Mandate My Ass, Mayor Bill couldn’t have expressed his delusions better myself. Hmm, yeah I could.

Just a few days after winning the election with the record low 8.5% of votes by around 700,000  out of 5,000,000 registered voters, Day Mayor Bill de Blasio decreed that he now has an official mandate to pass his bland fauxgressive neoliberal policies. He is so sure of this and himself that he petulantly repeated it 12 times to the press circle.

Of course he would say this, for shit-talking is the default standard for public speaking in these dark days of politics and money this young century.

Go, on Billy:

“Guys, an election’s an election. People decide if they want to participate,” he said.

“You can go back through every election in history and parse it and question it and relitigate (??) it, but we have one unified system . . . So this is a clear, strong mandate.”

N.Y. Post

“I don’t know what your definition of an election is, but my definition is that people decide to participate and whoever gets the most votes wins, and if you have a two-thirds margin, that is a clear, strong mandate, and that came from everyone that participated. I think it’s unquestionably a clear mandate,” he said in a City Hall press conference. 


I guess he and maybe his cult of 300 city aides are looking at the wide percentage margin of the total vote instead of the 80% who didn’t bother to show up on Tuesday and the 70,000 less votes he got this time around.

Politico had a good analysis regarding de Faustio’s pathetic bragging citing a few books on the topic:

Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels show in their book “Democracy for Realists” that voters mostly choose parties and candidates on the basis of social identities and partisan loyalties, not political issues.

“Voters, even the most informed voters, typically make choices not on the basis of policy preferences or ideology, but on the basis of who they are — their social identities,” they write.

Julia Azari, a professor of political science at Marquette University, found in her book “Delivering the People’s Message” that presidents talk more about mandates either when their presidency is lacking legitimacy or when they are pushing at the boundaries of their authority.

“It’s a defensive strategy for politicians who feel like they are not legitimate, or under threat or flailing in some form or fashion,” Azari said in an interview.

She said that claims of a mandate are really about what the politician needs, as opposed to what the election was really about.

Which brings up the fact and the hubristic boasting by the day mayor about how Donald Trump played a massive factor in his small victory:

Hizzoner gave credit for the win to his message — but also to President Trump, who he claimed drove many voters to the polls.

“Oh, my God. Yes. Absolutely,” he said when asked if Trump played a role.

“I say with humility, I have been a leading anti-Trump voice,” de Blasio said. “A lot of people have been turned back on to the political process because of their frustration with Donald Trump.”

N.Y. Daily News

And why he is ultra-defensive and cognizant of his weakened status and his credibility with his constituents, even the ones who begrudgingly support him or voted for him out of fear.

Although it’s not like he didn’t try to persuade or even induce people to come out to ensure the legitimacy for his “mandate” even before he won. As if the awarding of $2,000,000 in matching campaign funds from the B.O.E. derived from his bogus claims of challenging primary competitors even though Bill had a 70% advantage and the public was not familiar with his opponents.

For it should be noted that in the weeks leading to the underwhelming turnout on Election Day, the mayor hedged his bets and made absolutely sure for his heavily favored certain victory by sending out a language translator contractor at taxpaying voter expense in southern Brooklyn, which was home to the presidential primary purge last year, to aide Russian and Creole speaking citizens to vote with orders to the NYPD not to interfere with the hired gun interpreters and the shady operation. Because the incumbent mayor and the minions in city council care so much for democracy’s process.

The taint of influencing voters and the recent admonishment of the BOE after their admission and charges didn’t do much to prevent the presence of the mercenary interpreters despite the 100 foot anti-encroachment order.

Now he’s back and declaring of a undeserved, unearned, self-professed mandate, it’s quite known who will benefit from this grandstanding. In fact, they already have been benefiting since the beginning of the weak mayor’s first term, and that’s the ones involved in the worst aspects of predatory development and equity being the owners and their lobbyists.

This was immediately acknowledged in the East Village in Manhattan, as community organizations are taking proactive measures to resist the invasive and enabled actions of the Gentrification Industrial Complex involving the re-elected mayor and his subservience to his developer donors in a mission to remake a residential area into a commercial metropolis. Also in Queens where Long Island City has just been subsumed by tower pestilence and massive rent increases in areas nearby in the last 24 months.

It’s what to expect from this stupid fucking idiot and the dire future the next 4 years hold for the citizens of the five boroughs. Persist and resist, and hope Norman Seabrook is found guilty (wait for it).


There Is A Delay At Lefferts Blvd. Station Renovation Ahead Because Of State And City Government Indifference And Negligence, Stupid Bickering From The Governor And Mayor, Tardy Contractors, Selective And Overdue Renovations At Other Stations, And Stupid Priorities Focusing On Optics And Social Interaction.

Lefferts Blvd. Station, November 2017. Ain’t a damn thing changed.

Richmond Hill, Queens, N.F’n.Y.

The renovation and modernization of the Lefferts Blvd. Station remains incomplete and nearly 2 years behind schedule. This was supposed to be finished on September 2016.

When I last wrote about this, it was with great relief that the staircase was repaired and accessible again. Also the encrusted vile, unsanitary and health hazardous pigeon shit that piled up on the turnstiles and the partition walls was finally scoured somewhat.  I attribute this to an actual televised report way back in late May by CBS New York’s Reena Roy.


Now when I wrote that I would write back in a month, being July, was around the time when Mario’s Son, Governor Andrew Cuomo proclaimed commuting on your city’s subway was in the midst of a summer of hell and ordered a fast tracking of repairs all over our lousy transit system. An encouraging sign appeared at this station promising the station’s completion, including the monstrous elevator which hogs half the sidewalk on the corner by September 16 or the end of the 3rd quarter.


Look how they creatively fixed the date on the sign with the sophistication of a little scamp changing D-‘s to A+’s on a report card.


To assure the way overdue task for completion, the MTA decided that it was best to lock down the stairway in August in order to hasten work on the elevator. At least that was the impression it gave. Respecting the governors demands for swift repair and the repressed frustrations of the commuting public, the station drew up a new sign for the reopening of the stairs. September 15, 2017!


Some obstacles got in the way during this supposed fast track. For the staircase remained shut down until a few weeks ago on October 22nd.

Making egress from the station a lethargic, condensed human being imitation of a cow to burger death march exit.


As for the elevator, alas the promising scheduled finalization has not come to be, for it being November, a third of the month over and officially in the 2nd month of the 4 quarter of the year. Betraying the promise made by the bollard obscured sign in the above photo.

This is where this station is now:

Alas, the promising scheduled finalization has not come to be. Another expected failure of the worst fucking transit system in the fucking universe.

All one can ask, equally philosophically and vulgarly is, fucking why is this being delayed like it’s been, what’s the reason for it and what else is so important that priorities have been so skewed that prevented this from even being done this year.

