The Impunity Music Awards: The Best Albums Of 2018, 30 Years Ago. N.W.A., Sonic Youth, Living Colour, Tracy Chapman, Voivod

The other annual award show recognizing the musical achievements of the past year has arrived. Suffice to say this years crop is just not appealing at all. Although citing music from three decades ago makes it obvious that I will not appreciate this years nominees efforts. (Except for Childish Gambino’s incendiary dystopian anthem “This is America”, but that is more like a film short than a hit single)

So just like last years rundown, this year list of the best music from 30 years ago coincides with the dubious musical achievement awards and also around the time when the late, lamented Village Voice would compile their Jazz & Pop best music polls.

It begins with the Rap category, for 1988 was the start of what’s now called Hip Hop’s Golden Age, being that it went from a mostly 12″ single to a full album format.

N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton

The Niggas With Attitude; Ice Cube, MC Ren, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre and Eazy Motherfucking E dropped this unrepentant, unapologetic and uncompromising hour of blistering rap on an unsuspecting audience and eventually unprepared authority establishments. This was the most vitriolic album since the Sex Pistols debut and probably surpassed that album’s own nihilistic themes. The title track is one of the best opening songs ever and is basically their theme song, “Gangsta, Gangsta” is Ice Cube and Easy E bragging fulfilling their verbal ultraviolent fantasies.

Sandwiched between those songs is the most notorious song ever composed, “Fuck The Police” which instantly became an anthem for the repeatedly harassed and evolved (or devolved for those offended) into mass street protests later on in the face of heavy riot police deployments. The wicked thing about that song is that while Cube, Ren and Eazy are sharply critiquing and bitterly generalizing their targets, the first and next song would give the police the justification to profile them.

But this album is not just revered for it’s lyrical mayhem, but also it’s music and production by Dr. Dre and DJ Yella. It’s hardcore and minimal just like BDP’s Criminal Minded from ’87 but more melodic and catchy, and interpolates sampling with live instruments just like the old school classics of the Sugar Hill singles.

And it actually doesn’t have any filler which mars most albums that have two or three standout tracks. “Parental Discretion Is Advized”, Eazy’s “8 Ball”, Cube’s “Dopeman, Ren’s own two solo cuts and the hysterical vulgar duet between Dre and Ren on “Compton’s in the House” are also stellar. But Dr Dre’s rap remake of “Express Yourself” exhibits Dre’s own skills as a deft M.C. in the album’s only song of uplift that is as lyrically moving and inspiring as a Curtis Mayfield composition.

Later this band and album wound up getting the attention of Commissioner Louis Freeh’s F.B.I. who sent them a tax-payer wasting futile warning letter, which only exceeded the reach and sales of the album. And in a hilarious twist of fate, led the album to it’s induction in the Library of Congress last year. So after all that controversy and attempt at oppression, Straight Outta Compton will endure infinitely as a expressionist piece of American history just like a Norman Rockwell or Grant Wood painting.

Big Daddy Kane, Long Live The Kane

The Brooklyn M.C.’s name is an anagram for King Asiastic Nobody’s Equal and around the time this classic was released, he validated it by being the Cold Chillin’ house lyricist, writing timeless singles for labelmates Biz Markie and Roxanne Shante and putting out this classic. Brilliantly produced by Marley Marl with the music assembled by the outstanding DJ Mister Cee, it starts off and hits like Mike Tyson charging at the bell with the title track followed by the hectic back to back songs “Raw” and “Set It Off”, which are densely packed with mind blowing mic and lyrical skills and witty wordplay (best line “so full of action, my name should be a verb).

Despite the momentum killing but still good and poorly sung ballad “The Day you’re mine”, the album jumps off again with a freestyle rap with his dancers Scoob and Scrap Lover. And then there is the tour de force and smoothest braggadocio rap song ever made, “Ain’t No Half-Steppin”, the song is buoyed by the title and chorus of a rare Heatwave song and the rollicking organ riff of the Emotions “Blind Alley” and what would be the greatest lyrics the Big Daddy (like in your father) or any other rapper with overabundant self-confidence will ever write. The song also has a killer scratch and cut before the last verses that is equivalent to a guitar shredding solo on any speed metal album.

After that is a rap remake of the Staple Singers “I’ll Take You There” which like Run DMC’s Walk This Way and NWA’s Express songs, takes it to literal lyrical higher level as Kane uses the song to write about a utopian world of fairness and equality than a future in heaven. It closes with the fun party rap with Biz, a Mister Cee killer showcase solo song and the heritage pride driven Word to the Mother (land). 30 years later, this album is still perfection even with the silly love song.

By All Means Necessary - Wikipedia

Boogie Down Productions, By All Means Necessary

After the shocking assassination of DJ Scott LaRock in the South Bronx, who’s spirit and talent possesses this album, KRS-One (another anagram, Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) re-emerged as the Philosopher on the bouncing funky ass opener “My Philosophy”, a lyrical amalgam of bragging and social and cultural critiques. On it’s major label debut, Kris Parker takes over all production duties and creates an incredible wall of sound on tracks like the label dissing and Deep Purple sampled “Ya Slippin”, the lame MC dissing “Part-Time Suckers”  and the shoutout heavy/superiority complex driven “I’m Still #1. This is also the album where KRS-One deftly tackles societal and geopolitical issues in “Stop The Violence” and “Illegal Business”

What stands out from the other rap classics here is KRS is heavily influenced by Reggae music, especially the dancehall genre which he assisted in breaking that genre into the mainstream. But on Necessary it takes a backseat to beats that make today’s dubstep drops sound like dropping dueces in toilet water. This was hardcore rap at it’s hardest. Pure genius.

Ultramagnetic MC’s, Critical Beatdown

Also from the Bronx, Producer/MC Ced Gee, DJ Moe Love, MC TR Love And the innovative, irrepressable MC Kool Keith put out this landmark hip hop album and it’s impact and influence is still felt today. The album is technically a compilation of many of their singles (which they remixed) and newer tracks. The amazing thing about this album (as with the other albums mentioned) is how far they were able to expand creatively with limited subject matter of being the greatest rapper at any time or place or moment, but it gets done here with ease mostly from the mentally mad mind of Kool Keith. The production and beats here with the aide of producer Paul C (who tragically died young) and the DJ skills of Moe are beyond this realm. Especially on tracks like the oft-imitated “Ego Trippin’, “Funky” and “Break North”.

Schoolly D, Smoke Some Kill

In ’88, the biggest rapper to come out of Philadelphia, Pa. was none other then The Fresh Prince aka Will Smith, who with Jazzy Jeff made a family friendly but actually great double album “He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper” but the real influential as well as fearsome MC to come from the liberty city is libertine rapper Schoolly D, who with his overlooked classic third album would set the stage for future themes of vulgarity and weed consumption in music and culture in the next three years. The title track is one of the first rap songs about getting high on pot with hilarious profane tv rerun references. “Mr. Big Dick” which interpolates the classic Stax/Volt 45 with Rudy Ray Moore is one of the funkiest funniest songs ever written. And this album peaks with the contradictory lead tracks on side 2/B “Signifying Rapper” and “No More Rock’N’Roll” which again pays homage to and remakes Mr Ray Moore’s Dolemite and Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir as the follow up track disses the music he just used and disses Prince at the same time with a live band providing backup.

The production by Schoolly and his superb DJ Code Money is also a wall of dense sound and grooves that grabs your temples and your ass at the same time. (Jive records must have rented great studios, they also released BDP’s aforementioned album)

What’s great and timeless about this album is that Schoolly was not as lyrically talented like most M.C.’s around that time, but he obviously didn’t give a fucking shit, which compliments these tracks nicely. You can say (but I can’t since I don’t have racial license being a White guy) is that Schoolly himself is a n—- with attitude.

Eric B. And Rakim, Follow The Leader

This album is a concept album about how def and phenomenal Eric B. And Rakim are and say they are, respectably on the one and two’s and on the mic. Like Kane and NWA’s albums, this LP also jumps out the gate with three killer tracks, actually four. With “Follow The Leader”, “Microphone Fiend”, “Lyrics Of Fury” and “Eric B Never Scared” these were all justifiable self-aggrandizing manifestos about their abilities. On side 2/B, Rakim directs his lyrical themes towards the audience in “Put Your Hands Together” and “To the Listeners” , the audience’s adulation for him in “No Competition” and “The R” and to Eric B on “Musical Massacre”. E and the R both go off on this. Eric beats, samples and cuts are sublime and only Rakim, arguably the greatest MC ever, can pull off rapping about himself for 40 minutes and still sound interesting. Great record.

EPMD, Strictly Business

This kind of came out of nowhere and sounded like no other rap album. But what an album. While the various rap groups mentioned here were breaking boundaries, Erick Sermon And Parrish Smith Making Dollars kept it simple . They both rapped in low-key, laid back styles but it was to compliment the molten tracks they and DJ K La Boss assembled for their songs. The samples they used and the hard beats they applied to the songs were sublime. The title track,”Because I’m Housin'” and the killer “You Gots To Chill” (hey, three solid lead tracks again)  actually have menacing lyrics, but it’s hard to imagine them getting up to the violence they want to inflict, but they are just metaphors for their mic skills anyway. “You’re A Customer” is a sucker mc song that features Steve Miller singing “slippin”, and the album even gets humorous with the dance trend attempt “The Steve Martin” which sounds like the moves he did in The Jerk when he heard Lawrence Welk for the first time and the Rick James sampled “Jane”. This album was one of the biggest selling rap and R&B albums that charted that year.

