New Bad Days 41: Thanksgiving Greivings As Livery Driver Gets Thumb Cut Off Thwarting Violent Juvies, Juvies Get Off Cheap; A High-Ranked Officer Gets Assaulted In Rikers; A Grandmother Gets Murdered For Absolutely No Reason By A Repeatedly Released Mentally Ill Person; A Teenage Girl Gets Drugged And Gang Raped And A Glut Of Store Robberies And Home Invasions.

He knows when you are sleeping, when you are merry and when you are noisy. (Craig Ruttle/AP photo)


In Greenwich Village, two men with guns broke into a frozen yogurt shop as it was closing, pistol whipping two workers then rob it of $1,600 along with their iphones and wallets.

In the Financial District, a Bronx on-call drug ring selling coke, smack, and fentanyl to Wall Street residents and workers involved in real estate and advertising got busted for trafficking, driving a dealer attempting to escape the raid by jumping out a second story window.

In Soho, a block wide building scaffold shed collapsed by the busy intersection of Broadway and Prince St., injuring 5 people.

In Harlem, a woman set her apartment on fire when cops showed up responding to a emergency call of a mentally disturbed person.

Also in Harlem, during a police investigation by an apartment, a man came charging out waving knives in both hands and was subsequently shot in the leg after the officers demand to put the weapons down.

In Tribeca at the Chambers St. E line train station, a man flashed then stuck his scaly hand up a woman’s skirt and ran out when it arrived at the station.

At Columbia University in Morningside Heights, a man stole $13,000 of Apple computers in two burglary attempts.

In Midtown at the Grand Central Terminal, a woman was assaulted by a man when she refused to give him her phone.

In Kips Bay at the 33rd Street station, a man and woman attacked and slashed a commuter at 4:15 a.m.

In East Village, a fire went off under a sidewalk shed that has been a drug dealing haven and an encampment occupied by homeless junkies for months.

Also in the East Village, two scumbags stole a bike off a holiday decorated tree fencing by cutting it with a power tool.

Also in Greenwich Village at the 14th st. F line train station, a 19-year-old man made violent threats against cops present there and proclaimed that he was going to assassinate every cop at a NYPD precinct in Elmhurst.


In Fordham-Bedford, two male teenagers, one with a blade, got into a fight with a clerk inside a bodega and cut him during the scuffle. The two psychopaths then tried to escape in a livery cab but the driver refused to take them, so they attacked his three passengers slicing one of them and cut off his thumb when he tried to defend himself and his customers. The perpetrators got off on bail for $200, right on time for Thanksgiving. That’s a good way to keep the jail population low at Rikers so the electeds can dole out parcel permits for predatory developers to build their blade runner towers.

In Morrisania, a man was being bullied and harassed by three teenagers. As he tried to defend himself, one of the turds sucker punched him and knocked him down and his pussy friends returned to kick the victim when he’s down and defenseless and then stole what little money he had on him, which was 10 bucks.

At Concrete Plan Park in Foxhurst, a man attacked a woman walking there from behind knocking her out. When she came to, the letch was thrusting his body on her then bit her lip when she tried to defend herself.

In Middletown, three men invaded an 82-year-old man’s apartment feigning to be exterminators, grabbed his throat and robbed him of $3,600.

In Soundview, a 15-year-old girl getting high with five men in a basement got raped by two men while three were waiting for their turn. She also had her cellphone stolen.

In the South Bronx, a city bus started smoking and caught fire with passengers on it at 6:45 a.m.


On Rikers Island on Thanksgiving Day, a C.O. captain was attacked as a prisoner sucker-punched and repeatedly swung his fists and beat him to the floor and then was kicked by two other inmates. His fellow captains ran towards the door with the other prisoners when the attack began and continued.

In Hollis, two men, one pretending to purchase food and one that pulled out a gun, robbed a fried chicken restaurant of $1500 at 1 a.m.

Also in Hollis, a man pretending to make a delivery forced his way into another man’s house then his accomplice shot him in the leg when he got pushed back.

With video: Jamaica man shot in home invasion

In Bayside, a man and woman are involved in a string of store burglaries on the same block, stealing a total of $4,000 in cash, tools and pharmaceutical drugs.

Also in Bayside, an elderly couple’s home was invaded by 3 men, 2 brandishing guns, who tied them up and robbed them of 60 bucks and jewelry.

In Whitestone on Thanksgiving night, a man driving drunk hit then ran over a 71-year-old man crossing the street then abandoned his van and ran off but got busted when he tried to retrieve his vehicle.

In Ozone Park, a man was abducted by four men who repeatedly beat him in their car, then took his keys and tried to rob his apt, stole his wife’s purse, then left in bloodied on the street.

In Sunnyside, a man was beaten on the street by two men coming out of and SUV, one with a baseball bat after he stepped out of a restaurant and had an argument with them.

Also in Sunnyside, a man held up a Pizza Hut at gunpoint and robbed it of $3,200 by forcing the manager to open a safe inside.

In Richmond Hill, a man stabbed another man in the stomach while brawling during a basement party after drinking irish whiskey.

In St. Albans, a man went berserk and stabbed his sister’s boyfriend during an argument with her over who to invite over for Thanksgiving.

In Lindewood, 7 car thefts occurred in a span of a month.

In Jamaica Estates, a man tried to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts and wound up with squat after he tried to rob the tip jar and jumped over the counter to steal from the register while waving a knife.

In District 29 in the towns of Cambria Heights, Springfield Gardens and Hollis, 5 middle schools have statistically the highest amount of violence among students in the entire city.

At John Bowne High School in Flushing, a brawl involving 6 students sparked by two male teens fighting over a girl were found possessing guns.

Also in Flushing, a man ran up to a woman and grabbed her ass and ran into an apartment building to hide.

Again in Flushing, a teenage boy held up a man leaving his house at gunpoint and robbed his iphone. He is also wanted in another mugging on Halloween.

And again in Flushing, a police sting on a massage parlor frightened a prostitute to flee and jump out a window, killing herself.

In Jamaica, an 18-year-old man shot his kid brother while fighting over a video game and made a 14-year-old boy who was with them try to hide the gun.

In Astoria, a man was held at knifepoint by a mugger who forced him to go to two ATM’s on the street and withdraw money to give to him.

In Middle Village, a man tied his drug addict friend to his bed and forced medication on him against his will.


In Starrett City, a man and a woman were shot at 3 times inside an apartment building over a drug dispute. The male victim died.

In Sunset Park, a food delivery man was attacked by 2 men who tried to steal the food he was carrying, then slashed him with a machete and robbed $140 off him.

Also in Sunset Park, a 14-year-old boy was struck and killed by a speeding BMW as he was crossing against the light.

In East New York, an off-duty detective engaged in an argument with another person and flashed his state government-approved and permitted gun at him at a chain restaurant.

In Bushwick, a fight between two men in a check cashing place in the early afternoon escalated into one of them getting shot to death.

In Prospect Park South, two men, one with a knife, threatened two workers in a store and robbed it of $300

In Bed-Stuy, a man held up a 7-11 at gunpoint and robbed $150 from the register.

Also in Bed-Stuy,  an argument between two men inside a grocery store escalated when on man stabbed another man in the face with a screwdriver.

In Greenpoint, a man was caught masturbating in front of a coffee shop window ogling a female employee, then went through the back door and tried to rob money from the register.

In Canarsie, a man punched his wife in the face giving her a bloody lip during a domestic dispute. Cops showed up but did not arrest him because he is a diplomat.

In East Flatbush, a massive fire engulfed a commercial building destroying two auto repair businesses

In Bay Ridge, a man drove his car off the pier and killed himself.

In various incidents in Bensonhurst and Bath Beach, three men stealing books and bookbags while another man was playing basketball beat him up when the victim demanded his property back. A man stole $8,500 from a unlocked truck. A man burglarized an unlocked apartment of $2,000 worth of merchandise. And a man punched another man from behind and stole his backpack.

In Crown Heights at 2:40 p.m., a 15-year-old girl got caught in a crossfire between two men during a drive-by and avoided getting shot.

Also in Crown Heights, a gun running ring was busted inside a house during a raid involving the NYPD and the ATF.

In Brownsville, a man jumped out of an SUV and brutally beat up a man on the street by punching him repeatedly in the face.

In Williamsburg, a father and his 2-year-old daughter were attacked from behind by a man who sprayed some kind of fluid on them.

In incidents in Marine Park and Flatlands, a man broke a car window and stole i.d. cards from it, and a man loitering in a shopping center robbed a walkie talkie from a security guard.

Staten Island

In Randall Manor, a 63-year-old woman walking down the street just steps from her house during the afternoon was randomly attacked by a man who stabbed her repeatedly and killed her. The man had 34 prior arrests and a history of mental illness.

In Dongan Hills, two neighbors involved in argument over car damage engaged in a knife fight resulting in both of them getting stabbed.

In Arden Heights, a drug dealer awaiting sentencing for his involvement of his pregnant wife’s heroin overdose, nearly died the same way in his mother’s house.


Congeniality Court
Manhattan Criminal Court. This place looks fun, and by golly it will be.

