New Bad Days 32: The Douchehag Of Crown Heights And Her Amusing Bullet Hole Bad Days Monument And The Ensuing Morbidly Ironic Shooting Incident Of A Nearby Brand New Trendy Local Establishment. restaurant and the overpriced glass of swill with the notorious artifact
The scene of the crime blocks away from Summerhill just days after the community hearing.


A Canadian woman who formerly worked as a tax reform lawyer that runs an upscale bar and sandwich shop has become the subject of derision and consternation of the residents of Crown Heights because of a wall with bullet holes still remaining that the owner, Becca Brennan, steadfastly and stubbornly refuses to fix. The outrage being that Becca is using this reminder of an earlier crime blighted era to promote her business and using it as an aesthetic of authenticity to attract frivolous spending high end clientele and curious and stupid tourists.

Protests emerged since her social media post of a cocktail drink worth $12 and her idiotic concept of a 40 oz. bottle of rose’ wine in a paper bag from her store in revolting homage to the sight of men swigging from bottles of Old English Malt Liquor and Colt .45 in the blighted criminal heyday of the streets of the five boroughs. (I recall even Budweiser got into the act and sold bottles in that size, in fact they still do.) The last corner assembly was actually confronted by Becca herself, sitting in her Al Fresco table setting mouthing off and cracking wise to the citizenry shielded by a dozen cops.

Becca begrudgingly agreed to meet with the community and showed up dressing like a skank in cut off shorts showing her pockets in homage to white trailer trash and mouthed off to the community yet again and accusing them of having no sense of humor and also lying that those marks were left over from a deli fridge that was affixed to the infamous wall.

Becca’s repulsive behavior and eatery is another example of co-opting or appropriating (stealing) from past cultures. Another example is another like minded slag, Laura Jones also in her 30’s and from Canada, who turned a 2 family house she rented in Averne on Rockaway Beach into an illegal hostel that she operated from her Airbnb account, that she initially named the Hostile Hotel with rooms named after Ike Turner and Chris Brown and names like “wife beater bungalow”, “whore house” and “gang violence”. After reports of this circulated, she dropped the awful names but still continued to operate and profit from the area for 3 years until she got forcibly stopped by the Department Of Buildings for fire safety and crowding violations and dropped by Airbnb for her illegitimate business. Ms. Jones has since high-tailed it from the Rockaways, leaving some her tenants on the street and unable to retrieve their belongings.

(Although unrelated to these half-wits from the Great White North, there is bar in Ridgewood, Queens actually called the Bad Old Days run by 2 other dumb girls in their 30’s).

The uncanny resemblance between these 2 douchehags is that they are using the bad old days of their neighborhoods’ history, which still has consistent crime though marginally less than in the past, of misery, city neglect, poverty and blight to promote themselves and their businesses, the distinction being that Laura dropped the names right away after being exposed but still got enough attention to get bookings. Becca though is trying to be the Angela Davis of tone-deaf clueless, entitled hipster chicks by refusing to consider her neighbors reactions to her insulting display. And she left the community hearing defiantly declaring that the bullet holes will remain. Maybe she feels emboldened because of the proven city enabled gentrification creep of the area and thinks that all those protesting will be gone soon.

The thing is, if Becca is not careful, she might get new authentic additions to her aesthetic feature. Because a few days later 3 men were hit and wounded from a hail of gunfire inside a chicken wing joint around 7:30 p.m. just blocks from Summerhill. It turned out that a customer saw the shooter and tried to block the door on him to no avail and the gunman chased him into the kitchen and started firing aimlessly, wounding two employees there. To compound the awfulness of this incident, a woman running for city council has campaign office steps away from there. So far there is no statement from restaurant management that they will use the bullet holes from the gunfire inside to advertise their establishment on Instagram.

So Becca better stop being a repulsive douchehag and respect the feelings and frustrations of all those who were there before her and her patrons and the next wave of citizens that will arrive, which will also include a glut of homeless people with the opening of 2 new shelters to go with the bunch already there. It’s called co-existence, Becca, which you should heed considering the good fortune you have in opening up a business as an independent woman and a customer base that’s dumb enough to spend 10 bucks on a sandwich, 12 bucks on a drink and thousands to live in a closet. Besides, Becca, you already got the attention and money you wanted by relying on notoriety, so plaster those stupid ugly holes. Hell, if you want to really pay tribute to the town’s past, cover it with a poster of the greatest rapper to ever come from Brooklyn.

Until then, don’t whine about people protesting and hide behind the cops while talking trash (and what the fuck is wrong with that precinct, sending that many cops there?). You’re not funny and have no sense of what satire or parody is. Oh, and be very aware of your surroundings and considerate of your new neighbors.

Also in Crown Heights Becca, 3 men surrounded a 30-year-old woman behind a building and they all sexually molested her. See, even without bullets, crime is not funny.

In East Flatbush, human remains were found in a sewer under a hospital by construction workers.

Also in East Flatbush, a 16-year-old girl riding her bike got run over by a SUV in another hit-and-run.

On the 5 train arriving at the Beverly Road station in East Flatbush, a man jammed a knife into the leg of another passenger and ran off when it stopped at the station.

In Clinton Hill, a crazed passenger yelling at other passengers spat on and assaulted a bus driver after she tried to get him out.

In Canarsie, a gang of thieves held up a laundromat and later a bookstore, punching the clerk as he was closing the shop and robbing it of $11,500 of cash and lottery tickets.

In Bushwick, a man who got into a fight at an apartment an art gallery, died later resulting from a cracked skull.

In Cypress Hills, a man attacked and repeatedly slashed two men with a knife on the street at 6:10 p.m.

In DUMB(O), a man committed suicide and died jumping off the Manhattan Bridge and landing under it.

In the Brooklyn Courthouse in Downtown Brooklyn, a court cop sexually harassed a woman who was waiting for her boyfriend to post bail.

In Brownsville, 4 male teens sprayed  toxic liquid at employees and shoplifted boxes of toothpaste and air fresheners from a dollar store.

In Sheepshead Bay, a 6 year-old-boy ran into the street and got hit by a car.

In Bed-Stuy, a private garbage hauling company truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and collided into and destroyed 13 parked cars.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man punched a gay man in the face and broke his jaw when he was trying to break up a fight.

In Fort Hamilton, a woman died from a fire in her apartment.


Under the bridges on the Lower East Side, a man stabbed two people he was getting drunk with after an argument.

On the Upper East Side, a gang is wanted rushing into 3 athletic stores and robbing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Also in the Upper East Side, a woman speeding up Park Avenue in her sedan collided into an SUV ahead of her and wound up with critical injuries.

Again on the Upper East Side, a luxury building elevator fire injured 3 workers.

On the Upper West Side, a door on a church and synogogue was defaced with a swastika.

Also on the Upper West Side, a woman got killed falling from her window at an apartment building on West End Ave.

In East Harlem, a 13 year old boy got killed when he ran into the street and got hit by a SUV after running from a man chasing him who accused him of throwing a bottle at his vehicle.

In the park at Union Square at 3:30 a.m., a man got stabbed over an argument with others over a chess game.

Also in Union Square, on the stairs inside the train station, two women started fighting when they bumped into each other, leading to one of them pulling out a bottle and bashing it over her opponent’s head.

At the 2nd Avenue station platform in the East Village, a woman was pushed onto the tracks by a man who specifically told her he was going to push her.

Also in the East Village, a woman undressing herself with the window opened was being watched across the way by a man taking photos of her.

In Chelsea, a 21-year-old woman assaulted 2 workers at a pizzeria after they tried to kick her out for being a nuisance.

At Penn Station, 7 people smoking the disgusting and dangerous fake marijuana K-2 got sickened and sent to the hospital.

At the 51st station in Midtown, a man grabbed a woman’s ass as he walked out, and an elderly man who invited two slutty women to his room at the Loews Hotel was robbed by them of his $13,000 watch and $3,000 in cash.

Also in Midtown at 1:20 p.m., a tourist was held up for $50 when a man went up to him and threatened to cut his throat.

In Harlem, a BBQ party on the sidewalk ended abruptly when a police officer pour a gallon of water on the grill to douse the fire.

At the Canal St. station in Chinatown, a man attempted suicide jumping in front of an approaching 6 train

By the Statue Of Liberty around 10 p.m., a man committed suicide after jumping off the Staten Island Ferry.

At a luxury apartment building in Times Square, a man was attacked and mauled by a pit bull over a drug dispute (not with the dog, with some other guy) and the assumption that the victim was a robot.

At the Broadway-Lafayette station in Soho, a woman climbed the girders above the tracks in a attempt at suicide and was stopped by a concerned samaritan who talked her out of it.

In Inwood, a dead man’s body was floating by a waterfront restaurant on the Hudson River.

At the Port Authority bus terminal by Times Square, a homeless woman panhandling for change pulled out a 13 inch kitchen knife at a man who wouldn’t give her money and was threatening commuters throughout the station


In Mount Eden, a barber defending himself was shot at by 2 men who robbed the shop of cash and his jewelry.

In Eastchester, a woman lost control of her SUV and died when it smashed into parked cars.

In Morissania, a man got killed in a drive-by shooting at 2:00 a.m.

