New Bad Days 61: Murders And Gang Activity On The Rise As MS-13 Member Shoots Down Rival Gangbanger By The 7 Train And A Teenage Gang Member Shoots At Rival Gang As A Little Girl Dodges Bullets Both At Broad Daylight; Bike Riders Get Killed By Reckless Truck Drivers Yet Leads To No Arrests; A Gas Spill Causes Sickness To Commuters And Workers, An Actual Stake Falls From The Elevated Train Tracks Onto A Car And Other Debris Are Falling From MTA Work Areas; Widespread Holdups, Muggings, Home Invasions, Bigoted Vandalism, Sexual Assaults, Burglaries, Random And Intentional Assaults, Slashings And Stabbings, Shootings, Public Drunkeness And Rapes Also Rise In The “Safest Big City In America”


                          The Omen, Queens edition.

In the five boroughs in this short year, murders up a staggering 55% so far compared to last year, as total shootings went up by 69%. Rapes are also up another 21% and misdemeanor sex crimes (like groping) are up 26%, which the NYPD is still fallaciously tying to the heightened awareness of sexual harassment inspired by the #MeToo movement and not the fact that there are a lot of oversexed deviants running around on the streets and enforcement seems to be lacking.

But the spin from Commissioner O’Neill is that the city is still the safest it’s ever been. And Mayor de Blasio social media agitprop team is spreading is bullshit “Safest Big City” hashtag narrative on the Twitter. Even though stats for other crimes have remained stagnant and shown barely precipitous drops.

What’s stats aren’t being counted are the crimes that don’t get reported or filed.

Here we go, yo:



























In Jackson Heights at the 90 St. Station, four men jumped and beat down a man on the platform in front of the stalled 7 train. One of the men then took a gun from the man on the ground and shot him point blank in the head and killed him and shot him another five times then ran off.

The killer is an illegal immigrant and member of the MS-13 gang and the victim was a member of the 18 Street gang. Reports suggest that this could have been stemmed from a dispute over territory as MS-13 is branching out into Queens. Graffiti toting MS-13’s presence was found on the walls of Councilman Francisco Moya’s office days after the brazen afternoon murder.

The killer had nine prior arrests and was most recently charged with burglary when he broke into a house in Richmond Hill back in December. The judge hearing his case set the bail at $2,500 despite the prosecutors demand for $100,000, which the defendant easily paid for.

But don’t worry, because our subways are the safest in the world and this brazen daylight murder is only an aberration according to NYPD Transit Chief Edward Dellatore as the first reports came in and the video went super viral. To quote:

“It appears to be just a dispute of an altercation. We don’t know why it took place”

“The New York City subway system remains incredibly safe for them millions of riders who use it every day, with an average of approximately one crime for every millions of riders per day”

Why the necessity to bring up that statistic? This guy emptied his clip and blew his head off on the busiest transit line in Queens in front of witnesses and a stupid guy filming it on his phone.

This gangbanger was roaming around Jackson Heights with 12 other Ms-13 members. It’s obvious this guy was no stranger in town, he was established and probably notoriously feared by the citizenry. And could put fears into the frivolous spending gentrys looking to move to the area.

And to compound this grotesque oversight, the NYPD shielded the killer’s gang affiliation and his illegal immigration status from the press and the public while they had him in custody. They even tried to keep him from view during his transfer by exiting through the back door of the precinct station.

Looks like another brick in the blue wall of insouciance.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man was found dead and tied up in an apartment bedroom.

In South Ozone Park, a man robbed a woman’s car while she was sleeping in the back seat, he then punched her in the face and abandoned the vehicle in Ozone Park.

In Ridgewood, a pregnant woman got violently dragged down the stairs and stabbed to death in the vestibule by her ex-boyfriend in her apartment building.

Also in Ridgewood, a woman was attacked at her job at a nail salon by her ex-boyfriend  who repeatedly punched her in the face. The victim had a restraining order placed on him.