Manhattan, New York

The N.Y. Daily News had a little news nugget on their Thanksgiving Day paper that got totally overlooked and virtually ignored. Even by the editors themselves for this story of craven wasteful city funding and bureaucratic absurdity is not even available on their website. Talk about manufacturing consent! (It’s on pressreader, which gives the feel of reading a file at a library).

This news item is so outrageous, comically surreal, and disturbing that I don’t know how the Post didn’t get it. Because if it did it surely would have been on Fox local and cable news. But it was on page 28 in the publishing purgatory between the letters to the editor and sports pages.


Written by Erin Durkin, highlighted, sprinkled with occasion profanities and emphasized by JQ LLC of Impunity City. Your City.

The City is trying to build kinder, friendly courtrooms.

At the Manhattan Criminal Court, judges are being urged to watch their language-avoiding legal jargon, calling people by their name rather than “the defendant” and greeting people when they enter.

Defendants will be surveyed on their experience in court – and get a $15.00 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for filling out the questionnaire.

“If a litigant feels they’re being treated with respect, they have an idea what’s going on…they’re more likely to perceive the process as fair.” said Adam Mansky of the Center for Court Innovation, which is working for on the program with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and Office of Court Administration. “They’re more likely to comply with their obligations, come back to court, pay their fine.”

The city is picking up the tab for the program, which totals fucking $800,000!

In meetings with judges, court officers and clerks, the groups will encourage courtroom personnel to introduce themselves, say good morning, and ask if everyone can hear what’s going on.  Judges are being urged to say that they assume the defendant is innocent and not refer to people as “defendants” or “bodies”, instead calling them by name.

The surveys will be given out to people leaving arraignment and other trial parts of court.

It asks people how confident they feel in police, prosecutors, judges, their defense attorney, and whether they think the criminal courts treat defendants with dignity and respect, according to a copy of the questionnaire.

The gift cards are being given out because research ethics boards frown on having people participate in research without compensation, Mansky said.

What we have going on here, is not something being reported in the Onion, but a real stupid expensive program and the latest de Faustio policy travesty to turn courtrooms into wellness experiences. Like as you would enter a discount department store or a blandly vibrant workspace office building.

Note that judges are being urged, which sounds hostile on its face for a thing that promotes tolerance and sensitivity, to implement these new standards because the word defendant, which what the accused actually are is somehow offensive.

Maybe the most pressing thing about this is who the fuck is this dink Mansky and what the hell is this Court Innovation Center and when was it made? This program sounds like something out of a dystopian cartoon. So there are going to monitors wandering around that big dark building making sure that judges abide by these milquetoast rules. How is this going to work? “Will Larry/Plaxico/Kim/Demi/Andre 3000 take the stand?” “How do you plea, Matt/Taylor/Meek/Judy/Bababooey?”. And the judges have to personalize the dead victims too? Like a random victim or rival of some gangbanger, a career mobster hitman’s trail of bodies or a bunch of serial killer’s victims? Really, with the latter the judge has to name all of them? Holy shitballs.

And it’s going to fleece the tax payers of 800 large. I wonder how much of that pile is going to dunkin donuts, which sounds like they are sponsoring this retarded program, and that’s pretty lousy and unhealthy comp. More sugary junk to fill their guts, like their lives don’t suck enough that the defendant raped or murdered somebody.

I wonder how many people are going to be monitors, because this sounds like the bulk of this cash is going to the monitors themselves in bloated six figure salaries. Which the city and said monitors will justify by holding meetings every day to indoctrinate this undignified, insulting, redundant, cordial human resources corporate bullshit. Telling those responsible for meting out justice, securing the areas and pushing buttons all day how to present and conduct themselves. This will go over swimmingly with the certain to be disgruntled personnel.

I can’t wait to see how these surveys will be conducted with uncooperative men and women on trial unsatisfied with their verdicts and conviction: “That fucking judge sucks” “That pig set me up” “He looked at me funny so I had to steal that guard’s gun” Fuck this survey shit, gimme that coupon anyway, I wanna an Frappe and a half dozen bow ties, motherfucker”

This program sets a new lower bar for the day mayor de Faustio mayoralty II: The Phantom Mandate; which includes the other asinine behavior and thought modification program, the offensive statue panel and the creation of the nightlife mayor. The court system probably does need some improvement, I don’t know what that actually is, but trying to turn it some swell time social function is unrealistic. But reality is also a offensive word to the Mayor and his happy fauxgressive dunce cult. This program with it’s made up bureaucracy is like if Mr. Rogers had a criminal courthouse in his Land Of Make Believe (at least that transit system worked efficiently)

If this doesn’t work out, or if it’s suddenly terminated because of the sheer stupidity of it, I foresee the next program will involve a new format. Probably theatrical song and dance with choreography. Knowing this stupid Mayor and his habit for squandering millions of dollars and his proclivity for starfucking, he will probably commission Lin-Manuel Miranda to oversee, conduct and choreograph it.

Here’s hoping this stupid fucking idiot is more frugal and give it to Reba McIntyre and Steven Bochco of Cop Rock infamy. He is well aware of impending federal cuts from his political yang to his yin Donald Trump as he likes to reminds us to divert attention from his current and inevitable policy failures.

It looks more fun already.




Update: Tronc did post this crazy story on the Daily News website on Nov. 22. It was easy to miss because it was published at the end of the workday and also wasn’t easily available with a google search by going by the paper headline, so apologies and kudos to them.

Another Update: Video footage has been found of “Court Innovator” Adam Mansky’s prior work at a high school 25 years ago.








ThanksForNothing, Jive Turkeys: Mayor de Blasio Breaks Promise To Remain In N.Y.C., To Sick And Poor Children And Small Businesses And NYPD Commissioner O’Neill Gives A Promotion And Raise To An Ignorant Rape Negating Police Chief. turkeys. Go hooray yourselves.

A couple of notable things happened, well a shitload concerning Mayor Mandate, in the short work week concerning some peculiarly fucked up choices de Faustio and the Grand Wazoo of the NYPD O’Neil made.

Starting with the top cop. He just promoted Captain Peter Rose of the 94th Pct. in Greenpoint which covers that town and the obnoxiously overvalued Williamsburg and the ludicrous hipster hyped and gentrifying pandemic invasion town of Bushwick, to Chief Deputy Inspector. This is the guy who has special distinctions and definitions of what being raped is. This guy, his rank elevated for his observant expertise, thinks and announced at a community board meeting that some rapes are better than other serious ones. Who thinks men who know or hook up with women and full on rape them has less severity than the standard deviant, or stranger, who randomly attacks and rapes a woman on the street or a dark alley. Which Inspector Pete refers to as “true stranger rapes”.

Look how in his redefining of rape that he still blames the victim by describing her as a stranger than the attacker who actually is one. Meaning the negative connotation usually to describe a stranger to kids. It sounds more bilious when it’s actually coming from his own face hole.

“If there’s a true stranger rape, a random guy picks up a stranger off the street, those are the troubling ones. That person has, like, no moral standards.”

Deputy Inspector Peter Rose. Don’t get raped by strangers, it’s better that you know or date your deviant attacker.

Impunity City here focused on this story way back in January in the first story focusing on the Marginal Victims Unit that has been unofficially sanctioned by the city and the NYPD, when the 94th released two men who dragged a woman into a Call-A-Head in the early evening and violated her and left her crying and injured on the street.

It was after this ghoulish incident that Deputy Inspector Rose gave his ignorant interpretation rapes to residents concerned of the massive in sexual assaults and molestations that his precinct has seen in the past 5 years. The majority of these lurid cases still remain unsolved. Except for the port-a-potty incident, that was clearly decided and was found to be somewhat solved. That one may have been an acquaintance rape than a stranger rape. Because stranger rape is so wrong and abominable. It makes one wonder if Harvey Weinstein or Charlie Rose are planning on getting luxury digs in Northeast Brooklyn, for those guys could thrive as serial acquaintance rapists there. Being that acquaintance rape is more moral in the Inspector Rose book on appropriate consenting sexual relations.

As for the rationale behind this promotion, O’Neil remarked about his stellar career which officially supersedes his dumbass comments and also the nationwide interest of sexual harassment and forced molestation in the industries of entertainment, news and political office committed by men in powerful positions and of legacy in their fields. You know, by acquaintances. The commish also noted his executive accomplishments, which can easily be inferred by the violated woman and anyone with common sense that this particular trait was being utilized to spin the seriousness of the criminal act thus lessening the charge and artificially bring down the crime stats.

The promotion of a guy with such lack of credibility and equally abominable views on the stranger rapes he thinks counts more as a bane on society is alarming and outright moronic.

But in actuality his promotion and even raise does make sense, considering the daily  gaslighting coming from City Hall and the combination of apathy, ennui and fear in the ether of the 5 boroughs. Even though he is more public relations stooge (or agent of the city) than a vaunted police detective.

Funny how he brings up moral standards when he marginalizes violent sexual assault. Now in his new position, who knows how he’ll interpret other serious crimes like, say, shootings, stabbings, robberies and police brutality. What if they fall into the acquaintance bin too, which could be Inspector Pete’s version of The Memory Hole.

