A Year Of Executive Carnage Completes With Trump’s Wacky Interview With The Wall Street Journal, Two Books On His Damaged Quirks And Damaging Policies, Mental Acuity Claims And Racist Rants, And The Shutdown Of The Government.

Donnie Two Times marks anniversary with spanking new hat and pretending to have a phone conversation.

Washington, D.C., The United States Of America

We made it nation. But definitely most of all you made it, President/Figurehead Donald J. Trump. With a fresh and clean bill of physical and cognitive mental health. Now you can pursue your lifelong desire to be King of America. For the time being anyway.

It’s with utter amazement how the year actually flew by since your inauguration and speech of prosperity and despair to us, the people.

It’s been a very good year for the man. Not necessarily the brand though. If anyone recalls after the little dog and pony show with the backyard patio table covered with stacked files of blank paper and his personal finance lawyer announcing his alleged divestments from his businesses, with Trump’s frequent visits to Mar-A-Lago and Bedminster, he clearly doesn’t trust his sons running the places and has retaken unofficial command of his favorite personal money making gold clubs. Also all the hotels around the world formerly under the regaled Trump logo unceremonously removed the name from their fancy awnings the walls of their entrances, most notably the obviously crooked and tainted Soho hotel on Spring St. in Manhattan.

But I digress, for this isn’t about the year in review. To keep the constant theme of the decrease of the collective attention span decline of the majority of young people and stubborn old people, including our very own Figurehead Trump, it’s always about living in the moment. Especially considering all the political and cultural chaos fomented by the actions of the leader in the week before and after his vaunted achievement in government service for just still being there (as illustrated in the above photo).

The whole world knows about Fire And Fury, the book by Michael Wolff of the Guardian. Taking it’s title from the first salvo against the trust fund baby dictator from North Korea of what he’s going to do to him and millions of people for continuing his missile defense program, it more resembles the unbridled rage coming from the mouth and fingers our highest representative of modern western civilization. That Wolff was able to achieve this is remarkable. Or maybe not, because Trump gave him access because he wrote an article the Figurehead deemed flattering to him, which is all you have to do to obtain his trust. He probably wouldn’t have got in if he worked for the BBC though, which Trump has previously repeatedly and sarcastically derided that network as a “real beaut”. And as the book’s highlights show, Trump has quite the intolerance for reading and listening. Because if he had such ability, he would have thought twice giving access to a reporter from the Guardian, a news media site with heavy liberal leanings.

It’s released excerpts exposing Figurehead Trump and his quirks regarding paying attention, violent mood swings and personal habits and the repressed disdain and disrespect towards him by his chief plutocabinet members, notably by the notorious B.I.G. of the alt-right brigade, Steve Bannon are equal parts comically absurd and  morbidly discouraging.

Turns out he did not expect to win. Which might be the only humble admission and realization he made about himself in his entire pampered perpetually fortunate life. But that moment of clarity went to ash when got pissy about not enough A-list celebrities at his inauguration. Apparently, all those billionaire donors that got to sit surrounding the dais weren’t illustrious enough despite all their massive and unregulated donor money donations.

Making faces and sounds after an aide tried to explain the U.S. constitution to him. Insisting to the housekeeper to leave the clothes where he dropped them on the floor. Having three T.V. monitors surrounding his bed as he eats his beloved McDonald’s quarter pounders, fries and diet coke on it in his jammies.

The now increasingly incriminating revelations about the meeting at the first Trump Tower on 5th avenue with the Russians, the indicted Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner and the now general observation made by Bannon on how the optics of it look treasonous. Technically it wasn’t, for it was more about lifting the Magnitsky Act to make foreign money laundering technically legal than the tampering with the Manifest Hillary campaign and alleged election influencing through social media.

Also pointed out by Bannon on a verified rumor that the first lady daughter Ivanka Trump has designs to be the first woman President, and then her husband Jared would be president after her. Showing quite well that the Trump clan has dynastic designs on this nation ruling by royalty and empire as well as the hysterical amalgam insult describing the power junior couple as Javanka. Bannon also prophesized certain doom for Jared, describing his brazenly obvious dealings and debts with foreign banks to keep his Kushner Properties company afloat and relevant.

And of course there are the charges of Trump’s intellect by other members of his plutocabinet, thus validating all the reported rumors by anonymous sources of the usage of the words moron and idiot to describe the mentality of Trump, in counter of his twitter claims of his lifetime assets of having mental stability and like, being really smart.

