Governor Cuomo Gets Cursed Out By Citizen For His Blatant Indifference While Showing Blatant Indifference

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Uh-oh (youtube)

Albany, N.Y.

This is one of the greatest moments in viral video history and hopefully there will be more of this. And this all occurred because a political beat reporter went through some arbitrary senate house rules bullshit.

Kenneth Lovett was on his phone in the chambers and was confronted by state troopers to turn it off. His attempts to reason with the officer by pointing out there was no session at the time and how everybody else does it was swiftly admonished with handcuffs and thrown in the back of a patrol car.

Well, lucky for Mr. Lovett that Mario’s son Governor Andrew Cuomo was there to spring him out and get the surly cop that insulted him to apologize.

This recent incident of police state showboating gathered immediate attention of the press,as a gaggle of reporters congregated to greet the Gov as Andy and Kenny were about to leave the police station. While Andy was extolling the freedom of the press, furthering his recent embrace of campaign populism, a woman busted through the door and bum rushed the photo-op and put a brief kibosh on his progressive posing. And crashed the walls of the mainstream and digital news media to boot

(Hilarious and inspiring video by Jimmy Vielkind)

This woman came out blazing on how she was having difficulty filing a sexual harassment claim and also claimed that she had a rifle drawn at her the last time she went there, which considering the excessive phone rule enforcement being implemented against Lovett, her own experience seems credible.

After the governor made a snide joke, the woman started ripping up Andy and vulgarly criticizing and justly summarizing his performance in his last 8 years governing this state:

“Yeah, you’re not doing nothing here, you punk a–! You’re not doing a motherf–king s–t either! I got proof!”

“There’s corruption going on here! They’re stealing money! I got the proof right here!”

She says more besides this but it’s hard to decipher, but clearly that woman saw what was going on and jumped at the opportunity to make her voice and complaints heard for the public. It’s not everyday you get the chance to stand just inches away from an elected establishment political hack and curse him out for the shitty job he’s doing and how he skillfully ignores entrenched corruption in his own offices and the public’s complaints, which he did in full view for everyone to see.

But the most offensive thing wasn’t even what Mario’s son exhibited, it was the media circus clowns surrounding him with their fucking phones. There they had an actual voice of the people right there going through the usual bureaucratic nonsense enabled by the man who is running for re-election and even though she was still yelling they never bothered to ask her what was wrong and continued taking Cuomo’s weak ass statements about Lovett’s detainment. And continued to ignore her even though she was being manhandled by state troopers there trying to restore Cuomo’s photo opp safe zone, But not before she gets a swing at one of the “journalists” there and rightly tells him “you ain’t doing shit either“, and she’s fucking right.

It would have been quite a scoop if just one of those cellphone journos followed her as she was being removed to see what proof she had, and how she was being treated by the troopers during her detainment.

This woman is a hero who broke the protective shell of feeble, cowardly protected officials like Cuomo and the general uselessness of the corporate news and entertainment media. Right now, I rather have this brave woman running for governor than fauxgressive candidate Cynthia Nixon. But since she is a Yankee fan, the righteous thing to do is to get her to throw out the first pitch at the home opener against the Rays at Yankee Stadium this Monday. (Hell, I’d give her the ball to close the 9th).

Most of all, this woman has shown that getting mad and yelling right in your face is still effective. THAT is what resistance and democracy looks and sounds like.

Governor Cuomo And Cynthia Nixon Are Progressive Poseurs are you doing Andrew? (photo: Latest)

The State Of New York

It looks like Mario’s son, Governor Andrew Cuomo has finally found his inner populist again. The first time when he bombastically gestured that he was going to put an end to perpetual corruption in Albany and assembled the Moreland Commission to do just that, only to annihilate it once it got too close to his inner circle aka his the two other men intthe room, Sheldon Shady Silver and Dean Skelos, leading to their indictments. All it took was for all his friends in the Buffalo Billion scandal to get indicted and his honorary kid brother Joey Percoco to get convicted for using the government offices under Andy’s purview for monetary and influential gain for him and his wife to find it.

Now that he lost all his friends, Andy came downstate to the city to expose even further the inhumane and wretched state of public housing with PIX news in tow all while Mayor de Blasio was out of town promoting himself as a supposed resistance fighter. Pictures showing the Guv pointing at dilapidated things and roach colonies and making obvious observations about how revolting it all is.

Well, let’s say his sudden presence payed dividends, because the apartment he made an example of NYCHA’s criminal neglect, resided by a paraplegic, got the urgent repairs and cleanup it needed. It may have also led to a similar fast track cleanup of an 83-year-old woman’s apartment that was inundated with mold. He also found $250 million dollars somewhere to speed up repairs for other NYCHA buildings (that’ll cover it in about the time he’s campaigning for re-election, natch). The Governor managed this with the same quickness as the opening of the 2nd Avenue subway line so it would be ready for his New Years Eve party and christening a few years back.

To top off his blatant photo-op tour, he participated in the city schools solidarity protest for the Parkland High School massacre, and died on the ground with the children around him.

His recent forays, even if did some good and was driven by spite to embarrass his fauxgressive mayoral foe, are doubtlessly suspicious. For one this drew some attention away from his idiot friend’s sentencing, how everyone he contracted to shore up the economy upstate with a solar factory are under indictment and of course his selective spending for the MTA, and another is that he obviously needs the city’s constituents to re-elect him so he’s doing some nice things, even piggybacking on a gun control youth movement. Yet he still won’t legalize pot.

In a way, Gov. Andy is trying to fast-track his own self-image as a progressive politician in a Scrooge like awakening. But it’s actually more like Robert Duvall’s minister in his masterpiece “The Apostle”, when after he cracks a guys head open with a baseball bat that puts him in a coma, he leaves town and shows up out of the blue into a broken poor town, assists in building a church and gives an inspiring sermon to the congregation.

Unfortunately, the sheriff comes for him and frog marches him out in handcuffs in front of everyone. Don’t know if Andy will have the same fate even though he clearly deserves it being what he has turned his elected position into, which is a sold-out figurehead compromised by his donors instead of a representative of the people.

But is surely shouldn’t be awarded to an actress with no prior elected office experience because she’s got progressive values or has been to political fundraising parties. For N.Y. ad. Don’t call her Nixon for now.

Cynthia Nixon, who appeared in the Oscar-winning film Amadeus and is famously renowned for her role in a TV show and movie spinoff and is very cute, officially announced her run for Governor. Actors have run for office before and she certainly has her right, but she is definitively not qualified and already has negative aspects about her candidacy.

For one, she has never held any office in her life, for she spent most of her career in the entertainment industry. For that alone is the reason why this state, and as you, the people have seen with Figurehead Trump, is reason alone why no one can just up and say they want to govern because they feel like they can. I don’t doubt Nixon’s intellect, (her Miranda character was a lawyer I think, yeah I watched the show, anyone who had a girlfriend when it was on HBO were obligated to view it), but Don Worthless has ruined it for everyone inexperienced in public service. And speaking of the fat pussy who fires people on Twitter, she is using the same tactics but from a liberal bent. Slamming Cuomo for being the bought off politician he is and allowing corrupt cronies to run rampant and his unforgivable management of the MTA, but she doesn’t have her own solutions or plans for governing. And while she’s directing falsehoods about his progressive stances when he endorsed and helped legalize same sex marriage in the state making it possible to for her to marry her girlfriend. And it’s interesting that she didn’t bring up his fundraising or his budgetary misdirected and profligate spending.

And two, and this a big number two pun intended. For all the inferring talk on Cuomo’s corruption, Nixon is way too close to the most corrupt mayor in the past 170 years and stupidest mayor anywhere of all time, Co-Mayor Big Slow de Blasio. It’s going to be an interesting debate if Nixon brings up how Cuomo’s influenced by donor cash when she associates with the biggest whore in the nation dependent on real estate money and his own blatant illegal fundraising in city hall. There is also the inconvenient truth about how he let lobbyists tied to his mayoral campaign get access and sit down and participate in meetings concerning city services and planning.

Coincidentally, her campaign is being managed by two of his agents of the city too. Her first ad shows her with her toddler daughter, commuting on the train on a peculiarly bare platform and car (when was this filmed, 4 a.m. on a Sunday?) and speaking at rallies, notably one on a podium with a rainbow colored filled RESIST emblazoned on it. That’s three of the four food groups of optical progressive campaigning right there.

It’s early in the year but this competition looks solidified, being the fact that lots of money runs politics and Andy has lots of it in his coffers and certainly Cyndi will soon. Andy sucks, but Cyndi is not the answer or even a good alternative, although clearly the lady is way easier on the eyes. And again the Republicans aren’t putting up anyone good or even distinctive and they denied the one guy a chance, Joel Giambra, who actually has independent thoughts and actual progressive ideas (including an EXCELLENT one to legalize pot to fund the MTA with taxes from it’s sales) to campaign on the GOP line.

In the meantime, look forward (or not, I won’t and neither will you, the people) to a lot more nauseating feel-good electioneering and feel-good false promises from Mario’s Son and T.V.’s Miranda in the next 6 months.

It’s a choice between two poseurs. At least it’s not two evils. Well Cuomo was evil once, but he’s turned face because of mitigating circumstances. This state and democracy are quite fucked.!/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/landscape_768/image.JPG


Get money out of politics. Repeal Citizens United and the McDonnell decision.




New Bad Days 46: Like It And Learn To Love It, Rikers Island Shutdown Is Underway As It Was Announced 60 Hours After A Group Of Five Gangbangers Crippled A Correction Officer; A Class Size Group Of Kids Beat Down A Homeless Man On The A Train; A Dead Baby Abandoned In A Park; Two Women Beat Down A Pregnant Woman And Slam A Door On Her Feet; Rap Crew Films Shitty Video And Shows Off Their Stash While Imprisoned; Super Crazy Guy Jumps Roofs In Bed-Stuy And Multiple Random And Intentional Slashings And Deadly Domestic Disputes. Island, pariah government center on scrumptious speculative real estate.

From the elected denizens occupying City Hall, they have begun the dizzying ill conceived official program to shut down Rikers Island and transfer all convicts present and future to four jails in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan. But not Staten Island, because supposedly no one commits crimes there.

This is where the Mini-Rikers will be:

  • Manhattan Detention Center, 125 White Street, Manhattan, 10013 (The Tombs)
  • Brooklyn Detention Center, 275 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 11201
  • Queens Detention Center, 126-01 82nd Avenue, Kew Gardens, 11415
  • NYPD Tow Pound, 320 Concord Avenue, Bronx, 10454

This transition is suppose to take a decade or if crime drops first. But apparently these fauxgressive hacks aren’t even going to wait for the latter, especially now that Gov. Andy has decided to up the ante with his jackass boisterousness and wants Rikers shut down earlier than that.

Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Corey Johnson announced an agreement today to move forward on closing Rikers Island and creating a smaller, safer and fairer borough-based jail system. Together with the Council Members representing these areas, the Mayor and Speaker have agreed to a single public review process for four proposed sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. These sites together will provide off-Island space for 5,000 detainees, and will include the three existing DOC facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, as well as a new site in the Bronx located at 320 Concord Avenue in Mott Haven.

