Governor Cuomo Confirms He Doesn’t Care

NY Post

 “Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.”

That’s how Gov. Cuomo callously responded Friday to the damning state attorney general’s report that revealed his administration downplayed the total number of nursing home residents killed by COVID-19.

During his first remarks on the spiraling controversy, Cuomo said, “If you look at New York state, we have a lower percentage of deaths in nursing homes than other states.”

“A third of all deaths in this nation are from nursing homes,” he said.

“New York state, we’re only about 28 percent — only — but we’re below the national average in number of deaths in nursing homes.”

“But who cares — 33 [percent], 29 [percent] — died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.”

Well, now it’s out. It had to take an investigation from New York’s Attorney General Letitia James (who he endorsed to win) about his lethal edicts and internecine obfuscations and obstructions of the state’s nursing home fatalities data to finally come out with this callous take from Mario’s son Governor Cuomo. Fatalities which he also callously conflated with his own father’s demise, which happened by natural causes while he wasn’t in a nursing home, especially a nursing home that was given immunity from responsibility of the care of residents and patients.

But don’t be mistaken, Cuomo’s dismissive response about being accountable for his negligence is not out of character for a guy who once remarked when 73 people died from COVID19 back in May that because less people were dying of the contagion at the time that it was actually good news because of the absurd reality we’re all living in.

Looks like the covid chickens are coming home to roost now and this grotesque admission is just Cuomo basically saying that, eh, I’ve had a good ride with all the worldwide adulation, celebrity friends, a best selling book prematurely touting his leadership, a made up Emmy award, and fawning coverage from corporate news networks. Too bad this is going to put a massive crimp on his attempt to keep his job for another four years or maybe one more if AG James investigation finds more heinous discoveries behind Cuomo and his three pips Derosa, Muncia and his DOH patsy Zucker’s machinations that led to all those preventable deaths of senior citizens forced to suffocate and die alone.

It’s been an entire year since COVID landed in Washington. Followed by it’s two month predatory spread across the nation and ravaging New York, leading to over 30,000 citizens dead and now confirmed over 12,000 (and counting) senior citizens dead and Cuomo is still shameless and hubristic about it all. The governor is clearly more concerned about the brand he made for himself that he feels his decisions were acts of God.

“Everyone did the best they could” Governor Cuomo “humbly” said coming clean on the real total of nursing home deaths. “Everyone” meaning the Royal Everyone.



Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Has Forsaken Political Courage

Too soon mural in the East Village, Manhattan taken in 2019.

Washington D.C., U.S.A.

This has been quite the new beginning for re-elected wunderkind Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. After easily winning the primary and the general election last November along with Trump falling to a guy who didn’t make any effort to win, AOC became the most culturally powerful figure in Congress with a massive social media following bigger than most celebrity figures in movies and pop music. With this much status and power in presumably good hands, it seem the iconic Latinx from the Bronx had solid momentum to get progressive policies and programs for the working people and working families ratified into laws.

Then all of sudden, a jagoff comedian dared her to back her words and foment change…

Days after her victory, California Man Jimmy Dore released a video from his youtube channel/podcast encouraging her to make a concerted effort to get universal health care on the floor in Congress. Well renowned on social and corporate news media as Medicare For All, Mr. Dore’s video manifesto laid out how it could become a reality if she would use her leverage as the most popular lawmaker to get M4All on the floor. Dore also pointed out how getting it on the floor can be easily realized with more votes from her progressive congressional allies in the “Sqaud”; Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Talib and the immensely popular Ihlan Omar who all recently came off huge victories themselves in their districts. Along with victories by fellow progressives Cori Bush and Jamal Bowman (also from the boogie down Bronx), Dore pointed out that these progressive minds could align and force the vote for medicare for all, and with AOC as social media’s alpha dog, she and they could use that new leverage against Rep. Nancy Pelosi who was looking to get re-elected as house speaker and withhold their votes for her unless Medicare for All gets heard.

Dore’s advice made absolute sense. Forcing the vote was certainly not complex to execute; besides the gains progressives made in the election, the House lost a bunch of seats and Nancy Pelosi’s hold onto the gavel was tenuous to say the least plus her popularity poll levels shown her to be more despised by voters than they were for Donald Trump. Another major factor for forcing the vote for Med4All and against Pelosi is that support for universal free health care has 3/4 support from the citizenry of all political parties. Plus the misnomered Affordable Care Act prices are obscene for working class people who have to pay half their paycheck on rent. Look at these monthly rates for the bronze level which is the lowest tier on the program.


All the facts were on AOC’s side and the odds and momentum were all in her favor. But while Rep. Ocasio-Cortez continued her prolific tweeting and instagramming spree on myriad other issues as #ForceTheVote was furiously trending on those platforms, she never acknowledged the hashtag or the jagoff comedian with a response. She remained insouciant even as a portion of her 11 million followers from the left tweeted her to step up and challenge the Speaker and her peers in Congress and see if they have the collective balls and nerve to deny health care to hundreds of millions of people during a resurgent pandemic. After all, it’s what she campaigned on in her inspiring run for office in 2018 against the corporatist Joe Crowley. But it wasn’t until pro football player Justin Jackson of the L.A. Chargers called her out for her stunning lack of tenacity on the issue.

Apparently, this message somehow triggered Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. which was shocking after weeks of unlimited profanities and laced urgent messaging directed to her from Jagoff Dore, but quite obvious because Jackson got positive hits and RT’s and got showed up a jock and getting ratio’d on social media is clearly to only way to get her attention. Her justification for remaining tentative about forcing the vote was that the votes weren’t there to force it among her congressional peers and then followed up with a feeble example of what she was certain could be passed, like a $15/hr minimum wage (and she wasn’t even sure about that). For someone that has gone all out to distinguish herself as such an influential and righteous figure on social media, her gateway-splaining to Mr. Jackson was uncharacteristically off-putting and dripped with condescension, which led to blowback attacks from her disappointed and disillusioned followers who were stunned by her betrayal of her promises and her remarkable ignorance of historic progressive change.

AOC, clearly affected by J.J.’s tweet and also by her hard left followers and political twitter personalities, followed this up by resorting to throw shade at Jimmy Dore because of his salty language.

For a woman that didn’t mind to swear to make a point before when she called out a Republican congressman who called her a fucking bitch and used those words on the house floor and in a cream puff interview and fashion shoot in Vanity Fair magazine and most recently while talking shit about a hypothetical run to primary Senator Chuck Schumer, AOC becomes quite an arbiter of speech when those same dirty words are used for an agenda to institute national health care for everyone that has bipartisan agreement from everyone that counts. Really off character from a Bronx resident who at times throws down her provincial street cred and can’t even handle a fucking curse word. That she suddenly equates these words with actual violence is inherently absurd and she kind of comes off like a pussy.

As the days went on, Jimmy kept railing her but AOC kept defensively tweeting her legislating tactics about and against forcing the vote while more progressive pundits, comedians, regular folks got more hip to her blatant gaslighting. But AOC still persisted and strangely still wanted to make the force the vote for Med4All issue all about language and tone on social media. When it clearly got too for the social media icon to temper reasonable retorts to her obsession with words instead of fomenting change to nationalize free health care, she threw one her tweets into the memory hole.

This sudden erasure by the congresswoman is a far cry from what she tweeted a few weeks earlier (and which she didn’t delete). AOC not only lost her political courage but also some of her thin skin. This sure is a far cry from the earnest working girl from the Bronx that was presented in a well produced, brilliant and (seemingly) sincere campaign video she put out. on her way to her stunning victory and immediate national and worldwide fame.

But her insouciance towards her social media followers concerning Medicare For All is worse is that she wasted no time getting the COVID vaccine and did an instagram video chronicling the procedure for it, considering that her elderly and essential worker constituents are having trouble getting inoculated because of the botched rollout by her state of New York and that her other constituents and millions of other people don’t have health insurance because they are unemployed during a resurgent pandemic. Clearly a vote for Nancy Pelosi is also a vote to bankrupt the infected.

But when the opportunity came for the political courage to force the vote on Medicare For All and take the gavel from Speaker Pelosi’s lizard hands, AOC still persisted and she meekly voted to re-elect her, following the lead of her fellow and new Squad members

Even though this resulted in universal condemnation from a wide swath of her base that believed in her, AOC benefited for her fealty to Pelosi and was rewarded with an oversight committee role (along with a few other squad members). Noting how this was a way to push Biden to implement progressive policies, it would seem that AOC now had the ability to influence the House to get the votes on the floor for Medicare For All.