Ice T, Power


This was the other notorious equal opportunity offending album that sprung from Cali, and it was a motherfucker. Ice T already had a gold album but his status was still regional, but this album got him across the flyover states. Riding on the momentum of his song “Colors”, Ice T and DJ Evil E put this killer album out. Ice’s lyrics ran the gamut regarding gangs, gangsters, drug dealing, pimping, corrupt police and government officials and calling out sucker m.c.s and LL Cool J.  It was the musical equivalent of Iceberg Slim, which Ice dedicated his last songs on the album to.

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Public Enemy, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

This was bar none, the best album of 1988 and the greatest rap album ever made, bar none, of all time. Chuck D remarked about this masterpiece that he wanted to do a rap version of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”. Well, he, Flavor Flav and DJ Terminator X did that as well as a rap version of The Clash’s debut and “London Calling”. I did a post on it’s 30th anniversary back in June. Nuff said, and freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude.

1988 also witnessed genesis of the alternative music genre and the rising interest in independent rock music

Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation

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Sonic Youth is/was a great name for a band, when I read about them and their last album Sister, I wanted to buy it despite being a metalhead and never hearing a song from them. This led to much anticipation for their next album, Daydream Nation, which came out in the middle of Autumn. Like my approach to their prior album, I already was fascinated without hearing a song because of the album cover alone, a lone lit candle in a room. Then I popped the cassette in the deck and the first lilting dissonant chords of “Teenage Riot” began and it immediately fit the mood from the season at the time and the evocative image of the cover. Then the onslaught of the band came in and the song blasted off. I never heard anything like it, and it was already better than anything off their last two albums on SST.

The first two songs are sung by Thurston Moore. Teenage Riot is a rebel song. An abstract rebel song, the make you want to get your own guitar song and smash the system song. It’s a song that makes you believe in possibilities that assholes try to dissuade you from seeking and achieving. The follow up “Silver Rocket” is another hardcore influenced track which literally takes off in the middle with an MC5 freakout blast, so it must be about shooting smack.

“The Sprawl” and “Across The Breeze”, both sung by Kim Gordon, are two of the best songs on the album, the first song gave me the impression of a girl not in the mood to get hit on and the latter song, going by the initial speed and subtle ethereal transitions in the middle and the end, could be about teenage kids getting laid for the first time. “Eric’s Trip” is tribal Stooges like track that seems to be about a narcissistic junkie. “Total Trash” sung by Lee Ronaldo has funny verses bookending an avalanche of guitar skronk and the building collapsing sounding drumming of Steve Shelley.

The album actually gets sort of more accessible sounding on side 3/B with the Joni Mitchell homage “Hey Joni”, the plaintive piano mood and cranky phone message piece “Providence” and the album cover title track “Candle” and “Rain King” then brilliantly ends with the shoulda coulda been a hit “Kissability” and the “Trilogy” of “Wonder”, “Hyperstation” and the Robert Chambers/ZZ Top inspired finale “Eliminator Jr.” which Kim sings from the point of view of the murder victim Jennifer Levin getting raped and strangled and is the only track that approximates heavy metal music.

This album reminds me of The Who’s Tommy in a way being that it’s a double album and that it made both bands get wider audiences. But Daydream Nation album is way better and more everlasting and relevant.

slicing up eyeballs // 80s alternative music, college rock ...

Pixies, Surfer Rosa

This album was super-hyped when it was released coming off the follow up of the Come On Pilgrim EP, and it would have been bigger if commercial radio weren’t so rigid about genres. The Pixies were the third loudest rock and roll band around at the time and as metal as many of the best trash bands and definitely louder and harder than most of the commercial hair metal bands. If they weren’t limited to left of the dial college stations, they would have been as big as Nirvana got. But like seminal innovative bands like the Replacements and Husker Du, they got stuck with a limited audience. Which is too bad, because Surfer Rosa is one of the best albums ever recorded.

Produced by Steve Albini, who titled an album “songs about fucking”, this short and sweet and abrasive album was perfection. Every sound was turned up to 11. Black Francis wrote 14 phenomenal scatalogical songs complimented by Joey Santiago’s massive riffs and shredding leads, David Lowering’s powerful off-kilter drumming and Kim Deal’s subtle bass playing and sexy voice providing some sweet harmonies and her brilliant lead vocal on “Gigantic”.

Black mashed hardcore and pop to concoct blasting songs like “Bone Machine”, “Break My Body”,”Broken Face” and the masterful “Where Is My Mind” which sounds like some kind of physiology song series. Followed by the lovely “River Euphrates” and “Cactus” and the elongated remake of the seething Spanish sung punk song “Vamos”.

If a band came out today with this bands name, they would surely be a bunch of fey fops producing bland music for imbibing lattes. Thank the sun The Pixies came out when they did and blew away convention and blown minds with this record.

Jane’s Addiction, Nothing’s Shocking

When Iggy Pop made his triumphant return, he played a show on a pier by the Hudson River and this band opened the show. The singer, Perry Farrell, was a weirdo, but he had an eerie vibe about him. He reminded me of Alice Cooper, except with braids or dreads and the band was playing punk punk infused heavy metal. They were from L.A. where the Red Hot Chili Peppers were from but they were definitely different. And actually funkier. The majority of the crowd were annoyed by and mocked them. I thought they were sensational and were inevitably going to be one of the biggest bands of the world in a few years.

The next day I went to Sam Goody and went looking for the tape and there it was, with that amazing album cover. And then music played, as the first bass riffs came and Dave Navarro’s guitar crashed and Perry’s scream crashed over the song like a typhoon wave, fitting that the song was called “Up the Beach”. It was then followed with the monstrous “Ocean Size” and the punk ‘n’ funk (now this is what that genre should have been called instead of “funk metal”) of “Had A Dad”, two songs that were already instant classics. With these two tracks, it’s easy to see the hype that was behind this band, both these songs had the same musical and lyrical theme stylings as Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper respectably. This was followed by the album title’s inspiration and reference in “Ted, Just Admit It” which cited the Ted Kennedy Chappaquidick incident when he left a woman to drown into a lake he drove into and seques into the rollicking pissing in the shower song “Standing in the shower thinking”.

The album’s biggest hits were on side 2/B in the other Zepp inspired man and nature track “Mountain Song” and the lovely junkie girl sympathy singalong “Jane Says” and concludes with a remake of their best song from their first album “Pigs In Zen”.

Almost a year after I saw them get treated with indifference by the Hudson, they became the biggest band from L.A. since Guns’n Roses. And the rest is (very brief) history.

10 Ambiguous Album Covers

Ministry, The Land Of Rape And Honey

Ministry was around for eight years before this album was released, and their last hit album (and it was) was a synthpop new wave album that was as catchy and poppy as Depeche Mode and hundreds of their poofy hair and big sleeve shirt wearing imitators at the time. So imagine my astonishment when this came out.

Alain Jourgenson and Paul Barker found religion and Metallica and turned it into this juggernaut, resulting in the troika of terror songs “Stigmata”, “The Missing” and “Deity”. They reverted back to their new wave ways on the remainder of the album but it still sounded like an apocalypse soundtrack with distorted vocals, samples, and assorted industrial and programmed beats. Not for the faint of heart or outgoing personalities.

Soundgarden, Ultramega Ok

Back when life was gloriously uncomplicated and internet free, if you couldn’t get good enough reception for the college radio stations you would get your information about new music from rock magazines. SPIN magazine was one of them. Founded by Robert Guccione, it came out in 1987 as an alternative to Rolling Stone, which was getting a little stale and corporate and was still writing glowing reviews of Rolling Stones and Steve Winwood albums, and crappy magazines like Circus. It was glossy and corporate too, but at least it was covering new bands from all genres and even gave extensive coverage to hip hop and even soul singers. It was also where I saw this album review of this innovative, essential band from Seattle.

The review was very stream of conscience and didn’t make much sense (it was like the writer was trying to be Lester Bangs) but it was long and it was easy to interpret that this album was sensational. And it fucking was.

Led by the late legendary frontman and songwriter Chris Cornell with Kim Thayil on lead guitar, Matt Cameron on drums, and Hiro Yahamoto on the bass, they put together a motherlode of an album. The band sound draws influences from seminal metal bands like Led Zepp and Sabbath along with proto-punk bands Stooges and MC5 and utilizes the off-tune guitar sounds like former label mate Sonic Youth and fast beats of 80s hardcore. All of these influences shine through in the grungy (when it wasn’t even a thing) “Flower”, the breakneck tracks “All Your Lies”, “Nazi Driver”, “Head Injury and “Circle Of Power”, the foreboding “Beyond the Wheel” and bluesy tracks “Smokestack Lightning” and “Incessant Mace”.

