New Bad Days 72: Man Attempts To Assassinate Cops On Patrol And Commit Mass Murder At Bronx Police Precinct; A Woman Gets Beaten Down By Three Other Women And Dies When She Can’t Afford Medical Care; Two Men Get Shot To Death In Delis While On The Job; A Subway Conman Brags About Getting Away And Caught And Getting Away Again With Robbing Commuters; A Dead Homeless Man Got Left On A Porch Of A Zombie House In Queens; Two Children Get Killed On Their Way To School By Selfish Reckless Drivers; Groups Of Men And Boys Are Getting Away With Mugging Sprees; A Colony Of Rats Occupies An MTA Elevator Construction Site; Man Killed By Stray Bullet While Walking Across The Street Fro A Rumble; ICE Agents Shoot A Man In The Face While In Pursuit Of An Illegal Immigrant; City Salaried Anti-Gang Activist Threatens Traffic Cop’s Life; Two Women Get Stabbed And Slashed By Their Boyfriends In The Bronx, One Dies; Cops Rendition A Man And Woman On The 2 Train Without Charge; Food Delivery Guys Are Getting Set Up To Get Robbed Along With More Gang Violence As Well As More Random And Directed Assaults, Stabbings And Shootings, Robberies And Burglaries, Cellphone Theft, Pedestrian Deaths, Mass Transit Sexual Molestation, Home Invasions And Fighting In The Streets As Serious Crimes Continues Its Precipitous Rise

023The house on Richmond Hill



In Longwood, a man walked up to two cops sitting in their parked NYPD van and feigned to ask for directions then pulled a gun out and shot at both of them, hitting the cop driving the van in the face and chin as he pulled hit the gas to avoid getting himself and his partner killed.After that shooting, then the man ate dinner a Chinese restaurant.

The next morning, he asked a woman he knew to drive him to his mother’s house but jumped out of the car and ran into a police precinct in Huntspoint and went inside, pulled out a gun and started shooting as cops present there, hitting one officer in the arm. The shooter ran out of bullets and laid down on the floor for cops to arrest and lock him up, but not before the cops collectively beat the shit out of him.


The aspiring cop assassin went up to two cops on the street and talked shit to their faces the night before he shot at the police van and he served time for carjacking and shot a person and then wrecked two cars and engaed in a shootout with the NYPD who were in pursuit of him in 2002. He showed no remorse during his arraignment and boasted that he will try to kill more cops when he gets out of jail. Mayor de Blasio condemned the horrific mass killing attempts but because of his notorious insincerity, the NYPD union reps refused him and outright shunned the shameless promoter of America’s #SafestBigCity.

In Pelham Parkway, a woman withdrawing cash from and ATM at a bank was confronted by a woman banging on the glass door demanding to get inside claiming she left her card in there. Sensing that she was being dishonest, the woman inside didn’t let her in. Then when she walked out of the bank, the agitated woman followed her and suddenly was joined by two other women who then attacked her and beat her down to the pavement, leaving her with head trauma and injuries to her leg.

The victim filed a report to the NYPD six days after the attack then started to feel ill and went to a doctor. The doctor told her she had blood clots in her ankle from the assault that need to be treated, but the woman went home because she couldn’t afford the expense of high cost medical bills. Four days later, she died from her injury and the woman that stalked and beat her got arraigned for murder.

Also in Pelham Parkway, a man got killed by a hit and run driver while he was crossing the street.

In Riverdale, a man got shot after arguing with two men who were banging on his door that he wasn’t the person they were looking for.

In Wakefield, a man was found dead from getting shot in the chest inside an apartment building.

In Fordham Manor, a man arguing with his girlfriend in their apartment escalated into him getting stabbed to death by her stepfather.

Also in Fordham Manor, an off-duty cop bit his wife on the finger while she was fighting with a woman who he was cheating on her with.

Again in Fordham Manor, a man stalked his ex-girlfriend to her apartment building then slashed her face and stabbed her in the neck and back with a machete in the lobby. The victim recently moved to the Bronx from New Jersey to get away from him.

In Mott Haven at the Brooks Ave. Station, a man menacingly stared at a woman on the 6 train then jumped on her, beat her profusely on the floor and slashed her face.

Also in Mott Haven at the Cypress Ave. Station, an 18-year-old man accessed the conductor’s door on the 6 train and yelled (rather amusing) profanities to commuters on the platform.

Again in Mott Haven, a man with a cane walked into a deli and shot a worker to death at point blank range where he stood behind the counter.

And again in Mott Haven, a man and a woman with a baseball bat approached a man coming out of a deli and an argument between both men ensue as the woman starts twirling her bat and then her accomplice punches the other man and the woman takes a swing at his mid-section.

In Kingsbridge, a man broke into two rooms at a dorm house and stripped and sexually assaulted one woman as she slept and menacingly stood over another woman while she was lying in bed two weeks later.

Also in Kingsbridge, two men who work at a car dealership got into an argument that escalated into one of them taking a knife and stabbing his co-worker to death.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a two year old getting a haircut got injured and cut by shattered glass hitting him when a man with a baseball bat bashed the barbershop window.

In Olinville, a woman got into an argument with a worker in a deli who told her he didn’t sell loose cigarettes. As he continued making sandwiches, her friend yelled at the worker who then took out a stick and swung at both of them, then the man shot and killed him.


In Foxhurst, a man was sucker-punched in the face by another man while walking on the sidewalk and then another man appeared and assisted in beating him down so they can rob his cellphone and headphones.