Again in Ridgewood, a man got killed as he got struck by a moving van while jaywalking in the middle of the street.

And again in Ridgewood, a man a woman invited back to her apartment raped her while she was sleeping and robbed her watch.

And again in Ridgewood, an off-duty cop assaulted her boyfriend in a domestic dispute.

In Jamaica, four men dressed all in black went into a deli and attempted to rob it at gunpoint. One man fired a shot directly at the clerk. The shooter and his cronies left with nothing.


Also in Jamaica, three teenage males sneaked up behind and robbed three women of their purses.

Again in Jamaica, a man got shot to death in front of his house when he answered his door, following days of being confronted by people demanding money from him that they accused him of stealing to pay to rent rooms there. The shooter was wearing a government issued post office jacket and hat.

In Flushing, a man held up a bar at gunpoint and robbed three people inside of $2,145 and a cellphone.

Also in Flushing, a man exiting a karaoke bar and waiting for a ride he ordered on an app, was shot to death by a man who blasted him two times and then jumped in a car with an accomplice and sped off.
























Again in Flushing, a mother and her niece were attacked and held up at knife and gunpoint by two men as they came out of their car in their driveway. One of them shot the girl with a Taser and then robbed them of $120,000 of jewelry and $1,450 in cash that was in a backpack the woman was carrying. It was the third time they were robbed in the last two months.

And again in Flushing, two men barged into a woman’s home when she heard the doorbell, grabbed her by the neck demanding money and then ran away.

And again in Flushing, a woman broke into a home and robbed it of over $4,000 worth of jewelry and credit cards which the thief used to make a purchase.

In Woodhaven, a man violently mugged a man and a 15-year-old boy on Jamaica Avenue in a span of five days and between the hours of 5 and 6:30 p.m. , making off with $740, an cellphone and headphones.

In Woodside, a woman riding her bike was cut off by a hit-and-run driver in an unlicensed tractor-trailer, leaving her on the ground bleeding profusely. An off-duty police officer arrived and applied a tourniquet to her arm to staunch the bloodflow.

Also in Woodside, a man walked up to a 14-year-old girl and flashed her.

Again in Woodside, a man flashed a 9-year-old girl on the 7 train and forced himself onto her, then stepped off at the 52nd St. Station and ran away.

And again in Woodside, a man stalked a woman who exited a bus and approached her feigning to be lost and then asked for her a hug. When she rejected him, he attacked her by throwing her against a car, ripped off her clothes on the ground and raped her.

And again in Woodside, a wooden beam fell off the elevated train tracks and speared the windshield of an SUV as it was moving.






















And again in Woodside, three men in a jeep rolled up to a man walking on the sidewalk and chased him to a parking lot and beat him down, robbing him of his wallet, jacket and cellphone.

In Middle Village, two men pried open a basement grate and broke into a house, robbing it of  $13,000, a laptop and Ipads.

In Long Island City, a Muslim woman was spat on by a man walking by her.

Also in Long Island City, two men held up a man at knifepoint, snatched his ATM card and forced him to tell them his pin number, then robbed him of $100 and made purchases of $106.

Again in Long Island City, a man stole headphones and a wallet from a worker at a pet store.

And again in Long Island City at the Queensboro Plaza Station, a man punched a commuter in the face after they argued with each other on the platform.

In Little Neck, an elderly couple in their 80’s were hit by a car as they were in the crosswalk. The woman died from her injuries.

In Astoria at the Queensbridge Houses, a 8-year-old girl was scalded with hot steam by a pipe that burst in the bathroom. Which led to water overflowing into the living room and her dollhouse getting destroyed.

Also in Astoria, two men robbed a man at knifepoint and stole his ATM card which they used to spend around 100 bucks to buy shit with.

Again in Astoria, a man broke into a building and robbed a TV and a computer tablet from a storage room in the basement.

And again in Astoria, a fire engulfed an entire four story apartment building.

And again in Astoria, two men broke into three apartments through the rear window and robbed one of them of over $77,000 in jewelry.