But then January 6th happened. (Which was the day after she got her committee role),the new day of infamy when Ex-President Donald Trump whooped up hundreds of thousands of his MAGA horde to bum rush an under-guarded and under-surveilled U.S. Capitol and after a woman veteran got shot to death and a cop got killed and then roamed the halls and chambers calling out for elected officials as they hid for their lives.

After this, AOC and her fellow committee members and Pelosi  got busy and wrote up new articles of impeachment practically overnight against Trump even though he had 2 weeks left in the oval office. Following the majority vote for impeachment, AOC suddenly recovered her political courage. After posting a rather self-indulgent video that was presented as a town hall  on her Instagram account where she described how she and her fellow legislators were close to being killed, she has been at the forefront for calling for government committees to explore  moderating social media platforms and deprogramming bigots and proclaiming that the government should spare no expense in getting these inherently unconstitutional policies into bills then laws post-haste

Queens Chronicle

“This is not a problem that’s going to go away Jan. 20,” Ocasio-Cortez said, adding, “What Trump has created doesn’t dissolve overnight.”

She noted that Trump cut funding in 2017 to a Department of Homeland Security program known as “Countering Violent Extremists,” which provides grants to communities to counter radicalism through outreach.

“We have to get that funding right back up and we probably need to double, triple, quadruple or increase funding for these deradicalization programs en masse,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

While she’s right about Trump’s omniscience and his role in the political zeitgeist is not going away soon, all the things she’s advocating for have already manifested with Big Tech Social Media’s banishment of Trump and his followers and web services collusion clampdown to ban a competitive social media platform Parler. As for the need for stronger surveillance for domestic threats, the Patriot Act is already there to pursue them, but it’s looking clear that what AOC and her elected peers are proposing is Patriot Act 2.0 to make organizing and discourse even more surveilled with the assistance of the Big Tech monopolies.

It’s amazing how fast progress can be made when your own house gets invaded, in this case the House Of Representatives and their Senate Chamber co-op neighbors. Also amazing and disturbing that AOC has devolved from a Democrat Socialist to the new Sen. Joe McCarthy, but the signs clearly were there when she was deflecting from progressive people’s tweets and cowardly putting the onus on Jimmy Dore’s videos criticizing her, trying to get her growing brunch liberal/Dem establishment base to back her up in attempts to undermine him and everyone else that was ratioing her. It’s apparent that there is something motivating her to be such an arbiter and growing authority and expert on violent words and proactive legislating when she’s on Jack’s Twitter and Zuckerberg’s Instagram while she’s calling them out to arbitrarily shut down people on their platforms.

But during all this, she clearly has forgotten all about Medicare For All and is more about forcing the vote for a surveillance state dictated by Big Tech monopolies; during a fucking pandemic with new strains of COVID spreading. AOC not only lost her political courage but also her thin skin. Along with this betrayal, she is now sacrificing what’s left of our constitutional liberties. AOC‘s rejection of most of her base at the dawn of a new term in Congress is worrisome to say the least. Sadly, she’s clearly more concerned with her career and her social media celebrity status than for the welfare of her constituents and the rest of millions that are unemployed in this nation. She ran on democratic socialism and has meekly embraced establishment pragmatism. At this rate and at this moment, those Dem votes she claims that aren’t there for Medicare for All won’t come in 2 years or even 100 years.

In 2018, it really did look like she was the real thing and it was truly a miraculous occasion when she won and beat the Democrat machine in Queens and in the Capitol. But the more AOC speaks and tweets, the more her motives in congress looks more like a side hustle to her huger status as a social media influencer and the more she sounds like a spox for tech surveillance than a representative for the people. This is yet another case of a careerist who forgot how she got where she’s at. She went from walking the streets of the Bronx and Queens to the prospect of her eating $20 chocolate popsicles in Nancy Pelosi’s kitchen.

But if AOC thinks bigger clampdowns on social media and deprogramming people are going to protect her and her Democrat establishment allies from another invasion of the U.S. Capitol, she better consider that the next invasion by hundreds of thousands of people will be about genuine demands like wealth redistribution and Medicare For All. Then what the fuck is she going to say when actual violence comes knocking at the doors and busting through the windows again? Will she and her peers lock the doors and hide under the tables and then go on Instagram comparing them to assassins too?

Or will she remember what political courage really means and not words to exploit to pacify voters and then hoodwink and bamboozle them. Words to bait and switch and then wind up switching, rather than fighting.

Your fucking move, congresswoman. Fuck this surveillance and deprogramming bullshit and force the vote for Medicare For All.

City Finally Orders Closing Of Sleazy Kew Gardens Hotel After A Man Got Murdered There On New Years Day

Not anymore

A New Bad Days Special Bulletin:

Kew Gardens, Queens, New York

2021 was barely over an hour old when two groups of men got into a brawl while a party was going on at one of the rooms inside a hotel. The fight spilled out onto the street by the front entrance. As the rumble continued, shots were fired and one man got hit in the leg and died from his wounds and two other men also got struck and hospitalized. Four men involved in the brawl and killing fled the scene of the crime.

What makes this incident distinctive besides being the first homicide of the year following a year that had the most murders New York City has had in 11 years and the amount of shootings and victims than in the last two years combined is where this took place; the Umbrella Hotel, where only 4 months earlier a shooting following a brawl happen inside the lobby, blowing out the revolving and regular door windows of the entrance.

Despite persistent community complaints and condemnations by City Council members and the current President of Queens Donovan Richards and their universal demands to shut down, the Umbrella continued to run it’s business for months. Although not entirely as a place for high end lodging but for speakeasy DJ and bottle parties, brazenly flaunting pandemic guidelines. Spillover from these unusual and illicit events lead to consistent environmental noise disruptions aggravating residents of the usually quiet neighborhoods, with drunk patrons milling about the area, booming systems from idling cars and also blowing up fireworks on some occasions.

Reaction from the NYPD and Mayor de Blasio when pressed about the wanton illicit activity and crime at the Umbrella went with unfilled promises of enforcement and habitual indifference and this activity naturally continued. And as the history of this sleazebag hotel as showed, it continued naturally before, because ever since this hotel got built, it’s been a pox on the area despite what the developers and management originally proposed when it got zoned for building in the neighborhood, that it would be filled with upper class lodgers and residents once it got built. The expectations made for it would be for town of Kew Gardens to have a veneer of cool to the area, kind of like high end towns like Williamsburg and Long Island City with similar lux hotels.

Except what they got wasn’t cool, but “Kewl” and it only resulted in diminishing returns…

That’s another interesting twist, because before it was the Umbrella Hotel, it was a national chain hotel the Comfort Inn and apparently it had trouble getting the clientele it desired and decided to house the homeless in all those vacant rooms to make up for whatever revenue was lost, which was apparently a helluva surprise for people who were already renting there. Oh, that’s another thing, this wasn’t just a hotel but a mixed use building with “luxury” apartments.

Apparently, some of the new and depressingly impoverished clientele for the “Kewl” were wreaking havoc on the streets in the vicinity of it and nearby locales, which included the Union Turnpike transit hub, with reports of aggressive panhandling on the sidewalks, mentally ill men yelling at random people, and drug and fecal detritus found in the stairwells of the station.

In the 3 years since that scoop, it’s not known when the owners or proprietors (whoever they are) changed the name to Umbrella from the lame Kewl or if it’s even still owned by the Comfort. It’s not even known if anyone is renting the luxury apartments there anymore (probably keeping quiet). But it definitely was still operating as a homeless shelter even while still renting out room to travelers vacationing in Queens while devolving further into a den of iniquity.

But because of the pandemic, the Umbrella continued taking in the homeless because of city and state guidelines to prevent contagion but evidently willingly booked rooms for illegal ragers for months despite state bans of indoor gatherings of more than 10 people.

After the deadly shooting and immediate demands of its closing by officials and the community and with de Blasio feeling the pressure after years of insouciance about the hotel’s well known notoriety he finally closed the hotel down for business and probably abolished their contract to house the homeless too. And a man had to lose his life for it to be done. Which is actually the modus operandi policy of NYC government, which is to let crime and urban decay continue as long as people don’t notice or don’t die.

What really makes the Umbrella Hotel saga deranged is that with all the ruckus of wanton behavior and crime going on there is that the Queens Criminal Courthouse and the District Attorney’s office is a 5 minute walk away from there.

 And also a defense attorney’s office for your convenience.

