A Notorious Bastard Slumlord, Two Dead Kids And Mayor de Blasio’s Tone-Deaf Misuse Of Precedence.

Radiator incident that killed Bronx toddlers was ‘extraordinary, unprecedented accident’: de Blasio

Ibanez Ambrose, 2, and Scylee Vayoh Ambrose, 1, were killed in a radiator steam incident in the Bronx on Dec. 7, 216. (GoFundMe)

Hunts Point, The Bronx, NY

Charles Dickens or even Jacob Riis probably could have wrote this horrible incident in one of their books,  but probably not with the deliberate use of semantics that the Blaz exploited to deflect blame and deny responsibility of his failed, exploitative and ultimately profit-making scheme that is his and the DHS commissioner Stephen Banks homeless policy.

Unprecedented was the word used by the mayor that was disseminated to the local news media and they dutifully reported it with the resourcefulness of stenographers. Also said by Mayor Big Slow in a less elegant way was it was a freak accident.

But it didn’t take long for the precedence to appear, for the previous tenant referred this problem to the neglectful non-profit group the Bushwick Economic Development Corp (BEDCO, get it) a year before to no avail, which is usually the case and the natural order of things when it comes to shitty building management concerning tenants with lesser means and of course, power and information.

Another precedent is exactly a year ago tomorrow, the city awarded said BEDCO, along with another poverty merchant called Acacia Networks, a 200 million dollar multi-year contract to shelter the festering homeless population.

The biggest fattest precedent that is well known and our caring mayor should damn well know is the slumlord pile of shit owner of this rotted tenement structure, Moshe Piller has made the top 10 of Letitia James yearly compilation of 100 worst landlords list in the past 2 years.

I am going to digress here. If you make the list like this even once, as a landlord and owner, you should not be on it again or every year like it’s a Fortune 500 list of billionaires. Either you get off by making extreme dramatic improvements overnight like a modern day Scrooge coming to his senses, or you get convicted for your crimes against humanity by intentionally neglecting your duties and causing people to live in sorrow and filth. In addition to using vile tactics to drive them out amidst the allure of overvalued market rate speculation.

I fail to see the precedence or the freak accident aspect at all. I do see that this young couple had dreams, though unrealistic financially, to have careers as artists and raise a family in NYC and saw the city’s right-to-shelter program instituted by DHS commish Stephen Banks decades ago as a vessel. Then to eventually get screwed and ignored to endure the squalor around them as with every other poor tenant until tragedy struck.

Banks, who lives in a nice home worth millions in one of the many gentrified and niche areas of Brooklyn, apparently has a better grip on his self-righteous beliefs than he does on managing the biggest malaise this city has seen in decades, which makes no sense considering that this ain’t the 70’s and the city is prospering more than ever. Unless the goal is to manage a malaise so it doesn’t jibe with all the spending and investing that’s financing this city. To keep the homeless, working poor and even the middle class isolated and away from all the luxury spending and hyper-development of high rise towers, going by the recent revelations involving our mayor’s campaign for one New York. (I’ll get to that later).

But for now, this has become a big issue and concern because a poor baby and a poor child are dead. And they’re white, too, which proves poverty and lousy city services does not discriminate. Especially with the incompetent morons elected and appointed in this rotting city, who also have tried to play down and sugar coat the awful and brutal deaths of 2 kids that got neglected by the ACS (administration of children services) Zymere Perkins,6 and most recently Jaden Jordan, 3.

So before you go out there and address the public and the reporters you prefer to speak to, better choose your words more carefully de Blasio, you corrupt fucking idiot.

And to all similar young couples out there wanting to start a family. You have a right to, but don’t. Because the powers that be that people elect, they don’t give a flying fuck anymore. There was a time once when people were encouraged to start families, but they had to be put aside for the money hoarding of oligarchs and cushy jobs after public service.









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