Executive Carnage Brings Actual American Carnage: Figurehead Trump’s Disgusting Gerald Ford Moment And Ultimate True Character Reveal After The Latest Mass Murder Involving An Easily Bought AR-15.

See the source imageThe AR-15. Purchasing and owning this thing has more civil rights than the right to speak against it’s indiscriminate distribution.

Washington D.C., U.S.A.

A week after the latest mass murder, this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida at the Marjory where 17 students and faculty got shot to death by a homicidal sociopath named Nicholas Cruz, who went through his adolescence expressing fantasies for shooting people and claimed to know areas for precise hits. Who abused his sick mother. Who was part of an extracurricular program shooting class sponsored by the NRA, and who suffered from the mental conditions of autism and depression and was able to purchase the AR-15 rifle legally from a distributor with the ease of buying a burner phone from a bodega or a lotto newsstand. The Trump administration arranged to have a listening session with relatives of the victims of the recent massacre.

As it was an appropriate response to have such a meeting one thing should be clear, this session would not have been possible by the revolutionary reactions of the students and citizens of Parkland. Whilst Trump was busy on his morbid iconic twitter account rattling off his theories and usual deflections, the kids organized protest rallies that called out the bullshit inherent in the defense of current federal gun regulations and the seedy integration of money and politics behind them and the compromised sellout elected leaders who enable it and ratify them.

Actually, two things should be clear, and it was when Figurehead Trump decided to go lampin’ at his Mar-A-Lago resort and hit the links while the funeral and burial processes for the victims were going on a short secret service escorted drive away.

Figurehead Trump, showing thoughts and prayers, now watch this putt.

As expected as these recent gaffes were and how they are every minute Trump opens his mouth and presses his blackberry keyboard, none can be more repugnant than what transpired at the actual session with the bereaved citizens of Parkland, along with other families that experienced the mass shootings of Sandy Hook and ghetto street violence.

Figurehead Trump, the deal artist, the alleged billionaire businessman, the commander in chief with the best words equipped with the asset of mental stability, pulls out a bunch of notes from his jacket while Mike Pence does the instruction, revealing crib notes on the topics about to be discussed.

Image result for trump crib notes Either Trump is showing a sign of senility by writing the number 45 on his cuff as a reminder what number is his presidency, or that is monogrammed there to sell a designer shirt line. Emoluments be damned again. (Carolyn Kaster, A.P.)

That is some zooming there by the photographer from the AP. (You would think it was a rogue CIA mole from the Deep State). As it now confirms all the leaks about the President’s preferred method of reading daily intel briefs, sans pictures and graphics which probably resembles a Howard Johnson’s menu.

And they were just basic questions that could have been asked if one had a conscious or even functioning brain cells.

The man who won the presidency on his first try needs his aides tips on how to address the people devastated over the unnecessary deaths of their kids from a confirmed and armed mentally ill person, a whole week after the attacks. Trump, who proclaimed only he can fix the government actually needs the advice of the grieving group of people on how to handle gun policy and what to say on how to assure them he’s got their attention.

“I hear you”. Trump needs a response written down for him. A dismissive one too.

That’s just what the savvy cameraman caught without the Figurehead’s expectation. It’s was the wretched thing he did during the listening session that was boneheaded and awkward.


During VP Pence’s introduction, Trump pulls out the dotard cue cards from his pocket, giving the immediate impression that he doesn’t read and probably hasn’t read anything in his time in office. It gets more demented when instead of having an aide take them from him after he memorized them on the spot apparently, like say Hope Hicks who was there and who probably wrote the dotard cue card too going by the loopy handwriting, he just places them down on the carpet next to the student sitting next to him!

Later on, while someone was giving an idea on how to close loopholes interfering with background checks to prevent to sell to mentally unstable or recidivist criminal consumers, Trump bends over to pick up his notes, nods his head a bunch of times obviously to feign giving attention (conveying “I hear you”), peruses the papers a bit then sloppily stuffs them into his pocket.








This may be understating it, but this was extremely bad optics which is where the crack media team under Trump immediately got to work. As the White House upload of the session cuts off where Trump picks up the notes and goes to the straight to the guy asking the question and poof! the notes were gone after they were on the floor for a good 50 minutes.






This could be Figurehead Trump’s Gerald Ford moment. Although more disgusting and unfunny, albeit expected. On national TV, President Ford was exiting Air Force One and suddenly and comically slipped on the steps. Granted it wasn’t his fault and it was raining but it’s the only lasting memory of the 38th President which was immortalized in comic infamy by Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live, who did not even wear makeup to portray him but just falling on his ass was enough for everyone to get the joke.

This is stretching it a bit, kind of like everyone in the media and the feds trying to tie Trump’s election victory to Russian interference. But the thing that should show that this is Trump at his absolute worst and how he should not be taken seriously or credibly ever again, even after everything he’s done as President and his whole fucking life.

And that is the gravity of the situation. And when it comes to Trump, gravity itself, for he has never felt it until now.

It has exposed these elected nimrods assigned to lead and legislate that they have no fucking clue how to stem the next mass shooting. For Trump is bandying about arming teachers and even janitors to get weapons training to defend themselves and the students. Which will naturally result in more money for the gun industry and probably the military contractor complex too, being that they have to get the skills to ward off the next attack. Which will be majorly convenient for Education Secretary Betsy Devos and her brother and Blackwater CEO Erik Prince. Making this plan derivative of the main plot of Under Siege, where Steven Segal was able to kill a terror group who had no idea he was a chef that was a Navy Seal.

It has exposed that everyone knew this kid was a danger to himself and society, as all the warnings were there for most of Cruz’s adolescent life even until the day before he invaded the school and went on his killing spree. Which was made possible by warped state legislation ratified 7 years ago that would levee fines on town mayors who tried to set their own regulations regarding the purchasing of guns. That even with the presence of police, he was still able to get inside the school and murder 17 and wound 14 others. That even with social media and all the unchecked surveillance of it, Cruz was still able to carry out his slaughter.

And with this domestic debacle resulting from the massacre, everyone touched and traumatized that day in Parkland have rose up and are pointing out the brazen hypocrisy and arbitrariness of this nation’s security system and the nefarious role of donor money. Because the mass shooting at that high school has exposed Trump’s failed domestic policies and the deadly consequences of the NRA’s expenditures to influence the Figurehead and the hacks in the Congress and Senate to overturn regulations regarding mental qualifications and criminal background checks that has made it easier to own a military grade weapon.

It has galvanized the town of Parkland and wrought awareness and information from voices that are pissed off yet whose words are measured and articulated with eloquence. People like Andrew Pollack who brought the fact that he can’t get on an airplane with a bottle of water yet anyone can get a machine gun. And the new activist youth of America, kids like Sam Zeif, David Hoss and the outstanding Emma Gonzalez bringing up the hard facts that most of the mainstream news media would not even broach.




In fact, this massacre has brought out all the kids nationwide to rise up and organize. This movement and revolution has a face for it in Samantha Fuentes who dismissed Trump’s facetious comforting and bravely went on national television with her sharpnel laid scars and wounds

Video thumbnail for MSD school shooting victim Samantha Fuentes shares her story

As for the defenders of the false faith justifying the civilian ownership of military weapons, the spineless millionaire NRA Chairman Wayne Le Pierre emerged from his gilded palace and to his safe space at the CPAC Covention to decry and cry about the new general hatred against the gun lobby by conjuring up red scare accusations and calling people socialists against the second amendment right to bear arms.