Also in Morrisania, a man, stalked then choked and molested a 74-year-old woman in an elevator

At a cemetery in Woodlawn, 6 caskets were removed from a mausoleum and placed in a row on the ground.

In University Heights, a man walking home was nearly killed when got hit by an errant bullet from four shots fired.

At the Monroe Houses in Soundview, a NYCHA inspector was threatened by a woman who demanded quicker service improvements. There will probably be more of these in the next few months.

In Norwood, a man shot himself in his car after a scuffle with a drug dealer initially  claimed a robber did it

On the 4 train line at the 149th street station in Mott Haven, a woman attempted suicide by jumping in front of an arriving train.


In Sunnyside, tenants are mortified when a man in a Donald Trump mask affixed stickers of the President Figurehead fascist sympathizer on the elevator.

In Jamaica, a man in drag tried to pull a hit on a group of men on the street and wound up getting shot himself and died from his wounds later at Jamaica Hospital.

Also in Jamaica, a man was shot at on the street in a drive-by from a black vehicle at 9:30 p.m.

In Pomonauk, a man confronted a girl with a knife demanding her cellphone then slashed her leg when she refused to give it up.

Queens Slashing Suspect

In Flushing, a masseur attacked his coworker over a stolen customer with a metal mug and punched him repeatedly.

In Richmond Hill, a homeless man was killed when he was dragged by a vehicle and then was assaulted by the driver and passenger that leveled his damaged body with kicks and punches.

In Woodside, a man accosted a woman on the street and claimed to have a gun and attempted to rape her.

In Astoria, a man robbed a citibank branch as it just opened it’s doors.

On the Clearview Expressway in Auburndale, a man ran out on the highway and got killed by a tractor-trailer.

On Rikers Island, 30 prisoners from various gangs had their sentences extended after continuing to brutalize and terrorize other inmates.

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty, Big Daddy Kane




New Bad Days 31: Street Hassles And Murders Caused By Presumptuous Dirty Looks And Personal And Parking Spaces, Bike Related Crime Rises Whether Stolen Or Used For Perpetrating, Crustie Derelicts Form A Homestead Under A Shed By A Church, Kids Today Engaging In Xenophobia, Grave Desecration And Flag Larceny, And Bullets Flying Through The Boroughs


In Greenpoint by McGorlrick Park, a married couple walking past a school were accosted by 2 men loitering on the steps who accused them of looking at them, then one of the men pounced and took out a knife, repeatedly stabbing the husband in the chest as he tried to defend himself by throwing his phone at him and punching his assailant in the face as his wife pleaded for the thug to stop. The husband, George Carroll died from his wounds hours later. The suspected killer and his accomplice fled in a black SUV and are at large. The couple recently moved to the town after living in Cypress Hills because it is thought Greenpoint is safer place to live.

In Georgetown, 4 men fighting over a parking spot escalated into a brawl and the stabbing of 2 men, one of them who died at the area hospital.

In Brownsville, a man stabbed his wife in her chest and tried to flee the crime scene with a friend.

In Williamsburg, a man showed up at a storefront church and started hitting the gate and yelling at a woman inside.

Also in Williamsburg, an off duty school crossing guard and her boyfriend were both arrested during a brawl in their apartment.

In Park Slope at 1:00 a.m., an autistic teenage girl was taken advantaged of by a man who noticed she was lost and took her to a park and sexually assaulted her.

In Ocean Hill, a 74-year-old man crossing the street at 5:20 a.m. was hit and critically injured by a vehicle heading into the intersection which had prior pedestrian related accidents.

In Bed Stuy, a retired C.O. got shot in the leg trying to prevent his gas station from being robbed by 2 armed men.

In Brownsville, 2 men standing on the corner at 6 a.m. were shot at 3 times by an unknown gunman.

Also in Brownsville, a one-year-old child with his mother and grandmother passing through and a 20-year-old man got shot by a hail of aimless gunfire.

In Crown Heights, two men were caught trying to steal mail from fishing letters with a glue bottle and string from a mailbox.

Also in Crown Heights at a homeless shelter, a man got slashed in the face passing by a fight between two other residents. A food delivery boy was knocked off his scooter, strangled and robbed by 2 other teenagers around 9:45 p.m.. A man was shot twice by an unknown gunman on the street at 10:20 p.m.

In Canarsie, a gunman shot 4 people at a house party at 3:00 a.m.

Also in Canarsie, a masked man shot at 2 other men on the street at 8:50 p.m.


In Downtown, An urban explorer idiot was arrested after he climbed a construction crane 71 feet high on a new building being constructed that is part of Mayor De Faustio’s  housing plan for 200,000 affordable 800,000 market rate apartments for qualified New Yorkers who live in the areas of them.

Also in Downtown at the Fulton Street Transit Hub, a station agent giving directions to commuters was sucker punched by a man. And two people had their tech merchandise stolen as they were in the bathroom when they left them unattended

Again in Downtown, a man riding his bike was hit from behind by a driver attempting to swerve into a another lane around another car, who then proceeded to flee the area in front of witnesses.

At the 34th street station in Herald Square, a man who stalked and threatened to rape a woman, followed and previously grabbed her from the Prospect Park station in Brooklyn and tried to grope her on the escalator only to fall down the steps when the woman bit him.

At the Canal Street station in Tribeca at 4:45 p.m, an argument on the stairs over a shove led to a man slashing another man with a pen knife.

In NoMad at 5:47 p.m., a man slashed another man repeatedly with a knife during a street fight.

Also in NoMad at another luxury apartment building, another construction worker died on the job as he fell down an elevator shaft.

In Inwood, a man driving an ATV on the sidewalks and streets, attacked and bit a cop on the arm who tried to stop him.

Also in Inwood, a famous rapper was recklessly driving and popping wheels on his dirt bike on Dyckman Ave.

In the Upper West Side, a speeding 18-wheel truck ran a red light, crashing into an SUV causing it to mount the sidewalk and collide into the entrance of a subway station, injuring 2 pedestrians.

In the East Village, a man in an SUV stalled in traffic was surrounded by 20 boys riding bicycles that started damaging his vehicle as one of them robbed his wallet from his console when he stepped out to confront them.

Also in the East Village, a man threw rocks at the windows of the top floor of an apartment building because they were displaying confederate flags, a few days after the white supremacy siege of Charlottesville in tribute to General Lee and the same day that Trump deemed the violence was the fault of both sides of the protests.

Days later, a stupid hipster transient showed up at the same building, went up the roof, climbed on the ledge and punched and broke one of the windows of the flag bearer’s apt., even though the window did not have a flag on it. Just to promote himself and his DJ gig on Instagram.

Again in the East Village, a church was vandalized with graffiti and shit by young crusty homeless people and their dirty huge dogs after the pastor and his wife prevented them from sleeping, lounging and shooting smack under a sidewalk shed by there by sprinkling bleach cleansing powder on the grounds.

At Central Park by Midtown, a tree uprooted and fell on a woman who was walking with her children, almost killing her but leaving her seriously injured. The tree was determined in good condition in November by the Central Park Conservancy, so they can focus on arranging bank and real estate advertising related events, outdoor movie nights in parks and out of their jurisdiction on a federal park and beach.


At Trump Tower in Midtown a few days after the White Power Siege Of Charlottesville, a man punched another man in the face in the midst of a protest in front of the building.

Also in Midtown, a fight between two food vendors over sidewalk space escalated when one of them pulled out a dull knife and stabbed the other.

In Hamilton Heights, a man demanding money from a deli worker smashed two bottles together and slashed him with them.

In Harlem, 2 teenage boys were shot at on the street by Malcolm X blvd. at 7 p.m.

In Chelsea, a woman riding her bike on 20th street rode around a double parked vehicle was chased seconds later by the driver who stopped beside her and call her a fucking bitch. Also in Chelsea at the Highline Ballroom, a man punched another man in the face.

At the Circle Line Cruise by the Hudson River in Hell’s Kitchen, a man attempted to punch a female ticket clerk in the face.

In East Harlem, a woman committed suicide from jumping out an apartment window.

In Tribeca, an 88-year-old woman crossing the street was hit by a truck.

In Soho, a cab driver was found dead in his car after 18 hours.


In University Heights, a woman was found dead and dismembered in a box inside a trash bag in a shopping cart by 2 men collecting cans and bottles during the day.

In Morrisania, a man was shot dead outside an apartment building following an argument.

At a mosque in Woodstock, a man who took refuge from being chased pulled out a knife inside and cut a gash into the head of a 6 year old boy as he fled from the people inside trying to chase him out.

At the Mitchell Houses in Mott Haven, a cop and a 61 year old woman were shot at from an unknown person with a BB gun.

Also in Mott Haven, a man accosted an 11 year old girl at St. Mary’s Park, asking to play with him and warning her that she ain’t going anywhere, grabbed her hand then threw her down to the ground and raped her.

On the D train, a couple of amorous deviants riding home from Yankee Stadium after the game engaged in some Risky Business and kept humping each other throughout the ride.


At the Simpson St. station in White Plains, a man killed himself riding between train cars.

In Melrose, a man shot another man to death who was just released from prison and was dating his ex-girlfriend.

A 26-year-old minister from the South Bronx, threatened to rape and kill City Council Speaker and Puerto Rican nationalist and Spanish language enthusiast Melissa Mark-Viverito and her kill her family and also threatening cops who are from the LGBT communities.

