Impunity 666


How about that. Impunity City is 6 years old. This is a belated announcement because I started this labor of love to inform and berate on this platform actually on November 8 2016.

But it’s entirely my fault, I’ve neglecting my digital publication seed like a bastard stepchild, focusing most of my published reports on Elon Musk’s Twitter on my account of the same name.  And time really fucking flies when your posting witty barbs and reposting critical news items that you lose track and lose inspiration of what to write in long form. Time also whizzes by faster  when you reach the autumn years like yours truly and are suddenly get tired earlier in the day after consuming so much news and information either from real time or going back to the archives. Inspiration for this has got so dire I haven’t even finished writing the milestone 100th chapter of the New Bad Days because crime has gone up so furiously fast.

And this blog of mine is really where it needs more attention, because New York City has never seen impunity the way it is now with Mayor Eric Adams who has assembled a fraternity crony administration more incestuous than a hillbilly orgy and a uniparty democrat New York City Council that whores itself shamelessly to cult think tanks on a daily basis. This kakistocracy run by an oligarchy that really runs this town actually puts Bill de Blasio’s last mayoralty to shame which I never thought would be possible. New York is also stuck with a stupid corrupt governor in Kathy Hochul who did as much illegal shit in one year as her horndog predecessor Mario’s Son did in 10.

I really don’t want to ramble on here because there is so much shit to get to, but it looks like it’s time to use twitter less despite the vast improvements and new freedom of expression standard Mr. Musk has brought in like a ton of bricks. A lot of evil is going down in NYC; crime, inflation, inequity, lying crooked politicians, dirty agents of the city and nefarious power brokers. It’s about that time to capture these devils and it’s going to need a lot more than 240 characters to do this. 

Time for New York to get an enema and an exorcism.


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