“This agreement marks a huge step forward on our path to closing Rikers Island,” said Mayor de Blasio. “In partnership with the City Council, we can now move ahead with creating a borough-based jail system that’s smaller, safer and fairer. I want to thank these representatives, who share our vision of a more rehabilitative and humane criminal justice system that brings staff and detainees closer to their communities.”

“Today is a historic day, as we are yet one step closer to closing Rikers Island.  The New York City Council is proud to have spearheaded the historic Close Rikers movement by creating the Lippman commission and passing legislation enacting many of its recommendations. The Council has also funded innovative programming to keep cases out of the criminal justice system altogether, such as the CLEAR and HOPE programs, which provide treatment instead of incarceration to those with substance abuse issues. We all know that closing jails on Rikers means opening more humane, community-based facilities elsewhere. I am proud to stand with my Council colleagues and thank them for their support on this crucial issue. I look forward to working closely with Mayor de Blasio, my Council colleagues representing these communities, and the communities themselves in finally achieving our shared goal of closing Rikers Island,” said Speaker Corey Johnson.

The Office Of The Mayor

This is being done because the violent environment and corruption in Rikers has become too endemic. As opposed to the equally well know graft in the city and state government high offices for a century and at a pinnacle today? Is this really what voters, meaning the less than 25% who showed up to elect these dusted democrats, really asked for from them.

What are the costs going to be to retrofit those four jails and how they are going to manage to fit all those prisoners and even staff. Especially what the speculative costs will be to convert that garage in the Bronx into a functioning high security apparatus. Most essential is how this goal of 5,000 convicts going to be accomplished to justify these transfers.

As simplistic and cynical as it sounds, which this utopian program resembles the former in spades, the only way this can be achieved is by not convicting anyone who commits crimes it seems. Which de Blasio has already assured with recent accusations by a police captain of stations lessening crime charges and the recent and similar doctoring and reclassifying of crimes committed at homeless shelters

As for sounding like the latter, it has been known for a few years that the Gentrification Industrial Complex are salivating at the prospects of all that scrumptious real estate waiting to be taken. Even the Corrections Officers Union President Elias Husamudeen smells a rat and sees this for the fauxgressive ruse it is. Although coming from the namesake of the commission report that inspired the Rikers shutdown, Johnathan Lippman, it ain’t like those interested in all that city property are shy about their passively heinous ulterior motives masking as a humanity cause:

…former New York State chief judge Jonathan Lippman, who heads the New York City Council-created criminal justice reform commission that oversees the Rikers-study committee, said it’s only natural to explore “potentially doing some of the things we’ve done with other vacant, large pieces of land, whether it be benefiting public health, education, research institutions.”

But he also sought to emphasize, and then re-emphasize, that real estate is in no way the central focus of his committee.

“At the outset, let me say that the future of Rikers Island as a physical location follows—and certainly doesn’t precede—improving our jail system,” he said.

“The political center of this will be about how we make the system more humane and just,” he said, “and at the same time recognize that you do have a very strategically placed and valuable piece of real estate there that could have a multitude of public policy purposes to develop it.”

None of these elected idiots surely not have thought through this but predictably are following de Faustio’s (bottom) line. Particularly Speaker Corey Johnson who in just a short month after exhorting that he was going to be a bulldog critic and a check on the mayor’s machinations and decisions has devolved into the typical partisan loyal neoliberal lapdog he is. And Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz who has officially thrown her hands up and quit and gave her approval, selling out her constituents and her credibility.

While we all want to live in a city or even a world without crime, this program is being foisted on the public without a clarified thought or what the ramifications might be or how much the goddamn new Mini-Rikers are going to cost.

And one huge fact is if that when this transfer officially begins, will that endemic violent and corrupt prison culture will carry on in the new jails or will exacerbate. Because this is clearly not going to happen overnight or most certainly, well, never.

Because in Rikers Island, a correction officer was attacked and beat down by five prisoners as a guard in the same room just stood there and watched and did not help his fellow officer, who wound up with severe spinal and neck injuries from the savage gang attack. The first one who barged in the room planned the premeditated the attack during a phone call according to another inmate.

We shall see how this shit enfolds. This post illustrates that this isn’t starting off well.


In Long Island City, an 18-year-old man was accosted by a man in the elevator withim if he could hook him up with a job but then ambushed him and punched him repeatedly and stole his phone.

In Jackson Heights, a woman entering her apartment building was attacked by a man with a knife who shoved her against the wall and tried to steal her purse, but she resisted and dragged the mugger outside while holding on to her property.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man fell off the elevated tracks at the 74st Train Station and died.

In Far Rockaway, a 15-year-old boy was shot at twice and killed by two other teenage boys on the street at 4:30 p.m. in a gang-related shooting. The parents of the victim moved to the neighborhood from gentrifying Astoria because it was affordable.

In Ozone Park, a poor woman was killed in an fire ignited by a hot plate she was using in an apartment with multiple illegal conversion violations.

Also in Ozone Park, two men held up a man at knifepoint and robbed his wallet.

In South Ozone Park at Resorts World Casino, a 19-year-old man slashed a 72-year-old man in the face.

In Kew Gardens, a 50-year-old woman sitting on her porch at 8 p.m. was approached by a stranger who asked for the time then attacked her and slammed her into her car during a struggle and robbed her purse.

In Astoria, a newborn baby was found dead with his tube still attached to his belly in a garbage can at the Dutch Kills Playground.

Image result for Newborn baby found dead in garbage can at a Queens playground

Also in Astoria, at the Broadway Station, a man taking a piss on the platform was caught in the act by a commuter who decided to film him (unwise) and then whipped out a knife and threatened him then stalked him as they left the station

In South Jamaica, a hooker from California arranged a hookup with a woman through a website instead was confronted by an man with a gun who took her by a building where an armed woman was waiting and robbed her phone, I.D., and debit cards. The woman was forced into a cab and was about to be pimped out by them but was able to escape.

In Rosedale, 2 unattended pit bulls wandering around Brookville Park attacked a man then tried to attack cops coming out of their car, which led one of the officers to shoot one of the dogs in the legs.

In Forest Hills, a man killed himself as he crashed his BMW in a parking lot after he lost control of his vehicle.

In South Richmond Hill, a similar car burned to a crisp is parked on 107th avenue for some unknown reason.

063064066Hot Wheels.

In Richmond Hill, three men are still at large for 2 armed robberies of 2 bodegas and another bodega in Jamaica.

In Maspeth, a man robbed a bank of $2,200 when he gave the teller a note.

In Flushing, a burglar robbed the same house twice within the hour in the same day, stealing cash and jewelry totaling $2,200.

In Woodside, an 83-year-old woman was killed crossing the street by an SUV at 2:30 p.m.

In Fresh Meadows, parked cars are getting damaged from students of a driving school  during lessons.

In Glen Oaks, a man was found dead in a house after it was on fire.


In Columbus Circle on the A train arriving at the station of the same name, 20 to 30 kids attacked and savagely beat up a homeless man who asked them for money. This is like the first thing the Droogies did after leaving the milk bar in A Clockwork Orange but 5 to 7.5 times worse.

In the Lower East Side, a man attacked a restaurant worker on the street by calling him a racial slur then punching and slashing him in the face and stealing his cellphone.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man randomly slashed two women in the face blocks apart, the second attack was near a police station.

In the East Village, a vandal used a branch to smash the back windshield of a car.

Also in the East Village at Tompkins Square Park, a pile of christmas trees collected for mulching was set on fire overnight by pyromaniac vandals.

Again in the East Village, a man feigning to be a customer robbed a store at gunpoint and stole $500

And again in the East Village, a pitbull belonging to a homeless woman bit a homeless man when he tried to steal her food.

And again in the East Village at the 3rd Avenue Station, a man sat down next to a woman on the L train, whipped out his shlong and started jerking off.

And again in the East Village, proto-punk legend Handsome Dick Manitoba was charged with beating his ex-girlfriend in his apartment.

In the Upper West Side on the tracks of the Broadway express lines, a man jumped onto the tracks from the 96th St. Station, rested for a bit around 86th St. Station while holding a record then ran up the steps where he was detained by police kicking and screaming.

In Harlem, a man got shot to death after he engaged in an argument with three men in front of a public housing building.

Also in Harlem, a cab driver got stiffed for $18 from a couple and got assaulted by the male passenger when he tried to get his money as witnesses gawked at the beatdown.

Again in Harlem, a woman committed suicide by jumping out the window in front of her 11-year-old son.

In East Harlem at the 125th Street Station, a 17-year-old boy got slashed and robbed by two men for his sneakers that he was trying to sell via an arrangement on a social media platform. This is the umpteenth incident of it’s kind.

In Soho, a fire escape step that was being inspected by the Department of Buildings at the time fell off when a contractor was looking at it and fell 7 stories and landed on two people, critically injuring one and killing another.

In Greenwich Village, a man randomly attacked a woman and two men on the same block by punching them in the face.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man stabbed himself in the neck in front of his house over a break-up.

Again in Greenwich Village at Pier 40, a man was robbed of his bag containing his $2,000 laptop by two kids.

In the West Village at the 4th Street Station, a man going through the turnstile had his wallet snatched by a thief who then punched him in the face when he tried to get it back.

In Union Square, a man slashed his co-worker in the face at a juice store.

Also in Union Square, a man got busted trying to snatch a purse inside a supermarket and was wanted for prior similar thefts in the area.

Again in Union Square, a man attacked two cops by biting and kicking them when they were trying to remove him from a chain pharmacy store.

In Penn Station at Madison Square Garden, an off-duty cop seeing a kids show with his wife and kid caught a fugitive from a shooting in his precinct in University Heights and busted the perp with the help of his fellow officers.

In Hell’s Kitchen at the Intrepid Sea and Air Museum, a man attempted to rob a sweatshirt and demand five dollars by threatening a worker with a hammer.

In Waterside Plaza on the FDR drive, a mentally ill man being sent to Bellevue jumped out of the back door of the ambulance as it was leaving the highway exit.

In Chelsea at the Fulton Houses, a woman was raped by two men in a bathroom at an apartment while a house party was happening.

In Times Square at the 42nd Street Station, a man punched a woman in the face because she accidentally bumped into him.

Also in Times Square, a man harassed a woman and then pulled out a knife and slashed her face after her boyfriend tried to defend her.

Again in Times Square, a homeless man slashed a pedestrian in his face when he bumped into him.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a woman committed suicide as she leapt from the 28th floor of an apartment building.

In Midtown, a man was found dead in his apartment after he overdosed on huffing spray paint.

Related image

Also in Midtown at the 7th Avenue Station, a man shoved a 79-year-old man into a wall on the staircase and caused him to fall down the stairs.

At the Joralemon Tunnel under the East River, although there was a smoke condition the train continued to run on the 4/5 line.

