New Bad Days 73: A Cop Stops And Frisks A Man For No Reason In Front Of A Witness Filming On A Celly; A Teenage Girl Gets Lynched On A Street Corner By A Gang Of Students From Her School; Two Men Pull Off An Easy Big Cash Heist At Aqueduct; Two Men Go On A Violent Crime Spree That Ends With Mugging An Elderly Essential Worker At His Home; A Cop Gets Sucker Punched And Another Cop Got Kicked And Fell On The Train Tracks While Arresting Perps; Xenophobic Assaults On Asian People, Auto Theft, Burglaries, Muggings, Shootings And Subway Crime Rise And Mayor de Blasio’s Tardy And Complacent Response To A Global Virus Outbreak Leads To 20,000 People Dying From COVID-19 In The Five Boroughs As Corpses Pile Up In Hospitals, Nursing And Funeral Homes, Tractor Trailers And Rental Trucks out yr dead. The casualties of COVID-19 and shitty and unaccountable government leadership

The ides of March came roaring after two straight months of escalating crime statistics…and then it suddenly stagnated and all stats dropped very dramatically.

Because COVID-19 came to town.

It was spreading vociferously across the globe and creeping steadily across this nation in a matter of weeks after tens of thousands got infected and thousands die at the city of Wuhan in the Hunain Province of China. Following a man who mysteriously caught the virus in February who worked in Midtown and commuted every day from and back to New Rochelle, leading to that town getting quarantined by Governor Cuomo.

Then people started dying in Washington where it was first found in America, then a rapid rise of cases leading to hundreds of deaths in Northern Italy. This was enough to influence every selfish citizen to resort to panic buying and hoarding in bulk hand sanitizer, bleach, masks and toilet paper. Everyone was running around pretty much in fear despite the rosy complacent statements made by President Trump even while he instituted travel bans.

After various statements and announcements understating the potential reach of COVID-19; the government of China, the World Health Organization and Trump’s Centers for Disease Control started ramping up serious warnings as cases started to rise, most predominantly in New York City. In the face of the global pandemic these harrowing and foreboding developments and signs of society at the genesis of it’s upheaval, the city’s response and defense had to be thoroughly robust and required maximum effort and collaboration from all officials appointed and elected.

Instead your city got Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Yes, Bill de Blasio. Mayor Big Slow de Blasio really lived up to his fucking nickname I gave him by not treating the slow creep of COVID-19 with the severity it truly warranted. With a complacency that mimicked the near lysergic daily denials of President Donald Trump’s handling of the spreading disease that has bankrupted the nation.

When a woman became the first COVID-19 case in Mayor Big Slow’s jurisdiction in Manhattan, suddenly the man who was derelict all summer from his job while running for president last year decided to take the reins and take absolute control in the battle against the invisible enemy. Taking his bizarre response when Ebola hit NYC in his first year in office when a hipster doctor who contracted it decided to go to bunch of cool places in areas of the Two Bridges of Brooklyn and Manhattan when Bill decided to retrace it in an act of bravery in the face of a contagion, Bill decided repeat this act of haughty defiance with a novel virus by (in his own mind) inspiring his constituents to do the same and go to restaurants, bars and see some movie he recommended as talks about an entire state lockdown was being discussed.

Then the dumbass Mayor continued his version of “leadership'” by keeping the schools open, even after concerned parents and even faculty demanded that he shut them down. While blowing off their concerns he was still in contemplation of letting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade go on. When the day came when COVID-19 took over the planet on March 15 2020, Governor Cuomo finally stepped in and closed all schools himself in addition to declaring the entire state of New York shutdown at the end of the week.

Although even with the state order of most businesses to close down especially in ones where the virus can spread the easiest like restaurants, bars, movie theaters and workout gyms; de Blasio in utter defiance of this state of emergency still went to the Park Slope Y to conduct city busi….I mean “work out” one last time at the cost of taxpayers collective money and the sanity of his staffers and the cops assigned to protect him.

Then his insistence on still holding the reins for the COVID-19 response along with his megalomania was driving his Department of Health gonzo. He then continued his pattern of misinformation. Responding surely to palpable frustration of his staffers and the health commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot, the mayor decided to take his ego-driven micro-mismanagement stylings to a 311 call center and gave horrendously wrong information to a caller and to prop up his fucking wife’s Thrive program and integrate it with the COVID-19 emergency services. And as expected with an agency that wasted 850 million dollars run by an even bigger megalomaniac and indicative of his barely recent 311, all their advice to callers were wrong.

Following these two weeks of the Mayor’s chaos making in addition his petty feud with his Cuomo, cases accelerated to 10,000 in a matter of weeks as the few local hospitals were getting jammed, none more devastating than the epicenter of the pandemic at Elmhurst Hospital. of residents line up for coronavirus testing outside of NYC ...

COVID-19 laid seige over the city in New York Minute. Thousands of city service workers were suddenly calling sick and getting infected. Doctors and nurses were not invulnerable mainly because of the widely reported lack of PPE supplies.

Meanwhile, crime went down a dramatic 20% after horrifying gains in major crimes in the months of January and February and it took a contagion to do it even as thousands of cops called in sick.

Then hundreds of people were dying every day as the load was too much for medical staff at hospitals across the five boroughs that bodies were literally being hauled on forklifts like piles of meat. Nursing homes resorted to ugly measures to handle the dying piling up and funeral homes couldn’t handle the onslaught of corpses.


But as COVID-19 cases getting hospitalized and casualties kept mounting up; the Mayor, while still micro-mismanaging the response and begging the stingy President Trump to send more PPE’s and ventilators to gravely under-supplied hospitals, under-supplied his constituents of data of where the majority of the COVID-19 positive cases were located. The first one the city put up for weeks had no zip codes and then has the cases and deaths mounted, they put up a comparably more descriptive map with the zip codes after it was reported that Newark, New Jersey had a more detailed COVID-19 case map that included them.


This showed that while his constituents were sick and dying, de Blasio and his staffers were more busy machinating results and keeping crucial information about where the most afflicted were located from the public, while giving them an interpretation of transparency while obfuscating the true data. This control measure was laid bear when a photographer had his drone confiscated by deBlasio’s NYPD after he flied it over Hart’s Island as mass graves of COVID-19 casualties were being buried. All of this was just a continuation of secrecy maintenance being executed to keep the schools open by not disclosing if any faculty contracted the virus as de Blasio, Carranza and his cronies and minions made sure they kept the cases hidden from concerned parents and from educators. This criminal insouciance became lethal when a beloved principal from a Brownsville public school succumbed to the disease and died a week after the schools closed. She was only 36 years old.

It didn’t take long when it was revealed that the biggest hot zones came from neighborhoods where the majority are Black and Hispanic. Plus they were working poor people and had further commutes from the city and they were all now considered essential workers and frontline workers. 

Apparently and obviously, if these workers from the north and east parts of the Bronx and South and East and Southeast Brooklyn and Queens knew how heavily contagious their areas were, they probably would have took the proper precautions or understandably be discouraged to come to work. But the essential populace has to come in and make the city run no matter what. Even if they can’t barely afford to live in the city. The economic inequities of the past 20 years made established by the powerful of NYC has ingrained a catch-22 lifestyle for it’s residents most vulnerable to poverty and now a novel virus.

As of this writing, over 20,000 people have died of coronavirus in the five boroughs. The most deaths in a city in the nation and on the planet. Sure, Donald Trump is mostly responsible because he kept exhibiting abject denial of the contagion capabilities for months, but all the evidence was in and de Blasio, being feigning to be a progressive himself is supposed to believe in the science of things in addition to being a vociferous critic of the president. But like his GOP rival, de Blasio was as much in abject denial as he was and is a megalomaniac like him. Maybe even more.

