New Bad Days 28: Shots Fired Throughout The Boroughs, Vision Zero Accomplishing Zero As Pedestrians And Bikers Are Getting Killed As Certain Drivers Are Still Reckless And Undeterred Reckless Drivers Are Still Fleeing, And A Homeless Man Gets Thrown On The Train Tracks For His Change Cup.




In Hollis, a well-known barber was shot and killed while sitting in his car around midnight, stemming from an argument at the bar he was at previously and general envy among others for his success and clientele. The killer abandoned his gun at the scene and is still at large.

In Springfield Gardens, an elderly homeowner and landlord suffered critical burns when he found a package on his porch that exploded in front of him that was meant for one of his gang-related tenants.

At Brookville Park in Rosedale, a pastor recklessly drove his van, running the red light and smashing into vehicles in front of him, the drove into the park, hitting and injuring 6 people and landing in a pond.

In Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst, 3 men posing as homeowners robbed 4 people looking for places to rent of over $6,000 with false apartment listings made on a social networking platform.

In Jamaica, a man running a stop sign gets pulled over by police, shows them a fake license, then sped away dragging one cop on the side and later hitting his partner in an attempt to escape.

In Sunnyside, a man stole a trumpet off a street musician performing on the corner.

In Long Island City, where a studio is worth more than a half a million dollars and a one room is worth a million, a couple standing on the Queensboro Plaza platform on the N line were threatened by two men who proceeded to follow them and then pepper sprayed both of them. Suspects are shirtless, repeat shirtless.

Also in Long Island City, a couple was robbed of their stuff at gunpoint by 3 men near the famous Kaufman Studios where they film those binge viewing streaming T.V. shows.

In Corona, a 17 year old boy shot two men in the face and head respectively around midnight.

Two fugitives wanted for a murder of a woman who befriended one of them were caught residing in Laurelton.

In Kew Gardens, a 25 year old man ran into the busy street to retrieve his skateboard and got himself killed when a bus hit him.

In Forest Park, bigots spray painted graffiti against gay people and swastikas on trees.


In the Lower East Side, an area christened as Hell’s Square because of it’s obnoxious night life scene, legitimately lives up to it’s name when 4 robberies happened in consecutive days. As a taxi driver was punched in the face and robbed by a passenger who stole his watch at 3:50 a.m., an elderly man was held up by a man who claimed he was holding a piece around 10:00 a.m., a woman exiting the subway at East Broadway at 6:30 a.m. was robbed with a knife at her back, and a man was beaten unconscious by 2 men at 3:30 a.m.

In Greenwich Village, a homeless man threatened to kill a 15 year old boy walking with his mom, followed them for a block then crossed the street and stabbed 2 men, one in the chest, with a pair of scissors.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a construction worker was found dead, his body crushed between the elevator car and shaft in a newly built luxury apartment building.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a cab driver arguing with his fare got slugged and bit by the passenger then retaliated by punching him and brandishing a tire iron. And a man discovered his apartment robbed and $20,000 worth of wedding and engagement rings missing along with an Iphone.

And in the Hudson River by Hell’s Kitchen, a water taxi crashed into the dock, injuring their passengers.

In Harlem, a man robbed four teenagers of money and merchandise by impersonating a correction officer.

In Chelsea, a man with 14 prior arrests hopping the turnstile at the 23rd st. station got nabbed by undercover cops and got caught possessing a gun and Oxycodone pills.

Also in Chelsea, a man tried to rob hot food from the whole foods supermarket, a man punched a bouncer in the face, and 2 bikes were stolen by Google’s office building and the Chelsea Market across the street.

In Midtown East, a man held up and robbed a Chase bank branch and left with a grand.

In the West Village, another bank was held up and robbed by a transvestite for a grand too. Hmmm.

At Penn Station in Midtown West around 2 p.m., a disgusting man accosted an 11 year old girl and her older sister by sitting between them and watching porn on his phone then proceeded to drop his shorts, exposing his filthy junk and molesting the younger sister. When the girls and their mother got off the train at Christopher St., the deviant followed them until they alerted a store clerk and he ran off.

At the 72nd St. station 1, 2, 3 line platform in the Upper West Side, a man killed himself by jumping in front of the oncoming train.

In East Harlem, a blind man was killed walking in the crosswalk as a tour bus hit him in broad daylight.

In Midtown South, a chiropractor and his wife with financial troubles committed suicide as they leapt to their deaths from their office window.

In the Upper East Side, an 80 year old was killed crossing the street by a cab that did not yield for her.

At Central Park on the Upper East Side, a man was robbed at gunpoint by a teenager for a measly $10

In Hamilton Heights, a man riding an electric bicycle slammed into a pedestrian then stabbed him

In Spanish Harlem, a manhole exploded with workers still inside.


In Greenpoint, a cyclist riding home from work in Manhattan was killed by a garbage truck in a hit and run at 12:30 a.m.

Also in Greenpoint, a girl coming home wasted with friends died from her injuries when she slipped on the ladder of her bunk, hit a hook and fell on the floor.

In Bed-Stuy, a woman with prior arrests for violent attacks stabbed a man to death with a screwdriver in their apartment.

In East Flatbush, a man attacked a pregnant woman with a machete inside their apartment.

At the Farragout Houses In Vinegar Hill, a man was shot to death when he answered a knock on the door at 2:10 a.m.

In Sheepshead Bay, an 18 year old teenager riding his skateboard on the street was killed instantly by a turning vehicle that ran over him and drove off.

In Williamsburg, a man delivering a paper bag of cash to another bodega was held up and robbed of it by 2 men

At a home daycare center in Crown Heights, a woman smacked around and sat on a 3 year old girl and locked her arms and pushed her face into a cot.

A man and woman are robbing delis, bodegas and restaurants in a span of a week in East New York, Bushwick, And Bed-Stuy.

At the Euclid Ave. subway station in East New York, a dozing passenger awaken by the conductor tried to kiss her and then punched her in the face when she rejected his kiss.