In Kew Gardens, a man grabbed a woman’s ass as she was leaving the Union Turnpike Station.

Also in Kew Gardens at the Queens Detention Center Annex, where the city wants to develop a 40 story mixed use prison and who the fuck knows what else, two men on attempted murder charges attacked and beat down two correction officers who tried to get them to return to their cells.

Again in Kew Gardens at Forest Hills High School, the principal allows the students to smoke reefer all over the school grounds and stairwells like it’s Amsterdam. Sure it sounds cool, but kids have to have to recognize some semblance of authority. The principal is also accuse of leaving the door open when he takes a piss.

In Whitestone, a man broke into a row four small business stores around 2:20 a.m. and collectively robbed them of $6,370.

In Sunnyside, a 15-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man were caught in the act stealing mail from a mailbox.

In Rego Park, a 12-year-old boy drew a bunch of swastikas, the Wermacht eagle and the Soviet Union’s hammer and sickle with chalk on a school playground. He also scratched off “no Jews allowed” in what seem to be a moment of conscientious awareness to not offend a certain group of people. Mario’s son and Bezos’ stepchild Governor Andrew Amazon felt the need to send state troopers to find the offender in violation of the posse comitatus act.

Also in Rego Park, a woman was killed by a hit-and-run green cab driver who mowed her down on the sidewalk when he sped out of a gas station trying to get on a service road on Queens Blvd. Despite witnesses and Samaritans trying to catch the cabbie has he was darting around to get away on the wrong side of the road, the NYPD released the driver on his own recognizance on account of “current investigation” of the “accident”, as the driver blamed it on a vehicular malfunction. Which from a pedestrian’s vantage point and from the stunned reaction of witnesses reported there, the only malfunction would be that the driver was able to get a license.

In Auburndale, a woman got hit by a short bus as she was crossing the street.

In Fresh Meadows, an off-duty fireman was caught driving drunk on the Clearview Expressway.

In Maspeth, two men broke into a van and robbed a power washer.

On the Belt Parkway by South Ozone Park, a man drove his car into a concrete barrier while he was speeding, killing his passenger as they both were thrown from the vehicle from the impact. Moments later, a woman driving drunk crashed into the damaged vehicle.

Also on the Belt Parkway by Laurelton, a woman got killed when she lost control of her car and crashed into a pillar.

Again on the Belt Parkway by Laurelton, a sanitation truck lost it’s compactor cab, rolling on to the road and crashing into two other vehicles traveling behind it.

In Richmond Hill, a NYPD detective got shot to death with a hit to his chest and his partner got shot in the leg by their fellow cops trying to stop a hold up at a cellphone store when he got hit in the chest in a fusillade of 42 bullets fired when the robber presented a fake gun and aimed it at them. The robber got hit twice as his accomplice fled during the shooting. Both suspects were charged with felony murder.

If the perpetrator had a fake gun, how did the detective get shot in the chest?


In Tribeca, a man murdered his mother by slashing her throat at their apartment, and had two women assist him in cleaning up the crime scene and trying to ditch her body by her second home in New Jersey.

Also in Tribeca, a cab driver had his vehicle robbed from him when he stepped out for a moment, the thief got caught after he smashed into two vehicles trying to beat the red.

Again in Tribeca, a man walking on the sidewalk was stabbed in the leg during a robbery attempt.

In the Upper West Side, residents of apartment buildings hired private security guards to monitor and protect them from the growing influx number of homeless people that have shown up around the vacinity from an SRO building the DHS converted to a homeless shelter that hired a security guard that was caught sleeping on the job.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man robbing delivery packages at an apartment building for weeks got pinched when cops trapped him stealing a box that contained magazines with Police Union head Patrick Lynch on the cover. Cheeky.

In Murray Hill, a woman got hit and killed by an oil truck driver making a turn while she was in the crosswalk.

In Union Square, residents of an apartment building hired a security contractor to shoo away a large influx of homeless people that have been taking shelter around the area.

