Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Announces She Has Breast Cancer

Hollywood, California

After scoring her unprecedented 6th consecutive Emmy lead performance for Veep, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, arguably the funniest actress ever on T.V., has contracted breast cancer. She graciously gave thanks to her family, friends and fans and dryly stated that she has a terrific health plan through her union to fight the biggest asshole of deadly diseases and poked a sharp thumb and kick at the brutally inequitable system that is health care in this nation by acknowledging that many women, 1 in 8 in fact, are not as fortunate or even privileged to have proper access to insurance.

She did demand for the implementation of universal health care, so every American Woman can have it, as well as every American Man and Child, as if it’s a right. A fundamental civil right. And maybe one day, with the encouragement by Julia and the persistence of Jimmy Kimmel, a constitutional right.

Julia, get well, get well soon, we want you to get well.

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