New Bad Days 98: Man Murders His Ex And Leaves Their Baby Stranded On The Sidewalk; Shootout At A Park Kills College Basketball Star; Citibike Rider Red Light Violation Mishap Makes Woman Lose Her Leg From A Car Crash; Close Range Shootout In Parking Lot Leaves A Man Dead And A Killer On The Run; Girl Gets Plugged By Stray Bullet While Cramming For Final Exam; Anarchist Vandals Mass Target Parked Cars, Smashing Their Windows And Deflating Their Tires; Drill Rappers Murdered In Cold Blood Over Gold Chain And Dis Lyrics; Gang Of Teenagers Mug A Boy In Broad Daylight For Social Media Snuff Video; Stoner Car Thief Kills Woman And Runs Over Her Grandchild And Pedestrians While Fleeing From The Cops; 3-D Printer Stolen From Trainyard Has Ghost Gun Mass Manufacturing Potential; Gangbangers Get Into Shootout Inside Police Precinct Parking Lot; Gangs Are Pulling Off Successful Gunpoint Mass Robberies And Burglaries Of Small Business And Criminals Stop Driving Cars And Weaponize Unlicensed Motorcycles, E-Bikes And Citibikes Instead As More Convenient Accessories For Drive-By Shootings And Muggings

Blood in the concrete

Mayor Adams first summer in charge of New York City has resulted in an unfortunate series of disasters as the gun violence continued to surge despite the efforts of the NYPD after getting reportedly thousands of guns off the streets and after appointing another one of his long time friends to a mayoral advisory position as his “gun czar” despite having a record of corrupt misuse and pilfering of funds from his non-profit violence prevention organization for personal gain and spending.

While Adams is definitely the most insecure mayor in the nation who needs to deflect blame on every mistake and failure he’s responsible for in his short time running this town, he gets brownie points for pointing out what the state’s bail reform laws and leniency towards criminal recidivism has done to cause the meteoric rise in every felony category. Too bad he ruins any credibility he can get by not criticizing the feature of this warping of the criminal justice system that is being perpetrated by the arrogant Manhattan’s  District attorney Accomplice Alvin Bragg and his current staff of incompetent prosecutors who don’t do any actual prosecuting.

Mayor Adams should also reserve some of his laughing stock analogy for his own Board of Education commissioner and long time friend David Banks since schools have become hotbeds of violence as well. Drawing down suspensions has made truants more emboldened to commit violent acts against faculty and gang violence has become more prevalent at the schools.

Meanwhile, car theft statistics continue to mount to new highs while more NYC citizens are driving more than ever because of the continuing decline of service and incline of crime on the transit system. Even old school pick pocketing and purse snatching has resurfaced during this new regression of subway safety.

Even though shootings saw an precipitous drop, all the other felonious crimes saw double and triple hikes in June. Sadly the city’s elected fauxgressive shitlibs are still desperately trying to minimize the reality of our surroundings despite that 3/4 of the constituency are certain that they inevitably will be mugged, shot or deliberately and randomly attacked for no reason.

And even though Mayor Adams tries to speak sincerely about the crime issues that have revived fears among his constituency, it’s all instantly obscured with his persistence in partying with oligarchs and celebrities, his irrational stubborn insistence in keeping vaccine mandates going which has led to a stunning exodus of city workers especially by the NYPD, and his proclivity for atrocious gaffes ranging from stupid ass shit to crass self-aggrandizement.

Maybe Adams should check himself before he wrecks himself when he describes the system he needs to change as a laughingstock.


In the Upper East Side, a man shot his ex-girlfriend to death as he ambushed her from behind and blasted a round point blank at the back of her head while she was pushing their 3-month old baby in her stroller. The man arranged to meet her near a park and promised to bring clothes for her baby. Prior to the cold blooded murder, the killer was feigning to be pleasant towards her after physically abusing while she was pregnant and stalking her since their child was born. But the young mother still felt that he still was needed to be a part of their child’s life and needed those baby clothes because she was forced to sell them while she was hiding from him in shelters while trying to get a place to live that a single mother can only afford.

The vigil for Azsia Johnson ended with cries demanding that her blood should remain on the concrete were she was slain. Truly a powerful message to city officials.

Also in the Upper East Side, a nurse found her rear car window busted and her personal belongings robbed after working a graveyard shift at a hospital.

Again in the Upper East Side, a drunk driver crashed into an app hail livery driver’s car while running a red light and injured him and his passenger who happened to be a member of a legendary alternative rock band. The drunk driver then got into a tussle with cops trying to arrest him.

Again in the Upper East Side, a cab driver plowed his car into another cab driver’s vehicle and tried to split but wound up splitting up building scaffolding after mounting the sidewalk trying to get away.

And again in the Upper East Side at the 68 St. Station, a man grabbed a woman on the stairs and threw her down to the floor and then touched himself, allowing her to bite him and break free. A few days later, he perversely kissed a woman on her mouth on the 1 train and ran into the next car and then he finished his serial molestation spree by grabbing a woman’s ass at the Grand Central Station.

And again in the Upper East Side, a gang of fauxgressive hooligans deflated tires of 40 SUV’s parked on the street curbs under the rubric of “climate change” activism. Despite the fact that they will release more carbon monoxide driving slower to the nearest gas station to reinflate their tires.

"23" balloons hang above a photo of Darius Lee.

In Harlem, a shootout between two gangs killed a man who was at a BBQ cookout party when a stray bullet hit while a rap video was being produced at the park. 8 other people were wounded under the fusillade and chaos. The lone casualty of the city’s continuing plague of gun violence was a major college basketball star who yearned to play for the Knicks.

Also in Harlem, a man laid down in the middle of the street and ran from cops who tried to aid him, then proceeded to jump on top of a car and stood on top of it as it moved until he fell off onto the road. He later died from his injuries while in custody.

Again in Harlem, a man shot two men and a woman by a museum.

And again in Harlem, a 17-year-old boy got caught possessing a gun by a safety agent who broke up a fight involving him and other boys in a high school stairwell.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot in the leg on the sidewalk from a drive-by.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot in the chest during a ride by when three men on scooters rolled by in broad daylight.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot twice in the middle of the street in the middle of the night.

And again in Harlem, a man drilled a woman with a rock and it deflected off her and hit her baby while they were sitting in a park.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot in the leg following a dispute with his assailant in a courtyard.

And again in Harlem, a man got busted by the cops attempting to sell a bag of guns trafficked from North Carolina.

In East Harlem, a man ran up to a delivery worker as he was unloading his van and held him up at gunpoint and then shot him in the leg and stole his $8,000 gold chain during a tussle with him. A delivery worker can afford that much bling?

