Resolution Suggestions For The President And The Late Show Host.

The President Of The United States for 3 more weeks

To President Barack Hussein Obama,

This has been a busy week for you Mr. President. With the way long overdue refusal of enabling Israel to further turn into a nation of apartheid, and your decision to expel every Russian diplomat out of every embassy and luxury digs in our country based on still alleged attacks on the recent election, the latter being you finally getting bipartisan respect from all of the establishment elected hacks from the GOP. Now that you are finally swinging your balls like a mace when you had 8 years and two mandates to do something remotely effective, with the exception of bailing out the banking and car industries that are still committing offenses and a dreadful foreign policy extolling the use of drones and social media to solve decades of oppression in the middle east, it’s time to do the righteous thing and make a last minute executive decision to legalize marijuana.

That’s right, and hurry up before that legislative neanderthal Sessions gets confirmed (although I don’t think he will be, but it’s best to play it safe). The rationale of this is sound, for 37 states have either legalized, decriminalized or made it legitimate for medical usage. Considering that the last executive decision you made was cultural, which was the national landmarking of the Stonewall Inn, the legalizing of the sticky-icky should be a no brainer and will not be challenged at all. Even in states that want to continue this backwards prohibition, since they can no longer rely on privatized prisons to jail those caught in possession of a dime bag.

Besides, with the economic success in Colorado and the inevitable lucrative certainty in California, this will not have a problem with congressional approval. Also, this would be manna to President Trump and his plutocrat cabinet, and will use his deal making skill sets to dissuade the most hardline conservatives of his cabinet. And it will give his trillion dollar nationwide infrastructure plan much needed funding in the long run from all the taxes accrued from pot sales and cultivation.

The time is right too, for people need relief and escapism and there has to be a way to cut down on the rise of heroin abuse and painkillers and all the trafficking involved. Also, the amount of police time trying to stop it.

So get your pen ready Barry, and get this done. As a former stoner with the good fortune not to get caught, you got to be high not to do this. And for good measure, make the announcement and signing at 4:20 PM.

The greatest satirist of this generation

To the Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen T. Mos Def Colbert DFA,

Even though you have great security in a  nice cushy job now in a land-marked theater in a somewhat oversaturated and mediocre medium with competition that can’t hold a candle to you in the late night format. In consideration to the chaotic times, rote pop culture, and nationwide uncertainty, insecurity and the inevitable disillusionment that will engulf this nation once Trump starts deciding things on Jan. 21 2017, it is time and the utmost duty to resurrect the Colbert Report.

Now I know it’s a long shot, being that Comedy Central owns the rights to it, but there has to be a loophole somewhere (after all it’s in your name) that can allow you to revive this legendary show, for it might be the only thing that will give the nation the checks and balances that the print, media and digital news have squandered in the last decade and seem powerless to enforce. Even if it’s in a satirical format. And it’s the least Les Moonves can do since he is partially responsible for enabling the victory for the most unqualified and opportunistic person to get the keys to the white house. Maybe you and your team can guilt and coax him to make a deal with Comedy Central so you can make your subtle and cutting alter-id back. And like the speculative wall in Mexico, make Lesa and his partners pay for it.

Although I still tune in, the show is just not effective and not as funny as it should be. The voids from earlier bits like the word, tip of the hat, and the threat down are clearly felt with these weak bits like the celebrity star gazing and that twitter war tripe. And the majority of celebrity guests are fucking boring and seem only interested in promoting their films, especially the ones involved in these comic book regurgitations. There’s got a be a way to bring back the public news show type format when you had pundits, authors and elected officials on regularly.

As for the band, Jon Baptiste is a nice super-talented guy, but he’s not funny. Bits tend to halt when he interjects. Sure the band’s improved with more players, but they don’t seem to groove. There also don’t funk well, the guitar players could use a wah wah pedal

I think it’s kind of a waste as the greatest satirist of our time and maybe in the past 5o years could contribute so much more if you were let loose by your network that is clearly holding you back. Especially during the campaign when you could have scorched the Trump campaign and even Hillary’s by exposing their vainglorious pursuits.

And now that Trump is doing a virtual boycott of the fourth estate, for reasons that seem shady now that Obama has kicked Russian diplomats out of the country, it’s time to fill the void of investigative reporting and constructive criticism with the sneering defiance and the dom perignon vintage dry wit that you perfected for 10 years. It’s time to be a formidable opponent.

If there is anything that can motivate the Repor(t)’s return, you should know that Trump’s lawyer Kellyanne Conway has put the world, to quote one of your segments, on notice.

The nation, and the world needs you and the Repor(t) back.

Sacrificing Liberty And Bodily Functions For Security. Happy New Year From This Mayor And The NYPD

Times Square, NYC, NY

Village Voice: NYPD Announces New Rules for Times Square’s Two Million NYE Ball Droppers

At a press conference this morning, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD laid out new rules for ball droppers convening in Times Square as early as 4 a.m. on New Year’s Eve. Items now not permitted in Times Square: Alcohol (huh?), duffle bags, any backpacks, and umbrellas. Additional crucial item not provided: public bathrooms.

The NYPD announced that it is expecting more than 2 million people in Times Square on Saturday, with over 7,000 officers on duty to provide security. In addition to the police, the city will be rolling out 65 sand and Sanitation trucks to surround Times Square, to prevent any trucks being used as a weapon, similar to recent terror attacks.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

This will truly be a test of people’s mettle. But going by the excessive and quite sadistic security plan and the massive throngs of bodies that will arrive and be subjectively penned in like a Syrian refugee camp, it’s safe to assume that those who are responsible for their safety, namely Mayor Shitshow and the higher echelon of N.Y.’s Finest have concluded that these particular revelers have no mettle at all.

How else can one condone this?  How is denying people the right to drink in the new year for auld lang syne, especially this wretched year, by denying people champagne, which flies in the face over the lack of enforcement when it comes to the vagrant mobs of Santacon. How is protecting the public from terrorist acts by denying them bathrooms and blocking the streets with sanitation trucks filled with tons of sand? And how does banning umbrellas factor into this? (Are ISIS taking tips from the Penguin?)  There is not even going to be rain in the forecast. There is not even a fucking confirmed threat.

