Manifest Hillary

Today is the day. It’s been set up for her for decades. It’s especially been premeditated with her massive early superdelegate advantage in the primary. It’s been choreographed with a complicit media.  It’s been set up with lots of money, good, shadow and dark. Hillary Rodham Clinton has major superstar celebrity and oligarch support. But mostly it’s been buoyed, although not as she, her crew or anyone breathing expected of a repulsive power hungry demagogue who has never held elected office, the worst candidate ever to run for president.

This should have been a piece of cake. It probably would have if Bernie was the candidate, but it’s too late for that. So we have to settle for HER. Donald Trump will attempt to bring fascism and plutocracy in your face, but with H-> at least it will be a mild form of it, which is how it’s been under Obama and widespread neoliberal policies the last 8 years. At least we will have a semblance of our personal freedoms and not an outright denial of them.


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