In Downtown at City Hall, a livery cab driver shot himself in his car with a shotgun by the front gate in protest of the city’s ineffective policies regarding the amount of app-based hail car service vehicles clogging the streets and the monopolization of the industry and the elected officials who let it fester and grow. Never Forget Doug Schifter.

Also in Downtown at the Chambers St. Station on the J line platform, a woman was accosted by a man on the other side who took out his dick and started masturbating in front of her.

In the Flatiron District, two men went into an upscale handbag store and stole 3 grand worth of purses.

In Waterside Plaza, a man and a boy with hammers mugged a woman for her cash.


In East New York, where a hipster population is growing like a repulsive skinny tattooed stupid tree in Brooklyn which is what the city wants above all else, a man strangled his girlfriend in his apartment and was busted by the cops later at a barber shop in possession of a stolen loaded gun and a knife.

Also in East New York, a NYCHA employee grabbed the nuts of a man she was working with because she was about to get off probation for something.

Again in East New York at the Gateway Mall Shopping Mall parking lot is where the most car break-in thefts in the city happen.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man attacked and stabbed to death a husband and wife when they were walking back home from their store. The motive of the murders seem to be that the attacker bought bad mojo from them.

In Crown Heights, a man was shot twice in the face and stomach and killed around the corner from where he lived and nearby where the voodoo store proprietors were stabbed days before.

In Crown Heights, a group of men arrested for illegal trespassing taken to the 71st Pct. were never searched and were able to record a video from a cellphone in their jail cell and were showing off a big bag of weed and talking shit a mile a minute as officers were trying not to acknowledge them. Thus The Blue Wall Of Insouciance gets denser and higher.

Again in Crown Heights, a man dressed as a superhero with a costume ensemble of sandals, long johns, bermuda shorts, a ripped wifebeater t-shirt, a beach towel and a banana was jumping from roof to roof and was detained by cops after he posed with his trusty potassium power source on a fire escape and was about to jump and defy gravity and lose.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/edp-hangs-fire-escape.jpg(Theodore Parisienne / New York Daily News)

No need for Black Panther or Ghost Dad, Banana Lantern is here to fight gradually rising street crime and forced gentrification. Or maybe it’s Blankman II (are the Watchmen recruiting??)

In Flatbush, a barber who told a man to stop bothering his customers at his salon was shot by him two hours later.

In Bed-Stuy, a man shot his girlfriend in his apartment after an argument and barricaded himself inside from the cops.

In East Flatbush at the Holy Cross Cemetery, 63 headstones and statues were vandalized and knocked down.

In Prospect Heights , a man and woman robbed a bank and 6 others previously in the past month. 2018 Bonnie and Clyde.

In Williamsburg, a man broke into an apartment at 2:40 p.m. and stole expensive tech items, a laptop, a video game console and a purse.

In Cobble Hill, a man was found dead in the basement of a former hospital under development for luxury housing.

In Brighton Beach, three men are wanted for 4 violent muggings in 4 weeks from late December to January.

Also in Brighton Beach, three apartments were burglarized blocks away from each other.

In Seagate, a woman was slashed in the face by a man after an argument they had at a diner.

In Marine Park and Mill Basin, an employee of a department store aided a crook in stealing clothes and a woman’s car window was smashed and her pocketbook robbed.

In Coney Island, a deli was held up by a masked gunman who robbed the register.

In Sheepshead Bay, a woman was attacked by two men who put her in a chokehold and punched her in the face and was robbed of her cellphone, purse and shoes and a bodega was robbed overnight as was the portable ATM machine by it as the burglars made off with over 5 large.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, two boys robbed a kid of his bicycle when one of the jerks shot a stun gun at him.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, two men stole thousands of dollars worth of cellphones from a store.

And again in Sheepshead Bay, two men slashed a 17-year-old boy and robbed his cellphone and wallet,t hree people pounced on a 14-year-old boy in a park and beat him down for his sneakers and metrocard and two 18-year-old men broke into an apartment armed and ran when the kids inside started crying.

In Gravesend, an 18-year-old man got beaten up and robbed by a man he knew who stole his cellphone and hat after they got off a bus together.

In Bensonhurst, a woman was scammed and robbed by a con artist of 3 grand who promised her a job if she sent her a check, a man clobbered another man with a broomstick cutting his head open, three men sneaked up behind a man making a withdrawal at an ATM and stole 900 bucks, two men held up a man at gunpoint and robbed his cellphone.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man followed a woman to her apartment and forced his way in and attempted to rape her. The woman managed to elude him by running away and locking him out when he pursued her.

In Bay Ridge, a man held up a store at gunpoint and stole lottery scratch games worth $300.

Also in Bay Ridge, a woman found her screen window busted and $1,800 worth of jewelry missing when she came home after a few days.

Again in Bay Ridge, a man walking on the street drinking beer slapped and grabbed a woman’s ass.

In Bath Beach, a man held up a store at gunpoint and robbed $900, a gang of five men rolled up on a man sitting in his car with a BB gun and stole 30 bucks and his phone.


In Woodstock, a pregnant woman was attacked by two women who knocked her down and kicked her repeatedly as she laid on the steps and slammed the door on her leg then robbed her cellphone. Two supporters for the lady thugs were arrested at their arraignments for disrupting the court process with their yelling and refusing to vacate the chambers.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a teenage girl was attacked in an apartment building lobby by three men and two women who all beat her down to the floor with punches and kicks then threw bleach at and slashed her face.

In Mott Haven, a wheelchair bound woman with one leg was randomly slashed in the face by a man she recognized in front of corner bodega.

Also in Mott Haven, a man randomly slashed a father in his face when he walking on the sidewalk with his 1 year old son.

In Morris Park, a man was shot to death while sitting in his car at 5:30 a.m.

In Pelham Gardens, a man broke into a 64-year-old woman’s apartment by climbing through her window on the second floor then beat her up with a crowbar after she tried to take his skimask off. He then tied her up with a phone cord and stole her wedding band and $500.

In Allerton, a man was was found in an apartment lobby floor with a stab wound in his chest and died from his wound.

In Norwood, a man shot his girlfriend three times in their apartment after an argument.

In Fordham Heights, a man shot at two teenage males on a street corner after midnight.

In Pelham Bay Park, a man and woman boarding a bus got into a brawl with a commuter who the woman attacked with a screwdriver, then the man attacked the driver with an umbrella when he refused the suspects demand to keep driving.

In Belmont, while filming a segment for his news report about people getting swindled, PIX news correspondent Howard Thompson got attacked at an auto repair shop by a mechanic with a baseball bat who managed to hit Help Me Howard on the arm and also his cameraman on his hip.

In Claremont Village, a man tasked with watching a puppy pit bull stabbed it 50 times and killed it after the little dog bit him.

Goodnight, Onyx, 18 months.

In the South Bronx, a commercial building being used as a brothel was raided by cops leading to the arrest of seven men

In Parkchester, $100,000 in fentanyl was found inside box coolers of fish after a police investigation of a car.

In Morris Heights, a man and woman waltzed into an apartment and stole 4 grand worth of kicks.

In Foxhurst, an agent from the Immigrant and Customs Enforcement abused his position when he threatened to shoot a man with his gun having his car repossessed by his repoman cousin and later was arrested himself at the police station he brought his victim to because he was not suppose to use his government issued weapon while off duty.

Staten Island

A cop from the borough was busted in a bank fraud scheme with an accomplice who used his dead father’s identity, stealing $1.5 million from citizens.

Two men are ripping off people by placing skimmers in gas station pumps in this borough and Flushing and using cloned card numbers for shopping sprees.

Mission Virtually Accomplished: The Lefferts Blvd. Elevator Is Activated.

South Ozone Park, N.Y., U.S.A.

In what I admit could be an abberation in the usual posts that get written here, here is an actual good news bulletin and sign of albeit late ass civic progress. As reported here since this digital publication’s inception, it took almost 4 years, but the main entrance of the Lefferts Blvd has completed with the activation of the elevator! And it actually is quite shiny and nice. It officially got turned on about a few weeks ago about 4 months ahead of the proposed 3th quarter deadline.

Check it out!!!






Hard to believe this took almost half a decade. But at least the essential part of the station is done being that it’s by the death defying horror show intersection that is Liberty Avenue and Lefferts Blvd where two accordion buses stop every day, making egress to the street finally a satisfying routine.

All is not well though, for it’s still the worst fucking transit system in the universe. For there are still bollards, barricades, equipment, vehicles and miscellaneous debris and materials cluttering the curbs taking up two blocks worth of parking spaces. For the station exit and entrance at the west side of the station are still under renovation.







Why the continued cantankerous position with this? Because it looks like the elevator finally got the long overdue fast track initiative when the new sheriff of the MTA came to town from Toronto, Andy Byford who is a big stickler when it comes to the handicapped commuters. For MTA brass clearly noticed what he accomplished by making Toronto’s transit system entirely handicap accessible while cleaning up his new office.

It is a tad surprising that they got the elevator operating, but all that street hoarding under the El looks like it’s going to remain there a while and perhaps might pile up more. When I saw the first card sensor on a turnstile and the dumbass energy wasting digital screens inside train cars a few weeks before the grand debut of the Lefferts Lift, I almost plotzed.




The rush to get these out there is pretty goddamn stupid and no doubt at huge expense, especially that the screens were installed on the old cars that are being planned to be replaced by a new fleet and the payment method won’t be implemented until 2019 and has the potential to fail and be prone to errors. The MTA decision to start a rummage sale of all their “antique” discarded signs, seats, benches and garbage cans, is a pathetic shitty way to start to re-accrue these moronic expenditures. The funny thing is that those antique garbage cans, which were misguidedly decided to be removed from the platforms in an attempt to curb litter and rodent colonies, can obviously still be useful.

Cynical observations aside it is a timely tiny miracle the Lefferts Station entrance got done, for the MTA is still having massive FUBAR snafus, being all the other various problems the system has got going for it this year.

Like the new countdown clocks which are already showing consistent inaccuracies and placed in ridiculous hard to view spots.

A thorough 21st century modernization of the Penn Station hub has exhibited a massive wall to wall crack on the floor just a short few months after the state of the art passageway opened.

That a lot of delays are actually caused by commuters looking down at or diddling their fingers on their cellphones as they enter and exit trains, giving the effect of a herd of lobotomized sheep or herd of cattle slowly marching to getting shed or milked or to their certain death.

That small businesses along the north elevated tracks in Astoria have lost 50% of their customers because of the storage of materials and vehicles for way overdue renovations hogging parking and sidewalk spaces.

And of course the obvious long overdue shutdown of the irresponsibly neglected Canarsie Tunnel on the L line. As doomsday draws near in just another year, the MTA and the city still doesn’t have a concrete plan for commuters, especially the effect it will have to the already crushed sardine boxes on the Queens and Brooklyn lines. It looks like the appointed subway ambassadors will have to update their itineraries and probably have to don body armor or chainmail to ward off the frustrated masses.