At the Bedford Ave. station in Williamsburg, a colossal prick threw a homeless man onto the tracks and stole his cup of coins.

In Coney Island, a man was shot at multiple times and hit in the face behind an apartment building.


In Eastchester, a man got stabbed to death after flipping the bird to some guys who followed them after taking offense to his gesture.

In Olinville, a woman stabbed a man by his eye on the street after an argument with him.

In Parkchester, a man shot and killed his wife, 43 years her senior, after she demanded leave the house after he lost his job and when she insulted his manhood and his bedroom performance capability.

In Woodstock (who knew there was a Woodstock in the Bronx?), a school safety agent was driving drunk with his door open.

At Yankee Stadium in the Piano District South Bronx, a college educated man yelled at a developmentally disabled 4 year old boy by calling him a retard, making him cry. Stadium security and staff did nothing and let the fucking bum manchild enjoy the rest of the game as the mother and kid were mortified.

Staten Island

In Randall Manor, an unlicensed livery cab driver crashed his car into a pole and abandoned his vehicle with two injured passengers in the back seat.

At the dock of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, a man stabbed another man after having an argument.

Crappy Anniversary Son Of Sam, Everybody Sing.





Mayor De Blasio Resorts To Cheap Populism On His Electioneering Subway Rides, Gets Creative Eradicating The Homeless Crisis On His Commute And Holding Up The Train At The Expense Of The Constituency

The mayor allows the press he has contempt for to bask in his glory ride.

De Blasio Campaign Headquarters, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N.Y.

As the worst fucking transit system in the universe continues to break and fail every other day, which is a slight improvement from every hour in every part of the boroughs, decisive action is being taken by the elected and half universally loathed leaders of the state that runs it, the city that owns and operates it and the officials appointed to come up with ideas to make the system run efficiently (fuck that genius search already, Andy).

So “Mario’s son” Governor Cuomo finally gets the twist tied holding gears rolling to fix the decrepit transit system while continuing to avoid it since his New Years Rocking Eve at the Second Ave. line uptown by hiring former MTA chairman and mayoral candidate Joe Lotha to dispense feeble self-criticism and an actual plan and budget to fix the shitshow subway.

Shockingly, Lotha delivered the goods on schedule with the new plan and budget. It’s very wide-ranging and it will cost about 800 million dollars. It goes from crucial infrastructure upgrades especially the signal system, speeding up service and preventing delays to addressing obnoxious behavior and foul habits of the commuters themselves. Well at least it’s something and did not require a genius to think it up (again kill that genius grant, Andy, these assholes in their twenties don’t really know shit but design addictive app video games). It just needs to be funded equitably by the state and the city.

Hold on and not so says Mayor de Blasio, for he has refused to pony up the city’s share of the responsibility and operations because of his claims that the state is hoarding and has reallocated the majority of loot in the MTA’s coffers.

So the Mayor of the city where the subway runs (somewhat) will not fund it.

Leave it to this mayor to be the brazen, vindictive and willful hypocrite. Apparently after spending his term commuting with an entourage of SUV’s going borough to borough every morning for some stupid workout routine and for a while utilizing a chopper, he suddenly now empathizes with the disgruntled millions who depend on the trains to go to and from work every day. His demands for the state’s accounting of it’s funding flies in the face of his own money hoarding for the BQX line which he is holding 2.5 billion out for, his money spending for the pathetic and underserved ferry boat line, and his money grubbing to pay his lawyers for his defense in the aborted federal pay to play corruption case against him.

During the week of his underground urban exploring, a lot of arrangements were made to give a scintilla of legitimacy for his latest voter pandering and self-righteous and serving indignation. And also to test out his newfound reactionary belief in the widespread and growing homeless crisis, for there was an order from 1 Police Plaza to the transit squad to remove the derelicts from the platforms of 2 stations, the 4th avenue and Jay/Metrotech, where De Faustio and the press junket were stopping by heading to his campaign headquarters in downtown goddamn Brooklyn.

De Faustio and his dweeb spokesman Eric “Spaz” Phillips were incensed at such an accusation made by the NY Post, but mostly from the leaks from the NYPD about this uncouth demand to erase the overwhelming new wave of poverty from the views of reporters.

This quote really sticks out and leaves a stench worse than any derelict stinking up an entire subway car:

“I haven’t seen any directive given and if it was given it shouldn’t have been,” the mayor told reporters on Wednesday afternoon. “I ride the subways all the time, there’s no sweeps. So, look, I know you guys like to focus on things like this, if someone’s doing it because they have an axe to grind politically, God bless them, but that’s not the policy. The policy is not to do sweeps, I get on the subway whatever is happening on the subway I’m gonna experience it with everyone else.”

“I ride the subways all the time” he said. This corrupt mayor thinks riding the subway for 3 days, and 2 other times before that, the first time when prompted by primary opponent Sal Albanese, defines the words “all the time”. Was it only a short time ago when such optical acts was deemed by the Blaz as “cheap symbolism”?

This outlandish claim and repulsive attempt at commuter empathy was matched by his yeoman messenger by practically challenging the press’s and the NYPD leakers expose saying “Zero evidence. Evidence of the opposite, in fact.”

As for the Blaz and the Spazz’s denials of the existence of such cruel and arbitrary treatment of the ignored and reviled indigent subterranean dwellers, they just got shot down in flames.

That’s an order and evidence right there. But the dynamic dunces got apoplectic, as scoundrels do when they get caught. Eric engaged in some banter with a reporter over his zero evidence theory and got his pube bearded face red.

Ghost cops, Eric?

Phillips gets fed his lunch. As for the confirmed sweep, is this what De Faustio was referring to when he suggested that officers get creative handling the homeless population?

The mayor response to the damning order, and damning to his credibility as a progressive politician, was defiantly petulant and quite dismaying:

I don’t care my friend, because it does not matter.” ​​

“​Read my lips: I don’t care. It’s an irrelevancy,” ​the mayor added.

This is the attitude by a person that can only be manifested by the result of a wholesale lack of interest and general cynicism in government. Most of all, the result of low voter turnout and the favoritism of weak and financially compromised candidates by political parties.