But this should not be a surprise and the city’s citizens should be acclimated to this entrenched cronyism by now with the re-election of Mayor Mandate, Bill de Faustio. Although he ordered one of his 20 spokespersons not to condemn this foolish undeserved promotion but to defer and deny responsibility of it, even though the mayor is by city law the boss of the NYPD and under his direction.

Speaking of the Dope From Park Slope and Massachusetts, all of his false progressive policies are turning to shit and having immediate devastating impacts on the constituency as well as his promises, that weren’t worth the shit out his mouth to start with. Recall, if you bothered to see it, that Mayor de Faustio adamantly told Maurice DuBois that he will be totally committed to serve the city and his term once re-elected. I myself tend to take people literally especially with craven habitual liars like William and again he didn’t disappoint validating this site and the people who didn’t vote for him and who didn’t vote, as he has decided to make a tax-payer funded trip to Iowa next week so he can help the Democrat Party persuade voters there to embrace progressive values and ideas. Which he could have done the first time he went there last year if he and Hillary’s DNC gave the endorsement to Bernie Sanders.

Since winning back his job and decreeing a bogus mandate, and getting a symbolic reprieve as his bubby Jona Rechnitz’s pal and crooked jail union head Norman Seabrook case wound up in a mistrial, with this pointless trip he will have spent two weeks in the first month of his second term away from the city, blatantly going back on his word to stay local and foolishly pursuing national attention.

It’s best to let da mayor explain and justify his lies via the digital platform he used also to justify his use of taxpayer money to pay his lawyers and his non-admission of big money donors influencing his civic policies and public services:

The fights I will take on going forward will have a common element: They will be about protecting the interests of New York and New Yorkers.

That is equally true of another cause near and dear to my heart: rejuvenating the Democratic Party.

My view of how the Party needs t‎o change is deeply based on my ideological beliefs. But my view is fundamentally pragmatic: the Party, as currently organized, simply can’t win often enough and in the places it should. And that has huge ramifications for New York City.

And I for one will devote ample time to Democratic efforts to win back the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2018. But as recent elections in New Jersey, Washington State and Virginia have shown us, change can come rapidly in state capitals if Democratic voters are organized and mobilized.‎ Those changes, state by state, will ultimately have a profound impact on us here in New York City — most notably in the makeup of the next Congress. In New York State alone, estimates are that Democrats would pick up three to four more seats in the House if fair district lines were drawn. That can’t happen with a Republican-controlled State Senate in Albany.

Not only did he outright lie about his priority job one as Mayor of New York, he is obviously looking to go national and bail on the 5 borough.

So what 8% of the registered voters got instead of a devoted public servant is a guy who is a DNC fundraiser and establishment toady, shill and delusional candidate for national office. Which going by his CONY slush fund operation in city hall, is the only thing he is skilled at, soliciting money and promoting himself and the party. He is taking his mandate on the road with him and using it to boost his profile to people who are not interested in him or even trust him. This almost sounds like the role he played in his jaunt to Germany a day after a cop got shot and killed on the street in the Bronx.

There is not much info on Progress Iowa at all, but it’s clear that they have shitty judgement to invite this corrupt mayor of your city and make him the keynote speaker of their fundraiser.

It should not be perplexing why he’s going Iowa for what looks like a bogus self-flagellating liberal pizza party. It’s clear that selling himself as some sort of concocted national figure with a watered-down agenda has been his Plan B to escape from New York and a frustrated pissed-off constituency.

And it’s also a good way to avoid scrutiny from the press he defiantly loathes for a little while. For he is surely aware of the burgeoning scandal involving the NYCHA lead inspection deception, breaking a promise to a voter and angered mother whose son is going through debilitating mental development dwelling in their toxic home.

On the subject of the continuing poisoning of NYCHA apartments and the deliberate falsifying of inspections, that may have been de Faustio’s plan all along. As it looks now that he is micromanaging the projects and other civic services like Hillary took total control of the DNC to solidify her nomination.

Like what’s going on in Queens involving the two biggest transportation arteries on Cross Bay, Woodhaven and Queens Boulevards. The installation and activation of the Select Bus Service bus lane on Woodhaven Blvd. is now causing massive traffic congestion and the underutilized space hogging bike lanes on Queens Blvd are now becoming detrimental to businesses that rely on driving customers to patronize their stores, markets and restaurants, and trucks to deliver their products. SBS, the stupid bullshit service, is also having a similar effect suffocating businesses on Cross Bay Blvd. All in the name of Vision Zero with a touch of arbitrary finagling and social engineering resulting in economic and societal chaos.

And like the vindicktive move he pulled a few days before the holiday when the chief judge from the Criminal and Family courts nominated attorney Daniel Horowitz for am advisory panel seat, only to be shot down by Mayor Mandate because he sued him and his 501 (c) (4) Campaign For One New York when de Faustio refused a subpeona into the slush funds records regarding illicit lobbying from the loathsome agents of the city. This classless stunt is just as egregious and stupid as Trump’s sacking of Comey.

Although the promotion of the rape expert Rose was blithely announced by O’Neil, the way it was handled resembles the sleazy controlling style of de Faustio, despite his spokes minion denying his influence in the department under his purview and direction. His tainted fingers might be influencing the rigmarole involving Ramarley Graham’s mother trying to get records of two NYPD sergeants at the scene of her son’s shooting death by a overzealous cop, which involved an amateurishly sloppy cover-up of the incident.

This guy, this confirmed part-time mayor, full-time huckster and change double agent is going to trek to Iowa and extol about progressive values and suggest what candidates to back (To all those being groomed for office, when you see this doofus, run run away). This guy is going to rail against Figurehead Trump when he is just the neoliberal version. This guy is going to stand there and condemn the one percent while he still is subservient to his real estate titan donors that are dividing your city, causing an affordability crisis, wealth disparity and destroying small businesses and displacing thousands from their neighborhoods. These are the new fucking Trumps.

Let this be the true definition once and for all about this inveterate liar. This is what his fake mandate consists of. In fact he has been running on a demented mandate since day one.

And when he campaigned that this is your city, he was talking about himself. His city. And he’s got his phantom mandate to prove it.

Thanksgiving Props To The New York Times For Excellent Report On MTA And Government Incompetence And Financing Malfeasance

The New York Times put together a massive and thorough report on the historic and current wretched operations and financing of the Metropolitan Transit Authority the other day and it’s a motherfucker. It covers 20 plus years of bureaucratic bullshit, lousy management, circumventing state and city funding of the decrepit antiquated and as the paper actually stated, worst transit system in the world.

For this, tis the season, certainly everyone this holiday weekend who will have time to read this essential expose are very thankful. Especially here at Impunity City, for my infamous most popular and widely read vulgar manifesto on the worst fucking transit system in the universe, thanks to the old grey lady, has been professionally and officially validated and vindicated. It also shows that Mario’s son’s micromanaging style when he was at HUD resurfaced in prioritizing MTA projects and de Faustio’s derelict approach by deferring responsibilities for the transit system to the state even though the city runs and manages it. Job well done!

This gives renewed hope for the fourth estate, especially the Times. And also that there is an audience out there still yearning for solid reporting and factual information. This story was way overdue has the subway and bus lines have got worse and worse and might be worse now (I know, repetitive) than it was back in the, yes, bad old days when there was an actual excuse for it’s inefficiency because New York was broke in the 70’s. This article was super informative yet monstrously grim, and it’s only part one!

So thanks again. Also of course to Governor Cuomo and the MTA, for continuing to live up to your exceptional shitty standards and ineptitude with the recent train derailment running a new train worth 3/4 of a billion dollars from a Montreal manufacturer on it’s first hours of operation. And also going to the Great White North to hiring some dude from Toronto to take the tattered reins of this literal trainwreck as the new transit chief.


New Transit Chief Andy Byford. Sure, he looks happy now.

Good luck Transit Chief Andy B.. Try to fix this clusterfuck transit system to the best of your abilities before you bail in 9 months. Don’t expect any gratitude though, because commuters have had enough and now know everything on how the MTA runs and mostly doesn’t run. Fix the fucking subway.

Or else…






Shola Olayote: NYCHA’s Replicant Chief And Wolf In Fox Clothing in lying, and cultivating environmental hazard conditions and damaging child development.

New York, N.Y.

Shola Olatoye, the commissioner of NYCHA, the real affordable housing program, has been exposed of lying to the city and federal officials for the avoidance of mandatory lead testing in various project apartment buildings and the obfuscation of information about the status of the inspections.

In the last 3 years since appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio and optimistically promising accountability and better service for the 400,000 tenants of the buildings in an op-ed in the NY Daily News, she compromised the safety of them by being willfully deceitful along with her deputy staffers in a conspiracy of obfuscation and neglect.

And now it includes the recently re-elected mandate claiming mayor. For after initially acknowledging the damning D.O.I. report for the egregious behavior and his unwavering support for his appointed commissioner delivered through the mouth of one of his numerous spokespersons since he is currently on paid leave in Connecticut with his wife, his spokesperson cavalierly revealed that the mayor previously knew all along that Commissioner Shola and her NYCHA underlings avoided their responsibilities and lied to H.U.D. about their mandatory appointed duty to their tenants.