In Throggs Neck, a woman held up and robbed a bank at gunpoint.

Also in Throggs Neck, an off-duty cop got caught shoplifting electronic devices from a Home Depot.

Again in Throggs Neck, a woman got killed crossing the street as a car hit her while the driver was making a turn.

In Allerton, two men held up a man at gunpoint at his apartment and robbed him of a duffle bag of pot and his watch. One of the robbers was a transit cop.

In East Bronx, a man walked into a bodega and grabbed a woman who was withdrawing money from an ATM machine and stole $30 from her.

In Soundview, a man viciously beat down another man to the pavement ending with kicks his head several times and left him lying unconscious following an argument they had.

In Unionport, a man stabbed his father and brother in their apartment and then went to his girlfriend’s apartment and stabbed her to death.

In Mount Hope, a 73-year-old reported missing was found dead and frozen lying in a playground by the Cross-Bronx Expressway. The woman was suffering from dementia.

In Concourse Village, a man spraypainted a graffiti distress plea on an NYPD cruiser. This looks like the same guy who wrote CHAKA on another patrol car last year.

In White Plains, an ex-cop and four associates of his were arrested for selling meth and the date rape drug for 3 years in Manhattan and Westchester.


In East New York, a 10-year-old girl walking to school with her brother got killed when an incompetent school bus driver ran her over while making a turn while she was in the crosswalk on a four-way stop sign intersection. The driver also damaged the boys leg and got arrested for failure to yield and to exercise due care. The bus company that employed him was awarded a nine year $270,000,000 contract extension that was enacted without competitive bidding back in 2014 by the city’s department of education.

A few days later in East New York, a seven-year-old boy was killed while trying to cross the street with his mother when an unlicensed driver failed to yield to them while turning and hit them with her car. The light had just turned green when the driver made her fatal decision to move.

Also in East New York, a man was shot to death with a blow to the head in front of a bodega while he was rapping live on a social media platform.

Again in East New York, a 16-year-old boy who missed the bus caught up to it at the next stop and smacked the driver in the face with a padlock. Apparently, it would have been faster if he just ran to his destination.

And again in East New York, a bus driver was attacked and beat up by three boys following an argument with them on the B15 as it was near the next stop.

And again in East New York, a man who beat down an undercover cop on the street in Hell’s Kitchen last year stole a car that the owner left idling and took it on a joyride with four of his pals to Manhattan, where he got busted during a traffic stop and desperately tried to escape out of a passenger window. The car thief was released without bail after his arraignment.

And again in East New York, a man got shot in the neck as he was about to board a school bus.

And again in East New York, a pizza delivery man got ambushed by two men who tried to squelch on paying for their order then ganged up on him when he tried to go back in his car, causing him to fall on a street and getting run over by a car passing by during the assault.

In Cypress Hills, two men went on a seven day crime spree starting with a holdup at a bodega as they robbed from the register and stole money and a cellphone from the cashier; then they attacked a food delivery man by pistol whipping him on the sidewalk and robbed his cash, cellphone and e-motored cycle and then one of them held up a smoke shop at gunpoint and robbed cash and also 2 cellphone, an Ipad and a watch from the worker and got away on a bike.

Also in Cypress Hills, two men raped a woman on the street.

In Flatbush, a man held up a bodega with a bb gun and shot the cashier, hitting him above his eye and made off with two wads of cash.

In East Flatbush, a 73-year-old woman died when a truck making a turn crashed into the car that she was a passenger in.

In Bed-Stuy, a 16-year-old girl who ran away from home hooked up with a 17-year-old girl who met her in Connecticut and took her to an apartment in the Marcy Houses where she was preyed upon and brutally raped by a paraplegic 31-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman who held her down while the man stuck a broomstick into her vagina all while her teenage friend filmed it to be distributed on social media.

Also in Bed-Stuy, an off-duty crossing guard beat up his wife in their apartment.

Again in Bed-Stuy at the Myrtle Ave./Broadway Station, a stupid idiot jumped on top of a moving M train and fell between the cars and lost his foot.

In Williamsburg, an app-food delivery man making a pizza delivery at 4:30 a.m. was jumped by four men as they pushed him off his e-motored cycle and threw him on the pavement. Then one of the thugs stabbed the man in the legs as his accomplice held him. They left him on the pavement and stole his e-bike and also $70, a cellphone, his jacket and the pizza.

Also in Williamsburg, a woman shoplifted over $1,400 worth of makeup from a high end chain cosmetics store.

Again in Williamsburg, a man held up a bank with a note and made off with $2,000. He then robbed another bank in Ridgewood for $500 doing the same thing.

And again in Williamsburg, three construction workers got injured on the job when scaffolding they were dismantling fell on them during high wind gusts.

And again in Williamsburg, an off-duty drunk ass Narc went into a bar and was knocking glass over and then made advances towards a woman who showed no interest in him so he threw an orange at her. When a bartender intervened and admonished him, the Narc punched him in the face and then when a bouncer tried to eject him and had him pinned to the floor, he took out his government issue gun and fired it twice.

In Greenpoint, a woman who suffered from dementia and was reported missing was found dead by Newton Creek under the Kosciuszko Bridge.

Also in Greenpoint, a posse of rats was discovered by an intrepid reporter and citizen scurrying into a worksite where an elevator is being built at the Greenpoint Ave. Station.


