Ricky Gervais Is Your Only God


Hollywood, California

From 8 p.m (6 Pacific) to 8:07 p.m. was the greatest and most pleasurable 7 minutes of TV history of this 20 year old century. Ricky Gervais, actor and comedian and mostly creator, producer and writer of “The Office”, demolished the fourth wall of celebrity and the power entrenched with it and reminded the audience of their complicity of everything wrong in society, the world and how they have obtained their obscene wealth.


Hosting the Golden Globe awards for the fifth and most definitely the last time (unless the rich and famous are purely sadomasochistic), Gervais went deeper with his vitriolic roasting of all the talent and executives in the audience than he did the last four times, which was just comparably ordinary roasting of their dubious talents and the mediocre product they put out. Because the last year have been quite different for the rich and infamous. Not only has the movie and TV industry over-saturated the market with garbage comic book series and unchallenging and unmemorable storytelling, unnecessary rehashes and “prequels”, but the whole poisonous crony culture and underlying corruption that was once kept secret from the masses. Ricky also deconstructed the phoniness of the industry permeating politics and discussion befouling social media and opinions and (hopefully) may have destroyed starfuckery.

Sure he got to skewer some fellow celebrities and odious pop culture contributions, most dutifully about Felicity Huffman’s brief incarceration making license plates and the odious infinitely singing talk show minstrel James Corbin and how he played a fat pussy last year and then starred in the bomb “Cats”. But this one cut deeper because like the comedy, it’s all about timing and easy targets. Especially when the targets are high up. And this years targets were Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein.

When Ricky brought up Weinstein, a big fat ugly movie producer who molested hundreds of actresses and models, he gave a warning to all those in the crowd of award contenders, assorted billionaires to be cautious if Ronan Farrow has a scoop on them. I wonder if the actresses who were already did his movies without having to survive his skeevy advances stifled a nervous laugh at that. Gervais responded to the nauseating collective groans with vicious disdain and told them to come off it.

As well as they should since Weinstein’s trial for his sexual harassment and sexual assaults just began. The big load is even showing up to trial pushing a walker with tennis balls on them since his fat ass and lousy posture has put too much weight on the stands. Even though only a few weeks before his first court appearance he was at an East Village niteclub sans walker but with an entourage and an astroturfed audience in tow, viewing a female comedy and improv show much to the horror of the performers there and some lady patrons seizing the opportunity to yell at him and his foul presence. Currently, the jury has finally been selected and Harvey is still pushing that walker to court. He’s either goldbricking being that he’s been producing movies all his life he figured he can give a performance too or pushing that walker is the closest he can get to simulating unwanted sexual advances on a woman.


But the next one was the granddaddy of all big shot audience roasting, as he was doing a joke that somehow integrated promoting his show on Netflix where he plays a person trying to kill himself and doesn’t, he compared the protagnists’ failure with the perfect execution of Jeffery Epstein, who didn’t kill himself either. That really killed the whatever noise was left in the ballroom. I don’t think anybody even budged. Ricky, absolutely delighted at the silence and surely the look of shame and menace on the faces of the powerful crowd, told them I know he’s your friend and mused aloud that they all must have been upset to take their own private plane to the Golden Globes.

It must have been easy to deliver the Epstein punchline and the body blow to the elite crowd when an hour before the Globes broadcast and Ricky’s monologue, 60 Minutes did 12 minutes on how Epstein didn’t kill himself by having a forensic doctor, Dr. Michael Baden, hired by the brother of the banker/hedge funder/secret agent man/sex trafficker/pedophile who proved just that.

Pictures showed the blanket that was alleged Epstein used to commit suicide and it didn’t even have any indentures on the fabric. Not only that, but the material looked so flimsy and weak that it’s doubtful that it can even be capable of squeezing the cream out of canoli. But there were plenty of electrical cords in the cell though. Then there was the xray of his neck which showed an extra broken bone that could only be done by strangling and not from self-harm. And the clincher that really should confirm a murder took place that night in the MCC, there was blood found in Epstein’s eye socket capillaries. According to the Dr. Baden, when you hang yourself to death, blood doesn’t flood to the head. And the blood mostly flows to your legs but Epstein’s were pale. This was just reconfirmed on the Dr. Oz show too.