In Midtown, a 72-year-old man was killed riding his bike in the bike lane when a hit-and run driver cut him off making a turn. In a sting to prevent another tragedy like this, the NYPD deployed cops to ticket bicyclists leading to a police captain pushing a guy off his bike to stop him. The stupid mayor who yearns to be president thinks this arbitrary police policy is just fine. After he took this asshole position with cyclists, as he was cruising with his police motorcade on the FDR Drive, de Faustio ordered them to pull over a vehicle because the driver was talking on her cellphone. This from a guy who does similar multitasking while doing yoga at the Park Slope Y.




























Also on the FDR Drive, cops pulled over a driver in her car that had heavily tinted windows and the pungent smell of pot. The woman hit the gas, knicking the two cops and sped off, leading to a five mile chase until she got stopped by patrol cars at 15th street. The driver then hit the gas as a cop approached, nearly hitting him and causing the officer to shoot at the vehicle trying to get away. The driver abandoned the car at Houston Street and ran to the nearest housing projects with three people riding with her.

Also in Midtown, a man was stabbed with a hypodermic needle by a man he was arguing with in front of a 99 cent pizzeria.

Again in Midtown on Billionaire’s Row, two men held up a jewelry store at gunpoint at 5:25 p.m. and robbed it of $50,000 worth of merchandise.

And again in Midtown, a viral porn star hooking up with a man at a hotel through an app got held up at knifepoint in a rape attempt inside a room and got slashed in the hand.

And again in Midtown at the same hotel previously cited, two men accessed a hotel room by knocking on the door and knocked down and robbed a man inside of $600. These same two thieves also hit another hotel on the west side and one in Chelsea months earlier pulling the same stunt. Tourists are getting dumber lately.

And again in Midtown, a man held up the same bank he robbed a year ago by gunpoint, and made off with $7,800.

And again in Midtown at the 5th Avenue station, the escalator malfunctioned while commuters were still on it, as they walked up to find the top of the stairs warped and shredded.

And again in Midtown, a store employee catching a shoplifter got slashed in the face by him.

In Hell’s Kitchen, three manholes burst and spat out flames through the asphalt in perfect synergy.




















Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a man got hit by a hit-and-run driver while walking in the intersection.

In East Harlem, a man got shot in the hand as he was riding his bike making a food delivery.

In Harlem, a man threw a cinder block through a store window because he thought a display mannequin of Barack Obama was mocking him.


















Also in Harlem, a man attacked a 64-year-old woman from behind in an apartment building by pulling her out of an elevator she was entering and beating her down with punches and kicks.

In the Upper East Side, a man robbed a Tesla car from a man who left it running with the key still in so he can get a cup of coffee. The thief got caught which is lucky for him, those vehicles are known to spontaneously combust.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man got slashed in the face by a man who asked him he was dealing drugs then called him a fag when he said he wasn’t.

Again in the Upper East Side, a man looted four candlesticks worth a grand each from a church.

In Noho, a man randomly attacked a woman by throwing a metal gate at her, then yelled “tag you’re it”.
















In Hell’s Kitchen, two dumb drunk ass men attempted to take a short cut through a construction site while concrete was being poured. When a construction worker tried to stop him, they called him a racial slur and bragged about their hedonism, then beat him down to the ground while kicking him and punching him in the eye.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, an off-duty cop was arrested for crashing his vehicle into a median while driving drunk and ditching his vehicle. The cop actually did this over 15 months ago and is getting charged now for it.

In the East Village, a man attacked and strangled a man in his apartment over a woman he was dating.

Also in the East Village, a hydraulic line exploded in a garbage truck and turned Ave B into a sandbox.

In the Lower East Side, a domestic dispute between a man and his transgender girlfriend was quelled when the police showed up answering her 911 call. When the cops took him out of the closet, he broke free from them and grabbed a butcher knife and started stabbing her multiple times, leading the cops to shoot at him five times to stop him.