The Lefferts Blvd. station isn’t the only thing the MTA is, for lack of a better term, not fucking bothering with. The MTA is still living up to their model of consistent shitty service all over the boroughs.

One moment in the waning days of the MTA’s Summer Of Hell, Andy Cuomo made an provocatively asinine remark telling and challenging his downstate constituents of alleged improvements if you look a little harder at them.  I felt it was prudent not to respond immediately to his bullshit, easy to do when you don’t have accounts with billion dollar worth social media platforms, and waited till more incidents naturally piled up so there could be some rationale for the awful delay of the Lefferts station makeover. And it did not disappoint despite it’s natural inclination to.

Like the recent IBO study that determined the costs of commuters livelihoods of millions of dollars from loss of work hours in addition to missed appointments from constant daily delays. Delays that have went up 50,000 in 5 years totaling 15,000 hours. Exacerbated by the irresponsible city planning enabling hyper-development and over-speculation of rental market rates, leading to more people moving into the new towers and shacking up with each other in small newly expensive dwellings. Also the pressing fact of the systems aging cars, rotted infrastructure, and disgraceful antiquated signal system.

Steady reports from the commuters of terminated news and culture blog Gothamist and their dead sister newsite DNAinfo revealed real time shittiness like malfunctioning Metrocard machines ripping off commuters, Monday morning city wide delays, rerouting in a span of two weeks, more mechanical breakdowns on the unjustifiably overdue repairing of the Canarsie Tunnel on the L line and another case of hazardous debris left on the tracks.

The obvious obliviousness and of the Governor, pissing hundreds of millions of dollars on light shows, dangerous cashless toll booths, and state sealed useless objectiles by all bridges.

Somehow lost when he gave his advice to suffering commuters, he didn’t look hard enough after he threw his subway New Year’s Day suarez on the 86th Street station Second Avenue line when a sprinkler malfunction shorted the escalators back in May revealed that the line’s emergency service safety system was still being tested, faulty with thousand of defects and incomplete. So if there is somehow a fire, commuters will be too busy panicking and running in mobs to check out all the modern art on the walls.

Appointed interim commissioner Joe Lotha laid out the state’s plan, 4 weeks late of course and after promising completion of a 60 day study that was never released for the reason that the city won’t contribute, of how to accomplish improving service and infrastructure at the gargantuan amount of $15.5 billion dollars, adding more to the amount of money spent and squandered compared to other subway systems around the world and I am obliged to say, the worst fucking transit system in the universe. (I don’t give a shit what that glossy and fancy corporate commissioned study says.

As for other stations in the MTA boards fix included in the 30 station surface improvement plan, renovations like in Astoria will probably meet the same fate as the monument of futility of the Lefferts station and it won’t even have an elevator for the handicap and elderly. Although the stations by Sunset Park and Bay Ridge got done in 6 months and on time, mostly with cosmetic improvements, if you would call those benches that.

So far what has manifested on the city’s trains, stations and even personnel borders on the ludicrous. Like the already decided removal of seats on the cars of a few lines and the replacement of them with fold-up seats on the L line which already have been damaged, presumably by very pissed off citizens. Just to cram more sardines in a crushed tin box.

Also idiotic ideas that rifle straight from underpaying big box retail stores, like taking former MTA booth clerks and turning them into smiling greeters or the slightly more dignifying term ambassadors. And having subway announcements be more honest and informative and less identity oriented by no longer addressing commuters as “ladies and gentlemen” Funny, I thought announcements were supposed to be those things. This devotion to transparency compares to Domino’s Pizza’s recent decision to use actual ingredients for their bland peasant food. Anyway, even though they don’t have an appealing alternative for the universal pleasant greeting of both genders, whatever will replace it will be diligently watched by a crack team of supervisors at the start of the demented program, so any replacing of old tracks and subway car maintanance will have to wait.

Speaking of alienating people, this time unwarranted, the MTA has decided to upgrade how you pay to get on the trains and buses of this perpetual shitshow transit system, by eliminating the metrocard and switching to a tap or swipe system by using a credit card and a cellphone. Opening up new avenues and opportunities for identity stealing hackers and the common skell to snatch your wallet or iphone. The latter being the number one target of thievery. This will also be a major pain to older commuters who don’t have cards or phones and are not tech savvy and all those sensible people who don’t want or refuse to use such items for payment.

Recently re-elected mayor and lucky bastard Bill de Blasio is also being quite a dick about this and comes off like a worse jerk than his foolish nemesis in Albany. For he refuses to contribute to the actually sensible rescue plan that was aborted because of the fact that the state spent the city’s money before prioritizing the highways and bridges instead of the subway.

Although de Faustio and everyone else with a functioning brain and motor skills knows that Cuomo and the state are responsible for the upkeep and spending of your city’s mass transit system and considering the diversion of funding to the idiotic programs and surface improvements aforementioned including one involving a shady crew to cover up bus accidents, Mayor Big Slow doesn’t seem or want to realize that a lot of constituency still relies on driving as well as city businesses. There’s also his insistence on keeping the REBNY developer welfare boondoggle BQX line still afloat and his jackass funding of the disappointing under-serving ferry boats as the subway continued to implode. Even the street belching fire and smoke in the station by (21st century Tammany) city hall is not enough to convince him. So there again goes his credibility on matters concerning the citizens and their finances and daily routines and what an amazing money pissing hypocrite he is.

There is also the fact that he his holding a shitty hand and really cannot challenge the state and Cuomo’s mediocre genius board members by denying the share of the funding in the rescue plan. Despite how they are actually blackmailing the city now that threats of a fare hike is being considered recently. Sometimes you gotta know when to fold ’em like Kenny Rogers reminded us and just suck it up.

With this snafu FUBAR rigmarole going on with the transit system, still overlooked is the last stop on the east bound A train, Lefferts, which service is also being undermined by more trains going to the Rockaways, and it’s station still in a purgatory state of stagnant development. Compared to all the activity that has occurred in the past 4 years of renovation, it’s like it’s frozen in time. That elevator is practically the Frozen Caveman of the MTA.

This should not be in the 21st century. Lefferts is one of the biggest transportation and transfer hubs in NYC and this should have been finished already, yet the elevator remains dormant despite looking complete. The fast track either missed it or more likely the MTA is holding out. It’s an insult to the community, the customers and a crime of social neglect. And a hideous blight on the intersection and massive obstruction to boot.

This elevator has got to get done stat. It’s stupid and unfair that other stations are getting upgraded, especially the one in Brooklyn that got done on time (figures) and retrofitted with lousy wifi that only works at the stations and not in the tunnels or between elevated tracks and a fucking elevator can’t start. It’s one goddamn elevator. The Empire State Building and The World Trade Center (the one that wasn’t named Freedom) got built 3 years faster than this station’s makeover. And those buildings have and had dozens of elevators. This one just goes about 3 stories for fuck’s sake.