And lastly, a local news media that refuses to cover civic issues and currently this mayoral race, guaranteeing De Faustio a perceived lock on the mayoralty.

Speaking of which, this sudden activism and advocacy by Mayor Big Slow for the worst fucking transit system in the universe smacks of the same electioneering stunt he pulled with his ruse protesting and getting himself arrested at LIC Hospital in Brooklyn around this time 4 years ago to vainly bring attention to it’s shutting down for developers. How did that work out?

Saying that he doesn’t care, with a tone more like don’t give a fuck, could be the most honest thing he has said his entire term. He certainly didn’t give a fuck the other day when the R train the mayor was on was delayed over an alleged “police investigation”.

If there is a bright side to this wretched abuse of services and the office of the mayor (again), is that it is starting to reverberate amongst the citizenry. People are becoming more vocal and furious and are taking dead aim at what passes for leadership in this town.

And Mario’s son Governor Cuomo is not exempt either, since he and his toadies on the MTA board decided to spend some millions on and ad campaign trashing the mayor for his insolence and hundred millions more on lame bridge light shows.

But De Faustio is the villain here this time, for he is trying to get another free unblemished ride back to city hall by continuing his bogus feud with Andy who at the moment is the most despised person in the state for now. And of course a corporate neutered local news media. The thing is, just by his obnoxious and Trump like reactions and accusations for the revealing of this homeless sweep order, he made have screwed himself and being the arrogant jerk, like Trump again, he doesn’t even know it yet or even acknowledge it. The last time someone was this sure was “Manifest” Hillary Clinton, and look how that worked out.

Enjoy your commute, De Faustio, teflon mayor. In fact, just run your campaign office on the rails til it’s off the rails (pun intended), that way all the blight will be washed away, the bums will be displaced (again), fires will be extinguished, rain water will be contained and the trains will assuredly run efficiently and effectively. And most of all, you will officially gain credibility as an everyday rider.

Which will be more than your credibility as a competent and dutiful mayor.


Vision Zero Thought Or Consideration @ Metropolitan Ave. And 71st Ave.

Find the impurity on the road. Winner gets a free lollypop.

North Forest Park, Queens, N.Y.

Welcome to Metropolitan Ave.. This is a tight yet standard two way road, a major 2 borough artery that spans from eastern Queens to the end of Brooklyn. The intersection crosses with 71st Ave., which goes to Queens Blvd to the north and ends at Forest Park to the south. It’s a busy traffic area but not typically hectic or hazardous.

Until now. Under the jurisdiction of Mayor De Faustio’s Vision Zero program, the DOT one day observed somehow that a lot of drivers traverse the 3 block path to get to Union Turnpike east and decided to cut the road in half to allow uninterrupted turns.


Looks weird. And hazardous. Note the parked vehicles slightly above a cars length away.


Now look at it from the east side and it truly shows how stupid it is. First off, there is not even a directional signal light to turn, which would make sense and justify this path. Now if you notice the car on the north side, there is a turning lane going the south also, it’s where people used to park. Now the most important thing about this idiotic design is that the cars heading east in the middle have to turn sharp right to avoid going the wrong direction and then merge left again.

I don’t know when this was repainted but I have seen similar road designs in the city but at least there was an extra lane of traffic to work with. Metropolitan just has one lane. This intersection is going to infuriate drivers if it’s not doing it already and it’s an accident waiting to happen.


Look at the paint on the lines, it’s already fading out. Showing that no one can steer and avoid breaching the now other side of the road. Not only is this asinine but it has the potential of a ticket trap. It’s also worrisome for bikers that have to go all the way to the curb to give enough space for passing drivers. This is not safe. This is stupid. I wonder if anyone asked for this. But when it comes to dispensing policy and plans for neighborhoods, especially in Queens, the hacks in city hall has a long record of not telling anyone, from shitty unhelpful road designs like this, to unnecessary bike lanes and mental patients and recidivist criminals they put in homeless shelters.

For this to return to what it was, an uninterrupted two way street, someone of course has to get killed. But lately, even that hasn’t worked considering the amount of hit and runs and pedestrian crossing accidents borough wide.

Vision Zero? More like Vision Tunnel.


Executive Carnage/Sabotage: Donald Trump Jr. Made A Huge Mistake And Clears The Air About Everything About His Dad’s, Putin And His Oligarch Peers And The Deep State’s Motives


Well, Well, Well, it looks like the proverbial smoking gun became the proverbial mushroom cloud around the machinations and the elevation of the electoral winner of once candidate and current president, Figurehead Donald J. Chump. No, Trump. Everybody knows his name, there is not a need to goof on his name with a simple rhyme or even make a Fraudian slip getting it wrong. And it’s all thanks to his hapless idiot son, Donald Trump, Jr..

On the cusp of the primary victory trouncing irrelevant opponents and with the presence of secret service in the homebase namesake tower of his father and grandfather, Junior received a meesage from an old friend in the public relations field of the entertainment industry, one Rob Goldstone regarding salacious and incriminating dealings about his dad’s opponent at the time, “Manifest” Hillary R. Clinton, with Russia while she was secretary of state. From the email correspondence with Junior, Mr. Goldstone procured what he called “high level sensitive intelligence” from a Russian real estate oligarch, Aras Agalarov, whose son Emin is a pop star that his agency represents whose ties to the current president stems from his purchase of the 2012 Miss Universe pageant that was held in his homeland.

Goldstone further detailed on the email correspondence, a very vulnerable venue to dispense high level intelligence, that it was part of what he proclaimed was Russia’s support for the then candidate. He also states that he will arrange a meeting with a crown prosecutor high powered attorney from the declared enemy nation with ties to Agalarov that will give them the damning details about Hillary.

Junior responds to this by writing, “If it’s what you say it is, I love it!”. He doesn’t inform the feds, or even his dad (until later apparently), he writes “I love it!”

Junior made a h(y)uge mistake.