In Unionport, a man tried to set a 99-year-old woman’s house on fire by pouring gasoline on her lawn and fence and sparking it with a zippo lighter, burning down her rose bushes and fleeing.

Also in Unionport, a speeding livery cab driver killed himself smashing into the back of a tow truck on the Cross Island Expressway.

In Foxhurst, an argument between 2 men escalated when one of them got shot in the stomach.


In St. Albans, a woman was shot to death from a bullet to the head from aimless gunfire that came from two gangs shooting each other.

Also in St. Albans, an off duty cop committed suicide with his gun inside his house.

In Ridgewood at 7:20 p.m., 2 men armed with guns invaded an apartment and threaten to shoot a 7 year old boy so they can steal $1300 and a car.

In Elmhurst, a brawl outside a strip club led to the death of a man who got knocked down to the curb on his head.

In Astoria, a woman heading to her apartment building was mugged by a man who put her in chokehold, punched her in the face breaking several bones, and stole her purse.

Also in Astoria at a another apartment building, a man kicked down a door of a woman’s apt. and stole her television set.

Again in Astoria, a bike rider was hit and critically injured in an intersection by a car that drove off. The driver ditched the vehicle and ran away.

And again in Astoria at the Ditmars Blvd. station, a kook doing pull-ups on the turnstiles punched an elderly MTA worker who was trying to tell him to stop doing it.

Also in Long Island City, a Chase bank branch was robbed for the fourth time this year.

In Flushing Meadows on the Horace Harding Expressway, two drivers got out of their car to argue and one of them, an off duty correction officer, flashed a gun.

In Flushing, a woman who ordered an Uber car to drive her home to the East Village from a bar in Midtown, fell asleep passed out in the car then the driver took her to his apartment and allegedly raped her.

In Howard Beach, the publisher of free weekly paper “The Forum” was arrested for the continued harassment, malice and threats to a father of a woman who was sexually assaulted by a mobster that she owed gambling debts to.

At the Cypress Hills cemetery by Glendale, 3 teenagers trespassing on the grounds knocked over headstones and tagged ant-cop and racist graffiti on the graves of Chinese people.

In Long Island City, a man got assaulted and robbed of his wallet after he invited the thief to his hotel room.

In Woodside, a man exposed his little genitals to a woman then tried to drag her to construction site and rape her.

In Jackson Heights, a man broke into a church and stole musical instruments worth over 2 grand.

Staten Island

In West Brighton, 5 American flags hanging from house poles were stolen on a block by 3 kids.

In Port Richmond, 4 Black teenagers accosted and assaulted a 17 year old Mexican girl, after accusing her of looking at them and then cursing and yelling at her and friends to go back to Mexico.

Also in Port Richmond, a man held up a bank at 9 a.m. and robbed $600

In New Brighton, a man was shot in the hip from a barrage of gunfire by a playground at 1:00 p.m.

Also in New Brighton, a man was shot in the hip on the street at 1:00 a.m.

In Marines Harbor, a man was attacked with pipes and beaten in front of his house by 2 men who tried to steal his phone.





These Are Public Service Announcements: The DNC Gets Transparent/Exposed About The Pernicious Influence Of Predatory Big Money Donors And Lobbyists And The Continuing Omniscience, Omnipresence And Dominance Of And Reliance On Bullshit.

The DNC gets justifiably cranked here thanks to the intrepid satirists, The Yes Men. New man of thousand faces, Jacques Servin dons a spectacularly professorial fake beard and tears down the walls and opens up a vortex into the establishment of the monetarily wealthy and morally bankrupt members and elected officials of the neutered sold out Democrat party apparatus. Now the DNC, from D.C. to city councils, has to answer and fulfill the public’s demands for universal health care, fair wages concurrent for the current costs of living and the extraction of the influence of obscene big money donations to direct national, international and local policies.

Speaking of farce. The biggest of all is the unabated usage and influence of bullshit. Which is still a maladious plague on communication and presentation among the masses and most perniciously from people in positions of authority and power. Harry Frankfurt’s classic book, which can fit in your pocket just like the U.S. Constitution, continues to be unfortunately relevant and like 1984, might be more used as an instruction book to immoral, unscrupulous types than as a tome to avoid the trappings laid out in its pages and make society better and life easier for all.


Executive Verbal Carnage: Figurehead Trump’s Shit-Talking Reverberations, Defense Of White Exceptionalism, Supremacy And Paranoia, And Inducing The New Age Of Quarrel Figurehead opens his mouth, releasing his verbal diarrhea hot spring as his plutocabinet watches. The two to his left are Jewish.

Charlottesville, VA. and New York, N.Y., United States Of America

Welcome to the real summer of hell.

Fresh off Trump’s and Elaine Chao’s husband’s failure to pass the Expendable American Health Care Act and a month of idiotic nuclear sabre rattling with that tyrant Little Kim Jong Un of North Korea which fortunately turned out for naught, the nation on Monday saw what may be is now the self-disintegration, self-destruction and self-discrediting by the mouth of Donald J. Trump.

Most unfortunately, it had to come with the existence of emboldened bigots across the nation assembling at a town where it decided to take down a statue of General Robert E. Lee and the tragic deaths of 3 people.

A spontaneous organized rally showed up on Friday evening by a faction called “unite the right” that marched up the streets chanting fascist slogans historic, “blood and soil”, and current and paranoid, “they will not replace us”. They surrounded the statue of interest to them with aromatic mosquito repellent tiki torches and most chose to dress in khakis and polo shirts, which bore resemblance to Figurehead Trump’s every weekend since getting elected golfing attire. They were celebrating their non-oppressed moment by thrusting their right arm and extending all fingers and thumb toward the heavens.

During this free yet menacing assembly of Americans, groups of counter-protesters freely assembled by the square to confront UTR, at the time yelling white lives matter, reacted to their presence by surrounding and swinging their flaming tiki’s at them. For some reason, this clash of people and their beliefs did not warrant the attention of local police until it got physical. In fact, there was no presence of cops when the march was taking place, as is the usual protocol for unplanned and unpermitted protests or even permitted protests against war, gentrification, economic disparity, globalism and police brutality.

The following day on the official march, thousands of UTR participants showed up with flags of confederacy, white flags with black x’s on them and even a big ass swastika. Some of them were armed with guns and rifles because of Virginia’s preposterous open carry law. They even showed up with fucking homemade shields complete with emblems. These people, the alt-right as their de facto leader and spokesman Richard Spencer calls them, were more ready to rumble than to peacefully assemble. These men and women, racists and fascists all, with their symbols for all to see and slogans for all to hear.

Naturally, groups of outraged people showed up to challenge their march and ruse of preserving American History and promotion of divisive hatred and their desire for domination, a modern day 21st century version of the brown shirt marches of Nazi Germany and Birth Of A Nation documentary footage. Naturally, a majority of the these counter protesters were also brandishing weapons and shields. Naturally, this led to another clash between the disparate citizenry on the streets. Between the new and bold generation of Klansmen and Nazis and people who are not and who recognize coexistence and tolerance of all races and nationalities.

For some reason, police surveillance during the bigot parade and the burgeoning riot was low or practically non-existent. As there were orders for the police, dressed in full riot gear, to stand still by the mayor and the governor. Despite the widespread of occurrence of ordered and random violence happening from the start of the procession.

Hundreds of counter protesting people marching on the street were suddenly attacked by a speeding vehicle from behind, killing a woman, paralegal. Virginia resident and true believer Heather Heyer, and injuring 19 others. The killer, James Shields Jr., was a member of Vanguard America, one of many fascist splinter fringe groups, and was seen holding one of those stupid shields in a picture taken before the march. It looks like a lame racist homage to Game Of Thrones.

The killer is in the middle with the Hitler hairstyle and shades.

15 more were reported injured during the melee, and by a police precinct parking garage, a black man, Deandre Harris, was lynched and beaten with poles and had his head split open by this group of new wave white as snowflakes supremacist millenial fascists.

After this new American Travesty which included another act of domestic terrorism by a white person(s), mimicking the current tactics of ISIS and Al Queda with the use of vehicles to slaughter innocent and unsuspecting people, the President, Figurehead Trump, dutifully addressed the nation of this attack on the rights of the citizenry and society by condemning many groups there for bigotry.


Despite the tactics employed, brandishing of weapons and behavior displayed by the fascist groups and those of the opponent antifa, only one side was bigoted. One side only. And it was defiantly and proudly displayed and promoted by those new age fascist splinter groups. It’s one thing to defend the rights to express their beliefs, it’s another when it’s defending the divisive and dangerous causes they are espousing. One side was shouting slogans and wearing symbols from a former military enemies of this nation and the other side was defending this nation from them by denouncing it. And it’s ultimately obvious that the young white supremacists were looking to brawl with their antics and weapons, as they were advised to bring them by a likeminded blog called the Daily Stormer and conspired on their social media platforms to bring them.

It should be noted, that the only thing that induced this grotesque event is that for the past year, public assemblies throughout the nation has seen similar violence between the alt-right and antifa groups, with the police being ordered not to intervene. These are the many sides that have been the cause and effect and now the nadir of the chaos in Charlottesville. Trump may have meant that, but in his term he has not shown any way to articulate what he says or means. And clearly refuses to go into depth for the sake of brevity. Figurehead Trump has basically become a fleshed out manifestation of his Twitter feed.

