New Bad Days 53: Overlooked Bronx Gang Butchers And Murders A Teenager And Volunteer NYPD Explorer With Machetes; Shootout And Car Chase After A Court Hearing Between Gangs In Staten Island; Random Assaults Happening In Threes From The East Village To South Richmond Hill; Obstructive, Obnoxious, And Violent Behavior On The Subway And A Multitude Of Muggings, Slashings And Shootings As Crime Rates Are Officially Going Up




In Belmont , a 15-year-old boy got murdered by 5 men who chased him into a bodega and dragged him outside after he tried to jump behind a counter, then threw him to the ground and attacked him with machetes as one stabbed him in the body, another man repeatedly stabbed him in the neck and the attack was done when the last armed man slashed his throat. The victim was stabbed over 10 times. This butchering of an innocent kid occurred despite the presence of people on the street and of running security cameras and people filming the murder in real time on their cellphones.

While bleeding profusely, Lesandro (Junior) Guzman-Feliz went back into the bodega  and left as two men inside were watching him bleeding out. He then proceeded to run towards the St. Barnabas hospital and collapsed on the ground while two NYPD on patrol stood there and did nothing, despite wearing rubber gloves for protection as witnesses tried to stop the hemorrhaging with napkins.

180628 police officers probe lesandro death feature1.jpg JPEG Image 618 × 410 pixels

He died inside the hospital from his multiple wounds.

The following days after the slaughter, committed despite the ubiquitous presence of security cameras, the gang connected to the suspects called the Trinatarios actually implemented what can only be described as damage control by apologizing about the murderous lynching, claiming that they mistakenly targeted him because he resembled a kid that was in sex video with one of the gang member’s girlfriend.

It turns out that Junior was a member of a the NYPD’s Explores program for encouraging youths to volunteer for NYPD related activities and drills and for future police recruitment. After waiting for days from an acknowledgement or condolences from Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neal.

After vehement accusations by the area’s residents and the gunjumping responses by members of City Council and the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz demanding the closing of the business, the clerk behind the register did call 911 and was frustrated with the delay of trying to get the cops to come as the operator spent four minutes asking him questions about the slaughter outside his store happening at the moment.

The precinct where this gruesome tragedy took place has seen a 50 percent rise in murders and the Bronx has seen a 69% rise in total murders.

This lynching has got national and even celebrity attention from the likes of superstar rapper Cardi B and Yankee hurler C.C. Sabathia. In addition to tributes from the NYPD after the terrible job of the 911 operator handling the call from the bodega’s cashier and the indifference from two cops who were standing by the hospital as Junior was struggling to enter as he bled out on the street. Which has unfortunately diverted attention from another lynching involving the Trinatarios gang of a 14-year-old boy on the Bronx River Highway just 4 days earlier. Where 15 boys chased him into the middle of the highway, catching him in a median under repair and brutally beat him down and stabbed him 12 times. Like Junior’s murder, this attack is also motivated over some girl that the Trintarios knew.

This incident resembles the Micheal Griffith murder in Howard Beach 32 years ago when a gang of white teenage males chased him to this death on the Belt Parkway, the only difference being that race is not a factor in this because all involved, the culprits and the victims were Hispanic and Black.  But this was a lynching nonetheless. The kid survived the savage attack, but the aftermath might get worse. His mother, Kisha Hoke, who had been evicted from her apartment just a few months earlier, had demanded help from the Department of Education that he was getting stalked by the gang at his school and made requests to the Department of Homeless Services to get a transfer to another shelter because of the gang’s daily harassment of her son. Only to be slighted with indifference and bureaucratic delays.

During her son’s recovery, his mother had to quit her job to be by his side. She plans to take her son and move upstate but their present state is plainly uncertain. If anything, the tribulations of this mother and son warrants even more attention as they have gone through and are currently living in an existential nightmare induced by city safety net incompetence and a bunch of violent thugs doing gangsta shit.

In the rest of the Bronx.

In Castle Hill, a barrage of gunfire led to the deaths of three people. Two men who were targeted that were coming out of a check cashing place as the gunman shot both of them in the head  and a woman hit by a stray bullet who was working at a stand who was handing out pamphlets for a health insurance company.