It’s unfortunate, but it seems like this album has been forgotten. The production is kinda shitty though which may be why it didn’t get much play when it first came out and didn’t get any play when they were dominating alternative rock stations for 6 years. Hopefully something from this album will be used in a movie and becomes a belated hit by accident. Like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Butthole Surfers, Hairway To Steven

This band is indescribable and are legend. Or they are a joke. But if they are a joke, then they are the “who’s on first” of joke rock bands. The Butthole Surfers are the next best band out of Texas trailing ZZ Top. And they hit their fourth consecutive creative peak with this bizarre collection of untitled songs.

Really. In what can be assumed was a homage to Led Zeppelin’s Zoso album, the album jacket had no song titles. Well there titles on the label sticker and cassette flap but they were doodles of what the song was. Kind of like the way Charlie Kelly wrote his opus “Nightman” for Chemical Toilet on Sunny in Philadelphia.

And the songs were all expectly freaky but strictly commercial. Standouts being the opener Jimi, the tribute to Julio Iglesias, the juvenile and beautiful ballad “I Saw an X-ray of a girl Passing gas” and the story song John E Smokes (which I believe Lin Manuel Miranda subconsciously quoted during a speech at the Tony Awards)

The great thing about this album is that for a joke band the performance and musicianship is stellar. Arguably their best album.

Dinosaur Jr., Bug

The follow up to the phenomenal “You’re Living All Over Me” was just as great or maybe better. Side one/A is indie rock/guitar hero perfection of which will never be achieved again, with the sad punk anthem “Freak Scene” and the transcendent uplifting power chords of the downer songs “No Bones” and “Yeah We Know. And the beautiful wall of discordance continues unabated into the next five tracks, especially on “Budge” and “Let it ride”

The Pogues, If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Fans of this band surely prefer Rum Sodomy and The Lash, but I think this album is miles better. Trying to be more accessible shouldn’t be considered taboo or a vice in music, or else we wouldn’t have the Beatles, and I think the Pogues did the right thing here with this release and they still sound full of piss, vinegar, spit and cheap whiskey.

The title track is just outstanding and rocks with a fervor despite the lack of electric guitar powered chords, which was quite a shock for me being a new listener of this band. The relentless performances shined on the following punk driven and even internationally influenced tracks like “Turkish Song Of The Damned”, “Fiesta” and “Metropolis” as well as their original and traditional homeland songs like “Bottle Of Smoke”, “Medley” and “Sit Down By The Fire”.

But the shining tracks on the album are the indispensable raging Christmas ballad “Fairytale of New York” and the beautiful though sorrowful anthem of Irish emigration to the United States,”Thousands Are Sailing”.

1988 was also the year the exalted Grammy Committee deigned to acknowledge heavy metal after 20 years of existence and give it’s own award. Three of these bands here made it, and the odds on favorite got summarily rejected for their artistic effort, even after being invited to perform.

Metallica, …And Justice For All

The long awaited double album followup to their greatest album “Master Of Puppets” was the bands fourth consecutive masterpiece that refreshingly and masterfully focused on political, environmental, and societal issues plaguing the citizenry.

“Blackened” starts with a backward masked guitar intro and proceeds to trash as James Hetfield rails about the limited future of the planets environment from man-made climate change. The title track focuses on the inequitable standards meted by a corrupt justice system. “Eye of the Beholder” on deception from the news media and elected officials and their pop top 40 hit about the physical and mental damage on war veterans in “One”.

The second record or side B on the tape kicks off with the blazing “The Shortest Straw” which focuses on the effects of blacklisting and discrimination of those who speak truth to power. The dirge like “Harvester Of Sorrow” about harboring irrational feeling and fears leading to murder the targets of his paranoia. The mental illness continues in the epic “Frayed Ends of Sanity” which is about isolation and references Citizen Kane in the creepy sung intro of the song. “To Live Is To Die” is actually Metallica’s most beautiful song, an instrumental dedicated to their late and universally hailed bass player Cliff Burton who provides posthomous lyrics for the track. And it ends with one of the bands fastest songs ever “Dyer’s Eve”.

Although the production is shockingly muddled and poorly mastered (it sounds like it was recorded in a submarine) Metallica’s performances are stellar, highlighted mostly by Kirk Hammett’s reliable finessed and blistering guitar leads and Lars Ulrich’s high octane drumming. Jason Newsted does a fine job filling the mighty big shoes of Burton and contributes songwriting on a few tracks.

…All in all, the album is a triumph, despite being denied a worthless trophy from a dubious music experts and also being wrongfully dismissed by fans who call this a sellout.

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Voivod, Dimension Hatross

Voivod’s masterpiece was a concept album about a vampiric parasitic entity that created a universe to control the masses by extracting all their information from them. Sounds familiar. This album came a decade before Star Trek came up with a similar character called the Borg and 2 decades before real life characters/entities Facebook, Amazon and Google would do the same thing. This was actually the best metal album of ’88 and if it was nominated for a grammy and lost to Metallica, I think there would outrage would have been justified too.

It begins with “Experiment” and “Tribal Convictions”, where the entity opens up a dimension and creates a universe (like you know ho) and the beings that gather to accept and worship it n the latter song. “Chaosmongers” are a resistance group who doesn’t accept the creator and battles with the entities worshipers and tries to take it down, even by using terrorist tactics.

The innovative hardcore “Technocratic Manipulators” is about a group controlling the residents by advertising. “Macrosolutions To Megaproblems” is where the entity is concerned that the Chaosmongers are getting close to overcoming  and are getting through to the citizenry to rise up against it. “Brain Scan” is where the Tech Manipulators access the entity’s system and “Pyschic Vacuum” is describes the process where they to steal it’s data and it concludes with “Cosmic Drama” where the entity kills all the beings that are after it and destroys the dimension it created.

And it also has a remake of “Batman” if you bought the CD.

Living Colour, Vivid

This phenomenal album broke as many barriers and reinvented the metal genre as much as much as Guns ‘n Roses did the year before, more being that this band was Black in a predominantly White music genre. But it’s the sound and myriad music styles and the personalities and the musicianship that set Living Colour apart from the rest. And like G’n’R, they took all rock music from the past 2 decades and amalgamated it into an original sound, even more because they also drew from the last decade of Soul and the peak era of free form jazz. Corey Glover was excellent frontman and an outstanding singer, his vocal styles and ranges are remeniscient of Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding and Aaron Hall as well as Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson and the Bad Brains H.R.. Guitarist Vernon Reid was already an established player in jazz bands and his playing ran the gamut of the legendary masters Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane as well as his contemporary shredders like Eddie Van Halen, Dr. Know and Kirk Hammett and even Chic’s Nile Rodgers at times. The rhythm section of bass player of Muzz Skillings and drummer Will Clatyon rounded out this behemoth band and sound into this collection of diverse songs.

Everybody knows “Cult of Personality” the song about icons great and heinous and the people that worship and follow them, passionately and for worse blindly. “Middle Man” is about playing it safe and not to offend, which can apply to any politician running for or in elected office, most recently it reminds me Barack Hussein Obama. “Desperate People” is about jealousy, irresponsibility and addiciton. And the beautiful “Open Letter (To A Landlord) states the obvious about predatory landlords and real estate, gentrification and displacement and a call to organize against them. Very prescient of how the real estate industry still dominates today.

“Funny Vibe” is a hardcore showcase of Reid’s guitar virtuosity. “Memories Can’t Wait” is a brutal remake of a Talking Heads song that blows the original away. “Glamour Boys” is a left field pop song break mocking superficial, arrogant people. And it ends with the hardcore and disco romp “Which Way to America?”

Queensryche, Operation: Mindcrime

This was a phenomenal concept album about a dystopian society and a junkie that was revived by a manipulative priest and later becomes an assassin and revolutionary leader that attempts to topple the oppressive government but winds up being incarcerated and committed in a mental institution.

Prior to when this came out, Queensryche were just another hair metal band, but one of the better ones. So it probably should have been a shock they were capable of composing an album with a cohesive story like this, which is evocative of all the great literary classics like 1984 and Brave New World, but also the movie “Brazil”.

Slayer, South Of Heaven

Slayer’s fourth album slowed down the pace following their greatest work “Reign in Blood” but it did not diminish the brutality. The title track about the place called hell starts off like Sabbath as they revert to norm by speeding up the pace leading up to the trashers “Silent Scream” and “Live Undead”. “Behind the Crooked Cross” and “Mandatory Suicide” are two of their greatest songs too. It continues it’s slow/ultrafast song patterns for the remainder of the album. Rick Rubin really got the best out of this group. He was like their George Martin.

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AC/DC, Blow Up Your Video

After their worldwide smash classic “Back In Black”, AC/DC were coasting for through the decade and while still putting out heavy music, they weren’t releasing anything that lasted (with the exception of “For Those About To Rock), but in ’88 they exploded with this album. To get the aggressive sound, Angus and Malcolm’s older brothers George and Harry Young, who produced their essential and heavy ass 70’s albums came back to record this one.

Surely seeing how metal had gotten faster with the mainstream success of trash and speed metal, the band kicked off this album with their two best songs in 7 years “Heatseeker” and “That’s The Way I Wanna Rock And Roll” the latter song being a statement against MTV and the weak radio programming playing yuppie music at the time. They followed it with R&B blues inflected rockers “Mean Streak” and “Kissin Dynamite” and blazed again with two of their fastest tracks “Nick of Time” and “This Means War”. AC/DC got popular in the 90’s again, but they wouldn’t come close to making an album this massive again.

