You Can’t FOIA City Hall

The Impunity Mayor and his money gesture

Mayor de Blasio says correspondence with ‘agents of the city’ will be public

Going forward, de Blasio said correspondence between the five “agents” — a designation that his lawyers made up — and him or his staff will be made public, which is standard procedure.

The mayor, who made the announcement in an interview on NY1’s “Inside City Hall,” defended the controversial decision to keep their emails under wraps by saying he followed legal guidelines but admitted, “This has become a distraction.”

But he is still refusing to hand over their old emails because he said they were written under the belief that they would be private.

Most correspondence between members of city government and the public are available under Freedom of Information laws, but de Blasio has argued that the “agents” are exempt because he leans so heavily on them for advice.

His lawyers backed it up, saying that as his close pals they served a role similar to his top City Hall aides, whose correspondence with the mayor is exempt from disclosure because the law allows for private deliberations between staff.

No. Fucking. Way. Mother. Fucker.

The recent decision and 3 year wait for the transparency he promised to the citizenry he manipulated for votes and to everyone who hates his big slow ass that pays his salary is to my knowledge the most galling thing this city has ever seen in over a hundred years. His administration is running a shadow government, honest graft and massively intricate conspiracy in plain sight.

What could be so bad and possibly incriminating on all that correspondence between the mayor and the intruder Johnathon Rosen of Berlin/Rosen and those other scurrilous adviser firms, Hilltop Advisors , Advance Group and Red Horse Strategies, lobbyist wormtongues loitering in the rooms of city hall?

Well, we might not know for a while besides the ones they deigned to release to AT&T/NY1, one of which is a golden list of predatory developers and other rental market rate fabricators. And what is definitely known to anyone that truly cares, meaning people that have lived here all their lives and mostly people that need a real apartment and a semblance of dignity, is that these intruders sage advice they gave out of the kindness of their caring philanthropic fauxgressive hearts, has led to the most inequitable and expensive cost of living in this fucking town and more out of scale and irresponsible development in terms of size being density and height and location being waterfront in the age of catastrophic climate change.

So after years of stalling and obfuscations, the Blaz is still stalling and obfuscating because his high end law firms we pay for with stagnant paychecks say the law is on his side in this now quasi-scandal.

It’s eerie that the weeks before Mayor Impunity honored the FOIA from AT&T/NY1, the network gave him a twice weekly forum to address the public and take questions from one of the popular hosts, Errol Flynn (who also editorializes for the Daily News). In addition that a supposed major news network who were denied access for a year to get these correspondences with those adviser roaches who have massively enrich themselves would give an outlet to an elected official under a massive investigation from the southern district court.

For a dope from park slope, the mayor is quite a grifting idiot savant

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