Trump followed this idiotic many sides statement with a better fixed statement acknowledging the existence of the white supremacists and the gruesome death of Ms. Heyer (though not the lynching of Mr. Harris) and emphasized it with accusing the killer Shields of murder (that should fuck up any jury selection process and delay his court case, which can be considered doing a solid for the “blood and soil” crowd).

Not to be deterred from sounding or being wrong which comes natural, he came home to his flagship tower in Midtown during a press conference in his lobby, with 2 Jewish men and 1 Asian woman by his sides and doubled down, like a addict gambler at one his failed casinos, on his belief by pointing out the hatred on both sides of the march, insisting that good people were marching also for the statue of General Lee, somewhere obscured by all the flags of confederacy, swastikas and Klan, armored and armed idiots chanting racist slogans and beating the crap out of dissenters. Conflating the seditious acts of the Confederate generals with the founders of our country, a point also made by black nationalists and the Nation of Islam. Yelling and interrupting the journalists questions in a pathetic attempt to control the narrative, and still accusing some press members of being “fake news” and refusing to answer infrastructure questions he demanded of them, like “Do you think the General Lee statue should stay” and the hilarious “What makes you think you’ll get this infrastructure bill passed, you couldn’t get a health care bill passed”.

And to top his verbiage shit spraying, he gave a tone deaf plug to his winery in the state where this recent blight on American History has happened.

Figurehead Trump’s continued defense of the alt-right collective should be considered the only promise he kept during his volatile sideshow campaign, and the clear continuing influence and his dependence on his Cerberus dog of alt-right ideological mayhem; Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Chodaboy Steven “The Real Bald Asshole” Miller. (Editor’s note: Steve Bannon was removed and immediately went back to running his inflammatory fake news empire Breitbart, showing that he could have been leaking all that time from the White House to undermine congress and senate legislation and that he basically never, ever left divested from his media empire.)

As for his other promises, he reneged on his refusal to assign people from Goldman Sachs, he couldn’t explode or implode Obamacare, he can’t build the wall in Mexico and will not after all (where are these preppie fascists on this program?), and he has absolutely not divested from his business holdings as his earlier weekends at Mar-A-Lago and his alleged vacation on his course in Bedminster now show.

His promise that being a career “successful” businessman and “deal artist” he has not shown any of his so-called business genius acumen, for defending the racist/fascist marchers is toxic for business owners and 5 CEO’s have already bailed from his economic consortium, rightly fearing potential boycotts of their products and projects. So Trump proactively destroyed the forum to prevent the other executives from bailing out or making statements against his weak defense of the good people marching for beautiful statues obscured by the young rioting Nazis.

Most of all, the biggest promise he broke was his oath to office, even after swearing in on a double stuff stack of bibles, that he will do his job and defend the Constitution Of The United States to the best of his ability, officially bringing down standards and the significance of his position in just 200 days.

The status of Figurehead Trump is skewed to the point of no return. This is the most dangerous time in America right now. It is leading people, pundits and regular people, to demand his removal by any means necessary, which is irresponsible. It would be detrimental to this country letting the means of instant gratification to swiftly replace the president by fiat, which would be a victory for the deep state and the subtle disintegrating of a democratic electoral system. Let the wheels of justice churn naturally, remember there is still that obstruction of justice, foreign influence on the election and money laundering by the Trump organization being handled by the Mueller commission. Trump’s inevitable removal is going to take a while and requires patience by all those still outraged at his electoral victory and to the voters he betrayed. We don’t want to turn out like Egypt and certainly not Turkey. Or even Poland.

Until that day, the violence on both sides has to be stemmed. Which is a tall order considering the police are being commanded not to do anything. It is up to the alt-right, if they insist on their beliefs that they are being oppressed and erased, to express those opinions without weaponry and stupid torches and the anti-fa to do the same, going by their protests against right wing pundits speaking at colleges because both sides are being exploited while the big club of billionaires are still raking in the dough while the blood is flowing in the streets, with people burning cars and breaking windows (these protesters, on both sides, think these banks and chains give a shit that their windows get broken, they can easily replace them and still rob homeowners and underpay their employees). These people, especially the hipster Nazi militias, need to leave their guns and other blunt objects at home and respect all of the right to speak and assemble.

But this will be hard to accomplish, because Candidate Trump encouraged and enabled violent behavior during his campaign rallies, leading to beatdowns of protesters and reporters and the violence on the streets on his inauguration. And President Figurehead Trump still persists in extolling their exploits in the name of the constitution and country.

Donald Trump is not a man of sound mind or logic. Two wise men recently summed up and solidified the reason and justification why he is not fit to be president and serve the people and why impeachment, which is currently supported by 40% of people surveyed and proceedings are now being drawn up in the Senate.

The first is from retired NYPD Detective Graham Witherspoon, who reacted to Figurehead Trump’s proclamation and endorsement for police brutality and demand for the election of judges who would make decisions based on what the President believes in front of hundreds of applauding cops from Suffolk County from a few weeks ago. Which should have really brought as much condemnation and attention as the Charlottesville terror attack and city wide siege by white supremacist splinter groups.

I think that we assume that we should be shocked by some of the things we hear coming out of this man’s mouth, but we must say there is a level of consistency with regard to his deprivation of morals and ethics.

President Trump, we know from the Central Park Five case, very racist. He’s an old Democrat. He’s not a Republican. He’s an old Democrat. And for almost 200 years, it was the Democrats that were preventing people from exercising their civil and constitutional rights. So, I’m not surprised. It’s a shame that we are at the level that we’re at. We have dropped below ground level in the last six months.

This is—this is not a movie. This is reality. This is where we are. This man is sick. He’s a threat to the overall well-being to the country. His comments are treasonous. He’s speaking against the Constitution of the United States. He was sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to protect the people of this country. For him to say we want to pass laws, have courts run by individuals who think as he thinks, justice is out of the—would be out the window, if this were to ever happen. I don’t know when the Republican Party is going to stop politicking and start legislating and preserve the nation. This is where we are. It’s not about the politics. They can’t do politics anymore. And we have to demand it. The country has to be saved. This man is dangerous.

And the legendary Bill Moyers, whose plain-spoken and brilliant observation should be emblazoned on bumper stickers and billboards across the highways:

This man does not what we think to have, what we would normally call a soul, he has an open sore. He’s constantly at war with everyone and he degrades everything around him. He is the malevolent fury attempting to provide many of the practices and behaviors that we spent 250 years overcoming.

There you have it nation. Figurehead Trump is a malevolent furious open sore, a replicant oozing STD with no inhibitions. And think that he defended the marauding volatile racist and fascist groups as Bannon planned his departure a week before the Charlottesville siege by white power nationalists.

Trump’s infection and the white power groups terror activism has led to states and cities removing confederate statues immediately, via prompt decisions with overnight removals and vigilante destruction. Recently in the East Village in N.Y., a sick racist asshole of a man who draped his windows of his top floor apartment with confederate flags is now the subject of a media circus and has awaken the community around there to the meaning of them, leading one resident to throw rocks at his windows to persuade him to remove them and led building management to put a humongous tarp over it.

Figurehead Trump is now in the throes of rejection and the day of reckoning is coming sooner than he thinks. It’s time to disinfect this scab from the White House before he and his plutocabinet gets to work on the tax code, which will ruin the lives of any race, nationality, religious beliefs or non-religious beliefs in the middle class and working poor sectors, and that most definitely includes white people

Time for both sides of the House and Senate to rid the nation and stop the pandemic and it’s obese, stupid, hair weave wearing, orange complexioned host.




























New Bad Days XXX: Bike Banditry Wave Continues, Mayor’s Communication Aide Has His Cellphone Robbed, Brazen Store Robbers And Muggers Undeterred By Security Cams And Running Video Footage, A Little Girl Gets Boiled In Her Sleep By Her Rotten Friends, And Heroin O.D.’s Get Acknowledged


Manhattan (see above)

In Union Square and Gramercy Park, and earlier incidents on the Upper East Side and Midtown, a man on a bicycle has been robbing cabs by reaching into their windows of unsuspecting drivers, punching their faces and stealing cash from their hands.

On the E train at the Lexington Ave station in Midtown East, a Canadian tourist and a curious 10 year old girl were maced by a homeless man who was sitting on a beach chair as was a woman he was with, with an open cooler and a blanket inside the train car. The culprit attacked them after the little girl wondered aloud about the weird sighting and the stupid tourist took a picture of the derelict couple.

In Chelsea, a woman walking on the street at 3 in the morning was approached by a man who asked her name who then proceeded to beat the hell out of her by punching her in the head, knocking her to the pavement and then slamming her head on it after she tried to avoid the lowlife.

In the Upper West Side, a heroin and fentanyl drug ring run from an apartment was busted.

In Gramercy Park, an elderly mother and her elderly daughter were found dead in their apartment by contractors working renovations on the building.

In Midtown West, an elderly man stealing a pint of ice cream was tazered by cops called to the store after he threatened them with a knife.

Also in Midtown West, an 18 year old was slashed with a box cutter and robbed of his wallet and school I.D. by 3 men.