Apparently, these venues and salient facts had an influence on sudden proactive enforcement against the Umbrella Hotel’s sordid existence with the arrest of a 68-year-old bell clerk. Despite Queens D.A. Melinda Katz’s grandstanding collar, no one in management or even the owner have not been held accountable for their bigger part in the allowance and profiting from the illegal goings on at their establishment or the chaos that ensued.

And the four men suspected of the murder are still running free on the streets.

Great job Mr. Mayor and Councilor Katz.






Good Riddance

Sheldon Adelson, 87, Casino Magnate, Avaricious Oligarch, Disaster Capitalist, War And Hate Monger, Cosplay Philanthropist, Enabler Of Divisive Politics And Isreali Government Run Apartheid, Top Fundraiser Of Trump’s Presidency, Lowlife

Phil Spector, 81, Music Producer, Inventor Of The Wall Of Sound, Eccentric Gun Nut, Convicted Murderer

Gentrification Of A Beach:The Resurrection Of The Riis Park Bazaar And The Capture Of The Rockaway Boardwalk

Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York

Queens Eagle

 A decision to award a 15-year Rockaway Beach Boardwalk concession contract to a new company could result in the eviction of a handful of beloved boardwalk businesses, say worried beachgoers and eatery owners.

The New York City Parks Department has contracted with Rockaway Beach Bazaar LLC, a company formed by the owners of Brooklyn Bazaar and nearby Riis Park Beach Bazaar, to renovate, operate and maintain three beachfront cafes, one shop and 20 additional units for the next decade and a half. The properties include the popular bars and restaurants Rippers, Low Tide and Caracas.

The LLC outbid Rockaway Beach Club, a coalition of local business owners that won the contract to operate concessions at Beach 106th, Beach 97th and Beach 86th Street in 2011. The Rockaway Times first reported on the contract.

The longtime tenants and many of their customers say they worry the new operator will evict the eateries or raise rents.

“The Rockaway Beach club has been the umbrella of love, hard work and fostered the CULTURE of the Rockaway we all know today,” the Rockaway Beach shop Zingara Vintage wrote on Instagram Friday. 

The store is located on Beach 91st Street, about two blocks from the boardwalk, and opens occasional pop-up shops outside Rippers. “It’s because of them that so many of us have had the times of our lives on the Rockaway Boardwalk,” Zingara said.

Zingara’s post also described a concern among many boardwalk businesses: even those offered leases to remain in their beachfront buildings may lose control of bar sales, a crucial moneymaker.

“This would crush their business,” Zingara said. “And what about the dozen or so other small businesses that operate in the concessions ? Where will they go?”

The businesses in place have weathered COVID-19 and helped restore the boardwalk in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, said Rockaway resident Sarina Parachini, whose husband owns Rippers, located near Beach 86th Street. 

“These are all Rockaway businesses owned by people from the Rockaways,” Parachini said. “We just got through COVID. We were on the boardwalk for Sandy, we rebuilt after Sandy in a huge way.”

So the Riis Park Beach Bazaar LLC has now rechristened themselves as the Rockaway Beach Bazaar LLC and are summarily anointed by de Blasio’s NYC Parks dept to run Rockaway Beach’s busiest part of the boardwalk for 15 years.

To quote a scene from the surreal suspense series Twin Peaks; “It’s happening again.”

As I documented here for a few years now this LLC, which has had almost as many name changes as Eric Prince’s war mercenary corporation Blackwater to adapt to the times and also to cover for their past failures from their own bottom line decisions, got tasked by NYC Parks and National Parks Service to “revitalize” Riis Park with their annual summer event of upscale foodie and leisure lifestyle culture consumerism. And as I observed and reported, while it did much to rejunivate the boardwalk with new concessions which included the restoration of the Riis Park Bathhouse, there was absolutely no improvements to infrastructure or even basic environmental maintenance like a sufficient amount of garbage cans or even intermittent collection of trash which piled up like sand dunes at the end of the night.



And after all that prospective allure the concept of the Riis Bazaar LLC conveyed, many areas and public amenities remained in ruins during their time here.



The only revitalization that occurred in Riis Park only happened where the Bazaar’s concessions were set up and it was never more pronounced than this year of the pandemic. While every other outdoor event was cancelled as New York was still on full lockdown, the Riis Park Beach Bazaar still went on as scheduled (even as restaurants on the Rockaway Beach boardwalk weren’t allowed to open yet). When the lockdown  was finally rescinded, the tale of two beaches continued on the Riis boardwalk, as the boardwalk by the Bazaar was filled with tables yet the popular grilling area was devoid of them except by the gondolas and all the grills were removed because of the peculiar arbitrary ban of outdoor grilling from social distancing guidelines.




Even though the pandemic did have a devastating effect on the Riis Bazaar, Gateway NPS decided not to renew their lease, which should be a validation their failure for their attempt to revitalize the beach when it didn’t even need revitalization because people always came here (just not the people who spend frivolously enough).

Although Mayor de Blasio and some morons at the NYC Parks Dept. clearly refuse to see it that way. They have so much confidence in the former Riis Bazaar that they gave them this lengthy contract during the Christmas holiday while no one was paying attention and not many was Zooming in to see the hearing. Except the people that are worried about being supplanted, the people and businesses that make up the Rockaway Group LLC.  


Of course the city’s and  Rockaway Bazaar LLC’s s rationale behind this sneaky deal is yet again, “revitalization”. Which is immensely laughable because  the fact that Rockaway is actually a more popular locale than it’s ever been. Even during this COVID summer, citizens still showed up en masse even with a drop off of tourists, which is probably where they are deriving their “revitalizing” theory from. What’s ironic is that these concessions and businesses that the Bazaar LLC are the same kind they were pushing for five years at Riis. Although the distinction between the Group LLC and the Bazaar LLC is that they have been plying their business and lives locally while the Bazaar LLC are straight outta Brooklyn and have been pushing that brand in their entire existence and wound up gentrifying themselves out of there and Riis, justifying the Rockaway Group LLC’s how reckless they are with finances and shouldn’t be trusted at all with the city’s largesse for 15 years.

While their treatment of employees of the Bazaar LLC is news to me (though not surprising), they do seem to have a ruthless bent. Shortly before it was announced their presence at Riis was final, their high end nook “The Dropout” posted photos of trash left behind in the grill area from a party the night before, one of them clearly from the front passenger seat of a car.



After this was dispensed on social media (and while the Dropout was closed permanently that day) and even though  visitations to the grill area and gatherings were permitted (and there will still a stunning lack of disposal cans) suddenly Gateway Park enacted new rules for the entire beach at Riis and a ludicrous new closing time at 9 p.m. and the still popular grilling area to be closed at 8 p.m.



And the NPS weren’t fucking around either. The park rangers and police were combing the boardwalk and park space right after the sun went down. Leaving Riis Park, a perennial party place, a veritable ghost town.

Apparently, the Riis Park Bazaar and notably the Dropout must have been seething with envy that genuine vibrancy was going to go on without them, so in their sudden environmental concern about pollution of the beach of which they also continued to contribute too this year, they weaponized it against the people who weren’t their patrons.

So it’s easy to see why this is such a tremendously shitty deal that had to be done with dirty conniving tactics. The Rockaway Group LLC’s are right in their demand for this to be stopped also because it sure looks like tweeding was involved and the ludicrous longevity of this 15-year contract to the Riis cum Rockaway Bazaar has the potential to make privatization of the boardwalk a reality because while Riis Park was still a shambles when they were occupying it, the Rockaway Boardwalk is already set up for them because of the stunning repair and modernization and resiliency modifications of the beach with the sand walls and the long overdue and current placement of groins that are happening right now.

Basically, the Rockaway Beach Bazaar will have to try really hard to fuck up the hook up gifted to them from our elected and appointed officials. But if their record at Riis shows, they probably will and will sadly take down local businesses with them at the worst time right now for them despite the kind words coming from their claims and future press releases. 

Making the full on gentrification of Rockaway Beach not hard to reach.


Queens Is Burning: Three Buildings Destroyed From Beauty Salon Fire In Flushing


Firefighters on Saturday morning extinguished a seven-alarm fire that started late Friday night in a Flushing storefront and extended into an adjacent building, according to the FDNY.

After receiving a call just before midnight on Friday, Jan. 8, regarding the blaze at a three-story building located at 136-15 37th Ave., approximately 50 units and 200 FDNY personnel responded to the scene to fight the fire.

The blaze was first classified as a two-alarm fire at 12:11 a.m. on Jan. 9, before slowly progressing to a seven-alarm classification by 5:19 a.m.