Finish this goddamn station already. No more excuses and no more fucking sharpie pen overwritten rescheduling.

Since we are now being so honest.









Bill de Blasio Gets Fucking Re-elected For Mayor

He’s back…

New York, N.Y.

With fucking 22% of the registered voters, 1.1 million out of 5 million, the lowest turnout in recorded history that showed up on Election Day, Bill de “Faustio” Blasio got re-elected for Mayor of New York City with a pathetic 14% of the vote.

To those who didn’t vote, whom I partly empathize with because of the lack of coverage and the perceived weak field of opponents and to those that did vote for this arrogant stupid idiot, get ready for four more years of ineffectual and inefficient local government and batshit policies, for which you certainly seem content with under his last term. Meaning the transients who settled here just recently mostly in fucking Brooklyn and maybe the select few out of hundred of thousands who won the affordable housing lottery and got one of the few below market rate apts in the 421a towers that were built in the last 4 years. And certainly the caring neoliberals working in the real estate, banking and venture capital industries, commissioned sell-out artists, and owners of bars and restaurants and their sleepless obnoxious patrons.

To quote Republican opponent Nicole Malliotakis, who wound up with 28% of the vote, get ready for more pay to play, more corruption, more mismanagement, the erosion of quality of life and no improvements to a broken transit system. The latter for which he refuses to fund and would rather continue a petty, bogus feud with the governor over a funding diversion from a year ago.

Get ready for the approval of heinous costly boondoggles like the BQX and more crushing hyper-development. More gentrification and more homeless families. More preposterous street redesigns involving space hogging congestion making bike lanes and pedestrian plazas which only exist to provide corporations to hold obnoxious advertising events. Get ready for more disruption from the movie and TV industries that will have more free reign to suffocate streets and neighborhoods.

Get ready to vomit when de Faustio gives himself a raise stemming from his vote to unjustly overpay city council 32% more a year ago that stipulated the same amount if he got re-elected. Oh, and his wife will keep her pretend appointed job to combat mental illness and her 2 six-figure earning aides.

Get ready for more programs dropped on communities without their knowledge or even a notification/warning.

Get ready for more taxpayer dollar pilfering to his high-end lawyers by this re-elected jerk and his staff for the inevitable court hearings involving his initial hustling with Jona Rechnitz. That is if Norman Seabrook is found guilty. If not, de Faustio is the luckiest bastard in the nation right now. If he gets sentenced, it will open up the mayor, his aides, and his agent of the city Ross Offinger into a bigger case involving all the predatory developers.

Mostly get ready for more crime in the streets and more jadedness and indifference from local cops. For de Blasio and top brass of the NYPD will do everything to water down stats to keep the brittle backbone of the city’s economy, which consists of real estate and tourism solvent at the expense of safety and security for long-time residents, which continue to get undermined and ignored.

Get ready for more disinformation and no information involving this mayor’s civics, machinations and intentions, for his contempt for journalists and journalism will surely grow.

All this happened in just four years with this guy in city hall and will exacerbate with this underwhelming majority no-show victory. Worse, de Faustio is now empowered and more, in a passive bland way, dangerous, that he is now comfortable maligning people and flat out lying. Also, he is an ideologue, a selective servant to the 1% and fat donor checks, and to his cocktail party and political event friends first and a public servant second. A million miles away second.

Also, he won’t even be a full-time mayor, thanks to appointment of a dork city councilman’s invention of a night mayor. (Why not a morning mayor from during his elaborate commute to his gym in Brooklyn?)

His hollow, shallow victory means the normalization and legitimization of honest graft and tweeding. A victory mostly driven by fear by exploiting the spectre of Donald Trump and the loose relations to his opponents, via voting or interference by independent candidates. A result of voter apathy and passive acceptance of a broken system.

Acceptance meaning the last stage of dying. Which in politics in this century is the only stage. De Faustio’s victory and officials with morals and ethics like him and organizations that push them, in this case the DNC, gives credence to this grim theory.

On the bright side in these dark days, with this weak turnout, de Faustio doesn’t have a mandate, although he certainly thinks he does, being the delusional jerk he is. So there is a sliver of hope for the citizenry and even this city which is getting less recognizable every day, hour, minute and second. He can’t hide from the media and the people thanks to Jona’s testimonies. He won the right to run the city but he has absolutely no trust or even faith or respect from the majority of people, all 4.4 million of them.















Happy Birthday To Impunity City


Impunity City is 1 year old today. I have marked this event with the obligatory baked fare and illumination. I would make a wish, but like the blues song says, I ain’t superstitious.

Unfortunately, this momentous occasion has been marred with the re-election of Mayor de Blasio and the first anniversary of the victory of the Irrelevant President Donald J. Trump.

I will not let those things deter me from celebrating though. For I think I achieved quite a lot with this digital publication, which I had tried to start a long time ago but had a bit of trouble expressing my bitter thoughts and repressed rage into print.

Well, it’s been out for a good while and I have a lot of free time on my hands and momentum to keep this going. And recent events and incidents and the lack of effort by the ones that get paid to do the job of informing the public and expressing opinions and analysis has given me more inspiration and frustration.

Thanks to all, frankly the few of you, for checking in. I hope I get better at this to justify this blog’s existence.



NYC Board Of Elections Broke The Law And No One Is Convicted Of The Treasonous Disenfranchisement Of The Constituency  Go ahead and try. I triple dog dare you.

WNYC: City Board of Elections Admits It Broke the Law, Accepts Reforms

The New York City Board of Elections is admitting it broke state and federal law when it improperly removed voters from the rolls ahead of the presidential primary last spring, including more than 117,000 voters in Brooklyn.

That’s according to a draft consent decree announced Tuesday— nearly a year after the Board was sued in federal court for violating the National Voter Registration Act and state election law.

The Brooklyn voter purge was first reported by WNYC just days before last spring’s primary election.

As a part of the settlement, the Board agreed to a series of remedial measures that will be in place at least through the next presidential election, November 2020 — pending court approval. The deal restores the rights of improperly purged voters and establishes a comprehensive plan to prevent illegal voter purges in future elections.

“I see their willingness to grapple with this problem as a significant step forward,” said Susan Lerner, head of the good government group Common Cause New York, the lead plaintiff in the case.

The lawsuit was originally filed in November 2016 by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, Latino Justice/PRLDEF and Dechert LLP on behalf of Common Cause New York and several individual plaintiffs. In early 2017, both the Justice Department and New York State Attorney General’s office made motions to join the lawsuit.

“The suit was commenced because there were real problems,” said Ezra Rosenberg, with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law. “People were being kicked off the voter list even though they were eligible to vote in New York City.”