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Prince, The Black Album

This smokin’ funky vulgar album had limited distribution, it was actually released around Dec. ’87 but I got my copy on cassette at the Aqueduct Flea Market from a cool music vendor in May ’88 so it counts here. Prince put out this lyrically explicit album of the rawest funk and soul of his stellar career. A lot of the album makes no bones of what the subjects of Prince’s venting rages and desires are.

“Le Grind” is the most commercial song on here being a dance song. A filthy dance song. “Cindy C” is about Cindy Crawford, the hottest woman in the universe that year. “Dead On It” is where Prince trashes rap music for being unoriginal, but I think the target of this song is the earlier mentioned Schoolly D, who dissed Prince on his first album by mocking the artist while Code Money scratches a guitar break.

“When 2 R In Love” is one of Prince’s greatest ballads. “Bob George” is a funny ass song where the artist mocks himself. And the album concludes with three killer funk jams.

This LP got properly re-issued 6 years later on CD probably because of contract obligations. Good thing I was fortunate enough to get a copy while it was hot. More fortunate are those who have the original vinyl, one sold for $27,500.

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Tracy Chapman, Tracy Chapman

A homeless woman and busker gets noticed by a major label, records eleven beautiful songs of struggle, despair, hope and love, goes platinum and gets nominated for grammys and sweeps up three awards notably best new artist. Like some sort of dream that you can attain in America.

The characters in her songs will barely or never attain that dream though. “Talkin’ Bout A Revolution” leads off to fight the powers continually keeping the masses from getting theirs. “Fast Car” is about a couple dealing with strife and their desire to get out of their untenable situation and the biggest hit from the album. “Across the Lines” deals with segregation and “Behind the Wall” with domestic violence and police indifference. “Baby, Can I Hold You” is a gorgeous ballad about a cheating boyfriend (I think). The rest of the album concerns more themes like these.

And that’s it. I should also point out the high level of indefensable misogyny in the bulk of those groundbreaking albums above. But it’s music history and you can’t change it. So apologies to whatever viewers is offended by the artists inclusions here. If you want, you can mail the library of congress and demand NWA’s removal.

This is how these albums are ranked, along with the award designations

  1.  Public Enemy, It takes a nation of millions to hold us back (Album of the Year)
  2. Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation
  3. Voivod, Dimension Hatross
  4. N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton (Song of the Year, Fuck The Police)
  5. Metallica, …and Justice For All
  6. Living Colour, Vivid (Record Of The Year, Cult of Personality, Best New Artist)
  7. Pixies, Surfer Rosa
  8. Big Daddy Kane, Long Live The Kane
  9. Jane’s Addiction, Nothing’s Shocking
  10. Prince, The Black Album
  11. Ultramagnetic MC’s, Critical Beatdown
  12. Queensryche, Operation: Mindcrime
  13. Boogie Down Productions, By All Means Necessary
  14. Pogues, If I Should Fall From Grace With God
  15. EPMD, Strictly Business
  16. Schoolly D, Smoke Some Kill
  17. Ministry, The Land Of Rape And Honey
  18. Soundgarden, Ultramega Ok
  19. Eric B. And Rakim, Follow The Leader
  20. AC/DC, Blow Up Your Video
  21. Butthole Surfers, Hairway To Steven
  22. Dinosaur Jr., Bug
  23. Tracy Chapman, Tracy Chapman
  24. Slayer, South Of Heaven
  25. Ice T, Power

New Bad Days 60: Two Thugs Challenge Cops To Fight Them On The Street Just To Induce A Lawsuit From The City; Another City Bus Gets Robbed; A Man Runs Into In A Chinese Restaurant And Kills Three Men With A Hammer And Another Man Wrecks A Convenience Store Because He Wasn’t Allowed To Take A Nap; Three Men Cut Loose A Scofflaws Car From An NYPD Tow Truck; Two Cops Leave A Gun On The Sidewalk After It Was Used In A Mugging And The Victim And The Cops Watch Another Man Pick It Up And Run Away; Woman Fatally Perishes From A Fall Trying To Get Into The Subway Without Elevator Access; Man Who Sadistically Assaulted A Woman On The Street Is Tied To A Killing Of Another Woman After The NYPD Closed The First Case; Bronx Subway Station Turns Into Opium Den; Missing Staten Island Man Presumed Dead And Murdered By His Friend; Serial Crime Sprees Occurring Ranging From Battery To Larcenies To Burglaries And A Tremendous Glut Of Gang Beatdowns, Subway Breakdowns Knife And Gun Holdups, Home Invasions, Shootings, Random And Stabbings, Slashings, Road Raging, Reckless Driving And Various Other Opportunity Crimes Committed In The First Wild Month Of The End Of The Decade

Aloha. From the safest big city in America, as proclaimed on this robust bold face lettered sign on a dais table in a room at 1 Police Plaza, four major crimes have gone up in the borough of Queens last year. Rapes went up by 40% with 389 from 302, felony assaults went up by 1.2% with 3,848 from 3,820, grand larceny went up by 4% with 8,070 from 7,842, and murders are up by 20% with 62 from 50 from last year. Buglaries and robberies went down in some significant margins in the hundreds yet stagnant enough to remain in the 2,500 totals, and grand theft auto incidents remained the same at around 1,550.

So let’s begin this first reality check with the borough of the world.


In Jackson Heights, a 82-year-old woman got killed while walking in the crosswalk by an unlicensed driver who hit her with her car and then backed up over her body trying to get away. The NYPD charged the driver with driving without a license, failure to yield and to “use due care”. The latter meaning, not killing anyone while driving a 2000 pound vehicle. This really looks like voluntary manslaughter being that the driver showed intent to flee the scene.

Also in Jackson Heights, two men broke into an apartment by breaking the window after ringing the doorbell for thirty minutes in a robbery attempt then ran away with nothing.

Again in Jackson Heights at the Roosevelt/74th Avenue Station, a man committed suicide by jumping on the tracks as the F train arrived.

And again in Jackson Heights, an off-duty cop punched his mom in the face during a domestic dispute.

In Long Island City at the Court Square Station, a woman hit a motorman in the head with her bag when he tried to break up a fight she was having with another commuter on the G train.

Again in Long Island City at the Queensbridge Houses, a man escaped from police during a lineup search from a call of drug dealing on the first floor of one of the buildings.

And again in LIC at the Queensbridge Houses, a man shot his gun inside an apartment and fled the building.

In South Ozone Park, a motivational tattooed man held up a woman with a fake pistol and forced her to a dark secluded area and raped her for hours. The dirty rapist blamed it on cocaine and a proclivity for outdoor sex.



Also in South Ozone Park, a driver killed himself and his passenger after speeding on the Belt Parkway when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a lamp post, splitting the car in half.


In Jamaica, a woman lost control of her car and smashed into a pole then crashed into a store, injuring herself and two of her passengers.

Also in Jamaica, a man approach an 11-year-old girl walking on the sidewalk, started talking to her then grabbed her thigh and ran away.

Again in Jamaica, a man escaped from his parole officer’s office while still handcuffed and ran out to the streets.

And again in Jamaica,a fire engulfed a house converted into a boarding home, killing an 84-year-old woman.

And again in Jamaica, another city bus got stolen while the driver was taking a lunch break, making it three in a month by this kid. This time by another rambunctious kid who cruise around with his buddies for two hours and abandoned the vehicle in Cypress Hills. The MTA decided to install key ignitions in their fleet of 5,700 buses in the next few months, although storage is still an issue because they still have to leave them out in the open on the street for a lack of lots to park them.  Better hope some domestic terrorist or random mental person doesn’t take one for a joyride too and plow a crowded sidewalk full of pedestrians during the upgrades.

And again Jamaica, a man driving wildly on the boulevard crashed into a car and two people on the sidewalk while being pursued by the cops. He was pantless when he got arrested.

And again in Jamaica, a man walked up to a news van and opened the door, then yelled at a reporter about why he’s there and smacked his cellphone out of his hand. When the reporter went to retrieve his phone on the street, the culprit then tried to run him over with his car.

A fire that killed two elderly men in an apartment building in Jamaica last December as been upgraded to homicide and arson.

In Richmond Hill, two men jumped a woman when she was exiting her home and held her up at gunpoint. They forced her back inside her house and tied her and another person there with duct tape, pistol whipped her and stole $500.

In College Point, two men were shot at in their car while moving on the street that came from a vehicle that rolled beside them in a drive-by shooting after leaving a strip club following an argument with other patrons. The same club where a Grammy nominated rapper threw glasses at two bartenders there. One of the victims died 2 days later.

Also in College Point, a three alarm fire engulfed a warehouse, injuring a worker inside.

In Woodhaven, a man walked into a laundromat and punched a woman who worked there in the face and dragged her to a bathroom and strangled her.

Also in Woodhaven, a supervisor for NYCHA got busted for cabinets and kitchen appliances worth $1,300 that was meant for public housing.

In Ridgewood, a 13-year-old boy was jumped, beaten down on the ground and robbed of his backpack and wallet by four other boys.

