Wrath Of The Scumlords.

NY Daily News: East Harlem landlord, her cohorts tried to drive sisters out of their home with threats of deportation: suit

Two sisters said they had to flee their East Harlem apartments after a landlord and her crew — including her Trump-supporting son — made life unbearable with increasingly ominous threats of harm and reports to immigration authorities.

But now they are fighting back to come home and stop the “relentless campaign of discrimination” being waged against them, according to their new Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

Araceli Ramos, 32, and younger sister Rosa, 29, lived in their apartments at the 115th St. building for more than a decade. The problems started in January when the landlord, Diane Marrero Pedrez, told the women that they and the rest of the tenants would have to get out because “she intended to sell ‘her’ portion of the building.”

According to the suit filed Friday, the woman is the day-to-day manager and the executor of the estate that has a 50% interest in the building, which the suit says is worth $2.2 million.

That’s when the harassment started, the lawsuit says.

One time, Araceli was outside the building when Pedrez and a defendant, identified only as “Bob,” said Araceli had to leave.

Bob let it slip he knew where Araceli’s kids went to school. The same man allegedly referred to Araceli and her family as “immigrant pieces of s–t.”

Another time, Pedrez allegedly “lunged” at Rosa after another attempt to make her move out, the suit claims. According to the suit, the unnamed son yelled he was happy he’d voted for President Trump and he was tired of “all of these immigrants.” The son said he was going to be sure someone “rounded up” the sisters and the rest of the family.

The lawsuit said things got even darker. Two days after Telemundo showed up, Dicks came back with demands the plaintiffs and their families leave. “This is an old building and the boiler isn’t working very well. It could catch fire anytime, and no one would know if it was on purpose or not,” the lawsuit quoted him as saying.

The suit said Rosa and Araceli “were terrified that remaining in the building would result in immigration consequences for, or grave physical harm to, them and their family.”

This may be an actual confirmation of using the culturally volatile environment set by the policies of Figurehead Trump and the unscrupulous abuse of the real estate market speculation/fabrication and sadistic chicanery slumlord tactics that’s been enabled by the campaign fund whoring by Mayor De Faustio.

What is truly confounding is that here we have 2 young women who are actually part of the millenial demographic that these slumlords are trying to replace them with. Maybe these long time citizens of East Harlem are not the types who frequent designer pizza joints and craft beer gardens or wait on lines around the corner for a disgusting rainbow bagel. And are not stupid to pay $3500 a month to live in modest apartment in Manhattan. But it’s certain that they live there because they need to, they want to, and despite the amount of money they earn for a living they have every goddamn right to.

And how the fuck is that building worth 2.2 million dollars? It doesn’t even have bland and shitty street art on the side of it. This supposed real estate market is going batshit crazy. I wonder if the rise of those hideous behemoth monoliths on 57st in midtown is having an effect on the worth of regular apartment buildings.

Meanwhile in Queens:

Queens Chronicle: Elderly Kew Gardens tenants fight eviction

A pair of elderly Kew Gardens residents who survived World War II in their native Ukraine are facing possible eviction, as the owner of the co-operative building they live in wants to charge more in rent, according to the Legal Aid Society.

Sateesh Nori, the attorney in charge of the Legal Aid Society’s Queens office, says the two people — an 89-year-old great-grandmother Nellya and a 93-year-old Ukrainian Air Force veteran named Soloman — pay rent because they’ve been there since before the building was co-oped.

Because they pay less than $1,500 in rent with the help of Section 8 vouchers in a neighborhood where rents approach or exceed $2,000, Nori said, the landlord, Forest & Gardens Owners, started the eviction process more than two years ago.

But the housing cases stalled while Nellya and Soloman, whose last names were asked to be withheld, had guardians to handle their legal defense, finances and other aspects of life appointed to them.

Soloman has significant health problems that hampers his ability to represent himself in court, Nori said, while Nellya has been bedridden for about two years.

“Now that the eviction case is no longer on hold, their guardians contacted us saying, ‘we need your help,’” Nori said. “We’ve since looked back into the original court case and found numerous errors in the landlord’s legal argument.”