The consent decree requires the board to submit a plan to fix how it manages its voter rolls within 90 days. That includes documenting all the procedures associated with list maintenance and identifying specific staff at the central office and in the boroughs to oversee these functions.

NY Daily News: NYC’s Board of Elections will admit it purged more than 200,000 voters from city rolls

New York City’s Board of Elections will acknowledge it broke the law and be making serious changes in its practices, according to the proposed settlement of a legal fight over the purge of more than 200,000 voters from city rolls.

After many Brooklyn residents arrived at the polls during last year’s presidential primary to learn they were deemed ineligible to vote, the good government group Common Cause New York filed suit. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office joined the litigation.

But rather than slug it out in Brooklyn federal court, the sides have been working on a settlement for months. Now, a proposed pact slated for filing Wednesday would mandate reforms in the city election agency.

In a statement, Schneiderman said the city’s Board of Elections “illegally purged over 200,000 New Yorkers from the rolls, violating the law and New Yorkers’ trust in the institutions meant to protect their rights.”

Schneiderman said the proposed settlement “would overhaul NYCBOE’s practices for maintaining voter rolls, ensuring that the issues that led to the purges are addressed, and establishing frequent monitoring and oversight. My office will continue to protect all voters’ access to the polls and continue to fight to expand voting rights.”

First off before the obligatory rant, viewers should see how this was covered by the NY Daily News above in the actual newspaper, where yours truly and a vast majority of citizens still get their information first. It was buried in a bitty place in the middle of page 18:

Something of this severity should have been on the front page if the editors genuinely gave a damn about their readers. But I guess that because of the banal settlement the editors didn’t warrant it the attention they would give of Trump’s latest twitter vomit or some former child star turned skank adult’s recent exhibitions.

Now here’s something to ponder about as you head to the polls today citizens, or if you don’t bother to show up at all keeping the system rotten to the core and composed of feces.

For the plaintiff’s, being Common Cause, reaction to the leniency towards this attack on the voters, which resembles a sinister modern day tech version of suppressing suffrage involving all that resembles content and closure. When if it isn’t for the current cynicism of government and acceptance of endemic corruption and the decline of voter interest and turnouts because of it, that the individuals involved in this purge should be hit with massive fines, the loss of their jobs and even imprisonment for their reprehensible actions in the disenfranchisement of the registered voters. This is no better, in a passive aggressive method, than the way farcical obligatory elections are held under dictatorships. Instead these assholes at the B.O.E. get short suspensions and lame restructuring of their processes.

The twisted part of this current blight on this nation, the U.S.A., is how the methods to remove registrations off the rolls, which were mostly Hispanic and Asian, was almost similar to the tactics arranged by GOP officials, including current White House aide to investigate national voter fraud Kris Kobach to purge voter rolls in red states according to muckraking journalist Greg Palast:

Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states.

The system, called Crosscheck, is detailed in my Rolling Stone report,
The GOP’s Stealth War on Voters,” 8/24/2016.

Crosscheck in action:  
Trump victory margin in Michigan:                    13,107
Michigan Crosscheck purge list:                       449,922

Trump victory margin in Arizona:                       85,257
Arizona Crosscheck purge list:                           270,824

Trump victory margin in North Carolina:        177,008
North Carolina Crosscheck purge list:              589,393

On Tuesday, we saw Crosscheck elect a Republican Senate and as President, Donald Trump.  The electoral putsch was aided by nine other methods of attacking the right to vote of Black, Latino and Asian-American voters, methods detailed in my book and film, including “Caging,” “purging,” blocking legitimate registrations, and wrongly shunting millions to “provisional” ballots that will never be counted.

Trump signaled the use of “Crosscheck” when he claimed the election is “rigged” because “people are voting many, many times.”  His operative Kobach, who also advised Trump on building a wall on the southern border, devised a list of 7.2 million “potential” double voters—1.1 million of which were removed from the voter rolls by Tuesday. The list is loaded overwhelmingly with voters of color and the poor. Here’s a sample of the list

Those accused of criminal double voting include, for example, Donald Alexander Webster Jr. of Ohio who is accused of voting a second time in Virginia as Donald EUGENE Webster SR.

No, not everyone on the list loses their vote.  But this was not the only racially poisonous tactic that accounted for this purloined victory by Trump and GOP candidates.

For example, in the swing state of North Carolina, it was reported that 6,700 Black folk lost their registrations because their registrations had been challenged by a group called Voter Integrity Project (VIP). VIP sent letters to households in Black communities “do not forward.”  If the voter had moved within the same building, or somehow did not get their mail (e.g. if their name was not on a mail box), they were challenged as “ghost” voters.  GOP voting officials happily complied with VIP with instant cancellation of registrations.

The 6,700 identified in two counties were returned to the rolls through a lawsuit.  However, there was not one mention in the press that VIP was also behind Crosscheck in North Carolina; nor that its leader, Col. Jay Delancy, whom I’ve tracked for years has previously used this vote thievery, known as “caging,” for years.  Doubtless the caging game was wider and deeper than reported.  And by the way, caging, as my Rolling Stone co-author, attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., tells me, is “a felony, it’s illegal, and punishable by high fines and even jail time.”

There is still much investigation to do.  For example, there are millions of “provisional” ballots, “spoiled” (invalidated) ballots and ballots rejected from the approximately 30 million mailed in.  Unlike reporting in Britain, US media does not report the ballots that are rejected and tossed out—because, after all, as Joe Biden says, “Our elections are the envy of the world.”  Only in Kazakhstan, Joe.

While there is a great deal of work to do, much documentation still to analyze, we’ll have to pry it from partisan voting chiefs who stamp the scrub lists, Crosscheck lists and ballot records, “confidential.”

But, the evidence already in our hands makes me sadly confident in saying, Jim Crow, not the voters, elected Mr. Trump.

Now check out the what WNYC found which names were removed in the Brooklyn Primary Purge, in this case all were Hispanics and Asians:

Screenshot_2020-03-12 ArticleChart01 png (PNG Image, 717 × 1860 pixels) - Scaled (46%)


Now combine this with the recent revelations by former DNC Donna Brazile in her new book, which comedian Ron Placone remarked that the only way justice can prevail for people is if someone is given a million dollar book deal, on how “Manifest” Hillary Clinton took full control of the DNC in 2015 right before she declared her candidacy and a mysterious vanishing of 60,000 registered Democrats off the county rolls in Brooklyn caused by a CD-rom filled with spreadsheets of the voters that also disappeared in the same fashion. It looks like the de facto leader and candidate wanted to nip this primary in New York in the bud and the B.O.E. could conveniently blame the disenfranchising on a tech glitch or in this situation, oversight and incompetence. Because being stupid is not illegal. The latter has been utilized even after the supposed corrections were promised in bogus and misleading postcards after the presidential primary purge.