For with this vile discrepancy, Shola lied to the federal agency and was aided and abetted by the Mayor of New York City when she sent in a form which she notarized certifying that inspections went on as scheduled. Fostering and continuing decades of systemic futility of the federal, state and local government funded program to help the under-payed and unprivileged with safe secure homes.

More importantly, a vast majority of apartments remain dilapidated, in disrepair and toxic. In addition to the lead contaminated paint remaining and chipping off the walls, there are other perpetual problems of rodent and roach infestations, broken door buzzers, understaffed or lousy security personnel, broken elevators and smoke detectors, widespread growing mold, and strangers loitering in the halls, staircases and playgrounds, ranging from drug dealers to homeless and the other casualty of lousy, indifferent and fraudulent inspection reports, the perpetual leaking roofs.

This is not some forgetful bullshit that got bandied about during the Rivington House deed lifting and property plunder conspired by appointed officials and craven lobbyists and developer donors to the mayor. This shit happened with people already living in these wasting buildings and with the shitty conditions that come with it.

There are reasons for this quite obvious willful and criminal indifference once you consider the actual programs the supposed clueless commissioner and her amoral boss mayor were more concerned with. The Mayor and Shola’s offices made sure the proper repairs went down for 3 project buildings when a private real estate consortium took control of housing project for privatization, betraying the feigned promise Shola made to the public about these certain groups that private interest will go to fund all repairs all of the buildings.

And of course there is the ghoulish plan to bulldoze over a playground to build a taller luxury tower in front of the Holmes Houses for the benefit of a developer donor to Mayor de Faustio. This awful century lease was doled immediately after the mayor had his case dismissed for his  pay-to-play 501 (c) (4) he ran in his City Hall office, more commonly and notoriously known as the Campaign for One New York (Shhh!).

Shola Olatoye really comes off like the definitive corporate tool. A yes woman. Her delivery when she explains and describes these plans is robotic. She’s basically a replicant for the agency and the corporate interests. With the blatant, brazen way she lies and fraudulently signed about bogus inspections is reminiscent of that corrupt soulless murderous counselor Karen Crowder arranging to put a hit on a whistle-blower who discovered toxicity in a her employer corporation’s weed killer from the movie Michael Clayton.

Ultimately, she is the classic idiom of the fox in the hen house, or in this case houses. But more a shifty wolf in fox’s clothing.

This mendacious scandal also proves how the oft-described pragmatic yet immoral de Faustio is no different than any of the slumlords recently convicted, fined and put on Letitia James’ Hot 100 list since he has basically used the same tactics and the agency’s sordid history to keep NYCHA underfunded in contrast to his long bullshit plan to preserve affordable housing. He is also proving that he’s no different and a carbon copy neoliberal version of his reason for winning re-election, Donald Trump, by having his aides gaslight reporters with denials and considering firing the guy who’s investigating him.

And like Figurehead Trump, also for his continued contempt for and passive aggressive mild repression of the press corps. For the day after the breaking news of Commissioner Olatoye’s deception, she was spotted walking to a fancy restaurant with a uniformed NYPD officer by her side.

This picture might come back to haunt her because of her unconscionable, enabled egregious decision, the next time she gets an armed escort like this it will be two armed men or women in suits holding her arms with cuffs on her wrists. Because this stooge broke the law with her deception. Federal law. Because as law professor from Fordham U. noted about the legality of this:

Under federal law, a knowing and willful false statement to the government is a felony that carries up to five years prison.

Fordham University law professor Jim Cohen called Olatoye’s conduct “clearly a false statement within the meaning of the statute,” and put the odds at “better than 50-50” she’d face charges.

“This is sort of ready-made,” Cohen said of a potential case.

NY Post

While a glut of elected officials, by Public Advocate and in the near future mayor Letitia James and even some liberal and fauxgressive City Council people are demanding Shola to step the fuck down, the Mayor they all endorsed is standing behind her and supporting her still, and hilariously accusing outraged officials of political ambition (more odious Trump-like projection and hypocrisy) probably on the scant hope that his heinous good luck evading indictments will rub off on her.

Even if, this will not even be bittersweet, for the cost of the inevitable class action suit will be astronomical and will be added to the monstrous debt the NYCHA agency already accrued after almost a half-century of willful neglect and indifference from the organization’s administrative offices to city hall, the state house and naturally the federal government. And this will get even worse with that idiot savant Ben Carson running HUD and Trump’s daughter-in-law’s party planner running the east coast division of the housing dept.

Which will leave NYCHA truly vulnerable for privatization and to all involved in the Gentrification Industrial Complex. So if anything does get finally fixed or even marginally improved, and if there is more of effort to curb crime on the projects, the original and future lower income tenants will unable to reap the benefits of this long standing program and even the right to have a roof over your head if you have the economic means to make the rent. It will also probably mean a much longer wait than there already is now to get an apartment there. But with the encroaching and plundering budget plan on its way, there might not be any programs like section 8 or rent stabilization at all.

And there won’t be any help for the kids and adults poisoned from Olatoye’s and de Faustio’s brazen obfuscations.

This is not going to end well at all for the working poor and even the shrinking middle class. But if these two don’t get indicted for their illegal acts, it won’t end well for even society and justice for all. All at the bottom that is. Unless justice is finally meted out, if any still exists, and arrest warrants will be thrust upon this diabolical duo and her two recent aides forced to resign in a lame effort of optical reactive measures.













Good Riddance Pig

Charles Manson, 83, Killer, Murder Cult Leader And Cult Of Personality, Media Sensationalism Creation, Waste Of Life.

I wish I could rename that video above. Anyway, he’s dead. So this perpetual media obsession and the decades long worship interest from morbid imbeciles can rot away in the ground. Although it’s possible that the maggots will reject his body, damaged mind and evil soul.

New Bad Days 40: A Mental Hospital’s Lax Rules And Parsed Technicalities Lets Their Patients Run Around In Public Without Medication; Two Women Assaulted On The Trains By Raging Middle-Aged Homeless Men; Unprofessional Hockey Player Beats An Uber Driver With His Stick; A Pre-K School Student Died And Another Student Abandoned On The Street By Criminally Stupid Supervisors; And More Random Acts Of Molestation, Grudge Motivated Shootings And Stabbings It’s a free-for-all madhouse.


In Glen Oaks by the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center for the mentally ill, multiple reports by residents of assaults, aggressive panhandling and public urination and defecation and drug abuse by people coming from the hospital and wandering around the neighborhood this year. This is causing irritation and ire among the citizenry, because of the decriminalization of the laws concerning pissing and shitting (!!) in the streets, the cops can’t and won’t repress this display of lousy hygiene.

Non-profit groups contracted by the city tasked with the operation of the hospital have been neglectful and absent during community meetings with the NYPD and the OMH Security (Office of Mental Health) and have been uncooperative with all concerned because of HIPPA protections meant for patients that they exploit to shield themselves from transparency and accountability demanded of them. The hospital’s administration management has also been hamstrung and feeding denials about the lack of security and effects on the towns nearby.

Recent rules regarding patients allow them to roam free past the grounds and the hospital is being operated more like a homeless shelter than a place that’s supposed to cure or stem mental illness, thanks to Governor Andy Cuomo’s re-stipulating and re-definition of the facility as a place for “transitional housing” and it’s inpatients as “outpatients” and exacerbated by the slow process of funding to the city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation, leaving the center understaffed of doctors, nurses and probably security and with a low stock of medication, guaranteeing the further decay of the minds of the thousands of people and society as a whole in northeastern Queens.

So, more people have to suffer, which includes business owners, the residents and the mentally ill, because of this stupid petty feud between the arrogant neoliberal elected leaders of the state and city, Mario’s son and de Faustio.

In Rego Park, a man sneaked up behind and robbed an elderly woman in the lobby of an apartment building at 11:45 a.m.

Also in Rego Park, a man broke into another man’s apartment, threatened he had a gun, punched him and stole his laptop.

Again in Rego Park, a man stalked then provoked a cop to fight him who gave him a moving violation ticket earlier.

In South Richmond Hill, 2 men, one holding a gun, approached 2 other men at a gas station and robbed them of $800 at 3 in the morning.

Also in South Richmond Hill, a man died when he crashed his motorcycle on a median in a suspected vehicular accident.

In Jackson Heights, a man at a birthday party groped a young 6-year-old boy and forced him to give him a handjob in the room he rents to his parents. When he got caught in the disgusting act, the parents locked him inside and called the cops, then the deviant tried to escape going out the window on the fourth floor but killed himself when he landed on a fence.

In Howard Beach, a Park Ranger’s badge, I.D., handguffs and gun and ammunition were robbed when he found his car was broken into.

In Jamaica at the Royal Waste plant, a wall fell on 2 men hospitalizing both of them, days after a partial vacate order was placed by the Department of Buildings.

Also in Jamaica, a woman crashed her car into a house, injuring two kids aged 2 and 6 sitting in a room and tried to run away.

Again in Jamaica at P.S./I.S. 116, a scaffold collapsed as students were about to enter the building.

And again in Jamaica, two men robbed four businesses at gunpoint.

In South Jamaica, a man was stabbed to death in his kitchen by a man who he had been feuding with after they brawled through the house.