Also in the Lower East Side, a trash fire broke out in the tunnel between the 2nd Avenue and East Broadway causing massive delays and train rerouting.

Again in the Lower East Side, a woman threw a garbage can at another woman she was brawling with in front of a bar, slashing her in the neck.

And again in the Lower East Side at the East Broadway Station, a man got stabbed in the arm by another man he was arguing with by the metrocard machine. This was the station that a cop courageously fought off five men with his nightstick as they were approaching him.

And again in the Lower East Side at the Vladeck Houses, two men barged into a wheelchair-bound paraplegic 73-year-old man’s apartment and held him up at gunpoint. After turning the place upside down and scaring his caretaker, one of the thugs singed a hot butter knife on his knees while demanding money and they ran out the door with $300. The victim let them in because they claimed they were inspectors sent by NYCHA.

In No-Mad, construction workers at a luxury tower development site got sick from inhaling carbon monoxide fumes from generators they were operating for their power saws in the basement that required rescuing from the FDNY.

In Downtown Manhattan at the District Attorney’s Office, a hedonistic wealth exhibitionist hotel entrepreneur was arraigned on grand larceny charges for credit card fraud by filing false claims in an attempt to swindle $50,000 from American Express. Last summer, the city gave this guy permission to run a “pop-up” luxury tropical bar by Canal and Varick streets in Soho, where his little gutter oasis was siphoning water from a city fire hydrant.

Also in Downtown Manhattan, a man attempted suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge.

In Chelsea, a man rushed into a small business children’s clothing store and punched a saleswoman in the nose, forcing her to open the cash register and ran away with $100.

Also in Chelsea, a creeping, leaping, gliding, sliding ooze was found emanating from a vent at the 23rd Street Station on 8th ave.

Again in Chelsea, a man walked into a food market and grabbed a woman’s ass as she was sitting by a counter.

And again in Chelsea, two women jumped and beat down a woman on the sidewalk following an argument between them.

And again in Chelsea, a woman got punched in the face by a man as she stepped out of her car to argue with him.

In Grand Central, a man got killed when his bag got caught on the 7 train as it was leaving and dragged him off the platform, onto the tracks and up a staircase smashing his body into an electrical box.

In Inwood, a man followed a woman to her apartment building and jumped her in the vestibule, when he tried to pull down her pants she threw her cup of scalding coffee on him.

In Soho, a man shoplifted $1,000 worth of fancy clothing, two men stole $3,475 of fancy handbags, and a woman shoplifted two fancy bags from upscale designer stores.

Also in Soho, a woman beat up a man with an umbrellas inside an bank by an ATM machine.

In Morningside Heights, a man got killed when he got hit by an SUV as he was crossing the street.

In Hamilton Heights, a 16-year-old boy stalked a woman to her apartment building and grabbed from behind on the stairs and tried to undress her. The woman fought back, causing her and her attacker to fall down the stairs leading him to flee the building.

In Washington Heights, a man killed himself when he fell on the tracks from the platform while looking at his cellphone and got hit by the arriving train. This is going to going to be a regular thing soon enough.

And it’s been discovered by the NYPD intelligence unit that miniature guns that can fire two bullets can be concealed in fly sneakers.


In Bushwick at the Graham Ave. Station, a powerful gaseous stench from a somehow untraceable heating oil spill overwhelmed the station sickening passengers and three MTA workers assigned to clean it up. The MTA decided to keep the trains running despite it’s noxious presence.

But in East New York, the MTA took two L trains out of service during the morning rush because they found swastika stickers on them and had to take them back to the service yard so they can be removed (which could have been done later on with a razor blade and googone fluid). Even though the stickers were anti-swastika and and the only people they would offend are fascists.

This fucking sticker:

This Time, It’s a ‘No-Swastikas’ Sign Found on the New York City Subway by the Forward

I wonder if they were trying to impress AIPAC. I also wonder what will happen when Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel stickers will start showing up.

Also in Bushwick, a high school basketball coach shot and killed a student’s father when he complained to him that his son wasn’t getting enough time to play during games.