And made another one when to get the jump on a long article about the email exchange by the New York Times, probably sensing how discussing trading foreign intelligence to destroy an opponent and the democratic process in an election would lead experts and regular people to assume that treason was committed to empower his father.

H(y)uge mistake. Because all it did was expose the nefarious deeds and essential players involved, mostly by referring to the presence of campaign chief Paul Manafort and current advisor and de facto State Secretary and young ward Jared Kushner along with the porcine P.R. man who set up the fete. Shortly after this feeble attempt at transparency, it turned out that the lawyer who showed up as Junior claimed was nothing sinister like election tampering and voter manipulation but inquires about adoptions and the Magnitsky Act, Natalia Veselnitskaya is an influential and powerful lawyer who represented banks that lent to the Trump’s and Kushner’s real estate holdings, the Kremlin and the FSB spy agency and money laundering oligarchs. The meeting was also presided by Rinat Akhmetshin, a former Russian spy and career Ameircan lobbyist, whose expertise runs the gamut from corporate hacking of rival energy companies to media manipulation through social media, which includes doing damage to the legacy of one Sergei Magnitsky of the act Natalia wanted dismantled. Providing the translation for the visitors was Anatoli Samochornov who did translator work for Natalia’s court hearings involving her money laundering clients and a second translator at the meeting Irakly Kaveladze, who was involved in, guess, a money laundering scheme to move Russian billions through American banks involving shell companies.

Donald Junior really was totally out of his element here with this coterie of Russian players of dark espionage, dark web, persuasion and sophisticated global thievery. D.J. was so gung ho to impress his dad that he absolutely did not bother to vet the individuals involved or even their true intentions. Which going by the chicanery of all the 5 Russian players so far is all about lifting sanctions against their homeland, their ruler Putin, and all of the Russian corporations they have clear ties to. Or even realize that the guy who summoned this dispicable group, employed a British spy who dug dirt on his pop, which turned out to be the haphazard Steele dossier published by Buzzfeed.

Now Junior’s stupid decision to release the transcript of the meeting set up not only exposes his willingness to deal with a foreign state to taint the presidential election and Senior’s opponent, but it shows that he wanted to be a bigger player in the campaign as much as his bro-in-law Jared was, who happened to own a major new york publication at the time with the New York Observer (now Observer), to what is now a disastrous result. It immediately brought to mind the strenuous, needy and perpetually flawed character from the cult classic TV show “Arrested Development”, Gob Bluth, a bozo who constantly craved the attention and respect of his father, imprisoned and fugitive real estate tycoon George Bluth, who Donald Jr. bears an almost uncanny resemblance to.

No not this picture.*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Yeah, this is the one, separated or misplaced at birth.

Thanks to D.J.’s bumbling, there can no longer be a shadow of a doubt of the intentions of everyone involved in the last few years of the Trump reign of executive carnage:

From Putin and The Russian oligarchs, the lifting of sanctions derived from the imprisonment and death of a lawyer investigating the illegal gains and transferring of billions of dollars, so they can make and launder more through international real estate, whose holdings include the luxury dwellings in many of Figurehead Trump’s namesake towers.

That Wikileaks may have been tricked with getting Hillary’s revelatory and incriminating emails to influence and win HER primary, that the source, Glucifer 2.0 may have been tied to Russian spies and the 400 fat kid that Trump mentioned during inquiries about this may be Rob Goldstone.

From the Republican establishment of greedy conservative and hypocritical christians, who rode the Trump train to the white house so they can pass their heinous society and government killing legislation to enrich themselves and their donors.

And of course the President himself, who is only there to enhance and promote his name and brand. Who did it by all means necessary too. From trashing his opponents to even embracing Bernie Sanders platform to get elected, and it worked like a charm. This also shows that he is still running his businesses while holding government office, since the only thing he’s done is sign preposterous and nonbinding executive orders, looks befuddled and detached addressing the press and at functions, and has profited immensely in just a half year’s time.

But it’s not working out like it was planned after all.

Because Congress cannot get anything done despite the Republicans having the Senate and the House. The health care repealed failed. The travel ban is still failing. They can’t get their monstrous budget passed. They are more reviled than ever before. And the voting public are getting hip to single payer health care and party primary elections to oust them.

And Figurehead Trump is getting aggravated for he could have the sense that he got played and exploited by the Republican D.C. establishment, if going by his recent regret of hiring Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Trump actually thought that the position was meant to defend him only.  I guess it’s cheaper to have your own personal A.G. than hiring a high powered firm in civilian life.

He is also feeling the walls closing in, maybe literally since he is starting to get antsy at the Mueller Commission’s decision to focus on his business dealings with Russia than on the election because of all the notorious characters in the room and the majority of his plutocabinet’s ties to the perceived enemy nation. He is also assembling a bevy of lawyers and  planning to preemptively give himself and his kin presidential pardons as if he is speculating criminal charges. Surprising since he was so certain about how the president cannot have a conflict of interest.

For the past 6 months, the president has been strutting around abusing his position when he wasn’t on his cellphone typing stupid opinions like he owned the country. Recent behavior exhibited by the now confirmed Figurehead showed his dictatorial leanings, unchecked ignorance and unbridled petulance. Even when the LPGA U.S. open was held at his golf course in New Jersey, he was watching it in a giant clubhouse fortress and resembling Kim Jong Un watching his military dance for him when he was clapping for the winner at the end. The North Korean analogy gets even better since 10 of the top 15 ranked finalists including the winner were all South Korean.

Trump has become the emperor with no clothes. Actually, all his life he has been that, shamelessly walking around with his dick flopping and dangling with festering puss oozing herpes sores, as his empire and personal wealth grew and grew with the aid of government tax breaks and organized crime.

And now it looks like the proverbial chickens have come home to roost, thanks to his eldest and dumbest progeny, who to save face for maybe the final time remarked that his son was a high-quality person as if he was a key of uncut cocaine.