Because this may have been the moment when the city was doomed to be taken over by COVID-19, the biggest, deadliest terrorist cell on the planet. At a press briefing regarding coronavirus and in mere few seconds, de Blasio grabbed the mic from a man and declared that the pathogen’s shelf life on most surfaces was only for about 3 minutes even though it was common knowledge for weeks (even by Governor Cuomo) that it can hang on most common surfaces for about 3 days


de Blasio’s proclivity to big foot people was on full display. And despite being called on this by a reporter from Gothamist right there, he kept standing by this ignorant turd of a theory just like Trump kept comparing COVID-19 the common flu for a month.


And the Blaz kept expounding on his idiot theorem for the rest of the week as he bottomed out by saying the virus can’t handle staying on a city surface for long compared to upstate or anywhere else. In Bill’s hollow skull, the coronavirus can tolerate remaining on a door handle in say Buffalo but it can’t handle settling on a Grand Central subway station hand rail for more than 140 seconds.

As with most tragedies that lay permanent damage to society, COVID-19’s chickens came home to roost in the form of reports that exemplified de Blasio’s idiotic interpretation of leadership in the city’s unpreparedness. Most glaringly in the superior response and defense made by the city of San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed, who wasted no time and scheduled a lockdown and the oft-quoted shelter-in-place law that shut most non-essential businesses down on the day of the week when the Blaz was balthering his 3 minute rule for coronavirus. The result saved thousands of more lives and resulted in hilarious juxtaposing of tweets the mayors made on the same day of their most publicized responses.

Truly a tale of two leaders. One who actually took the outbreak and essentially her job seriously and one who was encouraging people to keep mingling and go out on the town, even telling potential vectors to take in a movie 3 days later.

One who responded proactively and one who prioritized leisure over precaution.

Total number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in San Francisco? 1,891 and 33.

Total number of cases and deaths in Mayor Big Slow de Blasio’s and your city of New York? 184,417 and 20,056 and counting. The Blaz’s lethal complacency made mortality rates 6000 times worse.

Now that it has been reported that tens of thousands of people traversing NYC were carrying the virus as early as January and February and that unaware vectors carried it while traveling from NYC, it’s very likely that de Blasio’ twitter movie recommendation might have accelerated the outbreak to the rest of America. Because who else would de Blaz try to inspire to go to restaurants, bars and shows and movies as residents were buying and hoarding all the Purell and toilet paper? Tourists, in the hopes that they will spend as much money before the city was about to lock down.

Mayor de Blasio has spent the last 2 months trying to make up for his fuckups by continuing to cosplay himself as a leader in the fight against COVID-19. And he’s doing this by trying to throw the burden of flattening the curve mostly on his constituents to report any social distancing violations (which led to hilarious results and mocking reports of his own public appearances) or potential street encampments by the homeless population who refuse to go to dangerous and over crowded shelters. He also blabbed about throwing a parade for doctors and nurses while they were still running short on PPE supplies, ventilators and beds for the thousands of COVID-19 patients coming.

The Blaz has kept up his micro-mismanaging as tests are still hard to get for the majority of citizens mostly from the hardest hit hot zone areas, even as he ignores their demands for them.

Most damning of all, if that’s even possible with all the dead and ailing, de Blasio found time to continue his recidivist pay to play city services with his donors. This time with tech gadget wholesaler who donated to his re-election and farcical presidential campaign PAC’s to acquire PPE’s and medical devices for hospitals and adult care facilities and Contractor Gadget still came up short delivering them. de Blasio doesn’t know shit about preparing for a crisis and evidently leading a city during one, but his brain cells get energized the second an opportunity comes up to make sure anyone who gave him money immediately gets a cherry contract with the city.

Bill has also taken to hold a daily live streaming “media availability” to update his constituents and the press regarding case and death updates and all other things COVID much in the vein and in mimicry of Governor Cuomo’s now nationally renowned daily press briefings in vain effort at transparency and accountability to make up for their initial gross negligence at the start of the outbreak. But what these two mooks have done from the start of this plague was basically orchestrate a parody of government preparedness.


Meanwhile, back on the streets of New York; crime in the month of March went down a dramatic 20% after horrifying gains in major crimes in the months of January and February, the only exception is a rise in bias crimes against Asian people who are being targeted by xenophobes blaming them for spreading COVID-19. Although vehicular speeding went up because of ample room on the streets from the public sheltering in place. Burglaries shot up because all of the non-essential small business stores are closed. (sans national chain stores). But that is only a small respite since 20% of the NYPD are calling in sick or already infected.

But robberies are starting to creep back up again and it can be attributed to the mask protocols every citizen has to follow, which makes it easier to evade identification from the victims and the cops.  More crime is taking place in the subway, as homeless habitation as increased tenfold which led the MTA to cut four hours of service for thorough cleaning. Car theft has also on the rise. Murders are also going up because the streets are more deserted and unnervingly quiet. All this can be attributed to a depleted police force that’s either sick or are being deployed to make sure no one is less than 6 ft. apart from each other (easy solution and evasion, just take two steps back when 5-O shows) and also of thousands let out of prison to prevent the spread of contagion among the prisoners and the C.O.’s..

With COVID-19 still holding the city under siege, along with the economy in purgatory who knows what the near future and state of society of New York will hold for it’s residents if the money runs out for them and also the state and city’s coffers run by two moronic megalomaniacs heavily busy covering their asses while remodeling themselves as leaders and protectors.


Ozone Park liquor store stickup 1

In South Ozone Park, a man held up a liquor store at gunpoint as his three buddies assisted him in robbing $100 and $700 worth of booze.

Also in South Ozone Park, two men wearing held up two security guards and a worker at gunpoint in the building at the Aqueduct race track as they were moving over $270,000 in cash. The thieves then locked them in a room and told them to count to a thousand  made off with the booty and their cellphones in what was claimed was an inside job. The men were wearing surgical masks to obscure their faces and to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19.

Again in South Ozone Park, a man got killed driving in his car when his friend who wasn’t licensed to drive crashed his car into him after speeding and running a stop sign

In Ozone Park, a man broke into a Popeye’s and broke open a couple of empty cash registers, so he decided to steal a bunch of uniforms instead. Shockingly he didn’t take any of those notoriously famous chicken sandwiches.

Also in Ozone Park at the Rockaway Blvd. Station, two men duked it out on the platform.

Again in Ozone Park, a man was busted in possession of a cache of bullets and around 25 rifles at his house when cops were called there to investigate an assault.

In Jamaica, a man without pants but with a gun held up a woman then forced her head onto his crotch and robbed her purse and ran away.

Also in Jamaica, a boy was wielding a knife on the street by a public school.

Again in Jamaica, a man involved with two other men tried to rob a man during a drug deal at a hotel decided to flee by jumping out a window and fell to the pavement when he tried to use his jacket as a parachute.

And again in Jamaica, three elderly people died on the same night inside a nursing home in a span of four hours as the COVID-19 outbreak was starting to spread in the town.

And again in Jamaica, a man speeding in his car coming off the Van Wyck crashed into another car merging into the service road and then he killed himself after crashing into another car and then into a check cashing store.

And again in Jamaica, a man went into a 7-11 and threatened workers at knifepoint and tried to open a safe with the weapon. When that obviously failed he stole some candy and smokes and ran.

And again in Jamaica, a man got stabbed to death trying to break up a fight between two men on the street in the pouring rain. All that was left after the murder was the victim’s shoes.

And again in Jamaica, a man broke into a pancakes house with a brick, then robbed some Ipads and every worker’s payroll checks.

And again in Jamaica, a woman was found dead sitting on a bench inside a courtyard.

And again in Jamaica, a man pulled a gun on a 15-year-old girl on the sidewalk, forced her behind a building and raped her.

And again in Jamaica, a gang of three men mugged two people on the same block in a span of 20 minutes when they punched two men from behind and robbed them collectively of 80 bucks and a cellphone.

And again in Jamaica, eight men were busted and arraigned for running a gun and narcotic operation.

In South Richmond Hill, a woman got clobbered in the head from behind by two women who stole her cellphone.

