NYC Department Of Buildings Office Has An RV!

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One day working in the city for stagnant wages, I came across this sight. What looks like a SWAT style truck under the jurisdiction of an agency that, to my knowledge doesn’t have weapons or handcuffs. At first impression, I thought, well here is more profligate waste at the expense of the citizenry’s tax dollars, and from a toothless and perpetually corrupt and compromising agency to boot.

But then I thought, why just one intimidating and authoritative looking vehicle. Why not find some cash in the city’s coffers that the Blaz hasn’t spent filling his cabinet with six figure salary glorified interns and his 2017 campaign boosters and solicitors, when we can make a battalion of these trucks, fill them with some cops usually deployed to monitor protests, and track terrorism and basically act as chaperones for tourists and frivolous spending hipshits going bar and artisanal eatery hopping, to go after those 100 slumlords that they list every year and after those creep lobby firms of the likes of James Capalino and Berlin Rosen. Shit, they can probably bust into the opulent residency of one Jared Kushner for his Croman inspired style of owner-tenant relations and discourse.

Of course that’s if there will be anything left in the coffers with Don Worthless still in his twitter lair on 5th avenue and with his trophy wife and kid still residing there while  Barron finishes the school year.

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