Governor Cuomo Confirms He Doesn’t Care

NY Post

 “Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.”

That’s how Gov. Cuomo callously responded Friday to the damning state attorney general’s report that revealed his administration downplayed the total number of nursing home residents killed by COVID-19.

During his first remarks on the spiraling controversy, Cuomo said, “If you look at New York state, we have a lower percentage of deaths in nursing homes than other states.”

“A third of all deaths in this nation are from nursing homes,” he said.

“New York state, we’re only about 28 percent — only — but we’re below the national average in number of deaths in nursing homes.”

“But who cares — 33 [percent], 29 [percent] — died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.”

Well, now it’s out. It had to take an investigation from New York’s Attorney General Letitia James (who he endorsed to win) about his lethal edicts and internecine obfuscations and obstructions of the state’s nursing home fatalities data to finally come out with this callous take from Mario’s son Governor Cuomo. Fatalities which he also callously conflated with his own father’s demise, which happened by natural causes while he wasn’t in a nursing home, especially a nursing home that was given immunity from responsibility of the care of residents and patients.

But don’t be mistaken, Cuomo’s dismissive response about being accountable for his negligence is not out of character for a guy who once remarked when 73 people died from COVID19 back in May that because less people were dying of the contagion at the time that it was actually good news because of the absurd reality we’re all living in.

Looks like the covid chickens are coming home to roost now and this grotesque admission is just Cuomo basically saying that, eh, I’ve had a good ride with all the worldwide adulation, celebrity friends, a best selling book prematurely touting his leadership, a made up Emmy award, and fawning coverage from corporate news networks. Too bad this is going to put a massive crimp on his attempt to keep his job for another four years or maybe one more if AG James investigation finds more heinous discoveries behind Cuomo and his three pips Derosa, Muncia and his DOH patsy Zucker’s machinations that led to all those preventable deaths of senior citizens forced to suffocate and die alone.

It’s been an entire year since COVID landed in Washington. Followed by it’s two month predatory spread across the nation and ravaging New York, leading to over 30,000 citizens dead and now confirmed over 12,000 (and counting) senior citizens dead and Cuomo is still shameless and hubristic about it all. The governor is clearly more concerned about the brand he made for himself that he feels his decisions were acts of God.

“Everyone did the best they could” Governor Cuomo “humbly” said coming clean on the real total of nursing home deaths. “Everyone” meaning the Royal Everyone.



Borough President Candidate Accuses Governor Cuomo Of Being A Sexual Harassing Asshole


New York, New York

This afternoon, a nurse became the first person receiving the official COVID-19 fighting vaccine at a Queens Hospital as Governor Cuomo zoomed in on the historic inoculation via video. What should have been a great moment for him after his recent Emmy and Ted Kennedy honorary award (?!) was given the kibosh from a former aide who grievously toiled for him for three years. And it all started with an innocuous question 24 hours earlier when a blue check guy asked everyone that was paying attention on twitterworld what job was the worst they ever had…

Lindsey Boylan called out her former boss and unleashed a very well-written sobering thread capsulizing her experience working for him and the degradation she endured before he became the pandemic pop culture icon that’s beloved around the world and revered and adored by the Democrat establishment party. 

Ms. Boylan vividly describes a cult-like atmosphere and protective circle around the governor and the hubris he carried that gave him the assurance and confidence that gave him the impunity to mistreat her. Which matches the same hubris he’s displaying during the pandemic and it’s current resurgence and the same circle of sycophants still  propping up and protecting the megalomaniac executive official.

While this recollection of Cuomo’s abuse of power and her are only allegations (for now), they unquestionably have merit being that she unleashed this as she’s currently running for Manhattan Borough President in 2021 and will be subjected to inquiry of her tweets by the press during her campaign. Plus Ms. Boylan has a character witness for her allegations of Cuomo’s sexual harassment:

Just like that Yankee cap wearing woman’s taking her opportunity to rage at the governor and the press even as they and Cuomo showed zero interest for her

she was railing about her difficulties filing a sexual harassment complaint herself and verbally and profanely described what she felt was entrenched corruption in the offices there and let Governor Cuomo know it even as her voice faded as state troopers dragged her out.

The difference now is the one doing the accusing is a woman with a heavy social media following and a blue check verification and like the unheralded lady in the video above, Boylan’s not sparing any profanities either.

What truly makes Boylan’s thread fire is that it appears she did this to get some sort kind of closure and probably to persuade the Biden transition team to retract his pick for U.S. Attorney General (even though Cuomo has said about 5 times he’s remaining in New York and is running for another term). Mostly it’s a sincere confessional from a person who is using her power as a public figure to inspire regular people not be afraid of bullies in the workplace and has opened it up for people to use social media as a vessel to liberate themselves from their oppressive work environment and attain the same privilege as well.

Governor Cuomo’s response to his former aide’s confessional diatribe against his character was decisively calm and measured and peppered it with claims of his support for women and the policies and laws he ratified for them. But recent history belies all that regarding his autocratic assholic behavior since the pandemic struck New York and the tens of thousands of deaths caused by his edict(and tens of thousands of more uncounted) and her charges of enablers is legitimized by the fact that no one told Cuomo he shouldn’t write a self-aggrandizing book about the pandemic while it’s still going on and wreaking havoc on his constituency and the state’s economy and also deciding to celebrate his birthday with a star-studded virtual fundraiser days after he decreed for restaurants to shut down serving customers without mandating any financial relief for them.

Cuomo has an advantage on Boylan because she mentioned that she won’t take questions about her accusations from the press (good luck), but days before her tweet screed about his abuse of power he decided to ban the journalists from all his pressers and cited the resurgent state COVID cases as an excuse, a preemptive strike to avoid facing them now that his pandemic response and his data are starting to reveal flaws (even though they were already there). Another advantage he has on Boylan is his other circle of enablers, corporate news networks that have been praising his dubious leadership and practically running protection from him, as none of the networks (sans Fox) barely devoted a minute to Boylan’s charges against him (maybe this is partially why she’s reluctant to expand beyond her rage tweets)

Regardless of all that, at least Lindsey Boylan social media whistle blowing undressed the emperor of New York and hopefully like the multiple cases against Harvey Weinstein, a chorus line of women (and maybe men) will come out with their experiences working for Mario’s Son, listening to his obnoxious condescending tone and insults, his oblivious come-ons and his machinations and manipulations to keep his aides working under fear of his whims and also his loyal minions.

All they have to do is follow.





The War On Garbage

New Normal, New York.

The Bloomberg

In a slap at New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s handling of basic city services, Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday suggested a solution: soldiers.

“If they can’t do it, I have offered to send in the National Guard to come help pick up the garbage,” Cuomo said at a news briefing. “The state can bring in trucks, personnel, and clean up the city.”

The governor’s offer came two weeks after de Blasio announced a plan to boost trash pickup and reduce trash on streets by restoring 65 weekly litter-basket trucks in 27 neighborhoods. De Blasio was responding in part to complaints from business leaders that quality-of-life issues are deterring workers from going back to the office — a key to economic revival.

On Tuesday, Cuomo said that “cleanliness matters” during a pandemic.

First off, this is more a slap at the National Guard. Although it would be quite a site if they arrived in tanks and militias and fired sorties and shot bazooka rounds at the mountains of trash on the street.

But you gotta wonder what’s going on in Cuomo’s autocratic little brain of his. Maybe he’ll use the Guard to battle garbage and fight crime. Which would make Jerry Seinfeld a prophet for his suggestion to George Costanza of integrating the Sanitation and Police departments into one efficient fighting force against trash and crime.

And maybe utilize the Guard to assist and monitor the cops when they are massively deployed to daily street demonstrations. It sure is going to be an interesting way to end this dystopian end of the decade.
But first things first, this landscape of rapid refuse regeneration has to be disposed of.
Editor’s note: That picture above is from 2018. Just showing that the mass multiplying mounting of garbage has always been an persistent issue for quite a while here in New York City. And it’s because of the rapid growth and condensing of luxury towers in areas where there was none before, especially in towns that got gentrified. And as the austerity pandemic budget cuts to the Sanitation Department has shown, it has made the sights of these hefty bags of trash and stench more pronounced for the new residents to tolerate.
Gentries got spoiled.

Trump To New York City: Drop Dead

NY Post

President Trump is ordering the federal government to begin the process of defunding New York City and three other cities where officials allowed “lawless” protests and cut police budgets amid rising violent crime, The Post can exclusively reveal.

Trump on Wednesday signed a five-page memo ordering all federal agencies to send reports to the White House Office of Management and Budget that detail funds that can be redirected.

New York City, Washington, DC, Seattle and Portland are initial targets as Trump makes “law and order” a centerpiece of his reelection campaign after months of unrest and violence following the May killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police.

“My Administration will not allow Federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones,” Trump says in the memo.

“To ensure that Federal funds are neither unduly wasted nor spent in a manner that directly violates our Government’s promise to protect life, liberty, and property, it is imperative that the Federal Government review the use of Federal funds by jurisdictions that permit anarchy, violence, and destruction in America’s cities.”

Federal agencies must detail “all Federal funds provided to Seattle, Portland, New York City, Washington, D.C.” Also, within 14 days Attorney General Bill Barr must develop a list of “anarchist jurisdictions” that “permitted violence and the destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures” to restore order. The memo does not require Barr to include the four cities, possibly for legal reasons.

The memo instructs White House budget director Russ Vought to issue guidance in 30 days from Wednesday “to the heads of agencies on restricting eligibility of or otherwise disfavoring, to the maximum extent permitted by law, anarchist jurisdictions in the receipt of Federal grants.”

The amounts of money impacted by Trump’s order could be massive. New York City, for example, gets about $7 billion a year in federal aid.

President Trump, in his biggest executive order since he declared the whole country of America to be a disaster zone during the early and deathly stage of the coronavirus pandemic (labeled here as “Disasterland”), has now decided to levy sanctions through the O.M.B. on the American cities of Seattle, Portland, the nation’s capital Washington D.C. and the city he made once called home and made and then lost billions of dollars at, New York.

It’s not really that farfetched or hyperbolic to describe Trump’s memo as sanctions because that’s what they basically are. Considering how the 3 past presidents weaponized sanctions against sovereign nations that didn’t agree or abide to Clinton’s, W Bush’s and even the over-revered over-rated Barry Obama’s demands of them on weapons and their own leaders. Trump is doing the same thing on NYC and the other cities primarily because a vast majority of people are protesting and marching on the streets every day in solidarity calling for the abolishing of systemic police abuse.

With the exception of Portland, Seattle, D.C. and New York City has mostly moved on and protests have been mostly sporadic. Although they have been attended by saboteurs engaging in wanton destruction, the majority of the protests have been peaceful. But with New York, Trump has tied the city’s meteoric rise in shootings and other serious crimes to the social justice movements and by exhuming McCarthy he has unreasonably and baselessly labeled all protests as lawless and condemned the Big Apple as an anarchist jurisdiction.

The interesting thing about Donnie’s sanctions on American cities is that they sabotage the police he likes so much. It’s certainly going to make the cops in the cities he defunded harder to dominate them. Especially for the NYPD who he loves so much and are protecting all his real estate portfolio in Manhattan 24/7/365.

Speaking of New York’s Finest, Didn’t the PBA just endorse this guy? I don’t know about y’all but if this is going to be extremely counterproductive to the NYPD’s efforts to make the city safe from shootings and the protesters sloganeering with signs and vulgar cadences. Plus the city will just get worse than it is right now in all aspects regarding essential services like schools and mass transit.

In fact, the President’s sanctions on the five boroughs are already taking effect on those two services. Even though they have nothing to do with anarchy and street crime, the federal cuts already are underway starting with the Federal Bureau of Emergency Managements decision to cut COVID-19 aid funding to keep the subways and schools thoroughly disinfected plus stingy cut backs on PPE supplies on the most hardest hit city in the world by the novel virus as the temperatures start to chill with the first flu season of autumn weeks away. In a way it falls in line with Trump’s own flippant attitude about the novel virus, not just his persistent refusal to wear a face mask but also his inherent belief that COVID-19 is not as harmful or is the same as the common flu, which is in sync with the theories his new advisor has that downplays the severity of the contagion.

This will also effect government buildings like courts and prisons, the latter of which was so risky to inmates that the city and state had to release them back on the streets and into hotels to stop infections and flatten the COVID19 curve, which has also had a deleterious effects on the street crime rise. What’s interesting about the FEMA cuts to NYC is that they have absolutely nothing to do with the protests or the meteoric rise in shootings, but in a dastardly way sacrifice the health and safety of city workers and students as a form of payback for the protests decrying Trump’s law and order exhortations and policy decision deploying homeland security to oppress demonstrations and exhortations to defund police departments across the country. Even at the expense of the cops Trump claims to love and respect so much.

As for the NYPD, there has been virtual silence from their influential representatives and high brass about Trump’s executive vindictive memo against the city they patrol. The expansively vocal PBA leader Patrick Lynch, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea and even their version of Gen. MacArthur who battled and kettled the Black Lives Matter protests in early June, Deputy Commissioner Patrick Monahan have been silent about Trump’s defunding of the city they serve to protect, of which they have barely been able to do just that this summer amid accusations of a department slowdown and after daily voicing their frustrations following the city and state decisions to ban chokeholds, Trump’s decision has to be a betrayal to them and will make any effort to get guns off the streets as well as monitoring protests happening daily and spot the saboteurs milling in the marches looking to cause and instigate property destruction and vandalism more difficult.

If there is anything positive about Trump’s flipping off to his hometown and it’s not the irony of Trump defunding the NYPD, it’s that its exposed even more the weakness and fecklessness of the men elected to lead New York State and New York City, Governor Mario’s Son Cuomo and the worst Mayor in the history of humankind Bill de Blasio. Emperor Cuomo reacted to Trump’s memo with pathetic shit-talking bravado, his voice clearly shaking saying that he better not walk on the streets of New York without a bodyguard, even though he surely knows the President has secret service. The Blaz responded the only way he knows how, by saying he will sue, for one thing he truly knows in his role as mayor is to spend tax dollars which he has done mightily against his own constituency when he sent his city lawyers to protect crooked cops from divulging their records and against judges to have his developer favored zoning decisions repealed. Besides those things, Cuomo and the Blaz ain’t going to do shit to stop this defunding because they actually owe Trump for their current existence.  With the way Cuomo has been able to evade scrutiny from the feds over his lethal decision to put COVID-19 patients in nursing homes and then transfer them along with the residents to hospitals to protect their owners and investors who donated to the Luv Guv and with Trump firing former SDNY DA Preet Bharara who was investigating de Blasio’s pay to play fundraising graft in City Hall.

Even though it’s a big factor, Trump’s defunding memo isn’t just based on malice, revenge and his latent desire for a police state and his bogus justification about anarchy jurisdictions, but also on the weak and non-existent leadership of NYC and the other cities he targeted (that Ted Wheeler guy in Portland? now that’s a fucking big pussy). So a lot of blame should be dispensed all around. Which is how Donnie continues to thrive despite his criminal complacency and unpreparedness to protect his country from a pandemic that wound up killing 180,000 citizens and led to 20% of working people unemployed.

Trump is still a fucking dick for doing this though, NYC is getting broker and broker and that 7 billion (which is surprisingly little considering all the valuable real estate here) is essential for it’s solvency and overall security and he knows how vulnerable the city is. Trump’s sanctions against NYC will make the current environment under this “new normal” even worse and cause more businesses to go under than any rioting and street crime will do. If anything, these sanctions are just an extension of his slumlord tactics denying services to undesirable affordable renting tenants that he gleefully executed as a young real estate scion in the 80’s

Right now, Trump is running full speed to keep his current job and his base enjoys his condemnations against and endorsements of violence against the Black Lives Matter movement and their supporters. And since he no longer lives in the city where he made his billions and built his brand off his daddy’s second surname, it’s not a surprise he would rather let it rot in the New Bad Days just like in the old bad days when Ford wouldn’t bail NYC out.

You think he would have learned something from that history but as I said before, Trump doesn’t give a fuck.

Governor Cuomo’s Lethal Ill-Logistics

Declaration of damnation in Thomas Jefferson’s hometown; Monticello, New York.

New Normal, New York

Where does one begin to discuss the current global pandemic induced phenomenon and cult of personality that is the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo? Since he locked down the state back in mid-March as coronavirus cases grew by thousands and thousands and thousands, Mario’s son had become the chosen one; elder statesman of all things COVID-19 and the default rebuttal warrior against Donald Trump’s consistent, insistently brazen and meta-comical errors of the novel disease and how to fight it. (Bleach and sun anyone?)

Like the spiky red-pockmarked handball looking pathogen, Andrew has become quite the pop culture icon himself with his daily afternoon government issue polo shirt press briefings on the outbreak. It’s become as much national institution as the Price is Right used to be at 12 p.m. every day as snippets of his videos and images have gone viral; thoroughly giving his constituents and viewers across the country and the globe essential information about the contagion’s spread and the status of his state. His briefings have managed to even produce a spin off show via Fredo’s Chris Cuomo’s prime time “news” hour program on CNN. It’s quite a big ratings grabber despite the huge ass conflict this comes with as his kid brother “interviews” him about his brah governing the response and recovery while gushing about him in dreams and blatantly egging him to run for President.

About that. Because of all this attention, social media had dubbed and trended Andrew as #PresidentCuomo and corporate news grabbed onto to that to fill their webpages and hyperlinks with blanket speculation and suggestions about the COVID19 superstar to run for the white house too. Not to mention dozens of articles proclaiming how the suddenly hunky Cuomo is the boyfriend of America, but that’s just icky and gross so I’ll end it there.

Since this is supposed to be a devastatingly serious column,(note the header photo) but all that shit had to be prefaced to illustrate and elaborate how the goddamn Governor Cuomo does not deserve all these adulation and accolades or should still have a job right now regarding the consequences of his inaction and very suspect actions to stem the spread of the novel virus in his state besides lamely ostracizing people to wear masks.

