Impunity City Has Reached The Terrible Two



I have just been notified by my digital distributor WordPress that my blog has turned 2 years old today. This has been quite the year for shitty ass news and events regarding the injustices and inequities existing in this city, the nation and the rest of the world, which includes a mild tolerance and embrace for fascism. More to come covering all those topics

Your author here will make a resolution to make this blog more prolific by using the usual format of posting news of interests of the day along with long form invective screeds. For I feel it is now my civilian duty to report and inform since those that get paid millions to do it and make billions distributing the news are doing a goddamn shitty job at it.

This would be much easier if this was a full time job though. Here’s hoping this year of our Trump and one nation under Amazon will bring more visitors here. I am really trying to make a niche out of this.

Happy Birthday to Impunity City. It’s truly a labour of beautiful barbed wire love.


One thought on “Impunity City Has Reached The Terrible Two

  1. WOW, two years already. BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMPUNITY. One of the best blogs out there on the corrupt and bad state of New York City & NY State. Many of these hack local media outlets like Times Ledger, Queens Courier, etc can take an example from you on how to focus on the issues and act like actual journalists uncovering stories and giving critical criticism as opposed to being just kiss asses and part of the problem, especially when it concerns the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine and as you put it the dirty SE establishment.


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