Again in Bushwick, 16 cement trucks were set on fire in a lot, arson is suspected.

And again in Bushwick, two men smashed a window of a synogogue while the owner, his family and fifteen other people were still inside.

And again in Bushwick, a man shot another man to death on the sidewalk and ran away with an accomplice.

Also in East New York, a bloody bag containing a dead fetus was found under a tree near a public school.

In Williamsburg, a woman walking on the sidewalk to meet up with an app-hail driver got accosted by a man who made disturbing conflicting gestures toward her. After she refused his advances, he grabbed her in the middle of the street and slashed her face with a razor blade and robbed her wallet containing $600.

Also in Williamsburg at the Bedford Ave. Station, a big ass wooden board fell from the ceiling and almost hit a woman on the platform. Workers at the scene acted like nothing unusual occurred and blew off the commuter’s demand to call the station manager.

And again in Williamsburg, some fucking imbecile drove his big dickhead truck onto the sidewalk to get around traffic. Which was already starting to flow when he almost hit two people standing on the corner.

And again in Williamsburg, a woman was killed by a hit-and-run driver in an gas tank truck while she was riding her bike. The cops on the scene predetermined that the fugitive who killed her didn’t see her. It will be expected that in order to prevent another tragedy like this, bike riders will be arbitrarily monitored by the NYPD in a ticket blitz to ensure their safety.

In Bed-Stuy, two men ordering food at a deli were confronted by two other men who got into an argument with them over their place for ordering sandwiches, which escalated into a fight and into the two customers getting stabbed.














Also in Bed-Stuy, four people were shot in an apartment building, including a man killed from shots to the chest and head.

Again in Bed-Stuy at the Utica Ave. Station, a woman attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving A train.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death on the roof of one of the Louis Armstrong houses.

And again in Bed-Stuy, four men jumped a man sitting on a stoop and pummeled him with clubs then robbed his phone and ran away.












And again in Bed-Stuy, a livery cab driver was accosted by a group of people led by a man who opened his car door and demanded a ride. The driver then shut the door and went into a bodega to call the cops. The man followed him inside and grabbed the drivers wallet then punched him and threw cans and bottles at him. The attacker was then joined by a woman who participated in the beatdown by hitting him with a metal rod.

In Flatbush, a 15-year-old boy was shot at point blank three times and killed by the front door of his apartment building as he was about to pickup a takeout order from a restaurant in a hit that was meant for his older brother.

In Flatlands, a 75-year-old woman was brutally stabbed to death by her son at her home.

Also in Flatlands, a house that was recently sold was set on fire.

In Borough Park, an impatient selfish shithead drove his car on the sidewalk as children were walking on it because there were buses there dropping off the kids at school.










Just as bad as the prick in that black car, the man who is standing there doesn’t even stop the motherfucker and waves him through.

Also in Borough Park, five homeless men accosted two homeless men while they were under their blankets keeping warm in the bitter cold weather, then kicked and punched them both and robbed them of five fucking bucks. One of the men is currently in a coma.








In Coney Island, an argument between two men escalated into a drive-by as a man in an SUV fired shots and drove off. He missed his target but hit two workers at a construction site nearby, one of them a woman who got hit in the chest and died hours later.

In Crown Heights, a man stabbed his mother to death in her apartment and hunger her upside down and set her on fire in her closet.

Also in Crown Heights, an assistant principal punched a student and slammed him into a table in a middle school cafeteria.

In Sunset Park at the Metropolitan Detention Center, inmates were freezing in their cells and were without hot water for weeks stemming from the warden’s claims of a fire that caused a power outage. Protesters who tried to access the prison were met with violent response from a phalanx of correction officers.

In Gravesend, a man broke into a van and robbed it of a video camera, $200, and credit cards which he used to buy cigarettes with.

Also in Gravesend, a woman died from injuries she got from crashing into an SUV while riding her bike.