In Gravesend, ICE agents dressed in plain clothes converged on a illegal immigrant who was running back to his house to evade them. An agent shot the fugitive with a taser as he was resisting arrest then the man’s girlfriend and her sons and their friends came out of the house to confront the ICE team. While arresting the immigrant, an ICE agent got into a physical struggle with the two sons and shot one of them in the face. The immigrant was previously pulled over by the NYPD while driving a car with a false license plate and subsequently released.

While the immigrant put himself and his relatives at risk, the ICE agents tactics to detain him were overzealous and ill-advised.

Also in Gravesend, a 72-year-old man was beaten to death inside his apartment over a drug deal gone bad.

A man who runs an activist group devoted to stopping gang violence with ties to City Hall threatened to kill a traffic cop by saying he was going to send the Bloods after him. The man is also tied to a recent widespread drug smuggling and dealing bust inside Rikers Island involving his brother and another activist currently serving time there. The man got paid $282,000 by the city for his services in 2019, which is over $25,000 of what Mayor de Blasio earned that year including the 5 months he was away making an idiot out of himself when he ran for president of America.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man got stabbed in the street then walked into a nearby barber shop to get help. He was taken to a hospital and then he died.

In Bushwick, a man walked up to parked car and shot at the windows while a man and his 8-year-old daughter where still sitting inside.

Also in Bushwick, a woman walking on the sidewalk got blindsided by a man who threw her to the pavement and then hit her in the face with a hammer while trying to steal her purse.

Again in Bushwick, a 77-year-old woman waiting for the bus got attacked by a man from behind who tossed her to the pavement and ripped her purse from her hands and ran.

In Sunset Park, a man sneaked up behind an 11-year-old boy, whacked him with his cane and stole his cellphone.

Also in Sunset Park, two men approached a man on the sidewalk and slashed him in the face and neck when he refused to give them money.

Again in Sunset Park, a man followed a woman home to her apartment building then grabbed her on the stairs then jerked off on her and robbed her cellphone.

And again in Sunset Park, a mother with her 3-year-old child in a stroller got hit by a car while crossing the street as the driver was turning.

In Carroll Gardens, a hipster civil war broke out by a beer hall when a man (rightly) mocked a bunch of people waiting on line to buy overpriced beer and then threw a hard seltzer can at a woman when the queue of hipsters shot back an insult at him. Then the man threatened to shoot them and went back into his airbnb rental apartment then came back to the line and flashed a gun at them, but calmer heads prevailed and the man put his weapon away. Usually when someone pulls out their piece during a block party or a street bbq in a Black or Latino neighborhood an NYPD battalion shows up and shoves everyone with nightsticks and draws their tazers at the citizenry.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man sneaked up behind a 12-year-old boy, roughed him up and snatched his cellphone from his hand.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a woman got into an argument with a worker at a deli, then a man walked in and slashed him in the face and he and the woman robbed three cans of beer.

In Red Hook, a man was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head in inside a burning car.

In Brownsville, a man raped an 11-year-old girl inside the apartment she lived in and sexually violated her two other times a few months before.

Also in Brownsville, a man got shot to death on a street corner after getting into a dispute with his killer.

In Kensington, a woman entered her apartment and was jumped by four men who were awaiting her arrival. They held her up at gunpoint and pistolwhipped her, forcing her to open a safe and robbed her of $35,000 in cash and $50,000 in jewelry.

Also in Kensington, a 78-year-old woman waiting at a bus stop was approached by a sharp dressed man who feigned to be a church charity worker and conned her into going giving him $3,300. Then the hustler impersonated a police detective along with an accomplice and went to her apartment and stole another $1,200 by claiming he needed the cash to procure evidence.

In Bay Ridge, two teenage boys got jumped by three other teenage boys by their high school, and one of them got stabbed during the attack trying to defend himself and his friend.

Also in Bay Ridge, a man ran up to a woman with her two kids and stabbed her in the stomach as she was about to enter her car. The attacker previously punched his brother in the face and threatened to hurt a 62-year-old woman a month ago.

Again in Bay Ridge, an off duty NYPD detective was found passed out in her parked car and inebriated.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man who arranged to sell his car via social media got set up by two men who held him up at knife point and stole it.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man got punched in the face and had his car window damaged after he honked his horn at his attacker who was double parked.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man broke into a pharmacy and robbed $130 and another man broke into a van and robbed DJ equipment.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man punched another man in the face to settle an argument.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man got punched in the face by a man he showed concern for.

In Crown Heights, an app-food delivery man riding an illegal e-bike ran the red light and got hit by a car driven by an off-duty cop.

In Bensonhurst, a three alarm fire burned up a house and spread to the neighboring house, leaving 29 people homeless. 29 people. In two houses.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man stole an SUV that the owner left running with her 11-year-old son still sitting inside.

Again in Bensonhurst, two men approached a man that just left a church and they pushed him to the ground and put him in a headlock while trying to steal his wallet.

In Midwood at the Avenue M station, a 17-year-old girl was being prevented from entering the subway by a cop who pushed her away while claiming she jumped the turnstile although the emergency exit door is left open and other commuters went through it.

Also in Midwood, a man tried to skip the fare on a city bus by holding the driver up at gun point but was nailed by an MTA cop inside.

In Flatlands, a man got shot to death following an argument with his killer at a public housing courtyard

Also in Flatlands, an 84-year-old man backed up and crashed his car into the front entrance of a chain pharmacy.

Again in Flatlands, two men and a woman ripped off a box of lighters, 90 bucks of batteries and a big ass teddy bear from a dollar store. When a woman ran out to stop them, one of the thieves threw her down on the ground and kicked her in the stomach.