As the days counted down to the cruelest April of our lifetime and humankind, Cuomo continued his daily briefings as a salve to his constituents and a reassurance to the nation following them as an alternative to Trump’s alternative facts.

Immediately at the start of the month the plague really came in. Yet here was the resilient and virile leader on the dais every afternoon in front of the camera, an exhibition of transparency reading out the morbid death tolls while quite oddly talking about flattening the curves as casualties started to mount. Yet the veneration levied to him by social and news media continued to shower on him…

…until he weaponized that veneration and adulation to shield himself


Prior to his new found fame, Andrew Cuomo and his superego went to work on getting New York prepared for the outbreak. While he did order to close the schools and businesses deemed non-essential suspended until due notice, he waited almost a whole week to actually shut down the entire state. Because when Mayor Big Slow de Blasio wisely stole the San Francisco’s mayor’s idea to shelter in place 2 weeks after she instituted it, Cuomo blew that off for another 3 days so he can announce his own S.I.P. decree with the PAUSE initiative. So Cuomo didn’t want to shut down the state for the sole reason that HE had to name it. Which meant that state taxpayer time had to be used as the pathogen commuted through the five boroughs and upstate to come up with a FUCKING ACRONYM first to name it. That’s probably why it took 3 days, coming up with words to line up real clever initially is a rather tedious process.

When Governor Cuomo was queried about how the hospitals would handle the prospective (then inevitable and realized) meteoric rise of cases considering the insufficient amount of beds available due to dozens of hospitals going under in the past decade (two big examples being the St. Johns Hospital which is only an 8 minute bike ride from Elmhurst Hospital, which later became the epicenter of COVID-19 and the Peninsula Hospital in Rockaway Beach, abandoned and razed for “affordable housing”)  the governor reassured his state and the media gaggle that we had bountiful supplies and ample beds to handle the infected. Then New York and FEMA worked together to assemble triage hospitals across the five boroughs including a US Navy ship President Trump sent with much fanfare; But the nagging question is what will happen to the  nursing homes across the five boroughs and if the residents contract the virus; mostly the elderly, the most susceptible to perish from the insidious and tormenting virus.

Governor Cuomo did acknowledge that and showed valid reasoning by describing a scenario of COVID-19 and it’s effects on the elderly people as a fire going through dry grass. The problem is that days before Andrew made this frank observation, he and this guy he appointed to run the State Department of Health named Dr. Howard Zucker concocted a mandatory order for nursing homes and adult care centers to take in COVID-19 positive cases. But to make this edict sound more soothing and universally sentimental, Cuomo decided to name this executive order after his mother and Matilda’s law was enacted.ImageWhen April began on the weekend, about over 2,000 people died from the novel virus yet oddly the reported death counts from nursing homes were surprisingly low but it wouldn’t take long for the fire to grow into an inferno and spread through these privately managed hospice care centers like lava through soil.

A nursing home in East New York got hit with the virus so fast that the management there stored 10 dead people in a room on the fourth floor of the building and tried to keep the corpses cool by running the A.C. and left the windows open to prevent the stench of death from seeping out. In Cobble hill, 55 patients and residents died, leading to bodies being forklifted into big rig trailer trucks in broad daylight as hundreds of workers got infected. A nursing home in Flushing that was trying to cover up the body count while haphazardly trying to obscure the dying and dead enraged a man so much he threatened to kill everyone there. It got so extreme for one woman that she planned a late evening breakout to get her father out of poorly managed adult care center in Elmhurst.

As the amount of death in New York continued to mount, nursing home residents were dying by dozens yet the state’s tallying of the deceased amounted was suspiciously under-counted as deaths continued to pile by the hundreds as more New Yorkers got ill and tested positive for COVID-19. Hospitals were overwhelmed, especially the ones in lower area median income areas where most of the essential workers lived where COVID-19 attacked the hardest and fastest.

When pressed about these enormous discrepancy accounts of the dying and dead on his corona talk show and after nearly a month of his streaming videos of  updates plus all the information about COVID19 and his bureaucracy’s tenative response, suddenly the Governor blew a brain fart and claimed he didn’t know about the mandatory edict he signed that sent positive cases to nursing homes which he cloaked with the wholesome law named after his mom. Then his flunky Zucker weaselly demurred and feigned he hadn’t a clue either.


Cuomo’s obtuseness is striking considering that it wasn’t long ago that he gave himself   (with the help of an exasperated anemic Democrat partisan assembly and senate) expanse emergency executive powers which gave him the absolute power to sign Matilda’s Law in the first place. Even more striking is that the Covid King Of New York boasted that he alone was the government in a radio interview eight years before the novel virus manifested on this planet.


This is actually uncharacteristic of Matilda’s son, because like most comic book and movie villains he’s very intelligent, always cunning plus manipulative and ruthless and very cognitive and astute about the use of leverage and narrative. Who else would conjure up shit like shutting the government down to kill the bail reform laws, which would not have spared the health dept either. He also was toying with cutting 2 billion dollars of medicaid funding to the city and 400 million dollars from hospitals as the first COVID-19 fatalities were reported. Unfortunately, the senate and assembly meekly agreed to cutting 300 million from hospitals instead and decided to give Cuomo sole authority on budgeting. To compound these austerity cuts, they cut even deeper since Andy decided not to legalize pot and tax the obscenely wealthy again. Another strange thing The Luv Guv did was attempt to reject 6.7 billion dollars of federal grant money sent by Trump’s treasury to fund Medicaid as the outbreak engulfed NYC and state.

Surely with an ego the size of Niagara Falls wouldn’t effect the governor’s mindset that  much, especially since he’s been acting like a condescending know it all every afternoon on T.V.. But most of the press were speechless and allowed him to continue to feign ignorance, thus enabling and brightening his star power. But unbeknownst to Matilda’s son’s fans was that Gov. Cuomo was weaponizing his newfound fame to wield dickheaded power moves with his newfound divine authority the assembly gave him weeks earlier. What can be expected from a man who runs the state when he sent PPE’s to a NYCHA buildings and sent only four industrial size bottles of Andrew’s Prison Purell instead of individual bottles to each tenant, forcing  tenant leaders to distribute hand sanitizer door to door into bottles and plastic bags that the tenants had to come up. Some tenants reportedly cupped their hands to receive a personal amount. This was done despite the CDC recommendation to keep six feet apart from each other.

A few days later during one of his afternoon polo shirt chats, Matilda’s son appeared to stop giving a shit too after he got reminded of his edict and proclaimed that the nursing homes and other adult care centers had no choice to admit the infected from hospitals. To truly illustrate his decree, news reports surfaced that as COVID patients were being transferred to the nursing homes, piles of bodybags were delivered to them at the same time. Which would wind up immediately used in days or even hours. They also described these macarbe deliveries in the manifest as a PPE delivery! And the body bag deliveries continued until they were filled up with covid casualties every week as the state continued to avoid counting them.

Meanwhile as hospitals were reporting hundreds of people dying daily, residents at nursing homes continued to perish from the novel virus, but hiding the evidence of them was getting more taxing and even amateurish. At the Riverdale nursing home in the Bronx, it turned out 100 more residents died than what was initially reported. A nursing home in Washington Heights where 95 residents died from COVID-19 got so morbid that they put up tarp to cover the gate, vainly trying to hide trailers storing dead bodies inside. In a nursing home in Forest Hills, medication records were “doctored” and staffers were advised to write that the residents refused the medication that they never received.

The Cobble Hill home also exposed the narrative myths spewed by Cuomo and his health department bragging claims of their plentiful shipments to hospitals and adult care centers when a staffer told the hospice administrator that he had to conserve the PPE supply. But that fact was already exposed when nurses at a hospital told the whole world of government’s stinginess by donning garbage bags while Cuomo initially boasted of hospitals now debunked bountiful supply. The day when Matilda’s Son had to be accountable for his E.O. he pulled off a deflection that resembled Trump but with even less class by basically telling them to fuck off.. And also exempting himself from blame for the deaths from his executive order by reciting almost word for word what President said about the federal emergency stockpile when it came to getting PPE’s to nursing homes to New York by claiming it wasn’t his job to provide them either, even thought Cuomo’s New York runs a few senior homes. And even cheaply made expedient the federal PPE disbursement that caused this. He also conveniently blamed the nursing homes he saddled with caring for the contracted patients and vulnerable residents for not being able to handle the situation Andrew dealt them with as he wondered aloud why didn’t they transfer them to other homes and tripled down blamed the nursing homes for the data inaccuracies of the dead.

This was the most brazen attempt at absolute absolution probably ever made regarding the hundreds of preventable deaths in homes in the five boroughs. Even though the homes didn’t have PPEs or COVID tests available to prevent and prepare to defend against the virus, just like the city and state hospitals, nursing homes were desperately lacking the PPE’s and tests to protect the clients and themselves, which led to a high absence of workers. Cuomo’s executive order descriptively banned relatives to see their Mother and fathers and other kin as well. deftly obfuscate these heinous statistics and exacerbate their needless deaths. Not to mention the fact that coronavirus tests were scarce in the city and infirm people have no immediate or easy access to them.

Because of the state rules about keeping relatives from visiting to stem contagion, this extended to how staffers handled concerned phone calls from relatives as they kept their calls brief or kept them on hold as they inquired if the resident got tested, got contracted or died from coronavirus. People continued to wait in despair until Cuomo was forced to sign an executive order mandating all next of kin must be informed in 24 hours thanks to a law President Trump enacted (of all fucking people). Cuomo knew damn well that the elderly were most the most susceptible to die. Covid-19 was the accelrant that burned through dry grass, then Cuomo can be accused of involuntary (or voluntary) arson. The ban on visitors to prevent contagion was easy to exploit by these homes because no visitors equals no witnesses.

But when it came time to challenge President Trump with taking in patients for the USS Comfort and the Javits Center, Cuomo punted and rejected the pleas of nursing homes who told his health dept. that they couldn’t handle the crushing inflow of COVID patients like in cobble hill where over 50 people died as hundreds of workers got infected. Another big mystery was that there were 10 other temporary hospitals set up to take in COVID-19 patients in case the initial projections of people infected would manifest, yet the city and state didn’t bother to open them.


Sure in retrospect it turned out the city didn’t need them (and wasted millions of tax dollars to build them to boot) but if there was no edict to force nursing homes to accept covid patients, these MASH units would have came in handy. Even if they wouldn’t have filled all those beds, but they probably would have came in handy being that a way to stem the spread is by distancing.

Another caveat of the mandate was that the homes weren’t to allow the relatives to visit their residents. for the reason to prevent the virus to spread. But from who to whom? If there were tests, the visitors would have took them as would the residents (who would have been sent to the hospitals or isolated) But apparently that regulation somehow included withholding information from the relatives of clients.

Also, because of the continuing difficulties in getting tests to the state (and getting access to them) Who knows if any of the convicts released from Rikers had COVID-19 and in the mad rush to stop the spread on the island’s prisons, the city sent those patients to nursing homes and shared rooms with the residents. As if the facilities staff getting infected wasn’t hazardous enough.

Myriad factors were brazenly on display in the homes as nurses were being trained on the spot because of under staffing, and the infirm laid on their beds like carcasses covered with bed sores. And it’s a bit difficult for a nursing home to transfer a patient they can’t handle when hundreds of other nursing homes are poorly run and maintained also.  It’s a crapshoot catch22.

When suspicions by the corporate local news and public funded media started getting aroused about the body counts in nursing homes, the State DOH commissioner Zucker was frantically trying to get the death stats in a hurry while also trying to semantically separate the deaths occurring in the homes or when they were sent to hospitals. After the alarming amounts were suddenly known, which was about over 1,000 at the time, Cuomo decided to rescind the mandate of the March 25 edict and then he ordered hospitals not to send COVID patients to the homes and then decided to enact fines for mistreatment violations that most of these nursing homes have been getting away with impunity for years/ And it wouldn’t be apropos if he didn’t give an nauseating obtuse defense about it as he remarked about the danger of spreading the disease that was obvious to him before he commanded the homes to take in ill people infected with a novel virus.

And then the covid chickens came home to roost, as suddenly there was more transparency of Gov. Cuomo’s lethal ill-logistics.

Cuomo’s NYS Department Of Health investigators hardly regulated the nursing homes or even went to them as well and when they actually did inspect them they gave them positive grades even when it was found that hundreds of residents died in there. It must have been interesting how the nursing home admins got a head’s up of an inspector’s arrival so they can turn up the A.C. in a room with ten corpses.

The sick thing is that nursing home administrators were telling the state they were willing to send these patients to other homes as Matilda’s son was cynically advising them too but it was all about CHOA (covering his own ass). The elderly weren’t the victims of bad policy fuckups but of the circumstances of nature according to the Luv Guv. But these ill-logistics fly in the face of logic considering that positve Covid patients were already being sent to homes because of the mandate.

Matilda’s son also blamed it on everything and everyone else based on the genesis of the disease to deny everything about his utter lack of preparedness and laizze-faire approach to the outbreak that was about to and did happen in the state he lords over. Sounding more preposterous and hyperbolic than basement dwelling conspiracy nuts by describing the pathogen as getting on a plane and nobody blowing a horn to let him know not to kill his constituents. Which is about as loony as the theory that the novel virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan like it was a Frankenstein monster.

But the real monster was the state mandate that Cuomo signed forcing the homes to take in the infected, which his Department of Health tried to throw into the memory hole.

And it turns out this mandate was a collusive operation by Cuomo’s administration and  a consortium (or a legion) of hospital and nursing home executives, board members and administrators called the GYNHA, the Greater New York Hospital Association which by citing the novel coronavirus, granted immunity protection to doctors, physicians and nurses…and also nursing home executives, board members and administrators. Which stemmed from a $5,000,000 donation from the (GYNHA) a consortium of health and hospice care executives and their lobbyists to the state democratic committee (which Andy is in charge of too) and towards Cuomo’s 2018 reelection campaign. So it looks like Cuomo had to return their little favor by conflating nursing home CEO’s and VP’s and private equity CFO’s with frontline working nurses and doctors by including them too. It’s more like a law mandating impunity against lawsuits.



This immunity, while clearly meant to absolve all those on the frontlines trying to save people ailing and perishing from COVID-19 which was nigh impossible most of the time considering the thousands who died, ultimately wound up acting as immunity and even an impunity law for the higher-ups sitting in their offices and board rooms whose decisions could have probably made a difference in bringing down the body count or exacerbating it.

Also tucked into this mandate was stipulations that freed hospitals and nursing homes from all liability of any malpractice suits because of conditions from the pandemic based on the speculated amount of cases coming in but also conveniently and disturbingly included a cavaet concerning the PPE’s and ventilators that were in short supply which actually happened during the first days of the health crisis, so thehigher-ups of hospice care centers will be immune from any investigation during a disaster which did not need to be set to any standards because of the nature of the contagion’s violent spread.

Then he ordered hospitals not to send COVID patients to the homes and enacted fines for mistreatment violations that most of these nursing homes have been getting away with impunity for years and were protected thanks to Cuomo’s evil incarnate edict and from the incessant lobbying and gladhanding from the private equity firms and LLC’s that own and run them . And it wouldn’t be apropos if he didn’t give an nauseating obtuse defense about it as he remarked about the danger of spreading the disease that was obvious to him before he commanded the homes to take in ill people infected with a novel virus.


It’s logical that Cuomo would want to protect these homes and do obligatory toothless investigations for AG James to gloss over since he gave 850 million to the worst nursing care providers after the consortium donated millions to him and the Democrat Party state 4 years ago, giving them carte blanche to juke the stats of COVID-19 casualties under their watch.


During all this machinating, Governor Cuomo continued his self-aggrandizing daily briefer shows and continued to take COVID-19 mulligans about his grave decisions and deflections of his responsibility of them, continuing to blame the federal letter agencies and the guy in charge of them President Trump. Then Cuomo sunk to blaming God and Mother Nature when he got bored of blaming Donnie over and over again, and at this time King Andrew was starting to grow weary of his daily media outings even after all the fame it brought him, which included the cover of the Rolling Stone (shows how we don’t have real rock stars anymore) as questions about his governing through the pandemic and the issue of his nursing home mandate got more probing as he behaved like a jaded sociopath.


But Cuomo didn’t waver and kept up his plausible deniability defense in the face of them. Because of his emergency powers legislated to him, he was still untouchable and his regal aura let them know it. Cuomo’s remarked about how he did everything he could to save COVID-19 patients that wound up mass killing the elderly and infirm and recited it multiple times that he even challenged for an investigation. To the weakened press corps there of course, only limited to a few questions.


Then he decided to end the daily briefings for good and made sure the last one was literally too brief for any press inquiries. As he proclaimed that the virus was crushed with the same vigor and legitimacy as when Bush announced the mission was accomplished in Iraq after two months in 2003. But he still does the weekly briefings, which he and his administration used to push their narrative as Matilda’s son refused to repent for his fatal executive order and waxed fatalistic and philosophical about the deceased as if it was expected, and heinously dismissing the carnage his decision caused as an inevitability.

Speaking of narrative, it should be dutifully noted that Cuomo hired the services of McKinsey And Company after he passed the April budget with the nursing home impunity law, for the reason Cuomo claimed to offset the misinformation about COVID-19 coming from the Trump Administration and mainly from Trump’s mouth (even though they had their own Covid rock star in Dr. Anthony Fauci, who Andy admires and trusts).In fact, McKinsey has obviously been scripting King Andrew’s Covid briefings since they got to Albany and their presence and expertise possibly came in handy as pressure mounted for bipartisan demands by congressional representatives and New York state assembly members and senators for an independent investigation, Cuomo and his toady Dr. Zucker assembled an investigation of themselves by themselves. Which absolutely absolved all those in charge of  the under-staffed nursing homes and conveniently placed the blame on the essential workers who got infected or were asymptomatic. Everything about this report is CTA (cover their asses) spin to absolve the Governor, Dr. Zucker, the Department of Health and all the suits running the nursing homes, adult care centers and assisted living facilities from all responsibility. Cuomo and his gang couldn’t have not known about the glut of nursing homes in his state that were consistently getting health and safety violations. Particularly since a bulk of these nursing homes are owned and “run” by private equity firms, notorious for being the most mismanaged, uninhabitable and blighted facilities in the nation and are the source for about a 1/5 of the U.S. deaths from coronavirus.

