Impunity City Endorses Howie Hawkins For Governor, Goes Green Party Line

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The State Of New York

With Mario’s son Andrew Cuomo going for his third term virtually unchallenged with a massive campaign money war chest and insane and willfully ignorant endorsements from the New York Times and Daily News, it’s only right and natural to fill the box or write in the name of Howie Hawkins for Governor of New York along with Jia Lee for Lieutenant Governor.

Despite being totally undermined and ignored by the press and predictably and cowardly by incumbent Andy, candidate Hawkins has all the bases covered about his desire to take the reins of governing this state. Particularly the thorniest issues truly effecting the constituency and society of this state with the dearth of legitimate affordable housing and living wages, growing wealth disparity and tax payer inequity and the economic necessity of the full legalization of marijuana. And what is actually the biggest threat to democracy in New York which our current governor is surely cognizant of (and it isn’t Trump as Andy Cuomo incessantly and desperately points out to instill fear in voters) and that’s the scandalous loopholes in campaign financing, the endemic corruption in the halls, offices and toilets of the Albany statehouse and the horrendous conditions and transit service of the MTA.

For those last three are the real reasons Mario’s son Andy’s political career must come to a crushing end. In the last two terms after he promised to obliterate corruption after he got the job, he first made sure to obliterate the Moreland Commission that he assigned to investigate said corruption. Since then everyone that was in Andy’s circle got arrested and convicted. In his last term, all of his billion dollar projects have been colossal failures and only got approvals via criminal tactics, leading to convictions of the idea men developing them and appointed officials lobbying for them. The biggest offense of Andy’s governing by insouciance was clearly by his former campaign manager and symbolic adopted kid brother Joe Percoco, leading to his own arrest and conviction.

And like any recidivist thug crook loose on the street, Andy has not learned a goddamn thing about all that corruption under his purview, as he approved a billion dollar land deal by Nassau Coliseum for one of his many real estate developer donors.
One of Gov. Cuomo’s biggest donors has landed a $1 billion-plus deal to develop the area surrounding Nassau Coliseum — infuriating other bidders whose proposals were solicited, then discarded, by government officials

The developer, along with 16 others, submitted proposals this summer at the behest of Nassau County, which was looking to finally transform the sprawling property around the newly renovated stadium, which is now mostly a parking lot.

But the county didn’t follow through with the proposals — making an unexpected announcement in early September that the “Nassau Hub” project would instead proceed as a joint venture that included Scott Rechler’s company, RXR Realty Investments. The plan includes two hotels, 500 housing units and office and biotech research facilities, along with 200,000 square feet of retail space.

It should be noted that Andy appointed Scott Rechler of RXR Realty Investments to the MTA board in 2017. Possibly right around the time Andy announced the Summer of Hell for subway commuting.

And of course there’s the MTA, which Andy is in charge of. Which under his purview has now devolved into the worst fucking transit system in the universe. Which he exacerbated by installing Wifi in the subway (except by the A train elevated tracks headed to Lefferts Blvd) and modernizing stations with LED screens and state commissioned bland art instead of starting to upgrade the signal system and repairing broken tracks, by fast tracking the development of the 2nd ave line so he can hold a New Years Eve party, by reallocating money for the transit system for stupid tourist pandering signs that violated safety codes and for upgrades for a upstate ski resort and useless obelisk monitors on bridges, and having four cheesy light shows at the Kusciusko Bridge.

Months after MTA president Andy Byford announced his Fast Forward Program will need 37 billion dollars to get the complete overhaul of the subway, now comes the current MTA budget assessment by his temp board director (who has been there for almost 2 years now) Joe Lotha announcing that it’s actually going to cost 60 billion to “fast forward” these essential improvements.

And of course there is the L train shutdown, coming 6 years late and is wreaking havoc on the citizens where the reconstruction of the tunnel and stations are having and is causing stress and those anticipating with worry about their commutes. Howie Hawkins has a great plan and will assuredly be focused on the improvements to the MTA (he actually assesses the costs covering the five boroughs will be 100 billion dollars).

These are the reasons in a nutshell why Cuomo must go and be vanquished from holding government office again. Even though you got this far reading, I think the justification for voting against Mario’s son was very well put by a woman who confronted him earlier this year:

She makes some very good points, especially how she aptly describes his character. Because Andy’s platform and plans for the state of New York and it’s citizenry are zilch, and he is basically running on sexual identity politics and coaxing fear with his ads focusing mostly on Stronghead Trump. And lying about and insulting his Republican opponent Marc Molinaro by maligning him as a dwarf sidekick of Trump even though  he did not vote for him.

So stop enabling this corrupt colossal prick Cuomo. Take a fucking chance and vote for Hawkins.

As for the rest of the ballot:

Impunity city is going the green line and endorsing Michael Sussman for Attorney General. Because Letitia James is not qualified for the job and has spent the last 4 years being ineffective as Public Advocate, a position that has no reason to exist at all and her Republican opponent is too deferential to corporations. And also endorsing Mark Dunlea for State Comptroller

In other races of interest:

Impunity City endorses Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for Congress against her Republican opponent Working Party candidate Joe “Pennywise” Crowley, who was recently caught defensively denying a stealth flyer campaign against her. And who thinks the song “Born to Run” is about him being entitled to elected office because of his family ties.

Impunity City endorses Tony Avella to take back his State Senator seat against John “Foodie” Liu and Republican candidate Vicky Paladino.

This is what the ballot looks like and vote no on all 3 proposals on campaign finance, the civic engagement commissions and community board term limits. These charter revisions don’t even take effect until 2 years and was concocted and supervised by Mayor de Faustio and his fauxgressive minions and who, as any every citizen of the city he governs knows by now, is corrupt and has no fucking credibility. And in the long run, nefarious scum will find loopholes in these revisions that will be easily exploited.





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