Nori added that Forest & Gardens Owners has failed to submit a lease renewal for the elderly residents, endangering their Section 8 vouchers.

“They’re aware, though,” he added of the residents, who don’t speak English. “What they’ve said to us through their translator is, ‘Why do you want us to leave? What have we done wrong?’”

Nori said the Legal Aid Society had no reason to believe the landlord has preyed on residents before, as the group has “never heard of them.”

Forest & Gardens Owners could not immediately be reached for comment by press time.

The Legal Aid group needs to be a little more cynical and aggressive, especially since Forest & Gardens (what a pretty, unthreatening name) couldn’t be “reached for comment”. As if persistently demanding two elderly people to move for 2 years doesn’t construe harassment. They got their rent on time, so what’s the problem. It’s not enough. And there is a demo market out there for this generation that is stupid enough to pay a grand or twice the amount to rent. Especially once an area gets deemed hip by the New York Times or any hack adverjournotainment website (say, Bedford and Bowery or DNAinfo and Gothamist, well for the latter two both now).

Though F & G owners are not letting the building rot from the inside or doing environmentally hazardous gut renovations or denying basic utility services. These are still, as with the East Harlem case, slumlord tactics. But maybe it’s time for a new malignant term for these scourges that ruining the fabric and soul of the 5 boroughs. Let’s call these awful people, scumlords. Because the behavior exhibited by these kinds resembles the traits of the scumbag, and since the Gentrification Industrial Complex of government, real estate (REBNY), private equity and the news media considers every crack on the sidewalk and streets hot property that definitively, there are no slums anymore.

These are precarious, trying times for tenants living in the most unaffordable city with the biggest homeless population in the nation. These 4 citizens are the lucky ones to get media attention and help from their communities. There needs to be more, possibly a lobby or real non-profit interest group for the poor and middle class to stop the scumlord scourge, for it’s obvious our overpaid city council don’t have the guts, will or stamina to aid their constituencies. For now, renters just have to use their own wits and know their rights. And not let the corrupt and the stupid disenfranchise them.


New Bad Days 6: Gang Riot In Richmond Hill High School In Queens.

Richmond Hill, Queens, N.Y.

New York City school safety agents at Richmond Hill High School in Queens say they were outnumbered and unable to stop this fight on March 10, adding this was just the latest scuffle at the school with a serious gang problem.

When asked how often these fights happen at the school, one student said “not everyday, sometimes.” You might be saying, it’s high school. Students are going to fight every now and then. But Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237, which represents the school safety agents says his members have also confiscated knives during these scuffles. “This was a full-scale riot,” Floyd said. “Our school safety agents were outnumbered.”

What’s more concerning, Floyd claims, is his safety agents are being encouraged by the de Blasio administration to hand out warnings to student trouble makers in lieu of arrests and summonses and intimidating agents into not reporting these fights back to their union.

“The Mayor seems content to say crime in school is going down when he knows it’s not true,” Floyd said. “And this is a cover-up because this is an election year for him, and he’s told the parents that schools are safe.”

PIX11 forwarded these claims to the Mayor’s Office for a response. A Mayor’s Office spokesperson Eric Phillips said there’s no truth to it.

“No evidence behind it. No idea where the suggestion comes from,” the statement read.

According to Mayor De Faustio and his spineless press speaker, what we have here is another marginal concern that is not that big a deal or a sign of escalating or pervasive gang activity among youths. It’s surprising that Eric Phillips there didn’t bring up the refrain that crime is the lowest it’s been in 25 years, which is usually the default reaction. But tone-deaf bullshit responses like that are usually uttered by the teflon mayor.

It’s bad enough that safety patrols, which are actually under the jurisdiction of the NYPD, not only have to fear getting injured or killed breaking up these moronic melees, but they have to live precariously for their jobs if they dutifully report them. Especially considering the recent disclosure of Officer Pantaleo’s prior abuses of authority that led to a CCRB member’s termination. Leaving it up to their union leader to address this issue. Which despite local media attention, will not result in necessary action.

In other incidents:

Bronx: In the Forest Houses projects, a woman, Aaliyah Alder, died from getting shot in the head in the apartment stairwell.

