It Was 50 Years Ago Today…

Happy birthday to a musical masterpiece from the greatest rock’n’roll band of all time.

It’s not their best album, that would be Revolver, or the best album of that year (that’s this one) but it was the one that revolutionized and raised standards for the album format for rock music, which prior to this release relied on great singles surrounded by filler tracks and cover songs. Even if it was good filler. This album was the first to follow a theme and concept.

From the title track to arguably their greatest song “A day in the life”, it’s still the most pleasant and exciting 40 minutes ever committed to tape and then to record.

Find your copy and play it like it just came out yesterday.



2 thoughts on “It Was 50 Years Ago Today…


    Listening to it as I write this. What young folks today could fill an album with 13 great songs, 13. Hell, they are lucky they can crank out one and it usually is designed to be used for some lame commercial selling crap. Most of what passes for music today SUCKS.


    • Really, there is absolutely no meaningful or even memorable music out currently or even the last decade, none, zero. This is being done by design in my opinion. Because when Sgt. Peppers came out it was like a comet that emitted creativity among the rock legends back then, It also awakened the masses into experimentalism and activism.

      There is nothing like that today, this generation and even the remnants of the last one are wasting their time obsessing over status, food and beer. And all music is being done on pads and phones. This is why music is so wretched and times are hopeless.


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