In between stops on the 1,2,3 lines between Christopher St. and West 14th st. in Greenwich Village, a dazed and confused or inebriated homeless man was found wandering then lying on the tracks at 8 a.m., which led to delays and rerouting of the lines including the 4,5,6.

At Penn Station, a man came out of car and threatened to kill any American he saw as he was holding a blue box.

In Chelsea, a 73-year-old man was killed crossing the street by a man with a suspended license driving a tractor-trailer truck with Indiana plates and registered in New Jersey that was delivering a shipment to the Whole Foods supermarket.

In Midtown East, a man who hooked with a woman at a swanky niteclub in Chelsea got robbed during his slumber of 42 large worth of watches and also $2500 in cash.

In Harlem, a man walking with a woman on the street was randomly attacked and slashed in the face.

In Lower Manhattan, there is bike theft crime wave, ranging from locks getting cut off to marauders pushing people off of them as they are riding, and despite being equipped with GPS tracking, even Citibikes are getting stolen.

At a Duane Reade Downtown, a man stole over a grand of medications, shove it in a backpack and ditched the merchandise before being confronted by police. And a biker had two laptops stolen under him from his front basket as he was fiddling with his GPS app.

In Soho, an elderly homeless man held up a bank for $500 and then picked up a garbage can, went back inside and threw it at the info desk and knocked over a stand. The robber was shoeless.

In Times Square, 4 surly desnudas snatched a cellphone from a person, took a picture and played salugi with it and demanding $20 from the owner for the photo.

In the Upper East Side, a man with 30 prior arrests, attempted to rob a church collection box for the poor with wires and tape.

Also in the Upper East Side on the FDR, a woman attempting suicide by jumping into the East River caused a 3 car pile up.

At the 59th street station in Midtown at 7 p.m., a 16-year-old boy was slashed in the face when he refused give his cellphone to his attacker.

On the viaduct road by the Helmsley Building at Grand Central, a truck parked on it went on fire.

In Washington Heights, a woman standing in front of a building fell into an 8 foot hole as the sidewalk broke and collapsed beneath her.

In the Lower East Side, 2 sisters turned the roof of their apartment building into a crop growing garden, luxury dining spot and puppy mill/dog park without permission from the building owners.

In Inwood, a dead body sporting a mohawk and an anarchy tattoo was found floating in the Hudson River.

At the Fulton Street Station in Downtown, an aide to Mayor de Blasio Faustio in the midst of his boss’s MTA reality show tour, had his cellphone robbed from his hands as the doors were about to close when he was standing by it (very poor and ultimately unwise subway etiquette). He proceeded to chase the two men who took it through the streets but lost them at Zucotti Park.


In Concourse Village, an 11 year old girl got scalded with a pot filled of boiling water poured onto her head by her friend, supposedly inspired by a lunatic challenge game.

In Soundview, 2 women were shot at in a spray of gunfire around 11 p.m., a mother with her child that tried to flee for safety got hit by a passing vehicle.

In Highbridge, 2 men were shot at on a street corner at 6 p.m., allegedly sparked by a man who says he was coerced by gangbangers who threatened his family.

In Morrisania, a man followed and molested a 14-year-old girl in an apartment building by grabbing her breasts and ran away.

In Concourse Village, a 12 year old girl was sexually assaulted by a man after he threatened her with a gun and forced her into an alley.

In Longwood, a man who attempted to mug a 77 year old man coming from a nearby bank, got a black eye when the victim fought back.

In Mott Haven, a man attempted to rob another man in an elevator with a knife and wound up getting his ass kicked when the victim defended himself.

In the South Bronx, a woman was nearly raped by a man who assaulted her and shoved her into her car at 8 a.m.

In Hunts Point, an unsupervised 8-year-old boy running in the street at night got hit by an SUV.

At the Bronx Latin School in the South Bronx, a 27-year-old female teacher was arrested for molesting and abusing a 12-year-old autistic boy.

At a Walgreens in White Plains, a woman leaving the restroom was attacked by a homeless man who tried to force her back inside and rape her, but was thwarted by the store manager who heard the victim scream.


In Williamsburg, where something like this was inevitable, a haute chain restaurant was robbed after hours by two men armed with guns who stole $3000 and locked an employee in the freezer.

Also in Williamsburg, which looks like it’s getting worse even though the L Canarsie tunnel has yet to shut down, a man walked into a bar with a boys and girls club rec center theme and robbed a purse from a woman.

Again in Williamsburg, where you can order a dish containing a meatballs for 9 dollars (a hero with the same amount costs 6 with bread) a bus driver had a strange liquid thrown at him at his window, and a man tried to jump to his watery grave off the Williamsburg Bridge.

In Bergen Beach, a woman became irate and threw hot coffee at a bus driver who told her it was out of service.

In Bay Ridge, a man stabbed a woman to death who was renting a room in his mother’s apartment after an argument.

In Coney Island and Gravesend, a man is suspected in five armed robberies and assaults on women.

In Cypress Hills, after a domestic disturbance call around 4 p.m., a mentally ill man shot at cops from his house, hitting and injuring an officer, then shot himself dead.

In Bed-Stuy, a dispute at a nightclub escalated when both men went outside to fight and then one of them got shot in the stomach.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a serial burglar is breaking into the cars and vans of construction contractors and stealing their power tools.

Again in Bed-Stuy, in spite of a deranged speculative real estate market ignoring lingering crime and persistent poverty, two masked men stuck up a bodega at gunpoint, somersaulted over the counter and robbed it of $1000.

In Crown Heights, a man robbed a 7-11 for money and candy by feigning to have a gun. A kid was knocked off his mountain bike by man who then stole it and his backpack. A man broke into and robbed a nail salon of $500. And a worker at Wendy’s got assaulted when a customer threw a tray at her.

Also in Crown Heights, two men with a third man acting as a lookout, robbed a deli with a gun and knife for $500.

Again in Crown Heights, a fire engulfed a building that killed a beloved 81-year-old woman and injured another tenant, reportedly caused by a faulty powerstrip. A day later, another building went on fire blocks away, killing one resident and injuring 4 others.

And again in Crown Heights, a man ran a underage brothel with a another scumbag and woman that had kidnapped teen girls inside the apartment where he lived with his mom and his sisters

Inside the Brooklyn Central Library by Grand Army Plaza, a woman using a computer was attacked by a man with a knife who stabbed her in the hand who thought she was tooclose to him.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man flashed a gun with his shirt over his head inside a fried chicken and robbed it of $500.

Also in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man stabbed another man in the back during a fight in a apartment building lobby. An 84-year-old man was jumped and robbed by 2 men of his cash, passport, phone, plane ticket and wallet. A man was shot with a Taser from behind by the Winthrop Street train station. An 18-year-old man was shot on the same street and a woman was held up and robbed of her carry-all bag in front of her building as she arrived home at 1 a.m..

In DUMBO, a woman riding her bike was hit by a NYCHA pickup truck making an illegal turn.

A dead body was found floating in the water by Red Hook.


In Richmond Hill, after a house party, a 17-year-old man and his girlfriend arranged a street fight on the social network with two other men and he repeatedly stabbed both of them.

At the JFK train station in Howard Beach, a sleeping man woke up and randomly stabbed another commuter in the face with a pen. The suspect was wearing a Housing Works t-shirt.

On the 7 train between stops in Jackson Heights, a mother breastfeeding her baby was accosted by a deviant who put his scaly hand up the little infant’s skirt.

In Elmhurst, a dispute outside a strip club escalated into a brawl, leading to a man being left dead on the pavement.

In Ridgewood, a woman was walking on her block when a man approached and started talking to her then force himself upon her and punched her and ripped off her shirt in a building vestibule then ran off when the fiend noticed another person witnessing his act.

On the Grand Central Parkway by Maspeth, a man was killed when he drove his SUV off the highway and slammed into the back of a truck parked on the shoulder of the exit, which is a popular though illegal rest spot for big rig drivers.

In Astoria around midnight a food vendor was attacked twice by a bigot throwing eggs at him with derogatory messages about Muslims.

In Jamaica, an elderly woman took out her shotgun and shot at a man and a vehicle that was parked on her block for weeks that was left by the NYPD.

In Far Rockaway, a homeless man was killed jogging across the street by a driver with a suspended license.

In Long Island City, a man snatched a chain off a neck of a teenage girl on the street.

In Forest Hills, a man rushing to cross the street was killed when a car hit him.

In Kew Gardens, a man was killed crossing the street by a minivan that was backing up.

Staten Island

A DNAinfo report shows that 13 residents of the borough died from heroin overdoses in a 3 week span. A SI Live report shows a total of 29 drug overdoses by adding 16 people that were saved.

In Rosebank, two people were pistol whipped and robbed during a home invasion robbery involving three armed men.

In Port Richmond, a drug dealer was shot dead by his customer in his basement apartment.

At the Richmond University Medical Center in West Brighton, a man set a mattress and sheets he was lying on on fire.

Don’t you know the crime rate is going up, up, up, up, up



Bawling Dirty Southeast Queens Councilman Ruben Wills Convicted

Ruby goes down in tears

Kew Gardens, Queens, N.Y.

Disgraced​ former​ ​Queens city councilman Ruben Wills cried like a baby as he was sentenced to two to six years in prison Thursday for looting public coffers​, pleading for leniency and maintaining his innocence to the end.