How are these people going to eat? Since backpacks are banned also. Maybe part of the plan is to get that goober albino Guy Fieri, the Hard Rock Cafe and all those other rancid food court theme restaurants to throw their marked up lousy fast food to the stockades of people like how fishermen throw chum to get the big catch

It has become official that the city has finally acknowledged the vapidity of the billions of overwhelming, frivolous spending tourists flocking to the city in the past decade. Mayor de lame version of de Laurentiis may have confirmed this with his recent knucklehead statement:

“I’m not quite sure why a million people want to stand in the freezing cold for long periods of time”

At least he’s alienating people who can’t vote here.

This apparatus concocted is so cruel and terrible, that the actual plan to thwart an attack might be to actually discourage people from showing up at all. With no people, no casualties. Isis loses. But do they really? Whenever there are holiday celebrations in public, we have to take ludicrous safety measures that winds up oppressing our own citizenry and erodes our personal freedoms and space every second. Our officials overreactions has made them more flaccid in the eyes of our self-destructive enemies.

But the millions of fools will show up anyway, obsequious to the city’s draconian demands and fill up the pens like good Americans. It’s certain that to tolerate standing still in one direction for 24 hours like pigs in gestation crates, they’ll all be sporting Depends. There has to be a reason why there is a chain pharmacy everywhere you blink. If the city is smart, they make them the sponsor of the night and have their logo on those lame hats and sticks they make all those suckers wear when the clock strikes 12.

I have a stinking feeling that it’s already been considered…

Gross. Fuck you 2016, 2 days left motherfucker.

The Campaign For One Ego

Screenshot_2019-01-12 Mayor Bill de Blasio on Twitter

NY Post: Taxpayers foot bill for glitzy ad touting de Blasio

Just hours before Mayor de Blasio sent out a plea for donations to his re-election campaign, City Hall posted a 3¹/₂-minute video on Twitter with Broadway actors touting Hizzoner and his accomplishments — all paid for by taxpayers. Critics said the video does not violate city rules but raises a number of concerns about the mayor’s use of public resources to further his re-election prospects. “He needs to use his office to communicate to New Yorkers, but about what’s in their interest — not what’s in his political interest,” said Dick Dadey, of the watchdog group Citizens Union. “There’s elements to it that allow it to somewhat pass the smell test, but any accurate reading of this shows it’s an ad that promotes the mayor as much as it is informational.”

Not a de Blasio 2017 ad

The mayor has come down with acute megalomania. It even shows when he’s affable, like in the current release of city hall agitprop made by his media optics division in his 264 member loyal little farm team.

It seems all the time he’s spending, when in the first few years of his term was on the phone and his blackberry like some telemarketer and was courting an unscrupulous collective of developer tower land barons, restaurant owners, hoteliers, tech based firms and some tv production type for piles of money to shape policies, infrastucture and services in their favor, is trying to polish the daily growing pile of turds that has become his first term as mayor. But like Anderson Cooper once quipped, “technically you can’t polish any turd”. Certainly not when these turds are coming down on the mayor in a diarrhetic downpour.

This approach should be beneath a man with such alleged liberal convictions and a philosophy steeped in social justice. Most importantly someone who initially promised the constituency an end to the widening economic inequity of the upper and lower classes and to staunch the bleeding of the middle class. But it’s clear from his wretched conduct and abuse of his position that even the less cynical can see him for the confirmed phony he has become and has been.

His team of busy AV club elves have been working double time in the past few weeks producing this putrid sketch and other videos featuring that muslim cop that was hassled by some asshole bigot in Coney Island and one where he denounces the president-elect.

What this dope (of park slope) shares with Trump though is his contempt and latent oppression of journalists. Also, apparently, is his arrogant swagger, a defiant embrace of hypocrisy, and a sense of entitlement with his position that comes off mildly scary.

NY Times: Mayor deBlasio’s Media Freeze-Out 

If Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided that he is going to answer questions only from “real media outlets,” and not The New York Post, why doesn’t he just go all the way? Revoke The Post’s credentials, and bar its reporters from City Hall and make an example of them. Let the other reporters learn not to offend His Honor. And if they don’t learn, he can stop taking all questions. Then the mayor will be free to do his business in peace and quiet, his message unfiltered, his administration shown only in its best light, through news releases and photo ops.

Mr. de Blasio got petulant when pressed by a reporter from Newsday for information about an inquiry into the Administration for Children’s Services and the death of a 6-year-old boy. “Come on — try and ask a real question,” he snapped. Then came this exchange with a Wall Street Journal reporter: Q. I’m just curious — taking questions once a week, and you know, insulting newspapers, media outlets — how do you think it’s helping you? How is it helping you? A. It doesn’t have to help. It doesn’t have to help. It’s the — well, I’m saying what I think is the truth. And by the way, I think the people share a lot of my view.

It doesn’t have to help. It also doesn’t help the environment in the city right now. Mostly for the people who work and live here 24/7/365. It doesn’t help any kid being tormented and trapped in a broken home with abusive lowlifes.

This recent transparency of his film crew is not new, in fact they have been busy for a while. Here is something they produced back a few months ago to counter the contentious protests of the citizens of Maspeth when they heard that a big lousy failing vacant hotel that the managers there decided to convert it to a homeless shelter with the city’s enabling and taxpayer funded dollars and barely any input from the community.

These videos were made to highlight and praise the program that has produced a record amount of homeless higher than the great depression and before the inevitable blowback of the horrendous current reports of the amount of homeless people, 60,000 plus and the monstrous costs, 72.9 million in the past year. Does it have to be mentioned that the nation was broke back then and currently our city and state has seen the economy go up. Not much is known what has happened to those poor people since these videos were released, since de Faustio’s crew has not made a follow up, but it’s quite certain they got shipped, or maybe stored in another hotel in another borough.

And now he’s trying to control the narrative, his, and is maligning certain targets (NY Post too easy) and trashing other news media coming to their defense. No surprise coming from a repugnant, manipulative jerk-off. But the Blaz is not alone, dismissal, dismantling and destruction of a free press is actually a world wide trend. Exacerbated by the cultural omniscience of the fake news phenomenon, it has buttressed a duality of cynicism and gullibility of the citizenry and is being easily exploited by immoral empowered types for their advantage. Although this isn’t working so well for our mayor, and  is going through a pained delusional state right now in his assumption of any support of the constituency, which is bred from a tone-deaf statement uttered only last year that out of state transients and tourists knew more than original New Yorkers.

