New Bad Days 48: Movie Shoot In Harlem Rowhouse Building Gets Disrupted By Inferno, Killing A Fireman; Convict Gets Beaten Down By C.O.’s In Brooklyn Borough Jail; A Cab Driver Sacrifices His Life To Bring Forth Awareness And Demands For App-Hail Regulations As App-Hail Drivers Are Getting Mugged; A Woman Goes Mental On Her Neighbors And Gets Shot By Cops; Shooters, Slashers And Crazy People Wreaking Havoc On The Subway, On The Streets And In Whole Foods


In Harlem, a five-alarm fire broke out in a cellar and engulfed an five-floor apartment building while a movie was being filmed, killing a fireman, Lt. Michael Davidson, who died instantly from smoke inhalation and the debris from the floor collapsing above him. There are conflicting reports about how the fire might have ignited from a boiler that was recently installed but the site has been declared too hazardous to do an investigation.

To make this tragic incident even worse, two elderly tenants who were evacuated from the building next door to the inferno that were taken to the hospital after the fire returned the next day to discover that their apartments were invaded and burglarized. An 83-year-old woman had $27,500 worth of cash, jewerly and a fur robbed and a 66-year-old woman had $9,800 worth of jewelry and designer sunglasses stolen.

Now two tenants who were living in their residences at the time of the movie shoot and the inferno are suing the landlord and the director and his production company claiming that the latter party knew and didn’t warn anyone in the building about the severity of the initial blaze and also claimed that it was extinguished and accused the production company of storing hazardous flammable materials on the set on the ground floor which was once a jazz club and the landlords for faulty smoke detectors and a lack of fire extinguishers.

All this destruction, strife and the death of a public servant would have all been prevented if the director/producer would have just did a soundstage recreation design of the club and shot the scene in one of many studios the city and state have, like Kaufman Studios in Astoria, Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard or even the one upstate that the stupid governor spent 15 million tax dollars on near Syracuse. But instead Ed Norton wanted location authenticity for whatever his film project is about. Though the city is mostly fault for catering and pandering to the movie and TV industry as the mayor’s office rubber stamps film permits blindly and furiously.

And obliviously, because those are people’s homes. Elderly people’s homes where they are settled and don’t have the time or stamina to just get up and roam around the city and mingle.

It’s also dismaying because Ed Norton is a great actor. Although he and his team gave sincere apologies and condolences to the fireman’s family, this is still a huge disappointment and looks to get progressively worse.

Also in Harlem, a man hiding inside a bathroom after behind pursued by a guard that he stabbed in an expensive supermarket chain store owned by a greedy megalomaniac, came charging out waving a knife at cops waiting outside who then shot him.

Again in Harlem, two idiots loitering in a stairwell jerking around with a gun prevented a chinese delivery man from walking up the stairs and attempted to mug him but were thwarted when the guy fought back causing them to run away.

(Well, this was bound to happen.) In Midtown, a bicycle rider followed and stabbed a man on a skateboard three times after they had an argument in the middle of an busy intersection. The biker then rode away in the wrong direction.

Also in Midtown during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 3 diverse men jumped onto an unmarked police car and damaged the roof and windshield.

Again in Midtown at the 53rd St/Lexington Ave. Station, a man killed himself jumping in front of an arriving train shortly before noon.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man randomly hit a another man in the face with a brick and continued to assault him with it as he laid on the ground then walked away.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a police car was broken into at 4 a.m. in front of a station and was robbed of SRG tactical and protective gear. Luckily, the perp was caught in Chicago while possessing an stolen 9mm.

In East Harlem  in a tunnel by the 125th Street Station, an MTA track worker fell nine feet to his death on the tracks as a “protective” railing made of wood cracked underneath him.

MTA worker who fell to his death may have tripped on track piecesFor fuck’s sake. Dental floss would be a sturdier alternative.

Also in East Harlem, a fire that started in deli around 1 a.m. spread to the apartments above it, injuring 4 tenants and 2 firefighters just days after the movie set inferno.

Again in East Harlem, a man tried to commit suicide by attempting to jump off the Triborough Bridge.

In Murray Hill a few weeks ago and in Union Square and the Upper East Side in the past 10 months, robbers wearing postal service uniforms are stealing entire mail carts.

In Washington Heights, three men badgered, yelled obscenties and provoked a cop to fight them and shouted a racial slur at another cop as they were filming it on their cellphone. The video doesn’t explain how the confrontation started and the cops for some reason, walked away from them.

In the East Village, a man stalked, assaulted and robbed two purses from two women as they entered their apartment buildings.

Also in the East Village, a fire spread out through an apartment building, killing a 71-year-old man and injuring 3 others.

Again in the East Village, two men snatched a total of five tablets from unsuspecting customers at a chicken wings joint and a woman stole two phones from a patron’s purse at a bar.

And again in the East Village at the 2nd Avenue Station, a homeless man standing on the tracks was hit by the F train.

And again in the East Village and on the streets everywhere else, safety pylons were found damaged and knocked over. A total of 2500 of them had to replaced at a cost of a quarter million dollars.

In Kips Bay, a man tripped a 70-year-old man from behind, then took his wallet and stole $15 while pretending to help him up to fool passerby.

Also in Kips Bay, five teenage males feigning to be collecting signatures for a basketball team are involved in a series of robberies.

In the Lower East Side at the East Broadway Station, the F train leaving the station hit a homeless man who was walking in the tunnel in front of it.

In Stuyvesant Town, a man sneaked up behind a woman and ripped off her bag and ran away.

In the Upper East Side at the 86th Street Station, a 6-month-old infant in a stroller was found abandoned on the 6 train platform. Her father was found intoxicated in Brooklyn at a train station in Crown Heights.

Also on the Upper East Side, three track workers got injured at a Metro-North site when a steel beam fell off a boom crane.

In Union Square, a man went on a bag snatching spree in the past month inside a well-known coffee chain store and another one nearby who will not install surveillance cameras to protect their customers from future thievery.

Also in Union Square at the station of the same name on the Q train platform, a woman pushed a man onto to the tracks after cursing him out.

Again at Union Square at the you know the rest, a man kicked an elderly woman in the head on the Q train and ran away when the train made the stop, only to be caught by pedestrians who chased him and nabbed him at 23rd street.

In the Upper West Side by Central Park, two 19-year-olds stuck up a man for his wallet.

In NoMad at the 28th Street Station, a man attempting trying to sell a Metrocard that was given to him for free for giving blood, was caught trying to sell it to undercover cops who found a gun on him during a patdown.

In Times Square, a man hit a police officer with a bottle during a protest, fucking up a solidarity march demonstration for the stupid and senseless shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento.

In the Financial District, an underground explosion caused a manhole cover to shoot up and land on the street.

In Downtown at the Freedom Tower, a man was sexually harassed by his supervisor who groped him and referred to his penis as a big juicy Jamaican banana.