Even though these devious machinations passing as clerical and digital errors have been going on reportedly since 2013, these didn’t take true devastating effect until about the time when Ms. Clinton was running for president and the B.O.E. wasted taxpayer dollars trying to ward off accusations and lawsuits, which are still ongoing.

There has to be a tipping point for criminal incompetence like this. Although the slick execution and sophistication of this suppression of votes reveals and confirms a massive conspiracy for certain people to hold on to power. These wide ranging tactics, since they clearly and blatantly involve race, violates LBJ’s voting rights act from 1965 that was ratified after the brutal attacks in Selma, Alabama. Unfortunately, incompetence and stupidity, and the monstrous ambitions of a craven individual don’t count as or are exempt from civil rights violations.

It is preposterous that the B.O.E. can be trusted with the flow and the institution of democracy, no matter how much they fixed it after they fixed it.

Well it’s all better now. And the nation, particularly the citizens of South Brooklyn, can walk with their heads held high when they go to the polls and pick their favored candidates. Although with certainty, the cynicism will remain and continue to fester when the day is done and with 2 or 4 more years of disappointment from their chosen leaders. And the permanent government that has been made and nurtured by the willful mistakes and accidents by the Board Of Elections.

Don’t let this dissuade you all from voting though. Because that’s what they, the establishment politicians and the lousy status quo want. Change is obviously going to take a while and this is the only power you all have to obliterate the machine and the big club of owners ruining the republic and democracy. Fill in the circle and fuck up their pampered lives and elitist circles. End this shitty cycle one piece/one vote at a time.







New Bad Days 39: Man Stalks And Murders Woman Who Dumped Him In Cold Blood In Manhattan As Well As A Single Mother By Her Ex-Boyfriend In The Bronx And A Woman By A Man She Also Broke Up With In Brooklyn; NYPD Discovers An Armed Religious Extremist Homeless Man And Murder Suspect And Resorts To Excessive Force To Produce Arrests In Two Other Incidents; Models And Club Staffers Engage In Some Ultraviolence And A Serial Flasher Bicyclist Is Running Wild In Ridgewood

NYPD: Boyfriend fatally shoots girlfriend, himself on East Village street


In the East Village at a citibike station at Cooper Union on Astor Place, a man sneaked up behind a woman and shot her  point blank in the stomach as she was parking a bike, killing her and then shot himself. The killer, who used to work for the C.I.A. and the D.E.A., stalked this woman since she dumped him back in July, appearing while she was on a date with another man after the breakup, her dentist appointment and lurking on the street of her apartment building and was still bothering her after she placed an order of protection on him.

The prosecutors demanded any weapons he might possess be turned in, recognizing his record working with government agencies, and his lawyer denied he had any at the hearing.

Turns out the killer, with the skills he acquired at the spy agency was able to deceive his lawyer and able to adeptly follow his victim with ease eventually leading to the heinous ambush and slaying as she was docking her bike by her workplace.  It was like the victim felt a semblance of security after not seeing him for weeks.

This crime should bring about some drastic necessary changes in laws and regulations concerning stalking and harassment, because the system clearly failed again. There also needs to be more public information on the weapons used in incidents like this, both licensed and unlicensed. In a way, this man, Vincent Verdi, was a terrorist and used his skill sets to get what he couldn’t have, the affections and devotion of Elizabeth Lee-Herman.

Also in the East Village by the Jacob Riis Houses, a man was shot at multiple times and killed on the street at 4 p.m.

Again in the East Village, a car was set on fire at a busy intersection.

In Tribeca, in an exclusive club at a posh hotel, a group of male models got into a brawl with other people inside that spilled out on the street at 4 a.m. that led to absolutely no arrests and no police showing up even though the NYPD’s 1st Precinct is located 2 blocks away. The club is owned by an actress’s brother who is a scourge among residents who complain about constant noise and vagrancy around a club he ran in the West Village.

In Washington Heights, a pot deal gone bad led to a drug dealer getting accidentally shot and killed by his bodyguard after getting robbed by their buyers.

In the Lower East Side, a retired cop got assaulted by a man involved in a brawl inside a bodega.

At the Port Authority station in Midtown West, a homeless man was arrested and found possessing a .45 caliber gun. He also is wanted for a murder in Sacramento, California and is a suspect in a stabbing and shooting death in Downtown Brooklyn back in September and alleged ties to Isis after police tracked his movements from a metrocard he used. Holy fucking shit, so this guy who is armed, inherently violent and has hatred for this nation has been roaming around the city on the subway and streets for 2 months after being seen on video after a murder on the street and was only found because of the recent terror attack on the bike lane in Tribeca.

This potential terrorist and murder suspect was on the loose for two months in your city. city.

In Midtown East, a bicycle rider collided into a box truck swerving around a taxi ahead of him.

In Greenwich Village, the home of a famous smoking hot actress was invaded by a prowler who attempted to rob it and escaped on the fire escape when she caught him in the act. Then later chastised the NYPD for taking too long to send detectives when she called.

Also in Greenwich Village, a dead body was found floating in the Hudson River

In Battery Park City, a man stole a taxicab then jumped in the Hudson River to try to escape being arrested.

In Columbus Circle, a man committed suicide by leaping off the roof of the Trump International building, falling 44 stories to the ground at 8 a.m.


In College Point by the NYPD Police Academy, a female recruit was hit and dragged down the road by a garbage truck. The driver kept going and left the scene.

In Rockaway Park, a man repeatedly stabbed his sister in their apartment and later went down to the lobby waving his knife. After being ordered by cops to drop his weapon and refusing, they shot him with tasers then one cop shot him in the leg after the tasers had no effect on him. The NYPD should reconsider dumping tasers, they obviously don’t work except as a virtual tenderizer. And it will be one less thing the cops can carry around. Even if it means less money in some people’s bank accounts.

In Jamaica, a man walked up to another man on a street corner a little before 8 p.m., pulled out a gun and blasted him in the shoulder.

In Bayside, a man broke into an apartment of a tenant, brandished a gun and robbed it of a safe and a pricey handbag.

In Corona by the Arthur Ashe Stadium, a workers protest was disrupted when a 64-year-old scab attacked 3 union members picketing by stabbing them with a pocket knife.

In Springfield Gardens, a man was shot to death in his car by a man he was conversing with at 1 a.m.

In Ridgewood, a man riding a bicycle stopped at a street corner to expose his little man parts at a 12-year-old girl, and is involved in a spree of flashings in the same neighborhood since the month of May.

Also in Ridgewood, two men are involved in a series of armed hold-ups of cab drivers.

In Astoria, a man wanted for burglaries of two apartments of tenants did not lock their windows is still on the loose.

