Governor Mario’s Son Andy’s Deranged Designer Proposal For Staten Island-Another Prick With A Wall

Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks to the press on the FDR Boardwalk behind The Vanderbilt Tuesday after announcing a plan to widen the promenade atop a buried seawall. (Staten Island Advance/Rachel Shapiro)Governor Andrew Cuomo speculatively measuring his plans coming to fruition.

The East Shore, Staten Island, N.Y.

To protect the shores of the beachfront to defend against future hurricanes certain to come and threatening rising sea levels, the State of New York and the Federal government has granted the coast lines of Fort Wadsworth to Oakwood Beach with a  buried seawall and levee to be constructed, with a boardwalk for pedestrian and possibly bicycle usage on top. The project will start construction in 2018 and set to be completed in 3 years (better hurry up.)

Although it’s supposed to function as a security apparatus, our visionary artiste and event planner governor deems it unsatisfactory and not ostentatious. Oh, no, for it to be truly worth the costs it has to have the usual superfluous additions and attract travelers yearning for new destinations.

Lo and behold!

Why don’t we really think about this as an attraction rather than just as a functional device,” said Cuomo. “Let’s build something that enhances the island and enhances all the homes that are looking at the promenade.”

“We don’t want just a walkway for seven miles that frankly is going to be a wasted opportunity,” said Cuomo.

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You see, it can’t be just a regular boardwalk. So in spite of the drab and dull plans of the Army Core Of Engineers, Andy wants to widen the boardwalk beyond the original plan so it could hold events, marathons and those overpriced food concession stands this generation raves about and takes photos of. And stands to sell those rancid craft brews Mario’s son loves so much.

When the Advance asked Cuomo, who gave few details in his presentation at The Vanderbilt, how his proposal would differ from what the plan already includes, he said, “We don’t think it’s enough, I think it’s too narrow. We’re talking about a 30 or 40 foot promenade, we’re talking about amenities along the promenade. A promenade is a tourism destination, it has amenities, there are food kiosks, there are benches, there are lookouts. There’s all sorts of ideas that you can do.”

He added, “It could be a tour of all the different cuisine that New York has to offer, it could be a tour of all the craft beers that New York has to offer. It could be a walking museum. It could be a lot of things. We don’t want just a walkway for 7 miles, that frankly, is going to be a wasted opportunity.”

A spokeswoman later told the Advance the multi-use promenade “can support a range of recreational activities, including outdoor concerts, beer and food tastings, cultural festivals, nature walks, seaside carnivals, bike races, marathons and other running competitions, environmental education, and other events and community gatherings.”

The cost of the project, expected to be completed in late 2022 — originally 2021 — has steadily increased from an estimated $579 million to the most recent $615 million estimate, making the federal government’s share about $400 million; the state’s share about $154 million; and the city’s share about $62 million.

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Of course such inspired lunacy leads to sacrifices, like the amount of state taxes extracted from your paycheck. And because of Andy’s proclivity for wasting money that’s not his own, the project already is behind schedule. Which totally goes against protecting the homes and citizenry from the next Sandy like devastation.

Which makes the following proclamation from Andy Andy’s mouth so perplexing

“This isn’t just a wall,” Cuomo said. “We should think of it more as a promenade with a boardwalk and concessions. Let’s build something that enhances the island. Let’s increase real estate values and improve quality of life.”

NY Daily News

It shows once again that people elected to wield great power and responsibility still are too dumb and easily forget past history when they are overwhelmed with blind ambition and even unsatiated greed. The latter that can cynically refer more to the interests of REBNY than the homeowners on the borough, who will certainly lose everything if a massive category 3 storm comes in a year’s or maybe a month’s time.

Most importantly, Andy exposes himself for the brazen ignorant hypocrite he is by putting superficiality and frivolity first with his irresponsible grand redesign of the seawall in spite of his grandstanding of his belief in the extreme effects of climate change after chastising Figurehead Trump for pulling out of the Paris Accord.

No wonder this jerk thinks he can be president.








Fare Beaten: Mayor Big Slow De Blasio’s Big Ass Budget Denies Discount Metrocards For Poor And Rent Burdened Commuters

IMG_20160921_191503488This station is very far away from the city and it’s location lacks hip cache and luxury towers.

