The Fake News And The Damage Done: Google AdSense, Facebook, Twitter And The Cancer Of Sharing

For the ‘new yellow journalists,’ these two lowlife shitstains opportunities comes in clicks and bucks

Fake News: How a Partying Macedonian Bag Of Dicks Earns Thousands Publishing Lies

You can’t change the world
But you can change the facts
And when you change the facts
You change points of view
If you change points of view
You may change a vote
And when you change a vote
You may change the world

                                                       Depeche Mode

This really can’t be. But as you can see from the above links I posted, it wasn’t that hard to accomplish. I don’t personally know those young men in those articles who have found a niche making a living without ever leaving their room or changing their underwear or having a soul or a conscience, but I do know that they would be better off being bums or underachieving in school than profiting off of ignorance and misinformation. For something as simple and stupid should not even exist.

Is this what people are reading on their computers and tablets? Is this what that dumbass about to walk into me or off the train platform is distracted with on his/her phone? No one can treat these stories defecated by opportunist untalented scumbags with the same cynicism as they had with the mainstream media they initially rejected?

There is no doubt that the president-elect won because of his populist engineered yet disturbing rally turnouts and his opponent’s terrible and arrogant campaigning, but because of these horrible revelations coming after the election (great intrepid and prophetic reporting mainstream media), it’s now apparent that the nation, as described by that Macedonian teenage asshole, will believe anything conveniently put in front of them and are lazier than ever. Our nation has come a long way from FOX NOISE and MSDNC.

It’s surreal that Trump and his campaigners did not have to spend a fucking penny to persuade the majority to vote for him, all they had to do was click the links and send them out through Twitter, even if they wind up discredited and delete them. But Hillary and the DNC spent infinite amounts to smear him and Sanders to all those wealthy newscaster superstars in the major papers and networks.

The fact that these lowlife former habitual losers are making huge profits from this and the channels they took to get their filthy lucre, through those mega-billion dollar tech dealers Google and Facebook made such deplorable acts possible. And to this day are still paying them for their distribution of fucking lies. 10 large a month to steal graphics from newssites and copy headlines then backspace and print bullshit. This isn’t just yellow, it’s racketeering journalism. And you can’t stop it or regulate it. Because there is a market for it, just like cigarettes, heroin, painkillers and deep fried everything. And we all know that if there’s a market it doesn’t matter how grotesquely unhealthy or potentially hazardous that product is as long as it’s bought.

So now all these motherfucking billionaire genius idiots are kind of taking some responsibility and the pathetic democrat establishment and sad sack Obama are denouncing it and are now offering suggestions on how to defend yourself from it (Here is one way, don’t look at it and don’t click it). They should all be embarrassed that a bunch of lower class dolts managed to grift the voting public, the journalism industry and exploit their way too user-friendly apps like google adsense to make an easy living, but they will never admit or even show it. Besides they are very comfortable the lot of them, from the elected officials to the companies themselves.

They really don’t give a shit.

Who knows how many more of these parasites are out there spreading misinformation and partying and spending lavishly and buying properties (holy shit) or renting out rooms on AirBNB (a criminal enterprise), from the unmerited, immoral income they accrue, and the inevitable havoc that will ensue especially in light of that imbecile who went sleuthing at some pizza joint trying to bust a child porn racket funded by Hillary (You think Comey would have saw that first, if he was competent). There has got to be a proactive and ethical response to this soon though before some hack pundit decides to start a liberal version of bullshit media and tries to profit similarly from it.


You Can’t FOIA City Hall

The Impunity Mayor and his money gesture

Mayor de Blasio says correspondence with ‘agents of the city’ will be public

Going forward, de Blasio said correspondence between the five “agents” — a designation that his lawyers made up — and him or his staff will be made public, which is standard procedure.

The mayor, who made the announcement in an interview on NY1’s “Inside City Hall,” defended the controversial decision to keep their emails under wraps by saying he followed legal guidelines but admitted, “This has become a distraction.”

But he is still refusing to hand over their old emails because he said they were written under the belief that they would be private.