In Park Slope at the 9th St. Station, four little rascals assaulted a woman and threw her to the floor of the platform and went through her pockets.

In Bay Ridge, a man extorted $14,000 from a restaurant when he was representing them in city office OATH meetings by forging documents claiming that the business had to pay fines.

Also in Bay Ridge at the 77th Street Station, a commuter got jumped by two men on the platform as one of them placed him in a headlock as his accomplice held him at knifepoint. They punched and kicked him, stole his wallet and jumped onto the tracks and ran away towards the tunnel.

Again in Bay Ridge, racist graffiti was found spray painted on a cargo container.

In East Flatbush, a man got shot to death on the street at 11 p.m.

Also in East Flatbush, a man got shot to death by his girlfriend’s brother in front of her house.

In Brownsville, an off-duty police officer strangled his wife in a domestic dispute.

Also in Brownsville, two cops in a squad car blasted a song from their intercom that was meant to offend and provoke a reaction from gang members hanging out by the Marcus Garvey Houses.

In Greenpoint, a man drove and crashed his truck into a three story house to avoid running over a cat.

Also in Greenpoint, two women arguing about money escalated when one of them stabbed the other in the neck and torso.

Again in Greenpoint, a woman got stabbed in the neck and chest by a man she was meetting with.

In Boerum Hill, a man detained by cops for sexual molestation escaped custody and was re-arrested.

In Downtown Brooklyn, wealthy tenants of a luxury apartment building are being accosted and harassed by the presence of obnoxious rich college students monopolizing the rooftop amenities and exhibiting themselves in the hallways as if it was a frathouse. All this overgrown juvie behavior stems from the building managements decision to turn a bulk of apartments into dorms so they can make twice the rent as students split two bedrooms. Guess these predatory developers can’t find takers for their exorbitant rent shithole apartments.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, planks of wood that formed a temp wall from a development site fell off the scaffolding and onto a hot dog vendor and his cart.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn, a smoldered car that burned on the street was still on the street for over a week until it was finally towed. Must have had one of those cherry city placards.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, an off-duty transit worker was accosted by two homeless people on the A train because of the ol’ stink eye look who then jumped on him and started beating him up, the worker socked the woman in the nose. The worker was summarily charged for defending himself and got suspended by the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Atlantic Avenue Station, a man jumping the turnstile got caught by two cops who pursued him as he tried to run away on the platform. During the arrest, they found him possessing a loaded gun.

In Red Hook, cops and their trusty dog procured two guns and stolen merchandise from a raid on a bodega.

Also in Red Hook, an off-duty fireman and his girlfriend got arrested for beating each other up in a domestic dispute.

In Gerristen Beach, a man was found dead on the shore by a nature trail.

In Brighton Beach, swastika graffiti was found on a playground jungle gym.

In Lefferts Gardens at the Parkside Ave Station, a goose landed on the platform then jumped onto the trackbed and waddled on the tracks, causing elongated delays as cops tried to capture it.

In Park Slope, a man looted a statue from a church and threw it in a garbage can.

And 50 Cent, who has been rapping about gangsta shit for 20 years, had to buy a bullet proof vest after a NYPD Inspector alluded to assassinating him after the rapper threatened him on social media.







In Williamsbridge, two men held up a food cart at gunpoint at 1:30 a.m. and robbed it of $1,000. The vendor bravely attempted to grab the gun from the thief’s hand but they slammed the door on him and ran away. The vendor moved his cart to a location three miles away and runs his business in the afternoon.

Also in Williamsbridge, two men jumped a man from behind, put him in a chokehold and threw him to the ground as they pummeled him with punches and kicks and then robbed his belongings.

In Grand Concourse, during a police investigation of carjackings and hold up robberies that occurred in the borough and also Gramercy Park and Sheepshead Bay, a cop approached a vehicle with three people in it, then the woman at the steering wheel backed up into her and pinned her against a parked vehicle, causing the officer to shoot in self-defense, hitting the driver twice, leading to the arrest of her and her passengers.