Ghost cab (Ellis Kaplan, NY Post)

In Maspeth, a career cab driver committed suicide by hanging himself in his garage because the omniscience of and irresponsible city inaction to cap the amount of vehicles from app-ride services Uber and Lyft drained his finances, demonetized his taxi medallion and destroyed his livelihood. This is the fourth cab driver to commit suicide in four months.

Also in Maspeth, a 15-year-old boy that arranged to sell his jacket through an app met up with two men on the street who maced him and stole it.

In Jamaica, a town in flux purgatory, a woman walking on Jamaica Ave at 9 p.m. got held up by a gunman who then took her into an alley and raped her.

In Long Island City, a man got shot to death while walking on the sidewalk near the Queensbridge Houses at 8 p.m.

Also in Long Island City, a worker was crushed to death when two marble slabs fell on him inside a warehouse.

Again in Long Island City, a man’s dead body was found floating between two barges on the waterfront of the East River.

In Jackson Heights, a man got shot to death inside a bodega.

In Elmhurst, a man committed suicide by shooting himself by an emergency room entrance at a hospital.

In Hollis, two men impersonating cops pulled over and shot a man during a car-jacking.

In Woodhaven, a crime spree of car tire and rim theft has gone up.

Also in Woodhaven, a drunk driver jumped a curve and hit three pedestrians and plowed into four parked vehicles and walked away from the damage and injuries he caused.

In Ozone Park, gun shots were fired inside of bowling alley, hitting and wounding a man who was having his birthday party there.

Also in Ozone Park, a man who drove through a red light, was found with drugs in the front seat and an illegal handgun.

In Richmond Hill, a man took out a gun inside a nightclub and shot randomly into the crowd, hitting and wounding 3 patrons. The club lost it’s liquor license weeks later.

Also in Richmond Hill, a girl cutting class was approached and detained by a man impersonating a police officer who blackmailed her into letting her go by demanding $200 in cash or sexual intercourse if she didn’t have the money.

In South Ozone Park, two men held up a chain pharmacy and robbed it of prescription pills.

In Flushing, an inebriated man who called police after he was shooting his gun in his apartment was discovered to be in possession of an unregistered handgun and rifle arsenal in his basement.

Also in Flushing, a man tried to cash a stolen lottery ticket from a deli he broke into and robbed a month earlier.

In Sunnyside, two men broke into a bodega by cutting the locks and robbed it of a whopping $50 and drove off with their haul.

In Cambria Heights, an MTA worker embezzled $150,000 of social security payments and government benefits belonging to his dead mother.

In Briarwood, two men broke into a home through the basement door and stole two jackhammers.

In Springfield Gardens, an ambulette driver hit a woman as she crossed the street when he carelessly didn’t bother to yield.

In Bayside by the Clearview Expressway, an off-duty cop was caught drunk in his vehicle passed out.

In College Point, an MTA worker was killed as he was directing traffic at a bus depot when a man driving a bus cleaner vehicle backed up into him.


In Downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn House Of Detention; one of the jails that will be repurposed to house inmates after the prospective Rikers Island shutdown, a convict who insulted a C.O. captain was attacked by five prison guards inside his cell, then took up an elevator with a broken surveillance cam as they kept beating him to a secluded room without cameras and slammed him into a metal table.

In Bushwick, a woman got stabbed to death by another woman inside of a deli after they were fighting with each other in front of a homeless shelter hotel. The suspect fled the scene in a Mercedes Benz.

Also in Bushwick, a man held up a beauty supply shop at gunpoint and accused the cashier of overcharging him the day before.

In Bed-Stuy, a man grabbed a woman’s ass and tried to steal her purse then ran off after the woman slugged him.

In East New York, an app-ride driver was attacked by a woman when he told her he add another fare to pick up who then punched him in the face and stole his phone.

In Canarsie, a masked man who broke into an apartment held up a knife to a 12-year-old girl who lived there and raped her in the bathroom where he hid and waited.

Also in Canarsie, a 10-year-old boy was found locked inside a school bus at 12:30 p.m after the driver finished his route.

Again in Canarsie, a man attempting to hold up a UPS shipping center feigning to be armed got shot by a security guard.

In Flatbush, a woman was found dead in her apartment bedroom handcuffed and with a plastic bag over her head.

Also in Flatbush at Midwood High School, a student brought a gun because he was expecting a fight got caught by security.

Again in Flatbush at Midwood High School, an honor student was detained by police who handcuffed her to a pole for truancy even though she had permission to go home because she was sick.

In Bensonhurst, a man grabbed a teenage girl walking on the sidewalk and shoved her to the ground then flashed a woman waiting at a nearby bus stop and punched her in the face when she tried to avoid him.

In Cobble Hill, a man punched a 5-year-old boy in the face in front of his mother on the G train, the pussy then mocked the child and ran away when the train arrived at the Bergen St. Station.

In Ditmars Park, a man was shot to death when he left a bar after a memorial for his friend.

In Bay Ridge, a woman was found dead floating in the river by the Verrazano Bridge

In Williamsburg, a man arguing with his girlfriend pushed her out of his van and ran over leg and sped off.

Also in Williamsburg, three yeshiva school administrators were indicted for embezzling $3,000,000 of government funding meant to help to feed poor students with free lunches.

Again in Williamsburg, a man punched another man in the face as he was walking by him.

And again in Williamsburg, a man pummeled another man to the ground and stole his tote bag.

In Greenpoint, two men broke into a steakhouse restaurant at 4 a.m. and stole 550 bucks and a computer tablet.

In Gravesend, a man slapped and shoved a 78-year-old woman to the ground and stole her purse.

Also in Gravesend, a man broke into and robbed a clothing store by throwing a brick at the glass door.

In East Williamsburg (or Bushwick), two girls fighting inside a high school escalated into one slashing the other with a knife.

In Coney Island, a man being hassled by a group of teenage girls in McDonalds threw coffee at them then took out a razor and slashed one of them in the face and ran out.

In Marine Park, a NYPD sergeant was caught driving drunk when he crashed his car into another one.


In Williamsbridge, an app-ride driver was held up at gunpoint by a passenger who shot him 7 times and robbed his wallet containing $23.

In Foxhurst, another app-driver was attacked by a passenger who stabbed him over the price of the fare.

Also in Foxhurst, a man was shot at and killed while walking on the street in a drive-by shooting.

In Parkchester, 5 men and a woman jumped a 70-year-old man from behind as he entered his apartment building and beat him down and robbed his apartment.

In Marble Hill, two men held up a department store shortly after it opened at 8:20 a.m, robbing it of $145,000

In Riverdale, a man was robbed of bag containing $96,000 he won in a lawsuit settlement by four hookers and two armed men at a motel after he showed one of them his cash so he can arrange a gangbang with them (the hookers not the gunmen).