Also in East Harlem, cops responding to a noise complaint on the street confronted a woman blasting music from a bluetooth speaker and then she ran away when they asked for I.D.. Then the woman came back to pick up her shit as the cops waited there to arrest her. During the procedure, the woman resisted arrest by punching the cops and then was aided by another woman who proceeded to assault them along with another man who sucker punched a cop and ran away. District Accomplice Alvin Bragg lessened their charges which allowed them to go free following their arraignments.

Again in East Harlem, a woman and recidivist shoplifter infamous for boosting products from stores for a living got caught for the 99th time at a chain pharmacy and she put up a fight with a security guard trying to get away.

And again in East Harlem, a man shot another man on the street and rode away on a bike with his crew of cyclists/accomplices.

And again in East Harlem at the 125th Station, two men brawling on the platform pushed a 64-year-old man onto the tracks who tried to break them up.

And again in East Harlem, a 3-year-old boy got killed after he fell off a balcony from the 29th floor of an apartment building.

In NoMad, three men in an SUV rolled up to a group of men hanging out on the street and then held them at gunpoint and ripped off nearly $200,000 worth of jewels off them.

Also in NoMad, a citibike rider ran a red light and right in front of a taxi SUV cab while the driver was trying to turn, causing the driver to lose control of his vehicle and running over the scofflaw biker and then mounting the sidewalk and plowing into 4 people who were dining on tables on the sidewalk. Samaritans rushed to lift the cab that pinned two women against the building wall and on the pavement. One of the woman wound up losing her leg in the accident caused by the scofflaw bikeshare user who also got severely injured. The cab driver was found to have a record of past traffic violations and the woman who lost her leg was from Mexico who was visiting the city and enjoying herself. But the local corporate news outlets did not reveal the identity of the scofflaw citibike rider except for his age, even though there was camera footage that showed he was the cause of the traffic violence.

In Hamilton Heights, a 17-year-old boy shot a 16-year-old boy to death on the street in broad daylight and managed to escape from the cops after they surrounded and barricaded the area of the killing.

In Midtown, a man hit the five fingered lottery when he found the ATM cash drawer compartment unlocked, then got a Hefty bag and stuffed $200,000 in cold hard cash in it and bounced.

Also in Midtown at the Grand Central Station, two men got into a brawl on the 7 train platform that ended when one of them fell onto the trackbed.

Again in Midtown, a man boosted a load of makeup products from a chain pharmacy store and got caught, cuffed and arraigned and still got off on supervised release even though it’s the 122nd time he got arrested for shoplifting and he missed his court dates over 20 times.

And again in Midtown at the Grand Central Station, a woman fainted on the platform, then fell onto the tracks and got killed by the approaching 7 train.

And again in Midtown, a 61-year-old man got jumped by three men who riding on the same motorcycle on the sidewalk then one of them flashed a knife and they made off with his wallet.

And again in Midtown, a man shot two men as they were stepping inside of a livery cab on a street corner.

And again in Midtown at Grand Central Station, a man and a woman got into some hard fucking on the 4 train.

In Times Square, a man dropped dead on a chair at a pedestrian plaza.

Also in Times Square, a man selling drugs on a corner got approached by three men who told him to bounce, then they slashed him multiple times to convince him.

Again in Times Square, a beggar got inside a tour bus and started asking passengers for money, then he stabbed and slashed the driver multiple times with a razor as he was struggled to get him out.

In Chelsea, two men shot at another man in broad daylight and stray bullets hit a NYC Health Department vaccine bus that wasn’t getting any inoculations.

In Hell’s Kitchen, Mayor Adams’s sister overheard three men muttering about pulling off a shooting and Hizzoner deployed NYPD units to canvass the area by calling 911.

In Hamilton Heights, a 17-year-old boy shot a man in the leg at a bus stop with a stray bullet after he emptied his clip trying to gun down his rival. The innocent bystander victim will now rely on fare gouging apps to get around town.

Also in Hamilton Heights, a 68-year-old man stabbed his 79-year-old wife to death inside the apartment to settle a domestic dispute they were having over property they owned together.

In the Upper West Side, a man fought with, then stabbed and slashed two teenage boys after giving them the stink eye.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man tried to get into a tussle with city park workers and one of them threw a few roundhouse karate kicks to ward him off.

Again in the Upper West Side, eggs are being thrown from an apartment building at people sitting and commuting in a pedestrian plaza.

And again in the Upper West Side, a real estate bro renting a room at an elderly couples rent-stabilized apartment has been tormenting them for over a year and has been exploiting the state’s pandemic relief programs to remain there while refusing to pay rent and making a mess at the residence, compelling the couple to dwell at a nursing home in the Bronx for their health as he tries to take over the apartment.

And again in the Upper West Side, a woman committed suicide by jumping from the 15th floor of an apartment building.

And again in the Upper West Side, a church got vandalized with pro-abortion agitprop graffiti on the day following the Supreme Court overturning Roe Vs. Wade.

And again in the Upper West Side at the 81 St. Station, a man slashed another man in the back to settle an argument on the C train.

And again in the Upper West Side, a pedal bike rider crashed into an ebike rider while riding the wrong direction in the “protected” bike lane.

In Washington Heights, three men beat down a man to the pavement and stole his gold chain and glasses in broad daylight.

In the Lower East Side, a man built a fence on the sidewalk by his apartment building as defense against persistent sidewalk riding by app-food delivery men on ebikes and unlicensed motorcycles.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man menaced customers and delivery workers inside a deli, then stole a beer from the store. When cops arrived to arrest him, the man then banged his head against the window and damaged it while still cuffed.

Again in the Lower East Side at the Delancey St. Station, a man grabbed a woman from behind and placed her in a chokehold and then stabbed and slashed her multiple times while they were on the stairs. The lunatic was able to pull off this felonious act after he got sprung without bail after getting arrested for repeatedly menacing an ex-girlfriend for money, vandalizing a doorbell camera and cutting wires to security cameras on a man’s house, sticking a knife on another man in the street he provoked a dispute with in Richmond Hill and assaulting and strangling a woman and also sticking a knife at her inside her apartment and sexually assaulting a woman inside a church in Brooklyn.

And again in the Lower East Side at the Essex St. Station, a man killed himself after falling off the platform onto the tracks on his head in a drunken stupor.

And again in the Lower East Side, a reprobate ran over a 2-year-old boy with his unlicensed motorcycle while the toddler was crossing the street with his father and bounced.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man doused a nail salon storefront with gasoline and lit it on fire, trapping two people inside who were locked in.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man got slashed and had his expensive watch stolen by a man he engaged in a fight with after he caught him with his girlfriend at his apartment after the workday.

And again in the Lower East Side, two men shot at other people on the street in broad daylight, then they changed their clothes at a nearby hotel to avoid recognition.

In Chinatown, ATM machines are gouging people with excessive fees and short changing the amounts of money in withdrawals.

Also in Chinatown at the Grand St. Station, cops stopped and questioned a man carry a black carry bag and arrested him for possessing an AR-15 along with clips and rounds of bullets and a loaded gun.