The funny thing is that after this thorough bleaching of the recidivists running these negligent nursing homes and Cuomo’s immunity/impunity law protecting them, is that it was collectively rejected by families of the 6,600 deceased and skeptical journalists and the G-board warriors on social media aggressively demanding better data and answers. About that 6,600 deceased, that was the exact amount of patients that were transferred from hospitals to the nursing homes and it’s surely possible that it could be more than that, because vacancies at New York’s hospice care centers doubled since the pandemic started and Cuomo’s state Health Dept. COVID-19 edict was authorized. That’s about over 13,000 people made expendable by the state, all under the edict and rubric of preventing the spread of the contagion to save lives.

That is some macabre kismet right there, which a man who had to say rescue his father from one of them to remark about Cuomo’s mandate that it was the “dumbest decision by anyone can make if he wanted to kill people”, so you don’t have to be Perry Mason or even Quincy to deduce how this immunity law can be manipulated for nefarious means. (Although Dexter definitely could have seen through this lethal policy). 

Cuomo and Dr. Zucker continue to play rope a dope with the news media and legislators over the true data of the nursing home casualties, protected by the emergency laws enacted to battle the novel virus, even in the face of new revelations coming out about their lethal ill-logistics. A report that exposed how gravely ill residents got transferred from nursing homes to two hospitals in Albany were sent there with DNR (do not resuscitate) orders and wound up dying at those facilities, almost a week before Cuomo decided to rescind the March 25 mandate.

All of this resembles a criminal conspiracy by the Cuomo and Zucker and the State DOH along with the owners and executives and the private equity and hedge fund backers from the sanction plausible deniability mandate to shuffle around the still surviving bodies in the nursing homes so the mortality rates and stats get juked to give the appearance that they were being well managed. It was a conscious decision to manipulate and undercount the covid19 death tolls by getting them out of the homes so they would count them again when they arrived and eventually perished at the nearest hospital.

There’s another clue to find suspicion in Cuomo’s condescending briefings whenever he justifies his lethal decision and ill-logistics, and that is the state budget, which was 6 billion in the red. Instead of raising taxes on the ultra-wealthiest New Yorkers and legalizing pot to get some back in the state’s coffers, the deaths of over 13,000 speculated deaths of elderly and infirm people probably saved a bundle of funding from the Medicare Cuomo was planning on cutting from the last budget. Another reason why Cuomo’s health dept. desired to play musical chairs with the nursing home beds from the hospital transfers was to get more federal money from a tweak to Medicare laws to offer financial aid for nursing homes to take in new patients. Homes that took in COVID-19 patients were paid four times as much to house than the residents that were already residing in and depended on them to live. So it wasn’t just the donor cash that inspired the March 25 edict, April fool’s day immunity law enactment and neoliberal ill-intent management scheme, but the filthy lucre they would re-accrue and gain from the losses of these lives and downsizing of the essential workforce. And since Cuomo’s state has to pick up half the tab of Medicaid, those costs would surely go down immensely if tens of thousands of recipients just drop dead in a span of a month. This falls directly in line with Cuomo’s department of Health and his flunky Dr. Zucker’s early weaponization of #COVID19 and pandemic guidelines when they ordered EMT’s to refuse resuscitating patients without a pulse. An EMT was quoted that all the patients she was picking up were being sent to die at the hospitals where she was taking them too.

Despite this mountain of expose’s growing day by day, Cuomo vehemently refuses to admit the mistakes he made that led to the confirmed 6,600 deaths in his state and (also the over 30,000 total from his delays to shut the state down). Instead the Luv Guv responds with building a mountain of his own. Which he mightily unveiled with his staffers and displayed for the press that he continues to treat like a bunch of five-year-olds.

This mountain would wind up as a model for a bespoke old-timey poster he would release a few weeks later that would document his metaphorical and dementedly tone-deaf take on how the coronavirus ravished the state he governs and how the curve flattened. With stupid little images, his own banal quotes and platitudes and little inside jokes for the groupie viewers of his daily briefings.

As usual with Cuomo and with his criminally incompetent(and just plain criminal) response to the pandemic, his massive ego and  does a poor job covering up the actual facts and leaves this document of self-aggrandizement open to easy analysis and re-interpretation. And the one obvious thing that stands out are the absence of the March 25th edict forcing nursing homes to take in COVID patients, the follow up Matilda’s Law shielding them from witnesses by banning relatives of the residents and the immunity law protecting hospice care centers from regulations and investigations of wrong doing, artfully depicted as little scrolls of paper with an feather pen and an inkwell beside it. And if Cuomo’s depiction of his bullshit mountain is suppose to be a symbol of victory showing the curve flattening from the peak, it more accurately resembles a mass grave from hiding thousands of bodies buried in a short period of time, say like about 50 days.

Another thing about the poster is the rendition of Cuomo and his team on the bottom, who are not socially distanced nor wearing masks for some reason.

Andrew in a ironic attempt at modesty labels himself as 56 and in an hilarious display of defensive insouciance, labels his DOH toady Zucker as “Dr. Knows Best”. The one to Andy’s left is Robert Muerica, who is employed as the state’s budget director but is more like Cuomo’s yes and hatchet man and the impeccably and flatteringly drawn lady to his right is his secretary and top aide “Magnificent” Melissa de Rosa.

Emperor Cuomo’s regaling of Secretary de Rosa is not without merit, because she’s actually the biggest player in Cuomo’s administration that is not himself. Besides being a reliable women’s empowerment figure for Cuomo to site, Magnificent Melissa is an empowering figure in her own right. Cuomo’s branding of her makes her sound like a ladies champion wrestler too, and her status plus her motivation makes it self-evident, plus she seems like a very scary person too. And her traits and influence are manifest in the obfuscation and management and profiteering of the COVID-19 nursing home crisis. Because Magnificent Melissa de Rosa has 3 relatives that are lobbyists for GYNHA and their firm donated 40 large to Matilda’s Son re-election campaign themselves and she was having sit-downs with all the higher-ups as the outbreak was raging across the state and while COVID19 patients were being sent back and forth on the nursing home and hospital pipeline to manipulate the statistics while under the optics of aiding the frontline workers with PPE’s, of which they didn’t get until it was too late when the curve sloped down the mountain.

Cuomo, Dr Knows Best Zucker, Magnificent Melissa and all the pandemic profiteers keep moving the goalposts and plausibly denying their culpability and their complicity for getting away with their systemic human being lawnmower care system. But since Cuomo is basically the King of New York now thanks to the pandemic he should beef up his staff to continue his narrative and brand. Now I know that’s what he hired McKinsey and Co. for but Andy should reconsider contracting a mutli-million dollar agency and employ a man named Kenneth Turnage, a city planner from the East Bay enclave of Antioch in Califoria who would be very capable of messaging Cuomo’s edict without mincing words and who’s currently available after being fired from the board for writing a very harsh manifesto to deal with the elderly (and the homeless) while coronavirus ravaged the state on the facebook.

Right off the bat, Kenny describes the effects on the most vulnerable humans bedridden in nursing homes as a fire that burns the old trees, brush and weeds; which is more hauntingly graphic than Cuomo’s own depiction as a fire through dry grass. While Cuomo’s analogy is more benign, they both conflate old people as kindle that needs to be eradicated.

“…the World has been introduced to a new phrase Herd Immunity which is a good one. In my opinion we need to adapt a Herd Mentality. A herd gathers it ranks, it allows the sick, the old, the injured to meet its natural course in nature.”

Funny, because what that vulture proffered to his social media brood is practically the blue print of Cuomo’s edict and the subsequent Immunity/Impunity Law for hospice care suits, because they herded all the positive covid-19 patients into the homes and care centers and God and Mother Nature took over.  Really, if there is a deputy position under Commish Zucker, Kenny would seamlessly fit in. To his credit, Cuomo isn’t that crass and abominable. But like Kenny, Cuomo thinks of his constituents as products and statistics, which reflects his hiring of McKinsey to manage his narrative and brand as a leader in the fight against Covid.

There’s more. Kenny goes on by justifying how expendable the aged and destitute are by extolling that there will be less Social Security cash to dole out and significantly bring down health expenses. The latter which falls in line with Cuomo’s obsession to cut Medicaid and funding for hospitals and the zeal and sneakiness how they were transporting them in the hospital/nursing home pipeline and the legislation and ratification that enabled all of it. Then Turnage mused how the novel virus would rid the burden of the still growing homeless population on the streets as well and if they and the aged were to gathered in a herd the quicker the virus will work to get society back on it’s feet faster and resources will be more plentiful and there will be less work for the nursing homes and hospitals to do. And in the homes case, that would be easy with more vacancies in them. Ironically, if there is another outbreak come autumn and winter, with the tens of thousands of new vacancies in nursing homes there is more room for another meteoric rise in COVID19 cases and the all the fed money and profits will roll right in for the nursing home execs and their private equity and hedge fund owners. And it’s not like the state or city are building any new hospitals, because they fucking aren’t and don’t plan too.

As Governor/Emperor Cuomo continues to belittle the press and officials for questioning his policies, management, machinating and tactics while gaslighting his adoring fans and partisan Democrat believers, and as his toady Dr Knows Obfuscation Zucker hides behind the emergency edicts he concocted, and as the press is limited by social distancing guidelines preventing them from getting closer to them, the toxic narrative of Cuomo’s COVID-19 defense and his lethal ill-logistics will proceed without interference and consequence. As Cuomo will continue to lord New York and weaponize the pandemic for himself and the sith lords of the hospice care industrial complex like a omniscient and dominant dark force until a vaccine for the novel virus is finally released.
Hopefully, a day will come when the walls close in on Cuomo the way they closed in on the victims of the genocide his policies caused. But as long as COVID19 still remains in the ether, the force of Cuomo’s power and celebrity will remain and get bigger.
For now, New York will remain not only under the existential threat of the insidious virus, but also under the grasp and force of Governor Cuomo next decisive acts.
Wear a mask, be safe. And take records of everything.


NYC Transit: No Homeless Need Commute


Midtown, Manhattan, New York

One evening in the subway in Manhattan, a fascistic attack against civil rights by the NYPD occurred and the city and state of New York tried to cover it up.

According to an article in the digital publication THE CITY, a homeless man carrying all his possessions in tote bags was heading to Brooklyn on the 6 train going downtown. Suddenly, two cops walked into the car he was in and ordered him to get out because his bags were placed on the empty seats next to him. When the 6 pulls into the 51st Station, the homeless man complies and gets out but decides to run to the next car before the train departs.

The cops keep the train at the station and then order the homeless man to get out again, threatening to physically kick him out. When the cop tries to grab the homeless man, he refuses to budge and then the cop punches him about 4 times then he and his partner grabs him and ejects him from the train and kicks his only possessions on the platform. They keep the homeless man detained on the floor while placed in plasticuffs until the EMT’s arrive and strap the man to the gurney and roll him out. The homeless man wound up getting arraigned for felony assault during the arrest by D.A. Cy Vance, which carries a sentence for up to 7 years.

If it wasn’t for the video, this would have just went through the system and no one would have ever known about it, not even the news media. But the severity of this attack on this homeless man carries great significance and should give the general public pause on what the authorities are trying to normalize in the New Normal we all live in under the still existing pandemic and also what they are willing to do to maintain it.

The catalyst of this incident stems from Governor Cuomo’s decision on May 6 to shut the subway down at 1 a.m. so the trains could be thoroughly cleaned to prevent COVID-19 contagion from spreading after over 130 transit workers perished from the disease and multiple videos of trash strewn train cars occupied by homeless people went viral. Which meant that no one was allowed to commute in the subway until 5 a.m. On the day it was in effect, MTA and NYPD cops were deployed to kick all the homeless people out of the trains and the stations, leaving them all to take whatever shelter was offered or to wander the streets for a place to sleep.

When this altercation and escalation by the cops happened, the transit shutdown was already in effect for 19 days, and it appears on the video that the cops targeted the homeless man based on the MTA curfew and he was already violating the hardly enforced law of placing his bags on the seats which gave them justification for ejecting him.

But this is where those cops case turns to shit. Because when they started hassling the homeless man, it was only 12:30 a.m, a half hour before the subway closes so he must have boarded that train even earlier than that from wherever he came from. And the cops decision to order him off the 6 based on his bags on the seats was purely arbitrary and he appeared to be the only commuter on that car so he wasn’t really causing an obstruction.

As for the homeless man resisting to get off, he actually does have a lot of justification on his side. Because he was only taking the train to Brooklyn because he refused to stay at a shelter he was assigned to because it was too crowded and felt safer finding a desolate place out of the way to sleep for the night than to risk contracting coronavirus. To give an idea what that must have resembled, here is a picture of a homeless shelter by Bellevue Hospital where cops and city workers were sending when they kicked the homeless off the subway on the first day of the lockdown:

Screenshot_2020-06-23 bellevue-mens-shelter-01 jpg (WEBP Image, 915 × 610 pixels)

But the cops persisted anyway, they have orders to follow even though the homeless man was not breaking any law or even any pandemic guidelines. When he went to the other car he was still socially distanced from the other passengers and was wearing a face mask too, but only took it off to communicate and tried to plead with the determined cop, who actually was a bigger contagion threat because he didn’t have a mask on.

But besides coronavirus, the other existential threat is the dismantling of civil and human rights, which that cop displayed when he dehumanized that homeless man and his possessions like they both were garbage and exploited Cuomo’s and NYC Transit’s pandemic protocols to administer selective and capital enforcement on the most vulnerable people in society.

It’s taboo to make comparisons to historic events, but not only did this vulgar arbitrary brutality happen on May 25th, the day George Floyd was tortured and murdered on the street of Minneapolis during an arrest, this incident is really similar to Rosa Parks correctly refusing to move to the back of the bus because of some racist arbitrary law. It’s not wholly racially motivated because the roles of the races involved here are reversed, but it’s more like a caste system motivated civil rights violation. And trying to criminalize homelessness and poverty.

The homeless man was right to disobey. He did nothing wrong, he just wanted to go somewhere else besides a superspreader shelter where he could easily get infected. (Think about if he did remain at that shelter and then got on the subway after 5 a.m. )In a way, this is what the recently departed John Lewis said about making “good trouble”, which is why the guy took a risk wresting his hand away from being grabbed by the cop and being walloped, peppersprayed and having 200 pounds of NYPD on his back for 15 minutes or longer. Even Rep. Lewis had his skull bashed in for crossing a bridge for civil rights and social justice.

Watching this video and the subsequent effort to lock this guy away for years for just wanting to go home and for an assault charge based on a skinny man swatting away a fat cop’s arm and kicking the cop who beat him on his hand during the arrest (not known if it was accidental or intentional) reeks of utter crony corruption and an attempt to normalize a mild form of capital punishment, even if they were eventually dismissed. But after this incident and video, something about Governor Cuomo’s edict to lock down the subway doesn’t look like a conscientious task to remove every pathogen they can scour from the trains and stations but now looks like they want to ban the homeless from riding the trains outright. Who knows if the demented plan to make the subway accessible through reservations is still being considered in those MTA board meetings. Maybe primping NYC Transit for the upper class is not so farfetched considering that Cuomo is recently begging again for Fed dollars from DC with warnings of a fare raise for his constituents. Could a $5.00 fare be near?

Sure there were all those weeks of selfish and mentally ill derelicts (there is a distinction) that were inhabiting and making the trains ghastly unsafe with shopping carts and piles of litter strewn all over the floor including bodily fluids and feces when the trains were running slow and bereft of commuters during the high body count month in April, but they are not relevant to what happened on May 25th at 51st/Lexington. Those cops brutalized him, kicked him out and violated his rights to commute and fourth amendment right when they searched through his bags later on because he was homeless and they were given orders by the state to do that. That’s it.

As for the cop who beat the shit out of that homeless man, he got off without charges and consequences, aided by the belated wishy washy response by Mayor de Blasio who took a week to see the video and 2 months to be cognizant of the incident, which is no surprise after excuses weeks of excessive force utilized by the NYPD during the Black Lives Matter protests which are still continuing.

But there was and still is not much recognition for the homeless man, Joseph T. who works as a hairdresser by trade. Even though his ordeal should be a new warning about the ominous omniscient threat of becoming homeless during a new depression and a burgeoning police state that’s gradually being implemented that will enforce arbitrary but fundamentally baseless and unconstitutional laws against them.

Homeless lives still matter.


Thanks to Cathy for that last sentence.



Empire State Building Provides A Dubious And Dystopian Essential Service In Homage To The COVID-19 Epidemic

Screenshot_2020-03-31 Empire State Building on Twitter [1 2] We’ll never stop shining for you Starting tonight through the [...]

Manhattan, New York

As if New York being the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic didn’t give enough stress, fear and uncertainty on the citizenry (and surely the world); the concerned folks that manage the Empire State Building actually thought this rapidly growing crisis needed a visual aesthetic aspect to it.

Explains the NY Post

New Yorkers were left spooked Monday night by a glaring Empire State Building light display intended to honor emergency workers fighting coronavirus.

The iconic Midtown skyscraper announced the debut of a display that began at 9 p.m. Monday, and will continue on through the course of the ongoing pandemic.

“Starting tonight through the COVID-19 battle, our signature white lights will be replaced by the heartbeat of America with a white and red siren in the mast for heroic emergency workers on the front line of the fight,” read a tweet from the building’s official Twitter account.