Also in South Richmond Hill, a woman lit a Hindu flag on fire in front of a temple.

In Flushing, a man rushed towards a woman standing on the sidewalk and yoinked $400 from her hand and ran.

Also in Flushing, two men attacked a boy from behind with a blunt object then smacked his face and robbed his phone and gold chain.

Again in Flushing, a man broke into a nail salon and robbed it of $300.

And again in Flushing, a 14-year-old boy was beaten and robbed of his cellphone by a group of men inside a Best Buy.

And again in Flushing, a city councilman was attacked then beaten down by three boys who tried to steal his cellphone in the lobby of his apartment building.

And again in Flushing, a man was found dead on the grass in Kissena Park.

And again in Flushing, a man got killed when he was run over by a man driving an SUV who intentionally ran him down after missing him the first time.

And again in Flushing, two men knocked another man down to the sidewalk and robbed 100 bucks off him.

And again in Flushing, a nursing home received a death threat from a man who complained about the mismanagement and the maltreatment towards the residents and the 29 people who died of coronavirus inside there. At least that was the amount that was confirmed at the time.

In Forest Hills, a xenophobic man yelled bigoted remarks at a man with his son then followed them around to a bus stop and smacked him on the head because he wasn’t wearing a respirator mask.

Also in Forest Hills, two men broke into a supermarket by sawing through it’s roof and stole $10,00 from the registers.

Again in Forest Hills at the 71st Ave Station, a homeless man in a wheelchair stabbed a woman in the back on the platform.

In Ridgewood, a woman got killed while crossing the street by a speeding motorcycle rider as she was going home from work.

Also in Ridgewood, two men snatched a wallet from a car and used the card to buy some grub and some shit online.

Again in Ridgewood, two women broke into an art studio and stole a bunch of wigs worth 13 grand.

In Glendale, two men entered a vehicle and punched the driver in the face and held him up at knife and gun point, robbing $100 off him.

Also in Glendale and Ridgewood, a man broke into a pizzeria then a Chinese restaurant and robbed $233 and a laptop.

In Maspeth, a man slashed another man in the face and stabbed him in the stomach multiple times at a nite club.

Also in Maspeth, a man reported missing for 3 months was found dead in a car with his wrists and throat slashed.

In Astoria, a man stole a woman’s car when she left it behind for a few seconds to feed stray cats by a public school.

Also in Astoria, a man grifted a saleswoman at a jewelry store by swiping a fake ring with one worth $11,000 when he diverted her attention.

Again in Astoria, a man stabbed his 96-year-old grandmother to death and committed suicide by doing the same to himself at her house.

And again in Astoria at the Broadway Station, a man got mugged by two men who beat him up and robbed his cellphone after arguing with them on the N train.

And again in Astoria, a man sat down next to a 16-year-old girl on the R train and showed her some porn on his cellphone.

And again in Astoria at the Ditmars Blvd Station, a man was found dead on the N train.

And again in Astoria, a man broke into a restaurant forced to shut down and robbed 8 grand worth of alcohol, $1,000 and a bunch of walkie talkies. Then he came back a week later and failed to break a newly installed lock.

And again in Astoria, an EMT worker committed suicide by shooting himself in his car by the pier. He was only on the job for 2 months after being rushed out into the streets on tactical response duty by the state to provide emergency care for COVID-19 case calls.

And again in Astoria, three men feigning to be cops barged into a house looking for guns after threatening two people inside who didn’t have any

In Elmhurst, Maspeth, and Woodside, 2 men broke into seven small businesses in a one month burglary spree, making off with $12,000 in cash plus tools, jewelry, thousand dollars worth of electronic products, an Ipad and a bottle of wine.

Also in Elmhurst, a man attacked a man as he was about to enter his home and then threw him down the steps and robbed his wallet.

In Rego Park, a man broke into a restaurant by putting his foot through the glass door and stole $180 from the registers.

Also in Rego Park, a man made xenophobic comments towards a woman and broke her cellphone by slapping it to the ground as she was about to take a photo.

In Kew Gardens, a man hit a woman with his car as she was crossing the boulevard and then he went to look at her and went back in his car and split.

In Jackson Heights, a 76-year-old woman was killed when she got hit by a driver turning his SUV while she was crossing the street in her mobility scooter.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver in the middle of the street.

Again in Jackson Heights, a man sexually molested a 15-year-old girl on the 7 train.

And again in Jackson Heights, a man broke into a restaurant and a bakery and stole $6,000 and $2,000 in workers paychecks.

In Kew Gardens Hills, a 74-year-old man was mugged by a gang of boys who knocked him down and rifled through his pockets and found nothing to steal.

Also in Kew Gardens Hills, a man ripped off a purse from a 79-year-old woman.

In Woodhaven, a 17-year-old boy got hit by a car while riding his bike as he just made the light in seconds and the driver swerved around a bus when his light changed.

In Sunnyside, a man sat next to a 16-year-old girl on the R train and showed her porn he was watching on his cellphone.

Also in Sunnyside, at the 46th St./Bliss St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 7 train.

In Woodside, a man got killed on the BQE when a car crashed into his when he tried to merge into another lane and got cut off.

Also in Woodside, a man got slashed in the face by two men in front of a nite club.

Again in Woodside, an fireman robbed a flatbed cover off a pickup truck while on duty and driving an FDNY vehicle.

And again in Woodside, 78-year-old woman who overcame coronavirus was stabbed to death at her house by her son.

In Hunters Point, three dead end kids accessed a conductor booth on the 7 train with an official NYC transit key and opened the rear door while the train was running.

In Long Island City, a man committed suicide by jumping 41 floors off a luxury building.

Also in Long Island City, a man took out a gun and shot it inside a Queensbridge Houses building.

Again in Long Island City, two men shot up a man in front of a strip club, hitting him the arm and shoulder.

And again in Long Island City, two men ran up to another man and slashed his hand in broad daylight.

And again in Long Island City at the Queens Blvd. Station, two men attacked and assaulted a transit worker by the turnstiles and chased him with a golf club.

And again in Long Island City, a man broke into a gas station and robbed scratch tickets and $200.

In Corona, a man was found dead lying on the concrete in front of an industrial building.

In Oakland Gardens, a brawl inside a nite club spilled outside and then a man pulled out a gun and shot a man in the groin.

In Rosedale, a man slashed another man in the face by a niteclub.

In Bayside, a man shot at a crowd and hit three men outside a niteclub after getting bounced out for being involved in a brawl inside.

In Whitestone, a man committed suicide by jumping off the Throggs Neck Bridge and his body washed up at Little Bay Park. As cops were investigating the area, passerby arrived and clustered into groups to gawk and take celly pictures, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Also in Whitestone, an off-duty cop was killed instantly when he was rear-ended by another car that was drag racing on the Cross-Island Expressway.

On Rikers Island, a prisoner gouged his eyeball out of his skull as C.O.’s tried to restrain him.

In Riis Park, a humpback whale died and washed ashore on the sand.

In Edgemere, a man was found dead by the boardwalk.

In Laurelton, a man broke into a used car emporium and stole fifty car keys. Then he returned to break into the lot but didn’t have a key for that lock on the gate.

A dead body was found floating in the water near Roosevelt Island.



In Canarsie, a man was apprehended by an undercover cop after he walked from a park and pushed against a store metal gate during a search for marijuana. The man pleaded with the cop and asked for his name as he was being held and then the cop refused to repsond and reached for his taser but hesitated when he noticed a woman filming the unreasonable search with her phone. Then six more cops arrived and they all of them forced the man to the concrete with one cop pressing on the man’s forearm with his leg as they all continued to tussle with him to give the optics that he was resisting arrest. After the rendition styled arrest, they went to look for the weed they presumed he ditched. Without their flashlights.

