Don Worthless and Bastardizing Normalcy

Now that it’s been 2 weeks since Donald Trump won, whose campaigning style evolved from Sideshow Bob to Elmer Gantry and on victory night and in the DC meeting with Obama, Bill McKay, the 5 blocks surrounding his tower and penthouse lair has turned into a gauntlet and he is garnering prospects and assigning very deplorable types to his cabinet. While he’s using this transition period filling posts with people who will kiss his ass, he still finds spare time to engage on Twitter. He’s also found time to powwow with the Naked Cowboy.

And what a cabinet it is. Filled with former rejects like Jeff Sessions contrary imbeciles who think climate change is a urban legend, his peers in predatory real estate and investment banking, and in Steve Bannon, a reprehensible actual troll commentor. Meanwhile in DC, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan get to keep their positions. It’s like his promise to drain the swamp of status quo establishment politicos is to absorb it with humanoid bags of shit.

If this is the new normal…





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