Ooh. La. La. (NYPD, NY Daily News)

Also in Parkchester, a school safety agent beat up his girlfriend during a domestic dispute.

In Mount Hope, a man coming home from shopping was attacked and held at knifepoint by two men who slashed him twice and robbed him of $60.

In Concourse Village, a police cadet when on a drunken driving wrong way joy ride and crashed into an ambulance.

In Pelham Bay Park, four men and a woman broke into a Burger King at 3:30 a.m., idiotically taking pictures of themselves then trashed the place and robbed boxes of burgers and buns.

In Tremont, a man was killed instantly by a hit-and-run driver who crushed him into a double-parked van.

In Claremont, three women attacked a man in a hotel hallway as they punched and kicked him and stole his cellphone.

In Morrisania, a fire engulfed a three-story apartment building at 5 a.m., injuring a fireman.

In Baychester, a woman was killed and her daughter got injured in a car crash that was caused by a driver who cut them off on the thruway.

In Highbridge, a woman was shot to death inside her apartment by her boyfriend who worked as a corrections officer.

In Mount Eden at the William Taft High School, two kids having sex in a stairwell were filmed by another student who posted the video on his social networking platfrom

Staten Island

In Grymes Hill, a woman violently attacked and strangled another woman after a play held at a children’s school then the same woman threatened her mother-in-law at her house in Midland Beach and went to another woman’s house and threw a brick through door window and fired a shot from her starter pistol inside then drove away. The suspect was later pulled over by cops who then shot her when she pulled out her weapon.

In New Dorp, former congressman and ex-convict Stephen Grimm was caught parking his car in a handicapped spot and had the audacity to complain about the media that reported his brazen breaking of laws he still thinks he feels he’s above.

In New Brighton, four teenage males ganged up on two other teenage boys in a playground, held up a knife to them and robbed a cellphone and headphones.

In Elm Park, a woman died in a house fire she was squatting in with her boyfriend who set off the blaze by burning a log in a pot used to keep them warm.





Governor Cuomo Gets Cursed Out By Citizen For His Blatant Indifference While Showing Blatant Indifference

andrew cuomo punk ass.jpg
Uh-oh (youtube)

Albany, N.Y.

This is one of the greatest moments in viral video history and hopefully there will be more of this. And this all occurred because a political beat reporter went through some arbitrary senate house rules bullshit.

Kenneth Lovett was on his phone in the chambers and was confronted by state troopers to turn it off. His attempts to reason with the officer by pointing out there was no session at the time and how everybody else does it was swiftly admonished with handcuffs and thrown in the back of a patrol car.

Well, lucky for Mr. Lovett that Mario’s son Governor Andrew Cuomo was there to spring him out and get the surly cop that insulted him to apologize.

This recent incident of police state showboating gathered immediate attention of the press,as a gaggle of reporters congregated to greet the Gov as Andy and Kenny were about to leave the police station. While Andy was extolling the freedom of the press, furthering his recent embrace of campaign populism, a woman busted through the door and bum rushed the photo-op and put a brief kibosh on his progressive posing. And crashed the walls of the mainstream and digital news media to boot

(Hilarious and inspiring video by Jimmy Vielkind)

This woman came out blazing on how she was having difficulty filing a sexual harassment claim and also claimed that she had a rifle drawn at her the last time she went there, which considering the excessive phone rule enforcement being implemented against Lovett, her own experience seems credible.

After the governor made a snide joke, the woman started ripping up Andy and vulgarly criticizing and justly summarizing his performance in his last 8 years governing this state:

“Yeah, you’re not doing nothing here, you punk a–! You’re not doing a motherf–king s–t either! I got proof!”

“There’s corruption going on here! They’re stealing money! I got the proof right here!”

She says more besides this but it’s hard to decipher, but clearly that woman saw what was going on and jumped at the opportunity to make her voice and complaints heard for the public. It’s not everyday you get the chance to stand just inches away from an elected establishment political hack and curse him out for the shitty job he’s doing and how he skillfully ignores entrenched corruption in his own offices and the public’s complaints, which he did in full view for everyone to see.

But the most offensive thing wasn’t even what Mario’s son exhibited, it was the media circus clowns surrounding him with their fucking phones. There they had an actual voice of the people right there going through the usual bureaucratic nonsense enabled by the man who is running for re-election and even though she was still yelling they never bothered to ask her what was wrong and continued taking Cuomo’s weak ass statements about Lovett’s detainment. And continued to ignore her even though she was being manhandled by state troopers there trying to restore Cuomo’s photo opp safe zone, But not before she gets a swing at one of the “journalists” there and rightly tells him “you ain’t doing shit either“, and she’s fucking right.

It would have been quite a scoop if just one of those cellphone journos followed her as she was being removed to see what proof she had, and how she was being treated by the troopers during her detainment.

This woman is a hero who broke the protective shell of feeble, cowardly protected officials like Cuomo and the general uselessness of the corporate news and entertainment media. Right now, I rather have this brave woman running for governor than fauxgressive candidate Cynthia Nixon. But since she is a Yankee fan, the righteous thing to do is to get her to throw out the first pitch at the home opener against the Rays at Yankee Stadium this Monday. (Hell, I’d give her the ball to close the 9th).

Most of all, this woman has shown that getting mad and yelling right in your face is still effective. THAT is what resistance and democracy looks and sounds like.

Wrath Of The Scumlords: Jared Kushner’s Real Estate Firm Falsifies Building Permits To Force Gentrification

Image result for kushner westminster
Jared Kushner. Gentrification mongering punk.

Astoria, Queens, New York

Looks like the demoted advisor to the imbecilic Figurehead Trump and husband of his reminded like a pornstar daughter, Jared Kushner is gonna get it. With the same approach and dubiously absent-minded attempt Jar-Jar took to file his applications for security clearances to access top secret documents so he can oversee foreign policies that would benefit him and his trust fund baby peers financially and influentially, was also exploited by his real estate company who outsourced agents to falsify documents for 3 apartment buildings in Astoria they owned and ran regarding the presence of rent-stabilized tenants so they can do disruptive internal construction to force them out. 2 years later and a bulk of affordable renting systematically driven out, the buildings sold for a $40 million dollar profit.

This was perpetrated with the simple checking of a box on Department of Buildings applications that the Kushner Cos. signatory filled hired by Kushner Cos. claiming that there were no rent regulated apartments, giving them permission to do internal construction in these buildings along with 80 other apartment buildings in the agency’s portfolio that they rented out during the years 2013 to 2016, causing hazardous environments and rodent infestations inducing tenants to move out of their apartments, dwindling the amount of rent-stabilized units by 75% with just a few hold-outs remaining in buildings in other trendy neighborhoods with low income tenant presence in the East Village, Williamsburg, and Brooklyn Heights.