Also in Ridgewood, a man broke into three lockers at chain workout gym club in two consecutive days, making off with three wallets and $1,800.

Again in Ridgewood, two commercial vans were broken into and robbed of tools.

In Kew Gardens, a man shot up a parked car multiple times.

In South Ozone Park, a driver killed himself and his passenger after speeding on the Belt Parkway when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a lamp post, splitting the car in half.

In Rego Park, a fire broke out on the fifth floor of an apartment building, killing a resident and injuring three others.

In Astoria, a man was caught stealing pricey toilet fixtures from the men’s room of a Wendy’s. This theft was part of a spree of restroom burglaries in 8 other restaurants in the world’s borough.

Also in Astoria, two men in the middle of stealing a scooter parked by a diner fled with the vehicle after they threatened an employee at knifepoint who tried to stop them.

Again in Astoria, a man was confronted by two men on the F train who sat down next to him and asked for money. When the commuter told them he didn’t have any and decided to verify it by showing his empty wallet, his accomplice then stuck a boxcutter to his face and threatened to cut him while he snatched his wallet and took his cellphone.

And again in Astoria, an 88-year-old man died two days after he got hit by a car while crossing the street.

In Fresh Meadows, a man had a mental breakdown and took two knives and stabbed his wife to death and slashed his daughters wrist and hands.

Also in Fresh Meadows, a man held up a gas station at gunpoint and robbed it of $600 and 15 cartons of smokes.

In Kew Gardens Hills, a man stalked two women who got off the Q65 bus and threw both of them to the ground and robbed their purses 8 days apart from each other. He is suspected of mugging a woman who also came off the 65 and robbed her designer purse and $750.

In Sunnyside, terra cotta tiles from the viaduct elevated 7 train tracks broke off and pierced the windshield of a parked vehicle and all over the parking lot.

Overhead Decorative Tiles on 7 Line Viaduct Fall, Pierce ...(photo by Vitali Ogorodnikov)

In St. Albans, a man walked up to two men sitting in a car and took out a gun and shot at them multiple times, killing the driver.

In Forest Hills, a food delivery man was ambushed by three men who set him up by placing an order as he met the alleged customer in an apartment building and was jumped by two masked men who took his keys and robbed his motorcycle.

In Whitestone, two men broke into a house and robbed $6,500 in cash and merchandise.

In South Jamaica, a man held up a cellphone store at gunpoint and made off with $850 and a bunch of phones.

Also in South Jamaica, a 22-month-old child died from bodily trauma.

Again in South Jamaica, a fire engulfed a home, killing a woman and injuring a man and a four-month-old baby.

In Corona, a water pipe and a gas main broke on Northern Blvd causing the street to collapse, stemming from a construction site on the block that was issued a stop work order because it had been causing cracks on the pavement and the road.

Also in Corona, a man broke into a jewelry store through the roof and plundered a million dollars worth of merchandise into bags, but only made off with $100,000 worth when he hurriedly left other bags behind.

Again in Corona, a three alarm fire torched a home that left 3 people injured.

In Flushing, a man heading home got jumped by a man near his house who pistol-whipped him in the head multiple times and robbed him of $400 cash. The mugger also pistol-whipped another man and robbed his cellphone two days later and walloped another man with the gun two days after that but didn’t get anything.

Also in Flushing, a man was furiously knocking on the door of a couple’s apartment and yelling. After getting the door slammed on him, he fired his gun and his accomplice fired his gun in the side window, hitting a woman in the leg while she was in the kitchen.

Again in Flushing, a firehouse got infected with scabies, forcing it to close for delousing and leaving smoke-eaters all itchy.

And again in Flushing, a man destroyed eleven statues inside a Buddhist temple.

And again in Flushing, a man slashed another man with a box cutter during a fight inside a deli.

And again in Flushing, a fire engulfed a home, killing a woman.

In Maspeth, a woman had her car practically robbed by her city when a DOT worker affixed a no parking sign when there wasn’t one before when she parked in that spot. A traffic cop arrived just minutes later and towed her vehicle to the pound.

In Elmhurst, a professional bench warming football player stiffed an app-hail driver of $32, leading to his arrest when the driver called the cops. During processing of his arrest at the 115th Pct., he punched a cop in the face.

In Glendale, two men broke into a home and held up a man at gunpoint, pistol whipped him and tied him up, then robbed it of $9000, a game console and a safe.

In Far Rockaway, a man got stabbed multiple times in the chest in front of a McDonalds and died from his injuries.

Also in Far Rockaway, a man stalked a woman to her car and whipped out his dick in front of her.

In Rockaway Beach, a man burglarized a pretentious hipster pizzeria and a Dunkin’ Donuts.

In Averne, a man let off gunshots on the street from a 23-caliber handgun.

In Bayside, nine home invasion burglaries happened in eight days.

Also in Bayside, a fire broke out on the second floor of a mixed-use building, injuring two people.

Again in Bayside, a man got hit by a car while crossing the street by a reckless driver.

In Briarwood, a man slashed and stabbed his daughter’s boyfriend to death during a fight inside their apartment over an argument about the victim’s alcoholism.

In Middle Village, an off-duty NYPD cop killed himself with his own gun.

In Broad Channel, a 12-year-old child stepping off a school bus got hit by a hit-and-run driver who swerved the bus that was parked letting students off.

In Queens Village, two men got caught in a stolen car on the street by it’s owner, leading one of the thieves to run and hide in a backyard. When the homeowner, who was a retired C.O. Captain saw him, he got punched in the face by the thief and then got into a physical struggle with him, then he managed to pull his gun and shoot him.

On the Jackie Robinson Parkway, an ATM machine was found ripped apart and destroyed in a wooded area near Forest Park, which led cops to a chop shop in Bed-Stuy that had three other ATM’s that were stolen in that neighborhood, leading to the arrest of six men.

At Kennedy Airport, a truck hauling human fecal matter crashed into a airplane on the tarmac.

On Rikers Island, the rise in violence, notably stabbings, and a shortage of correction officers on patrol, has led to a drop down in attendance in the prison’s education program for high school aged inmates.













In Washington Heights, two men loitering on the staircase of the 169th Street Station entrance who were annoying and harassing commuters were approached by two cops who were called to tell them to stop obstructing and move along. After cursing out the officers, the men suddenly put up their dukes and were provoking them to fight. The cops then pulled out their batons to defend themselves from the derelicts.

Despite getting hit with the stick, the man continued to swing at the cop, leading to a chase and the cop succeeding in getting him down to asphalt. As the copand a couple detectives held him. the cop, showing poor judgement and lack of restraint despite being vexed by the thugs, repeatedly wailed on him with the baton.

The social media video (which had outstanding play by play a woman who witnessed the entire altercation) and another video posted before the street hassle erupted shows the thugs were the agitators. Apparently, the skell who got the worst of the beatdown was involved in other prior violent altercations with the NYPD, and boasted how he had three lawsuits against the city and was awarded settlements and talking shit about how the cops can’t touch him.










The dynamic douches are known to citizens in the area for selling K-2 and were also recently involved in a scrum with cops by attacking them with bats just last month.

The dick who bragged that this will be his fourth lawsuit against the city, hopefully the D.A. prosecuting this arrest should probably bring these taunts and salient facts to the judge who will hear this case. Unfortunately and nauseatingly, the braggart was released and not charged for his role in the street fight with the cops he started. This is why the cops have to tamp down on the use of excessive force, because these opportunist bastards are taking advantage of social justice policies and citizens demands to hold cops accountable for such actions.

Also in Washington Heights, a man stabbed his wife to death in their apartment, then committed suicide by stabbing himself and jumping off a balcony stemming from a marriage separation.

Again in Washington Heights at the 181 St. Station, a homeless man who failed to catch a bag of food that his friend threw at him which fell onto the tracks, decided to go onto to trackbed and retrieve it, but slipped and fell when he tried to go back on the platform. Then the 1 train arrived and the man miraculously survived getting splattered by crawling in the trough.


At this same train station at Washington Heights, it has become a brazen den of iniquity for junkies blatantly shooting smack in front of commuters as discarded syringes are spread out all over the platform and trackbed. This will probably add up since Governor Andrew Amazon has allocated $598,000 to the state health department to provide more syringes for the smack shooters which are dispensed from a mobile unit truck that happens to be parked across the street from this station (!!!) , kind of like Mr. Softee (anyone wanna do a photo shop of the iconic vanilla swirl head mascot as a junk peddler). Maybe Transit President Byford can ask for some of those needle disposal boxes that are barely being used in Cortona Park in the Bronx.

And again in Washington Heights, a woman killed herself and injured her passenger when she drove her car in the wrong direction on a road by Riverside Blvd, then crashed into another car then careening through a wall and landing on a cemetery grounds.

And again in Washington Heights, a man stepped out of his car and walked up to a double parked car and shot the driver in the neck, which eventually killed him and his passenger in the arm then drove away.

In Greenwich Village, a 62-year-old man got killed inside his apartment from a gunshot to his chest by a man who fled while holding a garbage bag from a drug deal gone bad.

In Kips Bay, a woman bit a peace officer on the arm during a scuffle with other guards at the DHS homeless intake center. The bitten cop got suspended without pay for defending herself by hitting the disorderly woman with her handcuffs.

