The Boomtown Rats
We come for your ample undeveloped luxury tower lots and artisan fare.

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Looks like there is some blowback from all the hyper-development, tower pestilence, vibrant restaurants and society damaging gentrification going on in the hottest and insanely overvalued borough in the world. A mass proliferation of rats have appeared in the small and modest enclave of Prospect Heights in Brooklyn.


Along with the pilgrimage of the young, ambitious and mindless frivolous spenders yearning to live blissfully in the midst of and expense at the majority of long time residents struggling to keep pace with the rising unaffordability in the area, the rat population has also exploded and has laid siege to the blocks nearby from the burgeoning makeshift metropolis brought to them by the fine folks of the Pacific Park project being currently run by Shanghai, China real estate titan Greenland Properties.

A huge cavernous neighboring lot awaiting an affordable luxury tower apartment building next door to classic durable rowhouse apartment buildings seem to be the preferred dwelling place for the rodents as sure as it is for their orgies. According to the spokeswoman Ashley Cotton for the foreign predatory developer being interviewed by adorable meteorologist Vanessa Murdock (usually Marcia Kramer does reports like this, is she on vacation?), they have taken proper measures to abate the massive rat problem yet somehow the rats are wreaking havoc and somehow even mischief on their neighbors homes and cars, and are driving concerned citizens to fear for their children and pets due to their reported unusual sizes. Not yet known is whether they can walk upright and speak one or two languages. As if the gentrification caused by the new affluent Humans Of New York to their borough wasn’t enough.

To combat this scourge, Brooklyn’s Borough President Eric Adams will hold a Rat Summit in the hope to attract the best minds (his quote) to come up with an idea to stem the rat race from growing. You know like Mario’s son’s Governor’s million dollar offer for some geniuses to fix the subway. The only minds that are truly available is straight out of fiction, Willard and Ben, and the latter is the rat. Oh, but an alpha rat. But Adams, the idiot clown, wants to waste public time and money trying to court and assemble some crack team like Scorpion for rat abatement, even after hearing it from and walking with the constituency who witnesses it every day.

As for those responsible, well I guess they just got here, being that they are the third real estate corporation that has took over the reins for the building of these properties awarded by the city over 15 years ago. First by Bruce Ratner of Forest City, then Ratner sold a major share to Russian oligarch Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and then sold another major share to Greenland because it’s getting kind of obvious that these towers aren’t selling shit.

Which makes the sultans of Shanghai responsible for this current infestation is that they did a lousy half-ass job about it or probably didn’t want to bother at all (Why didn’t Vanessa Murdock asked to go inside the lot?, betcha Marcia Kramer would have barged in) You think with the recent flu epidemic going round nationwide, you think a major foreign corporation would want to be more proactive about something that can spread disease quickly like these filthy rodents. I hope they are familiar with the Bubonic Plague.

It’s clear the only thing they hope for is more profits and more generous rezoning from the city, we do have those projects in the Bronx, East Harlem and East N.Y. which is four express stops away from Rat Ground Zero where this hole is. As for the citizenry in Prospect Heights, they just have to wait after the rat summit for a solution and inevitable diminished return as they continue to hopelessly endure the existential ratpocalypse.


Apologies to Bob Geldof, Johnnie Fingers, Pete Briquette, Simon Crowe, Garry Roberts and Gerry Cott


The (Grammy) Monstrosity On 31st Street

New Fun City welcomes the most irrelevant annual music award competition to monopolize public space.

New York, N.Y.

The last three days by Penn Station and Madison Square Garden saw perhaps the largest temporary infrastructure project ever constructed on one block, in addition to the freight cans plopped on 8th Avenue.

For the Grammy Awards came to town and apparently the D.O.T. and the city, your city has our current Mayor reminded us last year during re-election time, gave permission for either the Garden or the Grammy Academy or Organization whoever the goddamn fuck it is, to drop a traffic obstructing glorified blanket fort for all the celebrities in the recording and possibly other entertainment industries to keep nice and cozy in during the inclement weather and to avoid to acknowledge the existence of the proletariat citizens of this city and to ward off their rabid fawning fans (but not enough so they can still bask in their adulation).




This looks like the grand entrance of the exalted festivities. Look on as it takes up 3 quarters of the road.





That last photo is the designated crosswalk to get to the subway, for the actual one is blocked by massive cargo modules and video trucks.


And for something completely different, while not in the way but still off-putting, a conspicuous snazzy design camper trailer taking residence in the bike lane.


It’s amazing what this city will do for the famous and talented, and majority pseudo and untalented and straight up musical hacks (looking at you, Bruno Mars and the others, you all know who you are). As most of the city’s infrastructure continues to deteriorate with traffic unable to move even without this eyesore shit and multiple movie productions happening all over the place (in fact, there were 3 such movies being shot blocks away in the Garment District and a few blocks south of the Garden).

And for what really besides keeping the red carpet inside plush and untainted by the dusty grime of hyper-development still in the ether and the abject poverty on the streets. A big gathering place for a few hours for banal interviews, tone-deaf, half-baked and uninformed statements and displays of high-end fashion from the beautiful and interesting people vying for the most meaningless serious award from the music industry. It should be noted that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Clash and Led Zeppelin never won the gold tone victrola. The Beatles lost best new artist to Petula Clark, The Pretenders lost the same award to Christopher Cross, and the first time they finally recognized Heavy Metal, they invited Metallica to play at the show and snubbed and stiffed them of the award by giving it to Jethro Tull.

It can’t be worse and oblivious that they built this block long glamping village tent with fucking chandeliers!…


…when there are 5,000 plus homeless people sleeping in the street. Like this person right across the street from the monstrosity:


Looks like the tale of two cities continues into de Faustio’s second term.

Speaking of homeless, the Grammy Academy recently just got one with the restoration of a mansion in Murray Hill, and the daily perjuring mayor was there to cut the ribbon.

Thankfully, the show is still going to be produced in L.A. so this shit will all be gone. But what’s going to happen to those big ass glamp tents. How about repurposing them as homeless shelters or food pantries. Or even set up showers in them instead of having the indigent masses wait for a bus to get washed up so not to revile the new high and fast spending transients coming to exorbitantly rent here?

Nah, they are just going back to where they are going and will probably turn up at some celebrity and politico hobnobbing party in the Hamptons, like that fucking obscene one last year to promote the Washington Post movie or it will probably pop up for one of a hundred events on privatized federal parkland.

So all that obstructive bullshit will be thankfully gone by morning like nothing ever happened. Which can’t be more appropriate since the Grammy Awards have always been out of touch with music trends that it never ever has had any influence in any genre or determined the popularity of any artists, especially the thousands that they overlooked.

To be fair at least they try on rare occasions. Like when The Johsua Tree and Outkast won for best albums and the times when it was obvious who were the best that year like Michael Jackson and Adele (the 21 album, not 25). This year a nominee for song of the year mentions the word nigger 100 plus times and jew once.

And there are 4 African-American artists for album of the year. Kendrick Lamar is the odds on favorite to win being that he has release 3 classic critically acclaimed albums in a row and is the voice, the only sociopolitical voice of this generation. But the winner will certainly be the utterly lame and safe creator of soulless soul music for 3 day festivals, half-time shows, chain pharmacies and rooftop parties, Bruno Mars.

Homer Simpson Trash GIF





So expect and accept the inevitable. And to the Academy, stop hogging the fucking road.



A Year Of Executive Carnage Completes With Trump’s Wacky Interview With The Wall Street Journal, Two Books On His Damaged Quirks And Damaging Policies, Mental Acuity Claims And Racist Rants, And The Shutdown Of The Government.

Donnie Two Times marks anniversary with spanking new hat and pretending to have a phone conversation.