Let this be abundantly clear. Jared Kushner and his company, before he divested from it taking his current gig in the White House and with a majority of presumed progressive democrat lawmakers in city hall and city council, engaged and perpetrated in forced gentrification by blatant and brazen predatory means for personal ill-gained profit. Resulting in the current overvalued market rates affecting citizens in this city who can barely make the rent and buy groceries, and having a deleterious effect on the current crop of affordable housing units on new structures being built under Mayor de Faustio’s affordable housing plan and transformation of neighborhoods into investment opportunities and high end brands.

For some reason though, Kushner Cos. mischievous signatory check the box for rent-reg tenant on their Department Of Finance applications, which can only be so they can get the required tax abatements. So not only is Kushner Co’s perpetuating forced gentrification, they are technically embezzling the city of tax dollars during the process of inducing rent-regulated tenants to leave.

Reaction was swift of this half-decade criminal gentrification spree. Councilman Ritchie Torres aptly labeled Kushner Cos. tactics as weaponized construction and has called for belated punitive action.  And the Mayor for predatory developers Bill de Blasio muttered that Jared “might have problems on his hands” and chided him for his lying to the government in another display of blissfully ignorant hypocrisy pertaining to his obstinate advocacy for NYCHA commissioner Shoya Olatoye and her similar insouciant lying to the government.

So this sudden awareness and acknowledgement and the recent filing of a probe of Kushner Cos. predatory business model and perjuring by D.A. Schneiderman is quite late. And the recent rezoning proposals by the Mayor and current approvals by City Council has already had an effect on towns borough wide, as opportunistic bush league landlords have already and are currently employing the same tactics despite the few recent busts of some who have got by with ineffective fines and the conviction of scumlord pioneer Steve Croman.

Like in Baychester in the Bronx, where a middle age couple with a son suffering from asthma had their heat and electricity cut off because their landlord wants to begin renovating the apartments. And in a Foxhurst apartment building where an LLC is using the same disruptive gut renovation, service refusals and intimidation to drive out tenants to raise rents in total imitation of Kushner Co’s brand of tenant terrorism.

And like in trendy Williamsburg in Brooklyn, where tenants had to vacate their lofts because the landlord told them he had to make repairs to keep the building in code, instead kept delaying their return until they were able to access their apartments after 3 years to retrieve their belongings to find their doors jimmied and windows broken, all their property damaged and covered in bird shit.



Even though it’s now being taken seriously with the acknowledgement of the fine reporting of the Housing Rights Initiative, Kushner and Kushner Cos. tactics have been an established business model for quite a while now. Especially with the omnipresence of Airbnb. And the city and the D.O.B. did nothing but let that model and unaffordability metastasize.

And not helping at all is the recent comment vomited by city planner Winston Von Engel  at a community meeting in Bushwick on the subject of rezoning and gentrification of the city’s intention “is to preserve the character and the buildings, not the people in them”.

Supposedly all that new money the City Council added to their office budget will go straight to hiring people to investigate the diabolical deeds of predatory landlords and developers instead of hiring glorified interns, marketers and sycophants which probably made up the majority of de Blasio’s 300 staffers in his first term. It’s a wonder how the mayor could have missed the chicanery by the son-in-law of his alleged politically ideological rival. Not to worry…

“We have to do a better job of cross-checking our information too, and that’s something that we want to do,” the mayor said.

De Blasio said he realized that agencies don’t often share information when he first took office four years ago.

“We tried to break down some of that, some of those silos, some of that separation, but we’ve got a lot more to do. So I think it’s a valid concern and I want to see how we can get those two agencies to be coordinating. Because if someone violated the rules, we want to get them. It’s as clear as that,” he said.

NY Post

Got it. Well it’s a good thing the co-mayor, the city council and the A.G. are focused now after the quasi-complicit honest graft sanctioning in not acknowledging Kushner Cos dishonest certification, weaponized construction and terrorizing tenants for over 5 years (and counting). It shouldn’t be that hard to draw up subpoenas or even a warrant to get that scrawny weasel Kushner to face the music in light of just recent allegations of his loan hookups totaling 500 mil with Citibank and Apollo Equity this month, the latter promising to get the CEO a job in the White House.

We, specifically all those under the daily passively menacing threat of displacement and disenfranchisement by Kushner Co’s and their yearly overlooked predatory peers and bush league amateurs engaging in the same nefarious acts, shall see.

And I didn’t even get to NYCHA’s current derelict bullshit yet.





The March For Our Lives: All Bodies And Democracy Accounted For


06 march for our lives social madrid

Washington D.C., America

This was a call to real arms, and voices louder than the barrage of gunfire from an automatic rifle, the weapon of choice for mentally unstable people who should have never had access to in the first place.

The kids from Marjory Stoneman High who organized the march for gun control policies and all the 200,000 publicly assembled in D.C. and in other cities all over this nation and around the world in solidarity aren’t “woke”. They are informed. That is the biggest threat to the moneyed elites, hack elected officials and the higher board members of the NRA, whose days of lobbying influence on legislation are numbered. For it turns out that these guilty parties themselves are the biggest threat to the second amendment than what they perceived the crowds of students to be.

These kids are making waves, for their brash activism and blunt statements have already influenced legislation efforts in various states to curb military gun sales and improve registration qualifications regarding mental and criminal history. And even got that imbecile Figurehead Trump to sign the ban of bumpstock accessories in the recent spending bill.

Wait till these kids turn 18 and register to vote. But when you got the whole world and parents all over the country on your side, long overdue change on shitty business as usual in DC is a certainty.

This is just the beginning.



Banksy’s Back In Town And Similar Graffiti Art And Agitations

Contact the Home page for Street artPortraiting of the artist

Manhattan, N.Y.

World renowned graffiti artist Banksy returned to the city after 5 years since his month long public exhibition last week unannounced and left his work in the city, including two spots in South and Mid-East Brooklyn. Keeping up his gold standard of societal and political agitprop messaging.

One was a commissioned work at the wall northeast corner on E Houston St. and Bowery dedicated to a young woman imprisoned for depicting a tank ground invasion on the street in Turkey ordered by lowlife autocrat President Taryip Erdrogan.



Zehra Dogan drew the ire of the insecure coward tyrant by painting a watercolor depiction of his ordered suppression of the citizenry with an exhibition of military force presence on a deserted city street after they bombed buildings following a coup attempt.


It’s a rough modern day version of Picasso’s Guernica. The artist has served one year of a three year sentence for offending the cowardly Erdrogan, whose last visit to these United States was punctuated by ordering his secret service goons to beat down protestors against his presence in a public park during his chummy meeting with Figurehead Trump. Which he certainly felt comfortable doing considering his tyrannical rule in his homeland and the extreme precedence of thwarting the citizenry’s right to assemble and protest by our own elected leaders and police forces.

Banksy also hit a clock on an abandoned bank about to be demolished to make room for more luxury housing on the northwest side of 14th Street and 6th Ave.


