Keep On Obstructin’


Clean Up Jamaica Queens NOW

This illegally parked tractor trailer has its backed door ripped wide open. And it is obstructing drivers views of traffic coming west on south conduit ave.. this truck is parked on 126th street and south conduit in south ozone park queens.

South Ozone Park, Queens, N.Y.

So many things glaringly wrong with this scenery, but before I get to the obvious which is right in your face right now.
What is going on in that lot? Presumably it’s probably for one of those environmentally palatable green street projects. Usually the case with these things being implemented is that before anyone gets to enjoy the sights of these, you have to deal with the environment around the area getting wrecked and the undetermined amount of time these projects actually get completed.
Also to be considered is why isn’t Vision Zero punitive measures being enforced here to get this thing towed. In order to cross into the conduit, the driver has to stop twice and look, or most likely has to run the stop sign to carefully merge into traffic.
And now the deal with this truck. Where did they get this, was it bought in a lot used by ISIS in Mosul and imported here? Because it looks like this was blown up with a pound of C4. This should raise an obvious red flag with the NYPD or at least draw some attention from the DHS.
It must be noted repeatedly of course, that what if this was parked and obstructing vision on intersections in niche areas in Brooklyn, like the Mayor’s beloved Park Slope, or the Borough President’s Forest Hills, or even in Whitestone, Williamsburgh, DUMBO, Cobble Hill, or even Westchester.
But again, this is the dirty southeast of Queens, the figurative bastard stepchild of the world’s borough. So blatant impunity like this is normalized. The only way this gets proper attention is when someone has to get mortally wounded or killed just for making a standard right turn.
These are some fucked up standards to abide by and tolerate. And this city is letting it happen in spades. And this has been happening regularly.

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