President-Elect Trump will use The NYPD and U.S. Secret Service as his personal nanny for the first lady and son.

While he has been refilling the swamp with his cabinet picks, Trump’s decision to let his wife and son remain in NYC while the child finishes the school year is going to come at a great cost. Not only from the city coffers but at the expense of every citizen’s and business’s safety, security and well-being. Especially as this comes in light of a brazen armed jewelry store heist about 6 blocks away from his tower fortress on 5th and 57th.

If there was any other doubt why Trumpy was not qualified to run the country, besides all those blatant conflicts of interest of running his companies in other nations and his debts to major banks here and around the world, is the inconvenience and chaos in a major traffic artery. I am sure he knew this when he was campaigning and what may have been a partial motivator to run for office, being all the hookups and bennies having all that tax payer funded luxury security that comes with the position in addition to having local cops diverted from their duties protecting the public in their precincts to standing around his vast properties doing nothing all day but being an obstruction. From NYC to Miami to Instanbul.

It’s already being felt locally in the triboro area, as a lot of gang-like criminal activity has rose and proliferated  mostly near parks this year. Trumpy needs to follow procedure that comes with winning (he already looks bored by it) and bring the wife and kid to DC. It’s ridiculous that he didn’t make these plans in the first place. It’s a bit surprising how no one is a bit suspicious that he would not want the woman he pledged his devotion to every day by his side for about 8 months considering how publicly notorious he is around random women all his natural life.

I wonder if our surprise president-elect Trumpy has stocked up on Tic-Tac’s.

NYC Administration for Children’s Services Gives Another Chance To Foster Care Service Provider Once Supervised By A Child Predator And Dogfucker

From the print edition of the November 8 2016 Daily News written by Jennifer Fermino:

The city will renew it’s contract with the foster care provider that place dozens of kids with an alleged Long Island pedophile, despite objections from the city controller’s office. The Administration for Children’s Services says it needs to renew it’s contract with SCO Family Services for close to 1,000 kids who were being served by the provider prior to the abuse allegations that surfaced this year.

Over the past 20 years SCO – which partners with New York City and other local governments on foster care cases –  Had placed more than 100 kids in Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu’s home.

Controller Scott Stringer has twice rejected SCO contracts that ACS has sent his way. “We don’t believe in gambling with children’s lives” Stringer spokesman Tyrone Stevens said. But a spokeswoman for Mayor De Blasio said City Hall will move forward without the controller’s approval, which is allowed under the City Charter in certain circumstances.

SCO has made “significant progress in strengthening child-care oversight” said City Hall spokeswoman Aja Worthy-Davis. “Transferring these children to another provider would disturb established relationships with workers managing their cases, and lead to larger avoidable, operational difficulties” said Worthy-Davis.

Gonzales-Mugaburu has denied any wrongdoing in the case.

This exclusive came out a few weeks ago on election day. It might have been overlooked while the city was voting in vain for Hillary and re-electing a bunch of establishment hacks.

ACS has been a clusterfuck shambles since the Blaz got elected and appointed crybaby Gladys Carrion to lead the agency incompetently. If that isn’t wretched enough this city is so strapped for resources or alternatives that our elected’s and appointed’s, bless their kind bleeding hearts, are rewarding SCO for their negligence and enabling. This comes just a few weeks after the brutal torture and murder of a child, Zymere Perkins that those shiftless imbeciles at ACS was suppose to protect, but the case worker had other things to focus on, like getting a transfer from a promotion.

On the bright side, at least all these kids will have a place to go without worrying about that creepy nightcrawler Cesar. At least our fauxgressive officials somewhat have the sense not to warehouse them in hotel rooms, right Aja Worthy-Davis?

Oh, this guy banged his dog, too. This guy must have been quite a charmer.

The MTA Presents: Lefferts Blvd. Wildlife Refuge.

The past year, or two has seen drastic renovations being done at the final stop of the A line going to Richmond Hill. With the modernization and crucial fixes to the staircases at the boulevard entrance, with atypical habits being way behind the scheduled completion date, it has turned into a drop-in center for the city’s pigeons to partake in views of this plain town and dispel of their bodily functions, in particular the turnstiles. Attempts have been made to clean it up have been in vain as can be seen above. That area has actually looked worse before since the station has undergone these way overdue repairs.

This is from a month ago.

But seriously folks, this is foul (no pun intended, at all). This is disgusting and from a hypochondriac’s perspective of which I’m not, rife with disease. The MTA has to get that staircase finished early for once and give our feathered rat friends somewhere else to poop. Also the bottlenecks resulting from having one staircase resembles our most delicious animals like cows and pigs headed for the slaughterhouse. And some people’s phone habits are just exacerbating the problem. I have seen idiots talking, playing games and even saw some dumbass skyping walking down the stairs. Everyone has got to contribute to the betterment of society!

Or just get a some kind of hawk simulator sound machine for the time being.


NYC Department Of Buildings Office Has An RV!