In the East Village, a couple of Chinese restaurants have left mountains of trash exposed full of entrails and discarded compost waste on the sidewalks and gutters.

Also in the East Village, a homeless man died in his sleep in an encampment by the abandoned school that’s been there for months and that’s also been broken up multiple times by the NYPD and the Sanitation Department under orders by Mayor Adams in the name of dignified housing, which they did again by trashing their meager belongings while his fellow homeless neighbors were mourning in a vigil for him.

Again in the East Village, a crew of lame-os meet up at a bubble tea joint with their illegal uniwheels and then ride them on the city streets with impunity.

And again in the East Village at the 3rd Avenue Station, a rat couple and their rat brood got all giddy after they found a discarded slice of pizza and brought it back to their hovel behind the metrocard machine.

And again in the East Village at the Astor Pl. Station, a man whipped out his choad and jerked off in front of a woman on the platform.

And again in the East Village, a man put a sticker on a window of a restaurant and 15 cops swarmed to arrest him.

This was the sticker

In Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a man jumped onto the trackbed and was being a total dick holding up transit service walking back and forth on the tracks and arguing with commuters for nearly an hour.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man slashed another man in the face right when he was walking by him on the sidewalk.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Fulton St. Station, a man and a woman were having a heated argument on the mezzanine and he decided to settle it by slashing her multiple times from her head to her back during the morning rush hour. Then he went to an office building and sexually molested a receptionist who was helping him with a computer problem. The psycho pervert was found to be currently on parole after serving time for gun possession and engaging in a shootout with another man 5 months ago.

Also in Downtown Manhattan, the city and world renowned professional booster tried to shoplift over $125 worth of products from a chain pharmacy, notched her 100th arrest after getting caught by security and collared by the cops. She was let go again of course because she did not steal over $1,000 worth of merchandise according to the state’s idiotic bail reform laws.

In FiDi, a homeless man bashed a window at a chain pharmacy store that has seen daily disruptions from other mentally ill people the city abandoned.

Also in FiDi at the Wall St. Station, a man slashed another man in the face to settle an argument on the 2 train.

In Morningside Heights, a man ripped down a gay pride flag from a dorm building at Columbia U and burned it on the sidewalk.

In Koreatown, an inebriated entitled man from a big bank got into a brawl with workers at a restaurant when they refused to let him use the bathroom. He managed to punch one of them and snatch a cellphone off another worker.

In the Meatpacking District, a Florida woman yelled racial slurs and squirted pepper spray at a group of other women. She is being held in jail with $20,000 bail. This is who the Manhattan District Accomplice Alvin Bragg thinks should be incarcerated and not recidivist criminals engaging in looting, assaults and gun possession. Like this guy who assaulted a NY Post photographer when he swatted his camera out of his hand while he was leaving the criminal courthouse after getting sprung following his arraignment of another offense he committed.

In Herald Square at the 34th St. Station, cops hassled a subway busker taking up too much space on the mezzanine floor with his dancing toys, even though he’s been performing there for quite a long time. After a long dispute, the cops swarmed on him and slapped the cuffs on him as he cried for help. Good thing Mayor Adams decided to stop that one cop patrol.

In Murray Hill, a man grabbed a woman’s butt on the sidewalk and was found packing a gun by cops during his arrest.

In Kips Bay, an inmate from Rikers Island died at Bellevue Hospital after being transferred there for some unknown reason. Mayor Adams and DOT Commissioner Louis Molina have been even more secretive since a judge let them continue to have control over the prison island.

In the West Village, a pile of diverse trash was left behind abutting a restaurant shanty festering after the rainfall.

In Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, a man stalked a woman up the staircase and snapped a photo of her private parts with his celly and bounced.

In Hudson Yards, a man grabbed a woman’s titties and got taken down by security and cops on patrol.

In Madison Square Garden, a Ranger fan knocked out a Lightning fan with one punch after his area team lost a playoff game at the arena. It actually looked like the visitor fan was being an obnoxious sore winner. Doesn’t matter cuz Tampa didn’t three-peat.


In Ozone Park, a man ran into a lot behind a beer store and a vitamin store with an automatic rifle and shootout between two men ensued, leading to one of them dying in a pool of his blood on the pavement. Two other men got wounded from the fusillade of bullets, including the gunman who made the first shot and got tracked down and arrested while being treated at a hospital.

The man who blasted his foes with the assault rifle is still on the loose.

Also in Ozone Park, a clan of gypsies are ripping off jewelry from people while pretending to be tourists that are lost in the neighborhood and also while trying to heal them with spells from their car.

Again in Ozone Park, a man riding his unlicensed motorcycle on the sidewalk stopped in front of a man walking his dog and reached down to pet it and then violently grabbed him from the elderly man and rode away.

In Ridgewood, a rapper got shot to death during a shootout between his crew and a man who stepped out of a car and fired at them once they stepped outside a warehouse art and music studio building. The assassin ditched his ride and ran towards the nearest train station and remains on the loose.

In St. Albans, a 15-year-old girl got hit in the leg from a stray bullet that came from the a shootout between three men on the street while she was studying for her regents exam. The girl promised to speak to the press following her exam and what she said was quite sardonic of the current Mayor of New York City about the shit job he is doing stopping “gun violence”,how her and her peers think he’s a living joke and a few other opinions adding to the 30 million coming from the other 8.8 million New Yorkers have about NYC’s one mayor.

In Briarwood, cops arrested the “duck sauce killer”‘s wife after a search warrant of her apartment found eight guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, right after her hangry bigot husband got released on $500,000 bail by his relatives. So while this bastard was hoarding duck sauce at his apartment, he was hoarding his arsenal at his estranged wife’s apartment.

In Jamaica, a man got caught in a stolen car by a cop, then he weaponized it and tried to run him over, hitting his leg. He wound up getting collared along with his accomplice girlfriend.

Also in Jamaica, a man butchered his nephew to death with a machete in his house following a long running domestic dispute over the property.

Again in Jamaica, a woman clobbered another woman with her handbag after they got off a city bus.

And again in Jamaica and also Glendale, Fresh Meadows, Astoria and East Elmhurst, a gang of four men pulled off gunpoint and knifepoint robberies of delis and gas stations making off with over $14,000 by stealing their register drawers during a 3 week serial crime spree.

And again in Jamaica, three teenagers held up a bodega at gunpoint and robbed $1,000 and bounced.

In South Jamaica, a man slaughtered his girlfriend and her son and niece to death by stabbing them multiple times inside their house The bodies were left there rotting for nearly a week.

In Kew Gardens Hills, two men ambushed a 68-year-old man at the front door of his house and stuck him up at gunpoint, then wrestled and stole a black tote bag from him and bounced.

In Flushing, a man got kicked out of a Chinese restaurant for wearing no pants. Then he returned with pants on and also with a hammer in his hand that he weaponized to smashed all their window.