006A take on the ye olde rat race. When word got out for this piece, the social media flock pounced immediately. And so did the owner of the property who surely sensing the monetary value of Bansky’s art, had the clock removed days later.

His better pointed pieces was in the yet to be gentrified town of Midwood at a decrepit abandoned gas station with a silhouette depiction of a developer cracking an graph upward arrow vector on a group of African-American people. A portrayal of the effect meted by the looming specter of rental market rate speculation spurred by the Gentrification Industrial Complex of predatory real estate and government enabling.

Image result for banksyGet the hint working poor and retired insisting in living in Brooklyn for generations. (Hyperallergic/Benjamin Sutton)

This piece got immensely tagged and then strangely blotted over entirely with grey paint. But you can still see the image and the message. It’s rumored to have been ruined by a rival tagger but it’s possible that some toadie summoned by a LLC owner did the dirty deed.

The second piece was of a seal balancing a ball. The ball was actually there already because it once had a logo, probably Gulf.


Harry Siegel

During the week of this spontaneous curation, there were other noticeable sightings of tasteful and provocative urban blight. Like this totaled private garbage truck on 8th avenue between 55th and 56th Streets, which I assumed was Banksy because of his prior pieces using abandoned or wrecked vehicles.




The sight of that askewed Vision Zero emblazoned basket was immediately eye-catching and devilishly ironic. But there was nothing on the world web or even in the local news about this eyesore, and Banksy usually instagrams his work. So this is just the city being stupid and lazy again. First off the truck is parked south and 8th avenue in Midtown is one way going north. And also someone dumped their unwanted records in that big ass basket.


Don’t know if this was supposed to be some kind of message the city was sending about reckless driving. Especially to the private waste management industry, which the city has given carte blanche when it comes to wanton reckless driving and vehicular accident cases, even ones that cause preventable fatalities.

There were also some inspiring creativity by a few of the 63,000 homeless people on the sidewalks of New York. One of them was a safety deposit box across the street from our favorite bailed out bank CEO Jamie Dimon’s JP Morgan building on Vanderbilt and 46th St.. Complete with floral arrangement and a dream catcher. Unfortunately for today’s entrepreneurs and boiler room hedge fund groups, this bank has strict regulations regarding cryptocurrency.


And there is this inspiring dwelling that comes equipped with amenities like al fresco dining, abundant air and light, and free wifi..



…and it comes with a subscription for the New York Times!


It actually looks more ample than what passes for your average upscale modern day studio apartment. Although by the luggage this could be an actual hotel room which is without a fucking doubt more safer than any of the near 100 hotels converted to shelter the housing impaired since that obelisk is equipped with a hi-def security camera.

089This one is by some tagger named Cool from an East Village shuttered convenience store.

112This one is a house in the Dirty Southeast of Queens. It’s like it the same decor some guy in his 20’s in the 70’s who moved into to his parents basement going by the beaded drapery. But more likely it was in the garage because there is a ton of hoarded shit being obscured and crammed on the patio.

And to conclude this debut post on the street art and coincidental street art phenomenon, there are these ads that have been pasted all over the place by a popular housing ad website, which are clearly targeted towards the new tenants of the 5 boroughs. Actually just Manhattan and Brooklyn, mostly the latter and they are absolutely tone deaf promotions and snarky depictions for the forced gentrification going on today.


The one above is probably the most offensive, being how cordial it looks and how it gloms entire areas for the targeted demo’s convenience and interests. The place marked in black is actually Prospect Park. And what the fuck is a Pho? Clearly these ads and certainly this websites service is not geared for the majority of the citizens looking to make a local transition.

It looks like corrections for proper accuracy were made to reflect the rising inequity of housing that these ads cheekily and carelessly ignore.



The message here is simple, besides that the target demo doubtfully knows everyone in these vast areas. And that is good luck finding your place among the listings on this site. Since the average current market rate rents advertised are beyond the majority of the boroughs citizens average salaries and these fabricated rates have compounded the existential scarcity of legitimate affordable housing and the slow vanishing of rent-stabilized units.

That’s about it for now, but this digital publication is going to focus more on these sightings in the future until a choice between instagram and flickr is made. Thanks to the illicit efforts of Banksy and the insouciance by the authorities for making visualizing his works possible (possibly ordered by REBNY, the owners love exploiting the art form to jack up their rental prices).









The Blue Wall Of Insouciance Part III: NYPD Commissioner O’Neill’s Preemptive Mea Culpa And The Following Transparency Deluge


New York, N.Y.

After two massive news items by the N.Y. Daily News regarding NYPD insouciance regarding a revered Police Captain’s statistic findings of whitewashing criminal offenses and one detective’s dereliction of duty by completing investigative reports by fabricating non-existent witnesses (as chronicled here in parts I and II),  Commissioner James O’Neill wrote a detailed and thorough editorial in the paper of record that covered these stories and set the record straight on how the NYPD will be a more transparent and honest city service under his command and promised to put an end to future abuses, legal and cultural. Actually, when it involves testifying during court hearings.

NY Daily News: NYPD Commissioner O’Neill on his zero-tolerance policy for perjury

Truth in testimony is the cornerstone of the American justice system. When allegations are made against police officers for lying under oath, every good cop cringes. In our profession, we are only as good as our word, and recent cases here in New York have cast a critical eye on the testimony of some of my officers.

The New York City Police Department recognizes that the results of willful, false testimony can not only change the consequences of an individual case, they undermine the public’s trust in its police. The NYPD and all the people we serve expect the highest levels of integrity and truthfulness from our public servants. And New Yorkers deserve nothing less.

Make no mistake: Perjury and making false statements need to be addressed. Since 2010, a span of time during which 36,000 NYPD officers prepared reports for approximately 9 million radio runs and testified in more than 1 million criminal cases a year, 98 Police Department employees, including 87 police officers, were fired or left the NYPD because of perjury or false statements.

Police departments, just like other segments of society, are staffed by human beings who are fallible, make mistakes, and yes, on rare occasion, lie. But a police officer who intentionally lies under oath has no place in law enforcement. Officers who err in good faith are a different story.

Our members have the capability to arrest people and, because of that power, we also have the utmost responsibility to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Well, Paul just made himself a tall ass order for himself. Because 2 days after he wrote that legalese op-ed, the normally useless website Buzzfeed (or clickbaitfeed or chickenfeed) came out with a damning report on how in a span of 5 years from 2011 to 2015, a total of 319 cops were able to remain on the force despite lying on police reports. Other than that, random police officers engaged in criminal behavior on duty ranging from offenses like sexual harassment, petty drug dealing, fixing tickets, abusing authority while conducting illegal searches and using excessive force on citizens, and engaging in brawls with other officers and misusing their government appointed weapons and wound up with barely a slap on the wrist and were able to continue their jobs enforcing the law.