Also in Kips Bay, a drunk man got hit by a car crossing the street by a hit-and-run driver.

In Midtown, a gang of teenage boys robbed seven newsstands by stealing candy then robbing the cash when the proprietor runs after them or they just punch them in the face and grab the loot from behind the counter. Truly Dickensian times your city is in,  Fagin would be proud of these scamps.








Also in Midtown, a man punched a random man in the face at a hospital. The perp once got off on a double murder charge 10 years ago for stabbing and killing two people on the 2 train and has been a naughty recidivist since.

Again in Midtown, two men pulled off a burglary spree of restaurants starting at Wolfgang’s by busting down the glass door and robbing cash and booze, then went west and bashed a glass facade of another restaurant but was chased out by an employee, then they went up 20 blocks and broke into a Ray’s Pizza and stole two cash registers.

And again in Midtown, a man that got caught shoplifting in a high end department store jumped into his car when he saw cops waiting outside and sped away, damaging other cars and sideswiping bike riders during the getaway.

And again in Midtown, a man got stabbed in the chest on the sidewalk by a man while his accomplice acted as a lookout.

And again in Midtown, a skeevy viral video celebrity chef is being sued by his waiters for wage theft for ripping of their tips.

And again in Midtown, a scaffold extracted itself from a luxury tower development and smashed into the windows, causing it to drop large shards of class to the sidewalk, and was perilously dangling from 48 stories high.

And again in Midtown, a man smashed two windshields on a car with a bike lock then hit the driver on the head with and jumped on it’s roof and yelled with his arms outstretched like he was a gladiator or a preening wrestler.



And again in Midtown, a retired NYPD officer left her semi-automatic gun inside a comfort food restaurant bathroom and found it missing when she went back to get it. The rationale behind her possessing the weapon is from a perk awarded to retiring cops validating concealed-carry permits.

And again in Midtown at the 42nd St/Bryant Park Station, an imbecile decided to take a stroll on the train tracks, causing delays on six transit lines.

And again in Midtown at the 7th Avenue Station, a 21-year-old died after she fell down the stairs while carrying her one-year-old daughter and a stroller filled with groceries as both escalators at the station were only going up.

The NYPD and a city medical examiner concluded that the woman died from a “pre-existing medical condition”  after first determining that she died from the fall but did not divulge what that what condition it was. Although the woman’s relatives said she had a thyroid issue and was suffering from migraines the day before her death.

First off it’s amazing the expediency was to investigate this so fast to get a result for how this preventable tragedy occurred, preventable meaning that this station should have fucking elevators. Second is how the examiner utilized an Obamacare stipulation to determine how the woman died, which just stinks of undermining the severity of the woman’s fall. Could her pre-existing condition been aggravated by the fall from hauling the cumbersome load of the stroller with the groceries while precariously holding her baby while walking down the steep staircase?

In the Upper East Side and Murray Hill, four teenage boys robbed four produce cart vendors of a total of $1,500 in a crime spree a week before the newsstand robberies above.

Also in the Upper East Side, a woman committed suicide by jumping from her apartment window.

Again in the Upper East Side, a slab of concrete fell off a luxury high rise building development still under construction and landed on the roof of an apartment building it shadows over next door and crashed through the ceiling of a man’s apartment.

Screenshot_2019-01-27 Concrete slab falls from UES building into apartments.png

And again in the Upper East Side, a babysitter shook a 1-year-old boy by the head, lifted him up and threw him on the couch.

And again in the Upper East Side, a housekeeper was stuck in a lift of a billionaire investors’brownstone house for three days over the weekend. The elevator was cited for prior violations by the Department of Buildings.

In Harlem, a naked man climbed on top of a truck and danced for the crowd and the cops that showed up to detain him

naked truck man.jpg

Also in Harlem, a fireman crashed a firetruck with two of his children riding along with him into a dumpster and a parked car and drove it away during a holiday event arranged by the FDNY Engine 69. No report was ever filed of the accident and all of his fellow smokeeaters colluded to cover up the hit-and-run.

Again in Harlem, a pregnant EMT worker was assaulted by a drunk man she was treating as he punched her in the stomach when she recommended he go to a hospital for his injuries.

And again in Harlem, a man with a gun got tazed by a cop when he approached them with a gun inside a hallway.

And again in Harlem, a man was shot to death and found lying on the street.

In Chelsea, a 5-year-old boy walked out of his kindegarden class and wandered away from his school and walked into the 23rd Street Station on 8th Avenue.

Also in Chelsea, a water main broke on 7th Ave and 15th Street, causing the road to collapse and release tons of water onto the L train tunnel leading to suspending service on the line. This should put a literal damper on the governor’s new fix it plan.

In Soho, a man broke into a store selling popular tech products by smashing the window at 1 a.m., and robbed over 50 items worth $75,000.

Also in Soho, a woman and man plundered an painting from an art gallery and ran away. The curator gave up chase and claimed that the piece wouldn’t get resold. That is very strange reaction, especially considering the vanishing of a DaVinci painting worth 450 million dollars and the lack of effort or investigation to find it.

In the East Village, a woman was awaken from her sleep by a man who was standing above her in her bedroom. After he raped her, he demanded $1,000 from her. When she told the predator that she didn’t have it, he bounded her with duct tape and stole her bank card, phone and laptop.

Also in the East Village, an off-duty cop was held up at gunpoint and assaulted by a man who pistol whipped him on the street trying to rob his cellphone.

Again in the East Village, a pile of christmas trees dumped on a street corner was set on fire, smoldering a van parked by it.

And again in the East Village at Tompkins Square Park, a vandal spray painted cartoonish penises and testicles on a tree and slide.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man and a woman committed suicide in a hotel room by asphyxiating themselves with plastic bags and laughing gas.

In Union Square, a man bolted from the 4 train at the station after he grabbed a woman’s ass.

In Times Square,  a man grabbed a woman in the pussy on the Q/N/R/W platform and ran away when the woman he groped chased him

In Chinatown, a guard who works for the Department of Citywide Services, sexually molested a woman by grabbing and feeling up her ass as she was purchasing a metrocard at the vending machine.

In Central Park, a man robbed a police scooter from the Central Park Pct. and drove it all the way to New Jersey. Cops didn’t realize it was gone for about three hours before they activated the GPS on it. The vehicle can only be operated with a universal key, which means some dummy must have left the engine running.

In the Upper West Side, a 17-year-old boy was stabbed in the chest in front of pizzeria and died hours later after refusing to provide the cops with his killer’s identity or description.

Also in the Upper West Side by Central Park, an argument between two men escalated when one of them pulled his gun out and shot at the other man who fled and jumped over a wall in the park.

Again in the Upper West Side, an SRO apartment building fire killed one and injured two people.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man loitering inside an apartment building jumped a woman and her mother in the lobby and held them up at knifepoint and forced them into their apartment where he tied them up with electrical tape. When the woman’s father showed up and knocked on the door, the man held a knife to his daughter’s neck and ordered her to let him in and then tied him up to a chair with a belt then robbed them of their credit cards and split. The daughter broke free and called the cops leading to the perpetrators arrest after resisting the cops by fighting with and spitting on them. It turned out that the man was currently homeless and on parole.

And again on the Upper West Side, a big fucking couch is perched on a tree’s branches. The city has been giving concerned citizens the runaround deferring responsibility to other departments to remove it.

In the Lower East Side, a man slashed another man in the face following an argument inside a diner.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man smothered his 8-month-old son to death in his wife’s apartment at the Gompers Houses.

In the Flatiron District, a truck driver turned made a sharp wide left turn on 23rd st. and 6th avenue and sideswiped and damaged the fencing at the entrance of the 23rd St. Station

In the West Village, a woman committed suicide by hanging herself in her apartment.

And grand larceny has gone up on the subways in 2018 attributed to an international team of pickpocket thieves. Kind of makes this city feel like it’s slowly reverting back to the days of the Artful Dodger or just an imitation of Tijuana, Mexico.


In Sheepshead Bay, a man ran into a Chinese buffet restaurant screaming with a hammer and attacked three men who worked there. Killing a chef instantly by bludgeoning him in the head, and critically injuring the owner and another employee who both days later died from their injuries in the bias attack.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, an 11-year-old girl walking on the sidewalk with her friend was confronted by a group of boys who were sexually harassing and pouring water on her as the boy she was with filmed it on his phone for his social media account.




Also in Sheepshead Bay, two men are involved in a month long burglary spree, breaking into 7 buildings and robbing merchandise, money and surveillance products.

In Borough Park, a drunk man went inside a deli and wanted to crash in there and take a nap. When the clerk told him he couldn’t do that, the vagrant asshole suddenly found energy and went nutso, knocking over the lotto machine and cash register then assaulted him, slamming him against the refrigerators, punching him repeatedly and throwing him to and dragging him on the floor. Then he continued to trash the place, knocking over snack racks and throwing candy all over the place.














Also in Borough Park, a traffic cop trying to tow a parking violator’s car was disrupted by a group of three boorishly arrogant and crass men who managed to dislodge the car off the police truck and started to racially bait the cop while enabling the lawbreaking driver to flee, flee, flee. The three thugs then kept badgering the officer by calling him a loser and made threats that he will lose his job like they thought they were Jona Rechnitz or Jeremy Reichberg or some other politically and higher brass police connected powertripping asshole like them.


