Vision Zero Thought Or Consideration @ Metropolitan Ave. And 71st Ave.

Find the impurity on the road. Winner gets a free lollypop.

North Forest Park, Queens, N.Y.

Welcome to Metropolitan Ave.. This is a tight yet standard two way road, a major 2 borough artery that spans from eastern Queens to the end of Brooklyn. The intersection crosses with 71st Ave., which goes to Queens Blvd to the north and ends at Forest Park to the south. It’s a busy traffic area but not typically hectic or hazardous.

Until now. Under the jurisdiction of Mayor De Faustio’s Vision Zero program, the DOT one day observed somehow that a lot of drivers traverse the 3 block path to get to Union Turnpike east and decided to cut the road in half to allow uninterrupted turns.


Looks weird. And hazardous. Note the parked vehicles slightly above a cars length away.


Now look at it from the east side and it truly shows how stupid it is. First off, there is not even a directional signal light to turn, which would make sense and justify this path. Now if you notice the car on the north side, there is a turning lane going the south also, it’s where people used to park. Now the most important thing about this idiotic design is that the cars heading east in the middle have to turn sharp right to avoid going the wrong direction and then merge left again.

I don’t know when this was repainted but I have seen similar road designs in the city but at least there was an extra lane of traffic to work with. Metropolitan just has one lane. This intersection is going to infuriate drivers if it’s not doing it already and it’s an accident waiting to happen.


Look at the paint on the lines, it’s already fading out. Showing that no one can steer and avoid breaching the now other side of the road. Not only is this asinine but it has the potential of a ticket trap. It’s also worrisome for bikers that have to go all the way to the curb to give enough space for passing drivers. This is not safe. This is stupid. I wonder if anyone asked for this. But when it comes to dispensing policy and plans for neighborhoods, especially in Queens, the hacks in city hall has a long record of not telling anyone, from shitty unhelpful road designs like this, to unnecessary bike lanes and mental patients and recidivist criminals they put in homeless shelters.

For this to return to what it was, an uninterrupted two way street, someone of course has to get killed. But lately, even that hasn’t worked considering the amount of hit and runs and pedestrian crossing accidents borough wide.

Vision Zero? More like Vision Tunnel.


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