Also in Queens: In Astoria, the 2 men above stalked an 83 year old man to his apartment building, held a knife to him and robbed him of just $20 and his cellphone.



Keep On Obstructin’


Clean Up Jamaica Queens NOW

This illegally parked tractor trailer has its backed door ripped wide open. And it is obstructing drivers views of traffic coming west on south conduit ave.. this truck is parked on 126th street and south conduit in south ozone park queens.

South Ozone Park, Queens, N.Y.

So many things glaringly wrong with this scenery, but before I get to the obvious which is right in your face right now.
What is going on in that lot? Presumably it’s probably for one of those environmentally palatable green street projects. Usually the case with these things being implemented is that before anyone gets to enjoy the sights of these, you have to deal with the environment around the area getting wrecked and the undetermined amount of time these projects actually get completed.
Also to be considered is why isn’t Vision Zero punitive measures being enforced here to get this thing towed. In order to cross into the conduit, the driver has to stop twice and look, or most likely has to run the stop sign to carefully merge into traffic.
And now the deal with this truck. Where did they get this, was it bought in a lot used by ISIS in Mosul and imported here? Because it looks like this was blown up with a pound of C4. This should raise an obvious red flag with the NYPD or at least draw some attention from the DHS.
It must be noted repeatedly of course, that what if this was parked and obstructing vision on intersections in niche areas in Brooklyn, like the Mayor’s beloved Park Slope, or the Borough President’s Forest Hills, or even in Whitestone, Williamsburgh, DUMBO, Cobble Hill, or even Westchester.
But again, this is the dirty southeast of Queens, the figurative bastard stepchild of the world’s borough. So blatant impunity like this is normalized. The only way this gets proper attention is when someone has to get mortally wounded or killed just for making a standard right turn.
These are some fucked up standards to abide by and tolerate. And this city is letting it happen in spades. And this has been happening regularly.

New Bad Days 5: Wandering Crazy Bigot And Another Bad Judicial Decision Leads To Slaughter


In Jamaica in the early evening on Sutphin Blvd., a disheveled raving woman confronted another woman, smacked her in the neck and yelled at her for being Muslim and saying she stunk.

In Elmhurst, A pickup truck driver killed a one year old girl as she and her mother were crossing an intersection with the right of way

In Flushing on 4oth Rd. A man threw a pug dog out the window over an argument with his girlfriend out of spite, killing it.

In Far Rockaway, A man (above) pushed another man into a platform pole and proceeded to rob him.


In Kingsbridge, two men, armed with a knife and a machete broke into an apartment threatening a mother and her 3 sons, stole 3 gold chains and fled the building.


In Crown Heights, Barry James murdered his grandmother, Joyce Spears with a knife and a dumbbell and left her body on the street rolled up in a carpet. The culprit was released by a criminal judge a few weeks before for assaulting another man on the street, in a similar fashion to the tragic murder of an EMT driver, Yadira Arroyo a week ago by a mentally ill habitual criminal, Jose Gonzalez, who was let go by another judge handling a prior crime he committed.

Governor Andy Loves Toy Train Station Digital Renditions-Southwest Brooklyn About To Get A Taste Of MTA Renovation Futility

Ha ha ha.

AMNY: Brooklyn subway stations on R line facing six-month shutdowns

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s glassy subway station makeovers are hitting Brooklyn — and they come with lengthy closures. Six-month shutdowns will begin on Monday at the first of at least 30 stations set for design overhauls that Cuomo announced last January.The first three stations on tap — 53rd Street, Bay Ridge Avenue and Prospect Avenue — are each 102 years old. Their renovations will bring new architectural flourishes, like canopies over station entrances and new granite tiling.Painted metal cages flanking turnstiles will be replaced with glass barriers. Digital wayfinding screens will be installed at street level and LED lighting will brighten the mezzanines and platforms below.“These first three stations to be renovated represent the start of a new age for our subway system,” said MTA Interim Executive Director Ronnie Hakim. “By using the design-build method, we are putting the onus on one contractor to get the work done seamlessly and on time.”