This real life/real time political tragicomedy wrote itself and like most programs after a while, has become stale and predictable. The collusion committed by the Trump 2016 campaign was wretched and egregious, but mild compared to the willful tolerance of the Republican Party who continued to back him and are now in power and squandering it. It’s even led to the continued immorality of the Democrat party establishment who are riding on the gross incompetence and existence of Figurehead Trump to still manipulate their voter base. And judging by their recent attempts to capture vacant seats with the corporation palatable picks, are still failing. The White House and the Deep State has gotten so reprehensible and power mad that even the government ethics commissioner Walter Shaub couldn’t take it anymore and felt his position had become unjustified and up and quit, a decision wrought with the symbolism and unofficially the fact that actual ethics or even the concept of them no longer exists in elected office or maybe society as a whole.

And now bipartisanship has arrived in D.C. as both parties in the Senate has revived the sanctions against Trump’s pal Putin’s Russia, daring the Figurehead to veto it and look like a treasonous patsy and hearings have been scheduled for the hosts of that notorious sitdown on the 25th floor of 725 5th avenue.

And it’s all because of Donald Trump Jr.. Who in two strokes of his cellphone in the span of a year did what the legendary Gob Bluth did and said in every episode of his famed sitcom…

He made a huge mistake. Or in Trumpspeak, a hyuge mistake.

For this, the nation might thank him one day for the dismantling of decades of entrenched government corruption. Let’s thank him now for making his dad sweat harder in the past week and coming months.








New Bad Days 27: Wild In The Streets- Unpleasant Nostalgia Of The Bad Old Days As Two Men Duke It Out Uptown, A Man Gets Stabbed To Death During Breakfast, And More Slashings, Shootings, Holdups, Rapes and Rape Attempts, And The Continued Usage Of Citibikes For Crimes.

Who needs those idiots Mayweather and McGregor? We got the NBD bout of the week.


On the Upper West Side at 6:45 a.m., a street hassle involving two men arguing over traffic protocol escalated when the pedestrian, distracted by talking on his phone, banged on the drivers window, leading to the driver taking out a machete from his truck and swinging and throwing it at the pedestrian and missing him, followed by the pedestrian throwing garbage cans at the driver and ended with the two exchanging blows and flexing.

In Times Square, a man singing aloud and walking with his friend was slashed in the face by a man who thought his friend was disrespected when the victim blew him off.

In Midtown, a homeless man threw a brick at a window of a bar that inspired the hangout of that horrendous show “How I Met Your Mother?” and the reprehensible Bro, Brah and Broheim culture and craze. That’s the show with Doogie Howser ,the exhibitionist from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and the girl who stuck her flute up her pussy at band camp.

In Stuyvesant Town at the First Avenue train station, a man molested a woman by pelvically grinding on her.

You Sexy Motherfucker

In Murray Hill, 4 people got injured during a multiple car crash that included a garbage truck at 2:30 a.m.

In Greenwich Village, a civilian employee for the NYPD got caught trying to rob a bank on West 4th street by claiming to have a bomb.

On the Upper East Side, a man loaded on drugs lost control of his SUV, hitting a curb, mounting the sidewalk and crashing into a watch store, injuring 3 people.

In Union Square, 3 teenage boys robbed a cellphone off a display rack.

 Police on Wednesday arrested a man who tried and failed to rob three banks in lower Manhattan.
“I want 20’s, I want 50’s, I want 100’s…”

In the Lower East Side and later in Noho, a man dressed like Spaulding from Caddyshack attempted and failed to rob 3 banks with an object in a flimsy plastic bag.

In Washington Heights, 2 men were attempting to steal letters from a mailbox using glue traps and string

At the Manhattan Supreme Court in Downtown, a prisoner tried to escape the holding area by shoving the D.A. and attacking the guards.

In Midtown West at Penn Station, a man on parole slashed another man in the face after an argument escalated between the culprit and the victim and his girlfriend on the subway platform.

In the East Village, a man broke into a church and burglarized it.


In Brighton Beach at 6:10 a.m., a man sitting on a crate eating a bagel in front of a deli is confronted by a man who proceeds to conspicuously take out a knife, bends down to say something to the man sitting and stabs him once in the mid-section. The victim walks backwards away from his attacker and heads toward a cab that pulled over, then collapses. He is taken to a hospital where he died from his wound. The killer was known to pick fights with people in the vicinity.

In Canarsie, a 70 year old woman was found dead in her house, her legs bound in an electrical cord. Her adopted son is suspected in the murder.

Also in Canarsie, a 19 year old man was shot in the chest at the back of a house.

In Bed-Stuy, an 18 year old woman was injured after being shot at sitting in her car. This happened despite the ubiquitous presence of high end dining establishments.

At an apartment building in Crown Heights, two teenage girls, aged 16, were held captive and forced into prostitution by a couple in their early 20’s. One of the girls attended an event sponsored by the Adminstration For Child Services a month earlier and afterward was brought to her unsuspected captors by a person who worked for the ACS.

Also in Crown Heights, a man chasing and shooting at other men on the street when he ran into undercover cops patrolling the area who then shot him when he refused to drop his weapon after he was still shooting for his targets.

And yet again in Crown Heights, the same wimp that tried to rape 2 women and got his ass kicked, attempted to rape another two women and got his ass kicked again.


Also in Clinton Hill, a man was stabbed on the street at 3:15 p.m.

In Bushwick, a thief broke into an electronic bike store and stole 7 motor powered bikes worth $10,000.

In Prospect Heights, an off duty correction officer nearly killed a man with his car who had a protection order against him.

At the Sutter Avenue train station in East New York, a man tried to wrest a gun from an MTA patrolman who was guarding a technician repairing a metrocard dispenser.

In Flatbush, 2 men are involved in a gunpoint robbery scheme involving meetups feigning to buy expensive merchandise ranging from stupid Iwatches and Iphones to grotesque sneakers designed by Kanye West.

In Coney Island, a man was caught driving drunk with his 7 year old daughter on his lap after he crashed into an ambulance.

In Prospect Heights-Lefferts Gardens, a woman broke a window in her apartment and tried to kill herself.