Also in Flushing, a rap star got busted possessing a loaded 9 mm inside his ride and was forced to cancel his show that he was co-headlining.  It turned out the weapon belonged to one of his crew and he was released without bail, just in time to perform at another rap concert where he got the crowd to curse out the NYPD.

Again in Flushing, a woman was found dead in a car abandoned in a vacant lot nearby Mets stadium.

In Woodside, two men engaged in a shootout on a street corner near a playground and a restaurant in broad daylight.

Also in Woodside, a hit-and-run driver plowed and killed a man in the crosswalk of the exit ramp of a highway.

Again in Woodside, a man attempted to hold up a bank with a note and got nothing and bounced.

And again in Woodside, a woman ran over an 8-year-old girl and grandmother with her car as they were crossing the street while she was driving drunk.

And again in Woodside, 38 cars parked on seven blocks had their windows smashed overnight.

In Long Island City at the Queensboro Plaza Station, a man randomly attacked and stabbed a 62-year-old commuter twice on the 7 train. The next day, he randomly stabbed another man while he was sitting on a bench at the 74th Ave/Roosevelt Ave. Station in Jackson Heights. This lunatic was released on his own recognizance after threatening to stab cops on the street the day before the attacks.

Also in Long Island City, a man broke into a non-profit organization’s office by throwing a cement block through their glass door and made off with a laptop.

Again in Long Island City, a man got shot while going for a walk on the grounds of the Ravenswood Houses.

And again in Long Island City,  a man who planned to sell his video game console with an ad on social media got ambushed by his customer who got into a brawl with him and then shot him in the neck and stole it in front of a luxury public housing building.

And again in Long Island City, a man picked up a sign belonging to a hip burger joint and weaponized it on 3 parked cars and broke their windshields. On the same night, 5 parked cars had their windows smashed by vandals who were rummaging through the vehicles looking to loot some shit.

And again in Long Island City at the Hunters Point Station, a man hassled a couple on the 7 train, then he spat on the man and punched his wife in the face, leaving her jaw broken and wired shut, unable to eat or speak for a month and leaving her with a paralyzing fear of commuting in the subway.

And again in Long Island City, a water main broke under the boulevard by the Queensbridge Houses, leaving the complex without water services and flooding damage to a row of parked cars. The infrastructure continued to be neglected by the city after promising to repair after a similar break a year earlier.

In Sunnyside, a fauxgressive politician agency captured by pro-bike/anti-car think tank and lobbies got caught idling in the crosswalk and driving while talking on his cellphone on multiple occasions while on the campaign trail promoting their agenda to abolish car ownership and parking. Unfortunately he still won the election thanks to voter apathy and three moderate candidates running against him.

Also in Sunnyside, a man robbed 100 bucks from a bank by handing the teller a threatening note.

Again in Sunnyside, a man randomly attacked another man by stabbing him in the neck as he walked by him on the sidewalk.

In Forest Hills, a student threatened to shoot up his high school and claimed it was a joke days after the mass killing of children and teachers in a school in Ulvade, Texas that a shitty police department enabled by doing nothing to stop the killer.

Also in Forest Hills at the 71st Ave/Continental Ave. Station, a man sucker punched a 68-year-old woman from behind while she was walking up the stairs.

Again in Forest Hills at the 75th Ave. Station, two men kettled a 63-year-old commuter and then forced him up against the wall and pistol whipped his head multiple times, then they robbed $1,000 and his jewels and watch off of him. One of the perps was wearing a Motorhead t-shirt.

And again in Forest Hills, vandals tore down a gay pride flag from a church and threw it in the garbage.

And again in Forest Hills, Queens D.A. Melinda Katz misused her tax payer funded security detail and made them move boxes and furniture to a new mansion she bought after selling her old house.

And again in Forest Hills at the 75th Ave. Station, a European man and a Brooklyn gentrifier woman got arrested for co-opting Black and Latino graffiti culture vandalizing subway trains while co-opting Black and Latino graffiti culture

In Kew Gardens Hills, two men ambushed a 68-year-old man at the front door of his house and stuck him up at gunpoint, then wrestled and stole a black tote bag from him and bounced. Cops suspect they might be involved in the 75th Ave. Station mugging.

In Jackson Heights, a bigot smacked a man in the head with a pipe and robbed 10 bucks off him.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man tried to rob a bank and failed when he lied about having a gun.

In Maspeth, a homeless man sleeping under a pickup truck got crushed to death by it’s driver who hit the gas without knowing he was under it.

Also in Maspeth, a 67-year-old man critically injured himself crashing his electric car into a box truck.

Again in Maspeth, two men held up a smoke shop at gunpoint and robbed merchandise and cash after they tied up the worker.

In Rockaway Beach, two teenage boys drowned in Jamaica Bay while cutting from school.

Also in Rockaway Beach, a 16-year-old girl and a young man drowned while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean even though the beaches were supposed to be closed because of shore resiliency construction and a major lack of lifeguards. Although both casualties perished after 6 pm when the lifeguards go off duty. Meaning that NYC Parks rangers should have been shutting the beach down, but the city has a shortage of them too.

In Elmhurst, a man boosts electronic products from a department store to feed his $100 a day heroin addiction in the parking lot where the store is located.

Also in Elmhurst at the Grand Ave. Station, a man beat the fare by hopping the turnstile then he turned around and grabbed a commuter’s ass as she was exiting through another one.

In Astoria, a gang of three men broke into a diner and a Dunkin’ and made off with over $4,000 in cash and property by stealing a cash register and a safe.

In South Ozone Park, a man stalked a woman on the sidewalk and then put her in a choke hold while dragging her to a park across the conduit where he sexually assaulted her.

Also in South Ozone Park, a man got shot to death while sitting in his car from a drive-by.

In Corona at the 111th St. Station, a 15-year-old boy conked his head and knocked himself out while surfing on top of the 7 train.

Also in Corona, an off-duty cop beat the crap out of a man to settle an argument on the street.

Again in Corona, two men encroached on a man walking on the sidewalk and got into an argument with him, then one of them stabbed him with a shiv and then they bounced.

And again in Corona, a man stabbed another man to death and also slashed his girlfriend after he got into a fight with them when he tried to cut in to dance with her inside a catering hall.

In Laurelton, a homeowner found the decomposed body of a woman his son murdered and hid in a hole under plywood in his basement for months.

In Woodhaven, a decomposed body of a man was found underneath a couch inside an apartment in a mixed used building. It was determined to be a homicide.

In Fresh Meadows, a boy sent a bomb threat to his school after a girl posted nude pics of him on her social media account.

Also in Fresh Meadows, two men broke into the house through the back door and robbed $3,500 and jewels.

Again in Fresh Meadows, school faculty at a junior high school were accused of ignoring rampant bullying by a civic group of parents.