Who knows what him and his agitprop drones are going to release next, but for certain this has to be stopped not only to prevent the daily poisoning of social media with lame sketch videos, but because yet again he is breaking the laws inherent of being mayor. It’s like he’s daring and inviting the feds to come get him. Not since John Gotti has there been a display of such haughtiness towards such scrutiny. Correction, since Donald Trump. Maybe also like his bedfellow rival, president-elect Trump, de Blaz may feel that as mayor, by natural law or urban legend, that he can’t have conflicts of interest or even feels, like Nixon told Frost, that nothing he does is illegal in his elected position.

This usually doesn’t end well with these beliefs and attitudes. No matter how much shit you use for frosting, or how much frosting you use on shit. Hopefully Mayor Big Slow’s comeuppance will come soon before his other little dopes make another smarmy video bit.

Mario’s Sons’ Holiday Dick Moves

Andrew Cuomo. Governor of the state of New York, colossal prick.

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of sudden proactivity from the son of Mario, Governor Andrew Cuomo. Although it truly cannot cloak the sorry desperation inspiring it. This is following the recent indictments of all his long-time cronies consisting of his honorary brother, Joseph Percoco and his favorite visionary guru,  Alain Kaloyeros (“He has economic visions that other mere mortals can’t actually see”  not long ago remarked, Andy) in the ambitious and now squandered Buffalo Billion solar power venture upstate.

After Mario’s son somehow escaped unscathed from the thievery committed by those idiot assholes, who have ties that go back when his dad in the 90’s, Andy somehow had an epiphany that a lot of services and other programs he has jurisdiction, make that lord over, were way behind schedule.

So he deigns to come down to the city and demands that the century long dormant 2nd avenue line must get done, stat. Suddenly, what was a dark and hazardous 40 block gauntlet for a year got fast-tracked and will make it’s new year’s day opening. How this happened was miraculous, as there were 5 times more contractors than before and the streets were clear a week after Mario’s son made his walk through underground. Stupidly sans helmet of course. The stations, for some reason, contains wall to wall modern art displays by the top artists of today which includes Chuck Close. Some of them look like Banksy rip-offs. Which may be the reason why there were so many delays and costs getting higher trying to complete this on schedule, in addition to the cars unable to fit through the tunnels. Andy was so agog he came off like an auctioneer trainee at Sotheby’s when he was describing it, or an unscrupulous realtor trying to swindle some hipsters at an overpriced 5 story walk-up studio apartment with graffiti on the side of the building. But more like Ralphie’s dad from A Christmas Story when he got his major award.

From Curbed:

“The Second Avenue subway provides New Yorkers with a museum underground and honors our legacy of building engineering marvels that elevate the human experience,” Cuomo said in a statement. “Public works projects are not just about function—they’re an expression of who we are and what we believe. Any child who has never walked into a museum or an art gallery can walk the streets of New York and be exposed to art and education simply by being a New Yorker. That is where we came from and that is what makes New York special.”

The last time expression like this was used on our trains was a thing called graffiti, an art form while reviled, despised and persecuted, was representative of the blighted and broke although way more creative times of that era, and is a certainly an influence on the artists contributions to these stations. That will inevitably will be defaced by other expressionist types or by the effects of continuing income inequality with people looking for a place to sleep and place their shopping cart of recyclables and personal belongings. And piss and vomit too. One installation actually shows the effect of papers being blown from the subway, so when real newspaper detritus is thrown away on the platform or from the streets it will blend in seamlessly.

The last time the governor got really needy for efficiency of our transit system was when the 7 extension to the hudson got done, subsequently and immediately there were leaks and escalator breakdowns. This rush job is already getting complaints without even running, since all those workers were so busy getting the roads done they forgot to cut a block long curb.

Now that it’s done after a century of misfortunes and fiscal neglect, well not really done,  the original plan was to get to 125st, but they broke it in phases, and I have to wonder if Mario’s son, Governor Andy, will take his new found proactive helmetless casual Friday style down to the Dirty Southeast Of Queens and get a look at the Lefferts Blvd. station. Where it takes longer to build a pair of stairs than it is to stuff big trains into little tunnels and have big time artists take months making portraits of themselves.


This was supposed to be completed by Thanksgiving, it should be noted that the other staircase was supposed to be finished last year too and got done in fucking June. I don’t have much hope for the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe, to get it done, even if they have the technology for time travel. Look at that sign taped indelicately to the partition wall.083

That’s right, January 2016. That is just awfully discouraging. If only the governor makes the time to assemble a garrison of contractors down to Richmond Hill to fix this miscue.

But that’s a long shot, because these images were taken today, and Mario’s son had to go back to Albany to deal with his new assembly leaders for a new salary. The recently frugal and diligent governor did some flexing and refused to give these officials the raise they actually don’t deserve, even though these positions have not had a substantial pay increase in 40 years. Being the amount of corruption that has gone on and the recent busts of Skelos and Silver and dozens of others, Andy gets to be a hero here with the optics of his decision because these electeds aren’t actually fighting for $15. Unfortunately this has led to a legislative lockdown coming at the expense of startup business and the slight chance to alleviate the monumental homeless crisis in the 5 boroughs.

Andy, apparently still in the zone and a sudden awareness for ethics and accountability, will appoint a special pseudo independent prosecutor answering only to him to overlook any profligate spending by the assembly. This from the guy who terminated the last independent investigative body of his adminstration, the Moreland Commission, which did it’s job too well and got to close to Andy. Something of this nature is akin to being unconstitutional.

With the new year and state of the state address coming, he has embraced populism and wants to engage with the norms (that’s citizens, or people to us, the norms) for 6 individual speeches in different locales. Keeping up his unconstitutional and hubristic theme and taking an American custom as addressing the status of the state and reducing it to going on the lam. Is he trying to avoid being in Albany?

Well, I hope one of his stops is this slow crawl renovation. Because this station is in a heavily and densely populated town. And it gets really cramped and intolerable going up and down those stairs when the train arrives. So get down here and bring your contractor battalion and build these stairs and have them clean that pigeon shit-sty by the turnstiles, Governor. If you really are the governor.