Yet again, La Pierre and even that despicable coward cheerleader Dana Loesch conveniently gloss over the first part of the second amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

No doubt about the right of the people. But the well-regulated militia? What La Pierre and many, many others are doing is instead of separating the the two are conflating them. People are not a well-regulated militia, (such as people are not corporations). A well-regulated militia is established by the regulations inherent in them.The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are a well-regulated militia. A person is not but is instilled in the right to own a gun. The NRA lobby, not so coinicidentally is against any regulations to insure that guns remain only in responsible hands of people of sound mind, which goes against all their claims, including Figurehead Trump, is what they interpret as the main problem and cause of mass shootings. The NRA through their obstinance are actually putting responsible gun owners rights in jeopardy with their manic spending preventing needed regulations to protect the public and prevent the disenfranchisement of said rights from the inevitable overreach they fear. Which has actually happened with the first and fourth amendments under the Patriot Act and the recent re-implementation of section 702 of the FISA amendment.

Which makes Figurehead Trump, in his embrace of the mistaken ideology of the second amendment and his widely reviled solution at preventing another mass killing that does not involve the government approved killings in senseless wars in other nations, all you have to do is remember his awkward inappropriate actions at the listening session. The guy does not care and can’t think for himself.

Despite his broken campaign promise to be a populist independent leader because of the security of his purported wealth, turns out to be a broke ass president reliant on the foul moneyed donors who gave him his job and on his staffers who vainly try to make him look sympathetic and concerned for those victimized by their lunatic self-serving and self-enriching policies.

Trump needs notes to show sympathy and garner ideas. There is no doubt what a real-time fraudulent president he is, fraudulent business man he was and a fraud he is as a human being.

He is exposed now. The wind that blew his Rumplestilsken hair off his bald head weeks ago has now been replaced by the winds of change being wrought by the kids of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.


This time. The kids are really all right.










New York Is Red Hot From The Extreme Effects Of Climate Change

It’s an abnormally bright sunshiny day

Yesterday’s weather in the five boroughs broke the original record for that day by 10 balmy degrees reaching a high of 78. Everyone reveled in the sunshine and unseasonable warmth by dressing in shorts and sandals and even the subway had the air conditioner on. There were even soft ice cream trucks on the corners.

This should not be. In certainly won’t today since it’s going to plummet 33 degrees to 45 with freezing rain forecast in the evening if the humidity dissipates during the dramatic drop.

There are a lot of skeptics out there that think this is just a slight aberration. But there was a time when there would be at least some consistency in the daily temps instead of the bipolar weather patterns that have been occurring in the last 5 years as the planet’s annual temp averages increases.

The thing is, people in the general public are going to have opinions on it, and of course all the elected hacks that are being paid to deny it from their corporate energy donors but at least they are not so-called professionals getting paid thousands of dollars a day or a week to deny this is happening or to celebrate these occasional bouts of unseasonable and irrational warmth.  All the local news “meteorologists” like Mr.G and the reprehensible John Elliot of CBS and the national and cable networks refuse to bring up climate change. Even after the worst recorded month of hurricane attacks on cities in Texas and Florida last autumn and twice on Puerto Rico which has left that commonwealth state’s economy and ecosystem destroyed.

It’s just irresponsible and cognitively stupid of the networks to send their experts out there, like NBC did with Janice Huff yesterday, to do on the street interviews with people who can’t help but marvel about the beach like weather. You gotta wonder how they handle passerby who give the slightest acknowledgement of the influence of climate change, surely they are prepared with a slight technical difficulty for such a respite of uncomfortable facts with a technical glitch or a quick cutaway as if one would say a obscenity. The latter of which this issue is treated, even though the Pentagon has even officially deemed climate change as the number one threat to security and humanity despite orders from Figurehead Trump to deny it.

So no worries about things like the Delaware Ice Shelf that just broke off in Antarctica almost a year ago, as our leaders and our formerly intrepid news media are handling this so you can frolic around the city with your shorts and sandals and sunbathe on the grass in blissful ignorance of the imminent threat of sea level rise and sharks coming to beaches to feed on humans for new food sources as the acidifying ocean is killing off marine life.

The worst is yet to come, so enjoy and savor the next day of unseasonable warmth and soup like humidity. Besides, at least spring is just a month away so no one will notice. Certainly not the corporate mainstream news media, who are manufacturing the consensual denial.

Related image Blu



New Bad Days 46: Like It And Learn To Love It, Rikers Island Shutdown Is Underway As It Was Announced 60 Hours After A Group Of Five Gangbangers Crippled A Correction Officer; A Class Size Group Of Kids Beat Down A Homeless Man On The A Train; A Dead Baby Abandoned In A Park; Two Women Beat Down A Pregnant Woman And Slam A Door On Her Feet; Rap Crew Films Shitty Video And Shows Off Their Stash While Imprisoned; Super Crazy Guy Jumps Roofs In Bed-Stuy And Multiple Random And Intentional Slashings And Deadly Domestic Disputes.

https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/rikers1.jpgRikers Island, pariah government center on scrumptious speculative real estate.

From the elected denizens occupying City Hall, they have begun the dizzying ill conceived official program to shut down Rikers Island and transfer all convicts present and future to four jails in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan. But not Staten Island, because supposedly no one commits crimes there.

This is where the Mini-Rikers will be:

  • Manhattan Detention Center, 125 White Street, Manhattan, 10013 (The Tombs)
  • Brooklyn Detention Center, 275 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 11201
  • Queens Detention Center, 126-01 82nd Avenue, Kew Gardens, 11415
  • NYPD Tow Pound, 320 Concord Avenue, Bronx, 10454

This transition is suppose to take a decade or if crime drops first. But apparently these fauxgressive hacks aren’t even going to wait for the latter, especially now that Gov. Andy has decided to up the ante with his jackass boisterousness and wants Rikers shut down earlier than that.

Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Corey Johnson announced an agreement today to move forward on closing Rikers Island and creating a smaller, safer and fairer borough-based jail system. Together with the Council Members representing these areas, the Mayor and Speaker have agreed to a single public review process for four proposed sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. These sites together will provide off-Island space for 5,000 detainees, and will include the three existing DOC facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, as well as a new site in the Bronx located at 320 Concord Avenue in Mott Haven.

“This agreement marks a huge step forward on our path to closing Rikers Island,” said Mayor de Blasio. “In partnership with the City Council, we can now move ahead with creating a borough-based jail system that’s smaller, safer and fairer. I want to thank these representatives, who share our vision of a more rehabilitative and humane criminal justice system that brings staff and detainees closer to their communities.”

“Today is a historic day, as we are yet one step closer to closing Rikers Island.  The New York City Council is proud to have spearheaded the historic Close Rikers movement by creating the Lippman commission and passing legislation enacting many of its recommendations. The Council has also funded innovative programming to keep cases out of the criminal justice system altogether, such as the CLEAR and HOPE programs, which provide treatment instead of incarceration to those with substance abuse issues. We all know that closing jails on Rikers means opening more humane, community-based facilities elsewhere. I am proud to stand with my Council colleagues and thank them for their support on this crucial issue. I look forward to working closely with Mayor de Blasio, my Council colleagues representing these communities, and the communities themselves in finally achieving our shared goal of closing Rikers Island,” said Speaker Corey Johnson.

The Office Of The Mayor

This is being done because the violent environment and corruption in Rikers has become too endemic. As opposed to the equally well know graft in the city and state government high offices for a century and at a pinnacle today? Is this really what voters, meaning the less than 25% who showed up to elect these dusted democrats, really asked for from them.

What are the costs going to be to retrofit those four jails and how they are going to manage to fit all those prisoners and even staff. Especially what the speculative costs will be to convert that garage in the Bronx into a functioning high security apparatus. Most essential is how this goal of 5,000 convicts going to be accomplished to justify these transfers.

