The MTA Presents: Lefferts Blvd. Wildlife Refuge.

The past year, or two has seen drastic renovations being done at the final stop of the A line going to Richmond Hill. With the modernization and crucial fixes to the staircases at the boulevard entrance, with atypical habits being way behind the scheduled completion date, it has turned into a drop-in center for the city’s pigeons to partake in views of this plain town and dispel of their bodily functions, in particular the turnstiles. Attempts have been made to clean it up have been in vain as can be seen above. That area has actually looked worse before since the station has undergone these way overdue repairs.

This is from a month ago.

But seriously folks, this is foul (no pun intended, at all). This is disgusting and from a hypochondriac’s perspective of which I’m not, rife with disease. The MTA has to get that staircase finished early for once and give our feathered rat friends somewhere else to poop. Also the bottlenecks resulting from having one staircase resembles our most delicious animals like cows and pigs headed for the slaughterhouse. And some people’s phone habits are just exacerbating the problem. I have seen idiots talking, playing games and even saw some dumbass skyping walking down the stairs. Everyone has got to contribute to the betterment of society!

Or just get a some kind of hawk simulator sound machine for the time being.


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