Sunset Park’s 53rd Street station will close first, on Monday, March 27, and won’t open again until the fall. The Bay Ridge Avenue station is scheduled to close on April 29 for six months; and the Prospect Avenue station is scheduled to close on June 5 for six months.

The three station makeovers will come at $72 million, led by a joint venture between the Citnalta Construction and Forte Construction corporations.

“The emphasis is on giving them complete access to the stations and the ability to get in, get done and get out as quickly as possible,” Hakim continued.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Oh me oh my, the people, especially the working poor people remaining in Brooklyn that are precariously living from check to check with the breath of the gentrifying vultures and denizens down their necks, are about to get their daily commutes and routines totally wrecked. Thanks to the supposed skills and faint influence of Mario’s Son’s ability to get things done on schedule. For he is still under the delusion of an effective politician because of his fast tracking to get the overtly elaborate 2nd Avenue subway line and modern art gallery done by New Year’s Day for his lame party.

What struck me about this plan is not the superfluous and unnecessary modern designs and ridiculous expense going into just 3 stations on the very long R line and the selective choice of just these three first when all it needs is just a once over scrub down and obviously new platforms (is this the first phase of his VitalBrooklyn fait accompli, which the announcement of these improvements actually are according to the area councilman). The thing that hit me like a punch in the nuts is the plan to use one contractor for each stop. Which is the same method being used for the pre-climate change glacial or larch tree growing process of the renovation of the Lefferts Blvd train station.


Which according to the sign above, is scheduled to be done at the end of the “first quarter” 2017. Not only does this type of dating is as antiquated as a deadline by King Arthur to rid a village of dragons, but it’s ambiguity is quite lame. Well, the end would be March 31st, which this Friday. Here’s how it looked a few days ago:


How on this planet or on what astral plane will this be done in 5 days.

Here is the “one” contractor tasked with this continuing 2 year mission:


The reasons for this delay are many, which mostly hinge on economical, racial and cultural makeup and demographics of the vicinity. And the lack of hipster sightings like coffee shops (not even a Starbucks) and cupcake stores, bespoke and thrift clothing shops. And with his recent decision to give a few stations in Brooklyn a long overdue makeover with a pretty sheen, and the ominous threat of federal transportation budget cuts by Figurehead Trump, this transportation hub, one of the biggest and most used in the 5 boroughs, will continue to get fucked over and neglected by our oblivious governor. So consider this a stern warning and prophecy.

But being that those stations are in Brooklyn, once mostly a working class borough now the biggest fucking marketing brand in the world, and after Andy’s 2nd avenue dubious achievement, it might actually get done on schedule. Or maybe not. Considering that the  Gentrification Industrial Complex of government and real estate are not done remaking the borough into some upscale member high rent globalization theme park, and that will only be achieved by vexing the communities with massive inconvenience like turning their lives upside down for half a year by forcing them to new commutes and bus transfers. For that area has seen a lot of new transients lately and a lot of new commercial ventures involving tech companies and lucrative though mediocre entertainment and event planning. Transients will be able to work it out, because they have various driver apps to get to their preferred destinations. This will probably lead to more Shitibike dock installations by those stops too.

But of course if those plans don’t pan out, they should expect a massive delay that will extend to the next year. Unless Andy is planning a grand opening party on the Bay Ridge Ave. Stop with craft beers and folk/edm music.

Hang in there working people of the former borough of Brooklyn, it’s going to good wait. But it would be better if there was at least a proverbial bumpy ride.

Executive Carnage, 2 months in: Figurehead Trump’s Petulant Inanities, Budgetary Pestilence, And The Betrayal Of Justice In His Home State Of New York.

Caricature of the Caricature In Chief, Photo by New York Shitty

“I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.”

                The recent quote by President Donald J. Trump that spewed from his rusty diarrhetic spigot pipehole in the latest issue of TIME

Washington D.C., The United States Of America

The Trump presidency and the GOP majority House and Senate, now at 64, is for all intents, purposes and hysterical, fattening irony, is now embroiled in precarious dread and utter chaos. The same kind experienced by all those impacted by the Figurehead’s best words and stupid ass executive decisions and policy making.