As simplistic and cynical as it sounds, which this utopian program resembles the former in spades, the only way this can be achieved is by not convicting anyone who commits crimes it seems. Which de Blasio has already assured with recent accusations by a police captain of stations lessening crime charges and the recent and similar doctoring and reclassifying of crimes committed at homeless shelters

As for sounding like the latter, it has been known for a few years that the Gentrification Industrial Complex are salivating at the prospects of all that scrumptious real estate waiting to be taken. Even the Corrections Officers Union President Elias Husamudeen smells a rat and sees this for the fauxgressive ruse it is. Although coming from the namesake of the commission report that inspired the Rikers shutdown, Johnathan Lippman, it ain’t like those interested in all that city property are shy about their passively heinous ulterior motives masking as a humanity cause:

…former New York State chief judge Jonathan Lippman, who heads the New York City Council-created criminal justice reform commission that oversees the Rikers-study committee, said it’s only natural to explore “potentially doing some of the things we’ve done with other vacant, large pieces of land, whether it be benefiting public health, education, research institutions.”

But he also sought to emphasize, and then re-emphasize, that real estate is in no way the central focus of his committee.

“At the outset, let me say that the future of Rikers Island as a physical location follows—and certainly doesn’t precede—improving our jail system,” he said.

“The political center of this will be about how we make the system more humane and just,” he said, “and at the same time recognize that you do have a very strategically placed and valuable piece of real estate there that could have a multitude of public policy purposes to develop it.”

None of these elected idiots surely not have thought through this but predictably are following de Faustio’s (bottom) line. Particularly Speaker Corey Johnson who in just a short month after exhorting that he was going to be a bulldog critic and a check on the mayor’s machinations and decisions has devolved into the typical partisan loyal neoliberal lapdog he is. And Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz who has officially thrown her hands up and quit and gave her approval, selling out her constituents and her credibility.

While we all want to live in a city or even a world without crime, this program is being foisted on the public without a clarified thought or what the ramifications might be or how much the goddamn new Mini-Rikers are going to cost.

And one huge fact is if that when this transfer officially begins, will that endemic violent and corrupt prison culture will carry on in the new jails or will exacerbate. Because this is clearly not going to happen overnight or most certainly, well, never.

Because in Rikers Island, a correction officer was attacked and beat down by five prisoners as a guard in the same room just stood there and watched and did not help his fellow officer, who wound up with severe spinal and neck injuries from the savage gang attack. The first one who barged in the room planned the premeditated the attack during a phone call according to another inmate.

We shall see how this shit enfolds. This post illustrates that this isn’t starting off well.


In Long Island City, an 18-year-old man was accosted by a man in the elevator withim if he could hook him up with a job but then ambushed him and punched him repeatedly and stole his phone.

In Jackson Heights, a woman entering her apartment building was attacked by a man with a knife who shoved her against the wall and tried to steal her purse, but she resisted and dragged the mugger outside while holding on to her property.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man fell off the elevated tracks at the 74st Train Station and died.

In Far Rockaway, a 15-year-old boy was shot at twice and killed by two other teenage boys on the street at 4:30 p.m. in a gang-related shooting. The parents of the victim moved to the neighborhood from gentrifying Astoria because it was affordable.

In Ozone Park, a poor woman was killed in an fire ignited by a hot plate she was using in an apartment with multiple illegal conversion violations.

Also in Ozone Park, two men held up a man at knifepoint and robbed his wallet.

In South Ozone Park at Resorts World Casino, a 19-year-old man slashed a 72-year-old man in the face.

In Kew Gardens, a 50-year-old woman sitting on her porch at 8 p.m. was approached by a stranger who asked for the time then attacked her and slammed her into her car during a struggle and robbed her purse.

In Astoria, a newborn baby was found dead with his tube still attached to his belly in a garbage can at the Dutch Kills Playground.

Image result for Newborn baby found dead in garbage can at a Queens playground

Also in Astoria, at the Broadway Station, a man taking a piss on the platform was caught in the act by a commuter who decided to film him (unwise) and then whipped out a knife and threatened him then stalked him as they left the station

In South Jamaica, a hooker from California arranged a hookup with a woman through a website instead was confronted by an man with a gun who took her by a building where an armed woman was waiting and robbed her phone, I.D., and debit cards. The woman was forced into a cab and was about to be pimped out by them but was able to escape.

In Rosedale, 2 unattended pit bulls wandering around Brookville Park attacked a man then tried to attack cops coming out of their car, which led one of the officers to shoot one of the dogs in the legs.

In Forest Hills, a man killed himself as he crashed his BMW in a parking lot after he lost control of his vehicle.

In South Richmond Hill, a similar car burned to a crisp is parked on 107th avenue for some unknown reason.

063064066Hot Wheels.

In Richmond Hill, three men are still at large for 2 armed robberies of 2 bodegas and another bodega in Jamaica.

In Maspeth, a man robbed a bank of $2,200 when he gave the teller a note.

In Flushing, a burglar robbed the same house twice within the hour in the same day, stealing cash and jewelry totaling $2,200.

In Woodside, an 83-year-old woman was killed crossing the street by an SUV at 2:30 p.m.

In Fresh Meadows, parked cars are getting damaged from students of a driving school  during lessons.

In Glen Oaks, a man was found dead in a house after it was on fire.


In Columbus Circle on the A train arriving at the station of the same name, 20 to 30 kids attacked and savagely beat up a homeless man who asked them for money. This is like the first thing the Droogies did after leaving the milk bar in A Clockwork Orange but 5 to 7.5 times worse.

In the Lower East Side, a man attacked a restaurant worker on the street by calling him a racial slur then punching and slashing him in the face and stealing his cellphone.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man randomly slashed two women in the face blocks apart, the second attack was near a police station.

In the East Village, a vandal used a branch to smash the back windshield of a car.

Also in the East Village at Tompkins Square Park, a pile of christmas trees collected for mulching was set on fire overnight by pyromaniac vandals.

Again in the East Village, a man feigning to be a customer robbed a store at gunpoint and stole $500

And again in the East Village, a pitbull belonging to a homeless woman bit a homeless man when he tried to steal her food.

And again in the East Village at the 3rd Avenue Station, a man sat down next to a woman on the L train, whipped out his shlong and started jerking off.

And again in the East Village, proto-punk legend Handsome Dick Manitoba was charged with beating his ex-girlfriend in his apartment.

In the Upper West Side on the tracks of the Broadway express lines, a man jumped onto the tracks from the 96th St. Station, rested for a bit around 86th St. Station while holding a record then ran up the steps where he was detained by police kicking and screaming.

In Harlem, a man got shot to death after he engaged in an argument with three men in front of a public housing building.

Also in Harlem, a cab driver got stiffed for $18 from a couple and got assaulted by the male passenger when he tried to get his money as witnesses gawked at the beatdown.

Again in Harlem, a woman committed suicide by jumping out the window in front of her 11-year-old son.

In East Harlem at the 125th Street Station, a 17-year-old boy got slashed and robbed by two men for his sneakers that he was trying to sell via an arrangement on a social media platform. This is the umpteenth incident of it’s kind.

In Soho, a fire escape step that was being inspected by the Department of Buildings at the time fell off when a contractor was looking at it and fell 7 stories and landed on two people, critically injuring one and killing another.

In Greenwich Village, a man randomly attacked a woman and two men on the same block by punching them in the face.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man stabbed himself in the neck in front of his house over a break-up.

Again in Greenwich Village at Pier 40, a man was robbed of his bag containing his $2,000 laptop by two kids.

In the West Village at the 4th Street Station, a man going through the turnstile had his wallet snatched by a thief who then punched him in the face when he tried to get it back.