But most fortunate of all for the citizenry reliant on the Lefferts Station to start and end their grinding workdays and the easement of physical stress on the aged and infirm is that it has evaded the perpetual distraction nonsensical battle of half-wits and directionless obstructionist feud over transit and transportation funding and policy making between the neoliberal bags of dead dicks and shit Mayor William de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Mario’s son has gotten deserved heat for his rush to open the four stop 2nd avenue for his grand opening suarez. Since that day and his proclaimed summer of hell, he has allocated and spent billions on boondoggles, minor transit extensions, and prioritized profligate ornamental improvements over infrastructure improvements in the city’s dilapidated subways, like the aforementioned newly cracked and ruined floor at Penn Station.

There is the recent decision by Cuomo through his intern commissioner Joe Lotha to add a third track on the LIRR between two close stops for a (not so) cool $1.8 billion. There was the not surprising revelation that the cashless and humanless toll booths in the past 5 years incurred over 80 million dollars in lost fares and fees.

And for shits and giggles in an egregious stunt that would make Chris Christie share his taco bowl with Mario’s son, the governor emailed commands to his MTA staffers relayed to transit supervisors to defer most of the blame for power failure transit delays to Con Edison by cooking the books on the number of them four-fold just so he can justify his tainted stats while doing his occasional Excelsior shirt sleeves rolled up subterranean photo op to divert attention from the generally known fact of the consistency of the antique signal system breakdowns.

And the topper might be what Guv’ner Andy announced in the state of the state and of his delirious mind when he promised to build another subway tunnel going to Red Hook, Brooklyn by extending the local 1 train from downtown Manhattan to coincide with the prospective hyper-development plan in a hurricane flood zone to build affordable luxury towers and a park there for the next hipster pilgrimage. This was considered as Trump’s tax cut law, the Oligarch Welfare law, will put a stop to that plan just like it officially did on the extension of the 2nd Avenue Q line to 125th Street.

Mario’s son’s costly congestion pricing plan to fund transit took a big hit when Doug Schifter took his life in protest of this extra tax on struggling independent cab and delivery drivers. And de Faustio millionaire tax plan, which he pilfered from assemblyman Michael Ginaris, is seeing absolutely no support at all.

As for the perjuring mayor of the city where the subway runs, well, apparently it did not deem worth a mention either an acknowledgement in the new city budget which actually exceeded 4 billion dollars from last year. Yet somehow his staff and his real estate donors lobby group is still pushing for the BQX line to get built despite the lead cheerleader quitting on them and a study detailing it’s unsustainability and ballooning costs and it’s unpopularity from the furious residents living by the prospective tracks.

Mayor de Faustio stubbornly refuses to contribute to fund the subway re the emergency plan put forth by Lotha for the city to contribute a little more than half of the $800 million needed to improve it (It actually should be more), for the reason he repeats that the state should pay for it entirely and that they squandered earlier city funding. He would have a point and a justification to his obstinancy if he wasn’t supporting that cruddy BQX, and how he ordered his MTA picks to blow off $200 million for station fixes  because the stations he wanted done were for areas that are in his gentrification fostering and escalating mandatory inclusionary zoning plans for East New York and the South Bronx.

Although de Faustio did find some loot, about a couple million, for an express bus route to Rikers Island.

This summer, the city will also test-run express buses shuttling people directly to and from Rikers out of two public-transit hubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The jailhouse jitneys will cost taxpayers $846,000 this fiscal year and $1.69 million each year after that. The DOC wouldn’t yet say if the shuttles will be free to ride.

N.Y. Post

Both them do share common ground when it comes to the rent and food burdened poor straphangers, since they both saw no need to alleviate their struggles by denying them extra transfers and reduced-fare cards. But as for the funding concerning the maintenance and sustenance of the worst fucking transit system in the universe, of which both are mostly responsible for it’s status, their sniveling petty little rivalry continues as riders get fucked over for another year and possibly infinity.


For now, the Lefferts Station is the only aspect of this fucked up transit system of this broke ass city and state that is worth admiring. Even if it’s only for the few minutes entering and exiting it during the elongated overcrowded ride to Manhattan and back. Making it the approximation of a commuting shit sandwich.

It was a four year wait, but ultimately, as with all the chaos that will ensue with all mentioned, it was actually worth it.

It will break down in a month or two though.

Governor And Aspiring President Andrew Cuomo’s Sneaky Political Patronage Hires Gets F.B.I. Attention governor of New York, expressing victimization from his latest visit from the feds.

Albany, N.Y.

Looks like Mario’s son Andy Cuomo is having another ethics debacle and again abusing his position giving to him by the voters who entrusted him with it.

The Times Union: FBI probing Cuomo office’s hiring practices

The FBI is investigating the Cuomo administration’s practice of hiring employees to work in the governor’s office while actually paying them through various state agencies and public authorities, the Times Union has learned.

Hiring pricey political appointees to work for the Executive Chamber — but paying them through other entities — has allowed Cuomo and prior governors to increase the size of their staffs while escaping criticism for inflating the Executive Chamber budget.

One type of evidence being explored by the FBI, sources said, are the written notifications that are sent by agencies or authorities to the governor’s office informing them of a new hire.

An analysis by the Times Union a year ago found that more than 40 percent of the Executive Chamber staff was actually on the payroll of public authorities or agencies. At the time, 89 of 209 Executive Chamber employees were on agency or authority budget lines.

That trend accelerated when Cuomo announced 27 new hires or promotions last March. All but a handful went to Executive Chamber jobs, but the Executive Chamber was actually paying just five of those people.

Many of the well-paid new political appointees announced in March were veterans of the Obama administration or Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign that needed new employment. The moves also sparked further speculation about Cuomo gearing up for a 2020 presidential run.

Under Cuomo, in some instances the positions held by Executive Chamber officials have had a correlation with the entity paying them. In other instances there seems have been little link between the work being done and an employee’s source of income.

Take well-paid Cuomo speechwriters, Tom Topousis and Jamie Malanowski. Although paid to pen speeches for the governor, Topousis was hired in 2015 at a $125,000 salary as a “special assistant” at the Office of Children and Family Services, a child protective services agency.

Malanowski’s $120,000 salary, meanwhile, has been paid by the Affordable Housing Corp., a quasi-governmental agency that helps subsidize affordable housing projects.

One of the March hires announced by Cuomo was Joel Wertheimer, who in his prior job in the Obama White House was coordinating and reviewing briefing materials sent to the president.

In his new post as staff secretary for Cuomo, Wertheimer was hired at a $120,000 salary on the budget of the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, an agency which helps people recover from addiction. He left the Cuomo administration in September, seven months after being hired, payroll records show.

In March, Cuomo also announced the hiring of Robert Gibbon, a former state Republican Senate staffer and an attorney. He was retained as assistant counsel to the governor for transportation at a salary of $105,000.

Yet Gibbon was hired for a budget slot on the payroll of the Justice Center, an agency meant to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect at homes for the disabled. After the Times Union inquired about Gibbon’s status, a Cuomo spokesman said he would be moved to the payroll of the quasi-governmental Thruway Authority.

These hires from the wracked DNC forms quite the cabal. Mario’s son again proves adept at spreading tax dollars like it’s coming out of his ass like diarrhea on patronage hires. How these generously well overpaid officials qualified for these positions absolutely don’t matter to a man with such lofty goals beyond his horrendous two terms as governor.

Nothing strange or unusual considering where these dubiously talented folk came from considering how much campaign money was accrued and spent by the partisan political organization. In fact lots of it by Figurehead Obama in his 2012 campaign virtually bankrupted it with the over-staffing of all this primo talent and candidate Manifest Hillary 2016 campaign ethically bankrupted it according to Donna Brazille and Wikileaks.

It’s an absolute certainty that the positions and the policies they are tasked with as not resulted in any proactive or positive gains or progress at all when it comes to services the constituency relies on. Like transit, transportation and housing. Even a basic thing to keep governing functioning honestly and efficiently like ethics. For these appointees seem more distracted with primping the Prince Andy for the high office than with the conditions of the roads, the subways, schools, elderly care and stemming the crises of cost of living and rental affordability, child abuse, homelessness and heroin and fentanyl addiction. The only thing these hacks specialize in is boosting their clients hollow profiles and watered-downed disingenuous promises and policies. No need to wonder why these problems still exist and persist.

As for ethics, these career politicos said fuck all to that certainly when they started their careers in government service. For it’s has always been about survival of the fittest, and have found a nice safe place from the man who betrayed his promise to stifle in house corruption and abolished the Moreland Commission when it was found to be in his palatial office.

All this falls in direct line with his atypical lousy judgement when it’s comes his choices of funding programs and of course the people he’s willing to associate with, like his honorary brother Joe Percoco, just recently busted taking bribes from a developer and hooking up his son with a plum job:

The Cuomo hiring practice is also a sidebar to the January corruption trial of former top Cuomo aide Joe Percoco and three others.

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office alleges Percoco accepted bribes from Syracuse developer Steven F. Aiello, a co-defendant in the upcoming trial. One government favor done in exchange for bribes, according to prosecutors, was Percoco facilitating a $5,000 raise for Aiello’s son in a new job in Cuomo’s office in 2015.

The son, Steven L. Aiello, was actually paid his $62,000 salary through the Division of Military and Naval Affairs, which manages New York’s military forces, records show. He has since left the administration.

Clear to see a pattern there. But with Mario’s son’s unquenchable appetite for more loftier heights and stupidly distracted with it that he let his shithead friend engage in nepotism hiring, he recklessly went into overkill with his executive office hires, leading to this FBI investigation.

And Andy is clearly feeling the heat up his ass as he’s in snowflake victimization mode.

NY Post

Team Cuomo called the Times Union’s report “absurd” and said the practice has been going on for decades.

“‎The agencies are all part of the same executive branch, and this administration follows the exact same lawful hiring process we inherited from previous administrations stretching back decades. If there are questions about it, call George Pataki,” said Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi.

“In this environment, anyone can ask about anything, but the fact is the longstanding practice of detailing staff from agencies to work in the Executive Chamber dates back over 50 years to at least the Rockefeller administration and extends to the White House and the federal Department of Justice,” he said.

Or we can ask Governor Andy’s dad.

“Given that the Federal Department of Justice and the White House have a long history of utilizing this practice, perhaps the FBI can investigate them when this is charade is over.”
The paper reported that some employees do have some connection to the agencies or authorities they are paid by while in others they do not.

NY Daily News

“Have you been in Albany?” Cuomo sternly asked the reporter who asked the question. “Have you covered government? Do people who have political experience get hired by government or is it a new fact for you?”

“You have it going on in journalism,” Cuomo said. “What are you going to do different?”

Nothing like good old deflection and projecting. And the classic childish antidote of “they did so we can do it too”. With a sprinkle of the pervasive fascist trend of bashing and intimidating journalists.

The pressing thing about this for Andy is that he is the only one left from all those previous corruption cases in the last few years serving the state. Which makes him the only target or in his mind an easy scapegoat. The timing is pretty shitty considering his comfy seat in Albany is up for grabs this year, but it serves him right for having such shitty judgement in the first place.