Most correspondence between members of city government and the public are available under Freedom of Information laws, but de Blasio has argued that the “agents” are exempt because he leans so heavily on them for advice.

His lawyers backed it up, saying that as his close pals they served a role similar to his top City Hall aides, whose correspondence with the mayor is exempt from disclosure because the law allows for private deliberations between staff.

No. Fucking. Way. Mother. Fucker.

The recent decision and 3 year wait for the transparency he promised to the citizenry he manipulated for votes and to everyone who hates his big slow ass that pays his salary is to my knowledge the most galling thing this city has ever seen in over a hundred years. His administration is running a shadow government, honest graft and massively intricate conspiracy in plain sight.

What could be so bad and possibly incriminating on all that correspondence between the mayor and the intruder Johnathon Rosen of Berlin/Rosen and those other scurrilous adviser firms, Hilltop Advisors , Advance Group and Red Horse Strategies, lobbyist wormtongues loitering in the rooms of city hall?

Well, we might not know for a while besides the ones they deigned to release to AT&T/NY1, one of which is a golden list of predatory developers and other rental market rate fabricators. And what is definitely known to anyone that truly cares, meaning people that have lived here all their lives and mostly people that need a real apartment and a semblance of dignity, is that these intruders sage advice they gave out of the kindness of their caring philanthropic fauxgressive hearts, has led to the most inequitable and expensive cost of living in this fucking town and more out of scale and irresponsible development in terms of size being density and height and location being waterfront in the age of catastrophic climate change.

So after years of stalling and obfuscations, the Blaz is still stalling and obfuscating because his high end law firms we pay for with stagnant paychecks say the law is on his side in this now quasi-scandal.

It’s eerie that the weeks before Mayor Impunity honored the FOIA from AT&T/NY1, the network gave him a twice weekly forum to address the public and take questions from one of the popular hosts, Errol Flynn (who also editorializes for the Daily News). In addition that a supposed major news network who were denied access for a year to get these correspondences with those adviser roaches who have massively enrich themselves would give an outlet to an elected official under a massive investigation from the southern district court.

For a dope from park slope, the mayor is quite a grifting idiot savant

Preemptive Preventive Movie Review: Bad Santa 2

I declare sacrilege.

The original Bad Santa is one of the greatest holiday movies of all time. Directed by acclaimed director Terry Zwigoff over a decade ago, it was hilarious and sad in the best ways and featured great performances from the once consistent Billy Bob Thornton as the title character who’s like Charles Bukowski was reincarnated without literary talent and had to resort playing Santa in shopping malls and burglary to feed his vices.Tony Cox in a breakout performance which for unknown reasons hasn’t made him as much a household name as Peter Dinklage. And of the most sad sack sympathetic abused characters in movie lore in the child character with the unfortunate name of Thurman Murman, which when revealed later in the first movie actually came as a shock despite how often he was bullied by the skater boys.

As is want in this era of film production, actually in the last 20 years this has been going on like the decline of the great barrier reef, the belated unnecessary sequel has been released. Since I don’t have money to go see this and rather spend ninety minutes watching paint dry or an actual good movie on the VCR I still own, I prefer to take the liberty to denounce this without actually seeing it. Really why bother when theaters are shutting down and the majority of releases are cynical garbage like this, comic book adaptations and the infinite Star Wars franchise. Because I am secure in the knowledge that this abomination was only made because of the yearly viral, as in virus, outbreak of the wretched millenial drunken vagrant parade that is Santacon. A vile holiday season event where binge drinking, yelling and vomiting douchebags and douchehags dressed up in kringle drag roam the streets of NYC, preferably the East Village and Williamsburg since that’s where the flurry of liquor licenses doled by the city have been sent, and run around roughshod without a hint of repression by our local cops sworn to protect us and this thing called “quality of life” which was referred to incessantly during “Giuliani Time” in the 90’s to justify the failure of “stop and frisk”.

It’s amazing even still that behavior like this continues to terrorize locals when the only time that the NYPD is used for crowd control in comparison is when people assemble to protest and they get the military oppression treatment while these sheilds and clubs that are usually wielded against them would be more useful and justified on a brigade of obnoxious drunks in their 20’s and 30’s.