Trump’s Deplorable Avaricious Cabinet

The Guardian: Trump’s Cabinet Picks So Far

The President-Elect Of The United States, gesturing how wide income inequality will get now. Or the enormity of the speculative fuckedness of our foundation of government, society, humanity and the planet.

Now that the electoral college has done it’s arbitrary duty, it’s the appropriate time to take a layman’s look at Mr. Trump’s administration choices, the finalists of the plutocrat apprentice.

You got Rex Tillerson at Secretary Of State, the last major post that Trump decided to fill. Being the top diplomacy role, it kind of shows where diplomacy is placed in the president-elect’s priorities. This guy is the big oil man CEO of ExxonMobil, and in terms of international reputation, incidentally tight and revered by Russian president and bully dog breeder Vladimir Putin, who once bestowed Rex with a Moscow Order Of Friendship. A dubious dignitary title earned by Rex’s collaboration deal with that nation’s comparably big oil company OAO Rosneft for oil exploration in the arctic, which eventually got the kibosh from sanctions instituted when Putin decided to annex Crimea, but not for what oil exploration is doing to hasten the extreme catastrophic effects of climate change, which surely drives his contrary beliefs and his stubborn denials about it. And who will surely avoid any international summits discussing about stifling the problem and gutting legislation regulating emissions causing it. Rex’s appointment will probably lift those sanctions and will leave public service a much wealthier man as well has his heirs. It’s apparent that Trump’s own extreme vetting for the chosen magnate is his supposed denomination from his overseas buddy. And the catalyzing legend that ExxonMobil is practically a tyrannical nation state of it’s own. Maybe a tad treasonous too.

Exxon’s foreign policy sometimes had more impact on the countries where it operated than did the State Department. Take, for example, Chad, one of the poorest countries in Africa. During the mid-two-thousands, the entirety of U.S. aid and military spending in the country directed through the U.S. Embassy in the capital, N’Djamena, amounted to less than twenty million dollars annually, whereas the royalty payments Exxon made to the government as part of an oil-production agreement were north of five hundred million dollars. Idriss Déby, the authoritarian President of Chad, did not need a calculator to understand that Rex Tillerson was more important to his future than the U.S. Secretary of State.

In Kurdistan, during the Obama Administration, Tillerson defied State Department policy and cut an independent oil deal with the Kurdish Regional Government, undermining the national Iraqi government in Baghdad. ExxonMobil did not ask permission. After the fact, Tillerson arranged a conference call with State Department officials and explained his actions, according to my sources, by saying, “I had to do what was best for my shareholders”

The New Yorker

That last quote makes the most sense for this appointment. As is the now obligatory qualification of having a conflict of interest.

The pick for Treasury is cut from the same dynastic cloth as Trump, Steven Mnuchin. This guy has become a become a blockbuster movie mogul in the past few years, which led me to think that he was picked because our new leader thinks box office totals would translate to nationwide economic improvement. Alas, the guy is predator scumbag and should technically be imprisoned for his running of a corrupt bank, OneWest, that was sadistically foreclosing on middle class homes through bad mortgages, encouraged their employees to fabricate payments through robo-signing to keep up the illusion of financial liquidity, and was blatantly discriminating against potential minority homeowners for applying for loans. The guy is a misery merchant.

Another bed fellow greedy bastard and fiendishly ironic pick for commerce head is Wilbur Ross, who has accrued billions through vulture venture capital and predatory equity via investing in bankrupt businesses including, naturally, the president-elects monument of failure, the pile of mortar, lights and shit in Atlantic City, the Taj Mahal Casino and the rust belt industries of textile, coal and steel that Trump has been pandering for votes the past year. Talk about vertical integration. And one of Wilbur’s mines killed 12 people

The atrocious pick for Labor is the owner of obesity population generator, Andrew F. Pudzer, CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. This individual has absolute contempt for workers looking to improve their personal wealth and livelihoods by vocally being against raising the minimum wage and claims such demands will justify leading to replacing human servers with basic rights with dutiful robots. This guy needs to look at how Uber is trying to illegally fast-track this philosophy in San Francisco.

Trump’s labor choice’s ideal worker

The pick is for Attorney General was dug up from the dung heap of appointment rejects past, Jeff Sessions, a career political hack who if confirmed will continue ruining the lives of citizens who prefer pot over cigarettes, homosexuals and poor women and their collective uteri. The latter which will be in more danger because of the beliefs of the pick of Tom Price at Health and Human Services.

The picks for Energy and Housing are defiantly lazy and set up to provoke laughter and induce nausea. Rick Perry did not even remember the dept. he will lead during a primary debate 4 years ago. And Ben Carson, the only African-American picked, was chosen possibly, no cynically because he’s black, which makes up the majority of tenants in public housing, recently commented after refusing the HHS position that he would not accept a position he’s not qualified for even though he thought he was qualified to be president. These two are fucking idiots.

Scott Pruitt is the pick for the EPA, an opponent of climate change regulations, poster boy for the merchants of doubt, and toady stenographer for big energy companies including ExxonMobil (Hi, Rex!). Interior pick Ryan Zinke, allegedly an avid outdoorsman, is looking to revive construction for the justifiably rejected Keystone XL pipeline.

The pick for Education is a doozy floozy, Betsy Devos. Made a billionaire from inheriting wealth from her father’s parasitic pyramid empire AMWAY and her abominable privatized charter education program, which has been confirmed as a ineffective institutional failure and destroyer of schools.

The pick for the CIA, an department that has been terribly utilized, has caused worldwide strife and chaos and should be abolished, Mike Pompeo, apparently thinks the biggest enemies are ourselves, Americans, for his support of the NSA’s idiotic haystack or ball pit data mining of everyone’s personal data and has called, like others including supposed liberals, for the execution of Edward Snowden. He also thinks that our soldiers should continue utilizing war crime methods like torture, which led to all that insurgency in Iraq and the ensuing ISIS caliphate in the first place.

After failing to get a senate seat twice in Connecticut, the inspiring pick for Small Business Administrator went to WWE matriarch Linda McMahon. Which should make future legislation regarding policy very intriguing.