Although it’s wishful thinking, an indictment against Andy would be sweet but it’s a long shot considering the precedence of a century of entrenched unethical political wheeling and dealing in New York. It is nice and karmic that he is feeling the same frustration and aggravation that his policy decisions have levied on his constituents, especially in the 5 boroughs, who continued to be subjected to it day after day, year after year.

Here’s hoping charges materialize, that way a new precedence can begin to get money and marketing out of politics and government. But mostly drop the bomb on this jerk’s deluded higher office ambitions.

If not, at least the nation can be secure in the knowledge that Mario’s son appointed a bunch of political mercenaries that couldn’t get their megalomaniac candidate Manifest Hillary to beat a boastful ignoramus manchild like our current President Figurehead Trump.








Thanksgiving Props To The New York Times For Excellent Report On MTA And Government Incompetence And Financing Malfeasance

The New York Times put together a massive and thorough report on the historic and current wretched operations and financing of the Metropolitan Transit Authority the other day and it’s a motherfucker. It covers 20 plus years of bureaucratic bullshit, lousy management, circumventing state and city funding of the decrepit antiquated and as the paper actually stated, worst transit system in the world.

For this, tis the season, certainly everyone this holiday weekend who will have time to read this essential expose are very thankful. Especially here at Impunity City, for my infamous most popular and widely read vulgar manifesto on the worst fucking transit system in the universe, thanks to the old grey lady, has been professionally and officially validated and vindicated. It also shows that Mario’s son’s micromanaging style when he was at HUD resurfaced in prioritizing MTA projects and de Faustio’s derelict approach by deferring responsibilities for the transit system to the state even though the city runs and manages it. Job well done!

This gives renewed hope for the fourth estate, especially the Times. And also that there is an audience out there still yearning for solid reporting and factual information. This story was way overdue has the subway and bus lines have got worse and worse and might be worse now (I know, repetitive) than it was back in the, yes, bad old days when there was an actual excuse for it’s inefficiency because New York was broke in the 70’s. This article was super informative yet monstrously grim, and it’s only part one!

So thanks again. Also of course to Governor Cuomo and the MTA, for continuing to live up to your exceptional shitty standards and ineptitude with the recent train derailment running a new train worth 3/4 of a billion dollars from a Montreal manufacturer on it’s first hours of operation. And also going to the Great White North to hiring some dude from Toronto to take the tattered reins of this literal trainwreck as the new transit chief.


New Transit Chief Andy Byford. Sure, he looks happy now.

Good luck Transit Chief Andy B.. Try to fix this clusterfuck transit system to the best of your abilities before you bail in 9 months. Don’t expect any gratitude though, because commuters have had enough and now know everything on how the MTA runs and mostly doesn’t run. Fix the fucking subway.

Or else…






New Bad Days 40: A Mental Hospital’s Lax Rules And Parsed Technicalities Lets Their Patients Run Around In Public Without Medication; Two Women Assaulted On The Trains By Raging Middle-Aged Homeless Men; Unprofessional Hockey Player Beats An Uber Driver With His Stick; A Pre-K School Student Died And Another Student Abandoned On The Street By Criminally Stupid Supervisors; And More Random Acts Of Molestation, Grudge Motivated Shootings And Stabbings It’s a free-for-all madhouse.


In Glen Oaks by the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center for the mentally ill, multiple reports by residents of assaults, aggressive panhandling and public urination and defecation and drug abuse by people coming from the hospital and wandering around the neighborhood this year. This is causing irritation and ire among the citizenry, because of the decriminalization of the laws concerning pissing and shitting (!!) in the streets, the cops can’t and won’t repress this display of lousy hygiene.

Non-profit groups contracted by the city tasked with the operation of the hospital have been neglectful and absent during community meetings with the NYPD and the OMH Security (Office of Mental Health) and have been uncooperative with all concerned because of HIPPA protections meant for patients that they exploit to shield themselves from transparency and accountability demanded of them. The hospital’s administration management has also been hamstrung and feeding denials about the lack of security and effects on the towns nearby.

Recent rules regarding patients allow them to roam free past the grounds and the hospital is being operated more like a homeless shelter than a place that’s supposed to cure or stem mental illness, thanks to Governor Andy Cuomo’s re-stipulating and re-definition of the facility as a place for “transitional housing” and it’s inpatients as “outpatients” and exacerbated by the slow process of funding to the city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation, leaving the center understaffed of doctors, nurses and probably security and with a low stock of medication, guaranteeing the further decay of the minds of the thousands of people and society as a whole in northeastern Queens.

So, more people have to suffer, which includes business owners, the residents and the mentally ill, because of this stupid petty feud between the arrogant neoliberal elected leaders of the state and city, Mario’s son and de Faustio.

In Rego Park, a man sneaked up behind and robbed an elderly woman in the lobby of an apartment building at 11:45 a.m.

Also in Rego Park, a man broke into another man’s apartment, threatened he had a gun, punched him and stole his laptop.

Again in Rego Park, a man stalked then provoked a cop to fight him who gave him a moving violation ticket earlier.

In South Richmond Hill, 2 men, one holding a gun, approached 2 other men at a gas station and robbed them of $800 at 3 in the morning.

Also in South Richmond Hill, a man died when he crashed his motorcycle on a median in a suspected vehicular accident.

In Jackson Heights, a man at a birthday party groped a young 6-year-old boy and forced him to give him a handjob in the room he rents to his parents. When he got caught in the disgusting act, the parents locked him inside and called the cops, then the deviant tried to escape going out the window on the fourth floor but killed himself when he landed on a fence.

In Howard Beach, a Park Ranger’s badge, I.D., handguffs and gun and ammunition were robbed when he found his car was broken into.

In Jamaica at the Royal Waste plant, a wall fell on 2 men hospitalizing both of them, days after a partial vacate order was placed by the Department of Buildings.

Also in Jamaica, a woman crashed her car into a house, injuring two kids aged 2 and 6 sitting in a room and tried to run away.

Again in Jamaica at P.S./I.S. 116, a scaffold collapsed as students were about to enter the building.

And again in Jamaica, two men robbed four businesses at gunpoint.

In South Jamaica, a man was stabbed to death in his kitchen by a man who he had been feuding with after they brawled through the house.

In Springfield Gardens and Bellerose, 2 shootings took place in 20 minutes resulting in the death of one and 3 wounded.

In Whitestone, a man and woman involved in a shooting by a bus stop were arrested for possessing an stolen gun and knives.

In Long Island City at the Queensboro Plaza station, a man caught jumping the turnstile by a female police officer shoved her to the ground when the train arrived when she was about to write him a ticket.

Also in Long Island City at the Court Square station, a man snatched a woman’s cellphone out of her hand on the platform and split.

In Elmhurst, a man was shot and killed on the street after being confronted by 3 men who inquired if he belong to a gang.

In Woodside, a man walked into a pizzeria at 11 p.m. with a gun and robbed it of $3,200.

Also in Woodside, a man sitting in his car was attacked by two men, one of them who beat him up with a cricket bat, and robbed him of $100.

Again in Woodside, a man attempting to rob a register tray in a laundromat was stopped by a 68-year-old man but still was able to steal 20 bucks.

In Sunnyside at the 52nd St/Lincoln Ave. station, a man stalked a woman on the staircase and grabbed her ass and then her breasts when she turned around to yell at him and then ran away.

In Jackson Heights, a man armed with a knife held up a bank at 4:15 p.m.

In Bayside, an elderly couple’s home was invaded at 7 p.m. by three armend men in masks who robbed them of their cash and jewelry

In Woodside, Ridgewood & Maspeth, a man riding a bike on the streets went up to various young girls and exposed his little prick at them in various incidents since May.

In Ridgewood, a man broke into an apartment to rob it but was thwarted by a panicked 9-year-old girl who screamed.

In Flushing, a man burglarized five businesses in a span of two weeks.

In Ozone Park at the Resorts World casino, a woman’s purse was robbed by 2 men while playing video games at the arcade at the gambling machine.

Also in Ozone Park, two cars collided in an intersection, instantly killing an 18-year-old driver.

In Corona, a man stalked and molested a 14-year-old girl by grabbing her in the crotch and kissing her mouth.

In Springfield Gardens, a car crashed into a bus injuring 16 people.


In Chelsea, a man driving for Uber standing his car in the crosswalk was provoked by a man wielding a hockey stick who tapped his car repeatedly. When the driver went out to confront him, the pedestrian whacked him in the head with his hockey stick, knocked him down and stomped on his chest as the driver laid on the street. After the incident the driver went back in his car and drove off, then passed out at the wheel and crashed into a median and died from his injuries.

In Union Square, a man standing in the crosswalk was hit by a driver in a SUV as it was turning. The driver kept going and the victim is now dead.

Also in Union Square, a woman is robbed two purses at different times at a chain coffee restaurant and at a posh hotel lobby in the Bowery.

Again in Union Square at the train station of the same name, a man grabbed a woman’s crotch on the subway platform.

And again in Union Square, a man pulled out a knife to break up a fight between two other men.

In Inwood at Fort Tyron Park, two teenage boys were attacked by a gang of men as they were leaving the park, one was stabbed 5 times all over his body and beaten with a blunt object and his friend was slashed twice in the face and neck. A few miles south in Washington Heights a man and woman were also attacked by a gang of men, the male victim was stabbed twice and beaten with a baseball bat.

Also in Inwood, a massive fire destroyed a row of seven shops

Again in Inwood, an apartment building went up in flames in a five alarm fire started on the roof that took 18 hours to put out, leaving 40 families homeless. The local news main focus on the devastation to the people disenfranchised by fire was if the tenants were going to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Sam Costanza, NY Daily News.

In the East Village, a group of homeless people sheltering under a scaffolding sicced their dog at people then vandalized a martial arts school with a can of paint after being told to move away from the premises.

Also in the East Village at the promenade by the FDR drive, a severed man’s leg washed up along the rocks by the East River.

Again in the East Village at the 2nd Avenue station, a man stalked a woman getting off the train and groped her.

And again in the East Village, a woman sneaked into an apartment building and robbed shipped packages left in the hallway for tenants.

In the Lower East Side, a homeless wheelchair bound man who was a loner alcoholic with a familiar presence was killed by a hit-and-run driver at 3:25 a.m.

Also in the Lower East Side, an Australian diplomat having a nightcap with his friends fell to his death from the 7th floor terrace after playing the trust game and couldn’t get a grip on his friends hand. The deceased moments earlier took his friends wife and span her around the perilous balcony frightening her.

Again in the Lower East Side, a woman riding a bike at night in the wrong direction was hit by a turning dump truck

In the Upper West Side, a man was attacked and stabbed in front of a deli.

Also in the Upper West Side at the 81st Station, an 17-year-old girl was molested by a man who exposed his little prick and tried to place it in her hand.

In Downtown at the Brooklyln Bridge/City Hall Station, a woman exiting the train had her iphone snatched by a cheery man on the platform.