But to some, in addition to solidarity, the siren induced anxiety, as it spun for the first time surrounded by low clouds.

“The @EmpireStateBldg reminding us that the city is in the middle of an emergency,” tweeted Rita King, who also posted a video of the display depicting an eerie scene.

 King said on Twitter that she fully supports the cause, “but recommend[s] that the siren be replaced by the iconic pulsing heartbeat effect to reassure our heroic healthcare workers that their efforts will succeed, and soothe nervous New Yorkers now sheltering in place.”

 This is inappropriate on so many levels. For it immediately conjures up the tower of Mordor in Lord of the Rings. (Incidentally, a startup business tower in San Francisco literally did this)

There are so so many things wrong with what the managers of the Empire State Building did, but for brevity’s and social distancing’s, I’ll whittle down to a few.

One is that it’s already stressful enough for the EMS workers and the NYPD who have to deal with this is face front(the NYPD is the hardest hit so far of all city services), and our doctors and nurses that have to handle the deluge of COVID-19 positive patients with little supplies and hospitals filled to capacity.

The second is that the streets are barren so no one will see this. And it’s more than telling that the local press and corporate news media had to get this footage from a twitter account. This should actually bring up inquiries like how long was this display planned for and did this inherently ghoulish concept spring from the minds of the Empire State Building’s board or from somewhere higher up, like the newly social and corporate news media lionized Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo?

And strike three, since the plan is to have this stupid siren display to continue until the contagion winds down this will get most people nearby or inspire possibly hundreds of others to pack trains and ride to 34th St, leading to a gathering crowd assembled on the street to look up and gawk at it. If the intention (as I think the Empire State Building Trust claims) is to be a visual acknowledgement and homage to our first responders and frontline workers and as a PSA to encourage social distancing, this is an irresponsible and counterproductive way to do it.

But this tone-deaf dystopian display is perfect for those who live in presumably safe spaces from the COVID. Likin in a glass luxury tower or a tenement building repurposed for ossified market rate rents with accessible rooftop amenities to give them an semblance of security as well as nice cellphone pictures for their social media accounts. To validate my theory about the latter, they plan on playing Alicia Keys terrible song “Empire State Of Mind” while it continues it’s apocalyptic flashing (when a more appropriate soundtrack for this creepy shit might be “O Fortuna”).

Most of all, having and continuing this light show for an undetermined amount of time during this epidemic is not providing an essential service. At all. This actually makes a mockery of what’s going on, especially with the rapid amount of cases and resulting deaths going and the revolting fact that the city has to triage public spaces like parks and racetracks to handle the patient overload.

Another thing this bloody light show conveys is that with the city under the reign of the coronavirus, the Empire State Building as well as the city is adding to the culture of fear as well as endorsing a police state with the hopes of the citizenry becoming acclimated and adjusted to it.

Shut this shit off now.



Andy Byford Walks Away From The M.T.A.!/quality/90/?, “we” will not

On Thursday morning it was all he can stand and he can’t stands no more. Andy Byford, President of MTA transit services, up and quit his job in barely 2 years at the helm.

But we all saw this coming, in fact he actually tried to resign in October but he decided to hug it out with commuters for few more months. Andy really loves trains, and he really really wanted to conquer the perpetual FUBAR disorganization and dysfunction of the running and budgeting of our maligned transit services. He came to NYC and embrace the subway and buses like their were newborn twins. He really earned the title of #Traindaddy.

But the gargoyle overlord and head muckety muck of the MTA Governor Cuomo was not and never enamored with Andy’s passion for mass transit and as we will see a bit later, honesty and transparency. And after Byford’s spotlight interview on 60 minutes and a big spread in the New Yorker magazine, Mario’s son went the passive aggressive route to undermine his position and even responsibility to improve service and bring much needed renovations and remediations of the transit system. Cuomo basically took a page from former mayor and 9/11 exploiter Rudy Giuliani with his own undermining of his first police commissioner William Bratton when he got glowing attention from a national magazine cover story.

But no matter how hard Transit Poppa Byford tried, he just didn’t have the stamina to take total control (and he actually really did try, no one has this visible ever from the MTA and surely never will again). And it wasn’t is fault, because Mario’s son had to make sure all of his efforts were made to be insignificant so he can hog all the glory for any positive outcomes from them.

As this digital publication pointed out last time trying to get the traindaddy’s attention, he was doomed to from the start despite his fast forward plan as trains continued to break down, signals and switches still malfunctioned, infrastructure continued to fray and he also had to deal with that moron tyrant Cuomo constantly riding his ass, especially when Mario’s insecure son devalued his role and position as president and reduced Byford to basically a public relations flack for the subway.

It’s hard to get inside the mind of an intelligent dutiful public servant like Sir Byford, but I know how people can snap when they are being undermined, giving unreasonable demands and belittling reassignments on the job as well as seeing and experiencing things that just make your head explode and I think these were the things that broke his brain:

Starting with the L train revival. President Byford broke the news that the Canarsie Tunnel was so damaged from Hurricane Sandy six years earlier (on top of the certain internal dilapidation after not repairing for that amount of time) that it needed an entire overhaul that required the L to be shut down for a year and four months. Then when January 2019 came around, Generalissimo Cuomo got his official casual jacket on and went into the tunnel with some college professor eggheads and decided to keep the L train running and use another yet cheaper plan to repair the tunnel and reorganize the power supply while letting the L continue to run on limited schedules, thereby throwing Byford’s more feasible and responsible plan that took his entire first year assembling it and threw it in the garbage. The only thing that this really helped was to keep the ossified, overvalued real estate rental market solvent by the L’s train stations along Williamsburg and Bushwick. This heinous overvalued market speculation/fabrication has now spread further south to East New York. And now the MTA decided to add fucking Wifi to the tunnel also.

As if that insult wasn’t demeaning enough, Mario’s megalomaniac son then put Andy through his own summer of hell by diminishing his leadership role as NYCT president, transferring the control of all subway renovation and construction projects to advisory firm Alix Partners while splitting up the transit dept. causing Byford to lose control over the buses. With this unheralded demotion, Byford went from a proactive hands on manager to a glorified public relations flack to promote subway improvements and fixes for Sith Lord Andrew to glom credit for them. With one stroke, Cuomo reduced Andy Byford from traindaddy to Mr. Pitiful.

The tragic irony of Andrew’s decision to overhaul the offices and Byford’s responsibilities instead of the subway manifested itself in more terrible and predictable mishaps on the trains below and above ground. Most notably one afternoon at Grand Central Station, when the ceiling on the mezzanine broke and vomited gallons and gallons of water onto the floor, as MTA workers left a lone bucket there to catch it. Byford actually showed up and grabbed a big broom and was pushing the fetid water itself in a vain display of accountability. Unfortunately he wasn’t around in Long Island City at the Court Square station when a bearing wall from a tower development collapsed, forming a wave on the platform that nearly got a commuter killed by an arriving train.

Months after Andy was playing janitor, the recently appointed NYC Transit figurehead went into his new role as pitchman and led an embarrassing press conference for the implementation and unsubtle praise of the OMNY tap pay fare system as another day of transit chaos was happening simultaneously.

Andy also had to hit the streets to address all the rusty metal chunks and broken pieces of wood that were flying off the elevated tracks in Queens, landing on cars and nearly killing drivers and pedestrians. At least his hands on action resulted in getting netting for them.

These things, plus Cuomo’s micromanaging his MTA flunkie board to keep things hush hush about  the spending and planning for projects and fixes for the subway and other projects like extending Penn Station from the general public and Andy and his transit team surely led him to consider and following up on quitting back in October but apparently the governor still needed him to stick around as the $51,500,000,000 MTA capital plan was about to be implemented and the optics would have been immensely bad for Cuomo if one of the main authors of it would leave town.

But come 2020, it was getting clearer that Andy wasn’t going to be around much longer and all signs were there that he mostly wasn’t. For when the Capital Plan was ratified by the MTA board, Byford was not there for it. And a few days after it was passed on the first Monday of this year as millions of people were going back to work and school, the entire transit system broke down after signal malfunctions on the 7 and a switch malfunction on the B lines, throwing all train lines into chaos. Even though it dominated the news on online websites and social media, Andy Byford oddly did not appear at all to assuage commuters.

Then there was the MTA’s decision to overhaul the entire bus map in Queens. While supplying their narrative by describing the new routes as remixes, cutting some essential bus stops as enhancements and supplying the routes with articulated buses, the MTA tried to enhance their plans by being sneaky as they opened their first workshop that  with commuters that they barely publicized by holding it in a basement of a building surrounded by scaffolding in Jackson Heights. Thanks to social media and the blog Queens Crap (of which I am an admin) that published the meetings and the horrible new bus route remix, thousands of citizens showed up.

And what do you know, among the people in that crowded rumpus room was none other than the traindaddy himself Mr. Byford, even though his responsibility of running the buses were yanked away from him. Byford did what he did best and without fear and took questions, ideas and very loud constructive criticism from all and reassured them that the routes were subjected to change (or to be remixed again).

But the last straw that could have led Byford to quit so soon came last Thursday at the 71st Ave/Continental Ave. station. When workers in a control tower was overwhelmed so much by the sight of a bedbug (that’s right a single bedbug) that they evacuated their work space and caused four transit lines to be delayed for hours for it to get fumigated. Sure Andy quit because of his reduced role caused by an advisory firm hired by Cuomo that specializes in downsizing working staffs, but it’s not hard to imagine the Byford’s head getting beet red and blowing steam out of his ears to hear how those tower workers reacted. (Sorry to digress but why is it even called a tower when it’s actually a bunker since it’s underground).

And that is that. Andy Byford, the most hands on, accessible and accountable MTA official this city and state has ever had is gone. And he walks away after actually improving transit schedules thanks to Save Safe Seconds program that made the trains go faster and making the trains more handicapped accessible, even though the new train speeds may be responsible for all that heavy debris falling from the elevated trains and a judge’s decision favoring a class action lawsuit for the transit system provide such access respectably. The only mistake Byford did (and it was a big one) was approving a contract for Bombadier to supply new trains on the A, C, J, lines that kept malfunctioning, notably one incident where a door remained widely ajar as it was still moving (he actually had a similar problem with that train manufacturer when he ran Toronto’s transit. But at least he won’t have to put up with Cuomo’s moronic totalitarian bullshit and arrogance and de Blasio’s indifference and shirking of his own responsibility for the subway and buses that run in the city he governs (in fact it’s doubtful if the corrupt mayor was ever in the same room with Byford at all during his tenure).

Although he may be bailing out at the right time. In a few months, the Canarsie Tunnel is scheduled to be complete. It may have saved the commutes of millions of citizens and kept morons from moving from their 3,000 a month tenement and tower apartments but the ramifications from it may turn out to be dire being that Cuomo’s decision to use  cinnabun glaze polymer to fortify the decayed walls might not endure and keeping the L running during construction as silica dust was floating in the ether on the platforms of 1st Avenue and Bedford Ave. will surely have an effect on commuters waiting for their rides in years to come akin to all those who cleaned up the twin towers remains at ground zero after the 9/11 attacks.

But at least we’ll all enjoy the convenience of using our phones to pay the fare dealing with this shit with OMNY. You won’t even have to take it out your pocket either for the scanners can usurp your data by walking past by or through the turnstile.

These things including a rise in crime on the subways, graffiti coming back, the homeless population preferring to use the trains and stations as safer alternatives for habitation and continuing persistent problems with the antiquated switches and signals and even new signals (especially now that the top expert vetted and picked by Byford quit a few days after), and most essentially the persistence of the moron tyrant governor and his MTA board’s continued secrecy and obligatory but opaque releases of the budgeting to fix and modernize mass transit, it’s plain to see that even the beloved Traindaddy couldn’t save Cuomo’s MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe.

And we the commuters have to choke on that.


I just thought of something else. Mario’s son’s hiring of Andy Byford came right after the summer of hell he declared for mass transit back in 2018 and at time Cuomo promised a new era of transparency and accountability just like when he promised he would bring the same to end the embedded and ingrained corruption in the halls of the state assembly and senate with starting the Moreland Commission. And like Byford when the transit system proved to overwhelming to fix, Cuomo terminated Moreland too when investigators found so much graft and corruption with the governor’s office and the leaders Silver and Skelos of the assembly and senate, leading to the arrest and conviction of those two scumbags.






Miami 2019 (I’ve Seen The Lights Go Out In Canarsie) on Broadway

Back in July on a Saturday night on the hottest week of this summer, the lights went out on Broadway as well as the entire 30 block radius spanning Midtown West to the Upper West Side for five hours on the anniversary of the 1977 blackout that plunged the city into a free-for-all crime wave. During this one though and fortunately for citizens and transients in that area at the time, particularly from Times Square to Columbus Circle, the power got wiped out when it was still daylight and the streets were still congested enough with vehicles and pedestrians that nothing really crazy or any purge-like mischief occurred on the streets. People were still milling about, some got involved in directing traffic until the NYPD got deployed and even actors and musicians from theaters and Carnegie Hall gathered on the sidewalks to entertain passerby as their shows were shut down.

Council speaker Corey Johnson made like Giuliani on 9/11 and immediately took charge since Mayor de Blasio was making an ass out of himself trying to pitch progressive policies he stole from Bernie Sanders to a handful of people in Iowa. All in all, it was practically a good time had by all who happened to be there. Although it was surely not appreciated by people relaxing or having company in their apartments or trapped in elevators; or commuters stuck on the trains or standing in a virtual schvitz in the subway stations; or tenants in public housing buildings going through another spontaneous shutdown; or patients and doctors in hospitals and even people seriously paying to watch Jennifer Lopez sing and dance at the Garden (maybe the only redeeming thing about the blackout)

But the aftermath was not so swell, as time came to demand accountability from Con Edison, and out came the righteous indignation bloviating from the likes of our Governor and Mayor. Andrew Cuomo got to do his alpha dog thing and condemned the corporate utility, peppering with threats against them by claiming to use another energy company, and Mayor Big Slow came up with blase’ hypothesis of his own after Con Ed’s ambiguous p.r. response for the causes of the blackout. (hey de Blase’, new insult)

Actually, responses. Crazy Con Eddie’s public relations team seem to be taken aback of the isolated region power failure, as they went back and forth trying to explain what triggered the blackout. Their initial assessment derived from a manhole explosion in the Upper West Side then announced that it was a technical glitch at a substation in Hell’s Kitchen while adamantly refusing to consider a grid power overload. It turned out that it was a faulty transfer that caused the explosion of a 13,000 volt cable underground on the Upper West Side. Which they waited 3 days to confirm after they got it right the first time. Three Days. Granted the mayor and governor were right to question the city’s sole energy providers strange ambiguity in divulging this information, as they themselves also rely on this deceptive tactic to mollify their constituents being the hypocrites they are.

A few days after Con Ed’s revelation, their flacks must have got self-conscious and thought that transparency was the way to go in order to ensure credibility with their customers of the five boroughs. So on the day when they finally told the truth about the Broadway blackout and with the weather forecasts predicting temps pushing 100 on the weekend, Con Edward glibly announced/warned that more blackouts would occur. While honesty like this is welcome, it’s dismaying when it’s coming from a billion dollar energy corporation responsible for power maintenance for 24 hours that should always be taken for granted.

Well the weekend came around and on this way hotter and sultry 100 degree Saturday night, Con Ed’s self-fulling prophecy manifested as the sole energy company decided to shut down power grids in Southeast Brooklyn and parts of Southeast Queens overnight and Sunday morning in a preemptive strike to avoid a citywide blackout

The reactions over 30,000 citizens from those selected areas victimized were admirably cynical and appalled. Especially from a woman in Canarsie who justifiably implied and accused the Con of regional discrimination with their disingenuous claims of preserving electricity.

“You’re making us suffer to preserve who?, Who are you preserving? Why are we not important?”

The answer to that can be clarified with pictures. Because they are worth more than a thousand words from Con Ed’s p.r. toady and from the obtuse statements from de Blasio and Cuomo, along with the latter’s abysmal demands.

These are what and who Con Ed and as much as they feign ignorance Your City are intentionally preserving energy for. These are just the obvious ones. On top is Times Square, which is not the Times Square of old, where the most creative living ad was a steaming cup of coffee. Apparently, the Department Of Buildings must have thought that putting 2, 5 and 20 story and about a block wide L.E.D. television screens and having them run every second was just a grand fucking idea. Somehow, while Con Ed was spinning the cause of the blackout for news consumption and with all these literally humongous obvious signs, they did not mention one time that it was a power overload that caused the cable to explode. Not fucking once. Who are they kidding, oh yeah, everyone.

Really tho, these bigger energy devouring monsters than Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man combined. Then you have to factor in the buildings these screens cloak and all the new luxury tower and hotel development in just under 5 years with Hudson Yards and further up the Hudson River side, plus Long Island City, Williamsburgh and Greenpoint, Park Slope and Downtown Brooklyn and imagine all the energy consumed with the A.C.’s on full blast as citizens in Canarsie and Jamaica sweltered in the darkness.

All the strips of those tony areas must be taken into account to, which are filled with high end bars, clubs and restaurants with rooftop access. Surely businesses in the southern part of Brooklyn had to be sacrificed to maintain those aforementioned town’s vibrancy because Con Ed’s intentional energy inequity and austerity shutdown.

A City Council hearing a few weeks ago addressed this concern. Council Speaker Corey Johnson found enough time to stop dancing and leaping in public like an idiot and grilled Con Ed’s representatives by abbreviating some cuss words with his accusations towards them as he other council members feigned righteous indignation as the electric company continued to bounce these questions off. Since none of those questions brought the scenario of an overload for the excessive use of electricity. Since they mostly focused on trying to maintain the infrastructure of the grid instead of the causation of the blackout. Focusing on the feature instead of the bug, which is that the grid cannot handle the energy consumed from these recently built towers and the overwhelming demand of a bigger and denser population residing in them. Which shouldn’t be a surprise because that scenario was never considered when a transformer exploded in Astoria that made the evening sky turn florescent blue last December that resembled the manifestation of Gozer or the return of the Highlander. But Corey was more concerned with the way Con Ed’s reps optics looked in how they were coming off. Yeah, he’s going to be some mayor.