In Springfield Gardens and Bellerose, 2 shootings took place in 20 minutes resulting in the death of one and 3 wounded.

In Whitestone, a man and woman involved in a shooting by a bus stop were arrested for possessing an stolen gun and knives.

In Long Island City at the Queensboro Plaza station, a man caught jumping the turnstile by a female police officer shoved her to the ground when the train arrived when she was about to write him a ticket.

Also in Long Island City at the Court Square station, a man snatched a woman’s cellphone out of her hand on the platform and split.

In Elmhurst, a man was shot and killed on the street after being confronted by 3 men who inquired if he belong to a gang.

In Woodside, a man walked into a pizzeria at 11 p.m. with a gun and robbed it of $3,200.

Also in Woodside, a man sitting in his car was attacked by two men, one of them who beat him up with a cricket bat, and robbed him of $100.

Again in Woodside, a man attempting to rob a register tray in a laundromat was stopped by a 68-year-old man but still was able to steal 20 bucks.

In Sunnyside at the 52nd St/Lincoln Ave. station, a man stalked a woman on the staircase and grabbed her ass and then her breasts when she turned around to yell at him and then ran away.

In Jackson Heights, a man armed with a knife held up a bank at 4:15 p.m.

In Bayside, an elderly couple’s home was invaded at 7 p.m. by three armend men in masks who robbed them of their cash and jewelry

In Woodside, Ridgewood & Maspeth, a man riding a bike on the streets went up to various young girls and exposed his little prick at them in various incidents since May.

In Ridgewood, a man broke into an apartment to rob it but was thwarted by a panicked 9-year-old girl who screamed.

In Flushing, a man burglarized five businesses in a span of two weeks.

In Ozone Park at the Resorts World casino, a woman’s purse was robbed by 2 men while playing video games at the arcade at the gambling machine.

Also in Ozone Park, two cars collided in an intersection, instantly killing an 18-year-old driver.

In Corona, a man stalked and molested a 14-year-old girl by grabbing her in the crotch and kissing her mouth.

In Springfield Gardens, a car crashed into a bus injuring 16 people.


In Chelsea, a man driving for Uber standing his car in the crosswalk was provoked by a man wielding a hockey stick who tapped his car repeatedly. When the driver went out to confront him, the pedestrian whacked him in the head with his hockey stick, knocked him down and stomped on his chest as the driver laid on the street. After the incident the driver went back in his car and drove off, then passed out at the wheel and crashed into a median and died from his injuries.

In Union Square, a man standing in the crosswalk was hit by a driver in a SUV as it was turning. The driver kept going and the victim is now dead.

Also in Union Square, a woman is robbed two purses at different times at a chain coffee restaurant and at a posh hotel lobby in the Bowery.

Again in Union Square at the train station of the same name, a man grabbed a woman’s crotch on the subway platform.

And again in Union Square, a man pulled out a knife to break up a fight between two other men.

In Inwood at Fort Tyron Park, two teenage boys were attacked by a gang of men as they were leaving the park, one was stabbed 5 times all over his body and beaten with a blunt object and his friend was slashed twice in the face and neck. A few miles south in Washington Heights a man and woman were also attacked by a gang of men, the male victim was stabbed twice and beaten with a baseball bat.

Also in Inwood, a massive fire destroyed a row of seven shops

Again in Inwood, an apartment building went up in flames in a five alarm fire started on the roof that took 18 hours to put out, leaving 40 families homeless. The local news main focus on the devastation to the people disenfranchised by fire was if the tenants were going to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Sam Costanza, NY Daily News.

In the East Village, a group of homeless people sheltering under a scaffolding sicced their dog at people then vandalized a martial arts school with a can of paint after being told to move away from the premises.

Also in the East Village at the promenade by the FDR drive, a severed man’s leg washed up along the rocks by the East River.

Again in the East Village at the 2nd Avenue station, a man stalked a woman getting off the train and groped her.

And again in the East Village, a woman sneaked into an apartment building and robbed shipped packages left in the hallway for tenants.

In the Lower East Side, a homeless wheelchair bound man who was a loner alcoholic with a familiar presence was killed by a hit-and-run driver at 3:25 a.m.

Also in the Lower East Side, an Australian diplomat having a nightcap with his friends fell to his death from the 7th floor terrace after playing the trust game and couldn’t get a grip on his friends hand. The deceased moments earlier took his friends wife and span her around the perilous balcony frightening her.

Again in the Lower East Side, a woman riding a bike at night in the wrong direction was hit by a turning dump truck

In the Upper West Side, a man was attacked and stabbed in front of a deli.

Also in the Upper West Side at the 81st Station, an 17-year-old girl was molested by a man who exposed his little prick and tried to place it in her hand.

In Downtown at the Brooklyln Bridge/City Hall Station, a woman exiting the train had her iphone snatched by a cheery man on the platform.

Also in Downtown at the Wall St. Station, a couple in their 20’s robbed a phone off a 75-year-old man as he was slashed and stabbed by the woman.

In Harlem at a Pre-K school, a 3-year-old boy died from complications of a dairy allergy when a worker gave him a grilled cheese sandwich to eat, despite having documented information of his condition.  But don’t worry concerned parents, the Department of Education sent a letter of precaution three days after the preventable stupid incident.

Also in Harlem, 2 men were shot and wounded blocks from each other in broad daylight.

Again in Harlem, an employee at the Department Of Social Services was involved in a prostitution ring with her two pimp sons by paying the rent at the brothel and getting a cut of the proceeds.

And again in Harlem at a charter school, a man at a PTA meeting dropped his gun when he tried to tie hi son’s shoe.

At Central Park by the Upper East Side, a man was held up at gunpoint by two 15-year-old kids who robbed his wallet and cellphone.

In NoMad at the 33rd Street station, a bag with a pressure cooker was left behind in the station during rush hour, causing a three-hour delay. This looks like a rehearsal.

In Midtown, a woman stabbed her boyfriend in the bed they were in as he slept.

Also in Midtown at Saks, a woman attempting to buy luxurious products with stolen credit cards was caught possessing an loaded gun.

In Chelsea, a 76-year-old man entering his apartment building was followed by 2 men who proceeded to beat him down to the floor in an attempted robbery.

Also in Chelsea, a man leaving a niteclub with his friends went ballistic and vandalized everything in his path as he kicked a locked bike, threw a garbage can in the street, flipped over a dresser and ripped garbage bags on the sidewalk and attacked a police sergeant who demanded his I.D..


In Bensonhurst on the N train during the morning rush hour, a man sitting next to a woman started spreading his legs making her uncomfortable and irritated. When she yelled at him to stop crowding her, he bragged that he raped women like her and other expletives and then punched her in the mouth. An off-duty cop stepped in to protect her by demanding the vulgar giant shit to get off the train (he should have pulled the emergency brake and have cops wait at the next station).

The victim then tried to report the incident after being notified on her social media account by an NYPD lieutenant but got difficulties instead when she went to a station in the city where she was literally told not to bother and suggested going to the precinct in Brooklyn where she got assaulted even though it was on a moving train passing by the borough and got virtually blown off at the precinct there as they wouldn’t take her demand to press charges on her attacker. NYPD rules stipulate that all precincts must take victim’s complaints and reports no matter where the crime took place.

Fortunately, the giant shit got arrested. So there are some, though minute, qualities of having twitter/facebook being that the area precinct got lambasted and embarrassed for their lack of action. It is the opinion of this digital publication that the NYPD was being reticent and uncooperative with the woman just to manipulate crime stats to keep it low.

In Coney Island, a 17-year-old girl was shot and killed and her boyfriend was also shot in their apartment building over a money dispute with the assailant. The girl and her boyfriend was planning on leaving the borough.

Also in Coney Island, a 71-year-old women going to her car was approached by a man feigning to start a conversation then shoved her to the ground and stole her purse

In Greenpoint, a man walking on the street at 4 in the morning got surrounded by five men who then beat him and robbed him of his belongings.

Also in Greenpoint, a man got slashed in the face in a botched carjacking attempt.

In Williamsburg, a woman withdrawing cash from an ATM at 8:25 a.m. was attacked by a man who punched and shoved her and robbed her of $420.

Also in Williamsburg, a man stole a baby stroller worth 2 large out of building foyer.

In East New York, a dead body was buried in a backyard determined by a NYPD investigation to be there for five years.

In Bed-Stuy, a teenage boy menaced and robbed 3 bucks from a 9-year-old by pinning him against the wall while he was on his bike.

Also in Bed-Stuy, an 18-year-old college student was found dead in a courtyard of an apartment building with multiple bruisings and skull hemorrhage.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a synogogue roof went on fire by a man who had no skills to operate a blowtorch.

At the It Takes A Village Academy charter school in East Flatbush, a student repeatedly bullied at the start of the school year by a group of other students was gang-raped in a locker room and the principal and other officials responsible for the safety of the kids did not call the cops. Four other students also complained of similar molestation incidents.

In Fort Greene, a driver who blew a red light refused to pull over for cops then sped down the street smashing into 2 vehicles and then crashed into a bus. The driver ditched his bleeding passenger and ran off.