In Union Square, a man slashed his co-worker in the face at a juice store.

Also in Union Square, a man got busted trying to snatch a purse inside a supermarket and was wanted for prior similar thefts in the area.

Again in Union Square, a man attacked two cops by biting and kicking them when they were trying to remove him from a chain pharmacy store.

In Penn Station at Madison Square Garden, an off-duty cop seeing a kids show with his wife and kid caught a fugitive from a shooting in his precinct in University Heights and busted the perp with the help of his fellow officers.

In Hell’s Kitchen at the Intrepid Sea and Air Museum, a man attempted to rob a sweatshirt and demand five dollars by threatening a worker with a hammer.

In Waterside Plaza on the FDR drive, a mentally ill man being sent to Bellevue jumped out of the back door of the ambulance as it was leaving the highway exit.

In Chelsea at the Fulton Houses, a woman was raped by two men in a bathroom at an apartment while a house party was happening.

In Times Square at the 42nd Street Station, a man punched a woman in the face because she accidentally bumped into him.

Also in Times Square, a man harassed a woman and then pulled out a knife and slashed her face after her boyfriend tried to defend her.

Again in Times Square, a homeless man slashed a pedestrian in his face when he bumped into him.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a woman committed suicide as she leapt from the 28th floor of an apartment building.

In Midtown, a man was found dead in his apartment after he overdosed on huffing spray paint.

Related image

Also in Midtown at the 7th Avenue Station, a man shoved a 79-year-old man into a wall on the staircase and caused him to fall down the stairs.

At the Joralemon Tunnel under the East River, although there was a smoke condition the train continued to run on the 4/5 line.

In Downtown at City Hall, a livery cab driver shot himself in his car with a shotgun by the front gate in protest of the city’s ineffective policies regarding the amount of app-based hail car service vehicles clogging the streets and the monopolization of the industry and the elected officials who let it fester and grow. Never Forget Doug Schifter.

Also in Downtown at the Chambers St. Station on the J line platform, a woman was accosted by a man on the other side who took out his dick and started masturbating in front of her.

In the Flatiron District, two men went into an upscale handbag store and stole 3 grand worth of purses.

In Waterside Plaza, a man and a boy with hammers mugged a woman for her cash.


In East New York, where a hipster population is growing like a repulsive skinny tattooed stupid tree in Brooklyn which is what the city wants above all else, a man strangled his girlfriend in his apartment and was busted by the cops later at a barber shop in possession of a stolen loaded gun and a knife.

Also in East New York, a NYCHA employee grabbed the nuts of a man she was working with because she was about to get off probation for something.

Again in East New York at the Gateway Mall Shopping Mall parking lot is where the most car break-in thefts in the city happen.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man attacked and stabbed to death a husband and wife when they were walking back home from their store. The motive of the murders seem to be that the attacker bought bad mojo from them.

In Crown Heights, a man was shot twice in the face and stomach and killed around the corner from where he lived and nearby where the voodoo store proprietors were stabbed days before.

In Crown Heights, a group of men arrested for illegal trespassing taken to the 71st Pct. were never searched and were able to record a video from a cellphone in their jail cell and were showing off a big bag of weed and talking shit a mile a minute as officers were trying not to acknowledge them. Thus The Blue Wall Of Insouciance gets denser and higher.

Again in Crown Heights, a man dressed as a superhero with a costume ensemble of sandals, long johns, bermuda shorts, a ripped wifebeater t-shirt, a beach towel and a banana was jumping from roof to roof and was detained by cops after he posed with his trusty potassium power source on a fire escape and was about to jump and defy gravity and lose.

https://i0.wp.com/assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.3826930.1518900015!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/edp-hangs-fire-escape.jpg(Theodore Parisienne / New York Daily News)

No need for Black Panther or Ghost Dad, Banana Lantern is here to fight gradually rising street crime and forced gentrification. Or maybe it’s Blankman II (are the Watchmen recruiting??)

In Flatbush, a barber who told a man to stop bothering his customers at his salon was shot by him two hours later.

In Bed-Stuy, a man shot his girlfriend in his apartment after an argument and barricaded himself inside from the cops.

In East Flatbush at the Holy Cross Cemetery, 63 headstones and statues were vandalized and knocked down.

In Prospect Heights , a man and woman robbed a bank and 6 others previously in the past month. 2018 Bonnie and Clyde.

In Williamsburg, a man broke into an apartment at 2:40 p.m. and stole expensive tech items, a laptop, a video game console and a purse.

In Cobble Hill, a man was found dead in the basement of a former hospital under development for luxury housing.

In Brighton Beach, three men are wanted for 4 violent muggings in 4 weeks from late December to January.

Also in Brighton Beach, three apartments were burglarized blocks away from each other.

In Seagate, a woman was slashed in the face by a man after an argument they had at a diner.

In Marine Park and Mill Basin, an employee of a department store aided a crook in stealing clothes and a woman’s car window was smashed and her pocketbook robbed.

In Coney Island, a deli was held up by a masked gunman who robbed the register.

In Sheepshead Bay, a woman was attacked by two men who put her in a chokehold and punched her in the face and was robbed of her cellphone, purse and shoes and a bodega was robbed overnight as was the portable ATM machine by it as the burglars made off with over 5 large.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, two boys robbed a kid of his bicycle when one of the jerks shot a stun gun at him.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, two men stole thousands of dollars worth of cellphones from a store.

And again in Sheepshead Bay, two men slashed a 17-year-old boy and robbed his cellphone and wallet,t hree people pounced on a 14-year-old boy in a park and beat him down for his sneakers and metrocard and two 18-year-old men broke into an apartment armed and ran when the kids inside started crying.

In Gravesend, an 18-year-old man got beaten up and robbed by a man he knew who stole his cellphone and hat after they got off a bus together.

In Bensonhurst, a woman was scammed and robbed by a con artist of 3 grand who promised her a job if she sent her a check, a man clobbered another man with a broomstick cutting his head open, three men sneaked up behind a man making a withdrawal at an ATM and stole 900 bucks, two men held up a man at gunpoint and robbed his cellphone.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man followed a woman to her apartment and forced his way in and attempted to rape her. The woman managed to elude him by running away and locking him out when he pursued her.

In Bay Ridge, a man held up a store at gunpoint and stole lottery scratch games worth $300.

Also in Bay Ridge, a woman found her screen window busted and $1,800 worth of jewelry missing when she came home after a few days.

Again in Bay Ridge, a man walking on the street drinking beer slapped and grabbed a woman’s ass.

In Bath Beach, a man held up a store at gunpoint and robbed $900, a gang of five men rolled up on a man sitting in his car with a BB gun and stole 30 bucks and his phone.


In Woodstock, a pregnant woman was attacked by two women who knocked her down and kicked her repeatedly as she laid on the steps and slammed the door on her leg then robbed her cellphone. Two supporters for the lady thugs were arrested at their arraignments for disrupting the court process with their yelling and refusing to vacate the chambers.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a teenage girl was attacked in an apartment building lobby by three men and two women who all beat her down to the floor with punches and kicks then threw bleach at and slashed her face.

In Mott Haven, a wheelchair bound woman with one leg was randomly slashed in the face by a man she recognized in front of corner bodega.

Also in Mott Haven, a man randomly slashed a father in his face when he walking on the sidewalk with his 1 year old son.

In Morris Park, a man was shot to death while sitting in his car at 5:30 a.m.

In Pelham Gardens, a man broke into a 64-year-old woman’s apartment by climbing through her window on the second floor then beat her up with a crowbar after she tried to take his skimask off. He then tied her up with a phone cord and stole her wedding band and $500.