Washington, D.C., The United States Of America

We made it nation. But definitely most of all you made it, President/Figurehead Donald J. Trump. With a fresh and clean bill of physical and cognitive mental health. Now you can pursue your lifelong desire to be King of America. For the time being anyway.

It’s with utter amazement how the year actually flew by since your inauguration and speech of prosperity and despair to us, the people.

It’s been a very good year for the man. Not necessarily the brand though. If anyone recalls after the little dog and pony show with the backyard patio table covered with stacked files of blank paper and his personal finance lawyer announcing his alleged divestments from his businesses, with Trump’s frequent visits to Mar-A-Lago and Bedminster, he clearly doesn’t trust his sons running the places and has retaken unofficial command of his favorite personal money making gold clubs. Also all the hotels around the world formerly under the regaled Trump logo unceremonously removed the name from their fancy awnings the walls of their entrances, most notably the obviously crooked and tainted Soho hotel on Spring St. in Manhattan.

But I digress, for this isn’t about the year in review. To keep the constant theme of the decrease of the collective attention span decline of the majority of young people and stubborn old people, including our very own Figurehead Trump, it’s always about living in the moment. Especially considering all the political and cultural chaos fomented by the actions of the leader in the week before and after his vaunted achievement in government service for just still being there (as illustrated in the above photo).

The whole world knows about Fire And Fury, the book by Michael Wolff of the Guardian. Taking it’s title from the first salvo against the trust fund baby dictator from North Korea of what he’s going to do to him and millions of people for continuing his missile defense program, it more resembles the unbridled rage coming from the mouth and fingers our highest representative of modern western civilization. That Wolff was able to achieve this is remarkable. Or maybe not, because Trump gave him access because he wrote an article the Figurehead deemed flattering to him, which is all you have to do to obtain his trust. He probably wouldn’t have got in if he worked for the BBC though, which Trump has previously repeatedly and sarcastically derided that network as a “real beaut”. And as the book’s highlights show, Trump has quite the intolerance for reading and listening. Because if he had such ability, he would have thought twice giving access to a reporter from the Guardian, a news media site with heavy liberal leanings.

It’s released excerpts exposing Figurehead Trump and his quirks regarding paying attention, violent mood swings and personal habits and the repressed disdain and disrespect towards him by his chief plutocabinet members, notably by the notorious B.I.G. of the alt-right brigade, Steve Bannon are equal parts comically absurd and  morbidly discouraging.

Turns out he did not expect to win. Which might be the only humble admission and realization he made about himself in his entire pampered perpetually fortunate life. But that moment of clarity went to ash when got pissy about not enough A-list celebrities at his inauguration. Apparently, all those billionaire donors that got to sit surrounding the dais weren’t illustrious enough despite all their massive and unregulated donor money donations.

Making faces and sounds after an aide tried to explain the U.S. constitution to him. Insisting to the housekeeper to leave the clothes where he dropped them on the floor. Having three T.V. monitors surrounding his bed as he eats his beloved McDonald’s quarter pounders, fries and diet coke on it in his jammies.

The now increasingly incriminating revelations about the meeting at the first Trump Tower on 5th avenue with the Russians, the indicted Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner and the now general observation made by Bannon on how the optics of it look treasonous. Technically it wasn’t, for it was more about lifting the Magnitsky Act to make foreign money laundering technically legal than the tampering with the Manifest Hillary campaign and alleged election influencing through social media.

Also pointed out by Bannon on a verified rumor that the first lady daughter Ivanka Trump has designs to be the first woman President, and then her husband Jared would be president after her. Showing quite well that the Trump clan has dynastic designs on this nation ruling by royalty and empire as well as the hysterical amalgam insult describing the power junior couple as Javanka. Bannon also prophesized certain doom for Jared, describing his brazenly obvious dealings and debts with foreign banks to keep his Kushner Properties company afloat and relevant.

And of course there are the charges of Trump’s intellect by other members of his plutocabinet, thus validating all the reported rumors by anonymous sources of the usage of the words moron and idiot to describe the mentality of Trump, in counter of his twitter claims of his lifetime assets of having mental stability and like, being really smart.

These tidbits sound like something that would be chronicled if there was a sequel to “The Kid Who Ran For President” and the kid went power-mad and let himself go.

Although also to Trump’s actual credit in addition to his shock at winning the election in his first time running, he also raised the issue of covering every American with health insurance in what can only be described as a Medicare-For-All plan But of course that excellent idea which was actually inspired, if you can call it that, by Trump’s contempt for reading legislation and getting instantly bored by others reading it.

In a proactive attempt to overcome the best selling book after trying to ban it by decree, which by no surprise was derived by his utter disinterest in the U.S. Constitution that he willfully remains ignorant about, and the universal mockery of his Valley Girl like quotes of his intelligence, Trump decided to get all the Washington Senators together in a room to discuss the DACA policy regarding the nation’s young illegal immigrants, familiarized as the Dreamers. In a respite from his daily loathing of the news media that he watches peripherally in his manufactured cow meat odored bedroom, Trump permitted cameras to capture the first day of the roundtable meeting and punctuated it with the instant soundbite of making the immigration bill, “a bill of love” (awwwww).

The next day with the cameras not present (why the fuck not), Trump dropped the bigot grenade by referring to the nations of Africa, Haiti and El Salvador as shithole countries (Africa is a continent, idiot) and inquired why don’t more people come from Norway. Logic that can only be vomited after pounding pitchers of Guinness at the corner of any bar in his home borough of Queens. No doubt the nations devastated by natural disasters and entrench government corruption retrospectively found Trump’s vitriolic ignorance offensive but you gotta wonder what the continent of Africa must be thinking of the leader of the free world’s pale-faced racism, especially since the U.S.A. has a massive military command structure with bases spread out to combat terrorism and protect corporate energy interests there, especially when it comes to rare earth mineral mining, how else will consumers ever get those monthly new cellphone editions.

The shithole remark from the shithole on Figurehead Trump’s face, which had bipartisan confirmation, should not be a surprise considering his history of racial discrimination against black people trying to rent in his and his pop’s apartments in the 70’s and to his shitty analysis of the seige of Charleston by snowflake white supremacists groups last summer. In fact, that racism is bored into people when they’re kids around bigoted parents. A lot of people overcome those prejudices later on as they mature, but for a lot of other people, especially those that are coddled and entitled and have no moral compass or senses, that racism lies dormant until it just comes out unbridled and volcanically explodes. Like Louis C.K.’s great aunt or the T.V. judge that Larry David played Scrabble with.

Normally, when any bitter working stiff would say bigoted remarks or opinions like this, it would lead to the termination of their job and pariah status, but Figurehead Trump is the President and you the people are not. He is the survivor pariah President and not many others aren’t, as he said in his demented, what he would call a full pager interview with the Wall St. Journal. The White House interview, conducted by four journalists and also attended by Plutocabinet staffer Gary Cohn, aide/yes girl Hope Hicks, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and some nameless aide later on who is desperately trying to pry Trump from the interview for a meeting with folks in the Roosevelt Room that apparently Trump had no idea was arranged.

Trump’s answers to actual questions, and there aren’t many of them because the WSJ lets him ramble on and most of the time just gives one word responses to them like “yes” and “sure” (I wonder if all 4 reporters said it in unison), were repetitive. He would say the the same things 2, 3, 4 and even 6 times. And As with the loony N.Y. Times interview (on a senator, he remarked his futility as “he doesn’t do), a lot of his responses aren’t that different than what he writes on Twitter, it seems that the amount of time he’s been tweeting as affected the way he verbalizes. And what he said about his relationships with other world leaders and his domestic policies border on the lunatic. It’s like Donny Two Times has replaced Charles Manson in the wacky interview you have to watch and read department to see what batshit he says next.