Gervais nailed two perfect jokes with such uncanny perfect timing on that glorious evening. The real kicker is that it overshadowed as well as overwhelmed the actual awards show and winners. But Rick wasn’t through getting medieval on those superstar jabronis. For the last two minutes he railed about their hypocrisy embracing social issues and causes and the vicarious way they bring attention to them without doing anything of substance or even while still engaging in harm while being philanthropic. When he brought up Apple’s CEO for producing a show for their own network about women’s empowerment, Rick immediately brought up the fact that Apple still uses child labor and pays shit wages to factory workers assembling their cellphones. And in the best joke of the night, also how every actor is full of shit themselves for feigning concern for human plight when if terrorist organization ISIS had a streaming network they would jump at a chance to do a show for them (actually, ISIS has been using Facebook and other platforms for their streaming network for their mass murders for years). Then he capped it off by telling them to take their tacky trophy, thank their agent and their God and fuck off. Magnifique’

The only thing that was missing in his savage monologue was that he didn’t bring up how the best picture nominees, Motherless Brooklyn, was responsible for the death of a fireman and the destruction of a building that burned down after shutting down a sprinkler system and leaving other fire hazards behind during production. And the subsequent coverup and undermining of a fire marshall’s report by FDNY high brass.

While they should all fuck off, they should not thank whatever God they obey, they should thank Mr. Gervais, for he is their only God.

Why is that? Let me explain…

In the aughts after the tremendous acclaim and success of “The Office”, Ricky was given the opportunity by Hollywood for a full length feature film that he would star and produce in. A movie called “The Invention Of Lying”* It was highly anticipated (mostly by his fans) and it was taking quite a while to come out. The movie was about a utopian society (or planet) where the concept of lying was non-existent, everyone told the absolute truth, even when it was awkward. Then when someone close to Ricky’s character was about to die and saw how people were getting upset around him in the hospital room, Ricky invented a lie about a place where people went when they expired and it was managed by a big man who lived in the sky. Ricky’s protaganist then became a messiah figure among the general public for the rest of the film.

But on that Sunday night on January 6 2020, Ricky was (and still is) the big man on earth,using the truth like it was just invented to destroy the perpetual phoniness and power structures that are still gripping and shaping societal norms, wasteful celebrity worship, dubious self-serving philanthropy and an inequitable justice system.

While there are other entertainment truth tellers fomenting discord to the rotten and weak yet still powerful establishment like Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp and Joe Rogan, Ricky Gervais is clearly the most omniscient of all of them because of his creation The Office and the American version that starred Steve Carrel which lasted for 10 years and still going in syndication, so Ricky’s making lots of dollars to live comfortably, and continuing to create new shows and work standup and basically say whatever the fuck he wants being an A-lister himself. Money is power as well as speech in America and Gervais is using it wisely and brilliantly. Comedy hasn’t been used this efficiently against extreme and undeserving power structures since the late great Bill Hicks.

With his truth drones striking the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Gervais has basically become The One, like Kenau in the Matrix, our fact-based Messiah. And like Brian from the Life of Brian, he is a very naughty boy but doesn’t give a shit what the rich, famous and powerful think of him as he lays out their true selfish motives, dubious altruism and villainous business models for all to see and will surely continue to do so.

Surely he would hate this divinity as well as he would mock this take like he does to his orange shaped head engineer Karl Pilkington, but if Ricky doesn’t get sainthood when he dies much later on, for the sake of humanity let there be a hologram of Mr. Gervais hosting all the entertainment award ceremonies in the future. Plus an infinite stand up residency in Las Vegas.