The cops were dispatched to the area where a presumed shooting occurred, but apparently a guy smoking a blunt was more important than someone getting critically injured or killed from a bullet or two. Say goodbye to another 50 million tax dollars courtesy of de Blasio’s NYPD

Also in Canarsie, the road collapsed when a water main broke and caused the streets to flood.

Again in Canarsie, cops responding to a social distancing protocol violation call raided a barber shop where a rap video was being filmed and a party ensued afterwards. 60 people were charged with summons and twelve people were arrested when two guns were found on the premises.

In Crown Heights, a 15-year-old girl was chased by and then beaten down and robbed of her sneakers on a street corner in broad daylight by a lynch mob of 15 boys and one girl. It was reported that it was retaliation for another girl that the victim had a fight with. Apparently that girl is very, very popular. The boy who jumped and stomped on her should be lucky his mother didn’t kill him and got off with a curfew by the city.



In Crown Heights, dozens of rearview mirrors with sensor cameras were ripped from luxury cars overnight.

Also in Crown Heights, a woman was being photographed by a man from a building across from her without her consent. When the cops arrived, they dismissed her invasion of privacy as a “New York experience”.

Again in Crown Heights, three men demanded money from two men in two separate mugging attempts, only to be stopped by a community vigilante group.

And again in Crown Heights, a city worker drove into a car being towed, which caused it to roll down the street and crash into two parked vehicles.

And again in Crown Heights, a woman was stabbed to death in her boyfriend’s apartment.

And again in Crown Heights, the corpses of eight elderly people were left to rot inside one room inside a nursing home.

And again in Crown Heights, a man stalked another man walking on the sidewalk and shot him to death at point blank range at the back of his head. Prior to this killing, the victim stuck a knife at a man who caught him trying to break into parked cars.

And again in Crown Heights, a man shot at another man hitting him in the head in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was stabbed to death on a stoop of an apartment building in the early evening following an argument with his killer.

In East New York, a man shot and killed his wife and attempted suicide but only wounded himself inside his SUV.

Also in East New York, a man broke into a church twice in a week and stole cash and two watches.

Again in East New York at the Van Siclen Ave. Station, a woman collapsed on the platform and died from complications from the coronavirus.

And again in East New York at the New Lots Ave. Station, a man sleeping on the 3 train got awaken by cops who caught him with a 44 Magnum gun. That thing will blow your head clean off and will make you forget how many bullets you shot.

And again in East New York, a man got shot to death during a shootout at a gas station in broad daylight as his killer fled the scene in a Mercedes.

And again in East New York, a nursing home had to resort to turning up the air conditioner to cover the stench of death from 10 people that died from coronavirus in there.

And again in East New York, a man convicted of rape that was sprung from Rikers so he wouldn’t catch COVID-19 jumped a woman on the sidewalk and forced her into an alley as he beat her then attempted to rape her.

In Williamsburg, a man sneaked up behind a woman and bashed a bottle over her head in a bar.

Also in Williamsburg, a water main ruptured at the Bedford Avenue Station causing floods and rerouting of transit lines. The Canarsie Tunnel was supposed to be done by now.

Again in Williamsburg, a man engaged in an argument with four men and then they attacked him while on of them stabbed him twice.

And again in Williamsburg, three men shoplifted $8,000 worth of b-boy gear from a store.

And again in Williamsburg, a man stabbed a homeless man to death on the J train he had an argument with and then the killer got off at the Lorimer St. Station. The lowlife wore a mask so not to infect others while running away.

And again in Williamsburg, two men ripped off a purse from a woman then one of them hit her on the head with his gun when she tried to get it back. Then the gunman pistol whipped a man who tried to stop them.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a bus driver got into an argument with a woman and spat on her as she was going out the door with her two kids. After she was having last words with him while the door was still opened and then walked away, the driver then left his post and ran towards her and spit on her and her kids again. This happened the day after the second positive COVID-19 case was announced in the news.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Atlantic Ave. Station, a xenophobic man menaced and slurred another man on the platform then accused him of spreading COVID-19 and despite that exhortation, decided to spit on him.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn, a woman broke into a room in a courthouse by swinging an ax at the door’s window.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Eastern Parkway Station, a homeless man lit cardboard on fire on the 2 train.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a truck exploded into flames on the BQE.

In Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death from two shots in the chest in front of a strip club.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man climbed up onto the roof of a senior citizen center and wielded a toy rifle towards passerby on the sidewalks.

Again in Bed Stuy, a man sitting in his pick up truck hit the gas when he saw cops approaching and then engaged in a car chase with them all the way to Brooklyn Heights where he got apprehended.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a woman was attacked by eight men in the middle of the street who beat her down and robbed her sneakers. Just like in that video from Crown Heights above.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man broke into a public school through the second floor window and robbed 25 ipads, 20 metrocards and 400 bucks.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man on a bike rolled up to a car at a gas station and robbed a wallet inside of it while the driver was filling it up.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man was found dead in a burning barrel that a man set on fire in a basement of an apartment building where he worked as a super. Then he tried to flee when he let the firemen in to put it out. The psycho killer shot him in the head and sat in the seat his victim regularly took at a church.

And again in Bed-Stuy, two boys shoplifted snacks and soda from a deli and then threw the cash register at a worker after the store manager tried to stop them.

And again in Bed-Stuy at the Woodhull Hospital, an 86-year-old woman got killed when a woman got angered when she felt she wasn’t giving her enough social distancing space and then she hopped out of her bed and smacked her hard enough to knock her on the floor, cracking the elderly woman’s head open.

And again in Bed-Stuy, two men crashed a house party inside a man’s apartment and shot him to death when he tried to stop them from robbing cash from him and his guests.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man held up and robbed a bodega at gunpoint in broad daylight. The perp wore a mask to avoid spreading COVID-19 and recognition.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man was found dead inside his apartment that was discovered by firemen who just put out a blaze inside the building.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man got shot to death in front of the Sumner Houses.

And again in Bed-Stuy, two men loitering in front of an apartment building followed an 83-year-old man as he went inside then attacked him inside an elevator and held him up at gunpoint and robbed his wallet containing money orders and a benefits card he was going to use to pay his insurance bills. The man was coming home from his job working as a security guard for a pharmacy. He is 83 years old and still working for a living in America. During a pandemic. An 83 year-old man is an “essential worker” in the purgatory economy instead of being retired and relaxing for the rest of his years on earth.


In Bushwick, three boys attempted to rob a woman sitting her car by shooting a stun gun at her but her window was closed and she drove away and then the gang grabbed a man walking on the sidewalk and stunned him and robbed his shopping bag. They then went to Bed-Stuy and zapped a woman and robbed her handbag.

Also in Bushwick, a man was shot to death inside his car.

Again in Bushwick, two men broke into a restaurant and robbed the register containing $560.

And again in Bushwick, a man decided to climb up the staircase on the canopy then gingerly balance and sit on the edge at the Flushing Ave. Station.

In Brownsville, 40 teenagers engaged in a massive brawl by an apartment building that spilled onto the street that cops who arrived at the scene had difficulty breaking up.


Also in Brownsville, a man broke into a chain sneaker and sport team merchandise store and robbed thousands of dollars worth of sneakers and baseball caps but got caught by the cops tailing him in his SUV.

Again in Brownsville, four men were shot at and hit in a fusillade of gunfire in front of an apartment building.

And again in Brownsville, a man broke into a 99 cent store through a wall in a church he entered from the roof and robbed it of $1,400.

And again in Brownsville, a man got shot to death inside a public housing building after he tried to break up a fight between two women. The killer then sought refuge in an apartment that was occupied with 9 other people.

And again in Brownsville, an NYPD cruiser crashed into an EMT vehicle at an intersection while both were answering emergency calls.


In Clinton Hill, a man suckerpunched a woman and then threw her to the ground and continued assaulting her. The woman fought back when he tried to rape her, but he still ran off with her backpack.

In Park Slope, a man who got cut off by another driver caught up to him and swerved in front and obstructed him. Then he got out of his car and pulled out a gun and shot four times at the other driver’s front windshield, hitting him in the head. Then went back in his car and drove away.