In Fort Greene, a burglar broke into an apartment building and ripped a laundry card machine from it’s base, stole the money inside it and rode away on a Citibike. Two men wearing bandannas like in the old west robbed a man of his backpack at knifepoint at a bus stop. A cabdriver drove away with a woman’s purse after she naively trusted him with it when she wanted to make a quick stop to the nearest market. And a man was beaten and slashed by 3 men while walking on the street at 9:45 a.m.

In Carrol Gardens, a man crept into a woman’s apartment and stole her laptop.


At the Gouverneur Morris Houses in Claremont Village, 3 men were wounded from being shot at.

Also in Claremont, a woman was sexually assaulted in an E.R. at a hospital care center by a man with a stolen I.D. and medical jacket.

In Port Morris, a woman was found dead at a warehouse in a closet resulting from beatings by her ex-husband, who hung himself a day later.

In Mott Haven, a man hit a bike rider and drove off, leaving him on the street with critical injuries.


In Richmond Hill, a woman double-parked on the street was held up by gunpoint, robbed then raped by two men.

In Long Island City at the Ravenswood Houses at 12:00 p.m, a man was shot multiple times to death by an gunman who fled the area and is still at large.

At the Grand Central Parkway in Jamaica Estates, a drunk driver caused a 4 car collision killing 2 and injuring 7 after he swerved 3 lanes to pass a vehicle in front of him and smashed into a guardrail and landed on the opposite road.

At a high school in Cambria Heights, an 18 year old man sexually assaulted a 16 year old girl after luring her to the basement.

In Flushing, 3 men traveling in a minivan are snatching purses off of random women and still on the loose. They have robbed cash and valuables worth over $10,000.

Also in Flushing at Kissena Park, a man raped two women on consecutive evenings, both attacks happened around 11 and 11:30 p.m.

In Hunters Point, a woman was robbed of her iphone by a boy riding on a Citibike.

In Woodside, a man snatched a purse from a car with the windows down.

In Queens Village, a 14 year old girl is reported missing who last seen on Hillside ave. at 8:30 a.m.

The Worst Fucking Transit System In The Universe

On Monday morning, a track fire ignited in the A train express tunnel by the 145th street station in Harlem, leading to a mass evacuation causing a shutdown of 4 lines which led to a massive overcrowding on the 1 train blocks away on Broadway for it was the only line accessible for transit service.

Interim Commissioner Joe Lotha’s first response to the latest MTA atrocity exhibition; “We are not very good right now”. His proactive response and solution. “Don’t eat on the trains.” No wonder he lost to De Faustio.

During the Friday morning rush, the Q train derailed by the Brighton Beach station resulting in delays on the line for the entire day.

And in the making the same mistake and expecting different result dept., the worst fucking and criminally undermined for decades transit system in the universe had a work train derail by the West 8th street station and after doing some repairs it derailed again 2 hours later when they tried to run it. It was revealed that the previous day that the car was faulty when it was operated at a railyard in Coney Island.

This week has been crushingly and oppressively humid. It can’t be hotter than July after this last week and a half. On that note, here’s Stevie Wonder with the proper sentiment.

And the inspiration of today’s post title.








George A. Romero, Movie Director Of Horror And Macabre, Creator Of The Zombie Genre, Born And Raised In Bronx, N.Y.

They always come back to places familiar to them…

They’re coming to get you, Barbara…


New Bad Days 26: Christian Woman Gang-raped Shortly After Leaving Church And Blocks From Subway In Jamaica, 2 Women Shot Over Gangsta Shit And 2 Girls Mugged Selling Cookies In Brooklyn, And 2 Toddlers Determined Beaten To Death After A Misdiagnosis By Their Mother’s Boyfriend.

Dirty Beaver Rd. in Jamaica, Queens


In South Jamaica in the Dirty Southeast, a 50 year old woman walking to the subway from her Parish on Beaver Rd. got held up and robbed of her money by two men with pistols, who then were joined by 2 other young men who demanded she take off her clothes in the middle of the street in broad daylight and proceeded to gang rape her and forced her to perform oral sex on them. She wound up running back to the church half naked carrying her clothes.

The gruesome incident could have ended a lot worse if it weren’t for the stupidity of the rapists. The victim was savvy enough to lie about having HIV (which must have felt horrible being a christian to break a commandment) so one of the idiots would go to the nearest bodega to buy a rubber which probably had a camera filming the dumb fuck. All of them couldn’t help themselves from bragging about their criminal conquest at the group home were they were dwelling, leading concerned staffers to turn them in. And they called the victim dumb.

This story immediately brings up the infamous and costly Central Park jogger rape from almost 30 years ago. Except there is absolutely no mistake about this case, as 3 so far have been caught. Now everyone’s city tax dollars can go to keeping these recidivist dicks incarcerated instead of fucking around in a glorified foster home and lurking in the streets trying to get a bit of the old ultraviolence.

In Flushing, a man who refused to pay for online service at an internet cafe attacked and choked a worker there.

Also in Flushing, a man broke into a doctor’s office and stole $250

A woman was killed by a tow truck driver crossing the street in Jamaica at 2:30 p.m.

In Jackson Heights, an off duty cop bit and choked his wife during a domestic dispute.

At a bar in Ozone Park, a man was stabbed to death by a man over an argument stemming from comments of a woman he was with and after he bashed a chair over the head and then choking his assailant.

In Woodside, a man riding his bike was thrown off it, beaten, put in a chokehold and robbed by 3 men.

Also in Woodside, a woman walking up the steps to the 40th street station platform at 9 a.m. had her ass grabbed by a deviant.

In Long Island City, an argument by two men escalated when one of them pulled out a gun and shot his foe 3 times.

In Middle Village, a man held up a deli with a shotgun and robbed it of $1,600 at 4:15 p.m.

In Far Rockaway, a man was killed and another wounded from a hail of gunfire in front of deli.


In Bed-Stuy,  two mothers in their twenties were shot and killed at a courtyard in a hail of rapid gunfire from unknown assailants at 9:30 p.m.. The bullets were intended for rival gang members in the surrounding housing complexes. One of the victims 3 year old daughter is being comforted from knowing of her mother’s untimely and gruesome death. Something the killers and their targets should think about but probably won’t.