In Elmhurst, three men who assaulted and robbed 3 people of their money and cellphones are still on the loose.

In Maspeth, two men held up and robbed a gas station at gunpoint at 4:40 a.m.

In Rego Park, a tree branch fell on a school bus and crushed the front of it, injuring 8 kids and 2 adults.

In Long Island City on Halloween, a man hit a teenager 3 times on the sidewalk with his minivan who he assumed bomb it with eggs.

In Little Neck, a man that set on a car on fire a little before 5 a.m. is still at large.

In Cambria Heights, a man with a bandage on his nose robbed a bank of over 4 grand.

At Rikers Island, a corrections officer was assaulted by 3 convicts on the orders of an incarcerated gang leader over contraband.


In Brownsville, a woman’s apartment was being searched by the NYPD without a warrant and remained there not allowing the woman or her teenage granddaughter for over 10 hours and wouldn’t let her other granddaughter leave her room when she woke up just so a warrant can be processed and given to her daughter and son.

Also in Brownsville, a man with his girlfriend entering an apartment building got shot 3 times from a man waiting in an elevator for him and later died in the hallway after trying to run from his killer.

Again in Brownsville, a man babysitting a 6-year-old autistic boy attempted to kidnap him.

In East Williamsburg Bushwick, an elderly woman’s decomposed corpse was found floating of Newton Creek by a man collecting samples of the murky, chemical and feces laden Superfund water.

In Bushwick, a man pulled out a gun and shot at a cashier in a bodega.

In Seagate, a man broke into an apartment and stabbed a woman in the neck who was with a woman who broke up with him and then attacked her friend by attempting to rape her and slashed her knee. The killer’s ex-girlfriend died from the injuries inflicted on her 10 days later.

In East New York, a 16-year-old boy was shot multiple times and killed on the street in front of his apt. building.

In Williamsburg, a man crossing the street was hit by a speeding car that kept going.

Also in Williamsburg, a car careened off an exit ramp of the bridge and crashed into another vehicle, killing a man and injuring his passenger.

Again in Williamsburg, an 18-year-old man on a scooter beat up a 10-year-old boy.

In Windsor Terrace, a woman ran over her husband with her car on the street as he was exiting his car.

In Bed-Stuy, a group of kids throwing eggs on Halloween hit a 7-month-old baby then threw fruit and eggs at the angered mother who confronted them and robbed her of her phone and her baby’s shoes. An actual case of felony-or-treat.

Also on Halloween in Brooklyn Heights, a woman was attacked by 13 teenagers who threw some liquid at her, put a box on her head and chucked a pumpkin at her.

In Gowanus, on the Gowanus Expressway, some rapper was caught driving drunk and racing with another imbecile on the highway road.

At the Jay St/Metrotech station entrance in Downtown Brooklyn, a homeless man set up a olfactory nightmare and garbage pile dwelling lowlighted with a shake shack piss cup by the staircase that commuters suspect is owned by the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe.

In Borough Park, a 71-year-old man accused of driving while talking on his cell phone was roughed up by 2 cops during a pull over, then was released on his own recognizance.

After the reported fatal drug overdoses of a father and son going outside to chill out and smoke dope, the Daily News reported that over the weekend during that incident, 15 other related heroin and fentanyl overdoses resulting in 8 deaths occurred in other parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

An education advocate is in fear of his life when a Orthodox Jewish newspaper opinion piece maligned him as a “rodef” when he criticized the local yeshivas of not teaching secular subjects and Mayor de Blasio and the Dept. Of Education for being to slow to discipline the neglectful schools.


In Soundview, a man murdered his ex-girlfriend in her apartment by stabbing her to death as she was planning a birthday party for her 2-year-old son.

In Kingsbridge, a man stabbed an 18-year-old man in the arm inside his girlfriend’s house and ran off.

In Williamsbridge, a man was shot to death and then robbed in his apartment.

At P.S. 209 in the Grand Concourse , a 6-year-old student was held and interrogated by his principal and teacher who assumed his parents were using drugs.

In Tremont, a man with a knife confronted a middle-aged couple and robbed the purse of the woman then attacked the man she was with. The woman then found a broomstick and beat the shit out of her attacker.

Staten Island

In Bulls Head, a NYPD detective crossing the street was hit by speeding minivan.

Also in Bulls Head, a 19-year-old man crashed his vehicle into a construction site, killing him and his passenger.

A reminder, today is election day, don’t let the Machine, the modern day tweeders, and honest graft win. Mostly, be aware of your surroundings.







Impunity City Endorses Sal Alabanese For Mayor Of New York City. this guy. This is the guy who should run New York.

New York, N.Y.

This digital publication is getting behind and voting for Sal Albanese (Reform Party) for Mayor of the 5 boroughs. This was not that difficult after the last debate by the incumbent mayor and his recognizable opponents, Nicole and Bo.

See for yourselves, citizens.

De Faustio absolutely offered nothing and unwittingly admitted he accomplished nothing. Though he did take undeserved credit for the virtual decrease in crime and touted his farcical affordable housing plan and played down the homeless crisis he exacerbated with his cajoling and subservience to predatory developers and landlords. Jona Rechnitz cannot be the only one who benefited from his donations to the sell out mayor. Other than that, he spent the majority of the debate lying non-stop and defiantly answered that he would not release any more email or messages involving his pay to play dalliances to the journalists or the public that demands them.

Malliotakis has solid plans and policies for the city but she didn’t really go into depth about them and focused a lot of her time on de Faustio’s favored property tax issues. She did deliver some killer jabs and had a big KO in her closing statement, but the majority of the debate she flubbed a lot. Although there was one striking moment where she brought up the 25% rise in sexual assaults under de Faustio’s term that was predictably disputed by the incumbent mayor and even by the moderator Maurice Dubois who insisted she was mistaken. Turns out she was right.

Dietl, though subdued, was terrible again despite bringing up the mayor’s transgressions and opining that he should be imprisoned, which are actually inarguable observations, but what really stood out was his plan to build a tower for the homeless on Randall’s Island. Which sounds like something out of a graphic novel like Arkham Asylum. Which means that the city under Bo will have to start a new transit line, police station and fire dept. to accommodate it. Not to mention where will these people shop for food and other stuff. It’s got the makings of a very expensive boondoggle and a potential for more graft. After this shitshow performance, somewhere in the city, Bo is demanding 15 seconds.

What really distinguishes how none of these candidates at the debate are qualified to run the city is that they refused to answer a question brought up the moderator (narrator to Mr. Dietl, yeesh) about what to do about the pandemic of gentrification and what they would say to a citizen who is living in fear of being displaced. My fave Nicole blew it when she refused to even name a town that has seen the overwhelming devastating effects.