Batshit things like how he found out that the wall needs windows for the patrol guards to see the immigrants heading their way and how the mountains and vicious rivers (watch out for rabid salmon) in the wall’s way would suffice in keeping the migrants out (hell, why not just remove the mountains from the national monuments he removed in Utah and just extract them and move them to the border and use that). How he has a good relationship with Kim Jong Un after all those threats and missile tests. Like how he believes the DACA act and the Dreamers under threat of it’s and their expulsion are separate things. How he want’s to strengthen libel laws for his personal benefit and how there was no collusion, no collusion, no collusion and no obstruction, no obstruction, no obstruction behind the motive for firing FBI chief Comey.

The interview was peppered throughout with interruptions by his staff as if they were counseling their boss on his responses. This should be the real test of his mental cognitive functions that he’s unable to respond to questions quickly and clearly can’t comprehend what’s being asked to him. But his repetition is clearly a ploy so the interview would run out of time. It’s sort of like how a shitty high school student pads an essay to make the word limit.

The one who really nailed Figurehead Trump’s year of executive carnage is David Cay Johnston in his plain faced titled book “It’s Worse Than You Think”. D.C. Johnston has been covering Donny Two to Six Times for decades that Trump has referred to him as a “weird dude”, so in a way he respects the intrepid reporter. Johnston points out how Trump hollowed out the government by laying waste to the State Department by firing almost everyone, firing ambassadors and replacing them with ignorant imbeciles and cronies. His appointees who have ideological conflicts and predatory financial interests with the departments they run, from commerce to environment to education to science. And the fucking hideous fact that Trump has massively profited from his new hotel in D.C. and his golf resort hangouts in Mar-A-Lago and Bedminster since he won the trust of the registered voters in (t)his nation.

But the best is Johnston’s takedown of Trump and his supposed personal wealth, which has the utmost credibility being that he was covering the dotard when he was sinking under the failing of his glut of casinos befouling Atlantic City. From his interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now on the absolute real reason why Trump signed the Oligarch Welfare Law:

AMY GOODMAN: If President Trump just lasted for one term or less than that—and we’ll talk about that in a minute—what has he personally gained by this tax bill being passed, if he accomplished just that?

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: Well, he’s essentially cut his own tax rate from about 40 percent to 21 percent through the more than 500 little businesses that he owns. In the estate tax, he would have it eliminated, in a date in the future. And if he lives until then, if he had $10 billion, as he claimed, he’d save around $4 billion. By the way, after he took office, he filed his net worth statement. It shows $1.4 billion. If you take all the $50 million-and-up items and double them, you get to less than $2 billion. In other words, Donald Trump doesn’t have and never had $10 billion, and there is not one shred of evidence that he even has $1 billion. It’s a con. He’s a grifter. He claims it, doesn’t produce any evidence. I’m the guy who, back in 1990, broke the story that he wasn’t a billionaire. He called me a liar for four months, until he had to produce records, showing he had a negative net worth. And you know what? Back then, you were worth more than Donald Trump, Amy.


Unfortunately, this book is not getting half the attention, or even 90% of the attention that Fire and Fury got, although Worse has the same amount of vulgar sniping from staffers and cabinet members as Fire has.

All these revelations came to a head on the start of the second year of the Trump presidency with the inevitable and unavoidable government shutdown, which Donny couldn’t help but bitch that he had to cancel his 100th sojourn to Mar-A-Lago resort for his anniversary celebration. Fortunately for Trump, the Democrats caved to him and the Republican controlled House and Senate like they caved when it came to DACA’s initial destruction, the massive Pentagon 80 billion dollar spending bill, the tax cut bill, and the recent incineration of the U.S. Constitution that Trump doesn’t know shit about and refuses to learn about with the renewal of the FISA 702 act for warrantless surveillance in the name of the infinite war on terror and the institutionalization of government sanctioned paranoia against all citizens.

And the lousy establishment Dems will eventually capitulate to giving Trump the wall, which it’s estimate cost has now ballooned to 25 billion from the initial 2 billion. Actually from the initial claim that Mexico will pay for it, which has resulted in diminished returns to the American Taxpayer since that nation hung up the phone on Trump way back in February to discuss it.

This is going to be a fucked up year two for the nation and even for the ignoramus with the stupid hat in the Oval Office. For Trump is already embroiled with his first sex scandal from a sleazy tryst with a porn star 10 years ago and had arranged a pay off for her silence via a shell company and his hundredth political scandal by arranging to have the second guy investigating him fired and having his staff and the goddamn Attorney General attempt to undermine the case Mueller is running, which has progressed from collusion with a foreign nation to a widespread web of money laundering for Trump’s campaign financing.

All that’s left is a goddamn fucking war. Fortunately, North and South Korea have been involved in a summit over the Olympics and things have cooled over there, as both are showing why this president is irrelevant, even though Trump is still talking shit about the Kim. Unfortunately, there is the official moving of the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which might be where potentially World War III will get it’s real start.

That is where Trump, the 12 year old boy that became President, will fulfill his desire to become the emperor of the United States, unquestioned and universally adored. And Trump will get his wall like the one in China, which is probably the actual reason why he wants this so desperately.

Good thing he’s too much of a unread moron to pull this off. Being that he is the Emperor With, Like, No Mental Stability.



















New Bad Days 44: Police Officers Experiencing Attacks By Pyschotically Reckless, Intoxicated, Belligerant and Incompetent Drivers; The Four Boroughs Are Burning, Two Caused By Stupidity; A Spate Of Domestic Murders And Attacks On The Elderly; Various Acts Of Aggressive Jostling And A Blatant Case Of NYPD Reclassifying Of An Assault To Protect A Hotel Converted Homeless Shelter.


In Times Square, ground zero of the original bad old days, a dark tinted windowed Mercedes Benz was screeching it’s wheels and speeding on 7th avenue. As a police officer walked in the street to obstruct it, the driver hit him, sped off as it turned west into 42nd street. As the cop called for backup, all on foot, and yelled for help to probably passerby on the street, the car was gone.

Also in Times Square, a mentally ill homeless man was swinging a machete and hitting the sidewalk with it. He then put down his weapon on the cops order and then ran away, ditching two other machetes. When the cops arrested Homeless Zorro, he was possessing two more of them.

Again in Times Square, a Navy soldier pulled over by cops who made turned into the wrong direction on 8th avenue turned out that he was carrying a cache of handguns in his car.and a hunting knife strapped to his leg. Good thing no one drew first blood.

In the Upper West Side, a man pushed an 81-year-old woman in a post office and stole her purse, after that he was walking down the avenue with the purse he jostled then he went inside a bank and snatched $300 from a 4-year-old girls hand at a bank ATM machine while her mother was letting her participate in a transaction. The little girl wound up traumatized by the mugging, thinking that the scumbag is going to come back for her other glove.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/grab12n-1-web.jpg

Also in the Upper West Side on the West Side Highway, a drunk livery cab driver rammed into the back of a police car, injuring two cops.

Again in the Upper West Side, a traffic cop was clipped in the leg by a hit-and-run driver while directing traffic.

In Greenwich Village, two men robbed a convenience store of two grand when the co-owner opened the door for them after coming up from the basement and was held immediately held up at gunpoint.

In the East Village, a fight between two men in a corner store escalated as they fought on the street and one of them stabbed the other and ran off.

Also in the East Village, a firefighter who works at the Ladder 11 station was arrested for dealing fentanyl over the internet. The “Dark” internet.

In Harlem, a man drinking heavily at a party jumped out of window and impaled himself on a fence when his friends told him to leave. A brawl ensued between the revelers as one man broke a beer bottle over another one’s head.

In Chinatown, a teenager was killed in a fiery car crash after his drunk friend speeding off the Manhattan Bridge jumped a curb and crashed into a fire hydrant and lamp post. The driver has testified in court that he didn’t know he had a passenger in his car.