Rent at an apartment above the store that got engulfed in flames was for 2,600 a month.
This former row of buildings is a stones throw away from the upcoming luxury tower and hotel development at Flushing Creek recently approved by New York City Council. 
Fire marshals are investigating the cause of the blaze.

Queens Man Incites Riot And Coup Attempt In Washington D.C.


New York State Assembly Wants To Give Governor Cuomo Power To Rendition Citizens

Albany, New York

For about 10 months now during this pandemic, Governor Cuomo has wielded his emergency executive powers anointed to him by the New York State Assembly and Senate with equal incompetence and malfeasance. So instead of repealing them now that there are multiple vaccines to fight the coronavirus and nearly a million available to dispense to the citizenry they all serve, they would rather give the Pandemic Power Tripper even more disturbing powers for him to exploit so he can keep them and his stature and COVID19 celebrity secure.

They want to give Cuomo the ability to deploy the authorities to detain citizens suspected of carrying the contagion

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not only is this legislation brazenly unconstitutional, easily fraying everyone’s fourth amendment right, but like everything else that’s resulted from Cuomo’s micromanaging of the pandemic response will result in bumbling bureaucratic errors and chaos. Kind of like one of the seminal scenes in the movie Brazil when the SWAT teams search for government dissenters.

The coincidental timing of this bill is uncanny (like mostly everything else that’s happened to benefit the elites in recent American history) even though there are 3 vaccines available to the general public and doing this in attempt to stem another epidemic is going to an unnecessary extreme because the Governor announced yesterday that there was a man infected with a new strain of COVID that has spread in England, which led Prime Minister Boris Johnson to shut down the whole country (but not the schools (!!!)).

It’s not known if this new strain is as fatal as the contagion that’s already killed millions but apparently it doesn’t matter because this is about Cuomo maintaining his status as King of Lockdown New York. Because of his decision to only let hospitals distribute the vaccines instead of counties set up centers to inoculate people as fast as possible, it has botched the rollout of the vaccines and has left more people vulnerable to contagion. Plus add the fact that people don’t trust the vaccine because of myriad reasons from concerns of withdrawal symptoms and allergies and of course Cuomo initially sowing doubt about the vaccines because Trump fast tracked it to get the economy rolling again. 

What’s amazing about this new bill and edict that gives Cuomo more authority is that only a week ago he wanted to open Buffalo Bills stadium for in person attendance for their long awaited playoff game next week with provisions that everyone get tested and then submit to be traced after the game ended. Basically, the game is being treated like a state surveillance experiment. Even though it will only the arena will be filled  to 1/3 capacity, there’s no guarantee that no one will be following protocols like mask wearing or distancing once they leave the game. It’s not unimaginable that if someone gets infected they can be whisked away by state troopers or local cops if they are shopping in a supermarket or mall or even participating in or organizing a protest.

To give a real life idea of what kind of blow back from this will ensue:

Another disturbing factor about this legalization of rendition is the anti-transparency policy already established by the Cuomo administration during this pandemic, as with the actual amount of the deceased caused by Cuomo’s edict giving immunity to nursing homes for taking in COVID patients the same secrecy is being implemented regarding the vaccine rollout in the entire state of New York.

This is why this new bill needs to eviscerated. This bill is more to cover Governor Cuomo’s ass than any concern for the health and well-being of his constituency. This is not just about stopping a pandemic, but also stopping the sickness of this new normal of paranoia and limited freedom under a kakistocratic autocracy being instituted under this megalomaniac mook from Queens.

Today is Mayor de Blasio Remembrance Day

New York, New York

At the last “media availability” thrown by Mayor de Blasio, he decreed to set the date March 14, 2021 as “COVID-19 Remembrance Day” to recognize the first death of a New York City resident from getting infected by coronavirus. Even though he’s as much responsible for the contagion’s spread by also playing down the severity of the disease before that date and horrendously botched the response to it.

Since The Blaz is trying to commemorate a tragic event that caused devastation to the city with a day to memorialize all those that needlessly got sickened and perished from the disease and also as a day of reflection to learn from mistakes made and better prepare for another pandemic (but more likely to put his name on something historic) it’s apropos to also recognize this day, January 1, as a major day of significant mourning and tragedy.

For this is the day in 2014, that William de Blasio Wilhelm became Mayor Of New York City. This day, January 1, is a remembrance of the beginning of the decline of the city and how he has led it on a downhill road to ruin with his incompetence and corruption which for seven years has led to more social division, more inequities in services in housing and transit and more urban decay.

And to truly commemorate the remembrance of the day Bill de Blasio became mayor, why not do it with a dance and song by hizzoner and his tax boondoggle wife in the ultimate elitist statement and blatant display by a man and woman who treat the city like they own it.

Congratulations Blaz. You truly earned this honor.

And citizens, whenever you look around anywhere you are in NYC and want to wretch or have the inclination to desert this place for somewhere else, remember January 1 2014.




New Bad Days 80: Young People Sow Disorder On The Streets With Rumbles In The Presence Of Cops And Ultraviolent Attacks On Cars In The Middle Of Traffic; Unhinged Man Disrupts Outdoor Church Concert With Random Gunfire; Man Stalks And Clobbers Governor Cuomo’s Staffer With A Cinderblock; Four EMTs Get Ambushed By Muggers Making Bogus 911 Calls; Fed Ex Delivery Man Gets Shot And Food App Delivery Guys Get Robbed On The Job; 16-Year-Old Boy Murdered By Acquaintance That Gave Him A Pat On The Back; Another 16-Year-Old Boy Recidivist Criminal Behavior Enabled By Judge And Homicides, Shootings, Shootouts, Muggings, Burglaries, Random Attacks On Citizens, Home Invasions, Criminal Aggression Against Cops And Stray Bullets Continues Reaching New Plateaus To Complete 2020

2020 in New York City society concludes with distressingly significant and historic rises in major felonious crimes. Shootings went up 97 % while victims wounded by bullets rose over 100%. 447 people were murdered this year, a rise of 41% and the highest amount of homicides in over a decade. Two other serious crimes also went up in large margins with burglaries at 41% and auto theft at 67%. Although there were slight decreases in felony assaults and robberies, there were over 94,000 felonies committed last year and over 110,000 misdemeanor offenses (which the PDF doesn’t add the total sum on in the pdf released to the public). While not listed here, bike theft went up by 27%, coinciding  with the rise of bike commuting because of fears of getting infected with coronavirus using mass transit.

Even  though there is controversy about the effects the states bail reform laws have had on the uptick of these crimes along and edicts allowing the release of convicts to stem the spread of contagion in prisons because of the pandemic; regarding the gun violence crisis, over 3,000 criminals were set loose without bail after being found in possession of guns and recidivism continued to thrive with these perpetrators because of the flaws in the new law.

While the pandemic has had an effect on crime, being that the streets have been more deserted in the day and darker at night because everything is locked down, it is only more illuminated now because felonies have been rising steadily for the last 5 years before a novel virus invaded the five boroughs. While the Mayor of New York City continues to evade these horrific upticks after years of bragging how he ran the safest big city in the world, the reality on the streets and what’s seen by his constituents tell different stories. Stories that will be told by more citizens since poorly written laws and a stunning lack of city services continue to mount in 2021 without sensible modifications or a scintilla of leadership as a disease continues it’s predominant omniscience over the five boroughs.

But all the Blaz wants to do is dance.


In Times Square, a group of young men engaged in a rumble and beat the shit out of each despite the presence of NYPD dispatched to break it up which included two cops on horses. One of the mounted cops attempted to stop two men wrestling on the ground by steering his horse to trampled them under foot.

Also in Times Square, a man queried a cop for directions to the subway and then he tussled with him while trying to grab his gun and punched him in the face in front of the ABC studio building.

In Harlem, a man crashed his car into a garden under the elevated train tracks and wrecked some christmas trees they were selling and then abandoned the vehicle. The workers ran after him and gave up when the man raised a gun at them and escaped.

Also in Harlem, a man got shot to death on a street corner from a blast to the head.

Again in Harlem, a man got shot to death from a blast to the head after getting into a fight in a barber shop with his killer.

In East Harlem, a man heading home from work got savagely killed in a hit-and-run when he got hit by a speeding SUV while crossing the street. The driver abandoned the vehicle after flipping it over five blocks away.

Also in East Harlem, a man got killed when he got hit by a truck while riding his bike against traffic.

Again in East Harlem at the 110th St. Station, a man got slashed in the face following an argument with his attacker who was trying to hustle a few bucks for a metrocard swipe while he’s still on parole. The perp got busted by the cops when he appeared in the vicinity a few days later.

