Fuck The MTA, The Worst Transit System In The Universe

There’s your fucking signal problem.

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, N.Y., U.S.A.

Tuesday morning, an earlier incident involving a southbound A train between the 135th st. and 125th st. stations in Harlem, jumped off the rails, collided with the wall and knocked over a few signal posts after running over an unsecured rail improperly placed on the tracks, which subsequently produced a smoke condition, a fire from the errant trash left in the tunnel. Which led to the evacuation of thousands of commuters and 30 injured.

This incident led to the shutting down of service because of the power cut off for the evacuation and also to suspension of the C line in both directions, which also cut off and rerouted service on the B and D lines in Manhattan.

That’s it. This cannot be remedied. Fuck the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe.

Fuck with their falsehood announcements like “train traffic ahead”, “signal and switch problems”, “sick passenger”, and of course “earlier incident” and “smoke condition”, for these are now banal cliches that have outlive their usefulness and have no credibility.

Fuck their advice, as commuters are now blowing off by risking their lives by exiting stalled trains by climbing out and walking in the tracks in the dark tunnels to get to the next station and daylight and freedom.

But mostly, fuck all those responsible and a certain couple of elected worthless hacks who refuse to take responsibility. Meaning the MTA board of dunces and Mayor Bill De Faustio and the clown prince of Albany, Governor “Mario’s Son” Cuomo.

Fuck this MTA board, who are suppose to be independent and actually in charge of it’s operations and machinations, have been utterly non-existent even with two new members appointed by the governor. In spite of public meetings opened to rightly disgruntled and angered citizenry, they blow off any suggestions put forth by them.

And all they have done in their alleged independent positions, is approve anything Gov. Andy tells them to improve. And it’s all cosmetic bullshit. You see, Mario’s arrogant, entitled, fortunate son thinks that everything should be a destination sight, including the decrepit hourly malfunctioning subway, overlooking it’s true purpose of taking commuters to destinations. Which is why he rushed to open the 2nd avenue subway for his new year’s eve party which contains art installations. Which is why there is a preposterous designer food court at the Columbus Circle station called the “Turnstyle”. Which is why there is commissioned art all over main stops and tony areas. Fuck them all.

Apparently, another reason that Andy has forced this, what he proudly quotes as if he trademarked it “the summer of hell” on our destroyed transit system, is his focus on the cashless tolling booths and the construction of the new Kociusko Bridge and cheesy light shows, of which he just did 3 times in the last month.

Fuck Cuomo, who has now denied being in charge of this clusterfuck shitshow of a transit system after taking the reins, then denied them, and then proclaimed leadership and then refused it again and kinda took command so he can rehire failed mayoral candidate and failed former MTA boss, Joe Lotha to run the system again, whose return was christened with the A train derailment. This guy is blatantly fucking with his constituency. It looks like his quest for the highest office can no longer be rumor as he is exhibiting the same attitude as the current holder Figurehead Trump with his use of Twitter for his tone-deaf announcements, feigned concerns and self-promotion. To quote your thousands of bitter followers “Fix the subway, idiot“. Fuck your million dollar search for “geniuses” to solve this century old crisis, idiot. You thought yourself as such a genius when you ran for governor and attorney general and accepted a position at HUD, you fucking moron.

It’s only been a few days but fuck Joe Lotha, whose reaction to the train wreck was to announce that confidence must be rebuilt in the MTA. That is what must be rebuilt? There are thousands of things that must be rebuilt on the transit lines and it’s certainly not confidence. Fix the fucking subway. Fuck confidence.

Fuck this corrupt Mayor Bill “The Big Slow” De “Faustio” Blasio, who appointed other members on the useless MTA board. This stupid fucking idiot who prefers, with good reason, to go on 3 hour road trips from Uptown to Park Slope to City Hall via escort SUV police motorcade and when confronted about his blatant hypocrisy about changing personal habits to reduce the extreme effects of climate change, claimed it would be “cheap symbolism” to take the train. And who subsequently had to go on an obligatory photo op train ride when challenged by mayoral primary opponent Sal Albanese and had to suffer the hysterical irony of letting two trains go by because of overcrowding. After that learned experience, he suddenly had the inspiration to consider bringing back control of the subways to the city. You got fucking board members you appointed on the board and you couldn’t persuade them before? And when questioned various times by the press and citizens before about subway improvements and fare discounts for the poor, you blew them off and shirked your duties to your commuter constituents to Cuomo who you conveniently claimed is in charge and refused to take proactive measures while you devoted your taxpayer funded time to the failed under-supplied ferry line and the stupid BQX trolley proposal by your developer donor overlords. Fuck you.

019Last night on the A gone local, but it could be any train, anytime.

Fuck the MTA board again, since they are in charge, for delaying the repairs for the Canarsie Tunnel on the L line, in an obvious kneel to The Gentrification Industrial Complex of REBNY, city hall and the legislative offices in Albany, so the transformation and economic inequity of west and shore front Brooklyn would continue unabated. And fuck the G.I.C. because all the hyper-development on the west side of the boroughs has caused critical massive overcrowding on the few stops at the end of Manhattan and at the start of Brooklyn and Queens that it makes it impossible for commuters to board that have to go further east to said boroughs.