In Bath Beach, a man was struck and killed by a speeding hit-and-run driver while he was crossing the street as he was heading to work.


In Dyker Heights, a man sneaked up behind a woman and robbed her purse then pushed her into a metal fence, then he went to Bath Beach and knocked over a 66-year-old woman and robbed her purse too.

Also in Dyker Heights, two men broke into a construction site by cracking various locks on a gate and stole $10,000 worth of tools.

In Borough Park, a man menaced a woman inside an apartment building and intimidated her to give him $100 and also flashed her, then he roamed seven blocks down and mugged another woman for $3. Then he walked to Greenwood and stalked a woman to her apartment building and mugged her for cash.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a man was shot point blank in the face and found dead in a hallway of a public housing building.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center Station, a police investigation shut down the 2 train so cops could forcibly remove a man who they suspected of gun possession and the woman he was with. The dystopian police state action continued on the platform as the cops cuffed them without responding to the couple’s inquiries about what they did and why they are being arrested as over a dozen cops stand around guarding the detainment for some reason. Actually, it more resembles a mild version of an extraordinary rendition.

In South Slope at the Prospect Park Station, a man held up transit service by standing on top the awning over the platform.

In Park Slope, a drag race came to an abrupt halt when the two racers crashed their vehicles into two parked cars while trying to dodge an SUV making a left turn in front of them.

In Brighton Beach, two New York Rangers players got injured when a driver of an SUV made an illegal u-turn and crashed into the sportscar they were cruising in.



In Richmond Hill, a homeless man was found dead with his head bludgeoned, covered with blankets and cushions on the porch of an abandoned house on a street corner. Police found two men and a 17-year-old girl squatting inside the home and detained them for questioning.

Also in Richmond Hill, three boys robbed a bunch of cigarette lighters from a store and ran inside a church during a funeral to hide (or claim sanctuary) but were caught by a Samaritan who chased them there. One of the skells flipped the lighter away from the man who grabbed him to his fellow shoplifter who lied to a congregant about why they were there.

In Ozone Park at the 80th St. Station, a man held up another man at gunpoint as he was purchasing a metrocard and robbed $30 off him.

Also in Ozone Park, a man ran up and knocked a 60-year-old man to the pavement and then beat him down and robbed $70 and a cellphone from him. This incident and multiple others unreported as led the community to start a civilian patrol unit.

Again in Ozone Park, two men driving around in a rental truck broke into two commercial vehicles and robbed over $6,500 worth of tools. Then they went to Glendale seven days later and cracked a lock off a truck and stole a bunch of tools worth $15,000. A few days later they drove back east to Woodhaven and broke into another truck and robbed construction equipment worth $3,000 and then to Richmond Hill and broke into another truck and robbed construction tools worth $2,600.

Screenshot_2020-03-10 Screen-Shot-2020-02-20-at-12 33 44-PM png (PNG Image, 2560 × 1440 pixels) - Scaled (50%)

The next day they cruised to South Ozone Park and clipped the locks off a truck and a commercial van in 24 hours, robbing $6,825 of construction equipment and tools. They decided to hang around town for over a week then they struck again three times in a little over 30 minutes breaking into commercial vehicles and a unsecured pickup truck, pilfering nearly $7,000 of construction tools and equipment. Along with two similar heists in Brooklyn in January, the dastardly duo made off with over 50 large worth of equipment. These villains must be contracted with some developer that’s either in a rush or is very very cheap.

In South Ozone Park, a gang of 7 teenage males chased a man down the sidewalk then beat him down to the concrete and robbed his cellphone and headphone sticks.

Also in South Ozone Park, two men held up an app-hail livery driver at gunpoint after he picked them up and robbed $900 off him.

Again in South Ozone Park, a man impersonating a cop walked up to a UPS worker and demanded to search his truck and then he whacked him on the head with a flashlight and ran away.

And again in South Ozone Park, a man ripped off $2600 from a 91-year-old man’s hand while he was playing a slot machine at Resorts World.

In Flushing, two men broke into a noodle house through a wall from a neighboring abandoned building and robbed it of $1,000.

Also in Flushing, a man stabbed his girlfriend to death and left the knife in her back inside her apartment.

Again in Flushing, two girls got into a brawl with other students at a high school got arrested when one of them punched a safety officer who pulled her hair trying to break up the fight then the officer pummeled the girl on the ground. The girls then wound up in a police station handcuffed to a bench for over 24 hours and were not fed or given water or were allowed to call their parents.

And again in Flushing, a man snatched two watches worth over a grand from a cellphone store

And again in Flushing, a 15-year-old boy got surrounded by three other boys who held him up at knifepoint and robbed his phone then they got away on a city bus.

In Jamaica, three men jumped a man who was about to walk out of an apartment building, then dragged him back inside while holding him at gunpoint. One of the men pistol whipped him as they robbed his cellphone and $570.

Also in Jamaica, a drag race meetup got raided by Port Authority police dispatched from JFK airport, leading to arrests of two drivers with suspended licenses.

Again in Jamaica, a construction worker got killed instantly when a wall collapsed on him at a demolition site.

And again in Jamaica, two men got into an argument on a city bus and then got off and put up their dukes on the street. Then one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the other in his leg and ran away.

And again in Jamaica, a woman was found dead inside an apartment in a public housing building after a fire was put out on the second floor.

