New Bad Days 5: Wandering Crazy Bigot And Another Bad Judicial Decision Leads To Slaughter


In Jamaica in the early evening on Sutphin Blvd., a disheveled raving woman confronted another woman, smacked her in the neck and yelled at her for being Muslim and saying she stunk.

In Elmhurst, A pickup truck driver killed a one year old girl as she and her mother were crossing an intersection with the right of way

In Flushing on 4oth Rd. A man threw a pug dog out the window over an argument with his girlfriend out of spite, killing it.

In Far Rockaway, A man (above) pushed another man into a platform pole and proceeded to rob him.


In Kingsbridge, two men, armed with a knife and a machete broke into an apartment threatening a mother and her 3 sons, stole 3 gold chains and fled the building.


In Crown Heights, Barry James murdered his grandmother, Joyce Spears with a knife and a dumbbell and left her body on the street rolled up in a carpet. The culprit was released by a criminal judge a few weeks before for assaulting another man on the street, in a similar fashion to the tragic murder of an EMT driver, Yadira Arroyo a week ago by a mentally ill habitual criminal, Jose Gonzalez, who was let go by another judge handling a prior crime he committed.

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