NYC Administration for Children’s Services Gives Another Chance To Foster Care Service Provider Once Supervised By A Child Predator And Dogfucker

From the print edition of the November 8 2016 Daily News written by Jennifer Fermino:

The city will renew it’s contract with the foster care provider that place dozens of kids with an alleged Long Island pedophile, despite objections from the city controller’s office. The Administration for Children’s Services says it needs to renew it’s contract with SCO Family Services for close to 1,000 kids who were being served by the provider prior to the abuse allegations that surfaced this year.

Over the past 20 years SCO – which partners with New York City and other local governments on foster care cases –  Had placed more than 100 kids in Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu’s home.

Controller Scott Stringer has twice rejected SCO contracts that ACS has sent his way. “We don’t believe in gambling with children’s lives” Stringer spokesman Tyrone Stevens said. But a spokeswoman for Mayor De Blasio said City Hall will move forward without the controller’s approval, which is allowed under the City Charter in certain circumstances.

SCO has made “significant progress in strengthening child-care oversight” said City Hall spokeswoman Aja Worthy-Davis. “Transferring these children to another provider would disturb established relationships with workers managing their cases, and lead to larger avoidable, operational difficulties” said Worthy-Davis.

Gonzales-Mugaburu has denied any wrongdoing in the case.

This exclusive came out a few weeks ago on election day. It might have been overlooked while the city was voting in vain for Hillary and re-electing a bunch of establishment hacks.

ACS has been a clusterfuck shambles since the Blaz got elected and appointed crybaby Gladys Carrion to lead the agency incompetently. If that isn’t wretched enough this city is so strapped for resources or alternatives that our elected’s and appointed’s, bless their kind bleeding hearts, are rewarding SCO for their negligence and enabling. This comes just a few weeks after the brutal torture and murder of a child, Zymere Perkins that those shiftless imbeciles at ACS was suppose to protect, but the case worker had other things to focus on, like getting a transfer from a promotion.

On the bright side, at least all these kids will have a place to go without worrying about that creepy nightcrawler Cesar. At least our fauxgressive officials somewhat have the sense not to warehouse them in hotel rooms, right Aja Worthy-Davis?

Oh, this guy banged his dog, too. This guy must have been quite a charmer.

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