The mayor and city council’s recently approved and bloated $85 billion dollar budget couldn’t spare 50 mil for discounted fares for the poor, which in the face of city wide prosperity, still exists. Mayor De Faustio nevertheless stated repeatedly to the remaining stunned bloc of betrayed voters and the press that he would not allocate funding to the needy he once pandered to, and deferred responsibility to his archrival Mario’s son Governor Andy and also to a rare declaration of fiscal restraint. This would have some credence if he actually show restraint in doling out gunny sacks of plums to the preferred interest groups of the mayor and his lady ogre speaker that received millions of dollars.

Interesting as he was saying he was going to deny much needed aid to the citizens barely getting by with the growth in property taxes, energy and cellphone bills, and rapidly rising inflation in the cost of food who also have to deal with the lousy service of the worst fucking transit system in the universe, which can now add threats to employment on the list as innocent commuters have to explain daily of their tardiness. For he has still not given up on his and his REBNY donor overlord’s demented plan to build the absurd BQX light rail line, despite a strict feasibility report stating it’s impossibilities, from obvious expenses and overhauling critical infrastructure, and also the fact that the rail will travel in a level one hurricane flood zone.

But a month after the report, the Queens Courier’s The Sun paper edition published a sponsored 10 page pullout on the BQX with various adverts and cheesy photo manipulations of the tram on the streets. Yet again, facts, common sense and general safety get thrown in the garbage when it comes to the unrealistic wants of the Gentrification Industrial Complex. And obviously, the plans to build this idiotic trolley unwanted by the citizenry and the small businesses is still a go.

Now what’s truly absurd and offensive about this hoarding of tax dollars is that the city agreed to allocate 2.5 billion to improve the subway in a state accord with the state a few years ago. The kicker is that the BQX initial cost happens to be 2.5 billion dollars. It’s a possibility that Mayor De Faustio is denying the poor people he once deigned to and feigned to be concerned about is shelving the money that could have easily went to serve the poorer communities.

It kind of evokes wonder if the city’s share in investing the subway is even being used at all. Going by the recent historic lousy service that has occurred this spring alone.

For now that less fortunate commuters have to continue to pay lavish fares for abominable service, it’s high time that the damned MTA get their collective shit together and also stop minimizing the severity of the reasons for delays. As for the cheap ass mayor (except to his incompetent non-profit groups donors), instead of passing the buck to the equally despised governor, delve into the city’s deposit box and make the subway service less shittier and borderline dangerous.





Executive Carnage, Summer’s Eve: FTW With Donald Trump-Pulls America Out Of Paris Accord And Sells Out Nation’s Infrastructure To Saudi Royals

The Rose Garden, Washington D.C., America, Earth-The Third Stone From The Sun

Willful ignorance, cognitive dissonance and tribal epistemology won a huge victory on the first day of June. As Figurehead Trump, following his irritable, obnoxious and incorrigible behavior, baseless and denigrating speech towards his nation leader peers, came home and declared that our nation will no longer participate in the Paris Climate Accord of 2015.

Despite the dire situations and damage this will bring to our country is lightened by the fact that we are obligated to honor the climate contract until 2019. A big hairy but to this problem is that this will open the floodgates for Trump and the malcontent energy industries to surgically gut our mountains, lands and waters for resources that are expensive and unprofitable, mostly coal and oil. For the aforementioned spoils, the victors can will thank their elected representatives subservient to them at the expense of the voters who blindly followed them and continue to betray.

The fucked up things that make Trump’s decision so asinine and clearly spiteful, to his world leader peers and the planet’s population, which includes this nation and you, the people are three things:

The only other nation, excluding Nicaragua because that nation felt that it didn’t go far enough and they are victims of other nation’s irresponsibilities (they are right), to bow out is Syria, and that nation makes it apparent daily with their non-concerns about the environment because both sides are blowing it up daily with explosions.