Surely this will continue to happen while our officials dither and don’t probe deep enough in their inquiries and Con Ed will continue to be the city’s lone energy provider and surely fuck up when the next heatwave or extreme weather condition comes. Because with all the technology and actual demand for renewable energy sources and as the city got taller, denser and overpopulated, Con Ed never thought to build a backup power system deriving from solar or wind. Wonder how they are going to handle Google’s expansion and Disney’s new studios on Soho’s west side?

Maybe this is why Con Ed are being glib. Their VP for “government relations” in charge for dispensing this palatable information used to work for the city’s worthless, unnecessary and agency that has long outlived its usefulness except for the wealthy; the Economic Development Coporation.* more spontaneous and discriminatory power shutdowns and insipid spins and weak ass apologies from the city’s energy provider, citizens. As others will leave and move to Florida for cheaper rents, lower taxes and what they presume will be a better maintained energy grid (although they will be taking a risk with global sea level rise).

The city got lucky there was no looting, rioting and fucking in the streets during the first blackout and the preemptive second one. Next time, especially if Ed pulls off the latter, people are not going to wait to question why or whom. They are going to demand answers with torches and yellow vests.

New Bad Days 63: Woman Gets Robbed And Raped With Family And Friends In Her Home; Lyft Driver Gets Wailed On By A Man With A Tummyache; Paranoid Commuters Nearly Cripple Each Other Fleeing From Presumed Gunfire In The Subway; A Douchebag Stole A Subway Train Master Key And Caused 740 Delays In Two Months By Pulling Emergency Cords; A Serial Killer From Florida Gets Caught On The L Train; A Dumb Broad Falls Off The Roof While Taking Photos With Her Obnoxious Roommates; A Drunk Driver Knocks A Building Down; Teenage Kids Assemble And Mug Random Women In A Park, Random Men On The Street, Rob Restaraunts And Harass Elderly People And Beat Up A Fireman; Homeless Men Make A Sty On The 2 Train; Violence And Blight On The Subways And Shootings At Public Housing Go Up As Well As On The Streets Along With Stabbings, Burglaries, Muggings, Reckless Driving, Child Molesting, Sexual Touching, Domestic Violence And Home Invasions In The Safest Big City…And Governor Cuomo Has Made Gravity Knives Legal To Carry.



In Little Neck, two men burst into a house and held up a woman at gunpoint in front of her mother, daughter, nanny and friends then dragged around her around the house looking for cash and took turns raping her after finding the money, they robbed her of a total of $9,800 and drove away in a Mercedes Benz along with an accomplice who acted as a lookout.


In South Jamaica, a man burned his three year old daughter to death by leaving her in his car and setting it on fire with gasoline after being permitted weekend visitations by a judge. The bastard managed to set himself ablaze during the murder and jumped into a nearby pond to extinguish himself.

Also in South Jamaica, a cop got hit by a car with bogus plates when the driver hit the gas after he got pulled over. The driver and his accomplice ditched the car and fled but eventually got pinched.

Again in South Jamaica, a man brutally beat up his girlfriend with a cutting board then stabbed her to death in his apartment.

In Jamaica, a man tried to grab a three-year-old girl who riding a scooter beside her mother. Running away from the mother and samaritans who were trying to stop him, he ran into a house and held a 61-year-old woman at knifepoint then ran out the front door as cops were waiting to arrest him.

Also in Jamaica, a man crashed his car into a line of parked vehicles and died from his injuries.

Again in Jamaica, a man who was threatening to kill his wife during a domestic dispute was found to be in possession of 12 other guns during his arrest.

And again in Jamaica, a man pulled over by cops jumped out his car and shot at them three times and got away on foot.

In Flushing, man coming out of a karaoke bar got attacked from behind by another man who robbed his necklace and earring.

Also in Flushing, a man crashed his car into a sushi restaurant.

Again in Flushing, two men broke into a house and robbed two grand in cash.

And again in Flushing, two men wearing wigs and and one wearing a bike helmet armed with a shotgun held up a social club and robbed six men of $4,700 cash and their cellphones.

In Elmhurst at the Grand Ave. Station, a man got jumped from behind as he was walking down the stairs and got hit in the head while trying to fight back.

Also in Elmhurst at the Elmhurst Ave. Station, a man walking between cars on the R train slipped and fell under, causing his foot to be severed and the mutilation of his other body parts.

And again in Elmhurst, a man attempting to board a city bus without paying punched the driver in the face and fled.

In Corona, a man accosted a 12-year-old girl and exposed himself and jerked off when she walked over to his car when he called her. The perv was on parole after serving time for robbery.

Also in Corona, a woman got killed when she got hit by a car while crossing the street.

Again in Corona at the Junction Blvd. Station, a man pressed his genitals on a 15-year-old girl as she was napping on the 7 train.

In Sunnyside, a man and woman broke into a storage room at a electronics dept. store and robbed $14,000 worth of merchandise.

Also in Sunnyside, a man ripped off the front of an ATM machine and robbed it of an undetermined amount of cash.

In Ridgewood, a woman robbed 15 packages from a mailroom inside an apartment building.

Also in Ridgewood, a fire engulfed and burned down a two-story house.

Again in Ridgewood, a man ran up to another man on the street and punched his face, and robbed him of his cellphone and 5 bucks.

In Jackson Heights, a man got critically injured when he got hit by a car while jaywalking in the middle of the boulevard.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man robbed a bank of over $2,900 by handing the teller a note saying he had a gun. The next time that happens, the teller should tell the perp to draw it. On the note.

In Richmond Hill, a scumbag pharmacist and his rotten assistant were busted filling fake prescriptions of oxycodone and unlabeled bottles of the opioids that wound up being sold on the black market and on the street.

Also in Richmond Hill, a cop pulled over a vehicle that was reported stolen and tried to get at the thief by smashing the drivers window with his gun, which he wound up dropping enabling the thief to drive away. The perp abandoned the vehicle and fortunately for the cop, his government issued weapon.

In Queens Village, a woman threw a bottle at cops by a car wash and then pulled out a knife, leading to one of the cops to shoot her in the abdomen. Although wounded she ran away. She was tazed as the cops were trying to arrest her while she was still holding the knife.

In Astoria, a man got into an argument with six other men while he was watching a baseball game, then one of them slashed him in the face with a box cutter and the other psycho pulled out a gun and fired random shots at a playground.

Also in Astoria, a man injured his head when he crashed into a car while speeding on his moped.

Again in Astoria, a cretin placed thumbtacks in tree beds causing injuries to dogs doing their daily bodily excretions.

And again in Astoria, a man was jumped by a gang of men and beaten down inside a 7-11 and cut in three parts of his body with a broken bottle.

And again in Astoria, a man appearing ill ordered an app-hail driver to take him to a hospital along with his mother. When the driver wasn’t going fast enough for the man, he criticized his driving and cursed him out which led the driver to politely warn him that he will refuse to drive him there. The man then wails on him with punches from the back seat and slugged him in the face a few more times through the open drivers window and walks away with his mom. (Check out the end of the video with the effusively charming guy soliciting likes and related videos immediatly after the drivers horrified reaction to what he went through)










In Ozone Park at the 104th St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving A train.

Also in Ozone Park, a grocery store owner was arrested for setting fire to another store in East New York because of their lower prices.

In Maspeth, two workers at a Mickey D’s got into an argument escalated into one of them getting slashed on his arm.

In Rego Park, a man stalked a woman to her apartment building and failed to snatch her handbag and ran away.

In Glendale, a man broke into a garage and robbed a set of tools worth $800.

In Long Island City, a 93-year-old woman got killed when she got hit by a car crossing a street by the exit ramp of the Queensboro Bridge.

Also in Long Island City, a man and a woman broke into a storage room of a Best Buy in middle of the afternoon and robbed $14,000 worth of cellphones.

Again in Long Island City, a man walked into a deli and stabbed a customer in his torso.

And again in Long Island City, a gunman fired shots at a strip club and hit a bouncer in the leg and shoulder and ran away with an accomplice.

In Far Rockaway, a man at a deli with his girlfriend who won 100 bucks playing the lottery got killed when a man he argued with at the door walked up to him and stabbed him in the neck.

Also in Far Rockaway, an 84-year-old woman died in a fire in her apartment at a NYCHA building.

In Averne, a man brawled with an Human Resources Agency officer at a SNAP center and ran away.

In Edgemere, a dead man washed ashore on the beach.

In Oakland Gardens, a brawl between two groups of kids on the street spilled into a nearby gas station and they attacked the workers inside, hitting one with a metal pipe. They then sprayed the delinquents with a hose to get rid of them but they returned with other weapons then fled when they heard the cops coming.

In Rosedale, a woman going through a divorce committed suicide by setting herself on fire behind her house.

In Springfield Gardens, a man pulled a gun in the middle of the street and fired it 8 times and ran away smiling.

In Middle Village, a man beat up a 66-year-old man inside his apartment.

In Kew Gardens at the Jamaica Ave/Van Wyck Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving E train. The body was found in the west tunnel from the train dragging it.

In the Midtown Tunnel, a man loaded on coke and pot drove in the wrong lane and crashed into a vehicle heading towards him.

On Rikers Island, an inmate punched a correction officer in the face. Certainly if he was imprisoned in a tower prison in Kew Gardens or Mott Haven, this would have never happened.

Despite legislation being drawn up for the legalization of marijuana and it being either deciminalized or legalized in 20 other states and up north in the entire nation of Canada, Queens is tops in pot possession arrests and 93% are of Black and Puerto Rican people.


In Herald Square, a fight between two men on the F/B/D/M escalated when the sound of a gunshot went off (or not) and led to mass hysteria as it caused commuters on the trains and platform to panic and mass into a stampede trying to flee the station, collectively losing their shit and leaving their stuff behind from strollers to venti cups.

Expectedly, the cops dispatched to the scene to detain the brawling men claimed that there was no gun and it was some undetermined noise that “startled some people”. Some people, like a screaming horde of thousands of people running for their lives to get above ground. The blue wall of insouciance grows higher and higher.

In Midtown, a former cop fired from the force for lying about drug busts and on probation sexually violated a woman in his car as she slept and assaulted her as she was trying to escape.

Also in Midtown, a woman with her husband and their child in a stroller accused a man of jerking off on the 6 train which the man vehemently denied then they all engaged in an argument that escalated when the husband grabbed him has he tried to run away. Which led into a brawl at the 59th St. Station between them and the woman stabbing him in the shoulder with a knife, compelling him to flee across the tracks to the other platform. Who was watching the kid during this fracas?

Again in Midtown, a man riding an electronic scooter brush by a man on the sidewalk. When the man argued with him about nearly hitting him, the scooter douche stabbed him with a boxcutter.

And again in Midtown, a man lured a makeup saleswoman to his hotel room with the impression that his wife will buy her products, then he emerged from the bathroom naked and pounced her on the bed and sexually assaulted her and tried to rip her clothes off.

And again in Midtown at the Bryant Park/42nd St. Station, a man got stabbed in the face and stomach after arguing with two other men over money on the D train.

And again in Midtown, a big ass charter bus parked on the street caught on fire.

And again in Midtown, a police officer comically crashed his motor scooter into a patrol car.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man broke into two apartment buildings and robbed 28 grand worth of electronics, handbags and jewelry and also broke into an apartment in the East Village and stole 2 laptops and other merchandise totaling $6,500.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a woman stabbed a pizzeria worker in the stomach after she and a man she was with were attempting to steal a handbag from a customer.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man grabbed a woman’s thigh who was waiting on line for coffee and jumped over the counter and sexually molested two baristas at a chain cafe.

In Harlem, a man and woman pushed a 90-year-old man against the wall of an in apartment building elevator and robbed his wallet containing $300. They then got hungry and spent some of his money at Burger King.

Also in Harlem, a 15-year-old boy was shot to death on the courtyard at the St. Nicholas Houses in a gang-related attack.

Again in Harlem, a woman and her four children were killed in a fire in their apartment of a NYCHA run building. A man was also killed in another apartment during the blaze. Fire was caused by a stove that was left on.

And again in Harlem, a man got killed when he got hit by a car making a turn as he was crossing the street.

And again in Harlem, a city bus converted into a shuttle bus went into flames while parked on the curb.

And again in Harlem, a high school basketball coach was arrested for his participation in an oxycodone drug dealing ring.

And again in Harlem, a woman yelling on the 6 train was found in possession of a air-pistol.

In East Harlem, a man shot a man to death and wounded his ex-girlfriend in her apartment.

Also in East Harlem, an unlicensed driver rammed his car into an ambulance in the intersection causing it to crash into a streetlight post.

In the East Village at the 1st Avenue Station, a man wanted for the murder of an elderly man in Miami, Florida was caught coming off the L train by transit cops and brawled with one before getting arrested. He copped to committing six other murders in his home state. Imagine this guy bunking in a homeless shelter.

The other good thing about this serial killer’s arrest is that it was made possible because of Cuomo’s autocratic decision to keep the L train running during the renovation of the Canarsie tunnel. So if Andys’ Lpocalypse Project inevitably fucks up, we’ll always have this to look back on.

Also in the East Village, during a $10 cover charge party attended by 300 teenagers in a basement of a NYCHA building, a person threw paint and acidic liquid from above on the courtyard, burning 10 kids.

Again in the East Village, a man broke into an apartment and robbed 6 grand worth of property.

In the West Village at the West 4th St. Station, a woman was jumped from behind then raped by a man on the stairwell at 3:40 a.m.

Also in the West Village, a man on parole after serving time for murder got caught trying to steal a man’s identity to cash a check at a bank.

Again in the West Village, a man pulled a knife on a custodian and robbed speakers from a shared workspace office.

And again in the West Village at the 14th Street Station, a truant threw a bitty firecracker on the F train as the doors were closing which later caused commuters to freak out collectively thinking it was a gunshot as they all barreled into the next car. As the train arrived at the 23rd St. Station, a stampede ensued the second the doors opened.

Station Transit President Andy Byford condemned the delinquent act while standing in front of podium and curtain backdrop shilling the OMNY card.

In the Lower East Side, cops noticed an unoccupied SUV that was reported seen at the shootout between cops and a man in Washington Heights in April. When they waited for the man to return he sat in the car and refused to cooperate with them during questioning and pulled a gun on them, leading one cop to shoot him with a tazer as his partners pulled him out of the vehicle. The man is claiming innocence and the cops account of the incident claims that he pointed a gun at two of them during the struggle. A later story reports that the suspect was inquiring why he was being stopped and he was using his phones Siri function to call his wife about his situation and then the cops swarmed on him. This is starting to look like it’s going to cost taxpayers another six figure settlement. …Oh my fucking god.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man stabbed another man in the back three times following an argument with him.

In Central Park, a man committed suicide by hanging himself with a plastic bag over his head under an archway.

Also in Central Park, an off-duty fireman was found sitting in car loaded on booze.

In Kips Bay, a stupid woman fell five stories off the roof as she was taking pictures and miraculously survived only with a few broken bones and a fractured pelvis by landing on an air conditioner and garbage cans in a alley following another obnoxious raucous rooftop party she threw with her roommates.

Also in Kips Bay at the 28th St. Station, a homeless man on the tracks got killed when he tried to get back on the platform and then he got hit by the arriving 6 train.

Again in Kips Bay, a man climbed the wall of a church and entered through a skylight and robbed it of a candle stand and 50 bucks. This guy is like another lame version of Venom.

And again in Kips Bay, a man abducted a bodega cat.

In Gramercy Park, a 73-year-old woman was attacked from behind by a man who snatched her purse then punched her face and knocked her over.

In Harlem, a private carting garbage man was held up at gunpoint as he was hauling trash and robbed of his wallet.

In the Upper East Side, a man on a scooter snatched a purse off an 86-year-old woman and dragged her on the sidewalk.








Also in the Upper East Side, seven kids were harrassing and menacing an elderly couple on the sidewalk by cursing at them and riding their bikes around them. An off-duty fireman walking with his girlfriend intervened and told them to stop bothering them then one of the little shitty rascals suckerpunched him in the head, causing him to fall on the sidewalk and lie there bleeding. The brat busted in the beatdown previously punched a worker at a 7/11 when he caught him stealing cookies after he was released by a judge for youthful offender status for a home invasion robbery and assault of a 68-year-old woman.

Again in the Upper East Side, an elderly man crashed his SUV into two parked cars.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man sat next to 16-year-old girl on the F train and put his filthy hand on her thigh and kept rubbing it until he got off at the 63rd St./Lexington Ave Station.

And again in the Upper East Side, a trust fund baby and wannabe rapper attacked and beat his father with a ruler in his luxury apartment.

And again in the Upper East Side, some boob spilled 25 gallons of lye on the street, causing injuries to one person.

In the Upper West Side, 19 luxury cars were robbed of their rearview mirrors in a 2 month crime spree. The plundered items are worth up to two grand and contain cameras inside of them.

Also in the Upper West Side, a brawl between students outside a charter school after a girls basketball game led to an assistant coach getting stabbed and the principal did not even notify parents or call the cops about the melee’. The school has a high truancy rate of absence. This is a charter school.

Again in the Upper West Side, a physically ill man committed suicide by jumping from the 15th floor of a luxury tower.

In Chelsea, a man smashed another man in the head with a glass during a fight over a chair inside a bar.

Also in Chelsea, a man got robbed of his $40,000 watch and 25 large in cash by two women he hooked up with at a bar and brought home to his apartment. The ladies pulled the heist off by slipping him a Mickey.