In University Heights, a man was suckerpunched and knocked down on the street. As he still laid there unconscious, other people reached into the victims pockets and stole his belongings including his cellphone and I.D.. The attacker then returned to take a picture of his victim with his own cellphone and gave high fives to the other scavengers. The suspect was arrested and blamed the victim for provoking him to fight.

In Pelham Parkway at the Pelham Parkway/White Plains Road Station, a 61-year-old man was approached by a woman who asked him for money. After he blew her off, a man attacked him on the platform and punched him twice and then dragged him down the stairs and beat him down to the ground as he and the woman robbed his messenger bag and $20.

In University Heights, a man got shot three times and killed at his girlfriends apartment by her ex-boyfriend who climbed the fire escape to get inside.

In Fordham Heights at the Fordham-Jerome Station, a man killed himself when he stepped on the third rail and got hit by an arriving 4 train after he was being chased by cops for his involvement in an armed robbery.

In Kingsbridge, 3 men jumped a 17-year-old boy on a street corner and beat him down and slashed him on the head. The suspects of the early June attack are tied to the Trinitarios gang.

In Grand Concourse, a man parked in his car in front of the Bronx Criminal Courthouse was killed by a man who rode up on a bicycle and shot him through the window.

In Soundview, a man shot himself to death in his car messing around with a loaded gun.

In Foxhurst, a man was shot to death in Rainey Park after attending a party for a baby announcement.

In Williamsbridge, two men and a woman riding in a livery car attacked the driver as one passenger put him in a chokehold while the other grabbed a wallet and the dashboard camera.

In Grand Concourse at the 149th St. Station, a woman attempted suicide by jumping onto the tracks with her infant son as the 4 train was running.

In Morris Heights, a man exposed himself to a 67-year-old woman in an elevator. After this pathetic attempt at seduction, he grabbed the woman with one hand and started masturbating with the other.

In Mount Hope at the 175th Station, two men attacked and punched and threw a bottle at a station cleaner after he told them that the uptown D train was out of service.

In Wakefield, a man stabbed a woman twice with a screwdriver inside a security guard office, killing her. The suspect was wanted for the home invasion murder of an elderly man.

In Fordham Manor, a man harassing a woman on a city bus slashed her three times when she tried to report him to the driver.

In Bronxdale at Bronx River Park, a woman jogging was attacked from behind by a man as he tried to rape her. The deviant ran away when the woman defended herself and screamed.

In Riverdale, a man was found dead lying on the pavement in Van Cordtlant Park.

Also in Riverdale, a proliferation of abandoned cars, stolen, stripped, and wrecked, are lining the residential streets.

Again in Riverdale, a thief broke into a car window and robbed $190 and two laptops and a man was randomly punched in the face by a stranger as he left a bar/restaurant.

Brooklyn Rudd/NY Daily News)

In Bushwick, two men were shot at in front of a fast food restaurant after being pursued by a gunman after a fight at a bar. One of the shooting victims later collapsed in a backyard and died from his bullet wounds. When a neighbor dialed 911 to report a man screaming, the two cops sent to the murder scene did not leave their car to investigate and drove away. The NYPD has suspended the bums.

Also in Bushwick, a 4-year-old girl was killed as her mother was helping her with her shoe when a woman was backed up her car and hit her and her mother in an illegal parking lot in front of laundromat.

Again in Bushwick, a rumble between two groups of men in front of a pool hall escalated when a man pulled out a gun and shot at two people, killing one and wounding the other.

In Bed-Stuy, a 16-year-old boy was shot dead on the street while walking with his girlfriend at 2 p.m.

Also in Bed-Stuy, four people were shot at on the street by a gunman after a street hassle.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a recidivist criminal wanted on a warrant for domestic violence and robbery was pursued by unmarked police car on the street. When he got cornered, he pulled a gun and shot at them, hitting one detective in the leg while getting shot himself, leaving a trail blood leading to his arrest. His girlfriend was later arrested for spraying two detectives with mace.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot at two men standing at a bus stop at 11 p.m., killing one and wounding the other.

And again in Bed-Stuy at the Ralph Ave. Station, a man pulled out a gun and threatened the C train engineer during an argument, causing an hour long delay in the morning rush hour.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man attacked a 74-year-old man from behind, knocking him down to sidewalk and choking and punching him then robbed his wallet and keys

And again in Bed-Stuy, four men on bicycles wearing black hoodies rolled up to a group of kids hanging out on the street and started firing their guns, hitting and wounding a 16-year-old girl.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man fired his gun at people in front of deli and ran off.