Oh, well, I guess there are priorities. For the santa-conners frivolously spend money and protesters don’t buy anything at all. Since money is legally declared speech, inebriated screaming and yelling matters more than the speech that is free, even if it contains bile and chunks.

Ghost Ship Warehouse-Hipster’s Altamont



Oakland, California

The interior of this place was unbelievable. Or unfathomable. But mostly it was criminal. It was as some of it’s patrons called it, a work of art itself. Since art is in the eye of the beholder, I think it looked like a filthy attic. This  deathtrap tinderbox was run by a delusional, selfish and greedy couple and was apparently some kind of cultural mecca airbnb for struggling and successful artists and a record label specializing in EDM music. There were living and working quarters that resembled a barnyard version of a floor at WeWork. There were trailers on the first floor (!), a makeshift maze which made it difficult to escape and pallets for stairs which served as the only means for escape from the massive flames, which certainly collapsed under the weight of people trying to flee. There were antiquated old lamps, electric butane and oil and christmas tree lights strewn in certain places which may have triggered the blaze.

There is an investigation proceeding and 33 are dead and counting. There have been various complaints and warnings to the proprietors, Derrick Ion and his wife Micah Allison that were met with abject refusal and mockery, two idiots who clearly spent all the money they made from illegal rentals and saved stealing electricity to design their hoarder’s paradise than to buy a regulation sprinkler system or even fire extinguishers . The landlords Chor and daughter Eva Ng, denied people were living there, which makes their complicity in this more concrete. Supposedly there were a hundred revelers, even kids, partying there which was suppose to be a launching party for a tour for that record label. Since summer festival season has ended a while back, it’s highly likely that these “musical” “artists” are probably playing in venues similar to this one in addition to genuine niteclubs that follow fire codes.

This reminds me of an incident decades ago in the Bronx. It was called the Happy Land Social Club, it was filled over capacity and was torched by some jilted boyfriend whose ex happened to be working there. Over 80 people perished because of that lowlife and the total lack of fire exits. It also reminded me, considering the mind blowing stupidity of the aforementioned art entrepreneurs, of the Great White concert disaster over 10 years ago, where that crappy band thought it was a grand idea to set 0ff pyrotechnics in a small indoor venue with exposed insulation on the ceiling.

This also reminded me immediately of the Millenial mindset. Which real estate barons and city and state governments are trying to please at the detriment of middle class and working poor people at the expense of the towns they reside in. Which Derrick Ion subscribes to and ultimately exploited to enrich himself and to shirk his responsibilities. Here’s what this douche had to say when he first learned of the tragedy:



The only thing confirmed is what a scumbag this hipster is. And that he finds opulence in garbage collecting.

If there is a significant comparison being that this mutant hybrid warehouse, settlement and art gallery is the concert at Altamont. It doesn’t have as high a bodycount but because of poor planning and bad judgement it symbolically ended the hippie counter-culture.

Hopefully this generation of artists will finally wake up and realize the dangers of hooking up with scum like this and start being less self-involved and self-serving and aware of the environment around them. But judging by the lengths cities go to attract this demographic in the past decade and the decline of edgy and quality art, film and music, I am not holding my breath.

The Grinch That Stole Residential Parking

Seven Avenue Chunk of 86th Street To Be Reserved For Tour Buses This Holiday Season

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Here’s another slight from caring officials of this brazenly unfair city. Yet another amenity for the tourists, more profits for the travel industry and the parasitic mission of turning the 5 boroughs into an uninhabitable and overpriced theme park. I find it amazing this part of Brooklyn finally got attention, which is so far off from the nauseating niche and trendy areas of the borough a few miles north, which itself is amazing because those same areas still have poverty. This is could only be possible because of dreadful social media attention.

But I am confused, don’t these stupid tourists have similar sights where they live? Don’t their towns have similar seasonal traditions? Maybe not as grand or opulent as the creative folks living in Dyker, but come on, they are just decorations. I guess this might sound provincial and I don’t have much of a say in what goes on because I don’t live there, but in my opinion, these are meant for the people who live there. It’s not a stop in Universal Studios or Disney World. These are homes owned by citizens who worked hard to live in such a nice place. And they have rights too, which are being disenfranchised for this draconian tone deaf bullshit.