And as for the subject matter of O’Neill’s op-ed which appeared on page 5 of the paper edition, cops get very creative when they testify in front of a judge and even during disciplinary trials, just so they can either illuminate the arrest or bring down the severity of their own transgressions on and off duty. It is defined by the Colbert-esque term “testilying” and it’s so embedded in the culture at the department that cops don’t seem to care.  Whatever discipline is meted out to these rogue cops, it gets filed under the official sounding yet meaningless charge of “dismissal probation”

To make things worse for O’Neil and making his sincere published plea even harder to back up, the Buzz is going to follow up with snazzy live datastreams to track every incident made by every lousy cop fucking it up for the honest and dutiful cops.

Well, the NY Daily News wasn’t going to wait for that, as the editors pounced a week later with a four-part series. First focusing on 55 disciplinary cases of dereliction involving the usual gutter illegal police procedures and abuses and blatant testilying.

The devious machinations of Lt. Adam Lamboy, who got a rape victim drunk and enabled his cop partner to fondle her as she slept and he slept, who logged in over 200 hours including OT totalling $15,000 by forging his supervisors name under the ruse of investigating rape cases and still was still awarded his pension.

The taxpayer time thievery done by Sgt Ruben Duque, who spends the majority of the work day in his home borough of Staten Island  while claiming to be on the job in the midst of cases while under the supervision of the Crime Control Strategy Chief Dermont Shea, who obviously couldn’t see Duque’s strategic glomming of tax dollars. Despite his habitual and larcenous absence, Internal Affairs never investigated his peculiar and suspicious sojourns, yet he still got promoted by Commissioner Kelly.

And then there is the story of  Detective Bullethead (this is begging to be an animated cartoon character), known officially as Det. David Greico, who has graced the recently rezoned for forced gentrification area of East New York with his overzealous method of preventing drug dealing and gun running. As he  racked up $280,000 in settlements for citizens on various occasions when he and his imitation SWAT team broke into homes without warrants and destroyed people’s property with reckless abandon in the name of courtesy, professionalism and respect. Despite the costs at the expense of the taxpayer, which includes the innocent victims of his raids, he still got paid vast amount of overtime pay for his destructive incompetence.

It should be noted that all this egregious behavior and lack of disciplinary and punitive measures by supervisors happened under the command of the last years of Commissioner Raymond Kelly and the short tenure of Commissioner William Bratton while under mayor Bloomberg and current co-mayor Bill de Blasio.

It should also be noted that this moral blight happening every day with New York’s Finest comes during other distressing and disturbing revelations that got lost and forgotten even in this digital age. Like how the NYPD is not properly training and disciplining recruits regarding the use of force. And how the cops recently are abusing facial recognition technology and using X-Ray vans to scan random people and refuse to honor freedom of information requests to monitor their usage or dependence of it. And how one time a precinct mindlessly threw out documents related to terrorism prevention (which include a map of Times Square) in a garbage can that was found by a street art blogger.

And how the NYPD arbitrarily abused the nuisance abatement act, ruining businesses, disenfranchising home owners and renters and upending innocent people’s lives and livelihoods. To top that off, the database mining the information of the forfeitures worth millions resulting from those bogus cases is in peril of disappearing because the NYPD allegedly doesn’t know how to back up the data for it.

And ultimately what the costs, looking at billions here, from all the lawsuit settlements will be from this higher brass and court brazen criminal perjuring, violent abuse of authority and incompetence will cost the city for decades to come.

And this fubar byzantine dungheap system and culture in the NYPD will continue to stink and fester with the baneful 50-a civil rights law preventing the public from knowing who is incompetent, violent or corrupt with a badge, cuffs and a gun and the offenses they racked up before and got willfully ignored. And again it should be noted, that the use, or maybe more like exploited use of 50-a has increased manifold ever since the street homicide of Eric Garner by Officer Daniel Panteleo while he was being arrested for suspicion of selling loose cigarettes and the killing of Ramarly Graham by Officer Richard Haste on the suspicion that he was selling pot, as city lawyers cite the antiquated law to prevent the victim’s families and their lawyers from seeing those cops prior disciplinary records.

In a way, the NYPD’s standards for accountability and honesty is at the same level of the infrastructure and management at NYCHA and the MTA. And it’s going to take a miracle, or more drastically a meteor to hit it or hiring Frank Serpico to be commissioner, to get the N.Y.’s finest to become the honest agents of the CPR they purport to be that they emblazon on their patrol cars. O’Neill has got a lot on his plate to gorge, which is a police force with close to a half-century of endemic brazen dishonesty.

And Commissioner O’Neill has a few years to do it. And under a pathological lying mayor too, which is going to make enforcing his policy even more difficult with a perpetually jaded and unfortunately majority lying police force.

For all the self-congratulatory blather about lower crime rates, if this insouciance continues the real criminals that they missed hassling law abiding citizens will creep back up and with the dirty cops making their own contributions. Whether by their own shady and arrogant actions or by the public to scared or cynical to call 911.

Perjury is the last thing he should be worried about with all the other criminal shit that is accepted by the higher ups and ignored by the electeds.












Les Payne, 76, Newsday Journalist, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Charles Lazarus, 94, Business Owner And Founder Of Toys ‘R Us
Go fuck yourself, Amazon.

Sammy Williams, 69, Actor, Theater, A Chorus Line

Frank Avruch, 89, Children’s T.V. Star, Bozo The Clown

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Governor Cuomo And Cynthia Nixon Are Progressive Poseurs are you doing Andrew? (photo: Latest)

The State Of New York

It looks like Mario’s son, Governor Andrew Cuomo has finally found his inner populist again. The first time when he bombastically gestured that he was going to put an end to perpetual corruption in Albany and assembled the Moreland Commission to do just that, only to annihilate it once it got too close to his inner circle aka his the two other men intthe room, Sheldon Shady Silver and Dean Skelos, leading to their indictments. All it took was for all his friends in the Buffalo Billion scandal to get indicted and his honorary kid brother Joey Percoco to get convicted for using the government offices under Andy’s purview for monetary and influential gain for him and his wife to find it.

Now that he lost all his friends, Andy came downstate to the city to expose even further the inhumane and wretched state of public housing with PIX news in tow all while Mayor de Blasio was out of town promoting himself as a supposed resistance fighter. Pictures showing the Guv pointing at dilapidated things and roach colonies and making obvious observations about how revolting it all is.

Well, let’s say his sudden presence payed dividends, because the apartment he made an example of NYCHA’s criminal neglect, resided by a paraplegic, got the urgent repairs and cleanup it needed. It may have also led to a similar fast track cleanup of an 83-year-old woman’s apartment that was inundated with mold. He also found $250 million dollars somewhere to speed up repairs for other NYCHA buildings (that’ll cover it in about the time he’s campaigning for re-election, natch). The Governor managed this with the same quickness as the opening of the 2nd Avenue subway line so it would be ready for his New Years Eve party and christening a few years back.