In Allerton, a man was was found in an apartment lobby floor with a stab wound in his chest and died from his wound.

In Norwood, a man shot his girlfriend three times in their apartment after an argument.

In Fordham Heights, a man shot at two teenage males on a street corner after midnight.

In Pelham Bay Park, a man and woman boarding a bus got into a brawl with a commuter who the woman attacked with a screwdriver, then the man attacked the driver with an umbrella when he refused the suspects demand to keep driving.

In Belmont, while filming a segment for his news report about people getting swindled, PIX news correspondent Howard Thompson got attacked at an auto repair shop by a mechanic with a baseball bat who managed to hit Help Me Howard on the arm and also his cameraman on his hip.

In Claremont Village, a man tasked with watching a puppy pit bull stabbed it 50 times and killed it after the little dog bit him.

Goodnight, Onyx, 18 months.

In the South Bronx, a commercial building being used as a brothel was raided by cops leading to the arrest of seven men

In Parkchester, $100,000 in fentanyl was found inside box coolers of fish after a police investigation of a car.

In Morris Heights, a man and woman waltzed into an apartment and stole 4 grand worth of kicks.

In Foxhurst, an agent from the Immigrant and Customs Enforcement abused his position when he threatened to shoot a man with his gun having his car repossessed by his repoman cousin and later was arrested himself at the police station he brought his victim to because he was not suppose to use his government issued weapon while off duty.

Staten Island

A cop from the borough was busted in a bank fraud scheme with an accomplice who used his dead father’s identity, stealing $1.5 million from citizens.

Two men are ripping off people by placing skimmers in gas station pumps in this borough and Flushing and using cloned card numbers for shopping sprees.

EPA Commissioner Scott Pruitt, Profligate Snowflake Cunt

https://www.motherjones.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/pruitt2.jpeg?w=990The “administrator” of environmental laws and regulations, about to demonically tether his fingers or strangling the whole world in his hands.

Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry

Aimee Mann, ‘Til Tuesday

In yet another case of vulgar irony oozing from the worst White House of this young century comes the odoriferous plutocabinet member EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. Who just recently answer some pressing inquiries on why he travels first class on plane flights on the taxpayers dime, which is now hardly worth a dirty penny giving day to day bipolar drops and rises in the stock market.

(Emphasis entirely mine)

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said security decisions made by others have dictated he fly first class or on military jets at taxpayer expense.

“Unfortunately, … we’ve had some incidents on travel dating back to when I first started serving in the March-April timeframe,” Pruitt said during an interview at the New Hampshire Union Leader on Tuesday.

“We live in a very toxic environment politically, particularly around issues of the environment,” said Pruitt, who confirmed he flew first class from the Washington area to Boston to reach New Hampshire.

“We’ve reached the point where there’s not much civility in the marketplace and it’s created, you know, it’s created some issues and the (security) detail, the level of protection is determined by the level of threat.”

And what could that environmental threat be, why it’s various concerned tax-paying citizens telling him “You’re fucking up the environment“! This is what the agency put out in defense of the breaking arctic ice shelf methane release resembling a shitty person for his gross expenditures on first class air travel and luxury hotel residences totaling $200,000, including 90 large in June alone, which includes $25,000 for a soundproof “privacy booth” to prevent eavesdropping on his phone calls and spending $3,000 to have his office swept for hidden listening devices for the paranoid corrupt government server.

What’s the matter Scotty? Are you gonna cry enough to add to the rising sea levels and pollute the oceans with your acid tears? Is some fed going to interpret your little phone calls and texts as detrimental to the nation and against the public interest, and maybe catch some criminal patronage favors to corporate energy companies?


This fucking chump has the audacity to complain about toxicity after he steered this nation to back away from the Paris Climate Accord, rolling back regulations regarding water pollution around coal manufacturing plants and inspiring the President’s imbecilic revival of the antiquated energy resource while ignoring the employment creating and profitability of the solar and wind industry, and a dramatic drop in investigations and fines of repeat offender energy companies with multiple pollution violations, certainly due to a massive lack of EPA personnel.

What’s not to expect from a pile of crap like Pruitt that he would cite environment toxicity for his current troubles and spineless sensitive reaction to it, hiding behind the suggestion of his security detail when irony was a big factor behind his appointment by Figurehead Trump since as the Attorney General in Oklahoma he wasted that state’s tax dollars trying to overturn responsible environmental regulations at the behest of his corporate energy donors. The Trump Administration is based on toxic irony

So Scotty, go fuck yourself and take your verbal lumps like a man. Funny how you now suddenly show concern of what people really think about you and your lousy policies and backward ideology. But don’t use the people’s hard-earned money to shield yourself from deserved barbs, just stick your dirty money grubbing fingers in your dirty ears you big fucking baby.

Oh, and you’re still fucking up the environment, dick.

Shut up, oh God can’t you just keep it down, voices carry

Aimee Mann, ’til Tuesday





Orange YOU Mad…!

Related imageCode Orange will fuck you up and ditch the remains.

At the end of last year, I tallied the best albums of the year from 3 decades ago to cast a blight on what I thought at the time to be a dearth in impactful, energetic, passionate original and creative music of that year (and implied in the last decade too).

Sadly, I was mistaken. As a curious glimpse into the recent Grammy awards nominations for the marginalized rock and metal categories, a few caught my eye and subsequently nicely assaulted my ears and awoke my senses and faith in rock and roll.

It has been a few weeks since the Grammy’s ended with lame ass boring hack Bruno Mars sweeping the top awards along with the R&B nominations (told you) so it took some time for these 2 outstanding albums to evaluate.

Code Orange was nominated for the Metal honor (for song or album, it doesn’t even friggin’ say) for “Forever” and it’s a goddamn motherfucker.

The title track’s music shifts 5 or 6 times and sounds like a battle hymm to rise against systemic complacency and an actual theme song for the band, making it the best since Dethklok.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and putting the steel back in Steeltown, the band has three vocalists (just like Fleetwood Mac, also grammy winner Mastodon), the drummer Jami Morgan writes the lyrics (just like Neil Peart from Rush) and has a lady lead guitarist in Reba Meyers, who conjures a stage presence similar to White Zombie’s Sean Yseult and P.J. Harvey. Code Orange reminds me of everything that was great and improved of heavy metal in the heyday early 90’s like Helmet, Nine Inch Nails, Biohazard, The Melvins, Alice In Chains and the legendary colossus Pantera (not in the rock and roll hall of fame-a brick shitpile and waste of Cleveland taxpayer dollars) and turn of the century bands like the brilliant Converge (another band that released an album last year that I didn’t know, yikes I’m old.)

The rest of this modern classic album doesn’t let up a bit and changes styles and the tracks blend into each other seamlessly. This is the definitive album for these fucked up times under fucked up unqualified, avaricious self-centered elected “leaders” in songs like “Kill The Creator” and “No One is Untouchable”, the pervasive influence of the surveillance complex in “Spy” and the majority of the current youth of America ensconced in their cellphones and social media accounts aka sheeple, which are brutally executed in songs like “The New Reality” and the outstanding “Bleeding In The Blur”

This is actually the band’s third album and have been around for a decade, but it’s a first for a major on the legendary Roadrunner label. But this band has saved rock and roll. Which might sound biased being that I haven’t been following new music for a while and I am only exposed to the bland hipster shit and there are no local radio stations devoted to new rock formats anymore. Although apparently a lot of current heavy metal gets played and promoted on WWE wrestling shows.

Another factor is being middle aged, which plays a factor in finding difficulty embracing new hardcore music. But that is just bullshit when a band like Body Count exists.