The last few weeks, Trump has struck out on his campaign promises to curb terrorism via the arbitrary Muslim ban, shot down by federal district court judges yet again, this time from Maryland and Hawaii. And his promise to end the affordable care act, familiarly known as Obamacare, named after the first African American neoliberal President of the United States, collapsed as if by assisted suicide in Congress Friday afternoon.

And he may have truly fucked himself by accusing the prior executive in chief of wiretapping his tacky ass namesake tower on 57th and 5th, especially after going on social media the day of FBI chief Comey’s testimony about ongoing investigations into collusion between allies of the Figurehead and their and his ties to Russia intelligence operatives and oligarchs. Although not strictly tied to Don Worthless, two recent cases involving financial and tech crimes cannot bode well for his current stature and lend credence to his repeated denials, considering the preferred machinations and tactics that were employed ensuring his election victory. Also the lavishly paid work his campaign manager for 5 months last year, Paul “Mumbles” Manafort, in the Ukraine and his eccentric billionaire pal Roger Stone’s correspondence with Glucifer 2.0 might jolt his selective memory and probably inspire the feds to some subpoenas and warrants ready.

The aborted plan, the Crippled American Health Care act, was nasty from the start. And clearly assembled so poorly, except in obvious places where it seem most cruel and sadistic and spiteful. Like how it would throw out 24 million citizens off the rolls, raise premiums and costs for the elderly and indigent, make enrolling more expensive for those not on it and how tanning salons would get a break in fees, so as to remind those who make fun of his unnatural comical orange complexion. Fortunately, everyone involved in crafting this clusterfuck legislation, did so in haste and seemingly all those tasked to the plan are dumb as rocks, mostly the leader and muse of this colossal waste of time and tax expenditure, Speaker Paul Ryan, who might have signed his own political death warrant thanks to Figurehead Trump’s haughty demands. But mostly it’s due to the people all over the nation, confronting their elected representatives, at least those that didn’t try to flee out the back door, with assured absolutism regarding their needs for the health care they signed up for to keep the ACA intact.

For the brief bit of hope from the abysmal failure to overturn ACA is temporary now that the budgetary plans are in place, shoring up the military and homeland security complexes at the expense of practically everything that protects and maintains life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every American. Their security too.

The greatest and biggest armed forces on the planet is about to get 54 billion dollars. The only reason for this is that Figurehead Trump is going to lead this nation into wars. And by ourselves without coalitions. Because in the past, poll numbers go up for leaders during wartime. And this estimate, probably low ball, if we are going to fight and terminate ISIS and the war on terror, a war on an idea, a war on faith, these massive costs of taxpayer largesse and eventually the lives of soldiers are going to set up camps in Syria to defend and shore up murderous dictator Bashir Al-Assad, who is a cross between Adolf Hitler and Latka Gravas.


The other reasons for justifying these new expenditures to the M.I.C. is our nation’s continuing presence in Iraq and in the never-ending yet mild war and occupation in Afghanistan. For the only reason in my opinion is to wrest control from the Taliban, who are practically a entrenched established political party and government apparatus there and to protect all that natural gas and heroin from getting in the wrong hands. (Speaking of smack, Trump actually added funding to heroin treatment and prevention in the HHS)

The only other two areas that are getting infusions are 2.6 billion for the border wall, the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, and is definitely a low ball estimate in addition to being an imaginary goal. This wall may cost trillions if implemented, considering the engineering, labor and materials. As for materials, will they be made in the U.S.A.?
And of course there are the deployments of ICE agents in towns, roaming around like bounty hunters searching for illegal immigrants, getting the bad guys, but also getting the poor hard working law abiding guys. And the database that collects the info of their whereabouts via the Palantir corporation.

As is the other allocation of 1.4 billion for “school choice”, which could only mean that Betsy “Destroyer” Devos is going to be very busy at her appointed position, counting her personal filthy lucre from her corrupt charter school industries that will certainly accrue when or if this gets implemented. Vulture equity firms investing in these schools will also get off big. There is also the looming threat to the civil rights and the separation of church and state with the adamant use of christian doctrine imposed on the schools in her home state in Michigan and the selective use of funding of those schools that teach the good book.