That states like California, New York , and Hawaii have decided to take more responsibility and are arranging climate accords of their own with the member nations. Which kind of shows, maybe validates, that Figurehead Trump, his cabinet and these elected officials are clearly paid deadbeats, because the states are doing their jobs for them to stem the colossal threat of climate change, which is bigger than any threats from terrorist factions. In fact, climate change may be more of an influence on terrorism than is commonly thought.

The two biggest contributors of climate change extremities of the past decade, China and India, have actually made efforts and made progress to focus and rely more on renewable energies and have actually used less coal in recent years.

Surely, Figurehead Trump and his plutocabinet (don’t believe this team of rivals bullshit about this) sees the pulling out of the accord as a way to justify, legislate then ratify digging more into national and city parklands and supposed unused spaces around homes to mine for more detrimental energy resources. Of course, they can always rely on recent history of horrendous permits allowed by the Figurehead’s predecessor, Figurehead Obama, as he allowed risky projects to shore up the nation’s energy independence for the reason to avoid dealing with the middle east. We all know how that worked out and didn’t work out.

The only bright spot, for Trump anyway, on his jaunt overseas was his meeting with the Saudi royals. He bowed like a bitch, twice, and accepted a cheap necklace and charm pendant from them, group fondled an orb with them and engaged in a rigid dance with a sword. In the midst of all that degrading minstrelsy, Figurehead Trump along with his trusty ward Jared “down low” Kushner arranged a sweetheart lowball weapons and munitions, American infrastructure deal which included a token charitable donation to the first lady daughter and oblivious labor reporter and slave wage activist eraser Ivanka’s woman entrepreneur fund, whatever the fuck that is (Oh, she’s a entrepreneur with lady parts, ain’t that nice and considerate).

This deal has national and worldwide damage written all over it. Since Trump has now privatized a part of his yet to be announced trillion dollar infrastructure plan to a despotic state and an avaricious private equity and venture capital firm that’s only concern is their bottom line of grossly and immensely enriching themselves and their shareholders and that’s it. There will certainly be attempts to cut costs in materials and salaries, might even attempt to put hired goons on the payrolls not to lay blacktop or build pylons but to crush protests and unions demanding loss wages.

And the weapons and armistice will be used, as it has before under the last figurehead but takes bigger significance considering the bestwords used by Trump on last year’s campaign trail, on poor villagers in Yemen who don’t even have an air force or marines, but have to rely on a widespread but ragtag militant group alleging to Al Qaeda for protection.

Trump conveys his decision, the world’s tiniest hands playing the world’s tiniest violin.

What has occurred since this artful deal by the self-proclaimed deal artist has seen various terrorist attacks in London, Manchester, even Iran and Kabul, Afghanistan, the last being the worst that it killed 90 innocent people in a busy market square during a pleasant afternoon as people were commuting from and to work and kids were leaving school. It should also show that dropping the Mother Of All Bombs a month ago did not put a scare into any splinter terrorist groups dwelling and conspiring in that nation.

But it does not matter to the wealthy war mongers and our spineless sell out leader of our nation. It’s all about the money piling up like a mountain of shit in the Figureheads, appointeds and electeds, and billionaire donors personal bank accounts in some p.o. box on a resort island or pied-e-tiere condo or hotel room in New York. For these loosely termed people do not give a fuck and seem pretty certain that the world is going to end in their and their next of kin’s lifetime. And being in high positions in government and royalty, they have access to all the isolated hideaway safe spaces if the apocalypse and dystopia happens, and if their gated mansions and palaces and expansive properties swallowed by the oceans or reduced to ash. Whichever comes first.

Then they will actually no longer have to work to construct laws or even rule anymore. Most importantly, Trump and his despotic peers and his plutocabinet and those motherfucking whores in DC will have no need to be accountable to anyone or anything.

Maybe that’s the infrastructure and environmental plan after all.













New Bad Days 21: 90 Year Old Man Gets Caned By Millenial, Cops Are Getting Taking For A Ride, Continuing Subway Fracases, And More Shootings Occurring-The Nadir Being A Child Shot Turning 5


On a street in Inwood around in 6 p.m. in broad daylight, a 19 year old male walking with a cane approached a 91 year old man, kicked him and swung the cane at his head. Leaving the elderly man with stitches and swelling on his ear.