Also nominated for a grammy, Ice-T revived his hardcore band and it has re-emerged as a renovated thousand sun solar powered machine. Ice, who is pushing 60 along with his stalwart shredder Ernie C, put out their best album and maybe the real best album last year with Bloodlust.

This album is the definitive album for these times, which I detailed in Code Orange above but also with the desensitized acceptance of extreme police force and state, and the continued existential morass and segregation still ongoing in poor communities. As he mentioned in Black Hoodie, Ice has been yelling about this shit for 20 years. (Actually, it’s 30 counting his hat trick of rap masterpieces, Power, The Iceberg, and O.G.: Original Gangster.) The music itself is just pounding and funky and features staccato gun fire riffing during the verses that are just incredible.

Bloodlust’s other standout tracks are Civil War, which forebodes the coming race war that is being hinted by domestic terrorist white nationalist groups (or has Trump calls some of them, some good people), All Love Is Lost featuring Max Cavalera from Sepultura, a sensational medley in homage to Slayer with Raining Blood/PostMortem (Goodnight Slayer, they are disbanding this year after their farewell tour), and the penultimate song and first sociopolitical rock anthem of this century No Lives Matter, which starts off with Ice dropping science like Gil Scott-Heron and then he and the band kick the shit out of the ludicrous takes on the iconic social justice slogan and reminds the listener and the nation about the real issue permeating underneath and the real enemy in plain sight, especially it’s chorus.

Don’t fall for the bait and switch

Racism is real but not it

They fuck whoever can’t fight back

But now we got to change all that

The people have had enough

Right now it’s them against us

This shit is ugly to the core

When it comes to the poor, No Lives Matter

Consider recent shooting deaths of white people by police nationwide in the past year and this song gathers extreme significance.

So, the shitty grammys actually served a purpose after all. As it unwittingly reaffirmed that real rock and roll is not entirely dead. No, not dead at all. It was getting a little worrisome there with Figurehead Trump getting elected and people getting complacent under Obama for 8 years, but now there are musicians out there putting out long awaited and overdue rebel music. Praise the metal gods that Code Orange and Body Count are at the forefront given the accidental and meaningless award attention and reinvigorating the state of music and consciousness in general.

Also the fact that you will never ever be too old to rock and roll. And in the autumn years, you can still settle to metal.

Death to false metal, and stay strong Glenn Tipton.



Wrath Of The Scumlords / The Winter Of Disenfranchisement : World War II Veteran Gets Evicted From Deceitful Non-Profit, Bowery Tenants Get Thrown Out Into The Cold For Their Safety, Elderly Tenants Lose Their Senior Center From Sellout Nun Group, And Jared Kushner Continues To Fleece The City And Torment His Tenants.


This has been the winter of disenfranchisement and dysfunction with the affordability crisis pandemic and the masses of rent-burdened citizens of this city.

Your city, right Mr. Mayor?

And this post doesn’t even get to NYCHA because there is no fucking room in this post for those assholes.

Disposable Hero

Starting with upscale Brooklyn’s disposable hero; a 98-year-old man who was at Pearl Harbor when it got rained with bombs which led to the last time America outright won a war righteously. Rev. James Blakely was ordered to leave his apartment studio by a (formerly) non-profit group, The Black Veterans For Justice that donated to him over 5 years ago that was inspired by an article by NY Daily News Denis Hamill.

Apparently, the medal honored Navy veteran of three missions has apparently worn out his welcome with the aforementioned (F).N.P.G. as they sold the building to a developer Silver Rock Equities LLC and they fervently want him out of there. This revolting shitting on a man who gave his life to defend the freedom and security of this nation disputes any hyperbole being that these vulture capitalists are giving him the neoliberal version of a Pearl Harbor attack. To add to the insult and maligning of the veteran and history in general, the supposed Justice Veterans are demanding back payment of over $24,000 for the allotted time he lived there. Most recently, Rev. Blakely has experienced what thousands of other renters have experienced, being denied maintenance services and lack of heat.

Image result for kushner westminster“What are those fucking rent-stabilized tenants still fucking doing there?!”

In the gorgeous area of Brooklyn Heights, a building run by good old presidential advisor Jared Kushner’s realtor company is again trying to kick out undesirable but responsible people who pay their rent on time but not enough for their and his liking. It looks as though Jared’s habit of doing slipshod oversight when he signed his security clearances was in full effect as his namesake firm is being sued in a class action lawsuit when he and his company did not file re-registration for a majority of rent-stabilized units in 2 buildings he bought 4 years ago from Brooklyn Law School, naturally pilfering money out of the tenants there and possibly also pilfering tax dollars from the state by claiming the qualifying amount of affordable housing for tax abatements.

The quasi-secretary-of-state’s, even though he made the proper divestment from his real estate firm Westminster Properties, his pernicious influence is still being felt on the firm’s East Village properties with their persistent tormenting neglect of their rent-stabilized tenants as complaints about festering growing black mold and myriad other health hazards, structural damage and energy service refusals continue to induce their departure from their homes.

It might be safe to say that Kushner is quite lucky that his pop-in-law won the election or he would be sharing a cell with his scumlord inspiration Steve Croman.

Or maybe not…

Bill de Blasio is a consistent critic of President Trump, but he and his deputy Alicia Glen have lots of nice things to say to his son-in-law Jared Kushner, according to emails obtained by Politico.

“Jared, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a little break from the swirl of activity these last few weeks have brought,” de Blasio wrote Kushner. The email came just weeks after the election of Trump, whom de Blasio has compared to dictators and called “profoundly racist.”

The two exchanged a number of pleasantries like this until March of this year, according to the report, with much ado about getting coffee sometime.

“I can only imagine how tough your schedule has become, and I’m happy to accommodate whatever time and place works for you. Much appreciated — Bill.”

The Real Deal

Digital mingling like this gives the impression that Kushner’s egregious tactics are not only acceptable but an established business model as the savage demolition harassment with blatant threats by contractors going on in an apartment building in Bushwick East Williamsburg shows. Making a mockery of the recent law ratified by the bought mayor and city council to thwart such destructive tactics and machinations and seeing such paltry fines and court hearings as minor costs and a slight inconvenience for future prospects and profits.

In the pleasant town of Dyker Heights, one of the only areas in Brooklyn that hasn’t seen the scourge of exorbitant renting and dining, superfluous cafes and rooftop bars, an organization run by nuns has decided to sell a senior citizen center they run to moneyed developer and have demanded it’s elderly tenants to get the hell out even though the transferring of ownership won’t happen until the summer. The now ironically named Sisters Of Mercy won’t even reveal who the mystery buyer is. Showing how the impunity culture is being heinously nurtured by the Gentrification Industrial Complex of real estate and politicians, especially when it comes to perennially trendy Brooklyn, shows no mercy or sympathy when it comes to the elderly that is now rendered expendable for their replacement prospective desired clientele of the young and stupid with lots of money. Just the same as the W.W. II vet cited earlier.

This hypothesis and methodology displays extreme brazen cruelty with what’s happened in Chinatown.. In 85 Bowery, a broken down staircase was finally cited by the D.O.B as a safety threat led to the evacuation/city sanctioned eviction of all 75 tenants in the building. The natural shock by the residents was compounded by the fact that they have levied complaints about the dilapidated steps for years that were being ignored by Joseph Batesh, who bought the building only 5 years ago and by the craven indifference of and disrespect from their councilwoman Margaret Chin, who had the audacity to show the night of the evacuation/eviction.  Suspicions by the now homeless victims of Batesh’s willful neglect as a tactic to boot them for less discriminating high spending prospects to replace them makes it legit, including the fact that he has been persistently trying to kick them out for years and this ousting comes after a judge declared the building rent-stabilized just a few months ago and now the city sends the suddenly active D.O.B. with assistance from the FDNY and NYPD to bum rush them outside in sub-20 degree weather and then shuffle them to a shelter way out in East New York Brooklyn. This savage and callous bureaucratic treatment of these poor people has inspired a daily day to night protest and even a hunger strike to get back to their homes.