As for the rest of the departments, they are as fucked as the state of normal:

The EPA, at 31% got the biggest cuts of all, no doubt influenced by the presence of that humanoid mass of methane Secretary Scott Pruitt. So expect the water and air to get a tad more decorative with pollutants.

The State Department, got a 29% cut, making Rex Tillerson’s job easier, although distributing aid to starving nations like Kenya and Sudan is going to get a lost riskier for those in need after suffering elongated drought. It’s going to be also a little harder to avoid getting into messy violent conflicts, but why should it matter because a lot of positions in the state haven’t been filled and probably never will.

Agriculture’s cut, at 21 %, is most recently noted for the SNAP program, so more kids and moms will be getting their nutrition from the 99 cent stores. And the elderly will be joining them as they painstakingly make the long trek to the Dollar Tree for vienna sausages and ramen noodles, as Meals On Wheels is also in jeopardy.

Labor’s cut will ruin the chances for the poor and vulnerable elderly to maintain work or get new jobs, it also will deny employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

Department of Health and Human Services cuts at 18% will fuck up Medicaid and Medicare. So don’t get sick or injured if you’re poor or old. Unless you have ACA. And cures and remedies to cancer and heart disease will have to wait too. Research, Smeaserch.

Commerce Department cut at 16% will deny funding to protect the coasts from future storms, which is a shock considering a lot of recent luxury tower development have occurred on coastal areas on the Pacific and Atlantic. But in places like Coney Island, where there are still poor project housing by the beaches, maybe this is almost like insurance for Trump’s developer peers. Speaking of housing-

HUD’s cut, seemingly sparse at 13 %, will cut funding for new development, leaving the projects at the mercies of private developers and gentrification. Making matters worse is the reminder that this will be run by the brain dead brain surgeon Ben Carson. A man who survived a stabbing thanks to his belt buckle.

The Education Department, cut at 14%, in the most bizarre redistribution of funding in all these heinous cuts, impacts the actual training of new teachers, summer school programming and aid programs to poor and first generation students at a cost of 3.7 billion in grants. So why does Betsy need 1.4 billion to encourage school choice, when the Trump administration is making it easier to choose charters to let public schools rot.

Transportation Department got a 13% cut, for all the talk of improving road infrastructure and airline security and safety. In the spirit of Reagan, this has a deleterious effect on air traffic control.

Interior Department cuts will affect the nation’s parks. That’s a lot of untapped real estate and energy mining for certain interests. The Energy Department’s cuts will impact the nuclear plants and stockpiles positively and studies on climate change negatively. The latter being that debates on the issue have to continue, perhaps indefinitely. The slight cut to NASA also will deny climate studies. It also cuts funding on the cost saving Energy Star program, because we need more coal resourced refrigerators and microwave ovens. Maybe we can use coal to charge all our Iphones now that we got Obamacare back.

Treasury Department at -4% also seems ineffectual. The major exception with this is that most impactful and pervasive crime being committed, and by the most avaricious perpetrators, is money laundering. A lot of this is being done with the aforementioned Russian oligarchs, as well as domestic and other international billionaires. The timing of this can’t be worse in light of the confirmed fact of the hierarchy of Saudi Arabia giving financial aid to Al Queda for decades, even during the monstrous slaughter of 9/11.

And the Big Kahuna of cuts. To fucking 100 percent to nothing funding to National Endowments to the Arts and Humanities, Museum and Library Services, and Public Broadcasting, PBS and NPR. If this stupid and sadistic budget passes, this will be the last year for public access to information, history and creativity. The last year to enjoy plays and musical performances in the park and on TV and radio. The last year to see art exhibitions. The last year to get unfiltered and untainted reports on the nation, world and on politics left and right. The last year to get free help for filling out tax returns and getting employment.

These budgetary decisions are going to instill more cynicism and frustration into a populace already tired of the Figurehead’s bullshit. Even among the people he promised to make America First and Great Again. It’s going to break towns and cities with combined urban blight, rising crime and economic environmental devastation. It’s going to lead to decimation in law and order despite all the new money being disbursed to maintain it.