On the platform of the A/C line at the Fulton Street station in Downtown Manhattan, a man slashed a commuter at 2:15 p.m.

At Washington Square Park, a 38 year old man shot himself in the leg, tried to hide his gun and was found with live ammunition.

In Noho, a steel beam fell off a building under construction, injuring 3 workers, one of them on the head.

In the Upper West Side by Riverside Drive, a student crossing the street was hit by a speeding vehicle and left on the street as the driver fled.

At a luxury apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen, a 24 year old tenant stabbed his dog to death and tossed him in the garbage chute.

In Central Park around 6:30 p.m. , a mentally disturbed man accessed a bird enclosure and perched himself on the rocks, laid there and was about to leap until the police came and detained him.

Also in the Upper West Side by Riverside Park, a stupid man who stole a purse tried to evade cops chasing him by jumping into the Hudson River.

At the Broadway-Lafayette train station in Soho, a malfunctioning F train shut down it’s lights, doors and strangely became oxygen depleted, leaving cramped commuters heading for their overpopulated and overdeveloped neighborhoods gasping for air, sweating profusely, and desperately and pathetically trying to open the doors themselves. Poor, poor snowflakes.

At the West 66th st. station by Lincoln Center at 11:30 p.m., a man killed himself jumping in front of an approaching 1 train.

One stop north on the 72nd st. station on the Upper West Side, a couple having an argument escalated as a woman beat up and pushed her boyfriend onto to tracks. As the train approached, a professional ballet dancer, after desperately trying to find help and couldn’t and dismayed by the lack of action of others, jumped on to the tracks and saved the victim, with the aid of commuters pulling them out, as the train approached.
The hero with Sally Field (30 Rock fake news), “When I say subway you say hero, subway, hero”


In Canarsie at 4:40 p.m., 2 men, one impersonating a cop, attacked and robbed a man in front of his home, winding up with his cellphone and 30 bucks.

Also in Canarsie at 8:10 p.m. a man shot his mother at their house.

And again in Canarsie (NBD hat trick), a man stabbed another man to death during a barbeque around 4 p.m. in front of the Bruekelen Houses.

In East Flatbush, 4 teenagers in a stolen car tried to flee after police were dispatched to the area after a call about a shooting. A cop was dragged under the vehicle for 3 blocks trying to stop them, leaving him in critical condition.

In Bushwick, a gang member sitting in his car died as he was shot multiple times at 6:50 p.m.

In Brownsville at 3:30 a.m.,two men in hoodies ran up and starting shooting at a crowd hanging out in front of a housing project, hitting one in the chest and another in the stomach.

In Windsor Terrace, a man assaulted and robbed a woman as he smashed her face with his elbow, knocked her to the ground and stole her cellphone.

In Prospect Park, a homeless man was found dead in a makeshift tent by passerby around 2:15 p.m.

In Williamsburg, the brother of child killer Levi Aron was found dead in his house wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a basement closet.

Staten Island

On Victory Blvd., a convicted and released killer and robbery suspect tried to flee police in his car and wound up dragging a cop who asked for his I.D.


A 24 year old man was arrested for forcing a 15 year old girl into prostitution for 4 months in a Jamaica senior housing complex run by a ministry founded by former councilman Rev. Floyd Flake.

In the Dirty Southeast of the borough, a group of gangbangers were involved in a credit card fraud and identity theft ring, which they used to spend lavishly on tech items.

In South Ozone Park at 3:30 p.m. 3 teenage males were attacked and robbed of their cellphones by a group of men, one of them armed with a loaded gun.

At the 74th st./Roosevelt Ave. train station in Jackson Heights, a woman who was robbed by a purse snatcher caught up to him, only to be kicked numerous times to her chest and stomach and robbed of $300.

A fire broke out at a store in Corona, causing serious injuries to a firefighter.


A single mother pushed her stroller with her child still strapped to it down the stairs of the Grand Concoure/149th street in the South Bronx.

Also in the South Bronx, two men arguing on the street escalated when one of them pulled a knife and slashed the throat of the other man, leading him to pull out a gun and started shooting wildly and proceeded to hand the weapon to his 18 year old accomplice.