NY Post

What a crying shame. Ruby could have took his sentence in stride and come off with a sliver of dignity, but the guy is too much of a sniveling lout to do that. Also, he may have made his arrival to the big house more perilous with this cowardly display. Every corrupt and repeat offender knows that you have to look as tough as possible when you head to jail so you are not easy meat for the lifers in there. Take the classic Spike Lee movie “25th hour” for example, when Edward Norton’s character pleaded his buddy to beat his face in so he looked hard enough to avoid getting violated and pummeled when he shows up to jail.

Well, the big baby councilman just may have screwed himself over with his crocodile tear geyser. Not a surprise after almost a year of feigning injury and being tardy to avoid the hearings and slow down the judicial process, in effect robbing more money from taxpayers. It’s hysterical that Baby Ruby thought the judge was going to change his sentence with his sobbing even after throwing tantrums during the last hearings.

The Neoliberal Democrat Machine never did denounce him nor demand his resignation and had to wait for the judge and jury to do it for them. It makes it extremely hard to take their anointed candidate, Adrienne Adams, seriously or credibly, as well as the Machine itself, which despite of the antics and utter uselessness of Figurehead Trump and the disarray of the Neoconservative Republican Machine, they are still floundering trying to get constituents nationwide to trust and believe in them.

And being the history of incarcerated, ineffective, uninvolved and even under investigation elected officials of the dirty southeast of Queens, the Democrat party will continue to suffer and languish and will never topple the awfulness of the worst establishment Republican squatters of public office.

Anyway, what’s done is done and yet another difficult shitstain is scoured from the floors of city council until the next one comes in. Since the Republican party still refuses to nominate anyone with common sense, modern ideas and beliefs and even charisma to charm the citizenry, Ms. Adams will have no problem skating into office, but she will be compromised for the Machine put her there and will always remind her of that.

And bye bye Ruby for a while, and you better control the waterworks and your infamous temper. You’re not dealing with your equally corrupt peers anymore, or your ex-wife and kids or even female voters that you used to menacingly glare at. Justice has been served and you can move on with your life. So don’t worry baby Ruby, on the bright side, taxpayers are still funding your lifestyle.


The Gentrification Of A Beach And Federal Park Part II And III: It’s Failure And The Ludicrous New Effort

493The screen and seating areas. Pathetic.

Riis Park, Gateway National Park, Rockaway Beach, Queens, N.Y., U.S.A.

Here is part one

Rockaway Beach, the biggest beach in the greater N.Y. area and arguably the east coast, immortalized in song, and thanks to moneyed interests whom are persistent, oblivious and crass, ripe for picking.


There they go and went again. This is second year in a row that the Central Park Conservancy, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Rockaway Artists Alliance attempt to remake/remodel a beach for the bogus rationale of having a movie night in a park, a gimmick that has seen widespread popularity in the past few years in parks in this city and other major cities across the country. The reason for this alleged philanthropy is to bring vibrancy, diversity and revitalization to the beach, which was rocked by Hurricane Sandy 6 years ago wherein this particular spot was used as a landfill for all the debris and damage from the devastating fires of Breezy Point and the destruction of half of the original boardwalk eastward.

Riis Park, known as the “people’s beach”, designed by the notorious city planner, architect and segregator Robert Moses, is mostly visited by Blacks, Hispanics (ranging from various nations), even Russians and gay people (the gay community has a long history with this beach). It is still, as it always was, visited by millions of people of all races and nationalities. The need for diversity and vibrancy is in fact, moot and redundant.

Here was the turnout of their “film festival”, which consisted of one movie,”School Of Rock”.


Less than hundred people sat down on the dirty sand for 2 hours to watch a movie on what looks like a giant raft or the bottom severed off a bouncy castle, which are tied down with cables and looks a bit perilous. The audio was horrible because of the consistent gale force winds which should be expected since it’s by a town known as the aforementioned Breezy Point.

Meanwhile by the bazaar, the restaurant was shut down and all the attractions bailed out leaving the boardwalk bare except for a makeshift stand taking donations for the former mayor’s philanthropic organization who along with the brass at Gateway thought this was a smashing idea again. This time with lower turnout than last year.

This festival is happening in congruence with the daily beach bazaar going on by the parks toilets, which is being run by some perpetually failing event planners and promoters from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, after their original space shut down, were awarded a 3 year contract from the National Parks Service promoted by a semi-major local newsblog who are friends of theirs, to bring what one of the organizers claimed, to bring “Brooklyn” to Queens (not that condescending or insulting, but they are invading hipsters, and as the record shows, useful idiots for gentrification).

Although one concession stand did remain open and was just as vibrant, although in competition with the RAA, Bloomberg’s and the Central Park Conservancy’s second vain and sad attempt to revitalize the beach. And it was the beach bazaar’s star chef Whitley Aycock. While the movie was running, Mr. Aycock was blasting music from his stand and drowning out the audio from the movie as if the wind wasn’t enough. And continued to do so in spite of complaints from visitors and park management.

The following week at the bazaar, Whitty was blasting some music that was quite vulgar that offended passerby. When one person requested that he maybe should play something else, Whitty proceeded to pump up the volume out of spite, leading him to get ejected by the folks of Gateway and begrudgingly his Riis Park Bazaar admirers, for the rationale that it was a “family beach”.

Well, they should have thought of that before the folks they awarded that contract to who then decided to hire this guy to run his concession stand of overpriced and little pizza pies to begin with. Mr Aycock has been wreaking havoc for a few years running a joint with a hedge funder in Rockaway Park at the now shuttered Playland Inn.  After trying to run a conventional pizzeria, he started yelling at customers, mostly the area black kids from the neighborhood and changed his format to whole pies at upscale prices, and continued to be a cantankerous sore to his new clientele which had a pervasive influence on his equally surly and pompous staff. As time went on, and a few more hipster themed barstaurants opened up, Aycock became quite the habitual criminal. He grew pot inside his restaurant, which drew attention of the police station 2 blocks away, and tried to convince/fool two patrolmen that it was just herbs for his overpriced dining fare and wound up getting arrested. Reportedly, the staff and some customers came to his defense by actually getting physical and obscenely yelling at the cops as they were frogmarching his ass out the door. Imagine if that happened at a restaurant with Black or Spanish people.

Things continued to get worse, since being a flaming diarrhetic asshole does not make for good business acumen and his investors attempts at gentrification with their arty hotel did not get any patrons except for homeless people for a little while, his pizza place shut down, leaving him temporary no place to create his revolutionary pies. The day he closed, he left a message for the fine folks in the community who just couldn’t appreciate his talent nor his putrid existence by putting a paper plate telling the town to go fuck itself.

A few days later, Aycock showed up at his former digs with a forklift and was busted breaking and entering into his old restaurant trying to steal the oven by destroying the wall in the back of the building. Then he had the nerve to sue the proprietor by claiming ownership of the oven.

After this recidivist juvenile delinquent behavior, which would have landed anyone else in Rikers, he was approached by  Gateway and the Riis Park Beach bozos and was contracted to cook for the bazaar and open his new place, despite the fact that it was October and the event was supposed to end at the official end of summer. But Gateway decided to let it continue through the cold seasons and early spring with this menace working in their kitchen working aside a ridiculous craft beer and cocktail bar beside them. These creative types were basically given a place to hang out for almost a year despite making no business or money for the park and beach. A veritable tax payer funded social club.

The Riis Park Bazaar is a big colossal joke and a failure. It does get patrons, the dopes who wait on line for food that are quite ubiquitous in the now tony parts of Brooklyn but not enough to truly influence a massive dramatic change in scenery and demographics. And the performances they have there is barely audible because of, well the friggin’ wind makes the acoustics there lousy.

Mostly and historically, the majority of people that go to Riis bring their own food, beverages and entertainment. Mostly, nobody gives a damn about this bazaar, and are clearly not intimidated by it. And the set up of this is clearly seen as the obvious farce and ruse it is.

So much for bringing “Brooklyn” to Queens. Mostly, so much for a pathetic lame attempt bringing the gilded age, disposable income, frivolous spending, obnoxious, entitled hipster lifestyle to spread across the beach in the hopes of turning it into the Hamptons with a more convenient commute.

But apparently, the national parks service to privatize parkland and beaches is not over. Now there is a new and preposterously dumber and scarily more powerful invader. Starting today, Gateway now will like to present the new vibrant movement for superfluous revitalization-“Glamping”.

Yes, Fort Tilden, which for the past 3 years has been inundated with the preferable hipster demographic whose access to the beach as been aided by extended and shockingly consistent bus service from the gentrified nabes of Brooklyn and burgeoning gentrifying nabes in northwest Queens with the Q35 and now with the new ferries in an area. Not even disclosed by Gateway or even on the organizers bland website for the money pissing bargain of $200 or $250 dollars a night, you can rent a tent on the sand with encroaching and unpredictable tides and sleep in a queen size bed with rugs and furniture. Amenities include continental breakfast, campfires, use of bicycles, actual butler service and s’mores.

This is not only insane, no, this is only insane. And lookie here, some of these sponsors have actually done event work in the Hamptons.

