How Hillary lost (among many reasons) the election and the people for the last time

We’re all still here right?

Hillary got denied, and Trump emerged victorious, the gold spun straw headed dog he is. He won despite my unread protestation and cringing endorsement. Lots of reasons this happened, but really it all came down to the last days of the campaign. Not even Comey’s sound and fury signifying nothing probe sequel or even Trump’s fake assassination attempt in Nevada negated anything. It was the two campaign commercials I saw that may have sealed it.



Trump’s ad, shockingly, is visually beautiful, focuses on the issue and is to the point. It uses actors of diverse races to make the economic divide credible that it makes Trump’s coarse and blunt speech look downright powerful and revolutionary. Almost like Bernie Sanders. While the idiots behind Hillary’s ad made a modern day Daisy ad using a Trump clip show to, what they stupidly assumed, to scare Trump’s base of middle class mothers but only comes off making the viewers feel guilty and ashamed not by supporting a deviant brute but not supporting Hillary herself.

And in the final week of campaigning, Hillary was addressing, well screaming at her supporters about what a cad Trump is instead of focusing on the issues, and having superstars open her rallies like they were lollapalooza concerts. And what shows these concerned superstars put forth. Jennifer Lopez dressed like a pole dancer and some rappers did their lyrically profane and terrible lyrics uninhibitedly. The last one had metastar Beyoce Knowles who at least as some activist like lyrics in her terrible music that had some relevance to these times of trouble and the only statement that had any resonance from Hillary that night is that she carried a bottle of hot sauce in her purse like she was channeling Madea Perry. While Trump just went out and spoke to thousands of people in the midwest. The usual critics relished in the fact that Don was alone on the podium and did not have any celebrities performing or flanking him. But he wasn’t alone, he was with thousands of people.

And now he’s the president elect. He ate some tic tac’s and  grabbed the country by the pussy. Hillary sulked in a hotel the night she got trounced (and she knew it was over, probably around 11) and sent her imbecile errand pundit Podesta to tell her base to go home and sleep. Even in the end she still viewed the people, even her supporters with contempt and condescension. Selena Meyer couldn’t have been more classy.





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