Also in Downtown at the Wall St. Station, a couple in their 20’s robbed a phone off a 75-year-old man as he was slashed and stabbed by the woman.

In Harlem at a Pre-K school, a 3-year-old boy died from complications of a dairy allergy when a worker gave him a grilled cheese sandwich to eat, despite having documented information of his condition.  But don’t worry concerned parents, the Department of Education sent a letter of precaution three days after the preventable stupid incident.

Also in Harlem, 2 men were shot and wounded blocks from each other in broad daylight.

Again in Harlem, an employee at the Department Of Social Services was involved in a prostitution ring with her two pimp sons by paying the rent at the brothel and getting a cut of the proceeds.

And again in Harlem at a charter school, a man at a PTA meeting dropped his gun when he tried to tie hi son’s shoe.

At Central Park by the Upper East Side, a man was held up at gunpoint by two 15-year-old kids who robbed his wallet and cellphone.

In NoMad at the 33rd Street station, a bag with a pressure cooker was left behind in the station during rush hour, causing a three-hour delay. This looks like a rehearsal.

In Midtown, a woman stabbed her boyfriend in the bed they were in as he slept.

Also in Midtown at Saks, a woman attempting to buy luxurious products with stolen credit cards was caught possessing an loaded gun.

In Chelsea, a 76-year-old man entering his apartment building was followed by 2 men who proceeded to beat him down to the floor in an attempted robbery.

Also in Chelsea, a man leaving a niteclub with his friends went ballistic and vandalized everything in his path as he kicked a locked bike, threw a garbage can in the street, flipped over a dresser and ripped garbage bags on the sidewalk and attacked a police sergeant who demanded his I.D..


In Bensonhurst on the N train during the morning rush hour, a man sitting next to a woman started spreading his legs making her uncomfortable and irritated. When she yelled at him to stop crowding her, he bragged that he raped women like her and other expletives and then punched her in the mouth. An off-duty cop stepped in to protect her by demanding the vulgar giant shit to get off the train (he should have pulled the emergency brake and have cops wait at the next station).

The victim then tried to report the incident after being notified on her social media account by an NYPD lieutenant but got difficulties instead when she went to a station in the city where she was literally told not to bother and suggested going to the precinct in Brooklyn where she got assaulted even though it was on a moving train passing by the borough and got virtually blown off at the precinct there as they wouldn’t take her demand to press charges on her attacker. NYPD rules stipulate that all precincts must take victim’s complaints and reports no matter where the crime took place.

Fortunately, the giant shit got arrested. So there are some, though minute, qualities of having twitter/facebook being that the area precinct got lambasted and embarrassed for their lack of action. It is the opinion of this digital publication that the NYPD was being reticent and uncooperative with the woman just to manipulate crime stats to keep it low.

In Coney Island, a 17-year-old girl was shot and killed and her boyfriend was also shot in their apartment building over a money dispute with the assailant. The girl and her boyfriend was planning on leaving the borough.

Also in Coney Island, a 71-year-old women going to her car was approached by a man feigning to start a conversation then shoved her to the ground and stole her purse

In Greenpoint, a man walking on the street at 4 in the morning got surrounded by five men who then beat him and robbed him of his belongings.

Also in Greenpoint, a man got slashed in the face in a botched carjacking attempt.

In Williamsburg, a woman withdrawing cash from an ATM at 8:25 a.m. was attacked by a man who punched and shoved her and robbed her of $420.

Also in Williamsburg, a man stole a baby stroller worth 2 large out of building foyer.

In East New York, a dead body was buried in a backyard determined by a NYPD investigation to be there for five years.

In Bed-Stuy, a teenage boy menaced and robbed 3 bucks from a 9-year-old by pinning him against the wall while he was on his bike.

Also in Bed-Stuy, an 18-year-old college student was found dead in a courtyard of an apartment building with multiple bruisings and skull hemorrhage.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a synogogue roof went on fire by a man who had no skills to operate a blowtorch.

At the It Takes A Village Academy charter school in East Flatbush, a student repeatedly bullied at the start of the school year by a group of other students was gang-raped in a locker room and the principal and other officials responsible for the safety of the kids did not call the cops. Four other students also complained of similar molestation incidents.

In Fort Greene, a driver who blew a red light refused to pull over for cops then sped down the street smashing into 2 vehicles and then crashed into a bus. The driver ditched his bleeding passenger and ran off.

In Dyker Heights, an apartment building fire that killed 2 and injured 7 people was started by a woman who was frustrated of overflowing garbage piling up. So she lit in on fire, then kicked the can over, unaware of the gasoline lying on the ground beside it.

In Sunset Park then in Bay Ridge, a 65-year-old man whose car got wrecked in a parking lot by another driver in a van that tried to flee the crash got dragged on the street and run over by the van driver when he tried to confront him and died from his injuries.

Also in Sunset Park, a man with a hammer smashed the windows, broke a doorknob and a security camera at an Islamic Center. Another one got vandalized the same way a half hour later.

In Kensington on the G train at the Church Ave. station, an MTA worker dragged then kicked a passenger who was sleeping on the train

In Bensonhurst, a van veered off the street and crashed into a medical supply store.

Also in Bensohhurst at 2:50 a.m., a man attacked a woman and tried to rape her on the street but she bit him on his filthy hand and he ran off like a bitch.

At City Line Park in East New York, a 17-year-old boy was attacked from behind by 3 men who slashed him in the hand, beat him to the ground and stole his cash and cellphone.

In Cypress Hills at the Bless Sacrament Church, a man knocked over a statue of St. Francis

Also in Cypress Hills on the J train, two robberies of women and their headphones and earbuds took place at two stations.

Again in Cypress Hills, a man lifted two power generators from a construction site at 1 p.m.

In Bushwick, a man snatched a purse from a woman in front of a store and ran away.

In Bushwick and Bed-Stuy also on the J line, a man mugged 3 women and 1 man at the Kosciusko and Myrtle Ave. stations for their chains and iphones.

In Flatbush, a man struck another man with a bottle of hooch after an argument they had on the train.

In Dumb-o, a worker at a pretentious eatery bragged about her manager being racist against Black people to her customers.

In Midwood, a man molested a woman and a teenage girl as he got off the B9 bus.

In Brownsville, two men in a Mercedes Benz picked up a guy on the street and offered him a ride home then showed him a badge and held him up with a gun and robbed him of $600.

In Prospect Park/Lefferts Gardens at the Prospect Park South station, a man attempting to pay with a student metrocard got caught by the cops and was discovered to be possessing a loaded gun and 8 rounds. He claimed he didn’t know where the gun came from and the card belonged to his girlfriend. He is 24 and the card is only to be used by students from grades 7-12.

In Dyker Heights at the St. Bernadette Catholic Academy, a man entered the school without permission and was photographing students and then ran away.

In the towns of Mill Basin, Marine Park, Flatlands and Bergen Beach, there were multiple incidents of shoplifting, stolen card purchasing, breaking and entering into cars and purse snatching.

In Gravesend at the Kings Highway station, a man who refused to give another man his bicycle that demanded it got punched in the face by the culprit. Various incidents involving home and car break-in robberies also happened in the Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest and Manhattan Beach areas.

In Sheepshead Bay, a drive-by shooting occurred after an argument between two gangs at a lame chain bar and restaurant.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a woman discovered a stranger in her apartment who claimed that the building super let him in and realized that he stole $500 and merchandise.

In Park Slope, a family of three ganged up and beat on a woman in a restaurant.


In Hunts Point on the 6 line of train station of the same name, a violent drunk man threatened a mother of three kids with a bottle then followed her off the train and attacked and assaulted her on the platform by punching her, pulling her hair and throwing her on a bench. He was then was subdued and had his ass kicked by samaritans as police officers showed up waiting to arrest the psychotic lowlife. The bum then attacked the cops and resisted arrest.

Incredible. Allison Papson of Bronx Local News 12.

In Foxhurst, a man was robbed of 190 grand he was carrying in a bag for his restaurant by two men who were waiting for him in the stairwell.

Also in Foxhurst, a two-family house went on fire at 2 a.m.

In Norwood, a man robbed 8 women of their purses in the span of a month in a 10 block radius.

In Longwood, an 84-year-old man entering his apartment building at 9:30 a.m. was pushed to the ground by a man who then robbed him of $25

In Tremont at the Hughes Houses, a mentally ill man stabbed two guards with a steak knife and was later shot to death by the cops who repeatedly told him to put down the weapon.

In Woodstock at the Prospect Ave. Station, a homeless man was attacked by two men and a woman loitering by the turnstiles when he went through the gate to avoid them. One of the men punched the victim from behind and tried to push him down the stairs.

In Morris Park at P.S. 83, a 5-year-old autistic boy previously on a school bus without the mother’s consent was found on the street by a cute Samaritan a mile away from the school. Check out the amateurish gaslighting at and utter contempt for the reporter shown by the asshole principal tasked with being accountable for the child’s safety. You would think he was working for Figurehead Trump or Mayor “mandate” de Faustio:

In Belmont, a police sergeant responding to a shooting got hit by car leaving a parking lot.

In Eastchester, a woman got killed trying to cross a highway interstate ramp

Staten Island

In Graniteville, a man overdosed on heroin and fentanyl and died in his house where another OD death happened in the past year.

In Midland Beach, a drunk driver drove into a construction site on the street and fell in a ditch.

In Stapleton, a girl got shot in the leg when she was awoken by domestic dispute in a neighboring apartment.

In South Shore, a woman was found driving drunk after fleeing from the cops and hopping the sidewalk, flipping her car a few times and crashing into a house.

In Oakwood Heights, a husband and wife both overdosed on heroin in their home. The woman OD’d when she ingested the dope when the cops arrived to revive her husband.

In West Brighton, a man with a child’s backpack groped a girl on a city bus.

In Concord at P.S. 48, a teacher’s aide smacked an autistic child on the hand and back.


It Happened Here: Man Drives Pick-Up Truck Into West St. Bike Lane, Kills 8 People In Isis Inspired Attack

Tribeca, Manhattan, New York

At 3 in the afternoon, a man heading south on West St. drove into the bike path entrance at W. Houston St., accelerated and hit bicycle riders and pedestrians on a mile long isolated path until he crashed into a school bus at Chambers St. He jumped out of his vehicle armed with a paintball gun and a pistol into the middle of the road into incoming traffic, made some errant shots, proclaimed “Allah Akbar”, was surrounded by police and was shot by an officer and arrested.

Eight people were killed and eleven injured from the monstrous attack. The killer was an American Citizen from Uzbekistan who lived with his parents in New Jersey. He worked recently for Uber.

Two hours later, a press conference was held by the NYPD Commissioner O’Neil, Mayor de Blasio, and Governor Cuomo to declare this was a terrorist attack and advised the public to remain vigilant, live life and not to be deterred by the Isis inspired act of senseless and lethal violence.

After dispensing this advice, the city decided to let the Halloween Parade continue. Despite the vulnerability of the citizenry including the NYPD, being that thousands of people participating in the march and penned in on the sidewalk by barricades, and the decision to deploy more police at the yearly event.