I have a line for the existence and the mental malaise and utter willful insensitivity that inspires this creativity and that is “this is why Trump is president”. It takes some new significance considering that he dedicated his presidential salary to the national parks dept. which are dwarfed by the looming cuts in next year’s fiscal budget. Although to be fair, this glamping thing has apparently been going on for a while, even under Figurehead Obama. So chalk up another lame contribution and rotten asset from the former first black president.

While this is going on, how are they going to secure the grounds? Will extra security in the form of state police and park rangers be deployed there as personal security or will these event planning assholes have their own security contractors? Especially since the “guests” will be there all night. What about lifeguards, which are already understaffed throughout the Rockaways?

And of course, there is the major concern about the forces of nature. As mentioned before, this is the windiest part of the beach and the waters here are hazardous even during the day.

Being that it will be there for a month, who knows what will happen and what kind of environment it will be for other visitors to Fort Tilden or even east at Riis. But this concept is so ludicrous and so similar to criminal abomination of the Frye Festival that it’s destined to fail as well. But the fact that money and effort is being spent like this to change the outlook of a public beach is just horrendous, immature and spiteful.

I guess the natural gas pipeline that was dropped into the ocean a few years ago is not paying any dividends, for it was actually the only new infrastructure that was installed in the last few years. And the classic bathhouses and former diner and lodge on the Riis boardwalk has not got any buyers yet and is now basically a piss room for people waiting for the bus to arrive.

This is just another sign of the times. It’s the bastardization of doing something normal and routine like enjoying a day at the beach and trying to make a gross profit from it and trying to disenfranchise people of that vibe. There is really no need for these entrepreneurs or “creators” and “makers” as they lamely think of themselves. For they are not contributing anything to these locations and are forcing these lifestyles on people. Especially the motherfucking sponsors of terraglamping, one of many heinous portmanteaus foisted on this revolting zeitgeist from the sharing economy. These people continue to get rejected, mocked and reviled by the citizenry and they still persist.

The message can’t be more transparent, they need to get the fuck out for the good of society and humankind.

A Tale Of Two Brooklyn Park Houses: One Getting Renovated, The Other One Going Away Tennis House In Prospect Park
The Park House In Bensonhurst Park (Geoffery Croft photo)

Park Slope and Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, N.Y.

DNAinfo: 107-Year-Old Prospect Park Tennis House to Get $5.1 Million Makeover

The long-shuttered Prospect Park Tennis House is getting a $5.1 million facelift to revamp the dilapidated architectural gem. “It’s a much loved building that needs a lot of work,” said Christian Zimmerman, the vice president of capital and landscape management at the Prospect Park Alliance. “We would like it to be open to the public again, so the idea is to do a complete renovation.”

Today, the building is used as an office for park landscape management workers, and although run down, still maintains its architectural charms, including a vaulted ceiling, a colonnaded pavilion, and mosaic tile.

Borough President Eric Adams also kicked in $1 million from his office to restore the green’s Parkside Avenue perimeter, including reconstructing the sidewalk, new lighting, street furniture and planting new trees.

A Walk In The Park: City Closes “House of Horrors” Park House In Brooklyn

Apparently this is the city’s definition of “equality,” in the park system.A dangerous and decrepit park house in a Brooklyn park was finally closed by the city over the weekend after park employees complained and a media inquiry was made about the deplorable conditions,  NYC Park Advocates has learned.

On Friday a dead rat greeted visitors at the entrance to the men’s room where users are forced to pass under a severely eroded ceiling on their way into in a putrid smelling bathroom room where an abundance of flies await  as well as broken windows. On the outside rotten wood and nest make up the crumbling facade.

The charred remains of a fire were evident throughout the building.  A burnt and partially melted fire EXIT sign hangs on the inside above the building’s entrance.

 For years the city has been forcing its employees to work in  a rat invested, crumbling park house building in Bensonhurst Park located Cropsey Avenue and Bay Parkway. 

Its uncertain how many codes, safety and health violations exist in the building but apparently no one from the parks department management thought it was a concern. 

In the public “rec room,” rodent feces were everywhere. Two air conditioning units were mounted above window treatments stuffed with garbage.  

 The city’s initial response – the Park’s Department’s press office chastised a reporter for sending an inquiry at the end on a Friday.

The press office also represented that the section of the building where employees work out of was now was closed as multiple workers were seen entering the exiting the building.

“Its disgusting, It’s unbelievable,” said a park worker speaking on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution. 

“It’s a house of horrors in there, It’s scary,” another worker said. 

This is a interesting way of preserving parkland and green space in an era of hieghtened proactive environmental awareness, especially in a mostly progressive thinking and enlightened borough like Brooklyn. Especially since the borough, and in niche areas in the other boroughs, have seen the appearance of green spaces and plazas and rooftop gardens and farming.

So why the monetary concern and treatment and the abandonment of them for these two park houses? Yet again, it’s all about location. Prospect Park is surrounded by luxury towers completed and currently developed, overvalued speculative property rates and two way bike lanes, Bensonhurst Park is surrounded by Bensonhurst, a town that is populated with working class families and individuals that doesn’t seem to be on the real estate industry radar or even of interest of leisure and style sections of the elite newspapers and fashion magazines (and the citizenry there probably don’t give a shit not to be included in such focus features). Also apparently, not on the parks department or borough president Eric Adams radar either.

Bensonhurst Park is also not near any major subway stops. Or inundated with hipsters for now.

It’s not the least bit or even at all cynical why or where city tax dollars are going to the tennis house by Park Slope, second hometown of Mayor De Faustio, and the Bensonhurst Park house gets put to pasture after years of criminal neglect and turning into a rat litter box. To think that a facility meant for humans, the city and the park’s dept. let it devolve to an environment suitable for rodents. To think that park workers were subjected to do their job there and citizens had to use those toilets. Where is the supposed concern about the environment in southeast Brooklyn?

It’s a real insult to the citizens of Bensonhurst that visit the park and an massive insult to taxpayers in general to let a facility decay, and an utter colossal failure of the parks dept and city hall, the former doing absolutely nothing and blatantly ignoring the blight and the latter who can’t see beyond the giant towers and corporate sponsors hogging territory when they have events in public spaces and parks. So much effort goes into the promoting of parks to encourage the citizenry to enjoy these free spaces but all it is just shallow marketing. Especially now that the existence of parks has been reduced to jack up the market rental rate by the Gentrification Industrial Complex by describing them as another “amenity”.

Well, the powers that be of this city should be happy they have one less abomination to deal with. Why should they since they didn’t even spend a penny to equip Bensonhurst park with a shit shovel, cleaning supplies or even a broom.

This should be a signifying cause of alarm concerning any other parks under gradual dilapidation or ones under construction. Or even any program that’s suppose to better the lives of everyone in this unfair city.

New Bad Days 29: Rap Pioneer Stabs A Derelict To Death, A Luxury Hotel Gives It’s Poor Neighbors Unwanted Pornography, Bogus Ordering App Food Delivery Robbery Racket And The NYPD Ignores Then Detains A Reported Public Masturbator/Stalker After Persistent Citizen Complaints And Following Media Attention And Smacks Around A Citizen After A Stop And Frisk

M.C. Kidd Creole, defendant Nathaniel Glover


In Midtown East by Grand Central Station, a homeless man was stabbed twice in the chest and bled to death on the street after an altercation with legendary rap pioneer Nathanial Glover, widely known in music history as M.C. Kidd Creole of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five for their groundbreaking hits The Message, White Lines, Freedom, And New York New York. He is being charged with murder in the incident, reportedly motivated by an perceived and unwanted homosexual advancement, but all the victim allegedly did was greet him with a “what’s up”, and fleeing the scene of the crime and ditching his knife.

Kidd Creole was working as a security guard and maintenance man for an office building around 44th street and living in an SRO in the Bronx where he was detained by police, the borough where hip hop was created and a few blocks away where he started composing rhymes and rocking parties in the 70’s. His victim, John Jolly, is a mentally ill homeless man who once served time on a rape conviction. Both men were respected by their peers. Both men’s lives are turned upside down because of one bad moment on the streets of N.Y.

This is massive tragic outcome for an artist who was part of the last great cultural renaissance in NYC in the rap genre which also involved punk and disco music, art, films and theater (the recently passed Sam Shepard comes to mind in this category). The sad state of his condition and status must have had a deleterious effect on his psyche to react so violently to a man just greeting him. Literally fleshing out the chorus of his song “The Message”.

Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head

The song also shows that it is still relevant today, even though the urban blight and poverty is blanketed by the shadows of all the new towers that have been built over the past decade and glossed over by the bogus sheen of theme park style vibrancy. Which only sort of rationalizes Nathaniel’s need to possess a steak knife for protection. But “The Message” is slightly trumped by the prophecy of the chorus of their follow up single “New York New York”.

Too much, too many people, too much

This is the first time that a rapper’s songs became reality since the time when Slick Rick got involved in a shooting and a police car chase, resembling his hit “Children’s Story”. And the first time a rapper stabbed another man in public since Jay-Z. Rick served his time and still had a decent career afterwards and Jay Z, well he’s an icon, a billionaire I think, and married to Beyonce Knowles. Nathanial at this late stage will not be so fortunate. He will always have his legend, but his life is shattered after trying to cope with his comedown from fame and fortune and the overwhelming stress of the ubiquitous high economic costs of living in this city. As are hundreds thousands of others languishing in the same situation, like the murder victim who probably would have been safer at a hospital getting treated than languishing in a shelter and roaming the streets, if there were a fraction of the amount of hospitals as there are shelters or hotel/motel rooms.