%%% 001.jpg

One day working in the city for stagnant wages, I came across this sight. What looks like a SWAT style truck under the jurisdiction of an agency that, to my knowledge doesn’t have weapons or handcuffs. At first impression, I thought, well here is more profligate waste at the expense of the citizenry’s tax dollars, and from a toothless and perpetually corrupt and compromising agency to boot.

But then I thought, why just one intimidating and authoritative looking vehicle. Why not find some cash in the city’s coffers that the Blaz hasn’t spent filling his cabinet with six figure salary glorified interns and his 2017 campaign boosters and solicitors, when we can make a battalion of these trucks, fill them with some cops usually deployed to monitor protests, and track terrorism and basically act as chaperones for tourists and frivolous spending hipshits going bar and artisanal eatery hopping, to go after those 100 slumlords that they list every year and after those creep lobby firms of the likes of James Capalino and Berlin Rosen. Shit, they can probably bust into the opulent residency of one Jared Kushner for his Croman inspired style of owner-tenant relations and discourse.

Of course that’s if there will be anything left in the coffers with Don Worthless still in his twitter lair on 5th avenue and with his trophy wife and kid still residing there while  Barron finishes the school year.

Don Worthless and Bastardizing Normalcy

Now that it’s been 2 weeks since Donald Trump won, whose campaigning style evolved from Sideshow Bob to Elmer Gantry and on victory night and in the DC meeting with Obama, Bill McKay, the 5 blocks surrounding his tower and penthouse lair has turned into a gauntlet and he is garnering prospects and assigning very deplorable types to his cabinet. While he’s using this transition period filling posts with people who will kiss his ass, he still finds spare time to engage on Twitter. He’s also found time to powwow with the Naked Cowboy.

And what a cabinet it is. Filled with former rejects like Jeff Sessions contrary imbeciles who think climate change is a urban legend, his peers in predatory real estate and investment banking, and in Steve Bannon, a reprehensible actual troll commentor. Meanwhile in DC, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan get to keep their positions. It’s like his promise to drain the swamp of status quo establishment politicos is to absorb it with humanoid bags of shit.

If this is the new normal…





How Hillary lost (among many reasons) the election and the people for the last time

We’re all still here right?

Hillary got denied, and Trump emerged victorious, the gold spun straw headed dog he is. He won despite my unread protestation and cringing endorsement. Lots of reasons this happened, but really it all came down to the last days of the campaign. Not even Comey’s sound and fury signifying nothing probe sequel or even Trump’s fake assassination attempt in Nevada negated anything. It was the two campaign commercials I saw that may have sealed it.



Trump’s ad, shockingly, is visually beautiful, focuses on the issue and is to the point. It uses actors of diverse races to make the economic divide credible that it makes Trump’s coarse and blunt speech look downright powerful and revolutionary. Almost like Bernie Sanders. While the idiots behind Hillary’s ad made a modern day Daisy ad using a Trump clip show to, what they stupidly assumed, to scare Trump’s base of middle class mothers but only comes off making the viewers feel guilty and ashamed not by supporting a deviant brute but not supporting Hillary herself.

And in the final week of campaigning, Hillary was addressing, well screaming at her supporters about what a cad Trump is instead of focusing on the issues, and having superstars open her rallies like they were lollapalooza concerts. And what shows these concerned superstars put forth. Jennifer Lopez dressed like a pole dancer and some rappers did their lyrically profane and terrible lyrics uninhibitedly. The last one had metastar Beyoce Knowles who at least as some activist like lyrics in her terrible music that had some relevance to these times of trouble and the only statement that had any resonance from Hillary that night is that she carried a bottle of hot sauce in her purse like she was channeling Madea Perry. While Trump just went out and spoke to thousands of people in the midwest. The usual critics relished in the fact that Don was alone on the podium and did not have any celebrities performing or flanking him. But he wasn’t alone, he was with thousands of people.

And now he’s the president elect. He ate some tic tac’s and  grabbed the country by the pussy. Hillary sulked in a hotel the night she got trounced (and she knew it was over, probably around 11) and sent her imbecile errand pundit Podesta to tell her base to go home and sleep. Even in the end she still viewed the people, even her supporters with contempt and condescension. Selena Meyer couldn’t have been more classy.





Manifest Hillary

Today is the day. It’s been set up for her for decades. It’s especially been premeditated with her massive early superdelegate advantage in the primary. It’s been choreographed with a complicit media.  It’s been set up with lots of money, good, shadow and dark. Hillary Rodham Clinton has major superstar celebrity and oligarch support. But mostly it’s been buoyed, although not as she, her crew or anyone breathing expected of a repulsive power hungry demagogue who has never held elected office, the worst candidate ever to run for president.

This should have been a piece of cake. It probably would have if Bernie was the candidate, but it’s too late for that. So we have to settle for HER. Donald Trump will attempt to bring fascism and plutocracy in your face, but with H-> at least it will be a mild form of it, which is how it’s been under Obama and widespread neoliberal policies the last 8 years. At least we will have a semblance of our personal freedoms and not an outright denial of them.