Some of the Bowery 75

As if this city government posse that unceremoniously kicked the tenants out that freezing night with just the clothes they had on wasn’t enough of an insult, and a stupid way for the city to utilize emergency services this way as there have been a lot of fires happening and muggings happening lately, the police that showed up at a protest demanded they stop using the tarp to keep them warm.

It’s a wonder why there doesn’t seem to be someone in elected office to show actual support and convey commanding presence so that these egregious crimes against humanity and devilish profiting off the vulnerable and impoverish can be deterred or even result in punitive measures. Like a public advocate. But that person is Letitia James, who was recently more concerned with the fate of a bar she frequents than to bother with the existential sorrow of all these victims of negligence, theft, intimidation and city inaction. Especially since Ms. James blew off the complaints of 85 Bowery residents herself and gave up months before a judge ruled in their favor for stabilization later on.

Public Advocate Letitia James championed a settlement that wound spare the tenants eviction and get-them long-term leases, but withdrew from representing them in June 2016 when the deal fell apart.

James cited “irreconcilable differences,” after many of the tenants objected to moving out during the repairs.

NY Daily News

This is coming from the person who tabulates the worst 100 landlords list every year, which despite years of complaints from the Bowery 75, Betesh is conspicuously missing from it.

All these recent awful incidents makes salient the collusion of government and real estate and the machinations inherent of the Gentrification Industrial Complex and how it continues as exhibited by the useless public advocate. Making these aforementioned tactics executed is not only a preferred business model but a solidified fact of life.

This is the new depression for the working poor and middle class trying to cope and live in this city being overcome by the menace and metastasis of the presence of luxury towers, upscale living and exorbitant real estate speculation/fabrication. Oh, and city planning that caters and panders to a population/demographic that is not even here instead of the existing constituency being denied civic services and accountability right now.

Did I mention I didn’t even get to NYCHA yet?







Reg E. Cathey, 58, Actor, Television And Film.


From one of the greatest quotes and scenes of many from The Wire, as mayoral aide Norman Wilson, after answering a question from Mayor Carcetti in frustration on how crime went up in a short time after campaign promises to bring it down and his decision to enact budget cuts to the police dept while contemplating a run for governor.

Norman Wilson: [about Carcetti who is struggling with budgets]  He shorts the police department, the crime rate stays up, he ain’t no governor, neither. Just a weak-ass mayor of a broke-ass city.

Tommy Carcetti : Feel better?

Norman Wilson : A little bit. You?


Mission Virtually Accomplished: The Lefferts Blvd. Elevator Is Activated.


South Ozone Park, N.Y., U.S.A.

In what I admit could be an abberation in the usual posts that get written here, here is an actual good news bulletin and sign of albeit late ass civic progress. As reported here since this digital publication’s inception, it took almost 4 years, but the main entrance of the Lefferts Blvd has completed with the activation of the elevator! And it actually is quite shiny and nice. It officially got turned on about a few weeks ago about 4 months ahead of the proposed 3th quarter deadline.

Check it out!!!






Hard to believe this took almost half a decade. But at least the essential part of the station is done being that it’s by the death defying horror show intersection that is Liberty Avenue and Lefferts Blvd where two accordion buses stop every day, making egress to the street finally a satisfying routine.

All is not well though, for it’s still the worst fucking transit system in the universe. For there are still bollards, barricades, equipment, vehicles and miscellaneous debris and materials cluttering the curbs taking up two blocks worth of parking spaces. For the station exit and entrance at the west side of the station are still under renovation.







Why the continued cantankerous position with this? Because it looks like the elevator finally got the long overdue fast track initiative when the new sheriff of the MTA came to town from Toronto, Andy Byford who is a big stickler when it comes to the handicapped commuters. For MTA brass clearly noticed what he accomplished by making Toronto’s transit system entirely handicap accessible while cleaning up his new office.

It is a tad surprising that they got the elevator operating, but all that street hoarding under the El looks like it’s going to remain there a while and perhaps might pile up more. When I saw the first card sensor on a turnstile and the dumbass energy wasting digital screens inside train cars a few weeks before the grand debut of the Lefferts Lift, I almost plotzed.




The rush to get these out there is pretty goddamn stupid and no doubt at huge expense, especially that the screens were installed on the old cars that are being planned to be replaced by a new fleet and the payment method won’t be implemented until 2019 and has the potential to fail and be prone to errors. The MTA decision to start a rummage sale of all their “antique” discarded signs, seats, benches and garbage cans, is a pathetic shitty way to start to re-accrue these moronic expenditures. The funny thing is that those antique garbage cans, which were misguidedly decided to be removed from the platforms in an attempt to curb litter and rodent colonies, can obviously still be useful.

Cynical observations aside it is a timely tiny miracle the Lefferts Station entrance got done, for the MTA is still having massive FUBAR snafus, being all the other various problems the system has got going for it this year.

Like the new countdown clocks which are already showing consistent inaccuracies and placed in ridiculous hard to view spots.

A thorough 21st century modernization of the Penn Station hub has exhibited a massive wall to wall crack on the floor just a short few months after the state of the art passageway opened.

That a lot of delays are actually caused by commuters looking down at or diddling their fingers on their cellphones as they enter and exit trains, giving the effect of a herd of lobotomized sheep or herd of cattle slowly marching to getting shed or milked or to their certain death.

That small businesses along the north elevated tracks in Astoria have lost 50% of their customers because of the storage of materials and vehicles for way overdue renovations hogging parking and sidewalk spaces.

And of course the obvious long overdue shutdown of the irresponsibly neglected Canarsie Tunnel on the L line. As doomsday draws near in just another year, the MTA and the city still doesn’t have a concrete plan for commuters, especially the effect it will have to the already crushed sardine boxes on the Queens and Brooklyn lines. It looks like the appointed subway ambassadors will have to update their itineraries and probably have to don body armor or chainmail to ward off the frustrated masses.

But most fortunate of all for the citizenry reliant on the Lefferts Station to start and end their grinding workdays and the easement of physical stress on the aged and infirm is that it has evaded the perpetual distraction nonsensical battle of half-wits and directionless obstructionist feud over transit and transportation funding and policy making between the neoliberal bags of dead dicks and shit Mayor William de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Mario’s son has gotten deserved heat for his rush to open the four stop 2nd avenue for his grand opening suarez. Since that day and his proclaimed summer of hell, he has allocated and spent billions on boondoggles, minor transit extensions, and prioritized profligate ornamental improvements over infrastructure improvements in the city’s dilapidated subways, like the aforementioned newly cracked and ruined floor at Penn Station.

There is the recent decision by Cuomo through his intern commissioner Joe Lotha to add a third track on the LIRR between two close stops for a (not so) cool $1.8 billion. There was the not surprising revelation that the cashless and humanless toll booths in the past 5 years incurred over 80 million dollars in lost fares and fees.

And for shits and giggles in an egregious stunt that would make Chris Christie share his taco bowl with Mario’s son, the governor emailed commands to his MTA staffers relayed to transit supervisors to defer most of the blame for power failure transit delays to Con Edison by cooking the books on the number of them four-fold just so he can justify his tainted stats while doing his occasional Excelsior shirt sleeves rolled up subterranean photo op to divert attention from the generally known fact of the consistency of the antique signal system breakdowns.