And again in East Harlem, a man got shot to death after he started a fight that led to a rumble involving 7 men inside a liquor store.

And again in East Harlem, a man got beaten to a pulp on the street and died from his injuries a month later.

In Morningside Heights, a man armed with two guns disrupted an outdoor concert and mass in front of the St. Johns Cathedral and fired random shots in the air while yelling about government interventions harming Hispanic nations and demands to be killed. Cops took him out after the man fired at them while pleading them to kill him; so they did. A bag the man possessed had a container filled with gas and rope. If there wasn’t a pandemic this guy would have used those items and killed a lot more people and burned the church down with them.

 In Midtown, a man got killed when he got hit by a car while running a red light on his ebike.

Also in Midtown, a woman plowed through a group of protesters and hospitalized five of them after they marched on the street and then stood in the intersection during a demonstration against Immigration Customs Enforcement run prisons. The NYPD charged her for a desk appearance ticket.

Again in Midtown, a man shoved an 88-year-old woman to the pavement and robbed her cellphone, cash and cards from her bag and ran away.

And again in Midtown, a man stalked a woman like a shadow on the sidewalk as she was walking home from work while holding a cinder block. Then he bashed her over the head with it in broad daylight on the near empty streets because of the holiday season and the pandemic.

The woman was coming from the city offices of Gov. Cuomo where she works as one of his top staffers. The man is homeless and has been dwelling in a hotel that was converted into a shelter to prevent the spread of contagion of COVID-19.

And again in Midtown, a five-foot window fell off the billionaire row tower with the automatic whirling crane and crashed onto to the street just like it did a month earlier.

And again in Midtown, three men ripped off nearly $4,000 worth of designer handbags from an upscale department store and got immediately pinched by the cops while trying to get away.

In Hell’s Kitchen, an 18-year-old homeless man shoved a 63-year-old traffic cop to the ground after she wrote him a ticket for a parking violation.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, two men held up a bodega at gunpoint and robbed $100.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, a worker got killed on the job at a supermarket while she was loading an illegally installed freight elevator that crushed her head when it malfunctioned and unexpectedly moved up.

In Penn Station, two men got into a fight following a dispute by a taxi stand and started brawling on the sidewalk. Then one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the other man in the face while a cop stood there watching them.

In the Upper West Side, a man got hit by a stray bullet that came from a rumble between two gangs while he was pushing a hand truck delivering food aid to residents at the Amsterdam Houses.

Also in the Upper West Side at the 96th St. Station, a woman committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 2 train.

Again in the Upper West Side, two homeless men residing in a shelter lux hotel got into a brawl with each other in front of a restaurant.

And again in the Upper West Side, a water main pipe burst and flooded the street and the 81st Station underground.

And again in the Upper West Side and again at the 96th St. Station, a woman got killed as she fell on the tracks while going from car to car as it was still in motion.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man held up a bank while feigning to have a gun and ran out with nothing.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man snatched a little dog that her 74-year-old owner tied to a post while she went grocery shopping.

In the Upper East Side at the 63rd St./Lexington Ave. Station, a woman grabbed a 61-year-old woman by her hair and shoved her off the bench onto the platform floor and stole her cart.

In the Lower East Side, an argument between a man and a couple escalated when he shot the other man in the face and the woman in the leg on the grounds of the Smith Houses.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man having a quarrel with his roommate whacked him in the head with a meat cleaver in their apartment, then he killed himself by jumping off the roof.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man beat up his girlfriend with a crowbar in their apartment then tried to stab her when she tried to get her cellphone back

In the East Village, a man walking on the sidewalk with his dick dangling out grabbed a woman in her crotch who was passing by. Then he went for a walk with his dick out again in the West Village and grabbed a woman’s ass.

Also in the East Village, three men barged into an apartment and shot two men and pistol whipped another man in the head who were inside.

Again in the East Village, two water main pipes broke and flooded the streets in the span of a week.

In the West Village, a man held up a cab driver by gunpoint and robbed 80 bucks off him.

Also in the West Village, a man yelled a xenophobic slur at a woman he passed by on the sidewalk then punched her in the face after she demanded an apology.

In Greenwich Village, a man grabbed two women in the ass while he was riding a citibike.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man robbed an unmarked police car from a NYPD detective who went to buy food and left the motor running.

Again in Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a man singing out loud randomly attacked a woman as he he shoved her into a pillar while she was trying to get on the F train and then he maniacally laughed while standing near her.

And again in Greenwich Village and again at the West 4th St. Station, a gang of three men and three women savagely beat up a woman on the A train after they yelled at her for not wearing a mask and made a xenophobic slur about her.

In Downtown Manhattan, a young man got shot in the torso in his room at a hotel after he answered a knock on his door

In Sugar Hill, a man got shot in the ear while arguing with the gunman inside a bodega.

Also in Sugar Hill, a food delivery man got hit twice by a stray bullets after getting caught in the crossfire riding his bike between two men firing at each other from their cars while they were driving down the street.

In Washington Heights, rodents of unusual size have laid siege on a  Chipolte restaurant and devoured avocados and bags of rice and have made aggressive moves trying to feed on workers.

Also in Washington Heights at the 168th St. Station, a woman argued with and then attacked a 71-year-old woman and broke her arm after shoving her out the door when the elevator stopped on the mezzanine.

Again in Washington Heights, a man stole a car by using pepper spray on the driver and then he crashed it into an ambulance.

And again in Washington Heights, a man who achieved some fame being a club and party promoter and then help murder and slaughter a drug dealer by cutting him to pieces in a tub, killed himself by overdosing on heroin inside his apartment.

In Hamilton Heights, a man got shot in the torso on the street 10 minutes after Christmas ended.

Also in Hamilton Heights, a man started off his day by getting into a brawl with a deli worker who knocked him down with one punch after he complained about his food order.

In Murray Hill, three women and a man easily accessed a luxury building and robbed furniture, computers, clothing and luggage from a condo while the tenant was away on vacation and the contractor he hired to watch the place left the door open.

In Kips Bay, a woman expecting a delivery answered her door and a man barged in and strangled then raped her in her apartment and then he stole her ATM card and got her pin number.

In Stuyvesant Town, NYPD deployed militarized police and a hostage negotiator to remove a man having a mental breakdown inside an apartment.

In Central Park, a man was found dead under an arch who committed suicide with a hacksaw he bought from a hardware store hours before he killed himself.

In Gramercy Park, a man accessed an apartment building by a tricking a 7-year-old girl to buzz him in thinking he was a delivery man. Then the man grabbed her by the elevator and pushed her face into his groin. 

In Chelsea, a man attacked  another man on a city bus because he thought he was gay.

Also in Chelsea and Herald Square, a man bashed the advertisement monitor screens at the 23rd and 34th St. Stations and the MTA is under the delusion that they are going that he is going to pay for the $35,000 in damages for them and also the two train fares he skipped jumping the turnstiles.

Also in Herald Square at the 34th St. Station, a homeless man ran up to a woman standing on the R train platform and sucker punched her in the face while she was reading, causing her temporary blindness and breaking her nose. The man has 77 prior arrests dating back 34 years.

In Soho, a woman attacked a 14-year-old boy and scratched his father in a lobby at a posh hotel after she accused his son of stealing her cellphone. It turned out the crazy lady left it in an app-hail driver’s car that she used before.

Also in Soho, six men raided a high end designer store and robbed over $60,000 in purses in broad daylight and without resistance from the workers and security guard.

In Hudson Yards, a woman committed suicide by jumping off the top of that ugly ass pile of art with the stairs.

In the Grand Central Station, a man was found dead on the train tracks already run over by the conductor who stopped the 7 train to avoid running over the body.

In NoMad and the Flatiron District, a gang of 50 teenage boys riding bicycles and a few on motor scooters dominated fifth avenue and caused wanton havoc in middle of traffic and vandalized two vehicles and terrorized three people during their broad daylight display of ultraviolence.

First they surrounded a taxi driver and threw and smashed their bikes on his vehicle, then menacingly encircled him and one of them smacked him on the back with a bike when he came out to look at the damage they inflicted on his car.

The gang of bike riders continued their scofflaw sojourn up 5th avenue where they ran the red at 23rd st, blocking right of way vehicle traffic on a two way street. Then a few of them grabbed onto a BMW cruiser by the door handles so they can accelerate and one of them fell on their face when the driver slowed down and stopped his car. Then the gang surrounded the vehicle and threw and smashed their bikes on it and tore the mirrors off it while some of the boys kicked and punched and tried to force open the vehicle while threatening the driver and horrifying his 70-year-old mother inside. One boy did a flying head butt onto the hood and another boy jumped on the hood twice and kicked and smashed the windshield.