Again in Chelsea, two cops in the midst of cuffing a man for causing a disturbance on a street corner were attacked by an off-duty corrections officer who tried to break up the arrest.

And again in Chelsea, a man feigning to work for Con Ed swindled an elderly man into buying a pre-paid card and gave the conman the ID number enabling him to spend over 7 grand using it.

And again in Chelsea, two drunk women decided to share a motor scooter and crashed it in the middle of the street.

In Union Square, a man walloped another man with a crowbar on a street corner.

Also in Union Square, a 76-year-old man going to his car got killed when a box truck ran over him while backing up.

In Times Square, a massive and garish eyesore LED billboard spontaneously combusted.

In Tribeca at the Chambers St. Station,a woman got stabbed by another woman during a fight on the A train.

Also in Tribeca at the Chambers St. Station, a man who claimed of being beaten up on the A train in a “hate crime” was found to be lying about it as witnesses said he was drunk and spitting on commuters.

In Soho at the Canal St. Station, a 16-year-old girl was caught with a loaded gun that slipped out during a fight with another commuter on the A train.

Also in Soho, a man shot two men after fighting with them in front of a nightclub and ran away. Where is the night mayor?

Again in Soho, a man shoplifted over $1,000 worth of merchandise from a fancy winter clothing designer store.

In Grand Central, an elderly man fell onto tracks and got hit by an arriving train yet survived.

Also in Grand Central, a homeless man walking in the tunnel got killed by the S train.

In Morningside Heights, a gang of teenage girls are involved in a month-long crime spree in the park, as a woman got suckerpunched and robbed of her phone, another woman got beat down by them when she wouldn’t give them her cell phone, and surrounding and beating up a teenage girl and robbed her purse. They followed this rampage with beating down a gay rights activist and concluded their spree with beating a woman up with a stick before they finally got arrested.

In Washington Heights, a man groped an 10-year-old girl on a city bus.

In Greenwich Village, a man has been robbing laptops from unaware customers at restaurants during the afternoon hours since last September.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man set his apartment ablaze when his lame electric unicycle exploded while being charged.

In Tribeca, a woman got hit by a drunk driver in a rental car who hit her on the curb as she was about to cross the street and demolished her foot causing it to be amputated.

In Noho, a man broke into a cellphone store looking like a reject from a netflix marvel comic show and left with nothing after failing to break open the cash register.

In Little Italy, a woman got killed by a cab driver who hit her while making a left turn as she was crossing the street.

In Downtown Manhattan, six female correction officers were found to be molesting womprisoners while conducting illegal strip searches on them in the Tombs.

Also in Downtown Manhattan at the Criminal Court Building, two female court officers engaged in a brawl outside the women’s locker room and then spilled out into the hallway. These ladies don’t play.

Again in Downtown Manhattan, a dead woman was found floating in the East River by the Brooklyn Bridge.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, two teens walked up to a man talking on his cellphone and one of them snatched it out of his hand and they ran away, a week later the duo ordered an app-hail ride and brought two girls with them and assaulted the driver and robbed his cellphone in Greenwich Village.

In the Financial District, where there a plans for an entrepreneur to open up a theater called “Sleep no more” that is getting resistance from residents, a drunk ass man passed out and laid face down on a pile of garbage.

It actually does look cozy…

In Chinatown, a man leaped over the fence of a Buddhist temple and destroyed a statue.

Also in Chinatown, a man armed with a kitchen knife leaped over the counter at a pizzeria and robbed the register. He did the same thing a day later in the Lower East Side when he held workers at another pizzeria at knifepoint, stealing $500 from both of them. He then trekked to Bed-Stuy with his cutlery and held up a deil with it and robbed it of 20 bucks.

In Inwood, an off-duty fireman beat up his girlfriend in his apartment.

In Washington Square Park, a giant limb fell off a diseased tree and fell on a woman, fracturing her skull and spine. It was last pruned and inspected almost 2 years ago. Great job NYC Parks.

At the Port Authority Station, five train lines experienced elongated delays because MTA workers had to find somewhere else to take a shit because their stations toilets were broken.

A lunatic 23-year-old man robbed a transit master key and used it to access the trains to cause disruptive mischief by pulling emergency cords on the 2 and 5 trains causing long delays for two months on 740 trains without anyone knowing why or who did it, including the fucking MTA. He would also hop on the trains from the rear to access the cabins (sometimes the doors were left open) and surf on the side of the cars by holding on to doors like a lizard. The mass transit reprobate is now free again because his mom paid his $5,000 bail, which his defense found was unjustifiably high because he was, ahem, “villainized” by the mass coverage of the mayhem he caused which he still remorselessly reveled in doing.

And a man was feeding a rat chinese food as if it was a cute little baby on the 2 train.


In East New York, a man was sneak attacked by a gang of five boys as one of them slashed him on the head as the rest of them beat him down to the concrete and robbed his wallet. After leaving their victim with a deep head wound, the little droogies went to McDonalds and used one of his credit cards to spend $200 on food for their savage victory dinner and used it again at a Dunkin Donuts and spent seven bucks for dessert and coffee.

Two disturbing takes of this savagery were made by both the mother of one of the perps arrested and even by the victim. The mother claimed that they were not bad kids and the victim mused that it was unfortunate that the parents of the kids that beat him down weren’t also arrested, echoing presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s program to arrest the parents of students who cut class.

Also in East New York, a man was shot to death and two other were wounded by a gunman who fired shots at a bbq party in a playground at the Pink Houses.

Again in East New York, two men were shot at on a street corner.

In Prospect Park, a gang of five boys jumped a 17-year-old boy, slugged him in the head and robbed him of his backpack containing his cellphone and $4,000 laptop and are also suspected of ganging up on another boy and robbing his cellphone and another boy for $8.

In Sunset Park, three men surrounded a man on the street and pulled guns on him. They then punched him in the face and robbed his phone and $7,800 in cash.

Also in Sunset Park, a man shoplifted three chainsaws from a hardware store and drove away with an accomplice.

In Bushwick, a man attacked a woman at the Myrtle-Wyckoff Ave Station who wouldn’t give him a free swipe for the fare, so he jumped her from behind on the platform, shoved her to the floor breaking her foot and ran away with her purse. Then he snatched another purse from a woman on the platform at the Halsey St. Station a week later.

Also in Bushwick, a man stabbed his 77-year-old mother to death when she tried to break up a fight between him and his 87-year-old father as he stabbed him in the chest and slashed his arms following an argument over a pair of shoes in their apartment which the killer wasn’t wearing at the time.

Again in Bushwick, a man stabbed three teenagers with a screwdriver during a street hassle.

In Bed-Stuy, a U.S. postal worker struck and killed a man crossing the street with his truck. The driver was idling and obstructing the crosswalk before he stepped on the gas pedal.

Also in Bed-Stuy and in Brownsville, Crown Heights and Jamaica, two dapper men held up four cellphone stores at gunpoint, assaulted and knocked out workers and robbed them of cash and phones and other electronic items.


Again in Bed-Stuy, two men kidnapped and tied up a man in the South Bronx in an attempt to get ransom money from his friend. After the man dropped a bag on the street corner, the cops caught the man who picked it up but another cop wound up getting hit by a getaway driver of the car that shoved the abducted man on the street still bound.

And again in Bed-Stuy, shots were fired at a BBQ party in a playground, wounding three men.

And again in Bed-Stuy,  a woman got shot in the foot as two men were trying to shoot someone at the Franklin Ave. Station.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death on the street and left on a pile of garbage.

In Brownsville, an 83-year-old woman was beaten to death inside her apartment.

Also in Brownsville, a cop approaching a suspected stolen car got hit when the driver hit the pedal and hopped the sidewalk and ran over the cops foot. The cop then shot at the getaway driver.

In Crown Heights, a woman was cut in the hand and robbed of her purse by a man who slashed her with a knife on the stairs of the President St. Station.

Also in Crown Heights, a man taking a seat on the 4 train was confronted by a man who boasted of his physical appearance, threatened him then punched him twice in the face and broke his jaw.

Again in Crown Heights, a man got shot to death on the street following an argument with two other men.

And again in Crown Heights at the Franklin Ave/Botanic Gardens Station, a man pulled out a gun on the platform and shot three times at another man at the other side of the tracks, hitting a woman waiting for the train in the foot.

And again in Crown Heights, a man killed himself riding his bike when he blew a red light and got hit by a car with the green.

And again in Crown Heights, a man broke into a garage and robbed over a thousand shofars.

In Flatbush, a man pulled out a gun and shot a man twice on a street corner in the late afternoon.

In East Flatbush, a man flashed a gun during a street hassle with other men and then ran away when he saw the cops who then caught him the alley and arrested him. The skell was previously indicted on a weapons possession charge but was permitted to walk free until his sentencing by participating in a diversion program instituted by Mayor de Blasio which sounds like something cooked up by his wife’s THRIVE boondoggle and is obviously a ploy to ensure that the Rikers Island prison population stays low enough to justify the idiotic borough tower jails plan.

Also in East Flatbush, a man was shot in the leg on a street corner after he was followed by three other men.

In Borough Park, an off-duty cop punched a food delivery man in the head after he whizzed by his family riding his e-bike motorcycle on the sidewalk.

Also in Borough Park, a man committed suicide setting himself on fire in his car.

Again in Borough Park, a 16-year-old boy got killed while riding his bike after he swerved to avoid being hit by a man who opened his car door without looking, causing him to get run over by a box truck behind him.

And again in Borough Park, two kids in a car yelled at two Hasidic men that “Hitler did a good job”.  Council Speaker Cojo the Clown showed up for his usual opportunistic virtue signaling.

In Bath Beach, a three-year-old boy got killed when he rolled on his scooter onto the street as a driver in an advert-covered van hit him in the crosswalk and neglected to yield.

In Midwood, a man drunk as shit crashed his car into a building, causing two stories of the wall to collapse after speeding on the street going over 60 mph and blames it on hitting a bump on the road.

Screenshot_2019-05-30 IVTRI6CMABAMPH444RYFYUEUPA JPG (JPEG Image, 800 × 533 pixels).png

Also in Midwood, a burglar broke into a house belonging to an elderly couple who were on vacation and robbed $300,000 worth of heirloom jewelry.

In DUMBO at the York St. Station, a man injured his knee and head when he fell from the F train walking between cars.

Also in DUMBO, a dead man was found floating in the East River by the Manhattan Bridge.

Again in DUMBO, a man involved in a car chase with cops for a robbery, ditched the vehicle on an off ramp and killed himself trying to escape by jumping over the railing to the street below.

In Williamsburg, two girls were brawling in the hallway in front of the principals office at a high school. The Progress HS for Professional Careers is the most violent and under-supervised school in the borough, as even safety officers, staffers parents of students and faculty including the assistant principal have been attacked by unruly students in the building. Another brawl days later between a boy and a girl couldn’t even be broken up by teachers and safety agents. Progress High (that’s just perfect) by a principal with close ties with Chancellor Richard Carranza, leaving staffers afraid to report the daily violence in fear of retaliation.

Also in Williamsburg, a man punched a man in the face and called him an anti-Semitic remark.

Again in Williamsburg, a boy ran up to a man walking on the sidewalk and sucker-punched him in the head and ran away.

And again in Williamsburg, a man walking on the sidewalk got verbally berated then attacked by four men who beat him down to the ground based on his religion.

And again in Williamsburg, two teenage boys pushed a 7-year-old boy to the ground based on his religion.

And again in Williamsburg, a woman about to cross the street got hit by a car in a hit-and-run by a driver that was being pursued by the cops in a high-speed chase. Before hitting the woman, the driver drove on the sidewalk. When a person went to aide the victim, the unmarked police car nearly hit both of them.

And again in Williamsburg, two people who demanded money from then beat down a homeless man when his shopping cart accidentally hit their car while he was picking up a bottle from the ground are still on the loose.

And again in Williamsburg, a man on a bike rode up to a man walking on the sidewalk and smacked him in the head.

In Coney Island at the Stillwell Ave. Station, an MTA train operator ending her shift on the F train was attacked by a man who punched her in the face right after she stepped off the train. The creep was found a month later incarcerated on Rikers Island after getting arrested for stolen property, stalking a woman and assaulting a cop.

Also in Coney Island, a man got killed getting hit by a dump truck as he was crossing the street. The driver was not charged.

In Greenpoint, a construction worker injured himself when he fell down an elevator shaft. The man was not wearing a safety harness as he was prying wood from fresh cement with a crowbar. The contracting firm was previously charged with work safety violations.

Also in Greenpoint, petroleum smells emitting from the sewers had been sickening and nauseating residents for weeks.

Again in Greenpoint, a man stepped into a car that was left opened, smoked a cigarette inside then lit the car on fire and walked away. The firebug was on parole after serving time for a robbery and torched two other cars since his release.

In Marine Park, a man rushing home on his bike to catch a TV show got killed when a SUV hit him.

In Mill Basin, a driver on the wrong side of the street crashed into a school bus with special needs adults inside.

In Bay Ridge, a man flashed his junk at two boys on the street.

In Downtown Brooklyn, an indicted hedge fund criminal attacked and cursed out the prosecutor of his case inside the courthouse. He spent one day in jail.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Barclays Center/Atlantic Ave. Station, a man critically injured himself attempting suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 4 train.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn and again at the Barclays Center/Atlantic Ave. Station, a man hopped onto the tracks and was spreading detritus on the track bed.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn, a woman threw hot coffee on a worker who told her to take her feet off the chair at a McDonalds.

In Bensonhurst, two men jumped a man coming out of a restaurant and beat him down on the sidewalk.

In Brighton Beach, a man passed out on a stoop was robbed of his chain, bracelet and designer vest he was wearing and wallet by a man who was lurking around by him for an hour. All items collectively worth over $3,000. Sounds like it would make a good showcase showdown prize on “The Price is Right”.

In Brooklyn Heights, a dead body was found in a basement water catchment of a luxury townhouse tnat used to be a pumping station for the fire department.

In Canarsie, a mother killed her 6-year-old son after driving on the wrong side of the street and crashing into a parked vehicle.

In Dyker Heights, a man jumped out of his car and shot at another man on the street.

In Kensington, a motorcycle rider got killed when an unlicensed drunk driver crashed into him. The woman, who actually was the designated driver because she had less drinks than her friends, is out on bail.

In Cypress Hills, a man robbed $24,000 worth of doors and bronze vents from mausoleums at the cemetery. (By himself, Daily News???)

In Prospect Park, a swastika was spray painted on the wall of a bridge underpass.







In Allerton, a 2 train car is inundated with trash and full garbage bags sprawled out on the floor and seats.

In Fordham and Melrose, man recently released from prison after serving 20 months for Manhattan bank robberies and on parole, held up and robbed two banks by giving a teller a note. The judge released him for time served in the naive hope that he would change his ways because the ex-con was dying of cancer.

In Crotona Park, a man got killed from getting shot twice at point blank range inside an apartment building lobby.

In Mount Eden, three men attacked and beat down a 19-year-old autistic man in an apartment building lobby as they were able to get inside because he held the door open for a woman that was following him inside. The woman held the door open for the three men to gain access and left when they left.

In the South Bronx, a dead newborn baby with the umbilical cord still attached was found by garbage cans in the back of an apartment building.

Also in the South Bronx, a man molested an unconscious woman on a hospital bed and limped away when he got caught.

In Mott Haven, a man was caught masturbating on the 2 train by a NY Post reporter and was told by the cops at the nearest precinct that they couldn’t do anything because of lack of resources. The NYPD is the largest police force in America and they don’t have resources to get a public flaggelator?

Also in Mott Haven, a man walked into the 40th Pct. and pulled out a pair of knives and demanded that the cops shoot him. Two cops managed to calm him down and convinced him to drop the weapons without shooting theirs.

This display of stalwart professionalism agitated a “police source” who hypothesized what would have happened if the man had Uzis and decried the lack of “stationhouse security”.  Security? It’s a police department, everyone is armed. No wonder cops are always triggered to use the trigger first in an emergency situation.

In Edenwald, a man shot another man to death on the street after fighting about a woman at a party.

In Charlotte Gardens, a man shoplifted a radio from a 99 cent store was caught and chased outside by one of the workers and slugged him, then he swung at two other workers trying to retrieve the stolen item and ran away.

In Tremont, a livery driver got stabbed in the back by a man who demanded money from him after taking him to his destination.

In Morris Heights, a boy pulled out a gun at a playground and randomly shot at other kids on a basketball court and hit a 16-year-old boy in the foot and a man in the arm.




Also in Morris Heights at the 176th Station, a man attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 4 train.

In Van Nest, three woman who were annoying and arguing with a worker in a bakery over prices smacked her and stole her tip jar.

In Morrisania, a 71-year-old bus driver who was coming off his break was jumped by a man who hit him with a blunt object by a charter school and then repeatedly pummeled him with it as he laid on the ground and knocking him unconscious.

Also in Morrisania, a man loitering in an African Food market stole a jar containing $4,000 from the counter when a worker’s back was turned while getting an item from a shelf.

In University Heights, a burglar broke into a bodega and busted down a wall to get into a check cashing place next door, then cracked two safes open and robbed $65,000.

In the West Bronx, a man rode his bike up to a woman on the sidewalk and snatched her purse. Two EMT workers who witnessed the crime chased the man in their ambulance and turned on the sirens to get him to drop it and they returned it to his victim. And the derelict Mayor, delusional candidate and scumbag de Blasio thinks EMT’s work is different.

In Highbridge, a gang of kids cornered a man sitting down on a seat on the D train and kicked and punched him in the head and body, filmed it and distributed the lynching video on social media

In Crotona Park, an off-duty corrections officer was attacked on the street by 20 men who threw bottles and chairs at him and got stabbed twice as he was running from them.

In Pelham Park, a man hooked up with a woman through a meetup app and got held up by her at knifepoint and robbed of $100 after he refused to pay her for sex.

