EPA Commissioner Scott Pruitt, Profligate Snowflake Cunt

https://www.motherjones.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/pruitt2.jpeg?w=990The “administrator” of environmental laws and regulations, about to demonically tether his fingers or strangling the whole world in his hands.

Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry

Aimee Mann, ‘Til Tuesday

In yet another case of vulgar irony oozing from the worst White House of this young century comes the odoriferous plutocabinet member EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. Who just recently answer some pressing inquiries on why he travels first class on plane flights on the taxpayers dime, which is now hardly worth a dirty penny giving day to day bipolar drops and rises in the stock market.

(Emphasis entirely mine)

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said security decisions made by others have dictated he fly first class or on military jets at taxpayer expense.

“Unfortunately, … we’ve had some incidents on travel dating back to when I first started serving in the March-April timeframe,” Pruitt said during an interview at the New Hampshire Union Leader on Tuesday.

“We live in a very toxic environment politically, particularly around issues of the environment,” said Pruitt, who confirmed he flew first class from the Washington area to Boston to reach New Hampshire.

“We’ve reached the point where there’s not much civility in the marketplace and it’s created, you know, it’s created some issues and the (security) detail, the level of protection is determined by the level of threat.”

And what could that environmental threat be, why it’s various concerned tax-paying citizens telling him “You’re fucking up the environment“! This is what the agency put out in defense of the breaking arctic ice shelf methane release resembling a shitty person for his gross expenditures on first class air travel and luxury hotel residences totaling $200,000, including 90 large in June alone, which includes $25,000 for a soundproof “privacy booth” to prevent eavesdropping on his phone calls and spending $3,000 to have his office swept for hidden listening devices for the paranoid corrupt government server.

What’s the matter Scotty? Are you gonna cry enough to add to the rising sea levels and pollute the oceans with your acid tears? Is some fed going to interpret your little phone calls and texts as detrimental to the nation and against the public interest, and maybe catch some criminal patronage favors to corporate energy companies?


This fucking chump has the audacity to complain about toxicity after he steered this nation to back away from the Paris Climate Accord, rolling back regulations regarding water pollution around coal manufacturing plants and inspiring the President’s imbecilic revival of the antiquated energy resource while ignoring the employment creating and profitability of the solar and wind industry, and a dramatic drop in investigations and fines of repeat offender energy companies with multiple pollution violations, certainly due to a massive lack of EPA personnel.

What’s not to expect from a pile of crap like Pruitt that he would cite environment toxicity for his current troubles and spineless sensitive reaction to it, hiding behind the suggestion of his security detail when irony was a big factor behind his appointment by Figurehead Trump since as the Attorney General in Oklahoma he wasted that state’s tax dollars trying to overturn responsible environmental regulations at the behest of his corporate energy donors. The Trump Administration is based on toxic irony

So Scotty, go fuck yourself and take your verbal lumps like a man. Funny how you now suddenly show concern of what people really think about you and your lousy policies and backward ideology. But don’t use the people’s hard-earned money to shield yourself from deserved barbs, just stick your dirty money grubbing fingers in your dirty ears you big fucking baby.

Oh, and you’re still fucking up the environment, dick.

Shut up, oh God can’t you just keep it down, voices carry

Aimee Mann, ’til Tuesday





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