The rationale to let the parade go on is supposedly to not let terrorism overcome our freedoms. But the general reaction to this attack in the middle of the day was perplexing. When recent and similar terrorist attacks happened in other nations, including suicide bombs, the city makes a diligent, at times excessive, order to ramp up militarized police presence no matter if there is a viable threat. This slaughter occurred just 5 blocks west from where the parade started. Our officials didn’t even had any further information about any threats but they did not even consider the potential of someone else getting into a truck and plowing through a police barricade into other points of the parade, which ends at 23rd st, or even if some other fiend would set off a bomb on the spectator crowd like what happened at the Boston Marathon five years ago.

Why the hell would the Mayor and Police Chief of the city and the Governor of the state would not cancel the parade after this is just outrageous. And irresponsible and insane.

The trains were still running. Not on time as per habit, being the worst fucking transit system in the universe, but just normal as usual. Not what you would expect if a terrorist attack hit the city though, figuring that the platforms would be crowded with people trying to flee the area.

Getting home turning on the T.V. was a sight to behold. Game 6 of the World Series was about to come on. It had the pregame show and David Ortiz started running his mouth with some shitty analysis on the teams being fed through his giant white earpiece, as if he was broadcasting the game from the United Nations. Finding this insufferable, I flicked channel 4 and there was a report about 8 people dead by terrorism. Wondering what big tourist mecca got hit this time, the cameras shot the location and there was the bike lane I use on occasion. The anchor people and correspondents seemingly were downplaying the severity of the attack though, and also reiterating about the resiliency of the people of this city.

The other fucked up things is that only two major networks were still covering it and the 3 major locals were still continuing regular programming. Fox showed it’s awful and unnecessary pre-game show, PIX showed the heinous Goldbergs re-run, and CBS strangely uninterrupted the useless celebrity distraction show Entertainment Tonight.

Something told me that parade was going to happen no matter what. And wondered if this was an appropriate time to show resiliency just a few short hours after this massacre, which could have been exceedingly worse if this guy decided to attack a few hours later during rush hour when the bike lane has hundreds of cyclists on it. When the truck attack on Bastille Day in Nice,France on the beach promenade which killed over 80 people, did the media, elected officials and police there advised people to go to niteclubs and still celebrate the holiday afterwards, or even hours later? When the attack at London Bridge happened just a few months ago, did the mayor tell people to continue shopping, mingling and go pub hopping?

More insane was the people being interviewed on the street as the parade was occurring. A lot of people were having a blast despite knowing, acknowledging or being informed of the attack and casualties. And people get in tizzy when you tell a topical joke about a tragedy as being “too soon”. Certainly “too soon” should have qualified in letting the parade go on.

For a city that suffered the worst terrorist attack in recent history on 9/11, and all the fear induced and the sacrificing of civil liberties of the citizens, it seems like the lessons of it are still being refused to be heeded. Especially that this city since then has virtually, and quite literally become a theme park. Fun and revelry have taken precedence over liberty and even security.

It took a while, but a truck attack, the number one and apparently only method that Isis and their offshoots can utilize to accomplish their vile missions, has finally happened here, and the city and news media actually under-reacted just so a parade can proceed. Hell, even Cuomo and de Blasio looked like they were more dismayed that the parade will be ruined than about the act of terror and the deaths and injuries it caused.


We are so not prepared. Well, if you see something, say something. After you do that, go spend your money and be merry like a good consumer and expect the obligatory and arbitrary random search by the typical over-reaction by the NYPD under orders from the higher brass after the tragedy.




Super Mario’s Son’s MARVELous Fund Hemorrhaging Tax Credit To Comic Book Empire

Image result for andrew cuomo superhero

NY Daily News: Netflix & Disney bring Marvel superheroes to New York City to film online shows

Gov. Cuomo and Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger will announce Wednesday that four different live-action series featuring Marvel comic superheroes will film in New York and be streamed on Netflix, sources said Tuesday night.

The four series will take “Netflix members deep into the gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen, New York,” an announcement last fall said. At the time, no filming location had been selected. Sources say Disney will benefit from New York’s lucrative $420 million annual film and television production tax credit program.

What the goddamn hell, Andy? The subway is in a state of emergency that you declared, which was universally assumed that it would get prioritized. There are thousands statewide addicted to opioids varying from illegally prescribed prescriptions and fentanyl-laced heroin aka 21st century crack. The amount of people homeless is at record breaking high levels not seen since the great depression and the photos of Jacob Riis from a close to a century ago, which is suffering from a chronic lack of available genuine affordable housing . The city’s infrastructure is collapsing from the weight of over/hyper development and overpopulation, the latter exacerbated by the overwhelming amount of tourism coming here.

And this is what you and your administration are busy vying the attention of and withholding millions of dollars for? For another tax credit for the dumbed down and frivolous spending entertainment industry?

What Disney and Netflix, billion dollar industries, don’t have enough money? What, the past 2 decades of prior filming welfare handouts weren’t sufficient? The only infrastructure this is going to create is the presence of space hogging trailers, food catering tents and cables enveloping the curbs. And more irritation for commuters and residents of the unnamed locations where these awful, childish programs will be filmed.

The city that never sleeps has now become, thanks to Cuomo and De Faustio’s even more irresponsible and power abusive rubber stamping filming permit office, the city that’s a free for all for celebrities and manufacturing entertainment defecations. This is a city where people who pay taxes have to live, commute, and work in, raise a family in, not a fucking goddamn borough spanning film studio. This isn’t Universal or Paramount. And most of all, there is no room in this town anymore for this bullshit.

There is no guarantee that these shows will do well, considering the costs of just 26 episodes for an online series, which relies a lot on binge watching and the oversaturation of these comic book films. It’s only a short matter of time when even the most dedicated of geeks will tire of it.

The governor and his cronies can brag that it brings billions of dollars to the city, but as I mentioned, what has 2 decades worth of tax credits to the entertainment industry accounted for? The worst fucking transit system in the universe and a never ending and rising homeless epidemic.

This governor has got to go. He has no concept of priorities at all and like when he ran HUD in the late 90’s (with de Blasio under him by the way), spends and reallocates money that doesn’t belong to him like an idiot asshole.

And he is doing this for a show with lame spinoff characters from Spiderman.


Fuck The MTA, The Worst Transit System In The Universe
There’s your fucking signal problem.

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, N.Y., U.S.A.

Tuesday morning, an earlier incident involving a southbound A train between the 135th st. and 125th st. stations in Harlem, jumped off the rails, collided with the wall and knocked over a few signal posts after running over an unsecured rail improperly placed on the tracks, which subsequently produced a smoke condition, a fire from the errant trash left in the tunnel. Which led to the evacuation of thousands of commuters and 30 injured.

This incident led to the shutting down of service because of the power cut off for the evacuation and also to suspension of the C line in both directions, which also cut off and rerouted service on the B and D lines in Manhattan.

That’s it. This cannot be remedied. Fuck the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe.

Fuck with their falsehood announcements like “train traffic ahead”, “signal and switch problems”, “sick passenger”, and of course “earlier incident” and “smoke condition”, for these are now banal cliches that have outlive their usefulness and have no credibility.

Fuck their advice, as commuters are now blowing off by risking their lives by exiting stalled trains by climbing out and walking in the tracks in the dark tunnels to get to the next station and daylight and freedom.

But mostly, fuck all those responsible and a certain couple of elected worthless hacks who refuse to take responsibility. Meaning the MTA board of dunces and Mayor Bill De Faustio and the clown prince of Albany, Governor “Mario’s Son” Cuomo.

Fuck this MTA board, who are suppose to be independent and actually in charge of it’s operations and machinations, have been utterly non-existent even with two new members appointed by the governor. In spite of public meetings opened to rightly disgruntled and angered citizenry, they blow off any suggestions put forth by them.

And all they have done in their alleged independent positions, is approve anything Gov. Andy tells them to improve. And it’s all cosmetic bullshit. You see, Mario’s arrogant, entitled, fortunate son thinks that everything should be a destination sight, including the decrepit hourly malfunctioning subway, overlooking it’s true purpose of taking commuters to destinations. Which is why he rushed to open the 2nd avenue subway for his new year’s eve party which contains art installations. Which is why there is a preposterous designer food court at the Columbus Circle station called the “Turnstyle”. Which is why there is commissioned art all over main stops and tony areas. Fuck them all.

Apparently, another reason that Andy has forced this, what he proudly quotes as if he trademarked it “the summer of hell” on our destroyed transit system, is his focus on the cashless tolling booths and the construction of the new Kociusko Bridge and cheesy light shows, of which he just did 3 times in the last month.

Fuck Cuomo, who has now denied being in charge of this clusterfuck shitshow of a transit system after taking the reins, then denied them, and then proclaimed leadership and then refused it again and kinda took command so he can rehire failed mayoral candidate and failed former MTA boss, Joe Lotha to run the system again, whose return was christened with the A train derailment. This guy is blatantly fucking with his constituency. It looks like his quest for the highest office can no longer be rumor as he is exhibiting the same attitude as the current holder Figurehead Trump with his use of Twitter for his tone-deaf announcements, feigned concerns and self-promotion. To quote your thousands of bitter followers “Fix the subway, idiot“. Fuck your million dollar search for “geniuses” to solve this century old crisis, idiot. You thought yourself as such a genius when you ran for governor and attorney general and accepted a position at HUD, you fucking moron.

It’s only been a few days but fuck Joe Lotha, whose reaction to the train wreck was to announce that confidence must be rebuilt in the MTA. That is what must be rebuilt? There are thousands of things that must be rebuilt on the transit lines and it’s certainly not confidence. Fix the fucking subway. Fuck confidence.

Fuck this corrupt Mayor Bill “The Big Slow” De “Faustio” Blasio, who appointed other members on the useless MTA board. This stupid fucking idiot who prefers, with good reason, to go on 3 hour road trips from Uptown to Park Slope to City Hall via escort SUV police motorcade and when confronted about his blatant hypocrisy about changing personal habits to reduce the extreme effects of climate change, claimed it would be “cheap symbolism” to take the train. And who subsequently had to go on an obligatory photo op train ride when challenged by mayoral primary opponent Sal Albanese and had to suffer the hysterical irony of letting two trains go by because of overcrowding. After that learned experience, he suddenly had the inspiration to consider bringing back control of the subways to the city. You got fucking board members you appointed on the board and you couldn’t persuade them before? And when questioned various times by the press and citizens before about subway improvements and fare discounts for the poor, you blew them off and shirked your duties to your commuter constituents to Cuomo who you conveniently claimed is in charge and refused to take proactive measures while you devoted your taxpayer funded time to the failed under-supplied ferry line and the stupid BQX trolley proposal by your developer donor overlords. Fuck you.

019Last night on the A gone local, but it could be any train, anytime.