As for the M.I.C. aka the defense department, to head the pentagon there’s General James “Mad Dog” Mattis. He commanded missions in Afghanistan and Iraq in the infinite War On Terror or the war on notions. The war that Trump advocated then was against, which to be fair a lot of people did, a massive majority did, and subsequently has led to millions of deaths, injuries, displacement and blowback, and maybe the rise of heroin production and trafficking. Despite the surges, the random drone attack and the deaths of dictators, iconic ghouls and cult of personality monster types like Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, and Khaddafy. Reportedly, Trump picked the Mad Dog for his approach on interrogation as offering cigarettes and booze to get what he needs instead of the counterproductive torture methods that were used that led to this current malaise in the Middle East and now parts of Africa. I think he picked him because his nickname is Mad Dog. His Homeland Security pick General John Kelly was running Gitmo when the captives there were engaging in hunger strikes, which were subject to cover ups. But those two are just moderate figureheads to balance the wild man radical loose cannon, retired General Michael Flynn, who will be doing the most action in his role as NSA advisor. This guy was at the forefront of Obama’s pathetic and duplicitous policy towards Syria, which has led to the destruction of major metropolitan cities there and millions dead, disenfranchised of their human rights and displaced of their homeland, leading to a refugee crisis not seen since World War II. This guy is qualified because of his insight into the mess there, but it’s negated by his generalization of the muslim population, which can lead to further tensions and draconian policies. He will be the first to alert Trump if there are any threats to the nation and to move forward with any defensive or offensive actions (only when Trump feels like hearing it). There is a Gen. Jack T. Ripper vibe about this guy that’s a bit unnerving. And he doesn’t need senate confirmation either.

And neither does Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon. Rewarded with counseler and strategist for their manipulative architect work of Donnie’s mutant Elmer Gantry / Greg Stillson campaign.

Let there be no doubt that they are all in for themselves and their portfolios. And they all have conflicts of interests in their lucrative fields. But as the president elect said of his role, the first job he ever applied for, that the president doesn’t have a conflict of interest, which he assumes extends to his cabinet.  Emoluments clause be damned.

This is what running government as a business looks like. Although someone running a real business would have kick these asses out the door for their lack of qualifications and inherent criminal behavior.

This assemblage by Trump confirms in general the most cynical beliefs of bureaucracy and a country in distress. This is the newer normal. And normal. Is. Truly. Fucked.

This is not the cabinet of deplorables, it’s the SNAFU administration

Update: Trump recently courted Slyvester Stallone to head the NEA, which the actor/director respectfully and thankfully declined. Which shows that someone out there actually saw all 294 films chronicling the life of Rocky Balboa. And maybe someone that doesn’t see the glorious demented camp of a movie like Rhinestone and appreciates it for a bedazzled filmwork and an actor branching out into new realms of artistic expression..

CONYgate: Mayor De Blasio And The Mentally Ill Plans Of The Gentrification Industrial Complex!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/building-code-violation-presser.jpg

Mayor Big Slow Shit Show. Perpetrating a fraud in plain sight. That’s the next mayor to his right, PA Letitia James

Inside Mayor de Blasio’s $4.3M scheme to target big donors doing business with City Hall

Two grand juries hearing testimony linked to criminal probes of Mayor de Blasio’s fund-raising tactics

It’s about damn time. It was way overdue especially since this is in addition to three other scandals that him, his appointed minions and his in-house quasi- 501 (c) (3) PAC, the Campaign for One New York are embroiled with. Although our supposed liberal and progressive but borderline sociopath mayor thinks whatever glaring loopholes he thinks there are in the laws regarding fundraising absolves him from any criminal charges or accusations of corruption. He may have a point considering the Citizens United decision, but he fails to realize that he did this in government office, and it’s absurd that instead of governing the city he was elected to serve, he was more concerned soliciting campaign funds from greedy and predatory developers and doing it at the tax payer’s expense.

Make that the stagnant income taxpayer’s expense of the residents of the five boroughs. For because of this illegal slush fund, it’s led to more tumorous tower development and overvalued market speculation (or fabrication) that has ruined people’s livelihoods and polarized neighborhoods. Leading to this current malaise of unaffordability,  to choose between buying food or paying the rent on time, and living in constant fear of being a missed check or injury away from homelessness.

All this has been manifested by a person that’s supposedly liberal and progressive. The most heinous thing about this confirmed scandal is that CONY’s genesis was a program involving children, Pre-K. Preceded by a showy display of populism getting himself arrested at a hospital under threat of closing, which proceeded to anyway with diligent cajoling by Hilltop Advisors

There are so many revolting and avaricious characters here. Johnathon Rosen, who is practically the Blaz’s young ward, an intruder, non-appointed and non-elected, in the conference rooms of city hall making arrangements for his developer clients like Two Trees Management, and whose p/r firm BerlinRosen has become a lucrative powerhouse since de Blasio took office. Ross Offinger is another mark, the mayor’s gofer protege and telemarketer to the moneyed land plundering interests

The most sinister of all is the Fixer For One New York, Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, former employee of Goldman Sachs, whose previous role at the notorious firm was urban development. Because of this expertise, after Ross would do the mayoral ordered soliciting and even before the corporate welfare handouts were dispensed, would meet and reassure their developer donors like Fortis and Forest City Ratner, the latter one of Berlin Rosen’s clients, with guaranteed land grabs and maybe schmooze them into providing a slight portion of their luxe behemoth towers for affordabilty for the hundreds of thousands of people in the lottery that need it. This woman is the prototype neoliberal. Here is a choice piece that might a bit incriminating

From New York magazine

“We’re getting shit done,” says Alicia Glen, the deputy mayor for housing and economic development. All of the city government’s resources have been deployed to serve the effort: zoning incentives, tax breaks, subsidies, land deals. The day I visited her at City Hall, she was finalizing a secret negotiation with the Blackstone Group, the world’s largest private-equity firm, which was seeking to purchase Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. Glen was determined to extract concessions. “What could be more important than us putting a stake in the ground and saying that we are not going to stand by and just let this asset trade completely freely in the open market?” Glen said.