Besides the fact that what went on here and what these kids engaged in was blatant wanton lawlessness which conveyed collective contempt and zero empathy for other people, the pressing question here is where was the NYPD’s Strategic Response Unit bike militia to repress this anarchy that made such a display of predominance at the last public assembly demonstrations only a few months ago after Election Day?



An M train at the Middle Village-Metropolitan Avenue station in Queens on Monday, Nov. 30, 2020.

In Middle Village at the Metropolitan Ave. Station, the entire line of the M train got thoroughly bombed with graffiti (suspected to be done by gentry artists from Europe). Four G train cars got bombed at the Queens Plaza station and the entire S shuttle train in Midtown that goes from Times Square to Grand Central as well. Another 12 subway cars were similarly tagged on the 1, 6, and Q lines adding to the list of 184 subway cars that have got vandalized this year as the MTA is wanting for a 12 billion dollar bailout to keep the subway running.

In Jamaica, a woman got shot in the arm as she was sitting in her car.

Also in Jamaica, two men having an argument in front of the Sutphin Blvd Station escalated when one man shot the other and a stray bullet hit a man while he was commuting.

Again in Jamaica, a man got shot in the thigh on the street and wouldn’t rat on his assailant to cops while at the hospital.

And again in Jamaica, a woman standing in front of a courthouse got hit in the chest and arm by two stray bullets that came from a fight between two men in the vicinity.

And again in Jamaica, a man got attacked by another man who tried to rip off his gold chain and gave it up when the thug pulled out a gun.

And again in Jamaica, a man grabbed a 17-year-old girl’s ass and spit in her face at a bus stop.

And again in Jamaica, a man got shot to death while sitting in a parked car.

In Jamaica Hills at the 169th St. Station, a man walked towards a woman on the platform and stole her cellphone from her pocket and split.

In South Jamaica, a man walking to his apartment building at the Bailey Houses got ambushed by two other man who held him up at gunpoint and went inside together. When they took their hostage to his apartment, his friends got involved and got into a fight with the intruders and managed to slash the gunmen in the hand and then a shot went off and killed one of the men who were defending themselves against the home invaders.

In Fresh Meadows, a man impersonating a delivery man bringing flowers and big plush teddy bear to a house bashed a woman with a blunt object and barged inside her house with two other accomplices. Then they sliced her ear and pistol whipped her with a stun gun and proceeded to rob over $20,000 worth of jewelry and clothes.

In Flushing, an 18-year-old man had his bike and his cellphone robbed while getting slashed in the face after being approached by a man who distracted him by conversing with him while his accomplice attacked him from behind.

In Ridgewood, a man got shot in the chest in front of an apartment building.

Also in Ridgewood and in Maspeth,a man accessed a delivery truck and a delivery van and robbed bags of credit cards inside and used them to buy shit.

In Corona, a 76-year-old man got hit by a stray bullet that went through his room window of a nursing home.

Also in Corona, vandal(s) destroyed an art installation at a councilman’s office building and a Christmas tree at a park then completed their path of destruction by throwing a garbage can at a window of the Lemon Ice King of Corona.

In Jackson Heights, a man attacked a masseuse at a massage parlor and savagely beat her up while trying to force her to sexually please him.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man brawled with and stabbed another man in the gut after he demanded that he stop smoking on the 7 train, the he stabbed another man in the leg who tried to help the victim.

In Ozone Park, a man got shot to death by his fellow gang member when they failed to ambush a rival gang  when they came towards them as his partner fired multiple shots as they drove away and he got hit with a stray bullet when he chased after them on foot while swinging a tire iron.

Also In Ozone Park, an app-hail livery driver crashed his luxury car into an app-hail minivan after losing control of it while speeding down the boulevard, killing a woman who was a passenge heading for a Christmas Party and also injuring the driver. Then he ran away from the wreck and the death he caused and the injured passenger inside his damaged vehicle.


In South Ozone Park, a 12-year-old boy stole his father’s car and took his 7-year-old cousin with him and drove to Delaware where he got caught by cops after using his dad’s card to buy cookies during his attempt to drive all the way down to Florida.

Also in South Ozone Park, a man got killed after he got into a car accident with another driver and got hit by a drunk driver speeding on the boulevard when he went to check on the damage to his vehicle.

In Richmond Hill, a massive fire spread through five mixed-use buildings and displaced 45 residents from their apartments.

In Long Island City, a man easily accessed a building and robbed $2,000 from a business there.

In Astoria, four men ganged up and brutally beat down and strangled a man and a woman until they were unconscious after they had a row with each other on a street corner.

Also in Astoria, four men ganged up on a worker inside a gang station and snatched the till from the register and robbed 600 bucks from it while scavenging on the floor and stole some candy bars for the road.

Again in Astoria, a man robbed 6 delivery packages from the lobby of an apartment building.

And again in Astoria, a man broke into an apartment building by picking the lock with a screwdriver and robbed a bunch of delivery packages.

And again in Astoria, two men broke into a vape shop by bashing the window and robbed over $10,000 of computer devices and tobacco and hemp products.

And again in Astoria, two cops injured themselves when they crashed their patrol car into an SUV while responding to an emergency call.

In Elmhurst, a woman got shot to death from behind as she was entering her apartment by a man who was loitering by the elevator at a Lefrak City building.

Also in Elmhurst, a man held up a couple at knifepoint then got into a tussle with them as the woman fought back while he was trying to steal her purse but dropped her cellphone and the mugger grabbed it and ran away.

In East Elmhurst, a man got killed in a stolen car when the driver lost control of the SUV while speeding and smashed into trees on the side of the road. Then the other man grabbed a bag full of heroin and left him for dead while fleeing from the wreckage because he was on parole.

In Cambria Heights, a woman approached randomly punched an 86-year-old woman on the sidewalk, causing her to break her hip.

In Glendale, a young man hit a 17-year-old boy with his car while he was standing on the median and kept on driving.

In Forest Hills, vulgar graffiti about the sexual abilities of Jewish women was found spray painted on a fence.

Also in Forest Hills and Rego Park, burglaries and auto theft incidents have made inclines. Cops have determined that most of them are committed by perps who have been residing in hotels.

In Kew Gardens Hills, two men broke into a house and held up a man residing there at gunpoint, the man fought back against his captors and wound up getting shot in the leg.

In Rosedale, a speakeasy rager thrown in the basement of an event center small business crammed with over 160 people got raided by the NYC Sheriffs.

In Hunters Point, shots were fired in front of a luxury hotel.

Man Fled After Shots Fired Near Hotel @CitizenApp

8-08 Queens Plz S Dec 26 7:11:40 PM EST

In Long Island City, a man went up to a 74-year-old man on a street corner and punched him in the face after he accused him of stealing his sneakers.

In Springfield Gardens, two pigs were left abandoned in Baisley Park. One was captured and the other is still on the loose.

In Hamilton Beach, high tide after a snowstorm caused the streets to flood with chunks of ice.

On Rikers Island, an inmate attacked five C.O.’s after they opened his cell door, breaking the nose of the guard who first tried to transfer him and breaking the finger of another one who tried to restrain him.

In Elmhurst, a massive fire ignited before sunrise engulfed a three story house and killed 3 men residing there and left 4 other men homeless. The house was under foreclosure and each floor were illegally converted with multiple rooms, enough to house 10 people on each floor. Initial reports by the FDNY cited that an electrical malfunction caused the inferno but was upgraded to arson when traces of accelerant was found near the garage (which was also converted into lodging). The landlord is suspected for starting the blaze yet was not charged despite having his computer and vehicle confiscated by the NYPD and FDNY.


In Brownsville, a man shot a Fed Ex delivery man in the back from behind as he was exiting an apartment building at the Van Dyke Houses after he made a delivery.

Also in Brownsville, a 60-year-old woman got hit by a stray bullet on her leg on the sidewalk.

Again in Brownsville, a woman got shot in the chest in front of building and then her assailant fled in a black car.

And again in Brownsville, a man walked to a parked car, pulled out a gun and shot through the drivers window multiple times and hit a woman in the stomach sitting in the back seat with a friend of hers who were waiting there for someone.

And again in Brownsville, an 18-year-old man wielding a machete on the street damaged parked cars and menaced and then attacked a woman while she was walking her dog and slashed her head and hand and slashed her dogs leg. When the cops arrived to detain him, the man charged after him with the blade in the air and got shot down and killed by one bullet to the chest.