In Fort Greene, a man stalked a woman on the sidewalk then caught up to her and hit her head with a bag and ran away.

Also in Fort Greene, a woman was attacked by her grandmother and her boyfriend who hit her with a broomstick, put her in a chokehold and strangled her on a park pedestrian path.

Again in Fort Greene at the Nevins St. Station, a woman threw an oxygen tank towards the arriving 3 train and caused an explosion on the tracks.

And again in Fort Greene, a 17-year-old boy was shot at four times and got hit in the leg as a woman got hit in the leg by a stray bullet when she was out shopping with her family when the shooter’s target walked by them on the street.

And again in Fort Greene at the Lafayette St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving C train.

And again in Fort Greene, a man strangled another man inside a homeless shelter.

And again in Fort Greene, a man shoved a man to the ground as he was locking his e-motored cycle and drove off with it.

And again in Fort Greene, a man threw a chair at a restaurant door.

And again in Fort Greene, a man was surrounded and by six other men who forced him off and robbed his ebike.

And again in Fort Greene, a man stole a bike from restaurant after he failed to rob cash from the register.

In Clinton Hill, a man was surrounded by four men and got beat down and robbed of his ebike.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man left his citibike unattended on a tree and it wound up getting stolen.

Again in Clinton Hill, a man had his bike robbed at the moment he was delivering a pizza.

In Flatbush at the Beverly Road Station, a man punched a train conductor in the face and knocked him down to the platform floor after he held the cars door open.

Also in Flatbush, a woman working in a restaurant was mobbed by ICE agents and shot pepper spray on her, then held her on the floor to detain her for arrest while trying to block her co-worker from filming them.

Again in Flatbush, a man grabbed a woman’s ass and showed his choad as she was exiting a train station.

And again in Flatbush, a man killed himself when he crashed into a car at intersection while speeding and running the red light.

And again in Flatbush, a man stabbed two other men multiple times while brawling with them in the lobby of an apartment building.

And again in Flatbush, an MTA conductor caught a homeless man taking a shit on the 2 train.

And again in Flatbush, an off-duty bus driver was found with a unlicensed gun on him after the cops searched him when he ran from a dice game on the street (while violating pandemic protocols with two other men).

And again in Flatbush, a man killed himself while riding his bike when he steered in front of a bus and wound up getting run over.

And again in Flatbush, a woman who died from an drug overdose was found wrapped up in a tarp and left with bags of garbage by a sidewalk shed.

And again in Flatbush, a man was caught hauling a corpse into a Uhaul truck by a Samaritan who then called a cops. Another man showed up and continued to haul the dead woman’s body inside the trailer but got stop by cops. I wonder where those two were taking that corpse?

By coincidence in Flatlands, nearly 60 corpses were rawly piled and stored inside Uhaul trucks and a van and on the floor inside the funeral home were it was parked in front of without refrigeration for weeks were found by the proper authorities following complaints by area residents of the overwhelming putrid stench of mass death and embalming fluid found flowing on the sidewalk in front of the building. Found also were multiple bottles of gallons of bleach to stem the odor that the people involved got around to use.


Also in Flatlands, two men abiding by pandemic protocols by wearing masks ganged up on a man inside the lobby of an apartment building, pistol whipped him and held him up at knifepoint and stole his cellphone and $117.

In Sunset Park, a man stalked another man as he was walking on the sidewalk, then ran after him and threw him down to the pavement and stabbed him over a dozen times.

Also in Sunset Park, a man harassed and slurred two cops who were sitting in their patrol vehicle while filming his provocation on his cellphone.

Again in Sunset Park, cops a man was caught stealing 10 letters containing CARES act stimulus checks at an apartment building. The judge should sentence him a day for each dollar he tried to take.

In Mapleton, an ambulance responding to an emergency flipped over and crashed after a driver advanced into the intersection in his/her SUV.

In Mill Basin, a dollar van driver hit and ran over a woman riding her bike in the intersection by the Kings Plaza mall and then he ditched his vehicle and tried to flee, but was caught and held by good Samaritans and arrested.

Also in Mill Basin by the KP again, a man got pissed when he got an bad cinnamon bun and he threw a napkin dispenser at the cashier’s head even though she reimbursed him.

In Midwood, a man outraged with a group of people congregating took it out on a man he was arguing with and hit him with his car.

In Borough Park at the Fort Hamilton Station, a xenophobic man yelled at woman blaming her for COVID-19 and stole her cellphone.

Also in Borough Park, a man rammed another man into a metal gate and shot pepper spray at his face.

Again in Borough Park, a man sneaked up to a woman as she was taking out the garbage and threw acid in her face in a pandemic based bias attack. The creep was stalking her for weeks.


And again in Borough Park, a fireman contracted coronavirus after he was spat on by three teenage boys.

And again in Borough Park, cops were having difficulty and tripping over themselves on the street trying to supervise crowd control social distancing at a Orthodox Hasidic funeral procession.


In Bensonhurst, a man walked up to a police car with the high beams flashing and threw blunt objects at the windshield then punched and broke the side view mirror.

Also in Bensonhurst, 32 animals were found starving to death and discarded inside the basement apartment of a house.

In Bay Ridge, a 66-year-old man got killed crossing the street while walking his dog when a 19-year-old man hit him while speeding in his car. The dog, while injured, walked all the way home following the incident.

Also in Bay Ridge, an off-duty fireman was slashed in the face by a man who’s going out with his ex-girlfriend.

Again in Bay Ridge, a man snatched a $1,500 chain from a man’s neck as he was walking on the sidewalk.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man committed suicide by jumping off from his balcony at an apartment building.

In Red Hook, a man repeatedly punched then kicked and bashed a chair on a laundromat worker’s head after a machine broke on him.

In Sunset Park, a paranoid man sprayed fabric refreshener on a man who standing too close to him and then threatened to beat him up on the N train during the first days of the #COVID-19 outbreak.

Also in Sunset Park, a man clocked a woman in the eye with a bottle in her apartment after arguing about consuming grapes and two men vandalized a woman’s home, causing over $6,000 worth of damage to her property.

Again in Sunset Park, a man stalked another man as he was walking on the sidewalk, then ran after him and threw him down to the pavement and stabbed him over a dozen times.

In Park Slope, home of the dope from there, three girls got ultraviolent on a 14-year-old girl by beating her to the concrete. Two girls hassled a girl and then took art she created and tossed it into a garbage can. A man punched a cop inside a police station and a man shoplifted white t-shirts from a store.

In Brooklyn Heights, two boys jumped two school guards and beat them up after they tried to escort them off the school grounds and a man was jumped and beat down by two men inside a courthouse.

In DUMBO, a woman was attacked by two men as they tried to jack her car by breaking her window but she hit the gas and escaped.

In Coney Island at the Neptune Ave. Station, a man sleeping on the train got attacked by three men who dragged him off and robbed his duffel bag.

Also in Coney Island, two men broke into 300 lockers at a storage building and robbed three luggages worth of merchandise.

Again in Coney Island, a couple barged into an apartment and robbed a man of $15,000 after the man slashed him while the woman stuck a gun to his head.

In Greenpoint, a man got stuck up with a knife and was robbed of $200 by two men at the Marcy Ave. Station, then the two thugs went to a liquor store and beat up a worker and robbed it of $1,000 and some bottles of booze.

In Brighton Beach, three men ripped the tires off a parked car and fled.

In Carroll Gardens, two men stole almost $100,000 of merchandise from a truck.

Also in Carroll Gardens, a man stole a purse from a woman as she was waiting to get food at a pantry

In Cobble Hill, two men beat down a man on the sidewalk and robbed $1,200 and a cellphone off of him.

In Gowanus, a tour bus was set on fire inside a storage yard.