In Crown Heights, a man was shot at and killed in his car after being involved in a fight.

Also in Crown Heights, a man was shot point blank in back of his head inside a bodega following an argument.

Again in Crown Heights, a man was killed in a drive-by shooting as the driver of the van crashed the vehicle, leading the suspects to abandon the van and run away.

And again in Crown Heights, a woman aimed an ignited roman candle at a liquor store and at passing cars.

In East New York, a man was shot to death in front of a corner bodega after he had a dispute with a man in a white sedan.

Also in East New York at the Shepard Ave. Station, a complete shithead was standing on the tracks and playing with his cellphone, delightfully angering commuters to the point where some wanted to fuck his ass up. The cops who removed him did not arrest him and let him go.

With all the shit with the MTA going on and the billions proposed to “fix” and “improve” the worst fucking transit system in the universe, City Council or Albany needs to get their lame asses working on a bill to implement punitive charges for people that jump on the tracks and obstruct transit traffic like the bullshit laws that jail people for blocking streets during protests.

Again in East New York at the Broadway Junction station, a man fell on the tracks and got hit by an arriving L train who did not stop in time to see him, causing him to lose his arm and breaking his leg.

And again in East New York, a man shot another man in the hip in front of a bodega.

In Clinton Hill at the Clinton-Washington St Station, another stupid fuck grabbed onto to the door of the C train he missed and rode along the side to the next stop.

(Matthew Beary)

In Cobble Hill, a man held up a bank at the end of the day and robbed it of $16,001 despite never showing a gun. (What’s with the extra buck? Guess every dolla bill counts, y’all)

In Brownsville, a man shot another man in the back and shoulder by an apartment building stairwell.

In Brownsville, a woman maced workers at a hair salon over an argument about money.

In Bay Ridge, an awning from a building under a stop work order and with multiple prior maintenance violations by the D.O.B., fell onto two women, crushing one causing critical injuries.

In Prospect Heights, two men robbed an ATM from a bodega at 3:45 a.m.

In Sunset Park, a man severed his pregnant wife’s arm off and two fingers off her left hand with a knife after a domestic dispute.

Also in Sunset Park and Windsor Terrace, a burglar broke into a man’s car and stole his laptop while he was shopping at a mall, a woman had her wallet stolen as she slept in her room at a homeless shelter, two men knocked a man off his bike then punched him in the face and stole it and a man was jumped by two men who punched him in the face multiple times in front of his house.

Again in Sunset Park, falling power lines sparked a three-alarm fire at an apartment building, hospitalizing five firefighters.

In Cypress Hills, a man who goaded his boss to set a sleeping homeless man on fire and filmed it, killed himself as he crashed his motorcycle into a car in an intersection.

In Greenwood, an unlicensed drunk driver hopped the curb and drove his van into a pedestrian and crushed him against a wall killing him instantly then ran away leaving his vehicle behind.

In Greenpoint, a man barged into a woman’s apartment and pulled a knife on her in a rape attempt, but she punched him in the balls causing him to run away.

Also in Greenpoint, a man riding a scooter groped two women in two weeks and a man raped a woman by Newton Creek.

In Coney Island, a woman was knocked to a ground by a man who then pulled a gun on her as a woman hit her head from behind with a glass bottle, knocking her out and stealing her designer wallet.

Also in Coney Island, the parks department hasn’t sent any lifeguards to monitor the waters and look out for the swimmers safety since the beach season started on Memorial Day.

In Carroll Gardens, a man accessed an apartment with a keycard and a shot the resident with a stungun in his bedroom

In Fort Greene at the Dekalb Ave. Station, a man attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving Q train.

In East Flatbush, a man was shot to death on the street

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Bridge Station, a fight broke out on the 4 train as a man putting up stickers for a sensationalist yellow journalism website punched a man in the face that he was arguing with over some divisive political shit.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St. Station, two men and a woman instigated a brawl on the A train and hit three commuters with canes. And a man punched another commuter in the head on the A train, knocking him down to the floor and ran way to the arriving F train.

In Flatlands, a restaurant manager was robbed of $13,000 and a laptop when 3 men in a cruiser vehicle rear-ended his car then beat him up in the drivers seat and dragged him out and beat him down then escaped by driving on the sidewalk by a road under construction (with workers on sight) at 10:15 a.m.