For the abandonment of necessary critical infrastructure of rail fixes, modernizing the signals and switches for the 21st century, replacing 40 to 50 year old cars. For cutting costs by removing token clerks and the horrendously flawed metrocard system. For raising fares to crippling economic effect to middle class and working poor people.

Fuck paying fares for that matter, for there is more effort to bust people avoiding to pay for shitty service than to properly place rails and keep the trains running on schedule.

Fuck the wifi, which is goddamn weak and only works in the brief moment at the station, which was only provided to keep the social media addicted mollified and have the commuters act as useful idiots to promote the MTA itself and garner advertising dollars, which is either being hoarded or wasted on future bullshit proposals and projects.

Fuck the commuters too, whose contemptible habits like obliviousness, lack of etiquette and obnoxious antics have got exceedingly worse. Not moving to the middle of the car, blocking doors, tourists with their giant mountain backpacks and rolling luggage, “showtime” dancers, well dressed buskers, improv performance hipshits and the stinkiest of homeless dwellers and mentally ill. And now there is a spate of people using the worst fucking transit system in the universe as a venue to kill themselves, as there have been close to 10 suicides, attempted and successful in the past few months.

Fuck the 100 year old signal system, its modernization which our exalted experts on the board think will be completed by 2045. 2045? Fuck you. Forget it, this is already fucked.

This transit system is not going to be improved ever. Never ever. For this city is too overcrowded and there are too many lazy rich idiots who are too pampered in charge. There is officially no hope and no way out of this unacceptable mess these people have created.

Fuck the MTA, and fuck this city. It’s become unlivable and unmanageable, and the worst is yet to come as the grotesque cabal of wealthy pigs and Figurehead Trump’s plutocabinet will not give one penny of aid to this state, no matter how much that wuss Senator Chucklenuts Schumer begs.

The fuck with begging for funding and the hell fuck with adjusting and the fatalistic bullshit that this is NYC and this shit is expected. All the pretty little things like street festivals and green spaces for glass towers and everything else that’s being catered to transients and tourists has to stop, stat. And fuck the automated car tests. Most of all, fuck this taxpayer funded subway music performer shit, especially that obnoxious pummeling drummer duo that’s been playing during the afternoon and evening rush hours at the 14th street station on 8th avenue the past month. The subway’s infrastructure is the #1 priority now. Nothing else.

MTA, get busy or get lost. Oh fuck it, just get lost. You don’t listen to experts in the transportation field, why should you listen to a blogger who’s tired of 30 years of your incompetence and cursing you to holy hell.

From the looks of it this morning, with 12 lines experiencing delays and service changes again, it’s obvious the MTA has adjusted to inflammatory insults for a while now.

Fuck the MTA.


This made the rounds on the most popular social networking medium, a few days after the horrifying derailment of the A train uptown and part-time interim commissioner Joe Lotha’s determined goal to rebuild confidence in the worst fucking transit system in the universe. The MTA is using zip-ties to keep their rusty train parts together

Motherfucker. Great job MsJaya_B

So this is the gift the MTA gave the 7 train for 100 years in service. It’s absolutely distressing that the worst fucking transit system in the universe has to go to Home Depot or more likely for their proclivity to cut costs, Dollar Tree or Jack’s 99 cent store to get replacement parts. What’s next? Yarn? Stale gum under public school desks and on the sidewalks? Fuck this.

And another big Fuck Governor Snowflake Cuomo for his program to piss away a million dollars to court “geniuses” to solve what he has finally now acknowledged as a state of emergency (this idiot really thinks he’s president). Hey shithead, who do you think those people you and your rival shithead at city hall appointed on the MTA board are? Those motherfuckers are suppose to be the geniuses to make the transit system function efficiently. Why did you run for Governor anyway, aren’t you supposed to be a genius, going to college and inheriting your Dad’s genes and legacy and all that good shit?

So the idea, presumably from Andy and the useless and coddled MTA board, is to piss away money to build new pages on the MTA website and then squander a million to let someone else do it.

These elected and appointed people are friggin’ retards. Fuck them all.

It’s too late baby, fuck the MTA.




6 thoughts on “Fuck The MTA, The Worst Transit System In The Universe

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  2. For the second day in a row i am going to be late for work because of this God forsaken south channel bridge in the rockaways being open for marine traffic. This is on top of the train already being late arriving. At least there are no crack smoking zombies in my train car. I should count my blessings.


  3. MTA is the worst of the worst. Every backwater country in Eastern Europe has better infrastructure than these crooks. It’s like navigating your way across a Third World Country trying to get somewhere. Then, they have the audacity to raise the fares and tolls every year. FUCK THE MTA!


  4. Stop using mass transit.You put them in the position of power
    History lesson The MTA is the unwanted baggage of the Pennsylvania Railroad.They let it go downhill in the 50s and 60s and thats where it stayed.The only reason it stays in buisness is demand,not inovation,not leadership,but because no one can get along without it.


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