And again in Brownsville, a man grabbed a woman off the sidewalk and stuck a knife to her throat then raped her in front of an apartment building.

And again in Brownsville, cops pulled over a car with Jersey plates and then the driver hit the gas and went in reverse and hit one of them. The cops fired shots at him as the driver escaped into the night speeding down the street.

And again in Brownsville, a man got shot to death in front of an apartment building.

And again  in Brownsville, EMTs arrived at an apartment building on an emergency call of someone having difficulty breathing and the man who met them held them up at gunpoint in the elevator and robbed their computer pads and two-way radios. Three days later in East Williamsburg, EMT’s arrived at an apartment building on a emergency call of someone having a medical episode and the man who met them held them up at gunpoint as they stepped out of the elevator and robbed their bags containing computer pads and two way radios. A connection between the two robberies is suspected by the NYPD as it should be by anyone.

Also in East Williamsburg, a man got shot in the chest after engaging in an argument inside a bar.

Again in East Williamsburg, a dispute over a parking space between a man and a monopolistic tech retail delivery worker escalated when a crowd assembled to watch the commotion and  the delivery guy got whacked with a bat and stabbed the man while brawling with him.

And again in East Williamsburg, a man got shot twice on the street after leaving a party in the middle of the night.

In East New York, a man walked up to a parked car and shot a woman sitting in the front passenger seat multiple times and hit her in the arm. He attempted to shoot at her and a man behind the wheel again but his gun misfired.

Also in East New York, two men got shot in front of a bodega and while getting chased down the street after one of the victims bought a pack of rolling papers.

Again in East New York, a man got shot in the leg sitting in the passenger seat of a car before the sun rose.

And again in East New York, a man got shot to death in the middle of the street following a drug deal gone bad.

In  Brooklyn Heights, a drunk driver drove his car on the promenade at a high speed and smacked a phone out of a witness’s hand when he tried to film him.

In Canarsie, a man got shot in the back while driving on the Belt Parkway from a man in a vehicle passing by him, causing him to veer and crash into two cars.

In Flatbush, a 17-year-old boy got shot on the street in broad daylight.

Also in Flatbush, a 62-year-old man got shot to death inside an apartment he was staying at when someone was trying to break inside and the invader blasted five rounds through the door as the victim was approaching it.

In East Flatbush, a man recklessly wrecked a car with his vehicle and then drove the wrong way and hit and killed a woman while she was crossing the street.

Also in East Flatbush, two men attempting to rob a barber shop went awry when the gunman shot a barber in the shoulder and they ran away without stealing anything.

In Crown Heights, a man got shot to death inside an apartment after getting blasted from behind by his assailant following an argument, the gunman also shot another man who was accompanying the victim after he left a party that was in another apartment on a higher floor in the same building at the Albany Houses.

Also in Crown Heights, a man stabbed another man to death to settle an argument in front of an apartment building. The victim was hanging out with friends of his before he got murdered.

Again in Crown Heights, a man in a wheelchair shot another man to death and another man in the leg inside a nite club holding a speakeasy party.  The club had their liquor license revoked last year.

And again in Crown Heights, a woman being menaced by her boyfriend at her apartment building call the cops on him after he threatened to shoot her. Then when the cops arrived, her boyfriend returned with a pink gun and shot one of the cops in the back as he emptied the clip trying to shoot her. He apologized to the cop he almost killed during his perp walk.

And again in Crown Heights, a man threatened another man while flashing his piece nearby an apartment building, warning him never to return. After the thug got arraigned, a judge released him without a bail and he got busted by cops for possessing a loaded gun on the night after Christmas.

And again in Crown Heights at the Kingston Ave. Station, a man got killed by the arriving 3 train that him when he was walking on the tracks.

In Marine Park, a man stalked a woman on the street and caught up to her at her apartment building, he simulated possessing a gun and forced his way into her home. Then he zip tied and duct taped her to a chair and sexually assaulted her then robbed her cellphone and cash that was around.

In Bushwick, a man is using a commercial building to hold speakeasy rave and booze parties in defiance of pandemic protocols and is funding his promoter business by exploiting the eviction moratorium.

Also in Bushwick, a 16-year-old boy got hit in the leg by a stray bullet while walking on the sidewalk.

In Flatlands, two women were killed in a car crash by a hit and run driver who collided into them while speeding and running a red light. The perp and his accomplice abandoned the vehicle and ran away.

Also in Flatlands, a man killed himself when he crashed his car into a garbage truck while speeding on the black ice.

In Sunset Park, a man savagely pushed a 72-year-old traffic cop to the ground after he was being written up a ticket for parking on a bus stop.

Also in Sunset Park, a man got killed and another man got injured when a wall fell on them while working at a building construction site.

Again in Sunset Park, a man killed himself when he crashed into a flatbed truck while riding his ebike drunk.

In Borough Park, two men mugged a man at gunpoint as the rain fell down and robbed two cellphones and 200 bucks off him.

Also in Borough Park, two men spray painted their names and a swastika on a yeshiva building.

Again in Borough Park, an app-food delivery man succumbed to injuries and died months after he got hit by a driver who ran him over with his car after running a red light when he was riding his scooter on the job.

And again in Borough Park, a man skating on the street got knocked down by a hit and run drunk driver.

In Coney Island, a stray bullet pierced the window of an apartment at the Seaview Houses and the tenant found it on one of her daughter’s beds. The woman’s daughters were not present at the time because they were with her ex-husband and she remarked how hearing bullets was just something she grown accustomed to hearing on the daily.

Also in Coney Island, a man killed himself after he crashed his car into building scaffolding while speeding.

In Kensington, a 15-year-old girl got charmed by and smoked a joint with a man she met at a park and then he took her to his apartment and raped her and kicked her back out on the street.

Also in Kensington at the Church Ave. Station, an entire train got bombed with graffiti.

Again in Kensington, two men walking home from a barber shop got confronted by two other men in a car who accused them of giving them dirty looks and then attacked them. As they were brawling with each other, a gang of five men joined the instigators and then ran away when one of the men they targeted got stabbed. The victim died from his wounds shortly after arriving at the hospital on the night before Christmas.

In Red Hook, a man who was recently off parole got shot to death from a point blank blast to his face in front of a public housing building.

Also in Red Hook, a man stabbed another man to death with an ice pick during a brawl inside an apartment building. The deceased was fighting back with a box cutter.

In Sheepshead Bay, an 18-year-old man got stabbed to death on the street a few blocks away from his home. 

In Prospect Heights, a 6-year-old girl watched her mother get stabbed by her boyfriend twice during a domestic dispute at their apartment and then she called the cops as her mother bled on the floor.

Also in Prospect Heights, a man shot two men on the street to settle an argument, killing one with a blast to the chest.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, cops responding to an emergency call about a man with a gun menacing people. After arresting the gunman,  the man he was after charged towards the cops and got shot on the leg when he didn’t comply to orders to stop and when he motioned his hand from his waist. Surprisingly, a Black Lives Matter protest didn’t follow this use of excessive force even after they procured the weapon.

In Boerum Hill, four men got shot in a gang-related attack at the Warren Houses in broad daylight. One of the victims was a NYCHA worker who got caught in the crossfire. The assailant fled in a red getaway car.

In Midwood, a pimp grabbed a 15-year-old girl off the street, brought him back to his apartment and took her to stripper joints and forced her to prostitute herself to johns for over a week until she was able to contact someone for help on her celly.

Also in Midwood, a 62-year-old man got shot to death inside his apartment.

Again in Midwood, a woman got shot in the face inside an apartment building while she was walking down the stairs.

And again in Midwood, a man vandalized four synagogues by spray painting accusatory tropes and broke into one of them and stole 20 bucks.

In Ditmas Park, a woman got shot in the face inside her apartment when a bullet pierced through the door while she was about to open it.

In Williamsburg, a synagogue allowed 5,000 people to cluster inside for a funeral of a Rabbi in defiance of the state’s pandemic protocols and the city’s guidelines for indoor gatherings. The Satmar sect leaders also challenged de Blasio’s NYPD to stop them. The mayor and the authorities chickened out after they literally begged them not to hold the event.

Also in Williamsburg, a man crashed his car into an ambulance after running two red lights and crashed into a lamppost trying to flee.

Again in Williamsburg, a man commuting to work on his ebike got killed after he rode alongside a city bus and it made a turn and ran him over.

And again in Williamsburg, two women and a man got shot at a speakeasy party in a basement of a building by the Williamsburg Bridge.