And again in Fresh Meadows, a couple beat up and robbed a watch and bracelet from a jewelry store owner who caught them in the basement rummaging through her property.

On Rikers Island, another inmate died inside a prison cell from a drug overdose that was reported over a week after his demise.

At JFK airport, a rap star got grabbed and arrested by cops before he jetted out of New York for shooting three people at a nite club in Brooklyn back in March.

In South Richmond Hill, a man shot another man and a woman to settle an argument in front of a vape lounge.

Also in South Richmond Hill, an explosion from a propane tank killed a man and his parents inside their basement apartment which set off a five-alarm fire that destroyed three houses and damaged a few others from the high gale force winds Two of the houses wound up getting demolished and over 40 residents and children are now homeless.


In Tremont, a gang of five men followed a man at a pharmacy and demanded him to give up his gold chain. Then they proceeded to beat him down as two workers scurried into a door to hide in the basement. Then one of them shot him to death and plugged more bullets into him as he bled out on the floor and robbed his gold chain and bounced with his accomplices. The victim was a rap star in the drill rap genre, which makes this attack seem more like a planned hit.

In Concourse Village, a woman had all of her wheels stolen from her car that she left parked on a street where other people’s cars are getting stripped of their parts.

Also in Concourse Village, a man got shot in the back seat of a livery cab from an assailant that blasted him from another car passing by him during a drive by.

In Woodstock, a rapper shot a man multiple times in the legs after he got his fender dinged in an car accident and he wasn’t content with the money the victim offered to pay for it.

Also Woodstock at the Jackson Ave. Station, a man drunk off his ass randomly pushed a woman off the platform and onto the tracks.

Again in Woodstock, a man riding on the back of a ninja bike shot at a group of people sitting on a stoop in broad daylight, hitting one man on the leg.

In Wakefield, a man got shot to death while sitting inside of his car while parked by the curb.

In Morrisania, a man got shot in the leg on the street and wouldn’t divulge any info about his assailant to the cops.

Also in Morrisania, a livery driver got crushed to death inside his car when another car collided into it and the driver sped off.

In Mount Eden, a man got shot in his car while waiting for the light to change during a drive by.

Also in Mount Eden, a 15-year-old boy got shot in the eye during a fight with two masked men in the middle of the block.

In Pelham Parkway, a man stalked a woman to her apartment building and then raped and robbed her in the elevator at knifepoint.

In Mott Haven, a man who got paroled after serving time for killing a transvestite 30 years ago shot a man to death in front of a barber shop.

Also in Mott Haven, two men bum rushed a luxury public housing apartment and shot a man in the chest and robbed is cell phone while wearing delivery service uniform shirts. The man tried to get help from his neighbors in the anomaly lux apartment building to no avail.

Again in Mott Haven, a man got shot on the street and walked to the nearest hospital where he died.

And again in Mott Haven, a man got shot in the leg in front of a public housing building in a gang related attack.

And again in Mott Haven, a man jumped out of 15th floor window of an apartment building at the Mill Brook Houses and landed and crashed through the roof of the buildings boiler room and caused the gas utilities to go out. Usually, the calamitous human error that systemically denies tenants gas service is caused by managerial and systemic negligence.

And again in Mott Haven, a gang of teenage hooligans beat down a produce stand worker and robbed his wallet after one of them tricked him by feigning to buy a mango and then he and his crew pounced when the man was giving him change.

And again in Mott Haven, a man crashed into a car while riding his ebike and died from a head injury.

In Kingsbridge Heights at the Kingsbridge Road Station, a man went onto the tracks to pick up a cigarette and pulled out a box cutter and threatened to slash two MTA workers who told him to come back up to the platform. The man had a recidivist criminal record of 40 prior arrests and slept at the courthouse because he’s scared of being put in one of Mayor Adams’s frightening homeless shelters.

In Charlotte Gardens, a 12-year-old girl got hit by a speeding car while crossing in the street in the middle of the block.

In Williamsbridge at the 225th St. Station, a man pummeled another man on the platform and robbed his cellphone.

Also in Williamsbridge, a man shot at a car that pulled check on a woman who was being hassled by a group of men, then everyone bounced.

Again in Williamsbridge, a young man ran over another young man with his car and sped off during a ruckus in front of a high school and a gun was involved and found on the crime scene.

And again in Williamsbridge, a young man got shot in the leg on the street.

In Fordham Heights, two men and a 15-year-old boy ambushed a man who came out of his car and then one of them shot him in the head in broad daylight, killing him instantly. The victim just recently got out of prison for assault and battery. One of the men got arrested a few days later and the other accomplice is still on the loose.

got arrested for his connection with the crew.

Also in Fordham Heights, a man got shot in the arm on the street in the middle of the night.

In Morris Heights, a man randomly attacked another man by stabbing him twice on the sidewalk by a park.

Also in Morris Heights, a man got shot in the back during a party on Father’s Day.

In Hunts Point, a man held up a food cart at gunpoint and stuck up a man walking on the sidewalk and robbed $180 off them while riding on the back of an unlicensed motorcycle ridden by his accomplice. The man also attempted to hold up a check cashing place and failed.

In Wakefield, a man took a gun out of his pocket and shot it three times in front of train station in broad daylight on a crowded street corner.

In Concourse, a man attempted suicide in his cell and was saved in time by two C.O.’s at the Bronx Criminal Court house. He died 8 days later at a hospital while under conditional release, so the city wouldn’t have to list it as an incarcerated death in the prison system’s data.

Also in Concourse, a woman and NYPD police officer got stabbed to death by her ex-husband inside her apartment. The man blamed it on a transit cop she worked with, claiming he told him to kill her.

Again in Concourse, a man got shot in the knee while walking on the sidewalk.

And again in Concourse, a hit and run driver plowed a woman as she was crossing the street with her two pit bulls. One of the dogs died instantly.

A gang of four men cruising around in a luxury car plundered over $1,000 in cash and property from commuters in a 6 day mugging crime spree in the Boogie Down and in Fort George in Manhattan.

In Tremont, a man got shot to death on a street corner by a park a block away from his home.

In Van Nest, two rolled up to a police station in a car and pointed a fake machine gun at them bounced. But got caught and cuffed in no time.

In Throggs Neck, a man got into a brawl with his sons and wound up getting stabbed by one of them at their apartment.

In Foxhurst, a man got plowed by a hit-and-run driver while he was crossing the street in the dead of night.

In Belmont, a woman was found stabbed to death bleeding on the floor in her apartment.

In Soundview, a man got shot in broad daylight on the grounds of the Sotomayer Houses.

Also in Soundview, two men on an unlicensed motorcycle rolled by a man on the sidewalk and the one on the saddle shot him in the chest in a ride-by.

Again in Soundview, two men got shot following a dispute inside an apartment building.

In Morrisania, a man got shot inside a public housing apartment building.

In Melrose, a 17-year-old girl killed her newborn baby by throwing him out of her apartment window.