In East New York, 2 men robbed the same deli twice in 24 hours. The clerk stated that he was never robbed before.

At the 83rd Precinct NYPD station in Bushwick at 11:15 a.m., a man under processing tried to steal an officer’s gun. At his sentencing date in court, the judge hearing his case, Loren Baily-Schiffman, decided to release him without bail. The perp has confirmed mental health problems. Is this how the city plans to keep the jail population low so that they can close Rikers Island?

At a bar in Williamsburg, a woman got suckerpunched in the face from a man whose advances she turned down.

Also in Williamsburg at the Peter Luger Restaurant, a woman attacked another woman by biting her over the strife and chaos going on in Venezuela.

In Midwood, a man drew swastikas on wet cement near a Jewish center.

In Crown Heights, an interracial couple was accosted with bigoted slurs by two men who then pummeled the man they were insulting.

In Flatbush, a student coming home from college on summer vacation was shot 3 times in the middle of a street brawl. His friend was also stabbed during the melee.

In East Flatbush, another college student was shot dead by a teenager riding a citibike

Also in Flatbush by Prospect Park, two men riding bicycles, one of them using another citibike, rolled up to a pickup truck and shot at the driver and the passengers inside, killing one and wounding another.

At the Elderts Lane J station in Cypress Hills, a man whipped out his dick and pissed all over a woman sitting inside the train and fled.

At the Kings Plaza mall in Mill Basin, a teenager shot a gun inside missing his target and ran off with his friend.

In Prospect Heights-Lefferts Gardens, a woman committed suicide and got decapitated throwing herself under a turning bus.

In Bay Ridge, a man broke into a house through the basement and robbed jewelry.

2 men are wanted in robbing thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes from 10 chain pharmacies in Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge.

In Crown Heights, two sisters selling scrumptious chocolate chip cookies were attacked by 2 teenage girls and a teenage boy who beat up and attempted to rob them then sprayed a toxic substance at them when the young entrepreneurs tried to photograph them with their camera.

Also in Crown Heights, two women avoided being sexually assaulted by the same pervert by kicking his pussy ass.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man on his way to the bank was held up by two men and two others acting as lookouts and robbed of 80 grand that was collected from the small businesses operating in the town.


 Olivia Gee, 2, and Micha Gee, 3, died within minutes of each others.

In Kingsbridge, 2 children aged 2 and 3 were beaten to death. It was initially claimed by their mother’s boyfriend that they suffocated from simultaneous asthma attacks when it was found with bruising and internal bleeding. The mother and her boyfriend, who found the toddlers dead and gave the first report, are suspected but not charged for the man lawyered up and the mother is undergoing mental treatment.

In Williamsbridge, a man shot at two other men, killing one and wounding the other in near a strip mall.

In Fordham Heights, on the night and the same neighborhood where Officer Familia got murdered, a man killed another man with an ice pick as the victim was playing a game on this cellphone at 9:30 p.m.

2 dead bodies were discovered, one in a pickup truck and another in an apartment in the towns of Eastchester and in Allerton.

In Classons Point, a man was shot dead while sitting in his SUV during a drug deal.

In Morrisania, after an argument over defrauding Medicare, two men drew guns and aimlessly shot at each other, wounding 2 men and a 4 year old girl whose father was the shooter’s target. If only there were a way to devise such a complicated scheme professionally.

In Fordham Manor, an elderly woman wound up with her leg broken when she tried to break up a fight between her son and another man.

In the South Bronx, a man who got tricked into buying an Iphone on the street but found an empty box, got stabbed as he tried to chase the conman.

In Westchester Square on a street marked as a priority area under Vision Zero, a man was killed when he was hit by an SUV at 9:50 p.m.

Near a homeless shelter in Mott Haven, a man visiting his relatives staying there was stabbed to death at 12:15 p.m.

At the 149th street station in the South Bronx, a woman was accosted by a perverted man in the elevator who then went on the dirty floor to shoot pictures or video with his phone under her dress.

A dead body was found floating in the river of Pelham Bay Park. Another dead body was found in the McCombs Dam Bridge a few days earlier.


At the Trump Tower on 5th avenue in Midtown, a man yearning to meet Ivanka Trump, who was busy sitting in her daddy’s seat at the G20 summit, came armed with 2 throwing knives and wearing a bullet proof vest.

In Times Square, a man was slashed in the face during a street hassle between two gangs at 1 in the morning. If anything doesn’t prove that these are the new bad days when something like this happens in this particular spot, then I don’t know what is.

By Gramercy Park, a man lied down in the middle of Park Ave South and 22nd st. as a bus ran over him.

In Harlem, a man jumped out of an 8 story window to avoid his parole officer.

Also in Harlem, a man armed with a revolver went up to a bodega and started firing, killing a reputed gang member at point blank range.

In Harlem again at Marcus Garvey Park at 1:40 p.m. a man was shot by the basketball courts.

At the 125th street station in East Harlem, a man killed himself touching the third rail after yelling about wanting to die as he laid down on the tracks.

Also in East Harlem, a grandmother with her granddaughter got injured after they were hit by a cab speeding out of a gas station.

Again in East Harlem, an elderly couple walking on Park Avenue were randomly assaulted by a man throwing punches

At the upscale Maritime Hotel in Chelsea, a professional model, dancer and trainer to famous celebrities attempted to rape a 17 year old girl who was under the influence of alcohol.

At the Grand Central Station in Midtown, a man snatched a woman’s purse on the platform and ran into the tunnel after being chased by a samaritan.

At the East Broadway station in Chinatown, a man killed himself jumping in front of an approaching F train.

At Central Park in the Upper East Side, a woman was found dead on a hill by some trees. This is the 4th dead body found in the park in 2 months.

An elderly couple robbing banks for 2 years to pay bills and rent was caught in their apartment in Bed-Stuy after robbing a Capital One branch in Greenwich Village.