In Sheepshead Bay, three construction workers wound up with serious injuries when a wall collapsed them at a site.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, two men broke into a deli and stole a cash register containing 60 bucks and also robbed a case of energy soda. One of the thieves was wearing an N95 masks that city hospitals are in low stock of.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, a funeral home had to store corpses outside in the parking lot because there are too many people dying of coronavirus.

In Dyker Heights, a man stabbed his father to death in their house and then disemboweled and dismembered his body and stashed his limbs on the streets.

In Marine Park, an off-duty transit cop stabbed himself in the neck by his house.

In Bensonhurst, a woman assaulted a man by punching him and whacking a padlock over his head while he was crashing at a house.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man broke into a hotel in the early morning hours to steal an apple and a bottle of water.

In Bath Beach, a man punched a woman in the face and stole her cellphone.

In Starrett City, two men stole 4 grand worth of honey packets and rolling papers from a wholesale distributor store and one of them bit a worker on the neck and arm to make their getaway. Or maybe that was his way of stinging him. Bzzz.

In Marine Park, an off-duty cop hooking up with a man who was just sprung from jail drove her car into the waters of Jamaica Bay.

A man a judge decided not to convict for dealing meth so the drug dealer wouldn’t catch COVID-19 at the Metropolitan Detention Center decided to show his gratitude by cutting his ankle monitor after he left the courthouse.


In the Upper West Side, a man stinking of and drunk on booze went to an apartment building and rang all the bells to get inside. When he got in, he tried to force his way into his wife’s apartment. When he got in, they got into a fight which fatally escalated when he wife brutally stabbed him to death in what she claims was self-defense.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man committed suicide by jumping off an apartment building.

Again in the Upper West Side, some knucklehead parked his car on top of another car as if it was engaging in coitus with it.

And again in the Upper West Side, Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood, an ebike theft crimewave hit those neighborhoods when a man knocked a delivery down and stole his bike when he made a delivery; A gang of five men surrounded a delivery man as one stuck a knife at him and stole his ebike; two men knocked off a delivery bike and rode off with it and three men jumped another delivery man and stole his ride after one of them stuck a knife at him.

In the East Harlem, a xenophobic boy kicked a man from behind, knocked him to pavement, spat on him and blamed him for spreading COVID-19 while he was walking past him on the sidewalk.

Also in East Harlem, a man stalked a man and a woman walking to an apartment building and shot the man to death from behind. The couple were going home after buying diapers for her child.  The night after, a man approached a group of people on street corner placing a candle memorial for the murder victim and shot at them, killing two men and wounding one.

In Midtown, a woman was attacked by a bigot who punched her face after he reprimanded her for not wearing a respirator mask.

Also in Midtown, a man took a picture of a woman’s crotch with his cellphone on the 4 train, then ran out when it stopped at Grand Central.

Again in Midtown, a man committed suicide by jumping from a luxury apartment building.

And again in Midtown at the 59th St. Station, a 61-year-old man got hit by the 6 train when he was walking on the tracks.

And again in Midtown, a man spat and slashed the hand of an app-hail delivery driver when he tried to pay the fare with phony money. The man wore a mask so he wouldn’t spread any aerosols on his victim.

And again in Midtown, a man yelled obscenities and threats at cops on COVID-19 patrol across the street from him and one of the officers decided to use the mic to engage in shit talking banter with the derelict.

And again in Midtown and on the Queensboro Bridge, two to three men are involved in a three month robbery spree where they jump people while they are riding and beat them down and rob their e-bikes plus cellphones and backpacks.

And again in Midtown at the 59th St. Station, a man was found dead in the tunnel hours after he got hit by a train.

And again in Midtown, three men died inside a hotel where they were transferred from hospitals and placed in isolation rooms by the city because they contracted COVID-19.

And again in Midtown, a man was held up a gunpoint by two men and got punched in the face and robbed of his cellphone in broad daylight.

And again in Midtown, three men contracted with COVID_19 that were sent to a hotel to be quarantined all died on the same day.

In Harlem, a charter school principal brutalized and bloodied an autistic 7-year-old boy when he slammed a bathroom door on his head and split it open.

Also in Harlem at the 116th St. Station, a woman walking with her friend slipped and fell on the tracks then got hit by the arriving A train while she tried to get back on the platform.

Again in Harlem, a man was shot to death with a blast to his chest in the lobby of an apartment building.

And again in Harlem, a 13-year-old boy stole an SUV while accompanied by his 13-year-old friend and then killed himself when he jumped out of the vehicle after he lost control while dodging a pedestrian and got crushed when it fell on him after crashing into two parked vehicles.

And again in Harlem, a man was stabbed to death on a street corner.

And again in Harlem, a man sexually molested a 7-year-old girl inside a chain pharmacy and slipped away from a group of Samaritans who tried to apprehend him.

And again in Harlem, a man broke into a restaurant that was closed for disinfecting it of COVID-19 and pried the register open and robbed some bills but got nabbed by the cops at the back door.

And again in Harlem, a man and a woman arguing in a hotel room escalated when the man chased her down the stairs and stabbed her multiple times in the lobby, and then she died from her wounds.

And again in Harlem at the 110th Street Station, a man set a shopping cart on fire by igniting aerosol cans inside the 2 train as it was running, leaving the car and the station burned to a crisp. The train conductor collapsed on the tracks and died after he aided commuters and the FDNY in getting them to safety. 11 people and 5 fire fighters were also injured during the subterranean inferno.

The pyromaniac ignited two fires at the 86th, 96th and 116th stations before torching the train that killed a man. He was given a desk appearance ticket and let loose on the streets after the arsonist set a fire at a building by Columbia University.

And again in Harlem, a transgender woman got murdered in a park after stealing a wig from her killer’s head who caught up to her and slashed her throat.

And again in Harlem, a man was stabbed twice on a street corner and died from his wounds.

And again in Harlem, a dead man’s body was found floating in the Hudson River.

And again in Harlem at the 145th St. Station, a 8-year-old boy selling candy on the A train was grabbed by two cops and arrested with extraneous force and then was dragged up the stairs assisted by two other cops and a lieutenant. Prior to his detainment, his mother and stepfather allowed him to go car to car by himself so he can sell his/their snacks. They are the ones responsible and put him in danger but arbitrarily treat the kid like he’s some gangbanger.

And again in Harlem at the 149th St. Station, cops were deployed there to eject people from the trains if they were too crowded for social distancing protocols and then swarmed on a man and arrested him after he told them that it wasn’t possible to distance because the platform was too crowded. Now remember; these are protocols, not laws. And freedom of speech is still everyone’s right.

And again in Harlem at the 125th Station, a man in an 8 Ball Jacket got caught hopping a turnstile by two cops and then attacked them and resisted arrest. As the cops had him down on the floor the man spat on them and claimed he had COVID-19 and challenged the cop who pinned his shoulders to break his neck. Then as the other cop tried to restrain his legs, the man continued to resist by kicking his legs and then did a spin kicked that hit the cop so hard she fell onto the tracks.


And again in Harlem, a 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death on the street after being chased by four men and a car following in pursuit.

And again in Harlem, two men and two women broke into an apartment and held up a couple at knifepoint and robbed a shitload of sneakers worth about two grand from them.

And again in Harlem, a man got killed during a shootout with another man on the street.

And again in Harlem, a woman stole a police car with the keys a NYPD lieutenant dropped during a foot pursuit of another skell. Then she crashed it into another police car and screw herself trying to get away by getting stuck in traffic.

And again in Harlem, a corpse was found duct taped inside a freezer inside an apartment.

On the 4 train, a man was beating the shit of another man against the door has commuters gawked at or ignored them.


In Washington Heights, a man shot at a group of people from his window after they were throwing rocks at his apartment building, hitting one man in the face. Five people were arrested.

Also in Washington Heights, a man died four days after he got jumped by a man who beat him down as he was going home.

Again in Washington Heights, a man was stabbed to death at the entrance of an apartment building following a fight with his killer.

In Inwood, an off-duty cop beat up his girlfriend during a domestic dispute at their apartment.