In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a fugitive wanted for his role in a murder of a man in Ozone Park in 2017 was shot at by FBI agents trying to enter an apartment he was hiding in, blowing out the windows and scaring the shit out of other tenants. The suspect was arrested and a hundred cops were deployed to manage the crowds, despite the fact that there were virtually no citizens outside for the phalanx to disburse.

In Bushwick, a man suckerpunched a 16-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy on their heads inside a Bushwick Houses building while they were waiting for the bus to go to school. The lunatic then hit a woman with a tree branch outside moments later.

Also in Bushwick, a man jumped a woman from behind in an apartment building lobby and held a knife to her throat then sexually molested and robbed $100 and credit cards from her.

Again in Bushwick, a police officer was busted selling $25 worth of marijuana inside of a liquor store. Well, you got to take the badge and the power and responsibility that goes with it seriously, it isn’t like you can give out gun permits to famous people like the President and his sons, his former fixer Michael Cohen or to some of de Blasio’s special donors under the diligent watch of the legendary Commissioner William Bratton.

And again in Bushwick, a 19-year-old man was shot to death on the street from a shotgun blast to the chest.

And again in Bushwick and Bed-Stuy, two men went on a burglary spree breaking into washing machines in four apartment buildings and robbing it of thousands of dollars in quarters.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a man arrested for attempting to rape a woman at a homeless shelter, escaped from the custody of two DHS peace officers as they arrived at the police precinct. He ran away still handcuffed.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn, two people were shot at by a man in front of Macy’s.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man lost control of his SUV and drove up the sidewalk and knocked over a scaffolding building shed.

In Brooklyn Heights at the Borough Hall Station, a man confronted a woman on the two train and started rapping to her then went nutso and grabbed her neck while trying to steal her necklace then ran away when he couldn’t get it.

In Brownsville, a woman walking on the street got jumped by a man who held her at knifepoint and dragged her to his SUV. He then taped her mouth and tried to rape her but she fought back and wrested the knife from him. He then took a tire iron and hit her and wrapped her arms with the tape and took down her pants and underwear and violated her, but she continued to resist so he threw her out of his car. The deviant was trailed by a determined police captain and eventually arrested him at his apartment in Mount Vernon.

In East New York at the Pink Houses, a man was killed in a hallway after getting shot by a masked man 11 times.

Also in East New York, a fire engulfed a house injuring six residents.

Again in East New York, two men held up a man at gunpoint and demanded that he hand them a bag he was holding. The gunman then fired a shot at the victim and missed as he and his accomplice ran away.

And again in East New York, five men got arrested for operating a heroin drug ring operation that expanded into Bushwick and South Ozone Park. They referred to the product with fancy expensive car names.

And again in East New York, a man pulled over by cops for driving recklessly, stepped out of his car and shot his pellet gun at them, leading two cops to fire back with three shots to his body.

In Bed-Stuy, a man was shot in the chest on the street and ran to a nearby deli screaming for help.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a woman walking on the sidewalk was approached by a man who panhandled her for spare change. After she gave him some, he continued to talk to her and then grabbed her ass and ran away.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a man brutally beat down a 63-year-old homeless man in front of witnesses who were chortling while one was filming it on a live social media platform in the hallway after he accused him of harassing his mother by looking into a peephole on the door at her apartment.

In Sunset Park, a delivery man was killed while riding his motorcycle to work as he got hit by a livery driver opening his car door and caused him to fall under a vehicle moving on the street behind him.

Also in Sunset Park, a man was killed by a hit-and-run driver when he was crossing the street.

Again in Sunset Park, three men held up a mahjong parlor in a social club at gunpoint twice in three days, robbing players and the house of $9,600.

And again in Sunset Park, a man was killed by a hit-and-run driver operating an 18-wheel truck. The driver abandoned the rig in an undisclosed location.

In Williamsburg, a man jumped a woman in the lobby of her apartment building, punched her in the head and tried to rape her then ran when she defended herself.

In Fort Greene, a 14-year-old boy was held up at gunpoint by two men and robbed of two shopping bags at the Ingersoll Houses. The two thieves ran away when two cops showed up, with one of them dropping their gun. The cops then looked at the weapon but decided to leave it on the ground. A few minutes later a man saw it as the cops were walking away, picked it up and fled. The NYPD allegedly disciplined the cops, who remain unidentified because of the 50A ruling that’s supposed to protect police from criminals from finding out where they reside but is more often used as a shield to cover up malfeasance, incompetence, use of excessive force, and in this case, insouciance.

Also in Fort Greene, a man committed suicide by lying on the tracks in a tunnel near the Lafayette Ave. Station. as the A train ran over him.

Again in Fort Greene, a 19-year-old man vandalized a police car then along with his friend fought with the cops as they tried to arrest him.

And again in Fort Greene, a woman had her purse stolen from her car that had it’s window broken.

In Flatbush, at the Beverly Road Station, a man taking a nap on the train got stabbed in the head and arm with a screwdriver and was robbed of $400.

Also in Flatbush, two men mugged a man in apartment building by gunpoint and robbed 200 bucks from him.

In Cypress Hills, two men held up a truck driver at gunpoint inside the cargo area and robbed him of $7,300.

Also in Cypress Hills, a woman standing on the sidewalk was attacked by two men who brutally beat her up with punches and kicks and robbed her of $1,400 and a cellphone.

In Gravesend, two men broke into a basement of an electronics store and robbed over 300 grand worth of tech products.

Also in Gravesend, cops arresting a man wanted for burglaries in the area was greeted by a dog he stole at his apartment during a search where they also found Ipads, boots, ID and credit cards and various weapons.

Again in Gravesend, a man opened the rear door of a van and stole boxes of camera equipment that were inside.

In Coney Island, a man cuffed for a robbery escaped from police custody at the 60th Precinct when he asked the detective to use the bathroom and then jumped out of a second floor window and fled towards the Luna Park Houses.

Also in Coney Island, a 63-year-old woman had an ax lodged in her skull in an attack from her son.

Again in Coney Island on the B train, a man held up a commuter at knifepoint and demanded money, but the man fought back and got lacerated but still made the mugger flee with nothing.

And again in Coney Island, a fight between two men escalated when one man stabbed the other in the chest in a hallway.

In Crown Heights, a man held up a beauty salon at gunpoint and robbed $230 from the workers and customers.

Also in Crown Heights, a man was shot at point blank in the stairwell of the Kingsborough Houses and died at the hospital.

Again in Crown Heights, a man got arrested after he grabbed a woman on the street and dragged her into a darkened corner in an attempt to rape her, but she broke free. He also stripped and groped a woman on the 4 train and robbed her headphones and $47.

And again in Crown Heights, three men jumped and beat down a man on the sidewalk.

In Manhattan Beach, three men broke into a house and stole $20,000 of jewelry and electronic items.

In In Bensonhurst, two men on a month long burglary spree robbed seven stores before the break of dawn, stealing cash, lottery tickets and surveillance equipment.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man crashed his car into another man’s car, smashing his door. Then the reckless driver stabbed the man in the arm whose car he totaled and got in his car and drove off.

Again in Bensonhurst, a man was attacked by two men and got stabbed after he honked his horn at a car they were in that was blocking an intersection.

And again in Bensonhurst, two men held up a convenience store at gunpoint and robbed it of $400.

And again in Bensonhurst, two men broke into a bakery and robbed it of $200.

In Gowanus, a man crashed his car into a bus and rear-ended another car on the expressway and ran away from the accident, and injured his head when he jumped off the highway to the street below.

In East Flatbush, a 99 cent store was torched by a fire in it’s basement, injuring two firemen.

In Prospect Park South, a man attacked cops who were trying to enter his apartment where a dead woman was on the floor wrapped in a blanket.

In Vinegar Hill, a man found half-conscious from getting beaten down inside his apartment at the Farragut Houses, died from his injuries.

In Bay Ridge, a man accessed an apartment building by pressing every residents button, then broke into a closet in the basement and stole two shopping carts, plumbing supplies and scrap metal. Nice haul, Bubbles.

Also in Bay Ridge, three men broke into a house and robbed it of $2,000 and jewelry.

Again in Bay Ridge, a homeless man was found dead on the street from a fall from the elevated train tracks.

In Flatlands, a man sexually molested a 16-year-old girl on a crowded city bus.

In Canarsie, East New York and Brownsville , two men robbed three businesses by breaking open cash registers and ATM’s, making off with a total of over $25,000. The thief is suspected of 14 other burglaries of small businesses in Queens.

Also in Canarsie, two men broke into a pharmacy from a door on the roof and robbed the safe and register and also drugs worth $40,000. Those meds would have been worth a lot less if America had ratified legislation to keep the price of them down or even a Medicare for All program.

Again in Canarsie, a man died from injurious burns he got when he and a woman set off a fire on a rooftop preparing some kind of ritual.

In Midwood, two men mugged a man for his cellphone and 18 bucks.

In Clinton Hill, a man was shot to death in the stairway of the Lafayette Garden Houses just as he was about to visit his mother at her apartment.

Also in Clinton Hill, a woman critically injured herself when she fell out of a taxi cab and wound up lying on the road. (WTFH?)