In the Lower East Side, three patrons were slashed at a bar by a man at 5 a.m.. The bar is owned by a guy who a member of some nightclub lobby group who applied for the once vaunted and unnecessarily stupid night mayor position and just recently had it’s liquor license revoked for being a noise making, violence enabling, underage and binge drinking encouraging nuisance to the neighborhood.

Also in the Lower East Side, patrons at a bar celebrating New Year’s Eve got held up at gunpoint by a 3 teenagers who proceeded to rob their cell phones and the cash register.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man sprayed lighter fluid on a clerk in a jewelry store and robbed her by threatening to torch her.

And again in the Lower East Side, two men held up a bodega at gunpoint and robbed the Lotto register of $600.

And again in the Lower East Side at the Delancy St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the approaching F train at 12:50 p.m.

In the Upper East Side, a millionaire heiress got impatient at a ritzy restaurant coat check as she made a bigoted slur at a man and woman in front of her. When the man confronted her why she insulted him and his family, the one percenter slag hit him in the face with her glass purse, causing a bloody gash.

Also on the Upper East Side, a man beat his girlfriend to a bloody pulp then went into his car and shot himself to death.

Again in the Upper East Side, a man followed an 80-year-old woman to her apartment building then tried to rob her purse but failed in his jostling attempt as the woman held on and yelled for her neighbors.

In the Upper East Side, Hell’s Kitchen, East Village and Kips Bay, two burglars have pulled off 16 safe robberies of restaurants, including outside ATM’s and their surveillance systems in the month of December, amassing a total of $54,000.

In Washington Heights, an apartment building went on fire that was sparked by a toaster and the flames accelerated up a dumbwaiter shaft and onto the roof.

In Gramercy Park, some entitled actor who gets paid 500 grand an episode from some hit show on premium cable got shitfaced in a bar and got into a row with other patrons trying to hog the pool table, leading to being ejected by the staff and management.

In Soho at the Spring St Station on the E train, a sleeping commuter was being jostled by a man trying to rob him and got slashed in the face trying to stop him.

Again in Soho, a car got totaled when a large chunk of rust colored ice fell off a building.

A man is wanted for simulated gun robberies of fast food chains and drug stores in Greenwich Village, Union Square and Mott Haven, making off with over 2 grand in cash.

In East Harlem, a cop assigned to community affairs was charged for driving drunk and flipping his car on the Belt Parkway a month ago and again in East Harlem.

At the 1st Precinct in Tribeca, an NYPD detective was caught and arrested after being found with heroin and driving without a license.

In Turtle Bay, an elevator broke from the weight of too many party people inside and fell 3 floors straight to the basement, injuring 5.

In Murray Hill at the 33rd St. Station, a drunk ass fell off the platform and onto the track roadbed as the train arrived.

In Midtown, a fire ignited on the roof of the TRUMP tower on the eve of the man and brand it’s named after brain exploded and called other nations shitholes during a senate committee meeting on immigration.


In Belmont, a fire started by an unsupervised 3-year-old boy that was playing with the knobs on the oven then rapidly spread when his mother didn’t shut the door and engulfed the entire building in flames killed 12 people and injured 4. The building was also found to have non-working fire and carbon monoxide detectors and the nearby fire hydrant frozen solid from record frigid temperatures.

In Van Nest, a fire sparked in a furniture store in a mixed use building starting at 5:30 a.m. spread to the apartments above, engulfing it in flames. 24 residents and one fireman were injured during the 7-alarm blaze.

Also in Van Nest, gunfire broke out in front of a catering hall that was reserved for a sweet 16 party, killing a 16-year-old boy who got shot in the neck and injuring a 17-year-old boy who got shot in the arm after a 300 kids showed up uninvited and incited a fight.

In Norwood, a man stalked a 64-year-old disabled woman to her apartment then raped her and robbed her of $250.

In Soundview, a man shot his ex-girlfriend and her daughter to death and then killed himself in front of the daughter’s one year old child.

In Morris Heights, a drug deal gone bad led to a man getting stabbed to death and another man getting slashed in the face.

Also in Morris Heights, a man was stabbed multiple times in the back as he was sitting in a restaurant by a man he was brawling with on the street before. The suspect claims his victim stabbed him first.

In Hunts Point, a man was found dead lying on the sidewalk with a bullet wound in his head.

In Woodstock, a man fighting with a woman in front of a deli pulled out a gun and shot in the face. The woman died later.

In West Farms, a man was found dead in his apartment with puncture wounds in his neck.

In Wakefield, one person was killed and two were wounded in a domestic shooting.

In Claremont Village in an incident of criminal mischief, a man shot another man inside an apartment building and tried to choke another man who tried to stop him. The culprit was stopped by two cops quickly responding to the shooting.

In Williamsbridge, a homeless man was found dead on a street corner a few days after the blizzard hit the city.

In East Tremont, two board members of a non-profit running a day care center robbed it of $130,000 to pay for a funeral for a friend and new duds.

In Throggs Neck, a man and his teenage daughter died in a fire caused by a hot plate placed by a comforter.

At a transit police station by Yankee Stadium, lockers belonging to Muslim officers were vandalized with bigoted messages and penises.

In Fordham, a teenager commuter who fell asleep was robbed, er, jostled by a man who wound up with his cell phone and credit card.

In Yonkers, gangs of kids brawling on the street took their rumble into a Dunkin Donuts which culminated in a stabbing death of a 16-year-old girl by another teenage girl.

Also in Yonkers, a stupid cop was caught doing donuts with a squad car in a lot.

In Claremont, a drunk driver crashed his car on an NYPD smartcar.

On the Major Deegan Expressway, a man killed himself after sideswiping an SUV and slamming into a wall causing his Mercedes to explode.


In Crown Heights, a 22-year-old woman was killed by her husband after he pushed her down the stairs and strangled her to death in their basement and left her for dead with their 2-year-old daughter. Cops dispatched to the home by the victim telling the operator that her husband was going to kill her never left their vehicle to confirm the attack, but showed up later after another 911 call from a neighbor hearing the child scream, finally discovering the lifeless body. This is the Blue Wall Of Insouciance in full effect, or more appropriately, none.

Also in Crown Heights, a brownstone apartment building went on fire, injuring 4 smokeeaters.

In East Flatbush, an stupid fucking idiotic building superintendent roasting a pig in the basement of an apartment building because it was too cold outside, caused a two-alarm fire, causing damage to the first floor and the scene of the cooking. Again, this place was torched by the super, the man responsible for the building’s upkeep.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/pig1n-1-web.jpgThe accomplice.

In Canarsie, two cheerleading squads engaged in a vicious brawl inside a high school which continued uninterrupted because of the presence of a single helpless security guard.

Also in Canarsie, a 68-year-old woman succumbed to a heart attack and died when she was hit with a hammer by a 18-year-old woman who with two men forced their way into the victims apartment to rob it. The three then attacked her roommate and stole his wallet, cellphone and video game console.

Again in Canarsie, a fire broke out inside a house, injuring 3 people.

In Windsor Terrace, a teenage boy punched a 77-year-old man after he paid his fare and went through the turnstile at the Fort Hamilton Parkway Station.

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St./Metrotech Station on the R train platform, an 18 year old man rambling incoherently approached a 65-year-old man who told him to back off then got sucker-punched by him and fell onto the tracks. He died of a heart attack hours later from the ordeal. The culprit had a heavy pill prescription from his bipolar and schizophrenic mental conditions.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, a Muslim woman was shouted at with bigoted slurs and physically attacked with punches by a gang of teenage girls after she told them to stop causing a ruckus at a chain restaurant as other customers just drank their latte’s and did nothing to help her.

In Williamsburg, a man went up to three other men on a corner at midnight and shot at two of them three times, killing one and injuring the other. The suspects drove off after the murder.