Too much, too many people, too much.

In Times Square, where Disney characters and naked painted ladies have supplanted the pimps and whores of the 70’s and 80’s with their daily hustling of tourists amidst police indifference, a tourist from Utah assaulted and hospitalized a Long Island man with a suckerpunch and kicks.

Also in Times Square at the DoubleTree hotel, a girl was molested by a man with prior lewdness charges against him, as he rubbed his genitals up her back side while her family was not looking.

In Greenwich Village, 2 people were attacked and slashed in the face by the same gang of 4 men and a woman in consecutive robberies after midnight.

1a68f4ae015f4239a7bdddc8f9c19920 Police: 5 Wanted In Violent Greenwich Village Robberies

Also in Greenwich Village, a 74-year-old man coming home from a hospital was attacked from behind, beaten, stripped and robbed of $400 and credit cards in the vestibule after he entered his apartment.

At the Oculus inside the World Trade Center Downtown at noon, a man tried to commit suicide by jumping off a balcony 30 feet above the ground.

In Inwood, a dead body of woman who committed suicide was found in the Hudson River.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a woman robbed a man of $70,000 worth of baubles inside his luxury apartment after a one night stand.

In Yorkville, two taxi cabs collided into one another as one cab swerved and crashed into a restaurant, injuring 3 people including a 1-year-old boy.

Also in Yorkville, a woman was tricked by a man who offered to pay her cash for activating a citibike rode off and never returned it, leaving the responsibility and the costs of renting it to the victim.

Again in Yorkville, a man riding a bike snatched an iphone out of a woman’s hand and sped off.

On the Upper East Side, a couple of pricks tried to steal bikes by knocking down a street sign and clipping a chain off one in broad daylight.

In the Lower East Side, a luxury hotel recently opened directly across the street from a Section 8 program apartment building has seen a consistent spate of their patrons having sex in full view in front of their floor to ceiling windows to the annoyance and disgust of the residents of the real affordable housing building.


In Breezy Point, a woman in her 60’s was found dead floating in the ocean around 169th st.

In Long Island City, a man with a gun robbed a bank of 10 large.

In Sunnyside, a 10-year-old boy and a teenage girl acting as a lookout, attempted to steal teddy bears from a flower shop.

Also in Sunnyside on the 7 train, a shirtless blob of a man rubbed his genitals on a woman who happened to be an off-duty cop and ran out at the 40th street station.

In Astoria, a food delivery man was attacked by 3 men who placed him in a chokehold and robbed his cash and credit cards. The same group is suspected in 2 other recent muggings of food delivery workers in the past month.


At the Webster Houses in Claremont, a man was shot in the face and died later.

In Soundview, a cabdriver was accosted by a man who demanded the gold chain and medallion he was wearing, then shot him multiple times and another man who tried to intervene in the robbery.

On the 5 line between the East Tremont and Boston Rd. stations in West Farms, an 84-year-old man pulled out his penis and masturbated in full view of 3 children.

At a hotel in Melrose, federal agents busted a man possessing 40 pounds of Fentanyl, the substance used to dilute heroin and substitute painkillers for cheaper prices and maximize profits and to fulfill the high volume of addicts.

In Morris Heights, a heroin drug ring operated by millenials was busted inside an apartment building.

In Morris Park, a bus driver was assaulted by a commuter after he refused to give him a free ride after his route ended.

Staten Island

In Eltingville, a stupid fucking idiot was caught riding his motorcycle with a baby that wasn’t harnessed to him and without a license.

Also in Eltingville, a man overdosed twice in 12 hours in his car and at his home.

In South Shore, a man got caught stealing vacuum cleaners at a Target department store.

In Stapleton at 4:30 p.m., during a melee where a stabbing occurred, a man shot into a crowd of people on the street, wounding 3 people.

In Grasmere, a woman crossing the intersection got run over by a car and was dragged on the road as the driver sped away.

In Graniteville, a school counselor smacked around a child with epilepsy and tried to force him to stop crying.


In Coney Island, a massive brawl broke out by Luna Park around 11 p.m., lowlighted by 2 women beating the crap out of each other and a girl throwing a sucker punch and the injury of a female cop trying to stop the violence.

At a public school in Bed-Stuy who’s principal is Rudolph Giuliani’s cousin, a teacher smashed a 9-year-old girls face into a radiator.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man stabbed his neighbor to death after an argument stemming from the killer trying to seduce the victim’s wife.

In Greenpoint, a laundromat was robbed of $1,500 in coins and bills by a man who broke into and robbed a restaurant earlier.

In East Flatbush, a man acting erratically was shot down by police after he attacked them with a knife as they entered his mother’s apartment answering a 911 call.

In East New York, a man crossing the street was plowed by a driver in a Mercedes Benz who drove away and left him critically injured on the road.

At a homeless shelter in Bushwick run by the “Economic Development Men’s Shelter” (say that without chuckling and cringing at the same time), a bloody fight between two men led to one of them getting his finger bitten off and the other with head injuries after the fingerless man pummeled him.

Also in Bushwick, a woman uber driver was being harassed and stalked by a chronic public masturbator repeatedly tried in vain to inform the NYPD of him, only to be told it was a waste of time and blown off repeatedly over technicalities related to the decriminalizing of certain laws which suddenly include persistent public lewdness, and the lack of photos of the deviant offender which suddenly include persistent public lewdness.

 This man has exposed himself to Cecily Witcher twice.

When she got a picture of him, she was told she wasting her time and they need to be present when he’s making flippy floppy with his little trouser snake. The next day after public outcry and other citizens familiar with the jerkoff and the reporting of Gwynne Hogan of DNAinfo, the cops arrested the wanker by his home on a knife possession charge.

No such trepidation by the NYPD in Crown Heights a few days before this denial of civic service, when a uber vehicle was flagged down by a patrol car whose passenger was suspected in a robbery for almost matching the description of the color shirt he was wearing. During the stop and frisk (apparently this is still going on), 2 plainclothes officers got aggressive and one of them pull his hair and punched the accused man in the face.


After a chaotic street scene with concerned relatives of his, one of them a corrections officer, they put him in the car, drove him down the block then released him with a disorderly conduct charge. Fortunately for him, the new decriminalization laws, even for this bullshit charge, kept him from going to Rikers.

It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.

Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh.









Super Mario’s Son’s MARVELous Fund Hemorrhaging Tax Credit To Comic Book Empire

Image result for andrew cuomo superhero

NY Daily News: Netflix & Disney bring Marvel superheroes to New York City to film online shows

Gov. Cuomo and Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger will announce Wednesday that four different live-action series featuring Marvel comic superheroes will film in New York and be streamed on Netflix, sources said Tuesday night.

The four series will take “Netflix members deep into the gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen, New York,” an announcement last fall said. At the time, no filming location had been selected. Sources say Disney will benefit from New York’s lucrative $420 million annual film and television production tax credit program.

What the goddamn hell, Andy? The subway is in a state of emergency that you declared, which was universally assumed that it would get prioritized. There are thousands statewide addicted to opioids varying from illegally prescribed prescriptions and fentanyl-laced heroin aka 21st century crack. The amount of people homeless is at record breaking high levels not seen since the great depression and the photos of Jacob Riis from a close to a century ago, which is suffering from a chronic lack of available genuine affordable housing . The city’s infrastructure is collapsing from the weight of over/hyper development and overpopulation, the latter exacerbated by the overwhelming amount of tourism coming here.

And this is what you and your administration are busy vying the attention of and withholding millions of dollars for? For another tax credit for the dumbed down and frivolous spending entertainment industry?

What Disney and Netflix, billion dollar industries, don’t have enough money? What, the past 2 decades of prior filming welfare handouts weren’t sufficient? The only infrastructure this is going to create is the presence of space hogging trailers, food catering tents and cables enveloping the curbs. And more irritation for commuters and residents of the unnamed locations where these awful, childish programs will be filmed.

The city that never sleeps has now become, thanks to Cuomo and De Faustio’s even more irresponsible and power abusive rubber stamping filming permit office, the city that’s a free for all for celebrities and manufacturing entertainment defecations. This is a city where people who pay taxes have to live, commute, and work in, raise a family in, not a fucking goddamn borough spanning film studio. This isn’t Universal or Paramount. And most of all, there is no room in this town anymore for this bullshit.

There is no guarantee that these shows will do well, considering the costs of just 26 episodes for an online series, which relies a lot on binge watching and the oversaturation of these comic book films. It’s only a short matter of time when even the most dedicated of geeks will tire of it.

The governor and his cronies can brag that it brings billions of dollars to the city, but as I mentioned, what has 2 decades worth of tax credits to the entertainment industry accounted for? The worst fucking transit system in the universe and a never ending and rising homeless epidemic.

This governor has got to go. He has no concept of priorities at all and like when he ran HUD in the late 90’s (with de Blasio under him by the way), spends and reallocates money that doesn’t belong to him like an idiot asshole.

And he is doing this for a show with lame spinoff characters from Spiderman.