To top off his blatant photo-op tour, he participated in the city schools solidarity protest for the Parkland High School massacre, and died on the ground with the children around him.

His recent forays, even if did some good and was driven by spite to embarrass his fauxgressive mayoral foe, are doubtlessly suspicious. For one this drew some attention away from his idiot friend’s sentencing, how everyone he contracted to shore up the economy upstate with a solar factory are under indictment and of course his selective spending for the MTA, and another is that he obviously needs the city’s constituents to re-elect him so he’s doing some nice things, even piggybacking on a gun control youth movement. Yet he still won’t legalize pot.

In a way, Gov. Andy is trying to fast-track his own self-image as a progressive politician in a Scrooge like awakening. But it’s actually more like Robert Duvall’s minister in his masterpiece “The Apostle”, when after he cracks a guys head open with a baseball bat that puts him in a coma, he leaves town and shows up out of the blue into a broken poor town, assists in building a church and gives an inspiring sermon to the congregation.

Unfortunately, the sheriff comes for him and frog marches him out in handcuffs in front of everyone. Don’t know if Andy will have the same fate even though he clearly deserves it being what he has turned his elected position into, which is a sold-out figurehead compromised by his donors instead of a representative of the people.

But is surely shouldn’t be awarded to an actress with no prior elected office experience because she’s got progressive values or has been to political fundraising parties. For N.Y. ad. Don’t call her Nixon for now.

Cynthia Nixon, who appeared in the Oscar-winning film Amadeus and is famously renowned for her role in a TV show and movie spinoff and is very cute, officially announced her run for Governor. Actors have run for office before and she certainly has her right, but she is definitively not qualified and already has negative aspects about her candidacy.

For one, she has never held any office in her life, for she spent most of her career in the entertainment industry. For that alone is the reason why this state, and as you, the people have seen with Figurehead Trump, is reason alone why no one can just up and say they want to govern because they feel like they can. I don’t doubt Nixon’s intellect, (her Miranda character was a lawyer I think, yeah I watched the show, anyone who had a girlfriend when it was on HBO were obligated to view it), but Don Worthless has ruined it for everyone inexperienced in public service. And speaking of the fat pussy who fires people on Twitter, she is using the same tactics but from a liberal bent. Slamming Cuomo for being the bought off politician he is and allowing corrupt cronies to run rampant and his unforgivable management of the MTA, but she doesn’t have her own solutions or plans for governing. And while she’s directing falsehoods about his progressive stances when he endorsed and helped legalize same sex marriage in the state making it possible to for her to marry her girlfriend. And it’s interesting that she didn’t bring up his fundraising or his budgetary misdirected and profligate spending.

And two, and this a big number two pun intended. For all the inferring talk on Cuomo’s corruption, Nixon is way too close to the most corrupt mayor in the past 170 years and stupidest mayor anywhere of all time, Co-Mayor Big Slow de Blasio. It’s going to be an interesting debate if Nixon brings up how Cuomo’s influenced by donor cash when she associates with the biggest whore in the nation dependent on real estate money and his own blatant illegal fundraising in city hall. There is also the inconvenient truth about how he let lobbyists tied to his mayoral campaign get access and sit down and participate in meetings concerning city services and planning.

Coincidentally, her campaign is being managed by two of his agents of the city too. Her first ad shows her with her toddler daughter, commuting on the train on a peculiarly bare platform and car (when was this filmed, 4 a.m. on a Sunday?) and speaking at rallies, notably one on a podium with a rainbow colored filled RESIST emblazoned on it. That’s three of the four food groups of optical progressive campaigning right there.

It’s early in the year but this competition looks solidified, being the fact that lots of money runs politics and Andy has lots of it in his coffers and certainly Cyndi will soon. Andy sucks, but Cyndi is not the answer or even a good alternative, although clearly the lady is way easier on the eyes. And again the Republicans aren’t putting up anyone good or even distinctive and they denied the one guy a chance, Joel Giambra, who actually has independent thoughts and actual progressive ideas (including an EXCELLENT one to legalize pot to fund the MTA with taxes from it’s sales) to campaign on the GOP line.

In the meantime, look forward (or not, I won’t and neither will you, the people) to a lot more nauseating feel-good electioneering and feel-good false promises from Mario’s Son and T.V.’s Miranda in the next 6 months.

It’s a choice between two poseurs. At least it’s not two evils. Well Cuomo was evil once, but he’s turned face because of mitigating circumstances. This state and democracy are quite fucked.!/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/landscape_768/image.JPG


Get money out of politics. Repeal Citizens United and the McDonnell decision.




The MTA Fucks Itself: Slow Train Comin’ And Goin’ And Stopping Short

030This is what it said when entering the Queens Lefferts Blvd destination A train on 14th Street in Manhattan. Fuck the MTA.

It’s been almost a year since this digital publication decreed the MTA as the worst fucking transit system in the universe, which to no surprise to me is the most read post in the existence of Impunity City. Your city and mine. Since then, there has been a multitude of articles by professional journalists actually confirming my vulgar opinion. But none as deftly infuriating as the most recent piece by the now full time digital Village Voice. It ultimately turns out that the rationale for the perpetual shit service of the transit system is because of the actual modernization of the signal system leading to a policy of running the trains at a slower speed which was discovered in a three year old study by an intern at Columbia University that the MTA, in their hapless way, tried to throw it in the memory hole. (The only bright side of this is that this study probably didn’t cost taxpayers a dime).

The Village Voice: The Trains Are Slower Because They Slowed the Trains Down

The root cause of the subway system’s decay, it turns out, isn’t budget cuts or overcrowding — rather, the collapse of the subway system appears to have been primarily self-inflicted by the authority itself, in response to a single accident two decades ago that set the transit system on a path to disaster.

 But there is one type of delay that’s gotten exponentially worse during that time: a catchall category blandly titled “insufficient capacity, excess dwell, unknown,” which captures every delay without an obvious cause. From January 2012 to December 2017, these delays increased by a whopping 1,190 percent — from 105 per weekday to 1,355. In December, one out of every six trains run across the entire system experienced such a delay. The increase has been steady and uninterrupted over the past six years.

In 1995, a Manhattan-bound J train crossing the Williamsburg Bridge rear-ended an M train that was stopped on the bridge, killing the J train operator and injuring more than fifty passengers. The National Transportation and Safety Board investigation placed most of the blame on the J train operator, who the NTSB suspected had been asleep. But the NTSB also identified potential issues with the signal system that contributed to the accident, which it found didn’t guarantee train operators enough time to apply the emergency brakes even when awake.