In Fordham Heights, a puppy that ran away from her owners was found on a street corner by a woman who bought it home after trying to find the people it belonged to.. When she saw the dog on the local news shows, she went to the 52nd Pct. to turn her in, then was subsequently arrested for theft. Great collar, officers.

In Belmont, a cop shot and killed a pit bull that tried to attack them during an investigation of a home.

Also in Belmont, a man answered a knock on his door at his apartment then five men rushed in and beat him down, slashed him in the torso and robbed his cellphone.

In Kingsbridge, a man attempted to murder his two children by cutting their throats following an argument with his wife in their home.

In Mount Hope at the 175th St. Station, three men surrounded a man on the platform then one of them snatched his chain as he boarded the D train, the man got beaten down by the two other men when he tried to get it back.

In Throggs Neck, a man stabbed his roommate in the chest with a pirate sword during a fight in their basement apartment.

In Grand Concourse, a man was busted attempting to smuggle a full assault rifle clip of bullets into the Bronx Supreme Court house.

In Wakefield, police responding to a domestic dispute at a home where a man was beating up his wife and locked her outside of his house, discovered an arsenal of automatic rifles, handguns and bullets and also a set of fake badges.

In Pelham Bay, a 911 operator was caught skimming money from a vending machine.

Two men are wanted for robbing e-motored cycles from nine delivery people at knifepoint in a one month crime spree.

Three teenage boys are wanted for breaking into seven small businesses and robbing the cash from registers, their biggest haul was $4,850 from a restaurant in Laconia.

It takes the NYPD eight minutes to respond to an emergency call in the Bronx, which is the highest in the five boroughs and five minutes longer than the response time in Manhattan.

Staten Island

In Port Richmond, a man was stabbed during a fight at a Memorial Day party and later died from his wounds.

In Annadale, a woman who caught a man and woman vandalizing her house and breaking her windows got mercilessly beat down by them then snatched her phone and damaged it when she tried to call the cops and then broke more windows and keyed her car.

In St. George, a man arrested for breaking into a car reached through the bars and grabbed a taser off a cop’s holster at the 120th Precinct.

Also in St. George, a fight between two men escalated when one of them pulled out a hatchet in front of the Staten Island Courthouse.

Again in St. George, a man cursed at two cops then punched one of them in the face and knocked another cop down while resisting arrest after causing a disturbance by blocking the door of a deli.

In Dongan Hills, a man released on parole for burglary broke into and robbed cash from a flower shop then broke into and robbed a Century 21 in Grasmere two days later.

In Stapleton, a man held up a bank by threatening to shoot the teller in a note and robbed it of $1,000.

In Port Richmond, a man held up a bank with a note and robbed it of $1,400.

In Rosebank, a dead man washed upon the shore by Edgewater St.

In other extraneous chaos going on in the #SafestBigCity

Bullying in NYC schools went up 60% compared to last year in 5,875 incidents from 3,660, deriving not only from inside the schools but also on social media.

About 20 app-hail drivers are getting robbed of their cellphones from their fares, sometimes at gunpoint. The perps then change the debit card information on the app and rob whatever earnings the drivers made because their “employer”‘s security system is fucking weak and are less than helpful to their “employees” to say the least when they try to recoup their money. This is why the “gig economy” is fucking garbage, and why paying with a cellphone is going to make thievery a hell of a lot easier and convenient for muggers.

And our exalted leader of the State of New York, Mario’s son Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law making gravity knives legal. The kind of knives that you open by a flick of the wrist. The kind that are used mostly by the dregs of and menaces to society.

No matter the good, well-meaning and naive intentions behind this law, which the guvner previously veto twice, this couldn’t have been ratified at the worst time, being that rapes are up as well as knifepoint holdups. The original law against gravity knives sort of acted like the gun control law, with punitive penalties would be used against unlawful possession. Certainly it must have played a factor with violent crimes and murders going down in the last 25 years besides the oft-referred “Broken Windows” policy.

Supposedly the rationale for the legalization is that the majority of arrests target minorities and that they are commonly used by people in food and carpentry professions. If the latter is the case, couldn’t they just leave the knives at their workplace? As for the former, this decision will probably lead to more “minorities” getting injured or killed.

But in general, individual muggers and rapists will surely take advantage of this new liberty bestowed upon by the obnoxious pseudo-omniscient governor looking to build up his progressive bonafides to get re-elected for a fourth term. Funny thing is that he’s quick to legalize gravity knives but is still chickenshit tenative when it comes to legalizng weed.

Cuomo’s fauxgressive bleeding heart decision is going to lead to bleeding chests, backs, abdomens and stomachs.







The Lpocalypse Project: The Gaslighting Of And Austerity Plan For The New York City Transit System By Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio And The MTA

043And just imagine a barely functional and safe transit system and mobile daily commutes. 72nd Street Station surface upgrade by Yoko Ono Lennon. Not ADA compliant.

New York, N.Y.

2019 has and will become quite an historic year for New York City transit. But most definitely not in a good way. For the future of it looks fucking bleak despite all the optimism being expressed by elected and appointed officials about all the moolah for infrastructure improvements coming.

Now that it has been decided to keep the base fare of a subway/bus ride at 2.75 while eliminating the bonus charges and raising the cost of unlimited weekly and monthly cards, this would be a good time make a layman’s assessment about the current state of the New York City Transit System run by the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe. Because recent incidents and decisions have given sunlight to the crisis below, as well as above and at ground level regarding our mass transit options, which will also have a deleterious effect on traffic on the island of Manhattan and on the streets and highways that will surely continue to deteriorate and the commutes regarding the and safety by all dependent on the buses and trains (not ferries, fucking please). And it’s also shown that no one is truly capable of being assertive, proactive and having independent or rational thoughts or ideas at MTA. It surely isn’t the board whose dithering members are appointed by the mayor and governor, despite it’s alleged independence and expertise.

But it’s clear who is and always was in charge and that’s our third go-round and self-christened progressive Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose very wrong hands and demented disruptor mind has determined the fate of the MTA transit imbroglio. Apparently, the governor is under the borderline mental delusion that he doesn’t have enough control and has divined himself the autocrat savior of the transit system. This is not even as ego driven like his overzealous order to get the 2nd avenue line finished so he can throw a new years party, this is Andy’s id taking control now with this idiotic and dangerous plan to keep the L train running on time. Even Moussilini would’ve shown more restraint and self-awareness.

But how did we get to this current lowly state of mass transit and the commuting crisis in general? It all began back in January, when the decrepit saltwater hurricane Sandy corroded Canarsie Tunnel was about to be shut down in a mere 3.2 months away. After three years of meticulous research and planning by the MTA board and recently installed transit president Andy Byford along with efforts by the D.O.T. to redesign the streets of the L’s path to remediate traffic with bike lanes and improve bus service on 14th st. (despite the haphazard designs), the Governor suddenly had an epiphany induced by a dubious recollection of being grabbed by a stranger who yelled at him, which led to a visit to the tunnel when he last looked longingly at things in there, and bemused to himself that the commute could still be saved.

So Mario’s son looked and pointed at things with an entourage of hoity-toity college academic officials with absolutely no experience assessing mass transit infrastructure, and decided to scrap the 15 month thorough renovation of the tunnel and rely on an earlier rejected plan to rearrange and restructure the infrastructure’s power supplies on top of the tunnel instead. Instead of fixing and fortifying the corrosion and cracks with good old concrete and mortar, the governor and his new egghead crew decided to go with a polymer glass coating instead. During this new surface coating, the L train will continue to run as scheduled on the weekdays while running on one track on the weekend and on nights after 8 p.m. in 20 minute intervals during the two year (or more) reconstruction.

Transit crisis averted? Not exactly, because this plan was previously and soundly rejected by Cuomo’s board because of the deadly risk of spreading and exposure of cancer causing silica dust that would be released during the construction as transit service re-opened. And the GIF NYC transit provided the public with showing how the trains will flow in one tube underwater looks scary as fuck. But Andy’s id was not going to let potential environmental hazard get in the way of slaying the Lpocalypse. This mentally ill megalomaniac decision is already causing reverberations to commutes and literally the environment along the L train’s tunnels path in the niche towns of Williamsburg and Bushwick.

Exactly a month after Andy’s L plan, the Graham Ave. Station in East Williamsburg (or Bushwick as it used to be called) had to be shut down because of an overwhelming pungent gas smell that sickened a few commuters on the train when it was stalled on the tracks and then nauseated the rest of the passengers as it was slow crawling to the ground zero station. In spite of this incident, an MTA official somehow discerned that the air was safe and the L train resume it’s schedule despite the peculiar appearance of high-powered fans laid on the gratings above the tunnel to extract the noxious fuel odors out.

Screenshot_2019-02-21 L-train smell source is abandoned gas station fuel tank, MTA says

The following day after this announcement, three MTA workers got violently ill from the fumes that were alleged to be gone as other workers took the precaution of pulling their sweaters over their mouths until they received protective face masks.

The source of the fumes had become an evolving mystery but for some bizarre reason, MTA chief safety officer Pat Warren still claimed that the air at Graham Ave. was still safe to breathe. According to lifestyle and occasional actual news blog Gothamist and the NY Daily News, the MTA attributions of the source of the toxic entity changed during the first 48 hours. First it was determined that it was fuel that was accidentally spilled from diesel trains being used during weekend work construction; then it was blamed on an abandoned fuel tank underneath an abandoned gas station; and finally and absurdly, the MTA tried to pin the blame on superfund site Newtown Creek from a Greenpoint refinery spill from the 70’s. Of all those theories, the one that makes the most sense is the first one, being that weekend work has already begun. The other two theories are asinine considering that both of them were unfounded given that there was no evidence the station tank leaked, which probably led to conjuring up some ooze from Newtown Creek that suddenly migrated to the subway tunnels. It seems the MTA is coming up with these theories not to be more transparent but to obviously gaslight commuters and the press from finding out what the fuck is actually going on.

Or maybe the MTA is feigning ignorance. Because when the FDNY showed up in full Hazmat suits to determine the toxic levels of the leak, they did not bother to measure it on orders from the city and state environmental boards.

That’s not the only gaslighting by our servants of mass transit. A month following the gassing of Graham Ave., as the pungent toxicity rose from the crisis below and spread into the ether above permeating apartment buildings and stores in the area, evidence of the error of Cuomo’s Id and his crack Ivy league team’s L revival decision manifested at Bedford Avenue station in Greenpoint, as a cloud of thick dust inundated the station on another Monday morning rush hour.

Well, guess what was the contents of the contamination that scared the shit out of commuters, it was the presence of the predicted silica dust that was prophesized. But the MTA spokesman wasn’t divulging much but did proclaim that despite evidence of the thickness and noxious odor of the particles and the sight of workers and police with protective face masks on the platform, that the air was still safe to breathe! It evidently seems that the MTA is utilizing the same spin control that Christie Todd Whitman utilized to assuage the public back in 2001 that the air was safe to breathe at Ground Zero weeks after 9/11/2001 so the traumatized city service workers could resume excavating remains at the destroyed WTC site.




Evidently, the MTA is clearly trying to distract their worried commuters from the fact that the weekend work that was approved by Cuomo’s id is causing the environmental hazard it was expected to cause. Which is why this plan that was revived was rejected in the first place. And the MTA’s crass denials of the air quality should cause immediate pause to anyone that what if these were attempts by terrorists to poison the tunnels instead of just causations from worker incompetence.

Another little problem with Cuomo/MTA tunnel surface remediation plan? Well, last summer on the Jersey Transit, a PATH tunnel with similar infrastructure with overhead wiring exploded causing a metal bracket to pierce through a train’s ceiling like a spear, causing 700 passengers to evacuate awaiting a rescue train and another 350 remaining stuck on a train behind it from the sharpnel and debris on the tracks . Fortunately for them, they were near Penn Station. What’s going to happen when this happens on the L train when they are done moving that wiring on the Canarsie roof and putting that polymer balm on the cracks and crevices around the walls and the floor bed?

With the frightening prospect of taking the L as construction continues for the next 20 months (but certainly more than that). Mayor de Blasio, while nowhere to be found during those two toxic transit disasters as well as four recent incidents of transit debris falling from the elevated tracks in Woodside and Richmond Hill, continues to push his stupid and expensive NYC Ferry transportation option as well as funding another study for the loathed and loathsome BQX trolley.

As was expected of anything de Blasio promotes and focusing his attention on, the NYC Ferry has turned into a disastrously expensive boondoggle. For the subsidized costs for each $2.75 ride amounts to $10.73, which went up four and change from the 6 buck estimate from last year and went up two bucks from estimates a few months ago. As the costs of the new ferries on the way is going to cost another $369 million. The timing of this report coincides de Blasio’s announcement of the ferry’s expansion of new stops in Staten Island and Coney Island, which will not be ready till 2020 and 2021 respectively and another one at the Brooklyn Navy Yard which will be ready to launch this May. The launching of the Coney Island one next year is expected to balloon the already high subsidy costs to $24.75 for every fare.

As if de Blasio’s prioritizing of the ferry over the dilapidated condition of the subway and roads and the snails pace speed of the city buses wasn’t crass enough, somehow he couldn’t placate residents of the town of Canarsie with a ferry stop of their own, even though they compiled 6,000 signatures and actually have a dock ready for renovation. Which unsurprisingly validates the fact this ferry are basically ersatz yachts and is only beneficial and necessary for the wealthy and tourists and not meant for the commuting needs of the proletariat masses. Which the ready made stop at hipster frequented Brooklyn Navy yard as well as all the luxury development stops on the East River in Manhattan proves the inequitable treatment against the more frequented subway and bus services in spades (or anchors?). Besides, Canarsie didn’t have a chance because those real estate gentrification enabling porch monkeys at the city’s Economic Development Corporation didn’t put the town on the feasibility list, even though the Bronx town of Soundview never even had a pier before and they were declared feasible by the EDC. Amazing what becoming a real estate speculative hot bed with looming parasitic tower hyperdevelopment can do for an selective area. But despite being a reverse revenue generator, de Blasio’s inducement of the NYC ferry is a city taxpayer funded investment now even though the only benefit to come from this seasonal leisure  service will go straight into the bank account of EDC board member Mark Patricof who has a conflicted invested interest he holds in Hornblower from previously working in  private equity firm with holdings in the transit yacht provider.

But these are not the only transit offenses against the citizenry he swore to serve these last 6 long years, especially the poor he pandered to get elected in 2013. After much cajoling by house speaker Corey Johnson, Da Mayor relented and implemented the Fair Fares program to begin at the start of 2019 to be available to 700,000 struggling citizens. And what came naturally from the notoriously tardy and slow mayor, the program took nearly a month to send the discounts out and limited the distribution to 30,000 applicants. Expectedly from the two-faced liar, it was nothing but a half-measure because the cards were sent out as unlimited weekly or monthly cards instead of day to day purchases which these commuters usually spend, being that they don’t have 20 or 60 dollars to plunk down right away or even have the cash at all if they are without a job. The expected diminished result is barely over hundred people are using these Fair Fares. Why couldn’t the city tell the MTA to arrange the card like its done with the school and senior citizen reduced cards. But being helpful to the most financially burdened has never been much of concern for the notorious Mayor Big Slow.


Andy Byford 

Of course, forgotten in this whole MTA mess is the man who was assigned to save it while stressing transparency and credibility for the agency, Transit President Andy Byford who arrived last year with such great fanfare and who was recently featured on 60 minutes last autumn, whose nfluence, authority and plans now been undermined and virtually eliminated by Andy’s id . His absence from the L train aborted shutdown announcement and his lack of input of the decision to sugarcoat the cracked tunnel walls and floorboards with polymer, which the initial contractor rightfully thought was a stupid and dangerous idea 2 years ago, was majorly conspicuous. Compounded with Gov. Stugots autocratic decision to junk Andy’s proven idea to upgrade the anachronistic signal system with a computer based CBTC that has been used successfully when he ran the tube in London and the subway in Toronto and has been effective since it’s been applied to the L line (figures) with some ultraband radio wave bullshit idea that Andy’s id got from Elon Musk, while Byford’s thoroughly detailed Fast Foward plan has not gotten one penny for its funding to this day since it was announced with great fanfare and widespread media coverage.

And it was looking very certain that he and FF will never get it, and recent and current history validates that horrendous fact according to NYS Comptroller Thomas de Napoli’s report as surmounting debts are going to interfere with all other moderation and renovations of the subways infrastructure. The Fast Forward plan as devolved into the Flying Fuck, meaning that Governor Stugots doesn’t give one about it at all. These two have not been in the same photo op together since I don’t know fuck when.

And Byford’s plan to make 50 stations handicap accessible was about to get chopped to 36 because of these looming debts, which derived from the blowback of the underfunding for the accessibility retrofits over a decade ago when just 1.8% was allocated for it and with the funding about to dry up as the final days of the current five year transit plan is about to end this year  If this wasn’t horrendous enough consider that 6 stations were shut down for months for surface and aesthetic modernizations like self-indulgent art and led screens flashing MTA bulletins and maps. The 72nd St B/C Station and the 23rd Street Station comes to mind.


With these dubious upgrades, Andy’s id’s MTA proves that the only subway improvements are designed for tourists to navigate through the city and niche parts of Brooklyn and Queens (and even the Bronx) on nice screens like the theme park this city has turned into. And all this art being installed is just there for the Instagram addicted. Supposedly the funding is only a morsel of budgetary spending, that morsel could have been allocated for initial funding on an elevator that could have been installed at a station where a mother killed herself falling down the steps while carrying a full stroller and her toddler daughter.

Too bad and too little too late that a federal judge recently decided that the MTA had to require all station renovations must be ADA compliant. The problem of course is where to get the funding again to honor the judge’s decision, because Mario’s son’s MTA burned through all the money that was to upgrade other stations, which would have also went into art that nobody asked for instead of signal and infrastructure upgrades, unsightly dilapidation of the ceilings, walls and stairs and of course elevators for the disabled as well for the elderly and children’s strollers. The latter which recently got tragic attention when a woman died trying to carry her stroller with child down along with shopping bags as she fell down the stairs when there was no escalator available in the city’s 7th avenue station.