Also in Melrose, a gunman emptied his clip at two men while they were sitting in a courtyard at the Jackson Houses, hitting one in the arm and the other on the ear.

Again in Melrose, a man approached another man sitting on a stoop and stabbed him three times and robbed $400 off him, then he stabbed another man three times while he was walking on the sidewalk and made off with 5 bucks. Both attacks happened in broad daylight.

In Eastchester, a man raped a woman inside her apartment and got nabbed after the act because the woman left a message on her app food order to call the cops.

In Parkchester, a man stuck up and slashed a young woman on the 6 train and stole her phone and watch.

Also in Parkchester, two men got shot on streets from drive-bys five blocks away from each other.

In Norwood, a man tried to gun another man down while he was riding a moped and just missed his mark.

In Castle Hill, a man stabbed a woman to death inside her apartment.

Also in Castle Hill, a one-year-old boy was found standing and crying on a street corner. Turned out his mother was working a late shift and needed her 15-year-old son to baby sit him and he left the door to their apartment open.

In Laconia, a woman got shot while hanging out at an courtyard by a man on a motor scooter.

In Unionport, a man attacked a 72-year-old man and tried to jack his car but failed when the elderly man’s family arrived and kicked his ass.

In Mount Hope, cops raided an apartment on a warrant and confiscated over 250 pounds of coke, smack, crystal, oxycondone and fentanyl. Surprised there isn’t a slang term for the very latter yet, how about “high fructose syrup”?

In the South Bronx and Upper Manhattan, a gang of three men pulled off 26 armed robbery muggings using 5 different cars in a two week span.


In Downtown Brooklyn, a gang of teenage boys mugged a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint and stole his wallet, cellphone and his sneakers as a bunch of other latch key kids film the felonious crime with their cellphones for their social media accounts.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, a busker had his guitar stolen when he took his eye off it to throw out some trash in a garbage can.

In Bed-Stuy, two men menacingly strolled by a 61-year-old man walking on the sidewalk and then one of them sucker punches him and knocks him down and out on the pavement. Then the two goons rifle through his pockets and steal what little cash he had on him and leave him for dead. The man later died from his injury.

Also in Bed-Stuy, two young men chased another young man into a NYPD precinct parking lot and them one of them tried to shoot him down. This crime scene also developed by a charter school. Today’s hardhead gangstas give zero fucks.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot a woman to death and wounded another man inside her apartment.

And again in Bed-Stuy, two men riding on an unlicensed dirtbike rolled up to people having a cookout on the grounds of the Stuyvesant Gardens houses and the man riding saddleback shot at them, hitting an 8-year-old boy in the leg and also two women and a man.

And again in Bed-Stuy, cops approached a man sitting in a stolen car smoking pot with his pals and noticed he had bogus license plates from two states and then the man hit the gas and ran over and killed a 67-year-old woman and injured her 8-year-old grandchild as they were crossing the street. Then the asshole hit a bike rider and two other pedestrians and crashed into another car during his mindlessly reckless getaway attempt until he mounted the sidewalk and crashed into a bodega on a street corner where he and his stoner pals abandoned the vehicle and bounced.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a woman got killed as she rode her motor scooter the wrong way and got plowed by a hit-and-run driver.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot another man in the chest on the street after midnight.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a 60-year-old man beat his 72-year-old cousin to death inside their apartment.

And again in Bed-Stuy, one of the Department of Transportation Alternatives open street has led to overcrowding and consistent noise complaints and ironically an abundance of cars parked nearby by visitors taking spaces from residents in the vicinity.

In Cypress Hills, a man got shot to death on the sidewalk on a street corner in the dead of night from a point blank blast to his face.

In Cypress Hills, a man hit a cop with his car after getting pulled over for tinted windows and a stolen license plate and continued driving on the sidewalk and then ran multiple lights in a high speed chase trying to get away. The man and his friend abandoned the car and ran into Forest Park where they eventually got collared by the cops.

Again in Cypress Hills, two boys got shot at a backyard party when a gang disrupted it with a fusillade of bullets.

In Crown Heights, a man stepped outside an apartment building where he didn’t live in and shot his gun in two different directions and ran away after the door locked on him. The man was found to have been recently paroled after serving time for weapons possession 3 years earlier when he tried to ditch a gun while running from cops during the J’Overt festival.

Also in Crown Heights, two men shot a man to death execution style on the street.

Again in Crown Heights, a man shot a women in the leg on the street while aiming at a group of men she was hanging out with on the street.

In Mill Basin, some kooks set off fireworks inside a shopping mall, causing mass hysteria and hundreds of people fleeing for their lives thinking it was guns going off.

Also in Mill Basin, a man crashed his car into a city bus trying to get ahead of it while it was making a turn.

In Bushwick, a car crash led to a man getting shot multiple times the moment he stepped out of his vehicle to argue with the other driver and his passenger, who also got shot during the ruckus.

Also in Bushwick, a gang of three men bum rushed a cellphone store and ripped off $3,000 worth of phones off the display shelves and bounced. The thieves were found to be connected to multiple cellphone store smash and grabs in the Bronx and Queens in a two month crime spree as they plundered over $20,000 worth of merchandise.

Again in Bushwick, a man killed himself crashing into a box truck with his motor scooter while making a bad turn.

And again in Bushwick, a man got killed when he crashed his moped into a truck as the driver was making a turn.

And again in Bushwick, an 80-year-old man got hit by a dirt bike rider while driving his car and then was attacked by him and two other dirtbike riders who beat him down and stole his phone.

And again in Bushwick, a man riding his bike on the sidewalk rolled up behind an 88-year-old woman and grabbed her ass and then she fell to the pavement and broke her arm.

In New Lots, a man chased another man down the street and shot him in the thigh in broad daylight.

In Bensonhurst, a man stabbed him mother twice during a domestic dispute at her house, then he went out on the street and randomly attacked a man as he was loading luggage into his car, dropped him to the pavement and stabbed him ten times all over his body and face.

Also in Bensonhurst, two men ran a fake law enforcer ID ring from their apartment, selling bogus FBI and PBA badges from 5 to 35 large so people can get out of parking tickets.

And again in Bensonhurst, a 16-year-old boy killed himself crashing his car into two other cars while speeding on the parkway.

In Sunset Park at the 59th St. Station, a man grabbed a 17-year-old boy’s junk on the platform after he asked him how endowed he was.

Also in Sunset Park, a man assaulted a woman and a 9-year-old girl at random while they were walking on the sidewalk, then he got on a city bus and smacked a commuter for no reason.

Again in Sunset Park, two men rolling on the sidewalk on an unlicensed motorcycle sneaked up behind a woman and the man riding saddle grabbed her purse and dragged her on the pavement as they got away.

And again in Sunset Park, an explosion in a bike shop from charging ebike batteries set a massive fire that reached to the second and third floor apartments of the mixed use building.