Especially in Donald’s hometown in Queens and the other boroughs in New York.

Which he already did with his chair bashing sneak attack firing of Southern District D.A. Preet Bharara. Right at the end throes of his investigation into the (once) illegal fundraising of Mayor De Blasio and his doling of services favorable to big money clients of various public relation and lobby firms that worked on his mayoral campaign and his city hall slush fund 501 (c) (4) he ran inside his office with the presence of said groups, dubbed agents of the city to foolishly avoid illegalities. And right at the start of investigations in to HHS secretary Tom Price shady insider trading investments and the misappropriation of funds by the Fox News Network to settle sexual harassment cases.

With that move, Figurehead Trump made Pay To Play and Honest Graft legal in NYC. For the time being all can hope.

But with these recent policy making gaffes, it does give a faint glimmer of hope that this budget will go down the crapper as with his travel ban and his shitty health care plan. And maybe he will refrain from saying stupid shit on twitter with lame attempts to distract news media, corporate and independent, our elected officials and the people of this nation.

Yet this afternoon…

“ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry,”

He still persists.

What a fucking disgrace.

New Bad Days 4: Man Stabbed To Death In Pricey Hell’s Kitchen Steps Away From Police Precinct. Woman Also Stabbed In Pool Hall In Less Interesting Richmond Hill. Multiple Shootings On The Streets Of Harlem, Despite The Specter And Results Of Gentrification In The Area


Manhattan, N.Y.

After an altercation between two men on 36th street and 9th avenue, a sharp dressed man stabbed another man in the chest and fled the scene of the crime. The victim went around the corner to the police station on 35th street, where he bled to death from his wound. The unidentified suspect (unidentified? why?) turned himself in, possessing two knives.

Three people were shot in Harlem in a span of 30 minutes short distances from each other early evening between 8 and 8:30 PM on 119st and St. Nicholas and 124th street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

An elderly couple were randomly attacked by a unhinged man, who suckerpunched the 70 year old victim and assaulted his 69 year old wife at the Port Authority Station on 42nd street and 8th avenue.

Queens, N.Y., particularly the Dirty Southeast

In Richmond Hill, in a billiard lounge (sorry billiards AND lounge) on Lefferts Blvd near Jamaica Ave., a brawl spilled out front between two women leading one of them to get stabbed by a man associated with one of the brawlers. The 102nd NYPD precinct is around the corner on 118th st.

In Jamaica on 171 st. and 107 ave., a woman was shot inside her home from a thug passerby.

Let’s be careful out there everyone.

New Bad Days 3: Man Dead From Getting Shot In The Face At Night Club In Hip Bushwick.

NY Daily News

A gunman fatally blasted a 22-year-old man in the face at a Brooklyn nightclub Sunday morning, cops said. The assailant shot a fellow reveler once in the face at Brooklyn Asylum, a late night venue on Flushing Ave. near Scott Ave. in Bushwick around 5:20 a.m., according to police. No immediate arrests were made as cops investigated early Sunday.

That’s supposed to be a nightclub? Shouldn’t there be a sign bearing the name? That looks like it should be the office of a hapless contractor, accountant, lawyer or fringe political candidate running for office. Of course it’s not the only one. And hipsters are willing to pay 2000 to 2500 dollars a month to live around there.

In other crime affected areas worth noting the past week:

In Rochdale, Queens a woman, Maria Palaguachi, was stabbed and slashed to death with a meat cleaver in her home by her daughter.

In East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a 19 year old, Trevon Dickens was shot to death after a conversation with two acquaintances.

In Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, a teenager was shooting a bb gun at passer-by’s from his apartment building. He has been caught.

In Forest Hills, Queens, Ryan Chin was plowing snow at his house when his neighbor attacked him with a knife and stabbed him.

In Harlem, Manhattan, Darnell Williams, 31 was stabbed to death with an icepick after he held a grocery store door open for a person that escalated into an argument and led to violent confrontation with his attacker.

And at a Pelham Bay Park train station in the Bronx, a commuter got stabbed multiple times by a  mentally ill man. In the same story, the NY Daily News points out that stabbings and slashings are down 7.6%.