Also in Williamsburg, a bodega was held up at gunpoint at 7 p.m. by two men who shot at two workers there, hitting one in the back and the other in the chest then ran off.

Again in Williamsburg, a man was struck by a speeding car then two men wielding a hammer and a metal rod chased him and beat him up on the sidewalk.

And again in Williamsburg at the Bedford Ave. Station, a woman fell off the platform somehow and landed on the tracks as she got stuck under the arriving L train.

On the Williamsburg Bridge, a man was sitting in the middle of the tracks causing transit service to stop, doing an uncanny dramatization of the MTA’s antiquated, temperamental signal system.

Also in Crown Heights, Williamsburg, East Flatbush, and Bed-Stuy, four men broke into a restaurant by kicking in a sheet wall and robbed it of $100; a man waltzed into an apartment building and walked out with $2,350 worth of merchandisel; two men held up a bodega and ripped off a gold chain from a male clerk and a cellphone off a female worker and $125 in cash and a chinese food delivery man got set up for a mugging by two men who placed an order from an unoccupied apartment, robbing him of $250.

In Flatbush, a woman was found dead with her pants down to her ankles in a parking lot at 6 in the morning in the freezing cold.

In Midwood, an off-duty cop driving in his black jeep turned on his siren and lights and rammed the vehicle in front of him and then went to the driver and the passenger and flashed his gun and then hit the driver and the woman who was with him with his handcuffs. The crooked cop bragged of that he was in the NYPD like it was a gang, then sped off and ran several lights and got away.

In Bath Beach at the 62nd Precinct, a police captain fashioned a garage area into a cigar smoking lounge for indulging in the consumption of foreign contraband from Cuba.

In Sunset Park, a man got shot in his car after a drug deal went bad with two other men.

In Flatlands, a fire station house was found to be a wanton fun house of fratboy hazing and degrading homoerotic rituals

Also in Flatbush, 4 men collaborated in the mugging of a man inside a store, stealing his headphones and wallet.

In Brighton Beach, three men mugged a man, repeatedly punching him and stealing $

In Brownsville, a man trying to break into his girlfriends apartment was killed when she took a gun and shot him.

Also in Brownsville, a woman killed her husband by jamming a knife in his neck after he punched her in the mouth.

Again in Brownsville, a man tried to purchase a bag of Cheetos with a fake $50 dollar bill, when the cashier told him to get out, the cheap jerk flashed a gun then stole the item and walked out.

And again in Brownsville, a man killed himself turning into the wrong lane as he collided with another vehicle.

Two men are involved in a crime spree of bodega gunpoint holdups in Brownsville, Bushwick and East New York.

Also in Bushwick, East New York, Sheepshead Bay and East Flatbush, a man wearing a contractor safety vest robbed a cellphone store at gunpoint and ran off with some samsungs and cash; a man pulled a gun on a livery cab driver and robbed him of $250; two woman and a man at Macy’s shoplifted a fur coat and ran out of the store and three men ran up behind a man and beat him up and robbed his backpack.

In East New York at the Liberty Avenue Station, a homeless man was found dead on the train tracks.

Also in East New York, a dog was found tied to the door of a animal care center with his leg gnawed off.

Also in East New York, Park Slope, Sheepshead Bay, a man held up a bodega store clerk at knife point just to steal cereal; a teenage male was attacked on the 7th Avenue F train station platform by a man who jostled for his cell phone and two men robbed a laundromat and deli at gunpoint and stole $1,700 and pistol whipped a clerk and

In Ocean Hill, a man broke into a woman’s apartment around 3 a.m. and pinned her to the bed by her throat and then robbed her of $140.

In Bensonhurst, a man flashed a gun on a teenage male to rob his coat was thwarted when the kid fought back.

In Greenpoint, a man broke into a Chinese restaurant and robbed money from the cash register.

In Greenpoint, Bed-Stuy, Gravesend, Midwood, Brownsville, and East New York, a man held up a dime back with a note he gave to the teller; a man held up a NYCB bank and robbed it of $4,050; two men robbed a gas station attendant of $140 and his wallet when he got a seizure and fell to the ground; a man stole $300 after he entered an office building with an unsecured door; four men ganged up on and beat up a 16-year-old boy for his cellphone and a 14-year-old boy got punched by a man who arranged a hoodie sale with him over social media.

In Park Slope at the Prospect Ave. Station, an inebriated man died when he fell on the tracks on his head.

Also in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, two burglars broke the locks on the security gate and stole 8 grand; two crooks robbed a grocery store of $400 and cigarettes and two coffee shops were robbed around 3 a.m. of $300 each.

Again in Dyker Heights, a bus crashed into another car and flipped over, injuring 5 kids..

In Bed-Stuy, a school safety agent beat up and tried to choke his wife at their home.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a home was burglarized of $200,000 worth of jewelry while the owner was away on a UN mission.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a brownstone apartment building went on fire, killing two residents.

In Marine Park, a woman got jostled as she was robbed of her handbag containing her phone and credit and I.D. cards as he was trying on shoes.

In Bensonhurst and Bath Beach, a man broke into a car window and stole electronic items, a man attempted to rob a safe, a man stole $2,000 and a bottle of wine from a restaurant, an office was burglarized of 5 grand and debit cards, and a woman’s purse was stolen,  no, wait, jostled that contained $1,400.

In Gerristen Beach, a water main broke flooding 12 houses.


In Sunnyside, an auto shop worker trying to ask the driver of a laundry van to stop blocking the driveway was confronted by a man coming from a hotel homeless shelter who called him a racial slur and punched him in the head twice. When the victim attempted to file a report to the nearest police precinct with the video and photo proof he had, the case was reclassified and closed stating that there were no witnesses and the suspect ran off somewhere else. The victim was previously hit by a car in October from another homeless hotel shelter resident. Another brick in the Blue Wall Of Insouciance.

In Richmond Hill, a woman was stabbed to death by her husband in their home and he was later found dead hanging on a tree by his own hand near Forest Park. Like last year, the first murder of the new year happens in Southeast Queens.

In Long Island City, the most expensive place to live in this borough, a commuter was robbed of his headphones on the E train by a man. As he went to get his property back by getting off the 36th st. station, he was attacked by the thief and then jumped by two other men that was with him who beat him down and then stole his backpack and cellphone.


Also in Long Island City on the 7 train at Queensboro Plaza, a man blasting a portable speaker was confronted by a commuter asking him to shut it off. When the obnoxious jerk refused he dared the man to do something about it and when he did and got into a tussle with him, he stabbed him in the hand.

In Queens Village, a man died of heart attack after he was attacked, had his head slammed into a car and beaten to the ground then robbed by two men. The victim and his wife came to the states from Guyana to feel safer.

In Ridgewood, a crime spree of vehicle break-ins of app livery cab drivers in a span of two weeks has resulted in 57 burglaries in the span of two weeks.

Also in Ridgewood, a man brought a garbage can into a White Castle and threw it at a customer.

Again in Ridgewood, a man robbed a bank of $1,000 at 1 p.m. after he handed the teller a note.

And again in Ridgewood, a storage unit warehouse was broken into and various lockers were robbed of merchandise.

And again in Ridgewood, a man stabbed his girlfriend twice and tried to strangle her during an argument in her apartment.

In Rockaway Beach, a fire broke out on the 11th floor of an apartment building, injuring 8 residents and 9 cops. The fire was ignited by a heating lamp that fell on something flammable although neighbors suspect it was from one of the many things the tenant was hoarding.

In Corona, a DOT street redesign on 111th street as led to doubled rise in vehicular accidents.

Also in Corona, two men broke into and robbed an apartment of $5,000 in jewelry after accessing a door on the roof.

In Elmhurst, a man tried to commit suicide by leaping off the top floor inside of the Queens Center Mall.