And again in Jamaica at the Jamaica Center Station, a man got caught and arrested for breaking metrocard machines so he can hustle people to pay him 2 bucks for fares when they can’t buy a card. Despite pulling his con at the same station and breaking the machines 151 times, the man eluded authorities for four months. Despite the brazen effort and allotted time he pulled this scheme along with amassing 60 prior arrests, the judge released him without bail.

And again in Jamaica, an off duty NYPD detective beat up his wife in a domestic dispute in their apartment.

In South Jamaica, three men jumped a man walking on the sidewalk, punched and threw him to the pavement and robbed his wallet and cellphone. An hour later, trio went to Ozone Park and held up a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint and ripped off his jacket, hoodie and sweater, his backpack with his laptop inside, a cellphone and his sneakers and jetted.

In Kew Gardens at the Queens Criminal Court building, two men got into a brawl inside their cell and as four C.O.’s tried to break them up, the inmates joined forces and attacked them. Oh, if there was only a tower prison these incidents would cease to exist.

Also in Kew Gardens at the Jamaica/Van Wyck Station, a man sitting on a bench and talking on his cellphone got smacked in the neck by another man. When he went to confront him, he got beat down by him and three of his pals who then tried to steal his backpack and wallet.

Again in Kew Gardens, eleven cars were thoroughly spray painted over with graffiti at the Jamaica Yard storage area. When the trains rolled into the Parsons Blvd. Station in Jamaica, two transit workers got ill from the fresh paint’s fumes.

And again in Kew Gardens, a man held up a masseuse at knifepoint and robbed $100 off her and then raped her inside a room at a massage parlor.

And again in Kew Gardens, a fugitive from Georgia wanted for murder was caught and arrested and found in possession of an AR-15 rifle.

In Kew Gardens Hills, a man went into a 99 cent store and hit a worker with an ice scraper and ran away.

In Astoria, a brawl on a street corner between two groups of men led to a man getting stabbed to death.

Also in Astoria, a man broke into a smoke shop and robbed it of five grand.

Again in Astoria, a burglar broke into a bar by smashing in a window and robbed it of $6,700 and two Ipads.

And again in Astoria, two men broke into a residential home and robbed money and jewelry from the first floor apartment.

And again in Astoria, a man broke into a barstaurant and robbed it of $6,700.

In Rego Park, a man got his ass beat and robbed of $340 by two women at a hotel he arranged a tryst at on a dating app.

In Middle Village, two men busted down the back door of a bodega and robbed it of $7,000.

Also in Middle Village, a NYPD detective committed suicide at this mother’s house by hanging himself. He was previously diagnosed with cancer he contracted working at ground zero after the 9/11/01 attacks on the twin towers.

In Ridgewood, two men accessed a basement of a chain pharmacy stockroom and robbed $1,300 worth of baby formula and candy and energy bars.

Also in Ridgewood, two men indulged in pizza and did their laundry with a credit card they stole.

Again in Ridgewood, two men accosted a man walking towards them to hand over his property and then the two chased him, causing him to drop his cellphone and then the two muggers stole it.

In Glendale, three men held up a man standing by his apartment by gun and knife point forcing him to open the door and then held up a man inside who owned the house, who then bound his arms with duct tape and stuck a knife to his back. The home invaders then stole a bunch of designer clothing and handbags worth $41,000 plus his sneakers and cellphone.

Also in Glendale, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of a city bus.

In Long Island City, three men in a car rolled up to a Mickey D’s drive thru window and one of them held up the cashier at gunpoint. Then him and his accomplice climbed through the window to get in the restaurant and went into an office and forced a worker to open up a safe and they escaped with $3,600.

Also in Long Island City, a woman picked a man’s pocket inside a liquor store, but got caught and struggled with her mark and shoved him to the floor and ran away with his metrocard and $60.

Again in Long Island City, at the 33rd St./Rawson St. Station, a woman stole glasses off the faces of two women on the platform.

And again in Long Island City, four men riding down the Queensboro Bridge were ambushed and held up at knife and gun point, beaten down and robbed of their e-motored cycles and their cellphones in a span of a month.

In Hunters Point, two men attacked a man in a parking garage by clobbered him on the head and stole his $120,000 watch.

In Maspeth, a man stole a camera worth $3,500 from a store while feigning to be a customer.

Also in Maspeth, three men mugged three people minutes apart from each other. Starting by punching a man in the face then grabbed a 15-year-old girl from behind and ripping off her ear sticks and cellphone. Then they ganged up on a man and threw him onto the pavement and stole his backpack.

Again in Maspeth, a man walking out of pizzeria got confronted and slashed repeatedly by another man on the parking lot.

In Woodside, a 72-year-old man died in a house fire determined to be caused by an unintended cigarette.

Also in Woodside, a man approached a woman at a Dunkin’ Donuts and ordered her to give him 20 bucks and threatened to kill her and her dog if she refused. He then took the money and run.

In Corona, a man stabbed his girlfriend to death inside their apartment.

Also in Corona, a man walked up to another man on the sidewalk and slashed his face and torso.

In North Corona, a man was killed in a drive-by shooting as he was ridden with bullets while riding a scooter on the sidewalk.

In Jackson Heights at the 74 Ave./Roosevelt Ave. Station, a man dropped his phone on the elevated tracks and got hit by a 7 train when he tried to retrieve it. Never trust a cellphone junkie.

Also in Jackson Heights, two men attacked a man while he was walking on the sidewalk, kicking and punching him til he fell to the ground. Then they robbed his cellphone and ran.