Also in Flatlands, a 67-year-old woman died from a house fire.

In Williamsburg, a man broke into an apartment and robbed $1500, a laptop and credit cards from three roommates who were sleeping soundly.

Also in Williamsburg, a facade collapsed off an apartment building under prior violation for neglect by the owner.

Again in Williamsburg, a man dragged a woman off a stoop as he robbed her purse which contained $200 and credit cards.

Again in Williamsburg, a man stole a box package from an apartment building and rode away on a citibike.

In Flatbush, a man sneaked up and bashed a bottle on a man’s head that he had a dispute with at a jerk chicken restaurant.

In Bay Ridge on the Belt Parkway, a tree branch fell on a car and went through the windshield impaling the driver and causing it to crash into other vehicles on the road. Citizens were not surprised that it broke.

In Brighton Beach, a man sitting in a diner was attacked and assaulted by a man who hit him with a baseball bat at 5 p.m.

In Gravesend, a man sliced another man with a boxcutter then jumped in a car and fled and two men jumped a man in a vestibule as he entered his apartment building, beat him down and stole his camera.

In Marine Park, a burglar broke into a store and robbed it of multiple bottles of booze and scratch lottery tickets.

On the Belt Parkway, a man got killed in the back seat of a car that was crashed into by a drunk driver going in the wrong direction.

In Fort Greene at the BAM park, which has been locked for 10 years because of toxic chemicals in the soil, people involved in a streaming T.V. show permitted by the Mayor’s Office of Film and Television for a shoot left the gate open when they finished production. Which led to area residents using the park for a week without knowing that it was contaminated.


In South Richmond Hill, a man is involved in three mugging incidents where he walks up to random people and punches them in the face and steals their wallets, then gets away in a black four-door sedan. All victims are middle-aged men in their 50’s. The suspect has robbed them collectively of nearly $300 in cash, 12 credit cards and a cellphone and is on the loose. He is also tied to a random assault where he punched a man in the face causing the victim to fall to the pavement and cracked his skull.

In Rockaway Beach at Fort Tilden, four men on jetskis zipping around too close to swimmers in the ocean turned horrific when one of the men offered a woman a ride and wound up hitting a wave which caused the woman to fall off and winding up comatose with a fractured colon after hitting the propulsion from the water.

Also in Rockaway Beach at the 105th St. Station, a man committed suicide as he jumped in front of the arriving S train.

In Jamaica, two men got shot in front of a restaurant by two other men also armed with skateboards.

Again in Jamaica, two workers in a corner deli grocery store got into an argument with a man and kicked him out. The man returned with two other men and jumped the workers as they left the store, beating down one worker with punches and kicks and stabbing the other one in the head with a pocket knife

In Ozone Park, a burglar sneaked into the basement door in the back of a house and robbed laptops, a video game console and a robot speaker/recorder inside. The man returned 14 hours later and stole the family’s car.

In Queens Village, a 70-year-old man was stabbed to death in front of his house.

In Whitestone, a 17-year-old girl was killed crossing the street by an 88-year-old woman who ran the red light.

In College Point, a man was found dead from a head fracture in front of his house at 7:45 a.m.

In Corona, a man stabbed a woman on the street with a butcher knife at 1:45 a.m., then tried to flee when he was chased down by a Port Authority Police officer who then caught him and held him down till the NYPD arrived.

Also in Corona and Elmhurst, two traffic cops were attacked by two men. One who was punched in the face after writing up a ticket and the other who was stalked and grabbed from behind, thrown to the ground and attacked with punches and kicks.

Again in Corona, a man attacked and assaulted three waitresses with his cane over a dispute for using the beverage machine.

In Jackson Heights at the 74th St/Roosevelt Ave. Station, a man pulled a knife out on another man after they had a dispute on the mezzanine.

In Long Island City and Astoria at the Queensbridge Houses, three men were shot in the leg in threeincidents in a week on the public housing grounds.

Also in Long Island City, a man was arrested for animal cruelty after he left four pitbulls in his van during a brutally hot afternoon.

Also in Astoria, a man followed a woman into her apartment building and grabbed her ass in the vestibule and ran away.