But all is not lost for these looming and practically insurmountable expenses, for Governor Stugots budget passed with the ratification of congestion pricing to supposedly fix the MTA once and for all. Expected to accrue funding for the subway, a tolling system will be put in place to charge regular car drivers $11 and commercial truck drivers $25 to enter Manhattan below 60th street to downtown. Because that’s the way to derive funding for mass transit and levy it on people who choose to own a vehicle so they never use it and also to people that are just in town to do their jobs.

The thing is this tax levy on car owning commuters and delivery workers (a glut of them who don’t make a living wage) won’t be implemented until 2020, conveniently after the next election for Albany’s assembly and senate.

The only saving grace for car owners is that the congestion fees/taxes for driving in Manhattan will not be implemented until December 2020 (conveniently after the next election) and won’t go into effect in another two years, or maybe more being that there will have to be a system to take all the congestion tolls. Probably something like those ugly ass LINKNYC data succubi kiosks.

Of course there were more reliable and faster ways to come up with the billions to fix the crisis below; like the long overdue, sensible and fiscally responsible legalization of marijuana. But the arguments among all officials (mostly paranoid) about how it will be distributed and who should profit from it first and also expected resistance from rigid Republican elected officials and the upper echelons of law enforcement. But it got nixed from consideration in the budget hearings, so New York is going to continue to lag behind other states like Colorado, Massachusettes, California and the nation of Canada and lose billions in tax dollars from the manufacturing and selling of it.

And the big dirty obscene open secret of the minuscule taxes oligarchs pay for pied-e-terres in supertall dark luxury towers. But that immediately got crushed when REBNY sent their wormtongue minions to inundate news sites with developer agitprop and to Albany and persuaded the Assembly that these investor citizens ossified personal wealth absolutely can’t be sacrificed for the transit needs and safety of daily commuters. Despite recent heinous news of a billionaire hedge fund owner who paid $238 million for a sky high home on Central Park South and Jeff Bezos looking to purchase another multi-million dollar abode in the same building along with the four other ones he owns nearby on Central Park West. Hundreds of millions of dollars that would have been extracted from these welfare oligarchs and also from other American and foreign billion and hundred millionaire sloths who purchased these tax shelters in various luxury monoliths that have sprouted in Manhattan as well as the East River coasts of towns in Brooklyn and Queens are now gone. Gone with all the money that was never accounted for prior to this proposal.

You think the feckless Albany cowards would have debunked whatever bullshit REBNY’s wormtongues were spewing when all they had to do is look at Hudson Yards, where a train station built there before the gilded age girder and glass beanstalks were planted. While the developers, city and state were gerrymandering districts (and including Central Park) to pilfer billions from areas that needed it for affordable housing to fund it’s manifestation, the station flooded every time it rained and the escalators consistently break down even to this day. In a way, it looks like having people walk up almost 3 flights from the subway is a good way to train for the useless shawarma art staircase that you first see coming out of the station.

Which leads to the obvious conclusion that our elected leaders, appointed officials and the fucking MTA are relying on the neoliberal doctrine of using austerity measures to rebuild and improve mass transit. What usually happens with cutting costs for government projects and the abject refusal from officials to accrue funding from the wealthiest individuals, austerity always devastates the livelihoods of the lower tiers of the income ladder. Because with congestion pricing, the needs of the few (or the one) outweigh the needs of the many.

Like the taxi drivers, who currently contribute $2.50 to add on to the base fare while  tech corporations like Uber and Lyft only charge an extra quarter even though there are five times more of those app-hail cars on the streets that’s actually is at fault for all the congestion. Because of cab and livery drivers taking their own lives in the past year, this has been dubbed as the “suicide surcharge” by taxi veterans and representatives.

And everyone else will also be levied with this tax when you go to any store that sells goods, from supermarkets to department stores, because those costs are going to be added right to your purchases, adding to the prices that are already rising because of onerous state and city taxes and rent ossification. Even all you pious non-driving, bike, scooter and skateboard riding dependent on your butler apps for Amazon to deliver shit to your shiftless asses, you will be seeing costs escalate for your online consuming too and y’all know Bezos is not above gouging his customers as you’re transit commutes get more chaotic.

As for the #LpocalypseProject’s schedule, Northeast Brooklyn’s millenial urban professionals (hey, Muppies!) who will not tolerate waiting for 20 minutes or more or even the risk of getting poisoned from silica wafting in the air, they will predictably press their little apps and take pricey trips in those Ubers, Lyfts and all their imitators (and certainly more to come) to the city. While the added fees will get accrued for MTA funding it will predictably cause more congestion. No wonder Uber spent 2 million dollars lobbying to get this austerity measure ratified. They are going to make huge bank in the next year and no wonder the city rushed to get the suicide surcharge approved for just the cabs and apphails. That actually makes fiscal sense despite the levies it’s placing on their customers. But if they can afford 1700 to live in an SRO or 2200 for an “affordable” studio, the Muppies can deal with this hardship. But it still going to be a pain in the ass commute for everyone from the not yet gentrified towns of East New York, Brownsville and the ferry-less Canarsie.

As for the Canarsie Tunnel, that also is an austerity measure with inequitable results between the affluent and the working class grinders. Because this polymer coating  is just a half-measured temporary fix that is going to have disastrous consequences when the next hurricane hits this city (remember that bitch Sandy was just a cat. 1, what’s going to happen when it’s a cat. 3 or even 2?), and this infrastructure donut glaze coating of the walls and floorboards is just as cheap and effective as treating a wall with mold and grime on it by painting over it, which the MTA actually did at Union Square last winter.






Or covering it up with a nice poster


While service will continue to lag behind in the borough’s towns without niche, the city provided frequent bus transfers for L project sufferers so they can get to the J/M and G trains across town. Which will certainly be busier on the evenings and weekends than the rest of the borough’s long bus routes that are still suffering from slow speeds and late arrivals caused by…traffic congestion.

The appalling inequities that are present with the Lpocalypse Project I base on the fact that the MTA should have fixed this and shut down this tunnel immediately after the flood waters emptied out back in 2011. But that would have thrown a wrench on the over-luxury-hyper-development and fabrication-speculation market rate values of Williamsburg and then onward to neighboring Bushwick and Greenpoint and the Gentrification Industrial Complex of real estate, venture capital, private equity and the government they bought and now own were not going to let something like the safety of millions of commuters get in the way of the demographic  they want that are willing to spend frivolously and mindlessly to live in proximity of the dreaded L line.

The coddling of the moneyed hipster demo that overspends and resides along the L train line fearing that they won’t make any readjustments to their morning and evening commutes or routines. More essential to the Guvner and the Hotel and Hospitality overlords is that this L train fakeout will keep service still convenient for tourists residing in high end flophouse hotels and airbnbs in the Meatpacking district, Chelsea, LES, East Village and Williamsburg to continue frequenting all those theme bars, beer gardens, restaurants and cache take out joints in those areas being that they only need to travel a few stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn

And even the MTA is cognizant of this, because they are going head on to phase out the metrocard and replace it with a stylish but lamely named access card called OMNY, which operates as a worker I.D. card which will be used to tap a screen to pay instead of swiping. And it also will be app-accessible so you can use your cellphone to pay. Even though the brainiacs behind this stupid tech bullshit method refuse to reveal how this will effect people who pay cash (and people that will still prefer to pay cash). These type of transactions have proved to be discriminatory and the prospects for unwanted data extraction will be (hopefully) met with universal anger from commuters. Of course, the officials pushing this pay method (including Byford) responded with the tone-deaf default excuse that everyone already is distributing their data with their cellphone social media and app purchasing habits, so what does the right to privacy and individuality matter when convenience takes precedence over constitutional rights.

But like Moussilli, Andy’s Id still kept the trains running (assuming on time is pure conjecture at this point) despite all the ominous toxic signs from the two incidents in February in March. Further evidence of Governor Stugots austerity measures for the MTA is assigning his Ivy league team who convinced him to keep the L running during the tunnel reconstruction for every other remediation and renovation projects, which includes the upgrading of the signals thus superseding and undermining Andy Byford in the same manner that former Mayor Giuliani projected his seething jealousy on former Commissioner Bratton for his accomplishments in bringing down crime.

Cuomo’s adamant megalomania and de Blasio’s spineless indifference will add to the risks and dangers of the continued exacerbation of the subway. In the midst of this MTA manic depression breakdown, at least one of their board members reassured the reality of their transit surroundings by admitting and actually apologizing for the existential lousiness of the subway.

Now it’s day two of the Lpocalypse Project and as expected shit went wrong on the L with delays lasting up to 40 minutes. It looks like the folks at NYC Transit thought the GIF they provided of the trains navigating the single tube passage looked easier than they thought. But at least they deployed MTA workers to act as commuting ushers to help the critical masses of people to get on board the trains.

But tomorrow is Monday and that’s when shit gets real. Because there is still the menacing prospect of particle pollution that will surely appear again on Bedford Ave if the MTA doesn’t contain it, some of the workers moving commuters were already wearing masks as a precaution. And the shit’s gonna hit the fan now that it’s May and it’s almost summer. Will Governor Stugots Cuomo whoosh down from Albany to look at the results of his manic change of mind when the crisis below exacerbates?

Wait with abated breath. Which actually would prudent to do if you still are taking the L all the way through.

Good luck L commuters. You’re gonna really need it. But you’re gonna need a chemical mask even more.










Just Walk Away From The MTA, Transit President Andy Byford Byford and that moment of clarity he abandoned to take the reins of the MTA, the worst fucking transit system of the universe.

Andy Byford may have just realized he is in way over his head and out of his league in his well-paid state service leadership position (yeah it’s redundant, I’m writing about the MTA again so fuck off).

President Byford is trying really hard though. He did come up with that budget study assessing that it would take $37 billion dollars to overhaul the mega-shitshow mass transit system, despite having no current idea or plan how to pay for it. I mean, he is not a bad bloke, he kind of resembles a mixture of Moby and Thom Yorke and he is a big fan of legendary new wave band The Smiths, so big that he thought it was prudent to mention and discuss fave tracks by them during a live social media style town hall with frustrated commuters complaining about consistent shitty service a while back (my personal fave by the way, is the WLIR extended remix of “This Charming Man”), but at least he has been apparently honest and straightforward.

But with recent incidents unfortunate and even optically progressive, he’s starting to sound like and resemble a harrowed Karl Pilkington, trying to cajole and persuade the public that their commutes will be fine in light and in spite of delays, dubious improvements, and potential and real time infrastructure hazards. In which all three occurred at once at Borough Hall one lazy afternoon. 

The Borough Hall station, which serves the 4 and 5 express trains, had a giant slab of plaster and concrete from the platform’s ceiling collapse on a woman, whose life was spared by the dangling lamp above. This station, which is one stop away from the gloriously renovated Atlantic Avenue Station thanks to the existence of the Barclays Arena and was visited by gubernatorial longshot candidate Cynthia Nixon on June 1, has been going through it’s own purgatory-like state of neglect by the MTA that makes the five year (but scheduled for three) upgrade at the Lefferts Blvd. Station look almost punctual and efficient by comparison.

President Byford showed up with his safety vest and his expertise and pointing his fingers at the obvious problem made clear by the exposed brick and ribar displayed above and stating that “There is evidence of water ingress. You’ve got a bit of paint peeling,” (a bit?) and “This is a very old station, at the end of the day, but we will get to the bottom of what happened.” I guess it’s a good display of transparency, but sandwiching that wretched cliche “at the end of the day”?  What the fuck you need to say that for, Andy? Really failed to reassure and salve the public there. Although it’s hard to really do damage control when the damage is a big pile of jagged plaster lying on the platform.

The woman assaulted by the MTA’s neglect made a great point how she could have been killed, but also how fortunate that it was 3:30 in the afternoon, a few hours before rush hour and school is out for summer, because certainly a group of kids would have got killed or injured at that moment.

In spite, or maybe more like passive indifference towards social media sharing by commuters and solid reporting by the now digital Village Voice, the MTA’s approach for maintaining this station has been quite an embarrassment. For all the cosmetic improvements that have graced certain stations, this is what one of the station entrances looks like a few months ago:

DaIgPUFX4AA_Elx(Jason Rabinowitz)


Speaking of such station cosmetic improvements, I mean, errrr enhancements, Byford even got a little defensive and testy trying to explain the admirably swift completion of two elevated stations in Astoria featuring more art, windowed walls, aesthetically pleasing benches, wifi and usb ports. although it also has the obligatory fuckup with a low hanging destination sign that a commuter bonked his head on.

“Don’t be fooled by the beautiful artwork and cosmetic nature,” Byford said. “These were fundamental, deep-rooted repairs that we made to the underlying fabric of the station. It’s very important.”

Surprisingly, Andy was not the slightest sussed by the utter absence of an elevator at these new decorative stations, again denying the handicapped, elderly and mothers and children in baby strollers for safe egress. A necessity that was previously a crucial concern for the overburdened transit president in his previous job in Toronto.

But the worst gaffe to come from the president’s mouth in his myriad efforts to spin these issues and pathetic attempts at damage control may have been what he said just days before the Borough Hall ceiling collapse. Andy Byford, your humble transparent public servant, believes that the presence of overcrowding does not effect the slow service of the trains. And he is/they are going to eradicate this debilitating and growing contribution in future transit reports.

This is an interesting development as well as a demented irony being that the only overhauling being done at the MTA is re-categorizing reasons and origins for horrible service, which they did rather deftly when they previously blamed it on Con Ed. Something is afoot here. Although the passengers only offense is actually paying $2.75 for crappy service and not for the notorious pace of and indifference to essential repairs to the system, most likely the tracks, the singles and now the ceilings, it is undeniable that overpopulation from the amount of people that have moved to this city and the relentless yearly amount of tourists has had a massive effect. Especially and most devastatingly on the stations in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn closest to Manhattan and in the metropolis itself.

Here’s proof, this photo was taken on the A train while between the Jay St. and Hoyt St. stops, and there was barely even a delay


This is the result when the train is late for less than 2 minutes. The capacity for trains at the end of the day like the F going to Brooklyn, the E going to Queens and the 6 in Manhattan, the latter a fucking local train, is where it’s actually like sardines in a crushed box and it’s in areas where the most and highest tower development pestilence has occurred. And then there is the fucking L train to northeast and central goddamn Brooklyn, where airbnb and other moronic app-based room rentals are consuming dwellings where regular folks with common sense used to occupy and definitely in buildings owned by LLCs’ where one room apartments were converted to two rooms by predatory landlords, packing in more dumb frivolous spending bodies. It makes it easy to cynically assume that perhaps the cabal/pogrom/overlords of the Real Estate Board Of New York might have had an influence in Andy’s decision (as they do with every other fucking thing to make the city impossible to afford and run your own business) to exempt the moneyed, condo-owning and arrested development types in their 20’s and 30’s overpopulation of this city from being partly responsible for these delays.

Speaking of these demographics, these people are the worst violators of commuting with their eyes constantly averted down and fingers relentlessly tapping their phone screens as they are entering the train, blocking the doors and even exiting and entering the station. And they also crowd into the cars nearest their exits at their stop, leaving everyone completely fucked as they are not able to board because of the crush of the bodies concentrated as the doors open and shut. Andys. The disappointed and the overwhelmed but still arrogant.

But what else can Andy do, the poor sod. He’s only been here barely a year and he is wracking his brain trying to fix the MTA and over a half century of incompetence, profligacy and neglect and the ramifications which seem to be manifesting all at the same time. It would have been nice to have Andy around when the MTA gave Forest City Ratner a big ass gift with their knuckleheaded sale of the Atlantic Transit Yard a decade and a half ago.

And it must be thrilling to wonder what’s going on in Andy’s mind now that these very  ramifications resulting from said profligacy by the other Andy, Governor Cuomo with his decision to accelerate the first half of the 2nd Ave Line for his New Year’s Eve party along with the 7 train extension to the Blade Runner development Hudson Yards and the billion dollar one-stop Metro-North extension to Grand Central from Penn Station. And how even the new aesthetic masonry of Penn Station and even the 2nd Ave line are starting to show cracks and debilitation. And don’t forget all those tech inspired enhancements! And the Kusciusko Bridge laser light shows!

There are many, many more that can be sited for the reason that the Borough Hall station looks like and has got the same maltreatment as a NYCHA apartment. But it’s clear that Andy Byford, admirable and courageous that he is to take on the worst fucking transit system in the universe, is not going to last long in this town despite putting up a brave front. So maybe it’s best if he just walks away and leaves it for another man or woman to deal with this festering shitshow.

There’s too much to handle, too much money that’s not available, too much bullshit, too much pain. Just walk away Andy. It’s really not worth it. This subway will never be fixed in our lifetimes and will barely be there in the future. Sorry about this fatalistic and bleak prognosis, but this is the reality all these rich, educated derelicts responsible for it have created.

If you haven’t figured it out Mr. President or are just a trusting nice guy; the MTA held off on repairing the Canarsie Tunnel right after Sandy hit because it would have interfered with the continuing gentrification and luxurification of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and the cancerous creep into Bushwick. If the tunnel was repaired like it should have been, if the MTA showed any responsability and common sense and got it enhanced, every stupid hipster and yuppie would have moved out of those aforementioned towns and the real estate magnates would have never built or bought anything and the rental and housing market wouldn’t be insanely overvalued and inflated like it is now for them to heinously profit from.

Besides, you don’t wanna be around when the L shuts down in 10 months (10 minutes to midnight ha!), because there is no fucking plan for it. I don’t think you even have one. Just admit it, believe me you’re definitely not alone. No. One. Has. A. Fucking. Clue.

Just walk away, Andy. Fuck the MTA.