And the topper might be what Guv’ner Andy announced in the state of the state and of his delirious mind when he promised to build another subway tunnel going to Red Hook, Brooklyn by extending the local 1 train from downtown Manhattan to coincide with the prospective hyper-development plan in a hurricane flood zone to build affordable luxury towers and a park there for the next hipster pilgrimage. This was considered as Trump’s tax cut law, the Oligarch Welfare law, will put a stop to that plan just like it officially did on the extension of the 2nd Avenue Q line to 125th Street.

Mario’s son’s costly congestion pricing plan to fund transit took a big hit when Doug Schifter took his life in protest of this extra tax on struggling independent cab and delivery drivers. And de Faustio millionaire tax plan, which he pilfered from assemblyman Michael Ginaris, is seeing absolutely no support at all.

As for the perjuring mayor of the city where the subway runs, well, apparently it did not deem worth a mention either an acknowledgement in the new city budget which actually exceeded 4 billion dollars from last year. Yet somehow his staff and his real estate donors lobby group is still pushing for the BQX line to get built despite the lead cheerleader quitting on them and a study detailing it’s unsustainability and ballooning costs and it’s unpopularity from the furious residents living by the prospective tracks.

Mayor de Faustio stubbornly refuses to contribute to fund the subway re the emergency plan put forth by Lotha for the city to contribute a little more than half of the $800 million needed to improve it (It actually should be more), for the reason he repeats that the state should pay for it entirely and that they squandered earlier city funding. He would have a point and a justification to his obstinancy if he wasn’t supporting that cruddy BQX, and how he ordered his MTA picks to blow off $200 million for station fixes  because the stations he wanted done were for areas that are in his gentrification fostering and escalating mandatory inclusionary zoning plans for East New York and the South Bronx.

Although de Faustio did find some loot, about a couple million, for an express bus route to Rikers Island.

This summer, the city will also test-run express buses shuttling people directly to and from Rikers out of two public-transit hubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The jailhouse jitneys will cost taxpayers $846,000 this fiscal year and $1.69 million each year after that. The DOC wouldn’t yet say if the shuttles will be free to ride.

N.Y. Post

Both them do share common ground when it comes to the rent and food burdened poor straphangers, since they both saw no need to alleviate their struggles by denying them extra transfers and reduced-fare cards. But as for the funding concerning the maintenance and sustenance of the worst fucking transit system in the universe, of which both are mostly responsible for it’s status, their sniveling petty little rivalry continues as riders get fucked over for another year and possibly infinity.


For now, the Lefferts Station is the only aspect of this fucked up transit system of this broke ass city and state that is worth admiring. Even if it’s only for the few minutes entering and exiting it during the elongated overcrowded ride to Manhattan and back. Making it the approximation of a commuting shit sandwich.

It was a four year wait, but ultimately, as with all the chaos that will ensue with all mentioned, it was actually worth it.

It will break down in a month or two though.

Now A Word From Our Sponsors: MLK Speech Milked By Ram Trucks And The N.Y. Giants Worst Season Culminates In Embarrassing Lame Self-Parody.

https://thumbs-prod.si-cdn.com/YzIgi52RgucN8vDnkLeseOXeglI=/fit-in/1072x0/https://public-media.smithsonianmag.com/filer/MLK-Memorial-front-520.jpghttps://hips.hearstapps.com/amv-prod-cad-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/images/media/51/25-cars-worth-waiting-for-ram-rebel-inline-photo-677427-s-original.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center,center&resize=800:*https://i0.wp.com/globalsports.news/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/5a79fd96c084d9.87436816-660x371.jpegClockwise: Martin Luther King, Jr., RAM truck looking tough, Eli and Odell: The Dancing Fools.

This year’s Superbowl was very noteworthy. The Philadelphia Eagles managed to beat the New England Patriots with a phenomenal performance by the best back-up quarterback in the NFL Nick Foles and thwarting another Tom Brady 4th quarter resurgence with a timely strip-sack. But leaving a bigger impact was the a major blight during the middle of the game with an ad by auto manufacturer Chrysler for their resilient Ram trucks with their usage of an audio clip from a speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. given in the last year of his life and 2 months before his assassination.

According to insipid marketing team behind this cultural appropriation and butchering of a speech that was and still is a rebuke of showing off your wealth, how it defines status and frivolous ignorant spending beyond one’s means, and rails against the pervasive influence of vehicle advertisements. Rev. King and his followers could have reached the mountaintop faster if they had a Ram tough motor vehicle.

This has gotten universally deserved condemnation. Although the seeds for this type of parsing of messages for social justice and even aggression was planted with the notorious ads for Nike when they used and abused the Beatles’ “Revolution” and Iggy And The Stooges “Search And Destroy” to hawk their products as instruments and accessories of faux protest.

And as for how the men and woman behind this ad would think it was a stellar idea and not at all blissfully ignorant of it’s true meaning and message and actually thought it would invoke inspiration for their and a new target demo, without a microbe of shame about it, this shit was prophesized by two animated T.V. shows. Most amazingly by the Boondocks in it’s greatest episode that hypothesized what would have happened if Martin survived the shooting and awoken from a coma in 2000, he went to an Apple store and a fast food restaurant that had his image displayed on the wall and a food tray mat and frustratingly said “I should have approvals over this kind of thing.”

https://team7culturerepresentation.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/mlk12-30-mlklooksatghandiselfeinstein-e9.jpgImage result for boondocks, MLK, mcwunclers

To fix this abomination, a video surfaced to put the proper context of King’s speech and the lousy commercial in place. And maybe keep the Reverend from continuing to spin in his grave.

As for the truck tie-in and ironic precedence, the Simpsons did it in the episode where Krusty The Clown revived his stand-up career doing material with sharp criticisms against commercials and corporations like a grease paint wearing Bill Hicks, gets approached by two casual Friday dressed ad guys and offers Krusty an endorsement contract to peddle their, get this, SUV truck called Canyonero. The next scene, Krusty’s on stage talking about his meeting to the crowd and then starts shilling the trucks attributes and mileage and the two douche bags he sold out to.

Too make a little bit of sense of all this and the modern day shitting on MLK’s grave and legacy by this generation of cartoonish greedy amoebas, Martin Luther King has been Canyoneroed.

As for the Giants, who were ironically picked for playoff contention for the big game and ended the year at 3-13 with the firings of the coach and his staff and the general manager, their two star players found time during the post-season to humiliate themselves further by doing an homage to Dirty Dancing. As Patrick Swayze’s memory gets awkwardly danced over.

The commercial’s ending got a big laugh. Not me though, but by everyone that counts. This nauseating minute did have some interesting aspects though. That O’D.B. has recovered nicely from his injury and Eli shows some deft stamina and strength lifting his receiver up like Jennifer Grey despite rumors of it being the result of some CGI tampering.

However, though Eli gets the moves right, he still looks lumbering and stiff making those moves, similar to how immobile he was in the pocket during the majority of his pass plays last season. And the part where the O line joins him for the goofy group dance clearly shows their collective lack of chemistry, coordination and immobility that allowed defenses to crush them every week, preventing them from moving the chains and cracking 20 points.

I don’t know when this was filmed, but I assume it had to be during the playoffs. I thought when the Giants hired Dave Gettlemen that shit was going to get serious. But it’s apparent the team is continuing their degradation and humiliation by agreeing to this lame ad. They should know better. Especially Eli, who really isn’t much of a personality to pull this or any kind of parody off, and O’Dell who continues to act and look like a dork (get rid of that stupid muffin hair already) with total oblivion.

It’s going to take a lot to get their dignity back. But at least they just play football. Those dipshits who made that RAM ad don’t have or even care to have a shred of it.