Mayor De Blasio Resorts To Cheap Populism On His Electioneering Subway Rides, Gets Creative Eradicating The Homeless Crisis On His Commute And Holding Up The Train At The Expense Of The Constituency

The mayor allows the press he has contempt for to bask in his glory ride.

De Blasio Campaign Headquarters, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N.Y.

As the worst fucking transit system in the universe continues to break and fail every other day, which is a slight improvement from every hour in every part of the boroughs, decisive action is being taken by the elected and half universally loathed leaders of the state that runs it, the city that owns and operates it and the officials appointed to come up with ideas to make the system run efficiently (fuck that genius search already, Andy).

So “Mario’s son” Governor Cuomo finally gets the twist tied holding gears rolling to fix the decrepit transit system while continuing to avoid it since his New Years Rocking Eve at the Second Ave. line uptown by hiring former MTA chairman and mayoral candidate Joe Lotha to dispense feeble self-criticism and an actual plan and budget to fix the shitshow subway.

Shockingly, Lotha delivered the goods on schedule with the new plan and budget. It’s very wide-ranging and it will cost about 800 million dollars. It goes from crucial infrastructure upgrades especially the signal system, speeding up service and preventing delays to addressing obnoxious behavior and foul habits of the commuters themselves. Well at least it’s something and did not require a genius to think it up (again kill that genius grant, Andy, these assholes in their twenties don’t really know shit but design addictive app video games). It just needs to be funded equitably by the state and the city.

Hold on and not so says Mayor de Blasio, for he has refused to pony up the city’s share of the responsibility and operations because of his claims that the state is hoarding and has reallocated the majority of loot in the MTA’s coffers.

So the Mayor of the city where the subway runs (somewhat) will not fund it.

Leave it to this mayor to be the brazen, vindictive and willful hypocrite. Apparently after spending his term commuting with an entourage of SUV’s going borough to borough every morning for some stupid workout routine and for a while utilizing a chopper, he suddenly now empathizes with the disgruntled millions who depend on the trains to go to and from work every day. His demands for the state’s accounting of it’s funding flies in the face of his own money hoarding for the BQX line which he is holding 2.5 billion out for, his money spending for the pathetic and underserved ferry boat line, and his money grubbing to pay his lawyers for his defense in the aborted federal pay to play corruption case against him.

During the week of his underground urban exploring, a lot of arrangements were made to give a scintilla of legitimacy for his latest voter pandering and self-righteous and serving indignation. And also to test out his newfound reactionary belief in the widespread and growing homeless crisis, for there was an order from 1 Police Plaza to the transit squad to remove the derelicts from the platforms of 2 stations, the 4th avenue and Jay/Metrotech, where De Faustio and the press junket were stopping by heading to his campaign headquarters in downtown goddamn Brooklyn.

De Faustio and his dweeb spokesman Eric “Spaz” Phillips were incensed at such an accusation made by the NY Post, but mostly from the leaks from the NYPD about this uncouth demand to erase the overwhelming new wave of poverty from the views of reporters.

This quote really sticks out and leaves a stench worse than any derelict stinking up an entire subway car:

“I haven’t seen any directive given and if it was given it shouldn’t have been,” the mayor told reporters on Wednesday afternoon. “I ride the subways all the time, there’s no sweeps. So, look, I know you guys like to focus on things like this, if someone’s doing it because they have an axe to grind politically, God bless them, but that’s not the policy. The policy is not to do sweeps, I get on the subway whatever is happening on the subway I’m gonna experience it with everyone else.”

“I ride the subways all the time” he said. This corrupt mayor thinks riding the subway for 3 days, and 2 other times before that, the first time when prompted by primary opponent Sal Albanese, defines the words “all the time”. Was it only a short time ago when such optical acts was deemed by the Blaz as “cheap symbolism”?

This outlandish claim and repulsive attempt at commuter empathy was matched by his yeoman messenger by practically challenging the press’s and the NYPD leakers expose saying “Zero evidence. Evidence of the opposite, in fact.”

As for the Blaz and the Spazz’s denials of the existence of such cruel and arbitrary treatment of the ignored and reviled indigent subterranean dwellers, they just got shot down in flames.

That’s an order and evidence right there. But the dynamic dunces got apoplectic, as scoundrels do when they get caught. Eric engaged in some banter with a reporter over his zero evidence theory and got his pube bearded face red.

Ghost cops, Eric?

Phillips gets fed his lunch. As for the confirmed sweep, is this what De Faustio was referring to when he suggested that officers get creative handling the homeless population?

The mayor response to the damning order, and damning to his credibility as a progressive politician, was defiantly petulant and quite dismaying:

I don’t care my friend, because it does not matter.” ​​

“​Read my lips: I don’t care. It’s an irrelevancy,” ​the mayor added.

This is the attitude by a person that can only be manifested by the result of a wholesale lack of interest and general cynicism in government. Most of all, the result of low voter turnout and the favoritism of weak and financially compromised candidates by political parties.

And lastly, a local news media that refuses to cover civic issues and currently this mayoral race, guaranteeing De Faustio a perceived lock on the mayoralty.

Speaking of which, this sudden activism and advocacy by Mayor Big Slow for the worst fucking transit system in the universe smacks of the same electioneering stunt he pulled with his ruse protesting and getting himself arrested at LIC Hospital in Brooklyn around this time 4 years ago to vainly bring attention to it’s shutting down for developers. How did that work out?

Saying that he doesn’t care, with a tone more like don’t give a fuck, could be the most honest thing he has said his entire term. He certainly didn’t give a fuck the other day when the R train the mayor was on was delayed over an alleged “police investigation”.

If there is a bright side to this wretched abuse of services and the office of the mayor (again), is that it is starting to reverberate amongst the citizenry. People are becoming more vocal and furious and are taking dead aim at what passes for leadership in this town.

And Mario’s son Governor Cuomo is not exempt either, since he and his toadies on the MTA board decided to spend some millions on and ad campaign trashing the mayor for his insolence and hundred millions more on lame bridge light shows.

But De Faustio is the villain here this time, for he is trying to get another free unblemished ride back to city hall by continuing his bogus feud with Andy who at the moment is the most despised person in the state for now. And of course a corporate neutered local news media. The thing is, just by his obnoxious and Trump like reactions and accusations for the revealing of this homeless sweep order, he made have screwed himself and being the arrogant jerk, like Trump again, he doesn’t even know it yet or even acknowledge it. The last time someone was this sure was “Manifest” Hillary Clinton, and look how that worked out.

Enjoy your commute, De Faustio, teflon mayor. In fact, just run your campaign office on the rails til it’s off the rails (pun intended), that way all the blight will be washed away, the bums will be displaced (again), fires will be extinguished, rain water will be contained and the trains will assuredly run efficiently and effectively. And most of all, you will officially gain credibility as an everyday rider.

Which will be more than your credibility as a competent and dutiful mayor.


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