Since that time while these machinations and Glen glad handing and grease palming has took place, more towers have been constructed, rental prices have gone up as have property taxes for middle class home owners. The economically divisive urban planning set by the previous Mayor “Fun Size” Bloomberg continues to this day. And the homeless census now has 10,000 more. At slightly over 60,000, it’s the highest it’s been since the great depression.

Of course, upstate in Albany, the senate has been in-cooperative as well as Andrew “Mario’s son” Cuomo’s recent stinginess and vindictiveness delaying sending down crucial funds to alleviate this crisis. Which is probably what led De Blasio to launder CONY money to upstate Democrat senate campaigns in the first place. Which turned out to be for naught, since they both lost.

But that pales in comparison to the brazen idiotic proposal for the BQX trolley, which routes so happen to pass by the superficially trendy and niche areas that all these predatory developer owners have properties on, especially by high risk flood zone properties that the Walentas own under the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. Reportedly, millions of dollars have already been spent and wasted doing outreach and feasibility studies. Money that could have went to current affordable housing like NYCHA or maybe for a bus and a new route. Our caring mayor also used the filthy CONY lucre to promote himself and his family and to pathetically campaign in Iowa for the failure, Manifest Hillary Clinton.

We will all see, in probably a few days, if the Mayor and his deputies gets frog-marched from Park Row in handcuffs and these advisor roaches the same from their re-purposed factory modern offices. Although because of Citizen’s United, it not only ratified money as speech and corporations as people, but may have made honest graft standard policy.

It’s been 30 years since the city has seen a scandal of this magnitude, as documented in the classic book City For Sale , although Mayor Koch never got implicated in the crimes of his morally bankrupt peers (it’s a disgrace, but not at all inappropriate that the city renamed the QB bridge after him), but de Blasio will not be as fortunate, because being a former campaign manager, this is all on him. Like Alicia Glen, he has expertise in this, and evidently with the way he has governed, campaigning and fundraising is what he’s good at.

Which, makes all of them suspect and culpable. And deserving of the inevitable charging.

Go Get ‘Em Preet and show no mercy.

A Notorious Bastard Slumlord, Two Dead Kids And Mayor de Blasio’s Tone-Deaf Misuse Of Precedence.

Radiator incident that killed Bronx toddlers was ‘extraordinary, unprecedented accident’: de Blasio

Ibanez Ambrose, 2, and Scylee Vayoh Ambrose, 1, were killed in a radiator steam incident in the Bronx on Dec. 7, 216. (GoFundMe)

Hunts Point, The Bronx, NY

Charles Dickens or even Jacob Riis probably could have wrote this horrible incident in one of their books,  but probably not with the deliberate use of semantics that the Blaz exploited to deflect blame and deny responsibility of his failed, exploitative and ultimately profit-making scheme that is his and the DHS commissioner Stephen Banks homeless policy.

Unprecedented was the word used by the mayor that was disseminated to the local news media and they dutifully reported it with the resourcefulness of stenographers. Also said by Mayor Big Slow in a less elegant way was it was a freak accident.

But it didn’t take long for the precedence to appear, for the previous tenant referred this problem to the neglectful non-profit group the Bushwick Economic Development Corp (BEDCO, get it) a year before to no avail, which is usually the case and the natural order of things when it comes to shitty building management concerning tenants with lesser means and of course, power and information.

Another precedent is exactly a year ago tomorrow, the city awarded said BEDCO, along with another poverty merchant called Acacia Networks, a 200 million dollar multi-year contract to shelter the festering homeless population.

The biggest fattest precedent that is well known and our caring mayor should damn well know is the slumlord pile of shit owner of this rotted tenement structure, Moshe Piller has made the top 10 of Letitia James yearly compilation of 100 worst landlords list in the past 2 years.

I am going to digress here. If you make the list like this even once, as a landlord and owner, you should not be on it again or every year like it’s a Fortune 500 list of billionaires. Either you get off by making extreme dramatic improvements overnight like a modern day Scrooge coming to his senses, or you get convicted for your crimes against humanity by intentionally neglecting your duties and causing people to live in sorrow and filth. In addition to using vile tactics to drive them out amidst the allure of overvalued market rate speculation.

I fail to see the precedence or the freak accident aspect at all. I do see that this young couple had dreams, though unrealistic financially, to have careers as artists and raise a family in NYC and saw the city’s right-to-shelter program instituted by DHS commish Stephen Banks decades ago as a vessel. Then to eventually get screwed and ignored to endure the squalor around them as with every other poor tenant until tragedy struck.

Banks, who lives in a nice home worth millions in one of the many gentrified and niche areas of Brooklyn, apparently has a better grip on his self-righteous beliefs than he does on managing the biggest malaise this city has seen in decades, which makes no sense considering that this ain’t the 70’s and the city is prospering more than ever. Unless the goal is to manage a malaise so it doesn’t jibe with all the spending and investing that’s financing this city. To keep the homeless, working poor and even the middle class isolated and away from all the luxury spending and hyper-development of high rise towers, going by the recent revelations involving our mayor’s campaign for one New York. (I’ll get to that later).

But for now, this has become a big issue and concern because a poor baby and a poor child are dead. And they’re white, too, which proves poverty and lousy city services does not discriminate. Especially with the incompetent morons elected and appointed in this rotting city, who also have tried to play down and sugar coat the awful and brutal deaths of 2 kids that got neglected by the ACS (administration of children services) Zymere Perkins,6 and most recently Jaden Jordan, 3.

So before you go out there and address the public and the reporters you prefer to speak to, better choose your words more carefully de Blasio, you corrupt fucking idiot.

And to all similar young couples out there wanting to start a family. You have a right to, but don’t. Because the powers that be that people elect, they don’t give a flying fuck anymore. There was a time once when people were encouraged to start families, but they had to be put aside for the money hoarding of oligarchs and cushy jobs after public service.









The Fake News And The Damage Done: Google AdSense, Facebook, Twitter And The Cancer Of Sharing

For the ‘new yellow journalists,’ these two lowlife shitstains opportunities comes in clicks and bucks

Fake News: How a Partying Macedonian Bag Of Dicks Earns Thousands Publishing Lies

You can’t change the world
But you can change the facts
And when you change the facts
You change points of view
If you change points of view
You may change a vote
And when you change a vote
You may change the world

                                                       Depeche Mode

This really can’t be. But as you can see from the above links I posted, it wasn’t that hard to accomplish. I don’t personally know those young men in those articles who have found a niche making a living without ever leaving their room or changing their underwear or having a soul or a conscience, but I do know that they would be better off being bums or underachieving in school than profiting off of ignorance and misinformation. For something as simple and stupid should not even exist.