Also in Elmhurst, a crook sneaked up behind a person with a knife and robbed $900 and a watch.

In Jamaica at a high school named Young Women’s Leadership School, a teenage girl slashed another teenage girl in the head with a kitchen knife during a fight outside.

Also in Jamaica, a man held up a deli at gunpoint and robbed $300 and the clerks cellphone during a struggle.

Again in Jamaica, a man went into a Capital One bank, slipped the teller a note and made a verbal demand for cash. It was a heist of $23.

And again in Jamaica, a man was shot at from behind while standing on a corner at 8:30 p.m.

And again in Jamaica at the Sutphin Blvd Station on the E train platform, a man suckerpunched a 70-year-old man on the train and ran away when it arrived at the stop.

And again in Jamaica, 3 men held up a grocery store at gunpoint and stole $1,200.

In Forest Hills, a 16-year-old girl was molested by a man who grabbed her groin as she was walking on the street at 4:30 p.m.

In Glendale, two brothers loaded on some bad shit barricaded themselves in their apartment and tried to set it ablaze, then fought with cops and the ESU who tried to get them out.

Also in Glendale, a man crashed his car after he ran a red light then ditched his vehicle as he tried to run away from cops.

In Edgemere, a 15-year-old boy was shot to death in a stairwell over an iphone.

In Ozone Park, an 87-year-old man crossing Rockaway Blvd got killed after getting hit by a car.

In South Ozone Park, a burglar broke into a makeshift Sikh temple in the back of a two family house and stole $5,000 in cash, an amplifier and microphone and the security camera.

Also in South Ozone Park, a fire broke out in a two family home with multiple building violations forcing out close to 20 people residing there.

In Woodside, a man accessed an three-family house and got into the third floor apartment and stole jewelry and a computer tablet.

In Little Neck, a burglar broke the door of a threading salon and stole 200 bucks.

At JFK airport, a man was caught trying to smuggle a gun through baggage check.

In Howard Beach, a man broke the front window of a fast food restaurant around midnight and robbed the register of a grand.

In Far Rockaway, in a nauseating uncivilized display of the obnoxious use of social media and police brutality, a man that turned without signalling was pulled over by cops who then threatened to break one of the officers jaws and warned he will get them where they live, which the narrator of the filming doesn’t bother to mention as he’s describing the altercation. As the cops got him out of the car to arrest him for not cooperating and showing his driver’s license, a cop shot the suspect with a taser multiple times even though he was being held by four cops.


In Sunnyside, a man and woman robbed a woman’s purse in a diner.

In Fresh Meadows, a couple robbed a wedding dress clad mannequin from a store window display.

In Astoria at the Ditmars Ave. Station, a man trying to enter the train was obstructed by a bag of dicks blocking the door, sparking an argument. As the commuter walked away to the next car, the bag of dicks followed him and slashed him in the head.

Also in Astoria, an 81-year-old man was killed crossing the street by a car making a turn.

In Flushing, a 77-year-old woman was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver as she was in the crosswalk at 7 a.m.. The driver, a frickin’ nurse, thought she hit a chunk of ice. That was wearing a winter coat.

Also in Flushing, a man disguised as Santa Claus held up a gas station at gunpoint with an accomplice and robbed the register of $900 and took off on his sled in a silver car.

Again in Flushing, three men pushed around a 19-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl at an intersection and stole their cellphones.

And again in Flushing, a man robbed a hotel of $580 with his hand poking through his jacket.

And again in Flushing, a woman was found dead inside a commercial building.

At two synagogues in Flushing and Bayside, a demented man left a disparaging message on answering machines touting the absurdity that Figurehead Trump brought back the greeting of Merry Christmas and extended that greeting in a menacing tone.

In Cambria Heights, a car crashed into another one at an intersection that has been missing a stop sign for months despite complaints from the community. 3 people including a child were injured.

Another noteworthy stat going unmentioned in this utopian fun city is that this borough is that while murders were down in 2017, there were more than three times as many fentanyl laced heroin overdose deaths.

Staten Island

In Eltingville, a car chase with police led to the arrest of a naked man wearing a hat who tried to flee on foot.


In Graniteville, a man and woman were arrested at their home for drug dealing and possession of heroin and scales in the presence of a 4-year-old child.

In Bulls Head, a NYPD sergeant committed suicide in a hotel room shooting himself in the head.

In West Brighton, a man threw a Christmas tree at his relative during an early morning domestic dispute.

Also in West Brighton, a man was shot in the knee after an argument with another man in front of his apartment building.

In Tottenville, an argument between two roommates escalated when one of them stabbed the other in the stomach with a knife.

In Charleston, a man got shot to death in front of a strip club when he approached a vehicle whose driver he got into fight over a girl with.

In Sunnyside, a woman with a suspended license injured two cops when she crashed into their patrol car.

In Arden Heights, a woman scarred herself by spraying her face with an acid fluid substance and tried to blame it on somebody else to get media, medical and police attention.

Happy Fucking New Year Boroughs Five. This is the longest New Bad Days yet covering the past 2 weeks. Brace yourselves and check yo selves before you wreck yo selves.


Remember Martin

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed”

“A lie cannot live”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”


The Blue Wall Of Insouciance: Police Captain Exposes NYPD Crime Reclassification Malfeasance

Liars with statistics. They like what they prefer to see.

NY Daily News: NYPD captain claims some cops are fudging crime stats to advance their careers, igniting police investigation

Police brass are investigating claims by a veteran captain who alleges that some NYPD commanders are misclassifying felonies to hold down crime statistics in a bid to further their careers.

Capt. Marash Vucinaj has gathered 156 cases over the past two years from multiple commands that he contends show a pattern of downgrading some felony-level crimes to misdemeanors. The crimes include thefts and attempted thefts, assaults and assaults on cops. He does not claim the manipulation extends to murders and rapes.

The purpose, he said, is to shift crimes out of the all-important index crime category — made up of murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny and auto theft.

 Among the methods he claims he has seen:

  • Classifying incidents where cops are injured by suspects as resisting arrest, rather than assault.
  • Classifying grand larcenies as lost property and ignoring details that suggest a crime took place.
  • Classifying incidents where someone purposefully shot at someone but missed as “investigate shots fired,” reckless endangerment or criminal mischief.
  • Classifying incidents where a would-be thief slipped his hand into someone’s pocket or bag as misdemeanor “jostling” rather than attempted grand larceny.
  • Compressing several crimes with separate victims into one complaint report.
  • Failing to record crimes in the city handled by other law enforcement agencies.


High-ranking police officials sharply disputed Vucinaj’s claims of any widespread downgrading of crime. “I take serious offense at these allegations that crime reports aren’t taken right because cops shed their blood for these crime reports,” said Dermot Shea, the chief of crime control strategies.

“It goes against everything we’re trying to do to deploy our resources. We need those crime reports to deploy appropriately.”


A few days after touting and actually celebrating the record low murder rate (just 290 dead, a murder every 36 hours, hooray!), our NYPD of this/your city is under new scrutiny for downgrading the severity of crime statistics.

The creativity behind this according to Captain Vucinaj is disturbingly and conspiratorially widespread, showing an insidious sophistication that resembles the craft and skill sets of the biggest public relations firms. For example, Mayor de Faustio’s buddies in Berlin/Rosen.

Captain Vucinaj’s study revealed drawn down and peculiar reclassifying. Like shootings, targeted and crossfire, being filed as criminal mischief, basically associating sporadic gunfire with throwing eggs or toilet paper on Halloween. Shootings also qualified under the redundantly described reckless endangerment. The severity of such lethal activity got conveniently and literally lessened as long as the shots don’t hit or kill anybody.

Like how four people were held up at knife point and robbed and how three women had their wallets lifted and both were filed as one robbery because it was committed by one suspect.