In Elmhurst, a woman got killed by a car while crossing the street when the driver turned into her.

Also in Elmhurst and Corona, a man has swindled $25,000 from people hunting for apartments by demanding “security” payments covering the rent for at least 2 years.

In Sunnyside, a woman robbed a bike from inside an apartment building.

Also in Sunnyside, a man broke into a house through the basement door and stole power tools.

Again in Sunnyside, a man walked up to a parked car and flashed his junk to a woman sitting inside.

In Rego Park, a man walked up to a school safety officer and had some small talk together and then he punched her in the face.

In Briarwood, a man approached a 14-year-old boy on the sidewalk and demanded money from him and then through his pockets for something to steal but didn’t get anything.

In Queens Village, two men attacked two food delivery guys by placing orders then ambushing them, making off with the grub and the cash.

Also in Queens Village, a man walked into a bank in his jammies and held it up with a note and waltzed out with $500.

Again in Queens Village, a Nassau County cop shot and killed a man that he was pursuing from Long Island.

In Hollis, a 12-year-old girl jabbed a syringe into 10 other students inside a classroom at a middle school.

Also in Hollis, a brawl inside a niteclub culminated with three men getting slashed and two other men getting shot.

In Woodhaven, a woman crashed her car into a box truck while driving without a license.

In Bayside, an 88-year-old woman got struck and killed by a car as the driver was making a turn as she was crossing the street while going to the store.

Also in Bayside, a 74-year-old woman got hit by a car crossing the street as the driver suddenly switched lanes, then that driver crashed into a police car.

In Whitestone, three men broke into a house and robbed jewelry worth $2,400.

In Pomonok, a man attacked a worker at a discount store and slashed his face with an ice scraper.

In Howard Beach, a group of teenage males were found on camera canvassing the town searching for cars to steal.

In Oakland Gardens, a woman got hit by a car as the driver was making a turn while she was crossing the street. She died of her injuries days later.

Also in Oakland Gardens, a teacher coerced a 9-year-old autistic girl to touch his groin.


In Herald Square, a man impersonating an MTA service worker ripped off $40 and two metrocards from two women when he conned them trying to help them purchase rides from the vending machines. The man was found to be a serial thief preying on harried commuters in a hurry and naive tourists with 138 prior arrests for pulling the same scam which included four other thefts in the stations this year alone and was released on his own recognizance no thanks to New York State’s new bail reform laws.

The recidivist criminal waltzed out of the courthouse boasting of his undeserved freedom and proclaiming that the poorly written new laws were “lit” and about his ill-gotten earnings which he topped off with yelling a racial slur and how unstoppable he is. A few days later he got caught by the cops at a homeless shelter for his 140th career arrest after he ripped off a woman by selling her an empty metrocard for $32 at the 42nd St. Station.

Proving the conman’s boast how lit bail reform is, Legal Aid lawyers vainly accused cops or profiling and embellishing charges against him and was released again. Then he went to the Times Square station and ripped off two tourists of 25 bucks by selling them a bum metrocard again, getting charged for the 142nd time.

But now the 142nd time is the charm, as the man proclaimed that he will not rob commuters anymore…


Also in Herald Square at the 34th St. Station, a woman got hit by the arriving F train while standing on the platform and fell on the tracks and somehow survived.

In Harlem, a man randomly slashed another man on his throat while he was walking with his girlfriend, leaving him bleeding profusely on the sidewalk.

The psycho already had a rep for attacking citizens and slashed a man in the throat and also beat another man down on the sidewalk last year and was released to the streets without bail months before the new New York State law took effect on New Years Day 2020. This time he staying put in prison.


The slasher was such a menace that residents actually move from the neighborhood. Which makes it a curiosity why the city would allow that and also if those available apartments rents subsequently went up.

Also in Harlem, a man walked up to a double parked car on the street and conversed with two other men then pulled out a gun and shot at the windshield and at another man before running away.

Again in Harlem, a man driving his car speeding down the street crashed into an app-hail livery car critically injuring the driver and his passenger, then he abandoned the car he totaled and ran away.

And again in Harlem, a woman got hit by a man driving an e-scooter in the wrong direction as she was crossing the street. She died from her injuries a day later.

And again in Harlem, a drunk man got into an argument with another man inside a deli and wound up getting stabbed three times in the torso.

And again in Harlem, a man got mugged for his wallet and cellphone in Morningside Park.

And again in Harlem, two men ambushed two food delivery guys by placing orders then assaulting them and robbing cash and a cellphone. They pulled the same stunt back in December with a third man as they jumped two food delivery guys in Parkchester robbing their cash and also the food they ordered.

In East Harlem, a man got killed by a stray bullet while he was walking on the sidewalk in the vicinity of a street fight between two gangs.

Also in East Harlem, a man threw a paving stone through a restaurant window displaying portraits of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Again in East Harlem, a man got shot to death in a hallway of a public housing apartment building.

Again in East Harlem, residents of the Taft Houses are reduced to getting water from a fire hydrant because NYCHA shut down all the water at the buildings.


In Grand Central Station, hundreds of people gathered for a protest decrying the MTA’s hiring of 500 cops in their budget, and the existence of paying for commuting and also police aggression towards homeless people and vendors as hundreds of NYPD police officers were deployed there like an army (and at times excessively acted like a charging one) to disperse the crowds. It then escalated when the cops advanced towards them, arresting 13 people. One woman got caught spray painting a jewelry store window.