These tidbits sound like something that would be chronicled if there was a sequel to “The Kid Who Ran For President” and the kid went power-mad and let himself go.

Although also to Trump’s actual credit in addition to his shock at winning the election in his first time running, he also raised the issue of covering every American with health insurance in what can only be described as a Medicare-For-All plan But of course that excellent idea which was actually inspired, if you can call it that, by Trump’s contempt for reading legislation and getting instantly bored by others reading it.

In a proactive attempt to overcome the best selling book after trying to ban it by decree, which by no surprise was derived by his utter disinterest in the U.S. Constitution that he willfully remains ignorant about, and the universal mockery of his Valley Girl like quotes of his intelligence, Trump decided to get all the Washington Senators together in a room to discuss the DACA policy regarding the nation’s young illegal immigrants, familiarized as the Dreamers. In a respite from his daily loathing of the news media that he watches peripherally in his manufactured cow meat odored bedroom, Trump permitted cameras to capture the first day of the roundtable meeting and punctuated it with the instant soundbite of making the immigration bill, “a bill of love” (awwwww).

The next day with the cameras not present (why the fuck not), Trump dropped the bigot grenade by referring to the nations of Africa, Haiti and El Salvador as shithole countries (Africa is a continent, idiot) and inquired why don’t more people come from Norway. Logic that can only be vomited after pounding pitchers of Guinness at the corner of any bar in his home borough of Queens. No doubt the nations devastated by natural disasters and entrench government corruption retrospectively found Trump’s vitriolic ignorance offensive but you gotta wonder what the continent of Africa must be thinking of the leader of the free world’s pale-faced racism, especially since the U.S.A. has a massive military command structure with bases spread out to combat terrorism and protect corporate energy interests there, especially when it comes to rare earth mineral mining, how else will consumers ever get those monthly new cellphone editions.

The shithole remark from the shithole on Figurehead Trump’s face, which had bipartisan confirmation, should not be a surprise considering his history of racial discrimination against black people trying to rent in his and his pop’s apartments in the 70’s and to his shitty analysis of the seige of Charleston by snowflake white supremacists groups last summer. In fact, that racism is bored into people when they’re kids around bigoted parents. A lot of people overcome those prejudices later on as they mature, but for a lot of other people, especially those that are coddled and entitled and have no moral compass or senses, that racism lies dormant until it just comes out unbridled and volcanically explodes. Like Louis C.K.’s great aunt or the T.V. judge that Larry David played Scrabble with.

Normally, when any bitter working stiff would say bigoted remarks or opinions like this, it would lead to the termination of their job and pariah status, but Figurehead Trump is the President and you the people are not. He is the survivor pariah President and not many others aren’t, as he said in his demented, what he would call a full pager interview with the Wall St. Journal. The White House interview, conducted by four journalists and also attended by Plutocabinet staffer Gary Cohn, aide/yes girl Hope Hicks, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and some nameless aide later on who is desperately trying to pry Trump from the interview for a meeting with folks in the Roosevelt Room that apparently Trump had no idea was arranged.

Trump’s answers to actual questions, and there aren’t many of them because the WSJ lets him ramble on and most of the time just gives one word responses to them like “yes” and “sure” (I wonder if all 4 reporters said it in unison), were repetitive. He would say the the same things 2, 3, 4 and even 6 times. And As with the loony N.Y. Times interview (on a senator, he remarked his futility as “he doesn’t do), a lot of his responses aren’t that different than what he writes on Twitter, it seems that the amount of time he’s been tweeting as affected the way he verbalizes. And what he said about his relationships with other world leaders and his domestic policies border on the lunatic. It’s like Donny Two Times has replaced Charles Manson in the wacky interview you have to watch and read department to see what batshit he says next.

Batshit things like how he found out that the wall needs windows for the patrol guards to see the immigrants heading their way and how the mountains and vicious rivers (watch out for rabid salmon) in the wall’s way would suffice in keeping the migrants out (hell, why not just remove the mountains from the national monuments he removed in Utah and just extract them and move them to the border and use that). How he has a good relationship with Kim Jong Un after all those threats and missile tests. Like how he believes the DACA act and the Dreamers under threat of it’s and their expulsion are separate things. How he want’s to strengthen libel laws for his personal benefit and how there was no collusion, no collusion, no collusion and no obstruction, no obstruction, no obstruction behind the motive for firing FBI chief Comey.