Speaking of lifting wallets and also cellphones, the latter seeing a great increase because of it’s ubiquity and exposure, crime reports fell under the term “jostling” if the victims happened to robbed while asleep, bumped into and even with the perp just putting his hand in a purse or pocket, or classified as lost property instead of the standard, serious and accurate charge of grand larceny. Because your cherish personal belongings aren’t that essential you materialists, especially those fancy phones containing all your vital personal data and information.

The standout and most egregious of criminal activity is the diminishing of resisting arrest. What was previously classified as felony assault resulting from injuries caused during struggles was marked down to misdemeanor assault according to Capt. Vucinaj’s probe while working in the Transit Division. A remarkable amount of over 2,200 incidents out of over 3.500 involved a cop getting injured during an arrest with a rambunctious suspect in the span of 6 months.

Why that outstanding statistic is not revealed is not disturbing enough. But it makes a shitload of sense of why perpetrators are emboldened to go down with a fight before getting cuffed.

Similar altercations have happened in the last few months when a chump knocked over a cop after he was stopped jumping the turnstile when his train arrived, and a mentally ill man engaged in a struggle with two cops on a platform, causing one of the cops to fall down the stairs trying to apprehend him as he fled.

What’s perplexing is that these machinations are being ordered by the top brass of the precincts.More perplexing is that cops react with fervor and fury when a colleague gets shot or injured and this is going to encourage, as it has already, more skells to battle with cops and resist arrest. And it puts the cops on the street in more precarious and dangerous positions and situations, it may lead to more excessive use of force or another senseless, preventable and ultimately galvanizing fatality. The chiefs overseeing these crime spins are putting the lives of citizens and cops at more risk.

As with the standard procedure for investigating crime patterns, these markdowns gain more validation and credulity considering Deputy Inspector Peter Rose, recently promoted from captain from his precinct in Greenpoint. The same Inspector Rose who marginalized/reclassified the meaning of rape by stating that being raped by someone you know or dated is not as serious as being raped by a stranger (you can always depend on the kindness and aggressive sexual advances of those familiar with you, to misquote Tennessee Williams). Nearby in Bushwick, a woman had tremendous difficulty shaking off a stalker because the precinct she reported to kept giving her conflicting advice to avoid writing up her experience and told her flat out that she was wasting her time. An almost exact treatment by two precincts was given to a woman who was assaulted on the train because of the fact that the attack occurred when the train was moving as officers gave her conflicting excuses of where to file a complaint.

As with all great stories of the process of law enforcement and justice, there has to be a motive behind this. Maybe an ulterior motive. And it could only be, albeit cynically, is to make the neighborhoods virtually safe for habitation for market rate renting and home and condo ownership. As recent reports show a herculean percentage of whites moving into neighborhoods were crime was rampant in the bad old decades of the 70’s and 80’s like in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Bushwick. And with the recent hyper-development in the South Bronx, Jamaica, Queens and the MIH zoning development being pushed by the city in East New York and East Harlem it is sure to get virtually safer there soon too.

It sure looks like the overlords of real estate are defining the charges, because all those nasty murders and muggings will make moneyed individuals think twice about living in these new posh burghs.

And these methods and stats seem to be in sync with sociopolitical and city planning interest from elected officials and those gadabouts in development and real estate for the  (quasi-)imminent closing of Rikers Island.

Captain Vucinaj should be highly commended for his due diligence for this irresponsible white washing and fudging of the stats, and the distressing fact that Compstat, like all technology, is not, never was and never will be infallible and can be easily taken advantaged of by the minds and hands of conniving humans. And since the persecution and casting out of Detective Frank Serpico, Captain Vucinaj has unfortunately become just another victim of the perpetual Blue Wall Of Silence and the sad, maddening culture of unquestioned exclusivity and fraternity of the NYPD.

Privately, police sources said, Vucinaj is known as a stickler for the rules and is not well-liked. “Cops don’t like him, his peers don’t like him, and no one wants to work with him,” one police source said. “Look at how frequently he’s been transferred.”Vucinaj, 45, has 24 years on the job and is the highest-ranking active-duty officer ever to publicly make such claims. A captain since 2009, he has been in 10 commands in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.From 2004 to 2007, he was assigned to Interpol in Lyon, France, by then-Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. He also commanded the special frauds squad and was twice selected to help write promotional exams. He has never been formally disciplined.For the past six months, however, he has been marooned in a do-nothing post in Transit Borough Brooklyn without an office phone, he says, as retaliation for reporting crime stat manipulation and other misconduct by commanders to Internal Affairs and the Quality Assurance Division — the unit that audits NYPD crime stats.All too often, the NYPD retaliates rather than investigates when officers report internal misconduct, and that sure looks like what’s happening here,” said Christopher Dunn, associate legal director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.“Instead of going after Captain Vucinaj, the department should be getting to the bottom of his reports, which come from a high-level official and raise serious concerns about downgrading and other wrongdoing.”The last time chicanery like this was going on was when it was exposed by a regular cop, Adrian Schoolcraft,  who also exposed endemic corruption involving ticket and arrest quotas, and the reclassifying and lessening serious charges of those arrests, arbitrary and retaliatory orders and assignments, the unconstitutional usage of stop question-and frisk and disregarding citizens complaints of vagrant and criminal activity. For doing his duty to protect and serve the public and not the culture of corruption fostered and enabled by precinct command and control, he was taken from his apartment by his fellow officers in the Emergency Services Unit and had him thrown into a psych ward at Jamaica Hospital in an attempt to get him institutionalized. That idiotic CIA-style rendition mission cost the city $600,000.This time it’s a decorated Captain and a city being run by an inveterate liar mayor. Although fortunately for Captain Vucinaj, he is protected by his high brass rank.As with all great stories of the process of law enforcement and justice, there has to be a motive behind this. Maybe an ulterior motive. And it could only be, albeit cynically, is to make the neighborhoods virtually safe for habitation for market rate renting and home and condo ownership. As recent reports show a herculean percentage of whites moving into neighborhoods were crime was rampant in the bad old decades of the 70’s and 80’s like in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Bushwick. And with the recent hyper-development in the South Bronx, Jamaica, Queens and the MIH zoning development being pushed by the city in East New York and East Harlem it is sure to get virtually safer there soon too. This isn’t standard procedure, this is a conspiracy.It’s like there is new blue wall being built next to one of silence. A bigger blue wall of insouciance. 

Reefer Crassness sober Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

Washington, D.C.

The attorney general of the United States Of America, Jeff Sessions, has taken upon himself only to order the feds, local police and marshalls across the nation to continue persecuting marijuana cultivation, dealing and possession in a fascist dumbass response to the recent legalization of the divine weed in California.

It is not at all an exagerration that this is an outright vigilante mission now and the last pathetic desperate attempt to justify and fund the almost 100 year drug war, which has reached an asinine new level recently with a raid of a house party in Baltimore that led to the arrest of over 60 people for possession of less than an ounce of pot.

Sessions, the “Schwag” of appointed officials in the administration of Figurehead Trump (who thinks the A.G. is his personal lawyer), must have an inkling that his time as A.G. is limited and going to, well, pot. His declaration and demands are absurd and baseless. Over 3/4 of the nation has decriminalized the recreational use and possession and permitted the medicinal usage and distribution. Nationwide polls have resulted in high percentage demand for it’s full legalization.

But A.G. Schwag Sessions doesn’t care, for there are all those privatized prisons that need to be filled constantly so they can reap financially, like those run by the GEO group and Corecivic which Jeff and other establishment politicians have investments in and who have invested so much cash getting Trump to the White House so he can watch T.V. and text all day like a coddled 12-year-old brat.