Also in Inwood, a man sexually assaulted and robbed a woman inside her apartment building.

In Chelsea, a man stabbed a homeless man three times inside a deli by the front door.

Also in Chelsea, a woman stole a man’s credit card and used it to buy a designer handbag that she had delivered to his building’s address and attempted to pick it up over there, leading the doorman to call the cops leading to her eventual arrest.

Again in Chelsea, four women attacked a woman while she was on her cellphone and beat her down to the pavement.

And again in Chlesea, a man attacked another man in front of a deli he worked at by bashing him on the head with a bottle and recorded the assault on his phone. Then the kook came back a few days later and vandalized the counter.

In Greenwich Village, a man who got sprung out of jail by the city because of the projected amount of COVID-19 cases in prisons got held up at gunpoint by two men and was robbed of his cellphone and wallet.

Also in Greenwich Village at the 4th St. Station, a man climbed off the platform, laid down on the trackbed and got some shut-eye.

Again in Greenwich Village, a 91-year-old woman who fell on the sidewalk was approached by two men who helped her up and walked her home. When she was going to give them 10 bucks for aiding her the men saw a c-note in her purse and snatched that and the money she offered.

And again in Greenwich Village, a handicapped homeless man in a wheelchair asked three men for a money and then stabbed one of them when they refused to spare any change Then he made his getaway when he got on the elevator at the West 4th St. Station and took the train somewhere. The city’s so broke a wheelbound cripple can get away with street crime.

In Union Square, a man grabbed an 84-year-old woman from behind at a bank and stole $80 that she withdrew from an ATM.

Again in Union Square, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 6 train.

And again in Union Square, a man on parole after serving time for murder and recently convicted for assaulting his girlfriend following robbing two banks and then released from prison to prevent contagion at Rikers, decided to rob another bank.

In Gramercy Park, a woman got jumped by a man after she exited a bank and threatened to shoot her. Then he punched her and strangled her on the concrete and stole her purse. The victim refused to go to the hospital on the fear of catching COVID-19 because of the overflow of patients and the widely reported lack of medical supplies.

In the Flatiron District, two men followed a 75-year-old man into a bank and beat him up and pistol whipped him then robbed his wallet as he lied on the floor.

In Columbus Circle, a man armed with a knife beat up a person the A train and then assaulted someone at the next stop at the 125th Street Station.

Also in Columbus Circle, a transit cop committed suicide by shooting herself in the head at the train station.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man got beaten and robbed in his apartment after he arranged a orgy on social media and his date showed up with a goon who then beat up his guests and made off with $12,500, a laptop and designer luggage and also his guests cellphones.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a very rich asshole sped down the avenue in his luxury car while tripping balls and crashed into a parked van. As the owner of the wrecked vehicle went to confront him, Speed Racer he hit the gas and kept tearing up the asphalt as the tires came off and collided into two other parked cars 4 blocks away.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man and a woman broke into a bowling alley attempting to rob it and got caught by the cops.

In Times Square, a man broke into a newsstand and a token clerk’s booth and robbed merchandise and property.

In Penn Station, a man was coughed and spat on and accused of spreading coronavirus by another man inside a men’s restroom (and the xenophobic shithead did not see the irony in his actions). The victim then tried to alert cops to the bias attack and was told there were no laws against spitting on people.

Also in Penn Station, a man got killed inside the tunnel when the A train hit him.

In Chinatown at the Canal St. Station, a man snatched a cellphone from a commuter as he got off the 1 train, then he ran towards the tunnel to flee but got hit and killed by a train as it was moving.

In the East Village, a man was found dead on the roof of an apartment building.

In the Lower East Side, a man ignited fires in a bunch of garbage cans and dumpsters.

Also in the Lower East Side at the Canal St. Station, a man fell off the platform onto the tracks.

In Tribeca, a man committed suicide by jumping off his balcony from the 16th floor of a luxury tower. A note was left behind asking how do you enjoy life?

In Soho, at the Spring St. Station, two men stuck up a boy at gunpoint on the platform and stole his cellphone.

Also in Soho, a man punched another man in the face at a Sanitation Dept. building

In Loisaida, two men pushed their way into an 18-year-old woman’s apartment and then one of the thieves shot at a window while demanding a designer bag and then robbed bags of pot that were inside.

In Kips Bay, a man chased his ex-girlfriend down the street into a liquor store and stabbed her to death and tried to shove a ring down her throat after she broke up their engagement. Then he went on the roof of her apartment building and attempted suicide.

Also in Kips Bay, a woman heading to Bellevue Hospital returning to her job as a nurse and frontline worker after recovering from COVID-19 was immediately chased by 15 kids as she stepped out of the 28th St. Station. The gang then threw her down and beat her down on the sidewalk and robbed her purse then continued to beat her up as she tried to flee.

Again in Kips Bay, a man held up a laundromat at gunpoint and robbed it of $614

In the Financial District, a woman got buck naked and straddled the charging bull statue.

In the Upper East Side, a man battling cancer committed suicide in a hospital after he found out he contracted coronavirus.

Also in the Upper East Side, a woman shoplifted coffee, nail polish and energy drinks from a chain pharmacy and threatened to mace a security guard who stopped her.

Again in the Upper East Side, an man infected with coronavirus died on the sidewalk in front of a hospital after he walked out of there because he felt mistreated. The retired cop was previously transferred from a hospital near where he lives in Queens.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man committed suicide by jumping out a window from his apartment in a supportive housing building.

And again in the Upper East Side, a gang of 100 motorcycle and ATV riders rolled down the streets running the red lights and driving on sidewalks with impunity.

And again in the Upper East Side, a woman stabbed her roommate multiple times in their apartment because she told her to stop drinking booze so much.

At the pier of the Intrepid Museum, a woman drove up demanding to get treated for coronavirus on the U.S.S. Comfort and was found possessing 18 knives. Governor Cuomo couldn’t even get patients to go on that boat.


In Claremont Village, a woman who died from coronavirus wasn’t picked up for an entire day as her family waited for emergency service in their car

In Soundview at the Morrison Ave. Station, a man bothered two men to let him on the train without paying, then the ungrateful psycho got into an argument with them on the platform and stabbed both of them multiple times, killing one of them.

Also in Soundview, two boys attacked a city bus driver by punching him repeatedly after he honked at a school bus obstructing the road.

Again in Soundview, a man impersonating an MTA worker tried to trick a token booth clerk with a fake old I.D. into letting him in. When the clerk put the log book through the doo, he forced his way inside and held her up at knife point and robbed 78 bucks.

And again in Soundview, a man jumped out of the second floor window of a nursing home and ran away. I wonder on Earth why.

In Highbridge, four teenage girls harassed a woman on a city bus by slurring her with xenophobic accusations of spreading COVID-19 and then one of them hit her over the head with an umbrella as her friends filmed the bigoted attack with their cellphones.

In Marble Hill, four men jumped a 61-year-old man as he was crossing the street, beat  him down to the asphalt and robbed $200 off him.

In Mott Haven, a man pickpocketed a cellphone from a woman’s jacket inside a supermarket and continued his shopping.

Also in Mott Haven, 5 teenaged boys attacked a man and threw booster seats and wet floor cones at him inside a Mickey D’s.

Again in Mott Haven, a casket was left in front of a funeral home that was closed at the time.

In Grand Concourse at the 167th St. Station, a 17-year-old boy who arranged a meetup to sell his bike on social media, got set up by two men as one rode away on it while his accomplice stuck a knife up at him and robbed his headphones and cellphone.

Also in Grand Concourse, a man shot his ex-girlfriend in the back inside a hair salon then tried to blow his own brains out after she refused to make up with him.

Again in Grand Concourse, an apartment building fire on the sixth floor left four women dead and a man was shot to death over a drug deal gone bad in a building around the block.

In Edenwald, a man was stabbed to death down the block from a police station.