Again in Long Island City and Jackson Heights, a man and a woman feigning to ask for a metrocard swipe, held up a man at knifepoint at the Court Square Station and robbed him of $140 and blocked another man on the staircase of the Broadway Station at knifepoint robbed him of a measly 2 bucks and his I.D. and credit cards,


In Rego Park, a man approached a parking lot attendant and pulled a gun on him. The attendant then fled but the suspect pistol whipped him and knocked him out. He then went back to the garage and found a car with the keys still in the ignition and stole it.

In Middle Village, two men pulled off two gunpoint muggings, making off with their victims wallets and cellphones.

In Bayside, a man was caught attempting to stealing mail from houses.

Also in Bayside, and Hollis and Queens Village, a man is still on the loose wanted for 8 knifepoint robberies from mid-May to mid-June.

In Fresh Meadows, a man shoplifted $2,900 worth of workout watches from a big box department store.

In Elmhurst, a man was found dead lying on a bench at a playground.

In Woodside, a woman was hit by a motorcycle as she was in the crosswalk.

In Flushing, two men stole $30,000 worth of necklaces and fled after they asked a sales clerk to open a display case.

Also in Flushing, a man fondled himself on the Q37 bus.

Again in Flushing, a man smacked another man in the head inside a department store.

And again in Flushing, a man sneaked into a 63-year-old man’s apartment, knocked him down and stole his cellphone.

In Forest Hills, cops raided a man’s apartment and confiscated four rifles and 3 handguns.

In Ridgewood, a woman tied up a 6-year-old child and abandoned the kid inside an apartment.

In Rosedale on the Laurelton Highway, a motorcyclist got killed by a hit-and-run driver that switched lanes.

On Rikers Island, an inmate choked another inmate to death with his bare hands. The murder victim is a Trinitarios gang member.


In the East Village, a drunk as shit homeless man who stalked and harassed a woman walking in the street while riding a bike, then pushed her to the ground and punched her in the face. He left his bike behind and hit another woman in the face and hit another woman in the head with a bike lock as he was walking by them.

Also in the East Village at the 1st Ave. Station, a shithead dropped his skateboard on the tracks as he was doing tricks with it on the platform and nearly got hit by the arriving L train when he went down to retrieve it to the delight of his fellow idiot skater friends.

Again in the East Village at the Campos Plaza houses, 33 little dogs were found malnourished and maltreated by a man keeping them in his apartment during a police inspection. Neighboring tenants have sent complaints to NYCHA for months about the rancid smells and constant barking emanating from the unit that went unanswered, which is standard op procedure for the notorious public housing agency. Since the tenant works for the Housing and Preservation Department for this fucking city, it’s apparent why this went on for as long as it did.

In Tribeca at the Chambers St. Station, a man panhandling on the 2 train, took a metal pipe and bashed the head of a man as he was sitting down because he refused to give him money.

In the Lower East Side at the Delancy St. Station, a woman stabbed a man in the head with her high-heel shoe after an argument and ran away.

In Greenwich Village, a half-naked man irate from being ejected from the Stonewall Inn by a bouncer, returned with a friend of his with a baseball bat and smashed the bar’s window.

In the Upper West Side, a woman stabbed a man in a courtyard after she had an argument with him over personal space when they were on the elevator. She slashed another man who tried to stop her from attacking again.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man stalked a woman on the street after she stepped out of cab and then attacked her when she ignored him. The man suckerpunched her and threw her to the ground between two parked vehicles and began strangling her while telling her he was going to rape her although the victim offered him cash.  When the woman bit him on the hand after he ripped her pants off, the bastard then kicked her in the head and bit her back then ran away when a building doorman intervened.

Again on the Upper West Side on the D train, a group of kids were smoking a giant hookah and the passengers and the man taking their picture for his social media account did not a thing to upset them.

And again on the Upper West Side, a gym owner who got arrested for groping a client a month earlier did it again to another 16-year-old girl during a workout.

In the Upper East Side, two rich entitled middle aged sisters who own an obnoxious bar in Maspeth that is going through a shady upzoning variance with the city were told to leave a bar for being disorderly and then refused to pay their $33 tab by claiming that only “gentlemen pay for their drinks”. As they were being escorted out by a bartender and a waitress, one of the psychoholic slags grabbed the waitress by her hair and dragged her outside as she and her sister beat the shit out of her causing injury to her shoulder. The high-sticking socialites then returned banging on the restaurants window and attacked the bartender, cutting his head open. One of the lady goons is married to hockey legend and Stanley Cup Champion Brian Leetch and proclaimed to cops who arrested her that she is pals with Commissioner James O’Neill.