Is this what people are reading on their computers and tablets? Is this what that dumbass about to walk into me or off the train platform is distracted with on his/her phone? No one can treat these stories defecated by opportunist untalented scumbags with the same cynicism as they had with the mainstream media they initially rejected?

There is no doubt that the president-elect won because of his populist engineered yet disturbing rally turnouts and his opponent’s terrible and arrogant campaigning, but because of these horrible revelations coming after the election (great intrepid and prophetic reporting mainstream media), it’s now apparent that the nation, as described by that Macedonian teenage asshole, will believe anything conveniently put in front of them and are lazier than ever. Our nation has come a long way from FOX NOISE and MSDNC.

It’s surreal that Trump and his campaigners did not have to spend a fucking penny to persuade the majority to vote for him, all they had to do was click the links and send them out through Twitter, even if they wind up discredited and delete them. But Hillary and the DNC spent infinite amounts to smear him and Sanders to all those wealthy newscaster superstars in the major papers and networks.

The fact that these lowlife former habitual losers are making huge profits from this and the channels they took to get their filthy lucre, through those mega-billion dollar tech dealers Google and Facebook made such deplorable acts possible. And to this day are still paying them for their distribution of fucking lies. 10 large a month to steal graphics from newssites and copy headlines then backspace and print bullshit. This isn’t just yellow, it’s racketeering journalism. And you can’t stop it or regulate it. Because there is a market for it, just like cigarettes, heroin, painkillers and deep fried everything. And we all know that if there’s a market it doesn’t matter how grotesquely unhealthy or potentially hazardous that product is as long as it’s bought.

So now all these motherfucking billionaire genius idiots are kind of taking some responsibility and the pathetic democrat establishment and sad sack Obama are denouncing it and are now offering suggestions on how to defend yourself from it (Here is one way, don’t look at it and don’t click it). They should all be embarrassed that a bunch of lower class dolts managed to grift the voting public, the journalism industry and exploit their way too user-friendly apps like google adsense to make an easy living, but they will never admit or even show it. Besides they are very comfortable the lot of them, from the elected officials to the companies themselves.

They really don’t give a shit.

Who knows how many more of these parasites are out there spreading misinformation and partying and spending lavishly and buying properties (holy shit) or renting out rooms on AirBNB (a criminal enterprise), from the unmerited, immoral income they accrue, and the inevitable havoc that will ensue especially in light of that imbecile who went sleuthing at some pizza joint trying to bust a child porn racket funded by Hillary (You think Comey would have saw that first, if he was competent). There has got to be a proactive and ethical response to this soon though before some hack pundit decides to start a liberal version of bullshit media and tries to profit similarly from it.


You Can’t FOIA City Hall

The Impunity Mayor and his money gesture

Mayor de Blasio says correspondence with ‘agents of the city’ will be public

Going forward, de Blasio said correspondence between the five “agents” — a designation that his lawyers made up — and him or his staff will be made public, which is standard procedure.

The mayor, who made the announcement in an interview on NY1’s “Inside City Hall,” defended the controversial decision to keep their emails under wraps by saying he followed legal guidelines but admitted, “This has become a distraction.”

But he is still refusing to hand over their old emails because he said they were written under the belief that they would be private.

Most correspondence between members of city government and the public are available under Freedom of Information laws, but de Blasio has argued that the “agents” are exempt because he leans so heavily on them for advice.

His lawyers backed it up, saying that as his close pals they served a role similar to his top City Hall aides, whose correspondence with the mayor is exempt from disclosure because the law allows for private deliberations between staff.

No. Fucking. Way. Mother. Fucker.

The recent decision and 3 year wait for the transparency he promised to the citizenry he manipulated for votes and to everyone who hates his big slow ass that pays his salary is to my knowledge the most galling thing this city has ever seen in over a hundred years. His administration is running a shadow government, honest graft and massively intricate conspiracy in plain sight.

What could be so bad and possibly incriminating on all that correspondence between the mayor and the intruder Johnathon Rosen of Berlin/Rosen and those other scurrilous adviser firms, Hilltop Advisors , Advance Group and Red Horse Strategies, lobbyist wormtongues loitering in the rooms of city hall?

Well, we might not know for a while besides the ones they deigned to release to AT&T/NY1, one of which is a golden list of predatory developers and other rental market rate fabricators. And what is definitely known to anyone that truly cares, meaning people that have lived here all their lives and mostly people that need a real apartment and a semblance of dignity, is that these intruders sage advice they gave out of the kindness of their caring philanthropic fauxgressive hearts, has led to the most inequitable and expensive cost of living in this fucking town and more out of scale and irresponsible development in terms of size being density and height and location being waterfront in the age of catastrophic climate change.

So after years of stalling and obfuscations, the Blaz is still stalling and obfuscating because his high end law firms we pay for with stagnant paychecks say the law is on his side in this now quasi-scandal.

It’s eerie that the weeks before Mayor Impunity honored the FOIA from AT&T/NY1, the network gave him a twice weekly forum to address the public and take questions from one of the popular hosts, Errol Flynn (who also editorializes for the Daily News). In addition that a supposed major news network who were denied access for a year to get these correspondences with those adviser roaches who have massively enrich themselves would give an outlet to an elected official under a massive investigation from the southern district court.

For a dope from park slope, the mayor is quite a grifting idiot savant

Preemptive Preventive Movie Review: Bad Santa 2

I declare sacrilege.

The original Bad Santa is one of the greatest holiday movies of all time. Directed by acclaimed director Terry Zwigoff over a decade ago, it was hilarious and sad in the best ways and featured great performances from the once consistent Billy Bob Thornton as the title character who’s like Charles Bukowski was reincarnated without literary talent and had to resort playing Santa in shopping malls and burglary to feed his vices.Tony Cox in a breakout performance which for unknown reasons hasn’t made him as much a household name as Peter Dinklage. And of the most sad sack sympathetic abused characters in movie lore in the child character with the unfortunate name of Thurman Murman, which when revealed later in the first movie actually came as a shock despite how often he was bullied by the skater boys.