And again in Sunset Park, a woman got killed while riding an e-scooter when she got doored by someone coming out of their car that was double parked and she hit the road from the impact and got run over by a truck.

In Williamsburg, a gang of eight young men climbed and then walked on the entire J train while in motion as it was coming off the bridge and heading for the elevated tracks. This act of stupid thrill seeking and viral video documenting correlates with the rising trend of subway surfing.

Also in Williamsburg, a massive fire destroyed a mixed use building which injured 11 smokeeaters and three residents. A bar/nite club was also put out of business from the blaze and more people are homeless now.

In East New York at the Broadway Junction Station, two men slashed and stabbed a 16-year-old boy on the platform just for looking at them and then they bounced on two trains that arrived after the attack.

Also in East New York, a man shot a woman in the leg on the street to settle a dispute.

Again in East New York, a man got shot on the street an hour before dusk.

And again in East New York, a gang of five men broke into two delis and robbed two ATM machines. They were also linked to 39 other ATM heists from multiple delis, barber shops, beauty and nail salons and check cashing places in other nabes in Brooklyn and also in Queens in a serial crime spree stretching back to December where they plundered over $60,000.

And again in East New York at the Pennsylvania Ave. Station, a cop approached a man who was smoking on the platform and told him to douse his cigarette, then the man threw himself down the stairs (??!!!). The cop went over to check on him and then the man went gonzo and got into a tussle and fell down more stairs while the kook was trying to grab his gun.

This incident happened on the very first day that Mayor Adams decided to use austerity measures for policing by having only one cop deployed to patrol train stations and promoted his shitty policy by going on a subway ride with his sycophantic aides and some reporters while making self-aggrandizing claims that he did himself as a transit cop in the 90’s. Adams terminated the solo patrol immediately following this embarrassment.

And again in East New York, an ice cream man plowed a boy with his truck and dragged him down the block and left him with critical internal injuries. Mr. Softee didn’t have a license to drive.

And again in East New York, a homeless man got murdered by a hit-and-run driver as he was pushing a shopping cart on the street.

And again in East New York, a man shot two men down on the street, killing one and wounding the other.

And again in East New York, a gang of five men crashed a party in the backyard of an apartment building and shot up the place, hitting three teenage boys.

In Sheepshead Bay, a 16-year-old boy stabbed a 17-year-old boy to settle an argument on the street.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a couple having an argument on the street accelerated when the woman was yelling at him while holding on to the door of their SUV and her drunk husband hit the gas, causing her to fall and ran her over.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a bus driver got stabbed and slashed multiple times by a man who tried to get off the bus before the next stop and then two other goons pulled out boxcutters demanding a free ride.

Also in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens at the Parkside Ave. Station, a man has been stalking and menacing a token booth clerk for a week and he’s still on the loose after 3 months.

Again in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man hit the gas and knocked down two cops that were approaching his car during a traffic stop. The skell wound up getting caught by other cops on patrol a few blocks away.

In Brownsville, a teacher grabbed a 12-year-old student he was having a dispute with and threw him to the floor inside the school.

Also in Brownsville, a woman got pissed at her app-hail livery driver and then she told her boyfriend about her beef with him and then he shot at the car as it was going down the block.

Again in Brownsville, a homeless man grabbed a 12-year-old girl’s ass inside a bodega then he stalked a woman on the sidewalk and caught up to her and grabbed her ass too.

And again in Brownsville, a stray bullet from a shootout between two gangs on the street hit a cop as he was sitting in his patrol car. He and his partner gave chase to the suspect but he got away and ditched his gun. The window of the patrol car was not fortified with bulletproof glass, an issue that was supposed to be taken care of following the senseless killing of Officer Miosotis Familia who perished from getting shot inside a command post that didn’t have bulletproof glass back in 2017. For all the disdain about “defund the police”, where did all that existing police funding go?

And again in Brownsville, a 16-year-old boy got shot to death on a street corner in the dead of night while walking to his cousin’s house.

And again in Brownsville, a man left a box with a gun inside of it in front of a firehouse.

And again in Brownsville, a man stabbed another man to death he was brawling with inside his apartment.

And again in Brownsville, a man got stabbed to death following an argument with his killer on the street. He was charged and jailed briefly for beating down two elderly Sikh men in South Richmond Hill three months ago and still wound up on the streets again where he met his fate, showing that restorative justice and ultimately street justice had roles in the inevitable demise of this recidivist criminal.

In Canarsie, a man walked up to another man on the sidewalk as he was commuting home and shot him to death at point blank range at sundown.

Also in Canarsie at the 105th St. Station, a man attempted to flirt with a woman on the L train and then he punched her multiple times and pulled her shirt off, yanked her hair and stole her handbag.

Again in Canarsie, a man got shot on the sidewalk in the middle of the block.

And again in Canarsie at the Rockaway Parkway Station, a gang of young men and teenagers beat down a man on the L train and robbed his bag containing over $7,500 worth of jewels. The man then took his shirt off and tried to box one of them and then the crew bounced.

And again in Canarsie, two men robbed an SUV from a woman who left the keys in the ignition while she went to pick up an order at a burger joint. Then they bounced and abandoned the vehicle when they notice her two children were in the back seat after they drove it a few blocks.

In Bay Ridge, a 70-year-old man got run over by a car and killed while crossing the street after the driver ran the red.

In Brooklyn Heights, two men broke into a chain health services facility and tried to steal the cash register but found nothing to plunder.

In Boerum Hill, a man blew off a cop’s order to pull over at a checkpoint and then hit him with his car and nearly hit pedestrians trying to get away. Then he was found possessing a gun after he got collared.

Also in Boerum Hill, a 16-year-old boy got shot behind an apartment building at the Wyckoff Gardens Houses.

Again in Boreum Hill, a man slashed and stabbed two boys with a boxcutter on the grounds of the Gowanus Houses.

In Park Slope, Mayor Adams got mercilessly booed and someone chucked a water bottle at him during a gay pride parade.

Also in Park Slope, two ambulances crashed into each other at an intersection as they were responding to emergencies.

In Fort Greene, a man attempted to steal a bunch of products from a sex toy chain store and got caught by a worker who got him to return most of the items except for one the skel wanted so bad he held him up with a boxcutter to leave with it.

Also in Fort Greene, a woman scammed a man thinking she was a cop and swindled 2 grand from him claiming her son needed it for bail. Then the man saw his son materialize later in the day.

Again in Fort Greene, a man bashed a bottle at a woman’s face after she told him she owed him money.

In Midwood at the Ave. M Station, a man got killed by a departing Q train when his pants got caught in the door after it dragged him on the platform.

In Clinton Hill, a woman ran over and killed a man riding a scooter with her car while high on angel dust and coke.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man broke into a car and stole a tablet and accessories worth nearly $2,500.