Sessions might be also in panic mode because he must see the tide turning and those aforementioned uncomfortable facts that surely will lead to total national legalization. His status is also shit because of the Mueller investigation and the recent blockbuster book on his boss Trump will accelerate his irrelevance.

States will surely laugh this off, for Sessions is doing a complete overreach of his position, as is the new tradition now established by the wannabe autocrat dotard. If anything, all you have to do is look at Colorado and how the state has done outstandingly well since legalizing the weed. Sessions stupid regressive decision is not only an irresponsible oppression of states rights but is a business and jobs killer.

All states should get with the program and start drawing up legislation to make the glorious weed accessible without reprisal. It is preposterous with all the legislation to get this legalized, it’s still federally stated that pot is just as bad or worse than cocaine or heroin. Even more ridiculous is it’s still called a gateway drug (which in fact, are cigarettes and alcohol). If any state should get this started it should be New York, but Mario’s son somehow neglected to include legalizing marijuana in his so-called aggressive progressive state of the state address. Dumbass.

Hopefully, Jeff’s effort to goad police across the nation to return to SWAT-like break-ins and entrapment tactics for a fucking joint will fall on deaf ears, though these things are still continuing. This is going to take more protests but more essential way more effort by elected officials to thwart this invasion on Americans personal choices.

Nationwide legalization cannot wait another day. Sessions fascist schwag order must get stoned and so fuckin’ wasted.




Executive Carnage, Absence And Subliminal Messaging: Trump Tops Off Wretched, Tulmultous First Year With Energy Corporation And Foreign National Favored Land Grubbing, Spending A Third Of His Presidency At His Resorts And Hotels, And Throwing Bigoted Gang Signs (Now We All Know)., that’s what that is.

Maralago Club, Palm Beach, Florida, America

After declaring on his beloved social media account that he will go back to work after saving the season greeting of Merry Christmas, Figurehead Trump is still lamping and golfing at the palatial playground he owns and still runs in Florida.

Donald J. Trump and the citizenry of this nation that he holds in his hands has had quite the year. With divisiveness at an all time high, but not just with the races and religions but between the oligarchs and the have-nots and not-have-enoughs, culminating with the Oligarch welfare law, officially making this nation a plutocracy.

But this focus is on the other events and antics between the recent plundering of the treasury in this shit sandwich the psychotic philanthropist and leader of the virtual free world has made in the last few months and it involves territory. Like his gift to the energy corporations and resort golf course proprietors (wow, like Donald himself!) to free a million acres of purple mountain majesties and fruited plains of the Bear Ears and Grand Staircase–Escalante Monuments in Utah for certain privatization. The costs for the decertifying of the monument designations, future mining and the protests from Native American Tribes and the deployment of militarized police to repress them will probably cost the nation billions not to mention the lawsuits that will be filed to fight Trump’s validation of legal plunder of public land will probably cost the nation billions. It’s better to just leave it alone, but we all know how much Figurehead Trump and the Corporate Donor Overlords relish causing duress on the taxpayers and resisters.

The other land grubbing is by our sturdy allies in Israel as Figurehead Trump penned his giant heart stroking signature decreeing Jerusalem the capital and forging to move the U.S. Embassy there to the chagrin of the citizens of Palestine and leaders all over the free world. Trump even managed to piss off his goon squad enthusiast buddy Erdrogan in Turkey!

Aside from the inevitable protests, insurgency, riots and casualties produced by Trump’s decision to enable Israel’s desire for an apartheid state, there are ulterior motives for this move by Trump, but mostly for V.P. Mike “Sinnin'” Pence and his advisor and one man state dept. adviser son-in-law Jared Kushner. Mike being the ardent Evangelical Christian he, this makes the fantasy of the Second Coming of Jesus come closer to happening, going by the faith he believes in that he prioritizes before being conservative and Republican. The game plan according to the Bible is that wars are supposed to escalate, then Satan shows up and Jesus comes down from the sky and uses his divine super powers to slay all sinners and vanquish non-believers off the holy lands now occupied by the Palestinians and Jewish settlers. Although that’s going to be a little hard to achieve since the a majority of the U.N. assembly voted against this plan.

As for that scumlord Jared Kushner, through a foundation named after his criminal father and his mother, he directed a five figure donations to illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Which totally jibes with his diabolical tactics trying to drive out rent-stabilized and low income tenants in his properties in the East Village, Brooklyn and Baltimore through litigation and environmental hazard harassment. As if the stench isn’t putrid enough from this influence peddling and conflicting favoritism towards the oppressive Natanyahu administration, it turns out that the Kush was making backdoor policy moves with indicted Gen. Mike Flynn with former diplomat from Russia Sergey Kislyak to get his nation to refrain from backing the U.N. resolution against Israel a month before Trump’s inauguration before he got his nepotism aided advisor role and security clearances.

After these odious dick moves by Figurehead Trump, he spent the next month watching T.V., eating McDonalds and Oreos and drinking four liters of Diet Coke a day awaiting for the pile of shit legislation Oligarch Welfare Bill to arrive at his desk for him to write his sociopath polygraph signature on it so he can go back to his sanctuary safe space in Maralago for another weekend of golf, crapulence and and self-indulgent mingling with his scuzzy classless aristocrat club members.

Speaking of which, it’s been reported that Donny has spent 100 fucking days at his resorts and hotels. Breaking his 200th promise to his base and the rest of the nation on how he will conduct himself when elected. And defiantly shitting on the emoluments clause that all those elected to office must adhere to. He also is reportedly taking policy advice from the people he’s hobnobbing with there. It’s possible that the makeup of these members could be opportunistic CEO’s or foreign investors.

There has been thousands of articles and posts on the mindset of this mother, land and planet fucking President and what constitutes his inner sanctum and state of mind. As of now and being a year going of the Executive Carnage he fostered, he is just fulfilling, and embodying the ingrained institutionalized cynical belief of the consensus that politicians are liars and out for themselves and personal wealth and status only. And Trump is doing this in fucking spades. Why not? For money, lying and politics has always been an American tradition.

On the subject of doing, something was just exposed recently by some dipshit intern in the White House during a holiday photo that resembled Trump’s habit to flash an OK sign time to time while speaking.

It was on display during his torrid campaign run, during the farcical republican debates, his terrible inauguration speech and continues to this day even when he addresses the fake news media and his unofficial 2020 campaign rallies.



It turns out what looks OK is a symbol of unfettered racist agitprop.


White Power.

All this time, Trump was flashing what amounted to a gang sign no different than that thrown by the Bloods and Crips and The Four Horsemen.

I really don’t want to delve into the psyche of the president here, for it will be the aforementioned umpteenth time, but he has been throwing this sign to remain faithful to his base of virulent bigots as a reassurance that he still supports their repulsive and divisive cause even though he has to deal with people of other creeds, races and faiths. It all makes a shitload of sense now.

Although an recent picture of immigration policy adviser and oozing pus boil Stephen Miller should have set off some shrieking alarms in the mainstream news media.


Along with the nagging dragging Mueller hearings which was also ignited by some dumb flunky, things are starting to get transparent with Figurehead Trump. Abusing the presidency to enrich himself and enhance his celebrity was obvious, which he is blatantly shoving it in the nation’s and the planet’s face. But showing dedication with a racist mob? Well, it looks like his cajoling of the lynch mob in Charlottesville that summer wasn’t just about the preservation of a statue and free expression but the backing of vile movement.

This isn’t a goddamn joke nor a minor petty distraction. Figurehead Trump has persistently and consistently been pandering to a militant racist sect for almost 2 years. And this guy has just reshaped the tax codes and is instigating a war with another nation with intercontinental missiles.

Can this country and it’s citizens take another year of this inherent racist asshole? And his plutocabinet and the dottering doting members of the GOP and the timid democrats?

Here’s hoping this gets answered with a resounding FUCK NO from the ones that matter most. You, the people.