Impunity City, The Original Soundtrack


Darling Nicki

Looks like my little blog is quite the musical muse, going by Hip Hop boss lady star and former South Ozone Park resident Nicki Minaj’s new single “LLC” off her upcoming album “Queen”. From the minute and a half Itunes gives you, it doesn’t sound like she’s rapping about shady foreign real estate conglomerates but the woman’s rhyme flow is still deadly. Plus it’s got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to. This gets an 88.

Then there’s this song that I came across while googling myself from a UK band called Echoviolet,“City Of Impunity”.

I’m probably not the one to call myself an influencer, but I’m a tad sure they read this blog or my deplatformed twitter account. As for the song, the music and vocals has got heavy “Dirty” era Sonic Youth vibes going on. Their depiction of Impunity City, I mean the City of Impunity really didn’t evoke any sense of danger and enabled anarchy, especially the part about fire that smells like vanilla. This sound is not really my cup of tea anymore and the song isn’t loud or fast enough for my liking, so I give it a 66, with half the grade going for the inspired title alone.

Now if there are any Black, Death or Thrash Metal bands out there that would like some source material for their lyrics, feel free to delve in my anthology of rage posts.

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