*(The movie, while entertaining and heavy on pathos, didn’t do that well. Mostly because it was reduced to a romantic comedy instead of a dystopian story with unfortunate ramifications, which is what I expected. Jennifer Garner was lovely in it though)



Jeffrey Epstein’s Perfect Execution


New York City, New York

It’s been a few weeks since the, umm, reported suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, multi-millionaire financial advisor and money manager, child predator and trafficker. Conveniently for Epstein, he was detained in the Manhattan Correctional Center after his first “suicide attempt” was “stopped” by a cop who slaughtered four people. The MCC is one this city’s wretched facilities, rife with horrid conditions and atypical lousy food. But what made his fatal jailbreak easy was the fact that the jail’s personnel was understaffed, guarded by C.O.’s working overtime during the wee hours and notably a person assigned to fill in to guard who wasn’t even an official C.O., (which for some reason there hasn’t been much or any inquiry why he was assigned that position and what his job history was). At the time when he snuffed it, he was actually put back on suicide watch.

It was easy to figure out that Epstein was not going to learn anything from his sabbatical incarceration away from society, after getting a light sentence from his prior child rape charges because he was “of intelligence” according to Trump’s former Labor Secretary Acosta. But high society easily forgives and embraces multi-millionaires, whether doing some light embezzlement or treason and in this case child trafficking. Which the pedophile Epstein continued to fiendishly dabble in from his release a decade ago notably at his vast and eerie Upper East Side mansion a block from Central Park which got immediately raided during his overdue arrest.


Overdue being that District Attorney Cy Vance lowered Epstein’s sexual offender level status, as the NYPD didn’t bother to do checkups on his creepy mansion or even bring Epstein downtown to register as a level 3 offender despite judge’s orders, as the statutory rape addict continued to engage and arrange sexual trysts involving hundreds of young girls with the aid of his platonic girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. (The relationship these two have is almost like an evil version of Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Benes)


To think that if Cy Vance wasn’t such an oligarch ass kisser and the NYPD were as aggressive to keep tabs on an internationally known sexual predator as they were to stop and frisk Black and Hispanic people and combing colleges for Muslims, they could have got a warrant and broke down the door to Epstein’s townhouse and arrested him 8 years ago. And they probably could have collared Prince Andrew¬†during a blow job with a 14-year-old girl.



Who knows if Epstein would have wound up if he was caught back then. Probably dead too under strange and suspicious circumstance and coincidence also. He had a lot of powerful and pretty much immoral friends and associates that didn’t want their evil sexual piccadillos or how they acquired their finances exposed back then either.

But for now, what we got according to corporate news, has been determined a suicide and everyone is supposed to believe and accept it. Even though for some reason in this age of infinite and omniscient surveillance, there is no video footage of Epstein’s determined suicide. Even though Epstein plead not guilty to all charges and he paid some of the inmates commissary for protection. Even though the autopsy found a bone in his neck that was broken which is usually caused by strangulation. And the sheets given to inmates are not even strong enough to squeeze the cream out of a twinkie.

Lo and behold, video footage was available, but it turned out to be damaged or unreadable or some bullshit. I guess that’s what you have to expect in a run down, debilitated, vermin infested, understaffed correctional facility.

Which incidentally is the perfect place to execute the perfect crime on the most wanted man in the world, by those violated and those that did the violating. Although not as gruesome but still barbaric, Epstein’s suicide is akin to the butchering of Washington Post reporter Adnan Kashoggi by 15 men associated with Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey. Kashoggi was another man who knew too much, but Epstein knew tons more. He even was close with MBS too. There’s just too much to know and it’s way above my pay grade, which is zero.

But all I can offer about this convoluted FUBAR coverup is this:

That all questions and theories on Epstein’s “suicide” are moot. It’s common and horribly accepted knowledge that the wealthiest people in the world and the politicians who are obeisant to them don’t want anything to ruin their heavily guarded hedonistic lifestyles and swollen bank accounts.