These Are Public Service Announcements: The DNC Gets Transparent/Exposed About The Pernicious Influence Of Predatory Big Money Donors And Lobbyists And The Continuing Omniscience, Omnipresence And Dominance Of And Reliance On Bullshit.

The DNC gets justifiably cranked here thanks to the intrepid satirists, The Yes Men. New man of thousand faces, Jacques Servin dons a spectacularly professorial fake beard and tears down the walls and opens up a vortex into the establishment of the monetarily wealthy and morally bankrupt members and elected officials of the neutered sold out Democrat party apparatus. Now the DNC, from D.C. to city councils, has to answer and fulfill the public’s demands for universal health care, fair wages concurrent for the current costs of living and the extraction of the influence of obscene big money donations to direct national, international and local policies.

Speaking of farce. The biggest of all is the unabated usage and influence of bullshit. Which is still a maladious plague on communication and presentation among the masses and most perniciously from people in positions of authority and power. Harry Frankfurt’s classic book, which can fit in your pocket just like the U.S. Constitution, continues to be unfortunately relevant and like 1984, might be more used as an instruction book to immoral, unscrupulous types than as a tome to avoid the trappings laid out in its pages and make society better and life easier for all.


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