New Bad Days 22: A Gat In The Tank Is Worth Three In The Can, Noise Annoys All Over New Fun City, Another Pregnant Woman Stabbed On The Subway Over Personal Space, A Homophobic Gang Beatdown In Hot Bushwick, And A Distressing And Not At All Winning Amount Of Recent Shootings



In South Ozone Park, 3 men were arrested for firearms possesion and forged credit cards after the driver blew a stop sign. The idiots hid one of the guns sitting pretty on the cap of the fuel tank compartment.

In Far Rockaway, a mother and her two sons were hit by a speeding vehicle by an unlicensed driver that jumped the curb onto the sidewalk.

In St. Albans, a man got shot in the chest and died and another was shot in the stomach and shoulder following an argument.

In Jamaica, a woman was shot in the back in a drive by on Guy R. Brewer Blvd.

In Laurelton, a man was shot in the spine during a house party following a fight. He is now paralyzed.

In Ozone Park, a 15 year old kid injured himself when he broke into an abandoned MTA substation and fell 10 ft. through a hole

In Jackson Heights, a burglar broke into an electronics and tech store and stole $15,000 in cash and a total of 90 iphones, galaxies, and laptops.


On a 2 train stopping at the Prospect Ave. station in the early evening, a man stabbed two women, one of them 4 months pregnant, because one of them touched him.

At the 167th st station around 9:45 p.m., a man was attacked by 4 men, 2 holding knives and wound up getting stabbed in the stomach.

In Mott Haven, a man was killed trying to cross the street as he was hit by a livery cab driver and then hit by the vehicle behind it from the initial impact. The livery cab driver who fled the scene has not turned up.

Also in Mott Haven, a mosque has for months been sporadically shot at from a sniper shooting a BB gun, most recently last Thursday and Friday.

In West Farms around 10:20 p.m., a man was shot to death in front of a beauty salon from a drive-by.

In Concourse Village, a man walked up to an 18 year old male on a corner around 10:25 p.m. and engaged in small talk, then shot the teenager in the chest.

Also on the Concourse in the South Bronx (The South South Bronx), 2 blocks from Yankee Stadium, a deli worker had his jaw broken when he was pelted with avocados and bananas from two customers when he messed up their order and had trouble communicating with them.

Get Aaron Judge to work that counter next time.


A man who regularly hangs out at the Wren Hotel, an allegedly hip hotel on the Bowery, preyed on tourists and patrons by partying with them till they were soused, then bringing them to his apartment on Eastern Parkway in Weeksville as he gave them crack to smoke and stole their clothes, shoes, cellphones and debit cards and withdrew their cash while they were wasted.

In Bushwick, where you can get a burger and fries cooked and prepared by some Michelen rated chef and wash it down with a Mario’s Son approved craft beer for 40 dollars, 2 male teenagers were shot at, one fatally, in front of a deli around 2 a.m.. Reportedly over a girl and instigated by a feud on Facebook. The teenage killer is still at large and has prior arrests for a stabbing and a rape.

Also in Bushwick, 2 transgender DJ’s leaving a liquor store were confronted by a gang of 10 men and women that yelled racial slurs at them and proceeded to attack and pummeled one of them to the ground and slicing the other one with a box cutter

In East New York, a neighborhood experiencing sudden fabricated market rental rate interest because of Mayor De Faustio’s affordable housing zoning scheme, an elderly woman was robbed of $100,000 she won in an Atlantic City casino by two robbers posing as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In Cypress Hills, a man stabbed another man in the chest with a steak knife in full view of NYPD cops on patrol in the neighborhood. One officer shot the attacker to prevent further damage.

In Bedford-Stuyvesant at the Interfaith Medical Center, a security guard assaulted and strangled a mentally ill patient.

Also in Bed-Stuy around midnight, two men were shot on Madison St.


In an residential building in Chelsea at a party arranged in an apartment used for an airbnb, a couple and friends were disallowed entry because of their race, as the people already inside assailed them with racial epithets and led to the man getting hit with a bottle to his head by the hostess.

At the Grand Central Station in Midtown east, a woman tossed hot coffee on a man on the platform and then chased him up the stairs as he tried to run away from her.

In East Harlem, a man on parole sucker-punched another man in broad daylight and attempted to steal his wallet as the victim was on the ground , but was thwarted by eyewitnesses.

Also in East Harlem, a robbery spree of 4 disparate incidents occurred as a man was mugged by a gang on 125th and 1st. Another man was stabbed in the neck for his cell phone 4 blocks west on Park Avenue. Another man was attacked and beaten by a gang of 8 who robbed him of $400 cash 8 blocks south on 116th st. and another man was mugged by a man and woman at 7 in the morning, as he was going to work on 123rd st and 1st avenue. Robberies are up 55% in that district.

At Waterside Park by the Hudson River in Chelsea, a man was found bloodied, face down and dead on the grass around 5:30 a.m.

At the Central Park Conservatory pond near 74th street on the Upper East Side, a man was found dead floating in the water by a passerby who pulled the body out trying to save him.

On the Lower East Side, a man sexually molested an 8 year old girl on a courtyard in Seward Park.

On the First Avenue station platform in the East Village, a woman sprayed mace at a man who coughed in her vicinity.

In Harlem, 2 men were shot on a street corner on 139th st.

In Midtown east on Park Avenue across the street from the 432 tower on Billionaire’s row on 57th street, I witnessed a homeless man looking for recyclables in a garbage can when he reached down and dug up a half-filled glass of green tea and proceeded to drink it. (No photo or video available, for the sake of dignity for the unacknowledged destitute residents of this city)

Staten Island

In Tottenville, a man was killed instantly crossing the street by a hit and run driver.

Some Recent Obligatory Studies

In the Lower East Side at a area referred to (recently?) as Hell Square, which consists of a plethora of bars and a boisterous clientele roaming the town’s streets till the sun goes up, a study arranged by the LES dwellers group and Hunter College results shows that various crimes has gone up, particularly felony assaults and rape with the proliferation and over-saturation of said drinking establishments and shows that the city’s decision rubber stamp liquor licenses to rely on nightlife debauchery and decadence to stimulate the economy and more importantly, real estate values, has had detrimental effects on the community.

Beyond the LES, noise complaints have grown immensely about the entire city’s bars and restaurants, or more apt-barstaurants. A study published by the state comptroller shows reported complaints in the past 5 years went up from 38,000 to 93,000. General noise complaints; some examples from house parties, construction from hyper development or big rig trucks on local streets, went up 50 %. Enforcement has been practically nil.

Subway sex crimes are up 52% over the past 3 years with reportedly hardly any arrests resulting from deviant perverted behavior.

Are we winning yet, Eric? Is this vibrancy in action, Bill?

One week til Summertime. Brace yourselves.


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