In Union Square, a woman walking down to subway was robbed by another woman who reached into her bag and stole her cellphone. Inside the station a day earlier, a 75 year old woman was robbed of her purse by a woman and shoved to the platform floor trying to hold on to it.

In the Lower East Side, a man in his 30’s was trying to talk to an 8 year old girl and to molest her.

Also on the Lower East Side, 2 men held up a “cat cafe” at 9:30 p.m. and robbed it of $850.

During a DJ Tiesto concert on Governor’s Island, a woman bit a cop that was trying to remove her from the area. Another woman had her purse stolen at the same show.

At the Chambers St. station by Tribeca at 10:30 p.m., a man was stalked by 2 other men as he was exiting the train and got beaten and robbed of his gold ring, money and cell phone.

At the Rector St. station by Battery Park City at 5:30 a.m., a commuter got hassled by two men who proceeded to beat him up and steal his wallet and cell phone.

In the West Village by the Hudson River, a dead man was found floating on the water near W. 10 st.

In the Upper West Side, a manhole explosion caused a blackout in the area on the exact day of the 40th anniversary of the ’77 blackout.

Staten Island

At an Applebee’s in New Dorp, a man was assaulted by another man the bathroom.

In South Beach, an off duty correction officer was flogging his cock in front of his neighbor’s window.

In Shore Acres, a man riding his motorcycle got killed when an unlicensed driver in his pickup truck crashed into him making a turn.

In Fox Hills, 2 little 4 year old girls and a 25 year old woman were hit by a car as the driver failed to yield.

This was the biggest new bad days compiled so far, and this is a week from the murder of career public servant Officer Miostosis Familia. Interpret this anyway you want to readers, because it’s not looking peachy at all. A lot of people out there are losing their moral sense or refuse to have one. A lot of other people are strapped for cash or just want more of it. A lot of people clearly don’t give a shit, which is easy because the elected officials are getting away with robbery (see moral sense). And a lot of people are just going nuts or have been all their lives.

The blackout of 1977 in this city was 40 years ago. Although there was one recently in the Upper West Side that messed up a lot of people’s routines and businesses, the blackout of today is of ethics and justice, if Sheldon Silver’s getting off and De Faustio’s daily display of hubris and hypocrisy serves as a distressing sign.


Senior Editor And Daughter Of The Owners/Publishers Of The Washington Post Throws Fucking Obscene Lavish Party In The Hamptons., Lally Weymouth. By herself and with Figurehead Donald Trump and his wife Melania in 2011. Old friends.



Last Saturday, the divided and distracted people of this nation had officially become a sideshow when this event happened in Southhampton, Long Island, N.Y.

On that day, this country had become another interdimensional colony from another realm when this party collective of widely diverse supposed ideological differences optically feuding with each other came together for the hostesses pre-birthday and upcoming movie release party of an upcoming potentially Oscar regaled Steven Spielberg film.

From the White House, super senior advisors to the President: Sort Of Secretary of State Jared Kushner and First Daughter/Lady and now seat filling de facto President Ivanka Trump, Chief Counselor, Goebbels reincarnate and bullshit artist Kellyanne Conway, unofficial Plutocabinet member Carl Icahn and deputy national security advisor Dina Powell. Senator and member of the new “resistance” Charles “Chucklenuts” Schumer . Billionaires and financiers for the partisan political establishment, Charles Koch for the right and George Soros for the left. NYPD commissioners and bitter rivals William “broken windows” Bratton and Ray “stop and frisk” Kelly. And various big name journos for the Washington Post, tasked with keeping democracy dying in darkness.

In these times of utter confusion, cynicism and abject cruelty among the citizenry, earlier revered by the inaugurated Trump as you, the people, this party cannot be more untimely, tone-deaf, insensitive and offensive. The Washington Post has been railing against the antics and widespread corrupt connections of Figurehead Trump for the past year and a half with such zeal that that at times most of their reports had to be corrected for missing major facts, contributing to Trump’s and the public’s disdain and his own desired physical abolishment for the proclaimed fake news medium. With this shindig, it’s clear to people why that may be and it should be clear now that Trump’s ongoing social media spats is just the same distracting fodder that he used to provide the WWE with in his time as a pro wrestler feuding with the Small Business Commissioner Linda McMahon’s husband.

This party, although obviously not the first of it’s kind if you just go on any digital search engine for images of our money betters soirees, is the 10th circle of hell manifested. This happening is veritable proof that life as we know it in it’s current form is a joke and a lie if you don’t have obscene amounts of wealth, whether earned or inherited (mostly the latter). These lavish party people don’t give a goddamn, a shit, a fuck or a flying fuck about the concerns and problems of the middle class and the working poor that they feign (with now underlying mockery and contempt) to represent and inform. As George Carlin once proclaimed and prophesied just a few short years before his way to soon death, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”. A quote which may now have to be inscribed in the nation’s constitution.

This party makes Marie Antoinette’s notorious and dismissive words to the suffering proles in 18th century France sound like a charitable suggestion for single payer health care and affordable housing and free college for all. This event happened despite the acrimony and polarization going on in the streets and the justified fury of the people confronting their elected representatives at town halls.

This blatant display of apolitical crapulence comes on the heels of the recent shooting of Republican elected officials at a field during a baseball practice. Is this party what was meant about the bipartisan unity demanded by all those effected by that day of terror and by Figurehead Trump. And wouldn’t this party trigger and inspire another disgruntled mentally ill citizen to consider this a proper target for his or her sense of immediate vigilante justice?

Mostly, this party put together by a major publisher of journalism, by one of the giants of the fourth estate, flies in the faces and insults the intelligence of the public and the right to be informed. And solidifies the rotten state of class division and widening wealth disparity overwhelming towns and cities as public services are being denied them to enrich people like Ms. Weymouth and her wealthy sociopath guests with generous tax cuts.

Certainly, they all had a good time and will continue to do so, even as it comes at the expense of the people’s growing fears and the concept of reality. Unless something happens to make people like Lally think twice about her next gathering of uber-equals. Say a revolution. With that prospect, it’s more likely she will hire military contractors to fortify her next one.