And again in Williamsburg, a pack of thieves broke into an Italian Restaurant through the basement gate and bashed a hole in a wall of a storage room and robbed over $4,500 worth of fresh homemade pasta and forty bucks from a cash box.

In Mill Basin, a man got killed while trying to maneuver his motorcycle around stalled traffic and got hit by a van as the driver was in the middle of a turn.

In Bay Ridge, a man easily stole a car from an app food delivery man when he left the car double parked with the keys still in the ignition while delivering an order.

Also in Bay Ridge, a man broke into a fish market and robbed $850.

Again in Bay Ridge, a man had his fannypack stolen from his truck that he left inside while he was making a delivery and the thief escaped in a getaway car.

And again in Bay Ridge, a thief stole $2,100 from a woman when she left her bag on her child’s stroller to go back to her apartment because she forgot her face mask.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man decided to quit his job after he stole $3,500 from the register from the deli he worked at.

In Bensonhurst, a food delivery man got ambushed while sending an order by two men who beat him up and robbed his scooter, $700 and his cellphone.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man attacked a woman while she was commuting to work and stole her purse.

In Gravesend, a man stalked a woman walking to her house and stole her purse when she reached the stairs and caused her to fall.

Also in Gravesend, a man got ambushed by two men while walking on the sidewalk and got robbed of 800 bucks.

Again in Gravesend, an app-food delivery man got mugged at knifepoint by two men who placed a false order and robbed his ebike, cellphone and 500 bucks.

And again in Gravesend, a fire engine collided into a Benz in an intersection while responding to an emergency then crashed into a children’s clothing store from the impact. 5 firemen and the driver of the lux car got injured.

And again in Gravesend, a four month old baby was beaten to death inside an apartment.

In Bath Beach, a man broke into a deli and robbed $750 from the register and cracked open an ATM machine and robbed it of over 9 grand.

Also in Bath Beach, a man broke into a deli through the back door and robbed 700 bucks.

Again in Bath Beach, a man got carjacked while trying to sell his vehicle to the cunning thief.

In Fort Hamilton, a man had his truck stolen after he had it parked for a day.

In Greenpoint at the Nassau Ave. Station, a man hopped the turnstiles and attacked a 70-year-old MTA worker on the platform and threatened to infect him with coronavirus and then pushed him onto the tracks, causing him to fall near the third rail. 

In Bed-Stuy, a man randomly slashed a woman on the head who was passing by him on a street corner.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man ran into a deli and held it up at gunpoint and demanded cash from customers inside. Then he grabbed a man who wouldn’t comply and tried to blow his head out on the counter. Then the other man fought back and got shot in the hip during the tussle for the gun.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a man got indicted for swindling elderly people for over a year by impersonating a lawyer and manipulating into giving him $20,000 on a ruse that a relative of theirs needed bail money to avoid imprisonment.

In Gowanus, two cars got excavated from the deep muddy muck of the Gowanus Canal during the superfund cleanup effort. Stunningly, no bodies were found inside.


In Morrisania, a 16-year-old boy got shot to death at point blank range in broad daylight after he came out of a deli after his killer patted him on the shoulder when he arrived and before he went inside the store.

In Mott Haven, a man got shot in the ankle in front of an apartment building.

In Charlotte Gardens, a man broke into a house through the basement window and only stole a lightbulb. There are four picture of the progress of this theft.

In Williamsbridge, a man got shot in the shoulder following an argument with his assailant.

In Mount Eden, a man busted in the front door of a restaurant and looted 500 bucks from the register.

Also in Mount Eden, an argument between two men after a car accident escalated after one of them drove away and then the other man raced down the street pursuing him and then rolled up slow as the other man was double parked and fired a shot at him from the drivers window.

In Tremont, a man got shot in the back by another man while he was about to buy weed. The bulletproof vest the victim wore failed to protect him.

In Highbridge, two men stalked a man heading to his apartment building and jumped him in the lobby, beat him down to the floor and robbed $300 off him

In Allerton, a man got caught by cops while trying to break into a jewelry store from the roof.

Also in Allerton, two men got shot in the legs during a drive-by.

Again in Allerton, a man got stabbed to death inside his apartment following a dispute with his slayer.

In Crotona Park East, a man approached a woman on the sidewalk and slapped her in the face.

In Olinville, a woman got shot in the arm near a street corner at the crack of dawn.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a man crashed into an open street outdoor dining shanty after losing control of his car during a medical episode.

In Wakefield, a man was shot to death inside his apartment yet cops initially determined he died of a drug overdose, which got debunked when forensics found two bullets in his body. Notably one in his head. The killer broke into the apartment through a second floor window.

Also in Wakefield, a man got shot in the shoulder while sitting inside a car.

In Foxhurst, two men held up a jewelry store at gunpoint and robbed 100 large worth of baubles after pistol-whipping the worker.

Also in Foxhurst, a 16-year-old boy slashed a teenage girl in the stomach on the street and was set free without bail after his arraignment and went back to his hangout on the corner near where the victim lives. The boy was previously convicted for his participation in a gang attack of 67-year-old man who got killed after they smashed a garbage can on his head on the street a year ago. The boy was released from custody from a juvenile center because of pandemic protocols, by the same judge.

In Laconia, a gang of kids chased a 12-year-old boy into an alley and then cornered him, beat him down and stabbed him multiple times just to rob his cellphone.

In Pelham Parkway, a 14-year-old boy got shot in the neck and gut in the middle of the street during a snow storm.

In Eastchester, a man slashed a woman with a butcher knife in his car then slaughtered a prostitute to death with the same weapon inside a motel room who he arranged to have sex with.

Also in Eastchester, a man hit a 65-year-old woman and her 2-year-old grandson in a stroller with his car as they were crossing the street. The man went over to check on them and decided to go back to his car and drive away as eyewitnesses took pictures with their cellies.

In Melrose, three young man ganged up on a 17-year-old girl at a park and beat her down while throwing cans and spewing homophobic epithets at her.

In Foxhurst, a man got into an argument with three men who were doing damage to his car while they were trying to dislodge their vehicle from the snow and then one of them shot him in the foot.

In Fordham Heights, a man got shot to death on a basketball court in a park on the grounds of the Twin Parks buildings.

In Pelham Gardens, a man hit a 62-year-old woman and a 2-year-old boy she was pushing in a stroller with his SUV while they were crossing the street and then he surreptitiously went to check on them from behind a truck then went back to his car and drove away.

In University Heights, a man shot another man to death following a dispute by the stairs of an apartment building

In Van Cortdandt Village, a man got shot to death inside his apartment.

In West Farms, a man fired his gun at cops who were chasing him down the street and they caught up to him after he ditched his weapon.

In Hunts Point, a man ambushed an app-food delivery worker while he was making a delivery and held him up at gunpoint with a rifle and robbed his cellphone, 20 bucks and his ebike.

Staten Island

In West Brighton, a man robbed a cash register from a deli after he shot pepper spray at the cashier’s face.

Also in West Brighton, a person fired four shots while in a car in motion in the vicinity of a bus stop.

Again in West Brighton, a man trying to access parked cars got lucky when one was left with the door unlocked and he ripped off a wallet containing 5 bucks from it.

And again in West Brighton, cops pulled over a driver and arrested him along with his friend when they found a loaded gun and a switchblade and an exotic Jamaican drug in the cupholders.

And again in West Brighton, a man broke into a bakery/restaurant and robbed it of $350 but did over a $1,000 of damage after breaking the screen door trying to get in and then breaking a window to get inside.

And again in West Brighton, bullets were fired from a car speeding down the street in broad daylight.

In St. George, a man killed his girlfriend in their apartment by slitting her throat following years of physical abuse he inflicted on her.

In New Springville, a man crippled a woman and bagel shop owner by intentionally crashing his car into a tree while driving drunk. The wreck left her paralyzed from the neck down.

In Tompkinsville, a man got shot to death while walking on the sidewalk as he was going to a deli right around sundown during the snowstorm.

In Annandale, a man robbed a fat tire bicycle worth over $2,000 from a 13-year-old boy after punching him in the face.

In Stapleton, a restaurant dining shanty got pulverized by a car.

In Clifton, a man got shot in the leg from a drive-by while he was heading inside an apartment building.

In Mariners Harbor, a man recklessly driving on the street crashed the car into a pickup truck after running a stop sign and then abandoned it along with a loaded gun he left behind.

In Ward Hill, 11 shots were fired on the street in the middle of the night.

In Tottenville, a man butchered himself by a slashing his arm and severing his dick off with a butcher knife inside his apartment.