Wife of Rangers great Brian Leetch tells cops she knows NYPD commissioner during assault bust, prosecutors sayThe God-Fearing Queens Of Maspeth

Also in the Upper East Side, a 16-year-old boy and his accomplice attacked a man in a mugging attempt on the street at 4:40 a.m., bashing his head and knocking him to the ground and stabbing him when he defended himself. The teenager is a member of the Trinitarios Gang that were involved in the two lynchings mentioned at the top of this post.

In the West Village, an idiotic man famous on social media for taking pictures of himself dangling his legs and doing back flips in high places killed himself by falling off the roof of a building after he was drinking beer with his brah.

In Times Square, an middle aged man grabbed a 15-year-old girl’s privates and grinded his disgusting body into two other teenage girls in front of a Broadway theater entrance.

In Midtown, a man got stabbed in the back defending a woman who was being harassed by his attacker.

Also in Midtown, a fight involving five women escalated when two women pulled out box cutters as they slashed three women and a man they were with took off his belt and whipped one of them.

Again in Midtown, a retired cop involved in a car accident pulled a gun on the other driver and strangled him.

And again in Midtown, an MTA worker fell through a wooden board onto the tracks while applying concrete at the 57th Street Station.

And again in Midtown, a man scaled a building and broke into a office on the second floor.

In Downtown Manhattan at City Hall Park, an argument escalated between two men selling water when one vendor pulled out a knife and stabbed his competitor, who drew an airgun.

In Union Square, a woman was found dead in a trash compactor in a luxury apartment building from falling down a garbage chute from the 27th floor. It’s now considered to be a homicide.

Also in Union Square, a stupid pedestrian called the cops because he thought he saw a man standing on the corner holding an alligator on a leash when it turned out is was a big lizard.

In East Harlem, a man stabbed and killed his ex-girlfriend inside a store and walked away smoking a cigarette.

Also in East Harlem, a mini crane hauling a panel toppled over from a building development, injuring three construction workers.

Again in East Harlem, a mini crane hauling a panel toppled over from a building development, injuring three construction workers.

In Harlem, a man speeding on the street in his sportscar collided with another vehicle in an intersection, causing it to damage eight other vehicles, injuring 7 people. The culprit left his car behind and ran to the subway.

Also in Harlem at the 125th/Lenox Ave. Station, a man got stabbed in his shoulder by another man during a fight on the 2 train.

Again in Harlem, a man got struck by a hit-and-run driver as he was arguing with his girlfriend while standing on the boulevard.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a city parks worker stole a cellphone from a citizen in a playground.

In Inwood at the 215th St. Station, a man took his cellphone and took a picture under a woman’s skirt on the 1 train.

In Battery Park City, an MTA executive parked his fancy car at a bus stop causing an obstruction to an express bus and delaying it’s scheduled route.

In Washington Heights, 8 residents were sickened in the apartment building from an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

In Central Park, 2 days after Mayor de Blasio announced that the park would non-permit vehicles in the park and Transportation Alternatives leader and city secret agent Paul Steely White drove the last car in the park while acting like a douche about it, a cyclist collided into a private garbage truck that turning into his path on the road.

Staten Island

In St. George, an argument between two gangs of men coming out of a criminal courthouse escalated into a brawl and two men pulled out a knife and a gun. One gang assaulted a man and stole his minivan which they used to chase the gunman who then fired at the vehicle as the driver drove into him and crushed him into a house, killing him instantly.

In New Brigthon, a 67-year-old woman was shot in the face from a stray bullet while waiting at a bus stop, reportedly tied to the aforementioned gang rumble at the courthouse.

In Tompkinsville, a woman was killed in a hit-and-run as a speeding SUV hit her in a median when the driver swerved around a vehicle in front.

In Midland Beach, a man tried to abduct a 4-year-old girl in a stroller while her mother was still pushing her.

In Port Richmond, three men attacked and beat up and stabbed a man on a city bus.

In West Brighton, a man shot another man in the hand following a dispute.

In New Springfield, a man attempted to rob a bank claiming to be armed.


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