“They slowed the trains down after the Williamsburg Bridge crash,” a veteran train operator who asked not to be identified told the Village Voice. “The MTA said the train was going too fast for the signal system.” As a result, the MTA, quite literally, slowed all the trains down, issuing a bulletin informing employees in April 1996 that their propulsion systems would be modified so they could achieve a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, down from the previous high of 50 to 55 miles per hour on a flat grade.

But the MTA didn’t stop there, internal documents show. One of the NTSB’s safety recommendations was to set speed limits. As a result, the MTA began a still-ongoing process of changing the way many signals work to meet modern safety standards. Previously, trains would encounter green lights if the track ahead was clear; if not, a red light would trip the train’s brakes if it tried to cross that section of track, stopping it a safe distance from the train ahead. (Restarting the train after it is tripped can take anywhere from one to ten minutes, and the incident gets noted in the operator’s performance file, according to MTA sources.) Under the new program, generally referred to as signal modifications, the brakes would be tripped based not only on whether the track ahead was vacant, but also on the train’s speed.

NYCT’s estimates were so off in part because they didn’t account for a human element. The most problematic of the newly modified signals were “one-shot timers,” so called because the operator has only one chance to meet the posted speed limit. One-shot timers are easier and cheaper to install, say MTA sources; the more “shots” the operators have to get under the required speed, the more timing mechanisms have to be installed across a longer portion of track. (An MTA spokesperson disputed this, characterizing the decision to install one- or two-shot timers as safety-related.) But the consequences of going over the speed limit are high — the train is stopped, and the operator gets penalized — so many operators now opt to go well below the posted speed limit just to be on the safe side.

So because of a train wreck on the bridge, the trains have been pussyfooting across the rails for the past two decades, extending platform wait times and commutes. And this exposes the dirty little secret of the daily refrain during the daily sojourns of commuters “train is delayed because of red signal ahead”. It also explains why the commute the day after this Voice article came out that the trains were moving sloooowwer than usual.

Now with the city’s population explosion from all the tower development and rampant tourism growing every year, in addition to the reprehensible etiquette of commuters lethargically boarding and exiting trains while gazing at their phones, the frightening overcrowded platforms especially by major transfer hubs where commuters have to wait on the stairs, it has made this fubar transit system slower and slower. Which must be throwing those new countdown clocks and jumbo touch screen schedules off kilter.

This is ultimately an existential and irremediable disaster. But my prophecy is becoming possible because of the feud nobody likes of the two top officials nobody likes, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Andy Cuomo. de Blasio refuses to pony up half of the money for the $830 million action plan (which the Voice points out won’t help much, but it’s a start since it’ll supposedly fund overtime work) and at the last MTA board meeting in a stroke of funding blowback, Mario’s son decided to allocate 1 billion dollars for renovations and modernizations at 6 stations. So instead of signal modernization. track repairs and train maintenance, expect more art on the walls to ignore or pricey novelty take-out eateries on the mezzanines.

This retarded targeted spending comes on the heels of the NY Times expose of the MTA’s expensive moronic contracting, worker redundancies at work sites, and the transit union’s abuse of overtime hours. And with the recent revelations of the new crop of hired operators and conductors had insufficient training, it makes the MTA’s decision to run trains at a slugs pace for safety reasons utterly without merit. It should be worrisome how quick their reactions are when they confront those sudden switches from those pesky “one stop timers” which explain why lately the trains are always stopping short in the tunnels and arriving at the stations.

(On the subject of lacking merit for safety, at a train yard in East New York, four workers have filed suit against the MTA refusing to place flags on tracks to warn arriving trains of their presence on the rails and withheld their pay and denied them work hours the more they continued to address the hazards in their surroundings.)

But the necessity to worry should take hold for the MTA under the new leader Andy Byford, who is very cognizant of the inefficiencies causing commuters to lose money every day. He has ordered office workers to get out of their cubicle pens and head underground donning orange vests to assist and mollify commuters to make their terrible train rides easier, making them basically yoeman subway escorts as they through no fault of their own disregard their actual responsibilities to make the MTA operate. Get this, they called this the Subway Action Plan, just like the continuing dormant joint city and state plan that is currently languishing in civic purgatory.

And that’s not all that twit directing the worst fucking transit system of the universe just did, they took another dump on the bureaucratic shitshow by inventing a new executive job called Chief Customer Officer and hired some chick from a marketing firm who the MTA contracted for consulting services last year. Apparently, according to the press release, the CCO’s focus is to not alleviate the constant delays that is effecting the customers salaries every goddamn day, but to get workers to be more customer friendly (holy shit, just like what was mentioned right above this paragraph!) and get rid of “transit jargon” which you would think would be the same verbal pablum excuse for every damn delay but it’s actually the workers euphemisms and abbreviations for the technical problems plaguing the system. Which is actually a workplace order and nothing familiar to what the populace are paying $2.75 for every fucking day.

This woman is getting paid $200,000 for doing what Byford calls in his own native Britain euphemistic terms, doing away with redundancies like token booth clerks and putting them on “the field” to help commuters. Which is bloody ironic and hysterical since the idea was already in place, making the Chief Customer Officer position fucking redundant itself!

It can’t be any more transparent that the MTA is more concerned with spinning the optical quality of the transit service than actually running it efficiently.

All this fucking nonsense, squabbling, machinating, marketing and incompetence as the MTA’s debt is now at fucking $38.6 billion dollars.

Fuck the MTA. Nah, it’s already fucked.




At a MTA committee board hearing the other day, an official, Stephen Plochochi audaciously revealed that the transit agency recently extended the contracts of corrupted firms that have settled billion dollar suits involving bribery in three nations, the U.S. Army and for half-assed work at a nuclear power plant. They are tasked with upgrading the antiquated and jiggered for slow service for the last 20 years signal system and the renovation of the Cortlandt St. station by the New World Trade Center.

How is the new Chief Customer Officer going to spin this craven bullshit of wanton stupidity and enabling to the commuting public.

Quoted VP Stephen, who clearly doesn’t give a fuck:

“New York City Transit and the MTA as a whole for many, many, many years — for the 30 years that I’ve been here and for many before that — have looked at this as a rehabilitative organization,”

Except when it obviously comes to rehabilitating the essential infrastructure of the subway and the fleet of train cars. Fuck no, it’s to rehabilitate recidivist criminal contractors who are so corrupted and moneyed that they can still thrive and get rewarded for their unethical standards and tactics.

Plochochi said the MTA has a “robust program” for overseeing contractors that includes assigning monitors to ensure “good ethics and compliance” by companies with checkered pasts.

Yes, these firms will be good little boys and girls now that they got another billions of dollars which will surely go to its targeted and intended purpose, even with the MTA’s and the state’s sordid past and present for unchecked wasteful spending and obvious lousy vetting. Actually, the latter is clearly intentional and standard executive-driven procedure at the fucking worst and robustly unprofessional transit system in the universe. Fuck Plochochi, Fuck Byford and fuck the MTA.