Well, Nicole, there’s the obvious of Williamsburg, Bushwick, Long Island City, Harlem, the East Village and Lower East Side. And the current threats to towns like Ridgewood, Rockaway Beach, Jamaica, East New York, East Harlem and the South Bronx.

That’s why the guy who is deserving and most qualified to lead the city, after over a decade of trying as a perpetual ignored underdog is the man who wasn’t there at the debate. Sal Albanese.

Albanese recognizes the consistent problems going on, especially the transit system with a plan to fund it which our mayor continues to ignore and defer to his idiot rival Cuomo to keep up his preoccupied idiotic feud with him, and a great and genuine affordable housing plan to use up vacant properties the city owns and ignores. And mostly to clamp down on the entrenched corruption, wasteful spending and gladhanding going on in local politics.

Albanese is the guy and has been waiting a long time for this. And frankly, it takes a lot of balls to take the reins of this city that’s in ruins but hidden by the tower pestilence of hyper-development and shady money funneling and investments nurturing it. It also helps that Sal is not compromised or funded by the REBNY overlords.

Fill in the circle or write in the name if he’s not on the ballot for Sal Albanese. As we are being reminded by a certain asshole, this is your city, so vote for someone who will not sell it out.

As for the other positions;

James C. Lane (Green Party) for Public Advocate

Michel J. Faulkner (Republican) for Comptroller. Stringer endorses de Faustio despite all the horrendous reports of his spending and homeless policies

William K Kregler for Queens Borough President, because Melinda Katz is stupid.

Frank Francois (Green Party) for City Council District 27

Ivan D. Mossop (Republican) for City Council District 28 (Destroy the Queens Machine)

In District 29 for City Council, Karen Koslowitz is running unopposed, so leave the circle unfilled or write in a candidate. I suggest a bartender from Buffalo Wild Wings that you enjoy getting advice from.

Robert F. Holden (Reform Party, Conservative) for City Council District 30. Because Elizabeth Crowley is violent.

Donovan Richards (Democrat) for City Council District 30, running unopposed. Has good policies.

Paul Graziano (Reform Party) for City Council District 19. His opponents are dishonest hack and developer patsy Paul Vallone and a 20-year-old dungeon master/interactive gamer/Hurley from Lost looking guy running on the Republican ticket for some bizarre reason.

This one is tough, but Eric Ulrich (Republican) for City Council District 32. His moves must be watched closely though.

In District 34 for City Council, Antonio Reynoso (Democrat) is running unopposed. This is the spazz who came up with the night mayor position. He is an idiot, so leave it blank or write in someone or something instead, like a homeless guy wandering in traffic or a broken craft beer bottle.

Marc Fleidner for N.Y. Attorney General as a write-in ballot against the wretched sell-out Cy Vance Jr. who is running unopposed, which means even the worst wealthiest Republicans like and endorse this guy that they would not run a candidate on their ticket.

Finally there is Proposal 1 on the constitutional convention. I am voting yes for this because the worst elected officials, including the incumbent mayor of course, are against it and the NYPD went out of their way to illegally campaign for a no vote by plastering police car bumpers with stickers. A lot of fear mongering is also being used to influence the voters from considering it too.

Do your thing everyone. Let’s get a bigger turnout this time. Unless you want shitty government and corruption to continue to thrive.





Cheapskate Billionaire Spitefully Destroys His News Sites On A Whim Ricketts, enemy of the free press, unions and the pursuit of happiness.

On November 2nd 2017, the fourth estate got nuked when Joe Ricketts, whose net worth is 2.1 billion dollars, decided to abruptly and without warning to his employees shut down his news sites DNA info and Gothamist, the latter site he bought only 8 months ago, including it’s archives.

In one fell swoop, Joe made the pioneering scumbag act of destroying the free press and labor relations, two American institutions and beacons of  individual civil rights at the same time. A savage act that will probably stoke fear into pressrooms into the way reporting is done and effect editorial and journalistic content and burden workers with more stress and intimidation if they even think of demanding a raise for their efficiency and efforts.

Even though in his letter he extols the sites impacts and success in informing the viewing public and on society in general he cited and the massive audience it reached. He finishes his fuzzy treatise of his media ventures inability to be a successful business without stating the reason for it’s difficulty to sustain despite all the success he stated in the first paragraphs.

It isn’t like the news is lacking these days. In the age of Figurehead Trump and with the easy availability to catch up with the ubiquity of screened cellphones, email subscriptions and social media platforms like Facefuck, people are actually more tuned in than ever to news of the minute. The absurdity of the news not being profitable is bald on it’s face. Because the fucking news never stops.

DNA info and Gothamist were two of the most popular sites out there, being that they were based in major metropolises. DNA had New York and Chicago, where the Ricketts family are based, being that Joe and his family own and run the Cubs, and Gothamist had other divisions also in Chicago and Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angelas and even Shanghai.

So what happened. Well, the writers voted to unionize. And owners don’t like that shit. Particularly the subject of this post, Hangman Joe. But the quickness that Joe nipped this in the bud should be cause for nationwide alarm and state of emergency for journalism and any worker yearning for a living wage.

But the focus here is on, of course, the fourth estate. For Joe here committed two acts of evil and a craven display of defiant hypocrisy. By destroying two news sources that he purported to support just so he can avoid to pay a little more money to his workers and the fact that he had no problem sharing the wealth when it came to donating to the Irrelevant President’s volatile campaign last year and paying the massive salaries of his ball players. And also to continue franchising the bank he owns, TD Ameritrade, really there are as many TD banks as there are Dunkin’ Donuts.

Though ultimately, this was a blow to the right to report and to be informed. For these sites were very essential in recent stories on their sites on the effects of gentrification and other civic issues. And he did this a week before election day, when these sites would have been helpful to constituents to read up on the candidates and their policies and promises and most importantly, their prior transgressions.

DNA info was pretty good. Gothamist, though, was lousy 90 % of the time with their focus on the idiotic “foodie” and other pandering to the hipster zeitgeist. And also their maligning of the town and community of Maspeth, Queens in their protests against a hotel becoming a makeshift homeless shelter, which opened up a citywide interest story on de Faustio’s and DHS’s handling of the homeless crisis as reported later by DNAinfo (links not available). And their constant journovertising of Saturday Night Live, a consistently unfunny sketch corpse of a show that should have ended 20 years ago, despite the mega talent of Kate McKinnon. Although it’s noteworthy that they did come up with the term manspreading and their daily reporting on the worst transit system in the fucking universe was second to none and the sole reason why I still checked the site out. (With this blackout, my next assault on MTA malaise will be delayed now that the links are gone)

But here is the point, despite my loathing and disrespect for Gothamist, I no way condone the obliteration of the site and certainly support their right to collectively bargain for better pay and stability.