In Dyker Heights, an apartment building fire that killed 2 and injured 7 people was started by a woman who was frustrated of overflowing garbage piling up. So she lit in on fire, then kicked the can over, unaware of the gasoline lying on the ground beside it.

In Sunset Park then in Bay Ridge, a 65-year-old man whose car got wrecked in a parking lot by another driver in a van that tried to flee the crash got dragged on the street and run over by the van driver when he tried to confront him and died from his injuries.

Also in Sunset Park, a man with a hammer smashed the windows, broke a doorknob and a security camera at an Islamic Center. Another one got vandalized the same way a half hour later.

In Kensington on the G train at the Church Ave. station, an MTA worker dragged then kicked a passenger who was sleeping on the train

In Bensonhurst, a van veered off the street and crashed into a medical supply store.

Also in Bensohhurst at 2:50 a.m., a man attacked a woman and tried to rape her on the street but she bit him on his filthy hand and he ran off like a bitch.

At City Line Park in East New York, a 17-year-old boy was attacked from behind by 3 men who slashed him in the hand, beat him to the ground and stole his cash and cellphone.

In Cypress Hills at the Bless Sacrament Church, a man knocked over a statue of St. Francis

Also in Cypress Hills on the J train, two robberies of women and their headphones and earbuds took place at two stations.

Again in Cypress Hills, a man lifted two power generators from a construction site at 1 p.m.

In Bushwick, a man snatched a purse from a woman in front of a store and ran away.

In Bushwick and Bed-Stuy also on the J line, a man mugged 3 women and 1 man at the Kosciusko and Myrtle Ave. stations for their chains and iphones.

In Flatbush, a man struck another man with a bottle of hooch after an argument they had on the train.

In Dumb-o, a worker at a pretentious eatery bragged about her manager being racist against Black people to her customers.

In Midwood, a man molested a woman and a teenage girl as he got off the B9 bus.

In Brownsville, two men in a Mercedes Benz picked up a guy on the street and offered him a ride home then showed him a badge and held him up with a gun and robbed him of $600.

In Prospect Park/Lefferts Gardens at the Prospect Park South station, a man attempting to pay with a student metrocard got caught by the cops and was discovered to be possessing a loaded gun and 8 rounds. He claimed he didn’t know where the gun came from and the card belonged to his girlfriend. He is 24 and the card is only to be used by students from grades 7-12.

In Dyker Heights at the St. Bernadette Catholic Academy, a man entered the school without permission and was photographing students and then ran away.

In the towns of Mill Basin, Marine Park, Flatlands and Bergen Beach, there were multiple incidents of shoplifting, stolen card purchasing, breaking and entering into cars and purse snatching.

In Gravesend at the Kings Highway station, a man who refused to give another man his bicycle that demanded it got punched in the face by the culprit. Various incidents involving home and car break-in robberies also happened in the Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest and Manhattan Beach areas.

In Sheepshead Bay, a drive-by shooting occurred after an argument between two gangs at a lame chain bar and restaurant.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a woman discovered a stranger in her apartment who claimed that the building super let him in and realized that he stole $500 and merchandise.

In Park Slope, a family of three ganged up and beat on a woman in a restaurant.


In Hunts Point on the 6 line of train station of the same name, a violent drunk man threatened a mother of three kids with a bottle then followed her off the train and attacked and assaulted her on the platform by punching her, pulling her hair and throwing her on a bench. He was then was subdued and had his ass kicked by samaritans as police officers showed up waiting to arrest the psychotic lowlife. The bum then attacked the cops and resisted arrest.

Incredible. Allison Papson of Bronx Local News 12.

In Foxhurst, a man was robbed of 190 grand he was carrying in a bag for his restaurant by two men who were waiting for him in the stairwell.

Also in Foxhurst, a two-family house went on fire at 2 a.m.

In Norwood, a man robbed 8 women of their purses in the span of a month in a 10 block radius.

In Longwood, an 84-year-old man entering his apartment building at 9:30 a.m. was pushed to the ground by a man who then robbed him of $25

In Tremont at the Hughes Houses, a mentally ill man stabbed two guards with a steak knife and was later shot to death by the cops who repeatedly told him to put down the weapon.

In Woodstock at the Prospect Ave. Station, a homeless man was attacked by two men and a woman loitering by the turnstiles when he went through the gate to avoid them. One of the men punched the victim from behind and tried to push him down the stairs.

In Morris Park at P.S. 83, a 5-year-old autistic boy previously on a school bus without the mother’s consent was found on the street by a cute Samaritan a mile away from the school. Check out the amateurish gaslighting at and utter contempt for the reporter shown by the asshole principal tasked with being accountable for the child’s safety. You would think he was working for Figurehead Trump or Mayor “mandate” de Faustio:

In Belmont, a police sergeant responding to a shooting got hit by car leaving a parking lot.

In Eastchester, a woman got killed trying to cross a highway interstate ramp

Staten Island

In Graniteville, a man overdosed on heroin and fentanyl and died in his house where another OD death happened in the past year.

In Midland Beach, a drunk driver drove into a construction site on the street and fell in a ditch.

In Stapleton, a girl got shot in the leg when she was awoken by domestic dispute in a neighboring apartment.

In South Shore, a woman was found driving drunk after fleeing from the cops and hopping the sidewalk, flipping her car a few times and crashing into a house.

In Oakwood Heights, a husband and wife both overdosed on heroin in their home. The woman OD’d when she ingested the dope when the cops arrived to revive her husband.

In West Brighton, a man with a child’s backpack groped a girl on a city bus.

In Concord at P.S. 48, a teacher’s aide smacked an autistic child on the hand and back.


The BQX Trolley Car Is Here, So This Line Is Getting Built Regardless


Brooklyn, New York

A day after the same newspaper reported that the ground transit line was going absolutely nowhere, this thing arrived from France.

Despite an outright vehement rejection from the communities of Queens and Brooklyn, civic and economic experts, and frustrated drivers on the streets where this thing will pass through, this thing and the low-ball estimate 2.5 billion dollar plan that will fuck up these areas for the next half decade or maybe more is obviously being greenlighted no matter what. This must be part of the mandate the mayor was talking about.

This thing is happening even though there was a short film that thoroughly pointed out the negative ramifications on the citizenry and businesses, and stupidity of this unnecessary service, which can be less costly supplanted by providing more buses and more cops to direct traffic at the busiest intersections.


Even though the stupid mayor with his stupid feud with Cuomo and Albany will not get this support or funding, stemming surely from the city and state rescue plan the Day Mayor doesn’t want to be involved with. Mostly this stupid collective of minstrels, these friends of the BQX, doing the bidding of predatory developers that want this pretty joyride are not going to stop pushing this because they wasted so much money promoting it and so much money buying city hall to get it on the E.D.C.’s agenda.

This is getting built no matter what. This is getting built at the expense of the daily deteriorating service and infrastructure of the transit system, including the city buses. This is getting built without any projections on how the trolley is going to run or even the effect on the environment of the towns, roads and even highways that the next 5 years or more of construction it’s going to cause. This is being built despite it being on flood zones because of rising sea levels caused by the continuing extreme effects of climate change (I thought these progressive folk where believers of this topic). And there will probably take a new bridge to build also or modernization of the Pulaski Bridge, for this line traverses a creek on the border of the boroughs.

This is being built because real estate owns this city and they own the fauxgressive mayor and city council. Thanks to de Faustio and the apathy, cynicism, ignorance and fear from the voting public.

This shit is being built regardless of what you want, don’t want and what you think. This will probably be officially announced without notice like the city does with homeless shelters or even a four month public art installation.

This thing is nothing but another marketing toy for the Gentrification Industrial Complex. Including the lame ferry and road shrinking bike lanes.

Hopefully, and there is a scant amount of hope these days, this will get struck down hard because of the aforementioned rejection by the areas’ residency and of course by the vindictive governor, which strange enough both happen to be right in this. Unfortunately more money, millions of it, is going to pissed away studying this as it was last year in addition of doing outreach and advertising in free borough weekly papers.

It doesn’t mean that the frugal citizenry concerned have to stop condemning it though. Even though this boondoggle couldn’t be nipped at the bud, there is still the power of words to stop this bullshit from happening.

And even video snippets to convey the general sentiment about that trolley lying in wait at the Brooklyn Navy Yard:

Fuck the BQX. Fix the fucking subway and improve bus service NOW!


The board chairwoman of the Friends of the BQX (and the enemies of the citizenry and efficient transit) is Jessica Schumer, daughter of hack Senate Minority Leader (and minor person) N.Y. Senator Chuck Schumer.

Another update:

The planners, friends, or whatever the fuck they are have cut the route in half and will no longer go to Sunset Park. Looks like the Gentrification Industrial Complex no longer sees any crass affordable luxury tower overdevelopment potential for the working class area.




Mandate My Ass, Mayor Bill couldn’t have expressed his delusions better myself. Hmm, yeah I could.

Just a few days after winning the election with the record low 8.5% of votes by around 700,000  out of 5,000,000 registered voters, Day Mayor Bill de Blasio decreed that he now has an official mandate to pass his bland fauxgressive neoliberal policies. He is so sure of this and himself that he petulantly repeated it 12 times to the press circle.