As is want in this era of film production, actually in the last 20 years this has been going on like the decline of the great barrier reef, the belated unnecessary sequel has been released. Since I don’t have money to go see this and rather spend ninety minutes watching paint dry or an actual good movie on the VCR I still own, I prefer to take the liberty to denounce this without actually seeing it. Really why bother when theaters are shutting down and the majority of releases are cynical garbage like this, comic book adaptations and the infinite Star Wars franchise. Because I am secure in the knowledge that this abomination was only made because of the yearly viral, as in virus, outbreak of the wretched millenial drunken vagrant parade that is Santacon. A vile holiday season event where binge drinking, yelling and vomiting douchebags and douchehags dressed up in kringle drag roam the streets of NYC, preferably the East Village and Williamsburg since that’s where the flurry of liquor licenses doled by the city have been sent, and run around roughshod without a hint of repression by our local cops sworn to protect us and this thing called “quality of life” which was referred to incessantly during “Giuliani Time” in the 90’s to justify the failure of “stop and frisk”.

It’s amazing even still that behavior like this continues to terrorize locals when the only time that the NYPD is used for crowd control in comparison is when people assemble to protest and they get the military oppression treatment while these sheilds and clubs that are usually wielded against them would be more useful and justified on a brigade of obnoxious drunks in their 20’s and 30’s.

Oh, well, I guess there are priorities. For the santa-conners frivolously spend money and protesters don’t buy anything at all. Since money is legally declared speech, inebriated screaming and yelling matters more than the speech that is free, even if it contains bile and chunks.

Ghost Ship Warehouse-Hipster’s Altamont



Oakland, California

The interior of this place was unbelievable. Or unfathomable. But mostly it was criminal. It was as some of it’s patrons called it, a work of art itself. Since art is in the eye of the beholder, I think it looked like a filthy attic. This  deathtrap tinderbox was run by a delusional, selfish and greedy couple and was apparently some kind of cultural mecca airbnb for struggling and successful artists and a record label specializing in EDM music. There were living and working quarters that resembled a barnyard version of a floor at WeWork. There were trailers on the first floor (!), a makeshift maze which made it difficult to escape and pallets for stairs which served as the only means for escape from the massive flames, which certainly collapsed under the weight of people trying to flee. There were antiquated old lamps, electric butane and oil and christmas tree lights strewn in certain places which may have triggered the blaze.

There is an investigation proceeding and 33 are dead and counting. There have been various complaints and warnings to the proprietors, Derrick Ion and his wife Micah Allison that were met with abject refusal and mockery, two idiots who clearly spent all the money they made from illegal rentals and saved stealing electricity to design their hoarder’s paradise than to buy a regulation sprinkler system or even fire extinguishers . The landlords Chor and daughter Eva Ng, denied people were living there, which makes their complicity in this more concrete. Supposedly there were a hundred revelers, even kids, partying there which was suppose to be a launching party for a tour for that record label. Since summer festival season has ended a while back, it’s highly likely that these “musical” “artists” are probably playing in venues similar to this one in addition to genuine niteclubs that follow fire codes.

This reminds me of an incident decades ago in the Bronx. It was called the Happy Land Social Club, it was filled over capacity and was torched by some jilted boyfriend whose ex happened to be working there. Over 80 people perished because of that lowlife and the total lack of fire exits. It also reminded me, considering the mind blowing stupidity of the aforementioned art entrepreneurs, of the Great White concert disaster over 10 years ago, where that crappy band thought it was a grand idea to set 0ff pyrotechnics in a small indoor venue with exposed insulation on the ceiling.

This also reminded me immediately of the Millenial mindset. Which real estate barons and city and state governments are trying to please at the detriment of middle class and working poor people at the expense of the towns they reside in. Which Derrick Ion subscribes to and ultimately exploited to enrich himself and to shirk his responsibilities. Here’s what this douche had to say when he first learned of the tragedy:



The only thing confirmed is what a scumbag this hipster is. And that he finds opulence in garbage collecting.

If there is a significant comparison being that this mutant hybrid warehouse, settlement and art gallery is the concert at Altamont. It doesn’t have as high a bodycount but because of poor planning and bad judgement it symbolically ended the hippie counter-culture.

Hopefully this generation of artists will finally wake up and realize the dangers of hooking up with scum like this and start being less self-involved and self-serving and aware of the environment around them. But judging by the lengths cities go to attract this demographic in the past decade and the decline of edgy and quality art, film and music, I am not holding my breath.

The Grinch That Stole Residential Parking

Seven Avenue Chunk of 86th Street To Be Reserved For Tour Buses This Holiday Season

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Here’s another slight from caring officials of this brazenly unfair city. Yet another amenity for the tourists, more profits for the travel industry and the parasitic mission of turning the 5 boroughs into an uninhabitable and overpriced theme park. I find it amazing this part of Brooklyn finally got attention, which is so far off from the nauseating niche and trendy areas of the borough a few miles north, which itself is amazing because those same areas still have poverty. This is could only be possible because of dreadful social media attention.

But I am confused, don’t these stupid tourists have similar sights where they live? Don’t their towns have similar seasonal traditions? Maybe not as grand or opulent as the creative folks living in Dyker, but come on, they are just decorations. I guess this might sound provincial and I don’t have much of a say in what goes on because I don’t live there, but in my opinion, these are meant for the people who live there. It’s not a stop in Universal Studios or Disney World. These are homes owned by citizens who worked hard to live in such a nice place. And they have rights too, which are being disenfranchised for this draconian tone deaf bullshit.

Our current mayor is taking “fun size” Mayor Bloomberg’s luxury city brand lunacy and tourist dependent budgeting to a new level of crassness. I hate to be the cops that had to tape those hideous pink signs all over the place, which I assumed must have been in the middle of the night or during work hours.

I been to that area a few times and it is something out of a movie scene. But it’s not much of a necessity or interest to trek all the way there  because there are other parts in our boroughs that go nuts with the displays. And I am certain it’s the same wherever these bored frivolous spending tourists are from. Enough is enough. We got to bring a semblance of normalcy back. We can start by getting viable candidates for mayor.