going by the recent historic lousy service that has occurred this spring alone.

For now that less fortunate commuters have to continue to pay lavish fares for abominable service, it’s high time that the damned MTA get their collective shit together and also stop minimizing the severity of the reasons for delays. As for the cheap ass mayor (except to his incompetent non-profit groups donors), instead of passing the buck to the equally despised governor, delve into the city’s deposit box and make the subway service less shittier and borderline dangerous.





Executive Carnage, Summer’s Eve: FTW With Donald Trump-Pulls America Out Of Paris Accord And Sells Out Nation’s Infrastructure To Saudi Royals


The Rose Garden, Washington D.C., America, Earth-The Third Stone From The Sun

Willful ignorance, cognitive dissonance and tribal epistemology won a huge victory on the first day of June. As Figurehead Trump, following his irritable, obnoxious and incorrigible behavior, baseless and denigrating speech towards his nation leader peers, came home and declared that our nation will no longer participate in the Paris Climate Accord of 2015.

Despite the dire situations and damage this will bring to our country is lightened by the fact that we are obligated to honor the climate contract until 2019. A big hairy but to this problem is that this will open the floodgates for Trump and the malcontent energy industries to surgically gut our mountains, lands and waters for resources that are expensive and unprofitable, mostly coal and oil. For the aforementioned spoils, the victors can will thank their elected representatives subservient to them at the expense of the voters who blindly followed them and continue to betray.

The fucked up things that make Trump’s decision so asinine and clearly spiteful, to his world leader peers and the planet’s population, which includes this nation and you, the people are three things:

The only other nation, excluding Nicaragua because that nation felt that it didn’t go far enough and they are victims of other nation’s irresponsibilities (they are right), to bow out is Syria, and that nation makes it apparent daily with their non-concerns about the environment because both sides are blowing it up daily with explosions.

That states like California, New York , and Hawaii have decided to take more responsibility and are arranging climate accords of their own with the member nations. Which kind of shows, maybe validates, that Figurehead Trump, his cabinet and these elected officials are clearly paid deadbeats, because the states are doing their jobs for them to stem the colossal threat of climate change, which is bigger than any threats from terrorist factions. In fact, climate change may be more of an influence on terrorism than is commonly thought.

The two biggest contributors of climate change extremities of the past decade, China and India, have actually made efforts and made progress to focus and rely more on renewable energies and have actually used less coal in recent years.

Surely, Figurehead Trump and his plutocabinet (don’t believe this team of rivals bullshit about this) sees the pulling out of the accord as a way to justify, legislate then ratify digging more into national and city parklands and supposed unused spaces around homes to mine for more detrimental energy resources. Of course, they can always rely on recent history of horrendous permits allowed by the Figurehead’s predecessor, Figurehead Obama, as he allowed risky projects to shore up the nation’s energy independence for the reason to avoid dealing with the middle east. We all know how that worked out and didn’t work out.

The only bright spot, for Trump anyway, on his jaunt overseas was his meeting with the Saudi royals. He bowed like a bitch, twice, and accepted a cheap necklace and charm pendant from them, group fondled an orb with them and engaged in a rigid dance with a sword. In the midst of all that degrading minstrelsy, Figurehead Trump along with his trusty ward Jared “down low” Kushner arranged a sweetheart lowball weapons and munitions, American infrastructure deal which included a token charitable donation to the first lady daughter and oblivious labor reporter and slave wage activist eraser Ivanka’s woman entrepreneur fund, whatever the fuck that is (Oh, she’s a entrepreneur with lady parts, ain’t that nice and considerate).

This deal has national and worldwide damage written all over it. Since Trump has now privatized a part of his yet to be announced trillion dollar infrastructure plan to a despotic state and an avaricious private equity and venture capital firm that’s only concern is their bottom line of grossly and immensely enriching themselves and their shareholders and that’s it. There will certainly be attempts to cut costs in materials and salaries, might even attempt to put hired goons on the payrolls not to lay blacktop or build pylons but to crush protests and unions demanding loss wages.

And the weapons and armistice will be used, as it has before under the last figurehead but takes bigger significance considering the bestwords used by Trump on last year’s campaign trail, on poor villagers in Yemen who don’t even have an air force or marines, but have to rely on a widespread but ragtag militant group alleging to Al Qaeda for protection.

Trump conveys his decision, the world’s tiniest hands playing the world’s tiniest violin.

What has occurred since this artful deal by the self-proclaimed deal artist has seen various terrorist attacks in London, Manchester, even Iran and Kabul, Afghanistan, the last being the worst that it killed 90 innocent people in a busy market square during a pleasant afternoon as people were commuting from and to work and kids were leaving school. It should also show that dropping the Mother Of All Bombs a month ago did not put a scare into any splinter terrorist groups dwelling and conspiring in that nation.

But it does not matter to the wealthy war mongers and our spineless sell out leader of our nation. It’s all about the money piling up like a mountain of shit in the Figureheads, appointeds and electeds, and billionaire donors personal bank accounts in some p.o. box on a resort island or pied-e-tiere condo or hotel room in New York. For these loosely termed people do not give a fuck and seem pretty certain that the world is going to end in their and their next of kin’s lifetime. And being in high positions in government and royalty, they have access to all the isolated hideaway safe spaces if the apocalypse and dystopia happens, and if their gated mansions and palaces and expansive properties swallowed by the oceans or reduced to ash. Whichever comes first.

Then they will actually no longer have to work to construct laws or even rule anymore. Most importantly, Trump and his despotic peers and his plutocabinet and those motherfucking whores in DC will have no need to be accountable to anyone or anything.

Maybe that’s the infrastructure and environmental plan after all.