Of course he would say this, for shit-talking is the default standard for public speaking in these dark days of politics and money this young century.

Go, on Billy:

“Guys, an election’s an election. People decide if they want to participate,” he said.

“You can go back through every election in history and parse it and question it and relitigate (??) it, but we have one unified system . . . So this is a clear, strong mandate.”

N.Y. Post

“I don’t know what your definition of an election is, but my definition is that people decide to participate and whoever gets the most votes wins, and if you have a two-thirds margin, that is a clear, strong mandate, and that came from everyone that participated. I think it’s unquestionably a clear mandate,” he said in a City Hall press conference. 


I guess he and maybe his cult of 300 city aides are looking at the wide percentage margin of the total vote instead of the 80% who didn’t bother to show up on Tuesday and the 70,000 less votes he got this time around.

Politico had a good analysis regarding de Faustio’s pathetic bragging citing a few books on the topic:

Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels show in their book “Democracy for Realists” that voters mostly choose parties and candidates on the basis of social identities and partisan loyalties, not political issues.

“Voters, even the most informed voters, typically make choices not on the basis of policy preferences or ideology, but on the basis of who they are — their social identities,” they write.

Julia Azari, a professor of political science at Marquette University, found in her book “Delivering the People’s Message” that presidents talk more about mandates either when their presidency is lacking legitimacy or when they are pushing at the boundaries of their authority.

“It’s a defensive strategy for politicians who feel like they are not legitimate, or under threat or flailing in some form or fashion,” Azari said in an interview.

She said that claims of a mandate are really about what the politician needs, as opposed to what the election was really about.

Which brings up the fact and the hubristic boasting by the day mayor about how Donald Trump played a massive factor in his small victory:

Hizzoner gave credit for the win to his message — but also to President Trump, who he claimed drove many voters to the polls.

“Oh, my God. Yes. Absolutely,” he said when asked if Trump played a role.

“I say with humility, I have been a leading anti-Trump voice,” de Blasio said. “A lot of people have been turned back on to the political process because of their frustration with Donald Trump.”

N.Y. Daily News

And why he is ultra-defensive and cognizant of his weakened status and his credibility with his constituents, even the ones who begrudgingly support him or voted for him out of fear.

Although it’s not like he didn’t try to persuade or even induce people to come out to ensure the legitimacy for his “mandate” even before he won. As if the awarding of $2,000,000 in matching campaign funds from the B.O.E. derived from his bogus claims of challenging primary competitors even though Bill had a 70% advantage and the public was not familiar with his opponents.

For it should be noted that in the weeks leading to the underwhelming turnout on Election Day, the mayor hedged his bets and made absolutely sure for his heavily favored certain victory by sending out a language translator contractor at taxpaying voter expense in southern Brooklyn, which was home to the presidential primary purge last year, to aide Russian and Creole speaking citizens to vote with orders to the NYPD not to interfere with the hired gun interpreters and the shady operation. Because the incumbent mayor and the minions in city council care so much for democracy’s process.

The taint of influencing voters and the recent admonishment of the BOE after their admission and charges didn’t do much to prevent the presence of the mercenary interpreters despite the 100 foot anti-encroachment order.

Now he’s back and declaring of a undeserved, unearned, self-professed mandate, it’s quite known who will benefit from this grandstanding. In fact, they already have been benefiting since the beginning of the weak mayor’s first term, and that’s the ones involved in the worst aspects of predatory development and equity being the owners and their lobbyists.

This was immediately acknowledged in the East Village in Manhattan, as community organizations are taking proactive measures to resist the invasive and enabled actions of the Gentrification Industrial Complex involving the re-elected mayor and his subservience to his developer donors in a mission to remake a residential area into a commercial metropolis. Also in Queens where Long Island City has just been subsumed by tower pestilence and massive rent increases in areas nearby in the last 24 months.

It’s what to expect from this stupid fucking idiot and the dire future the next 4 years hold for the citizens of the five boroughs. Persist and resist, and hope Norman Seabrook is found guilty (wait for it).


There Is A Delay At Lefferts Blvd. Station Renovation Ahead Because Of State And City Government Indifference And Negligence, Stupid Bickering From The Governor And Mayor, Tardy Contractors, Selective And Overdue Renovations At Other Stations, And Stupid Priorities Focusing On Optics And Social Interaction.

Lefferts Blvd. Station, November 2017. Ain’t a damn thing changed.

Richmond Hill, Queens, N.F’n.Y.

The renovation and modernization of the Lefferts Blvd. Station remains incomplete and nearly 2 years behind schedule. This was supposed to be finished on September 2016.

When I last wrote about this, it was with great relief that the staircase was repaired and accessible again. Also the encrusted vile, unsanitary and health hazardous pigeon shit that piled up on the turnstiles and the partition walls was finally scoured somewhat.  I attribute this to an actual televised report way back in late May by CBS New York’s Reena Roy.


Now when I wrote that I would write back in a month, being July, was around the time when Mario’s Son, Governor Andrew Cuomo proclaimed commuting on your city’s subway was in the midst of a summer of hell and ordered a fast tracking of repairs all over our lousy transit system. An encouraging sign appeared at this station promising the station’s completion, including the monstrous elevator which hogs half the sidewalk on the corner by September 16 or the end of the 3rd quarter.


Look how they creatively fixed the date on the sign with the sophistication of a little scamp changing D-‘s to A+’s on a report card.


To assure the way overdue task for completion, the MTA decided that it was best to lock down the stairway in August in order to hasten work on the elevator. At least that was the impression it gave. Respecting the governors demands for swift repair and the repressed frustrations of the commuting public, the station drew up a new sign for the reopening of the stairs. September 15, 2017!


Some obstacles got in the way during this supposed fast track. For the staircase remained shut down until a few weeks ago on October 22nd.

Making egress from the station a lethargic, condensed human being imitation of a cow to burger death march exit.


As for the elevator, alas the promising scheduled finalization has not come to be, for it being November, a third of the month over and officially in the 2nd month of the 4 quarter of the year. Betraying the promise made by the bollard obscured sign in the above photo.

This is where this station is now:

Alas, the promising scheduled finalization has not come to be. Another expected failure of the worst fucking transit system in the fucking universe.

All one can ask, equally philosophically and vulgarly is, fucking why is this being delayed like it’s been, what’s the reason for it and what else is so important that priorities have been so skewed that prevented this from even being done this year.

The Lefferts Blvd. station isn’t the only thing the MTA is, for lack of a better term, not fucking bothering with. The MTA is still living up to their model of consistent shitty service all over the boroughs.

One moment in the waning days of the MTA’s Summer Of Hell, Andy Cuomo made an provocatively asinine remark telling and challenging his downstate constituents of alleged improvements if you look a little harder at them.  I felt it was prudent not to respond immediately to his bullshit, easy to do when you don’t have accounts with billion dollar worth social media platforms, and waited till more incidents naturally piled up so there could be some rationale for the awful delay of the Lefferts station makeover. And it did not disappoint despite it’s natural inclination to.

Like the recent IBO study that determined the costs of commuters livelihoods of millions of dollars from loss of work hours in addition to missed appointments from constant daily delays. Delays that have went up 50,000 in 5 years totaling 15,000 hours. Exacerbated by the irresponsible city planning enabling hyper-development and over-speculation of rental market rates, leading to more people moving into the new towers and shacking up with each other in small newly expensive dwellings. Also the pressing fact of the systems aging cars, rotted infrastructure, and disgraceful antiquated signal system.

Steady reports from the commuters of terminated news and culture blog Gothamist and their dead sister newsite DNAinfo revealed real time shittiness like malfunctioning Metrocard machines ripping off commuters, Monday morning city wide delays, rerouting in a span of two weeks, more mechanical breakdowns on the unjustifiably overdue repairing of the Canarsie Tunnel on the L line and another case of hazardous debris left on the tracks.

The obvious obliviousness and of the Governor, pissing hundreds of millions of dollars on light shows, dangerous cashless toll booths, and state sealed useless objectiles by all bridges.

Somehow lost when he gave his advice to suffering commuters, he didn’t look hard enough after he threw his subway New Year’s Day suarez on the 86th Street station Second Avenue line when a sprinkler malfunction shorted the escalators back in May revealed that the line’s emergency service safety system was still being tested, faulty with thousand of defects and incomplete. So if there is somehow a fire, commuters will be too busy panicking and running in mobs to check out all the modern art on the walls.

Appointed interim commissioner Joe Lotha laid out the state’s plan, 4 weeks late of course and after promising completion of a 60 day study that was never released for the reason that the city won’t contribute, of how to accomplish improving service and infrastructure at the gargantuan amount of $15.5 billion dollars, adding more to the amount of money spent and squandered compared to other subway systems around the world and I am obliged to say, the worst fucking transit system in the universe. (I don’t give a shit what that glossy and fancy corporate commissioned study says.

As for other stations in the MTA boards fix included in the 30 station surface improvement plan, renovations like in Astoria will probably meet the same fate as the monument of futility of the Lefferts station and it won’t even have an elevator for the handicap and elderly. Although the stations by Sunset Park and Bay Ridge got done in 6 months and on time, mostly with cosmetic improvements, if you would call those benches that.