Fuck the MTA board again, since they are in charge, for delaying the repairs for the Canarsie Tunnel on the L line, in an obvious kneel to The Gentrification Industrial Complex of REBNY, city hall and the legislative offices in Albany, so the transformation and economic inequity of west and shore front Brooklyn would continue unabated. And fuck the G.I.C. because all the hyper-development on the west side of the boroughs has caused critical massive overcrowding on the few stops at the end of Manhattan and at the start of Brooklyn and Queens that it makes it impossible for commuters to board that have to go further east to said boroughs.

For the abandonment of necessary critical infrastructure of rail fixes, modernizing the signals and switches for the 21st century, replacing 40 to 50 year old cars. For cutting costs by removing token clerks and the horrendously flawed metrocard system. For raising fares to crippling economic effect to middle class and working poor people.

Fuck paying fares for that matter, for there is more effort to bust people avoiding to pay for shitty service than to properly place rails and keep the trains running on schedule.

Fuck the wifi, which is goddamn weak and only works in the brief moment at the station, which was only provided to keep the social media addicted mollified and have the commuters act as useful idiots to promote the MTA itself and garner advertising dollars, which is either being hoarded or wasted on future bullshit proposals and projects.

Fuck the commuters too, whose contemptible habits like obliviousness, lack of etiquette and obnoxious antics have got exceedingly worse. Not moving to the middle of the car, blocking doors, tourists with their giant mountain backpacks and rolling luggage, “showtime” dancers, well dressed buskers, improv performance hipshits and the stinkiest of homeless dwellers and mentally ill. And now there is a spate of people using the worst fucking transit system in the universe as a venue to kill themselves, as there have been close to 10 suicides, attempted and successful in the past few months.

Fuck the 100 year old signal system, its modernization which our exalted experts on the board think will be completed by 2045. 2045? Fuck you. Forget it, this is already fucked.

This transit system is not going to be improved ever. Never ever. For this city is too overcrowded and there are too many lazy rich idiots who are too pampered in charge. There is officially no hope and no way out of this unacceptable mess these people have created.

Fuck the MTA, and fuck this city. It’s become unlivable and unmanageable, and the worst is yet to come as the grotesque cabal of wealthy pigs and Figurehead Trump’s plutocabinet will not give one penny of aid to this state, no matter how much that wuss Senator Chucklenuts Schumer begs.

The fuck with begging for funding and the hell fuck with adjusting and the fatalistic bullshit that this is NYC and this shit is expected. All the pretty little things like street festivals and green spaces for glass towers and everything else that’s being catered to transients and tourists has to stop, stat. And fuck the automated car tests. Most of all, fuck this taxpayer funded subway music performer shit, especially that obnoxious pummeling drummer duo that’s been playing during the afternoon and evening rush hours at the 14th street station on 8th avenue the past month. The subway’s infrastructure is the #1 priority now. Nothing else.

MTA, get busy or get lost. Oh fuck it, just get lost. You don’t listen to experts in the transportation field, why should you listen to a blogger who’s tired of 30 years of your incompetence and cursing you to holy hell.

From the looks of it this morning, with 12 lines experiencing delays and service changes again, it’s obvious the MTA has adjusted to inflammatory insults for a while now.

Fuck the MTA.


This made the rounds on the most popular social networking medium, a few days after the horrifying derailment of the A train uptown and part-time interim commissioner Joe Lotha’s determined goal to rebuild confidence in the worst fucking transit system in the universe. The MTA is using zip-ties to keep their rusty train parts together

Motherfucker. Great job MsJaya_B

So this is the gift the MTA gave the 7 train for 100 years in service. It’s absolutely distressing that the worst fucking transit system in the universe has to go to Home Depot or more likely for their proclivity to cut costs, Dollar Tree or Jack’s 99 cent store to get replacement parts. What’s next? Yarn? Stale gum under public school desks and on the sidewalks? Fuck this.

And another big Fuck Governor Snowflake Cuomo for his program to piss away a million dollars to court “geniuses” to solve what he has finally now acknowledged as a state of emergency (this idiot really thinks he’s president). Hey shithead, who do you think those people you and your rival shithead at city hall appointed on the MTA board are? Those motherfuckers are suppose to be the geniuses to make the transit system function efficiently. Why did you run for Governor anyway, aren’t you supposed to be a genius, going to college and inheriting your Dad’s genes and legacy and all that good shit?

So the idea, presumably from Andy and the useless and coddled MTA board, is to piss away money to build new pages on the MTA website and then squander a million to let someone else do it.

These elected and appointed people are friggin’ retards. Fuck them all.

It’s too late baby, fuck the MTA.




Governor Mario’s Son Andy’s Deranged Designer Proposal For Staten Island-Another Prick With A Wall

Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks to the press on the FDR Boardwalk behind The Vanderbilt Tuesday after announcing a plan to widen the promenade atop a buried seawall. (Staten Island Advance/Rachel Shapiro)Governor Andrew Cuomo speculatively measuring his plans coming to fruition.

The East Shore, Staten Island, N.Y.

To protect the shores of the beachfront to defend against future hurricanes certain to come and threatening rising sea levels, the State of New York and the Federal government has granted the coast lines of Fort Wadsworth to Oakwood Beach with a  buried seawall and levee to be constructed, with a boardwalk for pedestrian and possibly bicycle usage on top. The project will start construction in 2018 and set to be completed in 3 years (better hurry up.)

Although it’s supposed to function as a security apparatus, our visionary artiste and event planner governor deems it unsatisfactory and not ostentatious. Oh, no, for it to be truly worth the costs it has to have the usual superfluous additions and attract travelers yearning for new destinations.

Lo and behold!

Why don’t we really think about this as an attraction rather than just as a functional device,” said Cuomo. “Let’s build something that enhances the island and enhances all the homes that are looking at the promenade.”

“We don’t want just a walkway for seven miles that frankly is going to be a wasted opportunity,” said Cuomo.

DNA info

You see, it can’t be just a regular boardwalk. So in spite of the drab and dull plans of the Army Core Of Engineers, Andy wants to widen the boardwalk beyond the original plan so it could hold events, marathons and those overpriced food concession stands this generation raves about and takes photos of. And stands to sell those rancid craft brews Mario’s son loves so much.

When the Advance asked Cuomo, who gave few details in his presentation at The Vanderbilt, how his proposal would differ from what the plan already includes, he said, “We don’t think it’s enough, I think it’s too narrow. We’re talking about a 30 or 40 foot promenade, we’re talking about amenities along the promenade. A promenade is a tourism destination, it has amenities, there are food kiosks, there are benches, there are lookouts. There’s all sorts of ideas that you can do.”

He added, “It could be a tour of all the different cuisine that New York has to offer, it could be a tour of all the craft beers that New York has to offer. It could be a walking museum. It could be a lot of things. We don’t want just a walkway for 7 miles, that frankly, is going to be a wasted opportunity.”

A spokeswoman later told the Advance the multi-use promenade “can support a range of recreational activities, including outdoor concerts, beer and food tastings, cultural festivals, nature walks, seaside carnivals, bike races, marathons and other running competitions, environmental education, and other events and community gatherings.”

The cost of the project, expected to be completed in late 2022 — originally 2021 — has steadily increased from an estimated $579 million to the most recent $615 million estimate, making the federal government’s share about $400 million; the state’s share about $154 million; and the city’s share about $62 million.

SI Live

Of course such inspired lunacy leads to sacrifices, like the amount of state taxes extracted from your paycheck. And because of Andy’s proclivity for wasting money that’s not his own, the project already is behind schedule. Which totally goes against protecting the homes and citizenry from the next Sandy like devastation.

Which makes the following proclamation from Andy Andy’s mouth so perplexing

“This isn’t just a wall,” Cuomo said. “We should think of it more as a promenade with a boardwalk and concessions. Let’s build something that enhances the island. Let’s increase real estate values and improve quality of life.”

NY Daily News

It shows once again that people elected to wield great power and responsibility still are too dumb and easily forget past history when they are overwhelmed with blind ambition and even unsatiated greed. The latter that can cynically refer more to the interests of REBNY than the homeowners on the borough, who will certainly lose everything if a massive category 3 storm comes in a year’s or maybe a month’s time.

Most importantly, Andy exposes himself for the brazen ignorant hypocrite he is by putting superficiality and frivolity first with his irresponsible grand redesign of the seawall in spite of his grandstanding of his belief in the extreme effects of climate change after chastising Figurehead Trump for pulling out of the Paris Accord.

No wonder this jerk thinks he can be president.








Fare Beaten: Mayor Big Slow De Blasio’s Big Ass Budget Denies Discount Metrocards For Poor And Rent Burdened Commuters

IMG_20160921_191503488This station is very far away from the city and it’s location lacks hip cache and luxury towers.

The mayor and city council’s recently approved and bloated $85 billion dollar budget couldn’t spare 50 mil for discounted fares for the poor, which in the face of city wide prosperity, still exists. Mayor De Faustio nevertheless stated repeatedly to the remaining stunned bloc of betrayed voters and the press that he would not allocate funding to the needy he once pandered to, and deferred responsibility to his archrival Mario’s son Governor Andy and also to a rare declaration of fiscal restraint. This would have some credence if he actually show restraint in doling out gunny sacks of plums to the preferred interest groups of the mayor and his lady ogre speaker that received millions of dollars.

Interesting as he was saying he was going to deny much needed aid to the citizens barely getting by with the growth in property taxes, energy and cellphone bills, and rapidly rising inflation in the cost of food who also have to deal with the lousy service of the worst fucking transit system in the universe, which can now add threats to employment on the list as innocent commuters have to explain daily of their tardiness. For he has still not given up on his and his REBNY donor overlord’s demented plan to build the absurd BQX light rail line, despite a strict feasibility report stating it’s impossibilities, from obvious expenses and overhauling critical infrastructure, and also the fact that the rail will travel in a level one hurricane flood zone.

But a month after the report, the Queens Courier’s The Sun paper edition published a sponsored 10 page pullout on the BQX with various adverts and cheesy photo manipulations of the tram on the streets. Yet again, facts, common sense and general safety get thrown in the garbage when it comes to the unrealistic wants of the Gentrification Industrial Complex. And obviously, the plans to build this idiotic trolley unwanted by the citizenry and the small businesses is still a go.

Now what’s truly absurd and offensive about this hoarding of tax dollars is that the city agreed to allocate 2.5 billion to improve the subway in a state accord with the state a few years ago. The kicker is that the BQX initial cost happens to be 2.5 billion dollars. It’s a possibility that Mayor De Faustio is denying the poor people he once deigned to and feigned to be concerned about is shelving the money that could have easily went to serve the poorer communities.

It kind of evokes wonder if the city’s share in investing the subway is even being used at all. Going by the recent historic lousy service that has occurred this spring alone.

For now that less fortunate commuters have to continue to pay lavish fares for abominable service, it’s high time that the damned MTA get their collective shit together and also stop minimizing the severity of the reasons for delays. As for the cheap ass mayor (except to his incompetent non-profit groups donors), instead of passing the buck to the equally despised governor, delve into the city’s deposit box and make the subway service less shittier and borderline dangerous.