The interview was peppered throughout with interruptions by his staff as if they were counseling their boss on his responses. This should be the real test of his mental cognitive functions that he’s unable to respond to questions quickly and clearly can’t comprehend what’s being asked to him. But his repetition is clearly a ploy so the interview would run out of time. It’s sort of like how a shitty high school student pads an essay to make the word limit.

The one who really nailed Figurehead Trump’s year of executive carnage is David Cay Johnston in his plain faced titled book “It’s Worse Than You Think”. D.C. Johnston has been covering Donny Two to Six Times for decades that Trump has referred to him as a “weird dude”, so in a way he respects the intrepid reporter. Johnston points out how Trump hollowed out the government by laying waste to the State Department by firing almost everyone, firing ambassadors and replacing them with ignorant imbeciles and cronies. His appointees who have ideological conflicts and predatory financial interests with the departments they run, from commerce to environment to education to science. And the fucking hideous fact that Trump has massively profited from his new hotel in D.C. and his golf resort hangouts in Mar-A-Lago and Bedminster since he won the trust of the registered voters in (t)his nation.

But the best is Johnston’s takedown of Trump and his supposed personal wealth, which has the utmost credibility being that he was covering the dotard when he was sinking under the failing of his glut of casinos befouling Atlantic City. From his interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now on the absolute real reason why Trump signed the Oligarch Welfare Law:

AMY GOODMAN: If President Trump just lasted for one term or less than that—and we’ll talk about that in a minute—what has he personally gained by this tax bill being passed, if he accomplished just that?

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: Well, he’s essentially cut his own tax rate from about 40 percent to 21 percent through the more than 500 little businesses that he owns. In the estate tax, he would have it eliminated, in a date in the future. And if he lives until then, if he had $10 billion, as he claimed, he’d save around $4 billion. By the way, after he took office, he filed his net worth statement. It shows $1.4 billion. If you take all the $50 million-and-up items and double them, you get to less than $2 billion. In other words, Donald Trump doesn’t have and never had $10 billion, and there is not one shred of evidence that he even has $1 billion. It’s a con. He’s a grifter. He claims it, doesn’t produce any evidence. I’m the guy who, back in 1990, broke the story that he wasn’t a billionaire. He called me a liar for four months, until he had to produce records, showing he had a negative net worth. And you know what? Back then, you were worth more than Donald Trump, Amy.


Unfortunately, this book is not getting half the attention, or even 90% of the attention that Fire and Fury got, although Worse has the same amount of vulgar sniping from staffers and cabinet members as Fire has.

All these revelations came to a head on the start of the second year of the Trump presidency with the inevitable and unavoidable government shutdown, which Donny couldn’t help but bitch that he had to cancel his 100th sojourn to Mar-A-Lago resort for his anniversary celebration. Fortunately for Trump, the Democrats caved to him and the Republican controlled House and Senate like they caved when it came to DACA’s initial destruction, the massive Pentagon 80 billion dollar spending bill, the tax cut bill, and the recent incineration of the U.S. Constitution that Trump doesn’t know shit about and refuses to learn about with the renewal of the FISA 702 act for warrantless surveillance in the name of the infinite war on terror and the institutionalization of government sanctioned paranoia against all citizens.

And the lousy establishment Dems will eventually capitulate to giving Trump the wall, which it’s estimate cost has now ballooned to 25 billion from the initial 2 billion. Actually from the initial claim that Mexico will pay for it, which has resulted in diminished returns to the American Taxpayer since that nation hung up the phone on Trump way back in February to discuss it.

This is going to be a fucked up year two for the nation and even for the ignoramus with the stupid hat in the Oval Office. For Trump is already embroiled with his first sex scandal from a sleazy tryst with a porn star 10 years ago and had arranged a pay off for her silence via a shell company and his hundredth political scandal by arranging to have the second guy investigating him fired and having his staff and the goddamn Attorney General attempt to undermine the case Mueller is running, which has progressed from collusion with a foreign nation to a widespread web of money laundering for Trump’s campaign financing.

All that’s left is a goddamn fucking war. Fortunately, North and South Korea have been involved in a summit over the Olympics and things have cooled over there, as both are showing why this president is irrelevant, even though Trump is still talking shit about the Kim. Unfortunately, there is the official moving of the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which might be where potentially World War III will get it’s real start.

That is where Trump, the 12 year old boy that became President, will fulfill his desire to become the emperor of the United States, unquestioned and universally adored. And Trump will get his wall like the one in China, which is probably the actual reason why he wants this so desperately.

Good thing he’s too much of a unread moron to pull this off. Being that he is the Emperor With, Like, No Mental Stability.



















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