New Bad Days 28: Shots Fired Throughout The Boroughs, Vision Zero Accomplishing Zero As Pedestrians And Bikers Are Getting Killed As Certain Drivers Are Still Reckless And Undeterred Reckless Drivers Are Still Fleeing, And A Homeless Man Gets Thrown On The Train Tracks For His Change Cup.




In Hollis, a well-known barber was shot and killed while sitting in his car around midnight, stemming from an argument at the bar he was at previously and general envy among others for his success and clientele. The killer abandoned his gun at the scene and is still at large.

In Springfield Gardens, an elderly homeowner and landlord suffered critical burns when he found a package on his porch that exploded in front of him that was meant for one of his gang-related tenants.

At Brookville Park in Rosedale, a pastor recklessly drove his van, running the red light and smashing into vehicles in front of him, the drove into the park, hitting and injuring 6 people and landing in a pond.

In Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst, 3 men posing as homeowners robbed 4 people looking for places to rent of over $6,000 with false apartment listings made on a social networking platform.

In Jamaica, a man running a stop sign gets pulled over by police, shows them a fake license, then sped away dragging one cop on the side and later hitting his partner in an attempt to escape.

In Sunnyside, a man stole a trumpet off a street musician performing on the corner.

In Long Island City, where a studio is worth more than a half a million dollars and a one room is worth a million, a couple standing on the Queensboro Plaza platform on the N line were threatened by two men who proceeded to follow them and then pepper sprayed both of them. Suspects are shirtless, repeat shirtless.

Also in Long Island City, a couple was robbed of their stuff at gunpoint by 3 men near the famous Kaufman Studios where they film those binge viewing streaming T.V. shows.

In Corona, a 17 year old boy shot two men in the face and head respectively around midnight.

Two fugitives wanted for a murder of a woman who befriended one of them were caught residing in Laurelton.

In Kew Gardens, a 25 year old man ran into the busy street to retrieve his skateboard and got himself killed when a bus hit him.

In Forest Park, bigots spray painted graffiti against gay people and swastikas on trees.


In the Lower East Side, an area christened as Hell’s Square because of it’s obnoxious night life scene, legitimately lives up to it’s name when 4 robberies happened in consecutive days. As a taxi driver was punched in the face and robbed by a passenger who stole his watch at 3:50 a.m., an elderly man was held up by a man who claimed he was holding a piece around 10:00 a.m., a woman exiting the subway at East Broadway at 6:30 a.m. was robbed with a knife at her back, and a man was beaten unconscious by 2 men at 3:30 a.m.

In Greenwich Village, a homeless man threatened to kill a 15 year old boy walking with his mom, followed them for a block then crossed the street and stabbed 2 men, one in the chest, with a pair of scissors.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a construction worker was found dead, his body crushed between the elevator car and shaft in a newly built luxury apartment building.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a cab driver arguing with his fare got slugged and bit by the passenger then retaliated by punching him and brandishing a tire iron. And a man discovered his apartment robbed and $20,000 worth of wedding and engagement rings missing along with an Iphone.

And in the Hudson River by Hell’s Kitchen, a water taxi crashed into the dock, injuring their passengers.

In Harlem, a man robbed four teenagers of money and merchandise by impersonating a correction officer.

In Chelsea, a man with 14 prior arrests hopping the turnstile at the 23rd st. station got nabbed by undercover cops and got caught possessing a gun and Oxycodone pills.

Also in Chelsea, a man tried to rob hot food from the whole foods supermarket, a man punched a bouncer in the face, and 2 bikes were stolen by Google’s office building and the Chelsea Market across the street.

In Midtown East, a man held up and robbed a Chase bank branch and left with a grand.

In the West Village, another bank was held up and robbed by a transvestite for a grand too. Hmmm.

At Penn Station in Midtown West around 2 p.m., a disgusting man accosted an 11 year old girl and her older sister by sitting between them and watching porn on his phone then proceeded to drop his shorts, exposing his filthy junk and molesting the younger sister. When the girls and their mother got off the train at Christopher St., the deviant followed them until they alerted a store clerk and he ran off.

At the 72nd St. station 1, 2, 3 line platform in the Upper West Side, a man killed himself by jumping in front of the oncoming train.

In East Harlem, a blind man was killed walking in the crosswalk as a tour bus hit him in broad daylight.

In Midtown South, a chiropractor and his wife with financial troubles committed suicide as they leapt to their deaths from their office window.

In the Upper East Side, an 80 year old was killed crossing the street by a cab that did not yield for her.

At Central Park on the Upper East Side, a man was robbed at gunpoint by a teenager for a measly $10

In Hamilton Heights, a man riding an electric bicycle slammed into a pedestrian then stabbed him

In Spanish Harlem, a manhole exploded with workers still inside.


In Greenpoint, a cyclist riding home from work in Manhattan was killed by a garbage truck in a hit and run at 12:30 a.m.

Also in Greenpoint, a girl coming home wasted with friends died from her injuries when she slipped on the ladder of her bunk, hit a hook and fell on the floor.

In Bed-Stuy, a woman with prior arrests for violent attacks stabbed a man to death with a screwdriver in their apartment.

In East Flatbush, a man attacked a pregnant woman with a machete inside their apartment.

At the Farragout Houses In Vinegar Hill, a man was shot to death when he answered a knock on the door at 2:10 a.m.

In Sheepshead Bay, an 18 year old teenager riding his skateboard on the street was killed instantly by a turning vehicle that ran over him and drove off.

In Williamsburg, a man delivering a paper bag of cash to another bodega was held up and robbed of it by 2 men

At a home daycare center in Crown Heights, a woman smacked around and sat on a 3 year old girl and locked her arms and pushed her face into a cot.

A man and woman are robbing delis, bodegas and restaurants in a span of a week in East New York, Bushwick, And Bed-Stuy.

At the Euclid Ave. subway station in East New York, a dozing passenger awaken by the conductor tried to kiss her and then punched her in the face when she rejected his kiss.

At the Bedford Ave. station in Williamsburg, a colossal prick threw a homeless man onto the tracks and stole his cup of coins.

In Coney Island, a man was shot at multiple times and hit in the face behind an apartment building.


In Eastchester, a man got stabbed to death after flipping the bird to some guys who followed them after taking offense to his gesture.

In Olinville, a woman stabbed a man by his eye on the street after an argument with him.

In Parkchester, a man shot and killed his wife, 43 years her senior, after she demanded leave the house after he lost his job and when she insulted his manhood and his bedroom performance capability.

In Woodstock (who knew there was a Woodstock in the Bronx?), a school safety agent was driving drunk with his door open.

At Yankee Stadium in the Piano District South Bronx, a college educated man yelled at a developmentally disabled 4 year old boy by calling him a retard, making him cry. Stadium security and staff did nothing and let the fucking bum manchild enjoy the rest of the game as the mother and kid were mortified.

Staten Island

In Randall Manor, an unlicensed livery cab driver crashed his car into a pole and abandoned his vehicle with two injured passengers in the back seat.

At the dock of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, a man stabbed another man after having an argument.

Crappy Anniversary Son Of Sam, Everybody Sing.





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