Again in Clinton Hill, a man got swindled by an app delivery worker who was supposed to delivery tech equipment to his house and wound up stealing it.

In East Flatbush, a man got shot at a house party in an apartment building.

In Flatlands, a house fire left a woman and a 3-year-old girl in critical condition and more people homeless.

Also in Flatlands, a woman got killed when a car hit as she was jaywalking across the street while trying to catch a bus on her commute home because she couldn’t afford using the ride hail apps that were price gouging her.

In Bath Beach, a man ignited a fire in the back of a house while residents were still inside and bounced.

In Gravesend, a man got shot in the gut in front of an apartment building at the Marlboro Houses.

Also in Gravesend, a man held up a busy cellphone store at gunpoint while a 6-year-old boy was wandering nearby him, then he forced his parents and other customers and workers into a closet after he stole 100 cellphones from a safe.

In Bergen Beach, a man stabbed his mother and father multiple times during a domestic dispute at their house.

In Weeksville, a man got shot to death in the middle of the street.

In New Lots at the Van Siclen Ave. Station, a man took a piss on a conductor operating the 4 train.

In Brooklyn Heights, a man vandalized a non-profit groups office building with a trope about Catholic people.

In Ocean Hill, a fire engulfed a house and two adjacent apartment buildings, leaving tenants and their cats homeless.

In Borough Park, a woman killed herself when she crashed into a truck after losing control of her ebike while riding against traffic.

In Starrett City, a man got shot on the nose following an argument with his assailant.

In The Hole, a $100,000 3D printer capable of printing gun parts was plundered from a rail yard underneath an apartment complex. The incident is suspected of being an inside job involving MTA workers who had the keys to the yard, as inspectors for the worst fucking transit system in the universe couldn’t trust them enough to tell them what the printer was capable of.

Staten Island

In Tompkinsville, a man shot a pusher in the head in front of a bodega where he was selling drugs inside there for hours to the chagrin of the store manager who was pissed that the cops never showed up to arrest him. The drug dealer later died from his wounds.

In New Brighton, a 16-year-old boy threw a brick in a bag at a police car and b while it was in motion and ran away with his friend, but both wound up getting caught and collared.

Also in New Brighton, two men and a 16-year-old boy got arrested for gun possession by the cops during a search of their apartment. Two of the weapons were ghost guns.

Again in New Brighton, cops responding to domestic dispute call after a man assaulted a woman while brandishing a gun inside his apartment found bags of meth, ecstasy and MDNA in his attic and collared him.

In West Brighton, a man clobbered a 71-year-old man on the noggin with a broomstick on the street.

Also in West Brighton, a man got shot in the leg coming out of a deli.

In Graniteville, a man walked into a NYPD precinct and threatened to blow the station up while holding an empty video game box. The man got arrested a few days before for bashing a broomstick on a co-worker at a fulfillment center while on the job.

In New Dorp, a man got jumped and beaten down by a gang and then had his bike stolen from them after one of them pulled a knife on him.

In Elm Park and New Springville, a man sexually molested a 15-year-old girl on a city bus during the morning rush hour and another man (or the same one) groped a 14-year-old girl on another city bus later in the afternoon.

In New Springville, a man went psycho on a 65-year-old man while they were both stuck in traffic when he punched and broke the car window and pulled him out and beat the living shit out of him on the road after he got honked at by his battered victim.

In Stapleton, a middle aged woman slashed another woman multiple times in the face with a box cutter to settle a dispute on the street.

In Castleton Corners, a gang of teenagers jumped and beat down a man on a city bus, two of the hooligans stabbed him.

In Todt Hill, two men broke into a house from the backyard by throwing a cinder block through a window and robbed money and property.

Also in Todt Hill, two men attacked a man as he was sitting in his car and stabbed him while trying to rob him.

In Great Kills, an off-duty EMT gave a cop a head butt at a police station after he got collared for drunk driving and smashing another car.

In Donghan Hills, a man robbed another person at gunpoint and ran off but left his pistol behind.

In Port Richmond, a man got shot in the leg by a skell during a carjacking attempt.

Also in Port Richmond, a man sexually molested a 15-year-old girl on a city bus.

In Clifton, an apartment window got shattered by a stray bullet during a drive by.

Also in Clifton, a 14-year-old boy got jumped by other students outside their school and got stabbed by one of them.

In South Beach, cops responding to an emergency crashed their patrol car into a delivery truck in the intersection.

In Arlington, a man engaged in a foot chase with cops who found him with a loaded gun, then he was released without bail following his arraignment the next day despite three priors for packing heat.

In Mariners Harbor, a raid on a man’s apartment for a gun search by the NYPD and the FBI drove the suspect to grab his gun and threatened to shoot them, but they were still able to arrest him even while he resisted and bit a cop on the arm.

In Grasmere, an 81-year-old woman waiting for a bus got duped by two men who asked her to come by their car and then they snatch her jewels and bounced.

Under the Verrazzano Bridge, a brawl involving over 50 people broke out on a dancefloor on a cruise ship.

In Charleston, a worker at a supermarket tapped former Mayor Giuliani on the back to get his attention and then he cussed him out. Rudy then embellished his trauma to the local corporate news press and had the man arrested.

…and somewhere in New York City on an elevated train station, a man looking to brawl with a commuter on the platform went haywire after his foe got on the train and then he kicked each car while spewing unintelligible threats. Then he attempted to provoke another man to fight by threatening and shouting obsceneties at him. Then the lunatic grabbed a garbage can and knocked it over and rolled it onto the tracks as another train arrived.

Can’t make this shit up folks. What’s old is new again.

Breaking New Bad Days: Big Trouble In Little Guyana II

South Richmond Hill, Queens, New York

Another broad daylight crime happened again in Little Guyana on bustling Liberty Avenue.

Last time it was a brawl on a street corner back on the first day of the Spring that involved a man resorting to taking out a meat cleaver to settle it, which led to cops ultimately ending the tussle by drawing guns on him.

This time it was an attempted robbery of a cell phone store that recently opened. Which led to a massive response by the NYPD and crowds of cellphone correspondents and lookie-loos.


Only one local corporate news station showed up at the incident, Disney/ABC7NY their van parked two blocks away from the scene of the crime.

One cop was hurt during this robbery and was wheeled out on a gurney into the ambulance writhing in pain. This cop’s partner was also injured during this robbery attempt according to Eyewitness News very brief report which doesn’t have any information about the extent of their injuries or how the perp injured them while resisting arrest.

It looks like this was a smash and grab attempt that went wrong. The cops also procured an ebike that was probably used as a getaway ride.


From this layman’s POV, it’s amazing how these cops were able to swiftly respond and stop a smash and grab robbery while in progress. Lucky for this cellphone store, it looks like they were at the right place at the right time.

You never know what you’ll bump into next in these New Bad Days on these NYC streets. Let’s be careful out there and be aware of your surroundings. Deadass.