In Wakefield, two men cracked open the locks of a liquor store and robbed it of $2,000 plus four grand worth of booze and 2 grand in lottery scratch cards and a nearby supermarket got looted by a burglar who got in through a hatch on the roof and robbed $5,000 plus $17,000 of worker’s checks and a gun.

Also in Wakefield at the 241 St. Station, a man was found dead on the 3 train from COVID-19.

In Castle Hill, a 61-year-old woman was beaten to death by her boyfriend inside her apartment at a public housing building.

In Concourse Village, a man shot another man in front of the Bronx D.A.’s office after they argued with each other.

In Westchester Square, a man delirious from contracting coronavirus yelling in front of Dunkin’ Donuts attempted suicide by challenging cops to shoot him as he was holding a knife covered in ketchup and a BB gun. He wound up getting shot three times and surviving.

In University Heights, two cops in the middle of arresting a man were disrupted by a woman who was interfering and then a man suckerpunched one of the cops and ran away with his pants drooping off his ass as he was being cheered by people gawking at the incident.


In Melrose, a man choke slammed a 76-year-old man and beat him down on a city bus when he accidentally bumped into him and tried to break up an argument he was having with another man.

Also in Melrose, a woman swung a butcher knife at another woman inside a Burger King.

And again in Melrose, a man broke into a supermarket by going through the hatch on the roof and robbed it of $300,000 and the DVR machine that recorded footage of the store.

And again in Melrose, a man whipped out his dick and then grinded a woman from behind on a city bus then bolted when a commuter tried to stop him.

In Mount Eden, a man was stabbed twice by two men after he accidentally bumped into them in front of a 99 cent store and they provoked him with racial slurs.

In Fordham at the Fordham Road Station, some imbecile rode a bicycle on the train tracks.

In Fordham Heights, a man ran into a FDNY station and pleaded with smokeeaters to protect him from someone and then he attacked three firemen and bit one on the finger during the brawl.

Also in Fordham Heights, a man was set up by a woman and her brothers and shot to death by one of the men after he agreed to meet them on the street to pay back $1,000 he was owed by one of them.

Again in Fordham Heights, four men broke into a jewelry store and robbed a $1.3 million dollars worth of merchandise as the store was closed for not being an essential service.

In Fordham Manor, a man tired of seeing the same boy loitering by a building he works at confronted them about smoking in front. Then one of the boys slashed him in the face with a box cutter.

Also in Fordham Manor, three men ran into a building armed with a knife, a tree branch and a cane beat down and stabbed a man inside an apartment building.

In Highbridge, a woman tried to stab a security guard with a screwdriver after he caught her shoplifting and dragged her back inside the store.

In Williamsbridge, a man got stabbed to death in his house by his 17-year-old cousin.

Also in Williamsbridge, a gang of four men beat a man to death by bludgeoning his head with a baseball bat.

Again in Williamsbridge, two women seduced a livery driver to take them to his apartment and then they and two men they let inside held him up at gunpoint and robbed $100, his watches and a laptop.

In Morrisania, two men wearing surgical masks to avoid catching COVID-19 broke into a van owned by a man who was delivering bread to a bakery. They then jumped the man when he returned and shot him in the pancreas and drove away in his vehicle. While being treated at the hospital he found out he contracted coronavirus.

Also in Morrisania at the Simpson St. Station, a man shot at a commuter four times on the 2 train.

In Crotona, a woman working the drive-thru register at Mickey D’s got hassled by a man who went up to his window and spit on him. Then the worker smashed a filled coffee pot over his head when he attempted to reach inside.

Also in Crotona, a man was stabbed to death in the basement of his house.

Again in Crotona, two men arguing on the street escalated when one of them got in his car and tried to get away as his rival shot at him five times, getting him in the head and causing him to wreck a row of parked cars.

And again in Crotona, a man went bezerker after he was refused service at a Wendy’s for not wearing a mask per state policy to flatten the curve. So he destroyed a food display on the counter by knocking it to the floor.

In Unionport, a man slashed another man in the face on a city bus after he thought he was insulting him in another language.

In Riverdale, a man torched his apartment causing the fire to spread on the first floor and causing injuries to ten of his neighbors.

In Claremont, a man snatched a wallet out of man’s hand when he was about to pay for food at a Chinese restaurant.

In Belmont, a woman that was strangled to death was found stuffed upside down and naked inside a garbage can.

Also in Belmont, a woman beaten to death inside her apartment was discovered weeks later as the odor from her decomposition spread throughout the building.

In Eastchester, a man broke into a recycling plant and cracked a safe open and robbed  $30,000.

In Sugar Hill, a man held up and robbed $23 from a laundromat after claiming he was armed and had COVID-19.

In Mount Hope, a woman was beaten and strangled to death inside her apartment.

A man was hanging on 2 train car window from the outside by his fingertips while it was running.

In Longwood at the Simpson St. Station, a man shot at another man four times on the platform.

In Bedford Park, a convict that was released from Rikers to prevent COVID-19 jumped a 62-year-old man with a bum leg when he left a convenience store and demanded cash and then he beat him down and dragged him by his arm on the ground.

In Country Club, a woman let a man into a tenant’s apartment and he bludgeoned him to death with a baseball bat.

A man killed himself and a woman in the front seat next to him plus put another woman in the back seat in critical condition after he crashed his car into a pillar while speeding under the Bruckner Expressway.

Staten Island


In Stapleton, a man walked up to a group of men hanging out in front of a deli Houses and shot one of them to death and then the killer ran to the Stapleton Houses.

Also in Stapleton, a man got held up at gunpoint by two men as they robbed his backpack and cellphone inside his apartment building.

In Westerleigh, a woman got killed after she fell off a car she jumped on her drunk boyfriend’s car as he was driving it following a domestic dispute at their house.

In New Dorp, a man took out his dick and took a piss on the steps of the 122nd Pct., then tried to run away after a few cops questioned him.

In Rossville, a woman held an off-duty cop at knifepoint by his neck, then slashed him twice and beat him down during a domestic dispute at his house.

In Port Richmond, a man attempted to rob an ATM machine by trying to break it open.

Also in Port Richmond, a man stole a car that was left open.

Again in Port Richmond, a man shot at a house while riding shotgun in a car.

In Tottenville and Prince’s Bay, a man stole two cars and claimed that he committed these thefts for his son.

In Annandale, a man killed a woman and injured a man when he crashed an SUV he carjacked into their vehicle in an intersection while running the red and speeding in the wrong direction.

In Richmond Valley, a city service boss beat down a man on the street.

In Charleston Corners, a man snatched a wallet from inside a parked car and he and his buddies went on an identity theft shopping spree with the credit cards with 5 of his friends, spending over $2,400.

In Mariners Harbor, a man was shot in the butt and torso while on the sidewalk.

Also in Mariners Harbor, an argument between a man and a woman escalated when he grabbed her and pulled a gun on her and another man who tried to break them up.

In West Brighton, a man robbed a car and drove it the wrong direction on a one way street and then got into a car chase with cops tailing him and wound up crashing into a tree and smashing into two other cars and a house.

Also in West Brighton, a man was shot at on the street and got hit in the torso.

In New Springfield, two men stole a bunch of watches from a department store worth almost 10 grand.

In New Dorp, a man robbed a 93-year-old man of $26,000 by tricking him into wiring him the cash by impersonating a lawyer and his grandson that was trying to post bail.

In Great Kills, a car belonging to a retired high-ranking cop was stripped of it’s wheels in the middle of the night.

In Grasmere, a man stabbed another man in the stomach as he was walking by him.

In Bloomfield, a 12-year-old boy dry humped a woman on a city bus.

A man running for City Council had his campaign sign defaced with a racial slur.

In Graniteville, cars are getting broken into and robbed in a strip mall parking lot.

In Manor Heights, a man was shot to death by his stepson in the middle of the street following an argument.

In Clifton, a man was shot to death in the middle of the street in broad daylight.