In Marine Park, a woman was crawling on the guardrail on the Belt Parkway. (Again, WTFH?)

Also in Marine Park, a man randomly attacked a 13-year-old girl in the street by grabbing her neck and slapping her face.

In East Williamsburg, a man got shot to death in a hallway at Cooper Park Houses following an argument with two other men.

In Greenpoint, Neo-Nazi dickweeds are vandalizing walls, lampposts and emergency kiosks with bigoted and Anti-Semetic messages on postal stickers. One of their vile agitprop pastings got a sweet response.


On the Belt Parkway on the renovated Mill Basin Bridge, a fireman fell to his death trying to leap to the other side of the bridge to rescue passengers of two vehicles that crashed. Why is there an open gap on a short bridge on a major highway?

A police sergeant that was in charge of a housing bureau command in NYCHA buildings  in Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy and Downtown Brooklyn was arrested and charged for heroin distribution.

The feds and the NYPD busted a drug ring operation selling heroin, fentanyl and cocaine operating in South Brooklyn.

In Fort Greene, a FDNY inspector walking in his town caught a parked truck’s cargo densely packed with unsecured propane tanks by an “affordable” luxury tower development.

Also in Fort Greene at the Dekalb Station on the Q train, a man whipped out his junk and masturbated in front of commuters, then capped it with a cigarette before he got off at the Church Ave. Station in Flatbush.

On the Williamsburg Bridge, a roaming stray dog was found walking on the train tracks, delaying the J and M trains for 90 minutes as cops rescued him.

And the NYPD detective who had a pair of allegedly clean panties shoved in his mouth by his superior officer was greeted by his fellow brothers in blue at his home who detained him and was ordered to turn in his badge and gun and then sent to psychiatric ward. Just like what they did to Det. Adrian Schoolcraft when he tried to report NYPD corruption.



In Morrisania, a 68-year-old man about to enter his apartment was ambushed by three men who pushed him down to the floor and rained fists on him while demanding money. They robbed his phone and $475.

Also in Morrisania, a man froze to death sleeping under a bench in a park.

Again in Morrisania, two gun traffickers from Florida were busted in a sting after meeting up with an undercover cop making a sale of $7,000 worth of high-capacity firearms.

In Soundview, a man was shot to death on the grounds of Monroe Houses from three bullets to the chest.

Also in Soundview, a man broke into a warehouse and robbed a coldcut slicer worth seven grand.

In Fordham Heights at the 182nd/183rd St. Station during the morning rush hour, a man loitering in front of the entrance asked a man approaching for ten bucks. When he refused to give him money and kept walking, the panhandler ran up and attacked him from behind and stabbed him twice in his back. The victim did wind up giving him some money after his attacker stood over him and the skell is still on the loose.

In West Farms, a man was shot to death as he sat in his car by the Murphy Consolidated Houses. The victim killed two women over there 15 years ago. The first one he strangled to death and left her nude in a stairwell, and the second one he murdered with an accomplice over being owed drug money and tried to cover it up by leaving her naked in a stairwell to make it look like a sexual assault. Wonder what would give him the inspiration for the latter. Good riddance.

In East Bronx, three men jumped a man and beat him down to the ground with kicks and punches all over his body and slugged him with a helmet then robbed his backpack and ran away

.three on one bx.jpg

In the South Bronx, a man attacked an inebriated 66-year-old man in a deli by knocking him down on the floor following an argument they had on the street.

Also in the South Bronx, a woman walking across the street was killed when she was hit by a sanitation sand-spreading plow affixed truck as the driver kept going. The cops flagged him down and was not charged.

Again in the South Bronx, four teenage males attacked a woman in a train station, all taking turns punching her then robbed her headphones and a $600 belt.

And again in the South Bronx, two teenage prisoners sexually harassed a corrections officer at the Horizon Juvenile Center. The city waited an entire month to release the report.

In Eastchester, a man held up a worker at Dunkin Donuts at gunpoint and ordered her to empty the register then bolted out the door with $700.

In Belmont, a shootout on the street between two men alerted a drug task force consisting of DEA agents, NYPD and State Troopers to react, leading the suspects to flee the area only to get arrested later.

Also in Belmont, a man and a woman got drunk then got into an argument in their cluster apartment. The woman then stabbed him twice with a kitchen knife, causing him to die from his injuries.

Again in Belmont, a man grabbed a woman walking on the sidewalk and dragged her about a block then ran away when a man witnessing the abduction yelled at him.

In Westchester, an off-duty fireman killed a pedestrian with his car in a hit-and-run.

In Melrose, a 13-year-old girl stabbed a 14-year-old boy in the shoulder in the school lunchroom stemming from a insult he made about her on social media.

In Norwood, a decomposed body of a homeless man who was reported missing was found inside a park.

Also in Norwood, a man flashed his junk in front of an 11-year-old boy in an apartment building. The deviant was on parole after serving time for sexually molesting an 11-year-old boy.

In Mount Eden, a woman was jumped by a 17-year-old boy and forced into a building at knifepoint and raped her in a stairwell and stole $18 from her. The idiot rapist ran away and went into a deli, where the victim and her husband showed up and detained him until the police arrived.

In Pelham Bay, a man picked up a runaway 12-year-old girl in Soundview while impersonating a police officer promising her a place to sleep, then drove her to a motel and raped her there. The suspect was beaten up in Rikers Island.

In Kingsbridge, a man got stabbed to death inside an apartment building.

In Eastchester, an off-duty NYPD cop who got off from a prior DUI charge where he smashed into a NY State police car, crashed into a parked car while driving drunk.

In Co-Op City, a fire broke out in an apartment building injuring four children.

In Woodstock, a raccoon was found wandering on the tracks of the 6 train line.

Staten Island

In Clifton, a 55-year-old woman who was walking to a late evening prayer meeting around midnight got jumped from behind by a man who placed her in a chokehold, then savagely beat her up, dragged her on the ground and threw her against an iron gate and cracked her head open. While she was bleeding, the man tried to silence her as the woman defended herself, causing him to run away.

While at the hospital, cops showed up to question the victim but she couldn’t recall if they actually asked anything to her and she found out the case wound up being closed a week after her attack.

The cops eventually arrested the suspect on Jan. 28, over 3 weeks after the attack. Because two days after this arrest and during that long time span while he was on the loose, a 69-year-old was murdered in Stapleton and found dead inside a house and this guy is suspected in this case because of a video capture of the suspect holding her arm and bringing her inside there. The deceased was also brutally beaten, and there is footage of the man leaving the premises by himself.

Now it turns out the initial earlier brutal assault case was marked closed because of a clerical error made by an city worker filing it at the 120 Pct. and the police sergeant working the desk allowed it to pass even though the detectives assigned to the case never interviewed the assault victim. Asked about how this incompetence that might have cost a woman her life, Chief Terrance Monihan gave thoroughly tone-deaf excuses of “administrative errors” and it “happens everywhere in life.” And also “(It) probably should’ve been caught then but it wasn’t. Now we’ve got to look what could have been done to shorten that time span, were there any systematic errors, any personnel errors.”

“They see, wow, this case shouldn’t be closed, it should be open,” he said. “They reopen the case and send it up to the detectives for investigation.”

NYPD Commissioner O’Neil “This is a terrible tragedy, so we’ll be taking a look — a total look –at it.”

Yeah, keep looking chief and commissioner. Wow, hopefully no one else will perish or crippled the next time you all suddenly realized you fucked up.

In Westerleigh, a 91-year-old man got killed when he got hit by an approaching car as he was crossing the street with the light still red.

In Donghan Hills, a woman snatched a dog off the stoop that was waiting to go back into his house.

In Port Richmond, a man driving drunk crashed into a house and ran away, leaving his drunk passenger to get arrested after he tried to get away but crashed it into a grassy knoll.

In West Brighton, a man was murdered in his apartment by as friend of his after meeting up with him at barber shop and had an argument when the victim asked his friend for money. The murder victim reportedly texted his mother on his phone as he was about to get killed.

The suspected killer and his girlfriend were caught on surveillance video dumping a bag and blood stained clothes in a dumpster by an apartment complex in New Jersey. The woman turned in her boyfriend to the cops after reporting a false emergency even though he physically attacked her in a domestic dispute. The suspect was brought to the stationhouse where he is claiming innocence and that he was being coerced to admit the killing by police interrogating him.

Further police investigations in search of the victim’s body also searched a construction company lot with a history of building violations in Port Richmond owned by a man who let the suspect live in an apartment building he ran and is now also suspected for aiding and abetting the ditching of the body, and ended in a landfill in Pennsylvania.

And this post ends with the bizarre, peculiar and improbable death of the Saudi Arabian sisters, who were being demanded by their nation to return home and who were found dead duct taped to each other by their wrists and ankles by the Hudson River in Riverside Park in December was ultimately ruled a suicide by this city’s medical examiner. So that’s the end of that. Well, the Sauds do invest in a lot of tech companies operating in your city and we certainly can’t disrupt that or upset them with murder conspiracy theories.

And it also should be noted that the killer of Brandy Odom, who butchered her and left her severed remains in plain sight on the paths in Canarsie Park 10 months ago is still lurking around.