So far what has manifested on the city’s trains, stations and even personnel borders on the ludicrous. Like the already decided removal of seats on the cars of a few lines and the replacement of them with fold-up seats on the L line which already have been damaged, presumably by very pissed off citizens. Just to cram more sardines in a crushed tin box.

Also idiotic ideas that rifle straight from underpaying big box retail stores, like taking former MTA booth clerks and turning them into smiling greeters or the slightly more dignifying term ambassadors. And having subway announcements be more honest and informative and less identity oriented by no longer addressing commuters as “ladies and gentlemen” Funny, I thought announcements were supposed to be those things. This devotion to transparency compares to Domino’s Pizza’s recent decision to use actual ingredients for their bland peasant food. Anyway, even though they don’t have an appealing alternative for the universal pleasant greeting of both genders, whatever will replace it will be diligently watched by a crack team of supervisors at the start of the demented program, so any replacing of old tracks and subway car maintanance will have to wait.

Speaking of alienating people, this time unwarranted, the MTA has decided to upgrade how you pay to get on the trains and buses of this perpetual shitshow transit system, by eliminating the metrocard and switching to a tap or swipe system by using a credit card and a cellphone. Opening up new avenues and opportunities for identity stealing hackers and the common skell to snatch your wallet or iphone. The latter being the number one target of thievery. This will also be a major pain to older commuters who don’t have cards or phones and are not tech savvy and all those sensible people who don’t want or refuse to use such items for payment.

Recently re-elected mayor and lucky bastard Bill de Blasio is also being quite a dick about this and comes off like a worse jerk than his foolish nemesis in Albany. For he refuses to contribute to the actually sensible rescue plan that was aborted because of the fact that the state spent the city’s money before prioritizing the highways and bridges instead of the subway.

Although de Faustio and everyone else with a functioning brain and motor skills knows that Cuomo and the state are responsible for the upkeep and spending of your city’s mass transit system and considering the diversion of funding to the idiotic programs and surface improvements aforementioned including one involving a shady crew to cover up bus accidents, Mayor Big Slow doesn’t seem or want to realize that a lot of constituency still relies on driving as well as city businesses. There’s also his insistence on keeping the REBNY developer welfare boondoggle BQX line still afloat and his jackass funding of the disappointing under-serving ferry boats as the subway continued to implode. Even the street belching fire and smoke in the station by (21st century Tammany) city hall is not enough to convince him. So there again goes his credibility on matters concerning the citizens and their finances and daily routines and what an amazing money pissing hypocrite he is.

There is also the fact that he his holding a shitty hand and really cannot challenge the state and Cuomo’s mediocre genius board members by denying the share of the funding in the rescue plan. Despite how they are actually blackmailing the city now that threats of a fare hike is being considered recently. Sometimes you gotta know when to fold ’em like Kenny Rogers reminded us and just suck it up.

With this snafu FUBAR rigmarole going on with the transit system, still overlooked is the last stop on the east bound A train, Lefferts, which service is also being undermined by more trains going to the Rockaways, and it’s station still in a purgatory state of stagnant development. Compared to all the activity that has occurred in the past 4 years of renovation, it’s like it’s frozen in time. That elevator is practically the Frozen Caveman of the MTA.

This should not be in the 21st century. Lefferts is one of the biggest transportation and transfer hubs in NYC and this should have been finished already, yet the elevator remains dormant despite looking complete. The fast track either missed it or more likely the MTA is holding out. It’s an insult to the community, the customers and a crime of social neglect. And a hideous blight on the intersection and massive obstruction to boot.

This elevator has got to get done stat. It’s stupid and unfair that other stations are getting upgraded, especially the one in Brooklyn that got done on time (figures) and retrofitted with lousy wifi that only works at the stations and not in the tunnels or between elevated tracks and a fucking elevator can’t start. It’s one goddamn elevator. The Empire State Building and The World Trade Center (the one that wasn’t named Freedom) got built 3 years faster than this station’s makeover. And those buildings have and had dozens of elevators. This one just goes about 3 stories for fuck’s sake.

Finish this goddamn station already. No more excuses and no more fucking sharpie pen overwritten rescheduling.

Since we are now being so honest.









Bill de Blasio Gets Fucking Re-elected For Mayor

He’s back…

New York, N.Y.

With fucking 22% of the registered voters, 1.1 million out of 5 million, the lowest turnout in recorded history that showed up on Election Day, Bill de “Faustio” Blasio got re-elected for Mayor of New York City with a pathetic 14% of the vote.

To those who didn’t vote, whom I partly empathize with because of the lack of coverage and the perceived weak field of opponents and to those that did vote for this arrogant stupid idiot, get ready for four more years of ineffectual and inefficient local government and batshit policies, for which you certainly seem content with under his last term. Meaning the transients who settled here just recently mostly in fucking Brooklyn and maybe the select few out of hundred of thousands who won the affordable housing lottery and got one of the few below market rate apts in the 421a towers that were built in the last 4 years. And certainly the caring neoliberals working in the real estate, banking and venture capital industries, commissioned sell-out artists, and owners of bars and restaurants and their sleepless obnoxious patrons.

To quote Republican opponent Nicole Malliotakis, who wound up with 28% of the vote, get ready for more pay to play, more corruption, more mismanagement, the erosion of quality of life and no improvements to a broken transit system. The latter for which he refuses to fund and would rather continue a petty, bogus feud with the governor over a funding diversion from a year ago.

Get ready for the approval of heinous costly boondoggles like the BQX and more crushing hyper-development. More gentrification and more homeless families. More preposterous street redesigns involving space hogging congestion making bike lanes and pedestrian plazas which only exist to provide corporations to hold obnoxious advertising events. Get ready for more disruption from the movie and TV industries that will have more free reign to suffocate streets and neighborhoods.

Get ready to vomit when de Faustio gives himself a raise stemming from his vote to unjustly overpay city council 32% more a year ago that stipulated the same amount if he got re-elected. Oh, and his wife will keep her pretend appointed job to combat mental illness and her 2 six-figure earning aides.

Get ready for more programs dropped on communities without their knowledge or even a notification/warning.

Get ready for more taxpayer dollar pilfering to his high-end lawyers by this re-elected jerk and his staff for the inevitable court hearings involving his initial hustling with Jona Rechnitz. That is if Norman Seabrook is found guilty. If not, de Faustio is the luckiest bastard in the nation right now. If he gets sentenced, it will open up the mayor, his aides, and his agent of the city Ross Offinger into a bigger case involving all the predatory developers.

Mostly get ready for more crime in the streets and more jadedness and indifference from local cops. For de Blasio and top brass of the NYPD will do everything to water down stats to keep the brittle backbone of the city’s economy, which consists of real estate and tourism solvent at the expense of safety and security for long-time residents, which continue to get undermined and ignored.

Get ready for more disinformation and no information involving this mayor’s civics, machinations and intentions, for his contempt for journalists and journalism will surely grow.

All this happened in just four years with this guy in city hall and will exacerbate with this underwhelming majority no-show victory. Worse, de Faustio is now empowered and more, in a passive bland way, dangerous, that he is now comfortable maligning people and flat out lying. Also, he is an ideologue, a selective servant to the 1% and fat donor checks, and to his cocktail party and political event friends first and a public servant second. A million miles away second.

Also, he won’t even be a full-time mayor, thanks to appointment of a dork city councilman’s invention of a night mayor. (Why not a morning mayor from during his elaborate commute to his gym in Brooklyn?)

His hollow, shallow victory means the normalization and legitimization of honest graft and tweeding. A victory mostly driven by fear by exploiting the spectre of Donald Trump and the loose relations to his opponents, via voting or interference by independent candidates. A result of voter apathy and passive acceptance of a broken system.

Acceptance meaning the last stage of dying. Which in politics in this century is the only stage. De Faustio’s victory and officials with morals and ethics like him and organizations that push them, in this case the DNC, gives credence to this grim theory.

On the bright side in these dark days, with this weak turnout, de Faustio doesn’t have a mandate, although he certainly thinks he does, being the delusional jerk he is. So there is a sliver of hope for the citizenry and even this city which is getting less recognizable every day, hour, minute and second. He can’t hide from the media and the people thanks to Jona’s testimonies. He won the right to run the city but he has absolutely no trust or even faith or respect from the majority of people, all 4.4 million of them.















Happy Birthday To Impunity City


Impunity City is 1 year old today. I have marked this event with the obligatory baked fare and illumination. I would make a wish, but like the blues song says, I ain’t superstitious.

Unfortunately, this momentous occasion has been marred with the re-election of Mayor de Blasio and the first anniversary of the victory of the Irrelevant President Donald J. Trump.

I will not let those things deter me from celebrating though. For I think I achieved quite a lot with this digital publication, which I had tried to start a long time ago but had a bit of trouble expressing my bitter thoughts and repressed rage into print.

Well, it’s been out for a good while and I have a lot of free time on my hands and momentum to keep this going. And recent events and incidents and the lack of effort by the ones that get paid to do the job of informing the public and expressing opinions and analysis has given me more inspiration and frustration.

Thanks to all, frankly the few of you, for checking in. I hope I get better at this to justify this blog’s existence.