In Unionport, an apartment fire led to the finding of a former coke dealer found dead from a gunshot to his head.

In Williamsbridge at 3 p.m., an 11 year old boy walking to school to pick up his younger brother was accosted and manhandled by a 19 year old male who demanded money then took the boy to the Bronx Park where he punched him twice, rifled through his backpack then laid him on the ground, took off his pants and tried to rape him.

By Fordham at the Bronx River Parkway, a female college student walking east from Monroe College on E. Fordham Rd was attacked by a man from behind at an underpass and almost raped.

In Soundview, a man was found dead from a shotgun blast to his chest was found behind a house.

In Parkchester, another man was found dead from a gunshot to the head, when the NYFD was called to put out an apartment fire.

In Morrisania, around 5 p.m., a boy celebrating his 5th birthday walking with his father to his car got shot in the head by a stray bullet from the gun after they came upon two men on the street and one of them pulled out a gun and shot it 4 times but missing his target and hitting the boy instead.

I wonder what mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips is thinking to post about this horrible incident and the other shootings posted above. Stupid fucking hipster.






It Was 50 Years Ago Today…

Happy birthday to a musical masterpiece from the greatest rock’n’roll band of all time.

It’s not their best album, that would be Revolver, or the best album of that year (that’s this one) but it was the one that revolutionized and raised standards for the album format for rock music, which prior to this release relied on great singles surrounded by filler tracks and cover songs. Even if it was good filler. This album was the first to follow a theme and concept.

From the title track to arguably their greatest song “A day in the life”, it’s still the most pleasant and exciting 40 minutes ever committed to tape and then to record.

Find your copy and play it like it just came out yesterday.



Bereft Of An Event Of Balloons, A Light Show And Craft Beers, The Lefferts Blvd. Stairway Is Complete.

Richmond Hill, The Dirty Southeast Of Queens, N.Y.

It is done. It took 2 and a half years to renovate and restructure. It took so long that the station looks unrecognizable. Maybe because thousands of people aren’t moving at a snail’s pace to exit. For it now looks free for proper egress.

Anyway here it is.


I have to say it’s a bit of a disappointment. It’s satisfying that it’s there and serves it’s purpose, the whole forward and downward motioning of the legs and all and most importantly the convenient path to transfer to the Q10 and Q37 buses heading north and south of the “world’s borough”. But for that long a wait, I was hoping for some decorative squiggly etchings like those seen in Greco-Roman times and all the state and this contractor gave the station could pass for scrap metal collected by your standard derelict or junkie.

Oh well, at least the feather rat Pollack exhibit sees no sign of ending.


So congratulations and a big “it’s about fucking time” to the worst fucking transit system in the universe for the elongated completion of service improvement of this one station. Now maybe service would improve and commuters will get less frustration for their thousands of dollars spent every year. Especially after the widespread media coverage for their incompetence in the past month alone.

Now get that elevator done stat. There are a lot elderly, handicapped and even lazy people that can use a lift.


One day I received an e-mail from the lovely Reena Roy of CBS Local news, about doing a report about the snails pace of the modernization of the Lefferts station, particularly the elevator. I wrote her back about what I have been writing about since I started this digital publication, about the duration of building the stairs leading to horrible and hazardous egress and the vile bird feces that piled up after months and months of neglect, and the elevator that to this day looks finished but still inoperable. So I wrote her to go for it, and maybe mention my blog.

Ms. Roy and crew must have been there for a while, because they found the MTA’s actual official sign that I didn’t even know was there (this was scheduled to be finished on April 2016) and caught a guy dragging his wheelchair on the stairs. And she went right up to the contractors faces and they immediately clammed up and queried small business owners about the amount of business they lost since construction started (about 50 %) and the obfuscation and bullshit they endured when they wanted straight answers from the worst fucking transit system in the universe (which repeatedly guesstimated “2 months)

The 2 minute report didn’t mention my blog but I don’t care, because a week after it aired on May 22nd, the other staircase suddenly was accessible as mentioned above. So many thanks and awesome job to Reena Roy and CBSNewYork. And I will post again if that elevator still hasn’t moved. Those contractors have a month

And give my regards to Marcia Kramer.