Our current mayor is taking “fun size” Mayor Bloomberg’s luxury city brand lunacy and tourist dependent budgeting to a new level of crassness. I hate to be the cops that had to tape those hideous pink signs all over the place, which I assumed must have been in the middle of the night or during work hours.

I been to that area a few times and it is something out of a movie scene. But it’s not much of a necessity or interest to trek all the way there  because there are other parts in our boroughs that go nuts with the displays. And I am certain it’s the same wherever these bored frivolous spending tourists are from. Enough is enough. We got to bring a semblance of normalcy back. We can start by getting viable candidates for mayor.






Mayor Airdope

Mayor Big Slow de Blasio

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) Mayor Bill de Blasio has been taking flight.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported exclusively, documents obtained by CBS2 show the mayor has dramatically increased helicopter travel around the city.

On Oct. 14 near dinnertime, an NYPD helicopter landed near the baseball field in Prospect Park. At the time, police were coy, saying they were transporting “a dignitary.”

That dignitary turned out to be Mayor de Blasio, who after hanging around his old Park Slope neighborhood, wanted to avoid traffic on a seven-mile trip to Queens.

Suddenly, there were questions. What was the man who bragged that riding helicopters was “not my thing” doing? And he had apparently suddenly decided that avoiding the city’s epic traffic jams was the way to go.

CBS2 filed a Freedom of Information of Act request, discovering that yes, Mayor de Blasio is now subscribing to the joys of flying.

NYPD records show that in 2014, his first year in office, de Blasio flew in a helicopter twice. In 2015, there were also two flights. So far in 2016, there are records of 18 flights – though several are on the same day.

Why the dramatic increase? The mayor blames it on the NYPD.

“NYPD decides how to transport the mayor from event to event,” said press secretary Eric Phillips.

Phillips was the same man who in January announced a reduction in tourist helicopter flights because they make too much noise.

If there is any definitive way to summarily describe the character of this political hustler, for the sake of brevity because there are lots more, than this display of blatant defiant hypocrisy should do it for the time being.

It seems that our baseball fields in our public parks across the boroughs have become defacto landing pads for our ridiculously tardy mayor, even resorting to interrupting a little league game in Harlem. Mayor Big Slow, who the NYPD has to mollify the curious citizenry from disgust at such egregious wasting of tax dollars and enforcement by referring to hizzoner as a “dignitary”,  seems to be in beast mode as the multitude of investigations mount up about his shadow government being scripted by BerlinRosen, basically an intruder that’s been loitering in City Hall since Big Slow’s inauguration and declaration to end this seemingly infinite tale of two cities.

Hopefully, since he’s such a swell guy who cares for the struggling proletariat, he will change his sleeping habits or maybe take less calls soliciting big money donations and break his chopper commute. But it’s hard to find the good in people like him as half the populations in each district in the 5 boros can’t afford to live in the city he governs anymore. That and his recent crass comment about metrocard discounts for poor commuters:

NY Daily News

“On the surface, obviously it’s a very impressive idea,” de Blasio said. But he added the price tag was a bit rich — especially when the city already contributes so much to the MTA’s bottom line.

“An additional $200 million is going to be hard to find in the city’s budget,” the mayor said, citing the figure the transportation groups said is needed to fund the initiative.

“That doesn’t mean the MTA can’t consider it as a priority, but for the city it’s going to be tough,” he said, calling it a “noble, commendable” idea. “We’re going to look at it in the budget process, but it’s a tough one.”

You can see shit coming out of his mouth there. Suddenly he’s concerned about wasteful expenditures. It’s suddenly tough to divert funds to help people that need it the most, the people he courted and pandered to get elected. A lot of these people are a week’s salary away from becoming homeless. And this dope from park slope has been flying around like a rock star or some hack rapper probably at a cost of millions of fuel and personnel.

That extra quarter the MTA wants is going to deny people one week’s worth of Top Ramen.