The protesters prior and after the free assembly at that terminal vandalized subway platform walls with graffiti, locked emergency exit doors for free access, poured glue in metrocard scanning slots and bashed an OMNY scan window with a hammer.

In Midtown, a man shoplifted products from a Bloomingdales and got hit by a car when he ran out, yet still managed to escape.

Also in Midtown, a man and a woman held up a bank by claiming to be armed and made off with $1,625 until they got caught by the cops later.

Again in Midtown at the 59th St. Station, a man got killed on the tracks by a running W train inside the tunnel.

And again in Midtown at the 47-50 St./Rockefeller Center Station, three men boarded the F train sitting and riding on unlicensed motorcycles.

And again in Midtown, a woman got held up at gunpoint by a man she hooked up with on an online dating website in her apartment and was robbed her purse containing $8,000 after she refused his sex moves.

And again in Midtown, a man went ballistic on another man who was taking pictures of the area on his cellphone and accused him of filming him, as the other man yelled back at him and then walked to the 33rd St. Station. The man then followed him down and slashed him in the face with a straight razor.

And again in Midtown, an 82-year-old man attempted suicide by jumping from his 8th floor apartment window in a luxury building.

And again in Midtown, a man plundered $13,000 worth of blue jeans from display racks from three Gap stores in three weeks and also hit a lux designer store and stole a bunch of purses worth $750.

And again in Midtown, a man who violated his parole after serving time for assault for slashing a man’s neck ran from custody when he was ordered to serve 45 days for treatment and still hasn’t been found.

In Times Square, an argument between two men on the street escalated into one of them slashing the other on the face.

Also in Times Square, a man walked into a hotel and stripped down to his underwear. Probably confused with one of de Blasio’s non-profit providors hotel shelters and felt at home.

Again in Times Square, a patron sprayed pepper spray during a Broadway musical about a shitty album causing an evacuation from the theater.

And again in Times Square, two men having an argument on the street escalated when one of them slashed the other in the face and ran away.

In Hell’s Kitchen, three men with buckets and squeegees washed windows of cars backed up in traffic during the evening rush hour on 9th ave.

In the Upper West Side at the 96th St. Station, a man sexually molested a 15-year-old girl on the 2 train.

Also in the Upper West Side and at the 96 St. Station, the notorious 82-year-old serial groper struck again when he grabbed a woman on the 2 train and did the pelvic thrust.

Again in the Upper West Side, a man walking on the sidewalk got accosted by another man who blew smoke in his face and waved a bag of Mickey D’s in his face. When the man smacked the bag and kept walking, the smoking man ran up to him from behind and threw him to the pavement and punched him multiple times then mushed his burger in his face and leg dropped him.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man got hit by a car while jaywalking on the street.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man attempting suicide from his 10th floor apartment window was thwarted when a cop grabbed his ankle and other cops helped pull him back inside.

And again in the Upper West Side, a 7-year-old girl who was giving a homeless woman change, got attacked by her pit bull and bit her on the nose.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man broke into a restaurant through a sidewalk cellar door in broad daylight and robbed $14,000 worth of booze and a pedestrian unwittingly assisted him by helping him move his plunder.

In the Upper East Side at the 86th St. Station, a man got killed on the tracks when the 6 train arrived.

Also in the Upper East Side, an app-hail livery cab driver stopped a fare consisting of three men and two women because they were stupid drunk. When he ordered them to get out of his car, one of the men sucker punched him causing him to fall to the concrete and getting knocked unconscious and then wound up in a coma.

In Washington Heights, a woman brought her newborn infant daughter to a church to give her up because she said she was incapable of caring for her because of her drug addiction.

In Hudson Yards, a man in drag wearing a burka went into a high end luxury jewelry store and asked a salesperson he was interested in a necklace. After the salesperson (who couldn’t tell he was wearing women’s clothes) takes it out to show him, the burqa man sprayed him with fluid from a bottle and snatched the necklace plus two watches the salesperson was also looking at. The combined total for those three items were $800,600.

In Chelsea, a facade collapsed off a brownstone building, spilling debris on the street.

Also in Chelsea, a man and another man riding one of those stupid e-wheels got into an argument about pedestrian and bike etiquette when the e-wheel guy yelled at the man for jaywalking while looking at his phone. As they both continue arguing, a bike rider ran into the man, compelling him to chase and tackle him to the ground. Then the man was grabbed by someone and dragged on the ground which exposed his company-issued gun. The e-wheel guy kept filming and taunting him till the video he shot ends.

In Central Park, a homeless man was found dead hanging by his neck from a tree.

In Lower East Side at the Grand St. Station, a man profanely insulted a woman with a face mask on who was sitting on the stairs at the platform based on the worldwide coronavirus scare. The woman then chased him up the stairs and the man panicked and whacks her with an umbrella and kicks her multiple times.

Also in the Lower East Side, a rich man clobbered a man with a metal object who tried to help him after he couldn’t get into his apartment building because he lost his keys while getting loaded barhopping.

Again in the Lower East Side, two men held up a bodega at gunpoint with a shotgun and robbed it of $3,500, cigarettes and scratch lottery tickets.

And again in the Lower East Side at the Grand St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving D train.

And again in the Lower East Side, a water main break flooded the streets.

In the East Village, a fire spread through an apartment building injuring five people and leaving tenants homeless.

Also in the East Village at the Astor Pl. Station, a man on the tracks got hit by the arriving 6 train and survived. Two days later at the same station, a 80-year-old man jumped onto to track bed to retrieve a cellphone he dropped and got killed when the 6 train arrived.