Also in Grand Concourse at the 149th Street Station, a elongated delay of the 4 train during rush hour caused the platform to fill to overcapacity.

Again in Grand Concourse, a 16-year-old boy took out a gun and shot at a group of men on the sidewalk in broad daylight while a little girl who was walking towards the shooter ran for cover. The kid is currently free by paying the bail set at $10,000 for the gang-related shooting. The prosecutors for the case wanted it set at $100,000.




In Mott Haven, a woman was arrested at her mother’s restaurant when she was filming cops doing a buy-and-bust drug sting. During the hassle, the cops threatened her claiming they were going to take her mother’s business away, conjuring up the NYPD’s advantageous and unfair abuse of the nuisance abatement law. The woman is suing the city for two million dollars. Mott Haven in the past year has become a real estate hotbed location.

Also in Mott Haven, a man committed suicide by jumping off the roof of an apartment building.

In Fordham, three men jumped a 17-year-old boy on a street corner and stabbed him to death for a stabbing the victim was involved in two months earlier.

In Morrisania, a woman who was hankering for a beef patty at a restaurant went berserk when the cashier told her they ran out. After debating with him, she left and returned with a baseball bat and smashed the window.



Also in Morrisania, a 60-year-old woman out for a walk was randomly attacked by a man who stabbed her multiple times.

In Parkchester, a woman arguing with a 70-year-old man inside a deli stabbed him to death.

In Woodstock, a man was shot to death in front of a pizzeria after being confronted by four men.

In Belmont, a mother and her son were murdered inside their home by the woman’s ex-boyfriend who strangled and stabbed her then bludgeoned her and her son with an exercise weight. Their killer committed suicide by jumping in front of a train at the Hartsville Station in Westchester.

In Jerome Park, an armed man walked up to a car and shot at it, hitting the driver in the back and paralyzing him.


In Tremont, four men invaded an apartment and held up four people at gunpoint and pistol whipped one of them as they robbed them of $5,000 and their cellphones and credit cards.

In Castle Hill,  a man answering a knock on the door of his apartment got shot in the eye when he looked into the peephole. Similar to what happened last November when a woman got shot to death.

In Edenwald, a woman got shot while sitting in her car stemming from an argument that escalated into a shooting on the street.

In Wakefield, a 14-year-old girl who ran away from home was found with a 35-year-old man who got convicted for raping a 19-year-old woman.

In Unionport, a bus driver ran over and killed a 68-year-old woman as she was walking in the crosswalk. In the video, the driver never makes a full stop and rolls the bus even as traffic ahead was moving.

In Crotona Park East, a nine-year-old girl committed suicide by hanging herself after her mother told her to stop using the cellphone.

In Co-Op City at the New England Thruway, two idiots racing in their BMW’s crashed into a smaller car, killing it’s driver.

In Concourse Village, a man followed an 89-year-old man to his apartment building and jumped him when he got out of the elevator, threw him to the ground and stole his heart medication.

In White Plains, a woman got raped and robbed of her purse by a man who took her to a motel after she was partying with friends in Manhattan earlier in the evening.

On the Cross-Bronx Expressway, a man got killed when he tried to aide a woman who was injured when she rear-ended another car and then four other vehicles collided with the crashed vehicles, sending him over the concrete median by impact.

Staten Island

In Arden Heights, a dead body of a man was found buried in the woods. It turned out that he was beaten to death with a baseball bat while he slept after a drug deal with two men and kept in the garage for 6 months in Greenridge.

In Willowbrook, a man was caught creeping into residents backyards adn leering into house windows.

In Pleasant Plains, a man lost his arm trying to kill himself on the railway train tracks.

At the Staten Island Mall, a person took some clothes into a change room and lit it on fire.

In Port Richmond, a woman threatened to burn an apartment building down then poured gasoline in the hallway.

In Annandale, a woman stabbed another woman in the neck at her apartment during a dispute.

In Elm Park, two men held up a woman at gunpoint and stole her purse.