New Bad Days 21: 90 Year Old Man Gets Caned By Millenial, Cops Are Getting Taking For A Ride, Continuing Subway Fracases, And More Shootings Occurring-The Nadir Being A Child Shot Turning 5


On a street in Inwood around in 6 p.m. in broad daylight, a 19 year old male walking with a cane approached a 91 year old man, kicked him and swung the cane at his head. Leaving the elderly man with stitches and swelling on his ear.

On the platform of the A/C line at the Fulton Street station in Downtown Manhattan, a man slashed a commuter at 2:15 p.m.

At Washington Square Park, a 38 year old man shot himself in the leg, tried to hide his gun and was found with live ammunition.

In Noho, a steel beam fell off a building under construction, injuring 3 workers, one of them on the head.

In the Upper West Side by Riverside Drive, a student crossing the street was hit by a speeding vehicle and left on the street as the driver fled.

At a luxury apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen, a 24 year old tenant stabbed his dog to death and tossed him in the garbage chute.

In Central Park around 6:30 p.m. , a mentally disturbed man accessed a bird enclosure and perched himself on the rocks, laid there and was about to leap until the police came and detained him.

Also in the Upper West Side by Riverside Park, a stupid man who stole a purse tried to evade cops chasing him by jumping into the Hudson River.

At the Broadway-Lafayette train station in Soho, a malfunctioning F train shut down it’s lights, doors and strangely became oxygen depleted, leaving cramped commuters heading for their overpopulated and overdeveloped neighborhoods gasping for air, sweating profusely, and desperately and pathetically trying to open the doors themselves. Poor, poor snowflakes.

At the West 66th st. station by Lincoln Center at 11:30 p.m., a man killed himself jumping in front of an approaching 1 train.

One stop north on the 72nd st. station on the Upper West Side, a couple having an argument escalated as a woman beat up and pushed her boyfriend onto to tracks. As the train approached, a professional ballet dancer, after desperately trying to find help and couldn’t and dismayed by the lack of action of others, jumped on to the tracks and saved the victim, with the aid of commuters pulling them out, as the train approached.

The hero with Sally Field (30 Rock fake news), “When I say subway you say hero, subway, hero”


In Canarsie at 4:40 p.m., 2 men, one impersonating a cop, attacked and robbed a man in front of his home, winding up with his cellphone and 30 bucks.

Also in Canarsie at 8:10 p.m. a man shot his mother at their house.

And again in Canarsie (NBD hat trick), a man stabbed another man to death during a barbeque around 4 p.m. in front of the Bruekelen Houses.

In East Flatbush, 4 teenagers in a stolen car tried to flee after police were dispatched to the area after a call about a shooting. A cop was dragged under the vehicle for 3 blocks trying to stop them, leaving him in critical condition.

In Bushwick, a gang member sitting in his car died as he was shot multiple times at 6:50 p.m.

In Brownsville at 3:30 a.m.,two men in hoodies ran up and starting shooting at a crowd hanging out in front of a housing project, hitting one in the chest and another in the stomach.

In Windsor Terrace, a man assaulted and robbed a woman as he smashed her face with his elbow, knocked her to the ground and stole her cellphone.

In Prospect Park, a homeless man was found dead in a makeshift tent by passerby around 2:15 p.m.

In Williamsburg, the brother of child killer Levi Aron was found dead in his house wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a basement closet.

Staten Island

On Victory Blvd., a convicted and released killer and robbery suspect tried to flee police in his car and wound up dragging a cop who asked for his I.D.


A 24 year old man was arrested for forcing a 15 year old girl into prostitution for 4 months in a Jamaica senior housing complex run by a ministry founded by former councilman Rev. Floyd Flake.

In the Dirty Southeast of the borough, a group of gangbangers were involved in a credit card fraud and identity theft ring, which they used to spend lavishly on tech items.

In South Ozone Park at 3:30 p.m. 3 teenage males were attacked and robbed of their cellphones by a group of men, one of them armed with a loaded gun.


At the 74th st./Roosevelt Ave. train station in Jackson Heights, a woman who was robbed by a purse snatcher caught up to him, only to be kicked numerous times to her chest and stomach and robbed of $300.

A fire broke out at a store in Corona, causing serious injuries to a firefighter.


A single mother pushed her stroller with her child still strapped to it down the stairs of the Grand Concoure/149th street in the South Bronx.

Also in the South Bronx, two men arguing on the street escalated when one of them pulled a knife and slashed the throat of the other man, leading him to pull out a gun and started shooting wildly and proceeded to hand the weapon to his 18 year old accomplice.

In Unionport, an apartment fire led to the finding of a former coke dealer found dead from a gunshot to his head.

In Williamsbridge at 3 p.m., an 11 year old boy walking to school to pick up his younger brother was accosted and manhandled by a 19 year old male who demanded money then took the boy to the Bronx Park where he punched him twice, rifled through his backpack then laid him on the ground, took off his pants and tried to rape him.

By Fordham at the Bronx River Parkway, a female college student walking east from Monroe College on E. Fordham Rd was attacked by a man from behind at an underpass and almost raped.

In Soundview, a man was found dead from a shotgun blast to his chest was found behind a house.

In Parkchester, another man was found dead from a gunshot to the head, when the NYFD was called to put out an apartment fire.

In Morrisania, around 5 p.m., a boy celebrating his 5th birthday walking with his father to his car got shot in the head by a stray bullet from the gun after they came upon two men on the street and one of them pulled out a gun and shot it 4 times but missing his target and hitting the boy instead.

I wonder what mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips is thinking to post about this horrible incident and the other shootings posted above. Stupid fucking hipster.