In Alphabet City, a man threw a brick through an art gallery window and robbed $18,000 worth of drawings by a graffiti artist.

In the West Village at the 7th Ave 14th St. Station, a man randomly attacked a woman by hitting her over the head with a folding chair on the platform. The loon was previously arrested after he was trespassing in a building in Astoria and assaulted a man who asked why he was going through desk drawers, then was released immediately afterwards.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Chambers St. Station, a couple engaging in an argument on the platform escalated when a man butted in and the couple shoved him causing him to fall onto the trackbed.

In Noho, a man snatched a $23,000 designer bag from a display case at a high end lifestyle run by an actress who starred in Harvey Weinstein’s movies but was never sexually assaulted by him.

In Union Square at the train station, a man groped a woman walking by him.

Also in Union Square, a man jumped another man and mercilessly punched him multiple times inside a Mickey D’s. A woman intervenes and tries to pry the man away but his attacker continued wailing on him. Then the man busted a display case and threw chairs around the place while yelling racial slurs at the woman. Even though this story was published last month, the incident happened in late December 2019.

Again in Union Square at the train station, a man told another man arguing with someone else to keep his voice down, so the loudmouth pushed him onto the tracks.

In NoMad, a man suckered punched a woman in the face as she was coming out of a train station with her husband.

In Penn Station, a homeless man threatened to shoot up an outreach center, giving the non-profit service an excuse to close their office and refuse to care for other rough sleepers for weeks.

Also in Penn Station, a man was slashed in the face and neck on the 1 train platform.

Again in Penn Station, a broken signal on the PATH line caused a shutdown in service during rush hour, causing the station to fill to overcapacity.


In Inwood, a man attempted to break into a woman’s apartment, then went out on the street and set a car on fire.

Also in Inwood, a man and a woman both got shot on a street corner.

In Morningside Heights, a water main burst and caused the street collapse and flood.

In Midtown by the Lincoln Tunnel, a homeless man that was found dead back in July 2019 turns out he was murdered.

In Soho, an upscale cafe is permitting tattoo artists to drill ink on customers as they and other patrons order and eat food.

In Chinatown, a woman got hit by a box truck as she was crossing the street that was driven by a man with a suspended license.

A man took out a bottle a ketchup and squeezed it’s contents around him so he can hog two seats on the A train.

A man and a woman were busted running a prostitution ring and laundering over 10 million dollars through thousands of bank accounts.

Two shitheads dressed in hazmat suits spilled a vat of red fluid on the L train in a gag that made light of the coronavirus that has killed over thousands of people worldwide and is starting to spread in cities in this nation. A lot of unfunny morons in this town need to stop ripping off Eric Andre.

After two months of searching and speculation, The suspects in Tessa Majors murder at Morningside Park in December were caught and indicted. According to the charges, two fourteen-old-boys committed the murder as one held her while the other boy stabbed her after she defended herself while preventing them from stealing her cellphone. She bit her killer on his finger. So my theory that it was an adult male that did it was wrong.

The killer’s stepfather may have sentenced him early by admonishing the boy at the precinct by yelling that he wasn’t poor or struggling because of the expensive sneakers he wore and how he should have went to school and stayed away from kids with bad influences.

So the killer wasn’t a grown ass man, but a couple of ignorant kids.

Staten Island

In Rossville, an off-duty cop got punched in the face and stabbed by his girlfriend during a domestic dispute.

In Springville, a man who invited two men to his house to buy some weed turned sour and violent when the men attacked him with a blunt object and held him at gunpoint. Then they robbed him of $2,300 and also stole his digital camera.

In Donghan Hills, a man held up a gas station at gunpoint but the worker did not give him anything to rob.

In Tompkinsville, a man broke into a car and robbed a backpack and a cellphone.

In St. George, a woman broke into a house through a bedroom window then fled with her husband in an SUV. Then the cops tailed them and arrested her and him.

In Mariners Harbor, a man held up a deli at gunpoint and robbed it of $90 and lottery scratch tickets.

In Eltingville, three men broke into a shed and stole three bicycles.

In West Brighton, Sunnyside and Port Richmond, a man robbed three banks in 2 weeks of $16,500 by passing a note to the teller.

In Castleton Corners, a man attempted to rob a bank by sending a note through the pnuematic tube that stated he was going to bomb it. But the teller didn’t believe him and he drove away.

In Grasmere, a man robbed a bank of $600 by handing a teller a note.

In New Brigthon, a man shot up a parked car trying to kill a man sitting inside of it, but only damaged all his windows without hitting his target.

In Huguenot, a man’s tires and rims were ripped off from his car and the thieves used a neighbor’s bricks from a small garden to prop up the vehicle to steal them.

In Stapleton, a man shot a gun in front of a gas station with one of the bullets breaking a car window.

Also in Stapleton, a woman stabbed a man in the leg at her apartment during a domestic dispute.

In Richmond, a man and woman were arrested for possession a cache of automatic guns and a rifle and ammunition during a search warrant of their house.

On the West Shore Expressway, a man drove up the wrong way while driving drunk and crashed into two vehicles, killing his wife who was with him in the front seat.

At the Goethals Bridge, a man wrecked his car on the west end of the bridge while driving drunk and a woman crashed her car into two P.A. patrol cars while they were supervising the towing of the man’s vehicle off the road.

A NYPD police officer was busted in possession of child porn he acquired via a social media account.

Shit sure is “lit” in the five boroughs.

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