And it’s possible that intimidation may have also been a factor in this annihilation of the free press, for Trump made a veiled threat last year on the campaign trail against Joe and his family. For Gothamist was on the forefront of the Trump bashing parade. And we all know what a dish-it-out-but-can’t-take-it snowflake the dotard can be.

But all is not lost, for Gothamist is back in blog form and Joe’s harikari of his digital publications is getting massive collective condemnation. I suggest to the folks remaining at Gothamist to go balls out and tear down the walls of Joe Ricketts and the billionaire class who are not only busy trying to hoard all the money in the nation’s budget but are dead set on keeping every American, young and old, poor and not as rich as them  uninformed. Ensuring the power and stature of the oligarchy is never questioned.

Words are infinite and free you rich boss dummy. And more profitable and worthy than you and your billionaire fascists who subscribe to your same backward selfish beliefs will ever be. Which is why you want to shut it down, obviously.

This is the real treason going on right now. And Joe just awoken a sleeping fucking mighty pissed off giant.


You Should Be Dancing Now: NYC Lifts Cabaret Ban.

Good news everyone. The caring folks in City Council has lifted the initially racist and anachronistic Cabaret Law, allowing dancing in social gathering establishments like bars and restaurants.

There is most interesting thing of how this got attention, and it’s not the fact that the State Liquor Authority has doled out so many permits to sell booze that the most overvalued rental areas are inundated with bars and restaurants or the hybrid barstaurants (they used to be called supper clubs in the 80’s) that you can’t blink without seeing or drunkenly stumble into another one. No, it’s that in the 90’s, former Mayor Rudolph “Benito” Giuliani thought it would be prudent and with the political capital he had with bringing down crime with William Bratton in the first years of his term, he used this stupid law to shut down strip clubs. Which led to the dumbass condensed Disney World in Times Square the city has today.

So don’t be surprised in addition to the returning liberty for patrons to get down again, there might be a return of these classic burlesque dives, hell maybe all the random subway groping and public lewdness will settle down or cease.

A bit of warning for all you bar managers though, for at times when drinking and dancing intermingle, in all certainty fights will ensue. All it takes is the casual accidental bump and a drink to spill and shit is going to get lit.

Looks like the night mayor is going to have his or her little hands full.



Everybody’s Been Berned: Senator Bernie Sanders Endorses Bought And Tainted Mayor De Blasio For Re-Election

This is also fucking obscene. Bernie Sanders here enabling a fraud and hustler.

Chelsea, Manhattan, New York

The day before Halloween, Independent Senator, Presidential Candidate, and most popular elected official in the nation Bernie Sanders came to NYC to endorse the compromised, duplicitous, hypocritical and inherently amoral incumbent mayor, Bill de “Faustio” Blasio.

Sen. Sanders should definitely know better, especially the way his campaign was undermined by his new pal which makes this trip to prop up this dotard mayor remarkable. Recall that during the primary swing in New York, de Faustio was straddling the fence, one of his many habitual straddles that continues to this day if his most recent thoughts on the Columbus statue should indicate, about who to endorse for President. That choice ultimately went to Hillary Clinton in a style that uncannily resembled his monetary dealings with his booby Jona Rechnitz for the federal witness’s demand for civil services.

Instead, he went on an electioneering and photo op tour with the blighted mayor on the worst fucking transit system in the universe and waited for the A train for 10 minutes to show (Cuomo “Christie” style slowdown??). Bernie offered some slight anecdotes about paying with tokens and griped about the ultra-wealthy do not pay their fair share and touted State Senator Gianaris proposal poached by de Faustio to tax millionaires to fund the subway instead of relying on Gov. Andy’s plan to use congestion pricing in a quite nauseating reiteration of the mayor’s talking points. Fucking remarkable.

More nauseating displays continued with two subway musicians serenading de Fausio and Sanders during the train delay with a shitty rap dancehall folk song and lunatic chanting in the car by commuters, more likely the mayor’s campaign booster squad, exhorting to “lock up Trump”.

Then it was on to rock and club venue Terminal 5, where I saw the phenomenal band Helmet over 20 years ago, for a campaign rally to rise up the crowd and the audience to vote and vote big for the working poor and middle class betraying incumbent mayor, probably to give the mayor some credibility with a higher turnout at the polls.

Bernie, he of the independent streak and consistent vocal opponent of money in politics, should have came here to kick someone’s ass at the Board of Elections that’s under the purview of the mayor he has embraced. For it was revealed 5 days before Bernie touched down here that that government office broke the motherfucking law by purging 200,000 votes off the rolls. 117,000 in Brooklyn alone during the 2016 primary, which in all probability cost Sanders his home borough and the entire state of his chance to bring reform inherent corruption in government and implement progressive and fair policies to the nation.

It also has been revealed in a not at all shocking admission from former DNC chairperson Donna Brazile that “Manifest” Hillary Clinton took full control of the committee’s finances and operations so she can solidify her candidacy.

Why Sanders would come back to the city to do what basically is a optics mission for a party who criminally undermined him to bolster someone who didn’t support him for president is perplexing to say the least.

Hell, Sanders should have blown off de Faustio’s electioneering subway tour altogether when on the same day in the papers his campaign manager and confirmed agent of the city Ross Offinger was exposed to have gifted a free Carribean resort vacation stay by federal witness Jona Rechnitz for their pay to play machinations.

Did Sanders even read what de Faustio viciously, condescendingly said and kept lying to reporters during his press conference in Rockaway Beach, that his constituents couldn’t care less what they were asking about his relationship and honest grafting with his bubby Jona? Maybe it would have compelled him to search for the campaign office of Sal Albanese and give him the Sanders Bump.

It’s like Bernie, by direction of the betraying DNC, didn’t even bother to even read a couple of newspapers when he showed up.

Not only is this perplexing, but preposterous and ultimately disappointing. And dismaying.

Bernie capped off his speech at the rally by repeating de Faustio’s dishonest refrain of a vote against him is a vote for Trump and his policies. But the mayor is not running against Trump. His opponents are Republican Nicole Malliotakis, Independent Bo Dietl, and Reform Party candidate Sal Albanese. You’d think Bernie would be cognizant of these words effect being that Hillary and the Democrat Machine basically blamed his campaign run for ruining HER chance at President.

So this is what the five boroughs have to tolerate now and have to settle with. With this push into a second term for de Faustio. But in politics these days, the corruption by those elected and assigned and the cynicism of the masses is so entrenched in government and society under the Irrelevant President, that, according to the Democrat Machine, there is no other way to get services running (somewhat) efficiently for the constituents. It’s another version of the too big to fail system that was applied to the demonic banking industry (which still hasn’t learned anything and has been emboldened). Even the most popular progressive politician in the country cannot surmount this.

“It is what it is” is what a lot people say. This, is normal now…

Forget Bernie this time. Vote your conscience.