President-Elect Trump will use The NYPD and U.S. Secret Service as his personal nanny for the first lady and son.

While he has been refilling the swamp with his cabinet picks, Trump’s decision to let his wife and son remain in NYC while the child finishes the school year is going to come at a great cost. Not only from the city coffers but at the expense of every citizen’s and business’s safety, security and well-being. Especially as this comes in light of a brazen armed jewelry store heist about 6 blocks away from his tower fortress on 5th and 57th.

If there was any other doubt why Trumpy was not qualified to run the country, besides all those blatant conflicts of interest of running his companies in other nations and his debts to major banks here and around the world, is the inconvenience and chaos in a major traffic artery. I am sure he knew this when he was campaigning and what may have been a partial motivator to run for office, being all the hookups and bennies having all that tax payer funded luxury security that comes with the position in addition to having local cops diverted from their duties protecting the public in their precincts to standing around his vast properties doing nothing all day but being an obstruction. From NYC to Miami to Instanbul.

It’s already being felt locally in the triboro area, as a lot of gang-like criminal activity has rose and proliferated¬† mostly near parks this year. Trumpy needs to follow procedure that comes with winning (he already looks bored by it) and bring the wife and kid to DC. It’s ridiculous that he didn’t make these plans in the first place. It’s a bit surprising how no one is a bit suspicious that he would not want the woman he pledged his devotion to every day by his side for about 8 months considering how publicly notorious he is around random women all his natural life.

I wonder if our surprise president-elect Trumpy has stocked up on Tic-Tac’s.

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